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VOL. 1.
NO. 20.
Candidates Renew Efforts as Fatal Last Week
They’re pounding down the
home strech! The fatal last week
is at hand. After weeks of stren
eous effort on the part of ambi
tious workers who have been
striving zealously in quest of sub
scriptions and votes, they see vic
tory just a head of them. With
the closing just a few hours off
the curtains will have come down
on one of the most far-reaching
circulation campaigns ever con
ducted in this part of Virginia.
Many new subscribers have
been added to The Dickenson
County Herald, new friends have
been made, come to stay we hope,
with Dickenson County’s pro
gressive newspaper.
All is anxiety as the candidates
pound down the home stretch,
vieing with each other to reach
the wire first. Coming under
the wire first in the Herald Cir
culation Drive meins highest
honors to the victor.
In any worth while enterprise
there is usually more gained by
good conscientious effort and by
the application of one’s talents
than by trusting to luck. In fact,
nothing in life worth while is ev
er gained without some effort
and while all cannot win an auto
mobile, the business experience
gained friends and acquantances
made, will be of inestimable value
in later years.
President indications point to a
“hair-breadth" finish, and it ap
pears certain that the close mar
gin by which the prizes will be
won will occasion the greatest
surprise. No member can appear
certain of victory and there is
abundant speculation as to the
utcome. The last week will de
cide. The race is too close among
too many to bank on any possi
bilities, and again there are too
many people interested in each
member to assure anyone of an
easy victory. RELAXATION
TO SUCCESS. Determination to
win coupled with relentlessness
in gathering votes will go along
way in deciding the winner.
It is now or never! The final
vote schedule is the one big op
portunity which remains for the
drive members, upon which to
base their hopes of concluding
their campaign in a successful
With the rich rewards hanging
in the balance, all candidates are
making a fast and furious battle
of ballots, which will end at 10
o’clock P. M. Wednesday, June
The judges or their representa
tives will be on hand to see that
the campaign is closed in accord
ance with the rules. Those who
are in the campaign office when
the doors are closed will be per
mitted sufficient time to prepare
their subscriptions and votes, and
place them in the locked and seal
ed ballot box which will be placed
in the contest office the last day
of the drive.
The following well known men
have been asked to serve as
judges: Rev. W. H. Walker,
Rev. M. F. Combs,
Mr. L. N. Sowards,
The straw vote campaign will
continue so long as we have space
for same; but cannot promise our
readers how long this will be.
The ballot appears in thip issue.
As a correction of the voting
rules of last week’s issue, we sug
gest that any one desiring to vote,
simply mark your ballot the way
you want to vote anu mail it in a
plain envelope without any marks
of identification whatever of any
kind. We do not care anything
about knowing who votes for
who. The reason that this was
put in the last week’s rules and
regulations, was chat we had in
mind that someone might vote
more than once; but this restric
tion is Eliminated and you can
vote as many times as you please.
Here is how they stand at the
time we go to press.
You noticed in a previous issue
of the Herald that we had start
ed a straw vote campaign. We
have received several votes up to
the time we go to press, but not
as many we had anticipated, due
to the way the announcement
and voting conditions were drawn
and published. We want to make
this clear to every-body and will
say that it is not necessary that
you sign any name on the envel
ope or ballot, or make any dist
inguishing marks in any way
that we are any one else will
know who voted the ballot. This
was a restriction or rather a re
quirement in the announcement
in last week’s issue of the Herald,
but we do not want to know how
you vote all we want to know is
that you voted for some one.
The actual standing of each
candidate will* appear in next
week’s issue of the Herald. Sc
come on voters and vote for your
favorite Candidate and let’s have
a little fun. A voting coupon
appears in this paper.
The members of the future
farmers of Virginia have comple
ted the program set up by them at
the beginning of this school year.
In the completion of this program
we have realized our highest am
bition, to be contented as one of
the best chapters in the state.
The objectives taken by the other
chapters in the state did not num
ber more than ours, and [quite a
few, had considerably less, and
now the Clintwood Chapter is
the first to complete all.
