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Fifty Dollars In Gold Offered far Extra Effort In Wonderful Six Day Test of Sales
manship Ability—Double Vote Cffer on All Subscriptions Is Expected To
Quicken Activity.
Race Is Exceptionally Close Among Majority Of Candidates—Outcome In Doubt—
This Week Will Probably Decide Who Will Drive The Chevrolet Sedan
And The Ford Roadster.
With the announcement in to
day’s issue of the DOUBLE
VOTE PERIOD the campaign
swings into the fourth lap of one
of the most interesting and far
reaching drives ever undertaken
in this part of Virginia.
Many representative persons
in the teritory of this newspaper
are interested in the drive for
the many valuable prizes which
will be awarded after June 1st.
Much effort is being put forth by
those who have entered the race,
with the result that the outcome
is more in doubt than ever before.
No time is being lost by the
workers to make this present
week the biggest one of the en
tire drive. From early morning
until late at night the candidates
are on the go for the all import
ant subscriptions which means
the winning of the automobiles.
$50.00 In Gold.
Beginning Thursday, May 12th,
and ending Wednesday night,
May 18th, $50.00 in GOLD will be
awarded to the candidate turning
in the largest amount of money
on both old and new subscriptions.
for one week only and will be in
addition to any other prize that
you may win at the end of the
drive. It is given as a recognition
of splenid effort put forth by all
the candidates since the beginn
ing of the drive and to stimulate
extra interest and reneweu effort
during the present week. This
$50.00 GOLD PRIZE will be
awarded at the end of the drive
along with the other prizes.
So candidates, here is your
chance to kill two birds with with
the same stone. Get votes on all
subscriptions and win the EX
TRA PRIZE for gasoline money.
Double Votes
Beginning Thursday, May 12th,
and ending Wednesday night,
May 18th, the double vote sched
ule will be in effect.
While this schedule is lei's thar
any up to the present time it is
such that those who are actively
at work for one of the automobiles
cannot afford to lose one minute’s
work during the present week.
Breifly the offer is this: Each
and every subscription will be
credited with just tw.ce the reg
ular number of votes as shown
by the regular schedule on the
back of the receipt bcoks. In
other words; just double the votes
will be allowed on each subscript
ion turned in between May 12th,
and May 18.
To the voters of Sand Lick Dist.:
After the persuasion of many
friends through-out the District,
I have decided to announce my
self a candiuate for the office of
Supervisor of Sand Lick Magiste
rial District subject to the votes
of said District in the Election to
be held, November, 8th. I her
eby solicit your support and prom
ise you if I am elected an econom
ical business adminstration of
said office. Respectfully,
F. F. Kiser.
Nicotie Rowe, Lied, May 5th
at her fathers home Rev. A. J.
Mullins, who lives in the east end
of Clintwood. Mrs. I owe has been
ill for some time, wnh tuberculo
John W. Flanagan of Bristol
was in town Tuesday.
Mr. J. C. Raines of Prater is
visiting his sons, F. C. W. P. and
Paul Raines at Clintwood.
Kenneth Kennedy, who is bette
known as “Spare Ribs”, motored
to Coeburn and points east,
Friday night.
Miss Virginia Damron and Miss
Ada Hartsock paid their respect
to this office Monday.
Miss Rita Jo Kennedy called
Monday and received some job
work for the Fremont school
entertainment, to be had on the
night of the thirteenth.
Oh, but it did rain Sunday! The
creek got up so it was almost im
passible for cars.
Mr. Geo. Raines and family
and Paul Raines and family vis
ited their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. C. Raines of Prater, Va., Sat
urday and spent the night.
W. P. Raines and family, Bas
com Hurley, Randolph DeFoster
and Miss Retha Davis passed
through Prater Sunday and stop
a few minutes with J. C. Raines
and family.
Leon the infant son of Walker
Raines and wife was badly hurt
when he tumbled off the porch,
last Sunday.
Walker Raines who has pur
chasd himself an ncubater, and
brooder, he built himself a henry:
and ,roosts with the chickens.
The chickens have began to feat
her, but Walkers feathers have
not begin to show yet.
R. D. Deel, engineer for the
B. S. and F. corporation, is set
ting cement corners, or monu
ments for the corporation.
We notice J. H. Boyd and Mar
ion Deel, and son scratching a
few rocks out of the road via
Little Prater, a dav or two ago.
We are informed that one of
the Cliutwood Construction Com
panys shovels is out of comission,
we are very sory, Mr. Miller was
making fine progress with the
road that is needed so badly,
We are informed that Jim
Fields is trying to learn to be a
printers Devil, but if reports are
true he is going to have to
doage the Devil.
The man and the girl were say
ing; goodnight on the doorstep
when a window above them was
pushed suddenly open and a we
ary voice said, “My dear sir, I
have no objection to your coming
here and sitting up half the night
with my daughter, or euen your
standing on the doorstep for two
hours saying goodnight, but out
of consideratio for the rest of the
household who wish to go to sleep
will you kindiy take your elbow
off the bell-push.”