In our years work we have
given a father and son banquet,
improved the school grounds, ren
dered community service, bought
and sold cooperatively, staged a
play that brought us enough
money to defray the expenses of
the track and judging teams to
Blacksburg, boosted our depart
ment by articles to “Chapter
Ghats” at Richmond, and organ
ized a thrift bank. We are now
planning a vacation tour into
the Shenadoah Valley this sum
mer. Our instructor, Mr. J. Le
wyn Reynolds, a name known
throughout the county, we think
deserves the praise of the people
of Dickenson. His untiring efforts
have won for him a place in our
hearts that cannot be filled by
another. He has stood by us all
and has done more for the far
mers of Dickenson county than
any other man could do and he
stands high in their midst today.
Let’s all give three hearty cheers
for J, Lewyn Reynolds and we
sincerely hope that his next year
will be as successful as this.
Draw a line through the name
of the candidate you are voting
against, and mail to Straw Vote
Editor in an envelope without
any distinguishing marks on it.
Voting Coupon
For Clerk:
Alva Smith, R.
Lee Stanley, D.
For Treasurer:
Eivens Tiller, R.
J. M. Rasnick, D.
For Commonwealth Att’y:
W. B. Phipps, R.
J. C. Smith, Ind. R.
For Sheriff:
G. F. Kiser, R.
J. H. Anderson, D.
For Commissioner:
W. H. McCoy, R.
Emory Reedy, D.
For President, 1928:
Calvin Coolidge, R.
A1 Smith, D.
Dr. Rock of Trammel was call
ed to the coal camps here Friday.
Mrs A. T. Finch of Chase City,
Va. visited her daughter Miss
Margaret, for a few days last
week and accompanied her home.
We regret very much that Miss
Finch is not coming back next
The Young Peoples Service
League held a meeting in Church
Thursday night. The subject of
the program was “Japan” Mrs.
Finch gave a very interesting
talk on the work her daughter is
doing there as a missionary.
We were very glad to see many
in church Thursday night from
Allen and Open-Fork. We hope
they will come often.
Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Howell of
McClure were visiting friends
in Nora Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Carico call,
ed on Mrs. F, P, Smith Sunday.
Paul Short and Jumbo Rush
are here this week working on
the open fork road. A few days
Of sunshine will put the road in
good condition.
Mr. Bruce Tyler and Mr. W.
M. Lambert spent Monday niarht
Mr. J. C. Smith of Clintwood
was attending trials at the coal
camps here Monday.
Mr. J. E. Trinkle of Norton
Va. is looking after his work
here today.
Miss Ethel Gerow was in Dai te
Fonsby Grizzle has purcha: ed
a new Chevrolet Sedan.
Rev. W. G. Raines, James Run
ion and Rev. Compton held ser
vice at the Raines School house
Saturday and Sunday.
J. C. Raines was the dinner
guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. V.
Miller he says he enjoyed the
dinner immencly and that Mrs.
Miller is certainly a fine cook.
It is reported that the officers
got three parties, a car and som<
whiskey, some-where betwcer
Prater and Grundy, Saturday
evening. It seems that the officers
have woke up recently, as they
have made several raids in this
We notice W. M. Raines is
home fron G. H. S. Mr. Raines
looks quite feeble, as he is just
recovering from a severe case of
Uncle Elijah Cannady was at
the Post Office today sending a
letter in favor of his Grandson
Elijah Charles who is in the
State Reformitory.
The-rats are making havoc of
Walker Raines’s chickens, sorry
fcr Walker for he has went to a
great ‘deal of expence to raise
Mr.'Davis has started a mail
car on route from Haysi to Grun
dy this morning. We are sure
glad of that as people may have
less excuse to cuss us about their
parcels being torn up.
Every body subscribe for the
Herald and read the news.
FREELING, VA. May 17. -
A horse said to belong to Frank
Mullins followed Grant Mullins,
mail carrier from Clintwood to
Almira, but dropped out by the
wayside up the Cumberlands.
Bruce Mullins followed the a:.
imal later from Brush Creek, and
found him near Shelby Cap. Ky.