The Funeral of Clarence Buc
hanan will be preached the 14th
and 15th of May at N. J. Buc
hapan’s. by Robinett, Smith and
Sturgill, to attend.
Every Body See
Clintwood, Friday and Saturday.
May, 13 and 14, 8:00 P. M. adm.
15, and 25, cents.
Mr. J. T. Hager, traveling sale
sman for the Martin Page Comp
any. Middlesburo, Kentucky.
Was in town this week looking
after the business of his firm. He
also knows good printing, and
gave us an order.
Noah L. Vanover who has been
confined with sickness for a year
or longer, has so far recovered
os to be on the street again. It
is thought that he bids fair to be
restored to a normal health con
The stork visited Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph Mullins the latter part of
the past week, leaving a lusty
youngster to their charge, of
which the boasting parents are
quite proud.
The smallpox appears to have
“died out” in this section, even
before it reached ye occupant of
Bonnywicket, a very acceptable
procedure to one who has round
ed out three-score-and-ten years,
the alloted time of life, but who
is now living on his days of grace.
jEverett Short and Miss Lydia
Cox, both of Freeling', were re
reeently joined in the bonds of
matrimony, Rev. Harrison Stan
ley of the Primative Baptist
Church officiating. May their
pathway be strewn with flowers,
their granary always be full, and
their larder always carry a suf
ficiency for the day thereof.
Mr. and Mrs, B. H. Moore, of
Brush creek,were visiting friends
and relatives around Free
ling on Sunday, an old custom
which appears to have been on
the wane for some years, but as
a social function might well be
Kinny Dotson, of Clintwood, is
furnishing our people by way of
auto-truck such necessaries as
the local store (A. H. Kendrick’s)
does not carry in stock.
Ulysses Phillips, known <as
“Short Legs” in contradistinction
to another Ulysses of the same
patrc nymic known as Long Legs,
who moved to Cantrell Gap, a
notch in the Cumberlands some
years ago, and built an apairy.
Now the busy workers are mak
ing Y im a good livinsr. The tree
bloom down the north side of the
Cumberlands and the waste-field
bloom on the Virginia side, furn
ish e ccellency for the gatherers
of th 3 sweets, fan>d since the
exploitation of one Samson who1
lived back in the dim ages of the
Wonder who’s who. In our
coming election which comes off
on November 8th. A weekly
straw vote on the Dickenson
County political candidates and
for president in the 1928 election.
A voting coupon or ballot will
appear in the Herald until after
the election in November, in vot
ing this coupon there must not be
no name cr other distinguishing
marks on the coupon to indicate
who voted it, and must be mailed
in an envelope with return name
and address, addressed to the
Straw Vote Editor, Dickenson
County Herald, Clintwood, Va.
The Straw Vote Editor will
have full charge of all votes re
ceived, and the result of each
weeks voting will be published
in The Dickenson County Herald
each week. Only persons entitled
to vote in the coming election
should vote in this staw vote.
Voting Coupon
For Clerk:
Alva Smith, R.
Lee Stanley, I).
For Treasurer:
Eivens Tiller, R.
J. M. Rasnick, D.
For Commonwealth Att’y:
W. D. Phipps, R.
J. C. Smith, Ind. E.
For Sheriff:
G. F. Kiser, R.
J. H. Anderson, D.
For Commissioner:
W. H. McCoy, R.
Emory Reedy, D.
For President, 1928:
Calvin Coolidge, R.
A1 Smith, D.
Draw a line through the name
of the candidate you are voting
against, and mail to Straw Vote
Editor in an envelope with youi
return on it.
By Maynard Sutherland
What does it matter if the red
stain of blood marks every track
I and my mates make in the
snow? What does it matter if,
when the point of exhaustion
halts us, wo are forced to bury
ourselves in the snow to keep off
the clutching grip of the North,
and must content ourselves with
a small piece of frozen fish the
size of my masters hand? What
does it matter if we dare not
close our eyes in answer to the
overpowering urge to sleep for
fear that our mates will be at
our throats maddened with the
agonizing pangs of hunger?
“Up again-and on, for death
stalks openly in Fort McDougal.
Across bleak stretches of ice
where treacherous air-holes
await unwary feet, and w’here a
plunge beneath the surface is
fatal, and then up the threaten
ing trail across the mountain
pass where avalanches roar and
the wind shrieks in ghoulish glee,
we mush on. One of my mates
drops in the snow, gasping and
inert. My master removes the
harness and buries him in the
snow. If he recovers, he will
make his way home if not, what
does it matter?
“Another sinks in his tracks, and
another, and they are left behind.
I and four of my mates reach the
top and plunge ahead on the
home trail. The enoless miles
real by—we lose the trail—find it
again, and mush on. Slower, and
yet slower, for the lethargy of
exhaustion and cold has set in
and my master is a victim of that
dread specter of the North snow
blindness. The doctor babbles in
coherently. They are both help
less as babes. It is a desperate
gamble whether we make it or
not. The jealous Gods of the
North are against us. The Colo
nel lowered his voice to a hoarse
whisper. "Gentleman of the jury,
that dog staggered into the“trick
en post, pulling his snow-blinded
master, and an unconscious
physician, and .three helpless
huskies behind him. His great
courageous hart was near to
bursting under that terrible
strain! But gentlemen of the jury,
he made it and two scores of
of those hardened men of the
North owe their lives to him alone.
“ I am a dog.’’ Once more his
deep-chested tones rumbled like
distant thunder. “The world is
my domain. On the burnished
desert where the coppery sun
beats down and shrivels the very
soul of the traveler, I follow my
master and his partner in their
/utile quest for water. At the
camp last nighnt every drop of
water in the canteens was con
sumed, and at the water-hole
where we had expected to replen
ish our supply today we found
nothing but baked clay. Ahead
of us lies the arid waste of rock
and sand from which rolls up
waves of heat like a breath from
the furnace.
“The rocks, as hot as red, sear
ing blast of fusing iron, and the
sand a baking oven—it is a heat
blasted land not meant for man
or dog. There, far over to the
left, is the pitiless mockery of the
mirage—a blue, sparkling lake,
cool and inviting, and when we
stagger toward it, it vanishes.
From an eminence we stare eag
erly ahead—nothine, nothing but
the hot glaring void of illimitable
space and veils of lising heat like
transparent smoke. The awful
thirst, the painful swelling of the
tongue, and the parched constric
tion of the throat are well nigh
“My master, old and gray, a
desert wanderer, struggles for
ward, keeping abreast with his
younger partner, but his strength
is growing fast. The odds are
too great -the end is near. His
partner urges him to shoot me,
that my blood might assuage their
terrible thirst, but my master
shakes his head and they plod on.
Ah, see! My master staggers and
sinks to the ground. But he is
up again. His partner is grim
and silent, his one thoughe being
of his own safety. Again my
master drops, and his faint cry
reaches the ear of his partner
who hesitates—then shrugs and
goes on. They have been part
ners for years, even before my
master bought me from another
prospector for a cork-scew, and
now he has deserted him—left
him to his fate in this merciless
“My master’s red-rimmed, bur
ning eyes follow the course of his
partner until he becomes a mere
speck in the distance, and with a
tired sigh he closes his eyes. It
is the end, for over there on the
plain the sands begin to move
and drift uneasily. A burning,
withering wind—a blast straight
from the lower regions—heralds
the approach of the desert storm.
The stinging sand drives against
my master’s face and piles around
his ashen cheeks. Slowly it sifts
over his clothing, growing higher
until it covers him in a gray, lon
ely shroud. The winds of death
shriek a peon of glee.
The Colonel paused and the si
lence was intense.
“A year later,” he continued in
a whisper, “a party of prospec
tors, crossing this desert, stum
bles upon an eloquent and touch
ing scene. Upon those wind-swept
sands lay the whitened skeleton
of a man and in the crook of his
arm were the bones of a dog.
Faithful to the end—when they
had been deserted by their only
friend—the dog remained with
Continued on page 3.
Miss Mary Fuller, of Colley, Va., holds first; Miss Georgia Hol
loway of Fremont, Va., second.
Get your name in the next list —nominate your self or a friend
The more there are in the race, the easier it will be to win a car.
The names of those who have been nominated as active candi
dates in The Dickenson County Herald Circulation Drive and their
votes accepted for publication follow:
Name Votes
Mr. Claude Mullens, Clintwood, Va. _ ___114,000
Mr. Dewey Hale, Clintwood, Va. __64,000
Miss Ruth E. Chase, Clintwood, Va. ....1.20,000
Mr. Parker Wright Clintwood, Va. ....20,000
Mr. Adron Speer, Clintwood, Va,...20,000
Mr. Edison Deel, Clintwood, Va_ ... _61,000
Miss Georgia Hollaway, Freemont, Va. .. ..121,000
Mr. E. T. Fuller, Hays’, Va. ..51,500
Mrs. Flo Beverly, Burdine, Ky. .. .120,000
Mr. C. B. Hurley, Grundy, Va. . ..116,750
Mrs. Orva Good, Steinman, Va. .. . 20,000
Miss Lucile Smith, Nora, Va. ..118,000
Miss Inez Wilson, Trammel, Va. ...... 117,500
Mr. Ferdie Beverly, Longs Fork, Va. ... ..113,750
Miss Mary Fuller, Colley, Va. ___ 122,000
Miss Arbutus Hamilton, Haysi, Va. ._ ....119,250
The above list is not closed andother names will be added from
time to time. If your name is not in the list and you want to win
a i automobile, s<md it in at once.

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