The Horse-Swappers “Associa
tion,” an interstate organization
between Virginia and Kentucky,
met at Willis Bottom, a short dis
tance below Freeling, on Saturday
and enjoyed old-time swapping,
regaling themselves at Kendrick'
store. Doubtless the affair was
rendered more enjoyable by a
few “snips”'of King Booze.
George W. Fleming, of Clint
wood, visited relatives at and a
round Freeling the first of last
Daniel M. McFall made a busi
ness trip to Clintwood on Mon
day. Although getting far into
years, he is active, almost, as in
his younger days.
Carter McFall has moved out
from the paternal home, since his(
marriage to Mildred Willis, ana
is house-keeping in the old Mc
Fall house on Pound River.
Once more the people of a nat
ion bow their heads in solemn
regard for those who have gone
Once more the flowers are
strewn across the graves that
mark the spot where we last view
ed all that was mortal of those
we knew and loved.
And once more our thoughts
linger upon the divine inspiration
that it is the spirit that lives.
Once more Memorial Da.\
comes, the inevitable day. The
deep commanding thud of muffled
drum beats upon our ears. The
drolling tones of funeral dirge
causes us to pause in life’s on
ward rush and think of the real
ities of the great Afterwhile oi
which we know so litt’e now.
This cne day —'May 30 — u -
commanded oy law, but dictatec
by thet which is greater, — the
conscience of men — is set aside
for our benefit; and the question
comes, what shall we do with it:
We ca i know that to whatevei
degree we accomplish in life oui
memory will be lengthened whei
we have passed on.
But accomplishment is a relat
ive term; aud it may not mean a
chievement in letters or art, nor
in statesmanship or industry.
' It may mean the love that a
father or mother were able to
bring to us.
It may mean the prattle of lit
tle childre 1, or tiny fingers grasp
ing our c.leeks.
It may mean the wrinkled faces,
the calloused hands, the bent
shoulders that worked so hard
that we might live and learn and
It may mean sacrifices un
written in the books of History
but carved indelibly in all that we
strive for now.
And it is to these unwritten
stories of sacrifice and love and
1 forbearance that attention is call
ed; for they make Memorial Day
truly universal among all classes.
The brotherhood of man is
shown to be real in the cotemp
lation that no matter how high
men rise in the accepted scale of
success, all must return to the
mortal element from which they
We then begin to understand
that is the soul that develops
aiike from humble statations and
from high positions.
So Memorial Day is the time
when the precepts and examples
of those who have lived and loved
leave their mark upon our mem
ories and are deeply engraved in
the hearts of men.
On May 11th, at 2:30 o’clock,
P. M., Mrs. Leonard N. Sowards,
entertained in honor of her little
son, Kelly, this neing his third
birthday. Many guest were pres
ent and he received a number of
beautiful and useful gifts.
The white birthday cake was
cut by Mrs. A. A. Skeen who
assisted the hostess in serving,
the guest with cake and ice cream.
Those present were Lois French
Milton Combs, Jackie McFall,
Rosemary Speights, Rosale Suth
erland, Pauline Raines, Anita
Sykes, Carol King Phipps, Eunice
Deel, Homer Steele, Joan Steele,
Edmund Reed Rasnick, Lois
Crabtree, Margaret Sutherland,
Louise Pizzuto, Josephine Pizzuto,
and Markie French. The se were
all the little folks that attended.
The moye mature guests who ac
compained the little folks to the
party follow: Mrs. A. A. Skeen,
Mrs. Carroll Speights, Mrs. Fred
Damron, Mrs. R. L. Phipps, Mrs.
A. A. Steele, Mrs. Geo. C. Suth
erland, Mrs. W. M. McFall, Mrs.
C.B. Maiden, Mrs. D. G. Kelly,
Miss Retha Davis, Miss Jessie
Kellv, and Master N. B. French,
Read the life story of Ruth
Brown Snider in the Sunday edi
tion of the Washington Herald
on sale each Saturday evening at
the Office of The Dickenson Coun
ty Herald.
Miss Eva Gcsi, of Castlewood,
is visiting Miss Virginia Damron
during commencement week.
For Sale: —One 1924' Model
Chevrolet Touring Car in good
condition cheap. Apply at Herald
Mr. John Henry, Baker,of Tivis
Va., had the misfortune to loose
his dwelling house, with all its
contents by fire last Friday.
Everybody see Rudolph Valen
tino in “COBRA” a Paramount
Release at Clintwood Theatre,
Friday and Saturday night 8:00
P. M. Admission. 15 and 25c.
I - --
County Game Warden Nathan
iel Mullins reports the arrest and
conviction of many dog owners
throughout the county, found
without 1927 tags for their dogs.
In each case so far fines of $5.00
and cost in each case have been
imposed and the dog owner warn
ed to get a tag forthwith. Where
the warden finds dogs properly
tagged, he passes them up, re
gardless of date tags were bought.
Mr. Mullins has instructions to
visit every section of the county
as early as possible and prosecute
all dog owners found without a li
cense tag.
Benton Powers, of Honaker, is
in town this week installing Ser
vel Refrigerators, and also is pre- .
pared to do all kinds of house
wiring and general electrical
John W. Flanagan, of Bristol
was a business visitor in Clint
wood the first of the week.
The asphalt has' been finished
from the Court House down to
the Corporation line and we notice
some of the drivers are sure tak
ing advantage of same.
Mrs. S. R. Hurley, of Grundy,
is visiting her daughter, Mrs. W.
P. Raines, this week.
We are sorry to note that Mr.
Bob Neel and his mother are very
ill with typhoid this week.
It seems as Dickenson County
is going to be as well supplied with
candidates this year as Wise
Don’t forget that we do more
than publish a paper and do a
little job work. We endeavor to
please our customers.
The Dickenson Memorial High
School commencement programs
are being rendered by the teach
ers and pupils this week and we
have heard nothing but compli
ments and praises for our teach
ers, which we feel are justly due
them for they have labored hard,
but their labors have not been in
vain for they have accomplished
much, all to the betterment of
the young generation.
Dr. W. G. Burke is in town,
prepared to do all kinds of dental
On last Monday evening there
was a collission of Automobiles
took place on the corner of Mc
Clure Avenue in front of the
Silver Moon Cafe. We think the
cause of this accident was that
there were parked on the corner,
directly in front of the Silver
Moon Cafe, a truck and probaly
two other cars, thereby obstruct
ing the view of the driver coming
up McClure Avenue. We think
it would be a good idea for the
authorities to look into the matter
of enforcing the parking and
driving ordinance of this town
before some one is seriosly
There were a large crowd from
Clinchco last Sunday to witness
the ball game between Clinchco
and Clintwood. Ah well: no use
to say 'anything about the out
come of the game, but we know
the boys went back to Clinchco
The names of those who have been nominated as active candi
dates in The Dickenson County Herald Circulation Drive and their
votes accepted for publication follow:
Name * Votes
Mr Claude Mullens, Clintwood, Va. . _ .. 215,000
Mr. Dewey Hale, Clintwood, Va. ..,70.000
Miss Ruth E. Chase, Clintwood, Va. __.244,000
Mr. Edison Deel, Clintwood, Va__ _61,000
Miss Georgia Hollaway, Freemont, Va. _240,000
Mr. E. T. Fuller, Haysi, Va......51,500
Mrs. Flo Beverly, Burdine, Ky. ... _ __.249,000
Mr. C. B. Hurley, Grundy, Va. _248,000
Miss Lucile Smith, Nora, Va. 251,000
Miss Inez Wilson, Trammel, Va. ..._ .247,000
Mr. Ferdie Beverly, Longs Fork, Va. .. _162,000
Miss Mary Fuller, Colley, Va. _245,000
iviiss Arbutus Hamilton, Haysi, Va. _220,000
The above list is not closed andother names will be added from
time to time. If your name is not in the list and you want to win
an automobile, send it in at once.
You have a friend in the list of candidates who is working
hard to win an automobile. To do this without your help will al
ways be regretted by you—so send in your subscription this week
and request that your favorite get credit for the votes. Only one
more week to go.

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