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-mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm*—————————— .. ■■■ m i ■■■■■■■■ .. i ■ ■■■. 1111 ... ".' . .. 1,1 "I!'”-LJL-!ii!— —--!?'"-™li_L-—
Clinchco, Va., July 10.—Clinch
co beat Clintwood for first place
in the Ditkenson county League,
0. Henry only allowed Clintwo d
six hits while his team was mak
ing fifteen. The heavy hitting
Clinchco team was too much for
Fuller; he was replaced by Mc
Kinney in the 3rd inning.
Clinchco AB
Romans, c 6
Kilgore, 3 b 6
0. Henry, p 6
Brandon, 1 f 5
Carpenter, s s 5
McCowan, 2 b 5
Kiser, c f 5
Stamper, lb 5
Hubbard,, rf 5
2 2 12 0 1
1 2 0 0 1
4 1 0 4 0
2 2 0 0 0
2 3 2 2 0
0 2 2 3 0
11 10 0
1 1 10 0 1
11 0 0 1
Total 48 14 15 27 9 4
Clintwood, AB R H PO A E
E Sutherland, ss 4 1 0 0 4 2
P Fuller, 3b p 4 0 0 0 1 0
McFall, c 4 0 1 2 12
Mullins, lb 4 2 1 13 0 0
GSuth’land, 2 b 4 2 2 011
Lockhart, If 10 1 0 0 0
Fleming, c f 200 100
R Suth’land, rf 4 0 0 5 0 1
McKenny, 3bp3 0 0 5 41
Mann, If 2 0 1 0 0 0
Bragg, cf 200 100
Total 34 5 « 27 11 7
Two base hits, Mullins, Bran
don, Geo. Sutherland; three base
hits, Romans, Kilgore, O. Henry,
McCowan, Kiser; home runs, G.
Sutherland, 1; Carpenter2; stolen
bases, O. Henry, McCowan, Hub
bard, L. Sutherland; bases on
balls, 0. Henry, 1; Fuller, 1; Mc
Kinney, 1; winning pitcher, 0.
Henry; losing pitcher Fuller;
struck out by Hery, 12; by Fuller,
1; by McKinney, 1. Time of game
2:05. Umpires Frian and E. Suth
Caney vs Haysi.
Caney, AB
Wright, 3 b, 0
Sutherland, ss, 0
Ratliff, r, f. 0
Osborne, c f 0
Markland, c 0
D Widener, 1 f 0
Fowler, 2 b 0
Tomilson, 2 b 0
Harris 2 b 0
Thompson, p 0
Thomilson, c 0
Total 0
Haysi, AB
E Suth’land c f 4
S Duty, lb 4
Fuller, p 5
SuthTand, 3 b 5
Davis, rf 4
Hensly, lb 4
C Suth’land, c 4
S Sutherland, ff 4
1 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
1 0 0 0 0
1 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
1 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
1 0 0 0 0
1 0 0 0 0
6 0 0 0 0
1 0 0 0 0
1 0 0 0 0
2 0 0 0 0
1 0 0 0 0
2 0 0 0 0
1 0 0 0 0
2 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
34 10 0 0 0 0
W L Perct.
Clinchco_ 3 0 1,000
Clintwood,... 1 1 500
Haysi,_ 1 1 500
Caney,_ 0 2 000
Fireman Not A Soldier.
Fort Monroe, Va.,July 12 Ray
mond Stanley, C.M.T.C candidate
at Fort Monroe Norristown Pa.,
was told to report to Battery B
Headquarters when he arrived,
packing two grips. The office was
second floor of a frame building
and Stanley didn’t see ary door.
Orders were orders, however, and
he got a ladder and climbed in bag
and baggage._
Students Given Dairies
Ft. Monroe Va., July 14— Stu
dents attending the C.M.T.C have
been given a hand book of inform
ation containing a page for every
day they are in camp so that they
may keep a daii y of their exp. -
riences and t: aining to show the
home folks back in Virginia.
Page General Pershing
Ft. Monroe Va., July 14. Gen
eral Pershing should see the way
soldiers go to drill these days.
Eo.vn at Ft. Monroe, whereC.M.
T.C. boys from^Penn., Md., Va.,
and Washington’D.C. are in train
ing for Coast Artillery, a full
sized regulation train takes the
600 students from camp to bat
teries—less than a mile away.
Edd Br; d’ey was killed instant
ly in Wakenva mines July 1 wiien
he was struck by a charged cable
from a motor he was operating.
There was no bruises or cuts o“
the body, except one vary sma.l
cut in the back. It is thought that
the shock aione was what kilh d
Draw a line through the name
of the candidate you are voting
against, and mail to Straw Vote
Editor in an envelope without
any distinguishing marks on it.
Voting Coupon
For Clerk:
Alva Smith, R.
Lee Stanley, D.
For Treasurer:
Eivens Tiller, R.
J. M. Rasnick, D.
For Commonwealth Att’y:
W. B. Phipps, R.
J. C. Smith, Ind. R.
D. M. Crabtree, D.
For Sheriff:
G. F. Kiser, R.
J. H. Anderson, D.
For Commissioner:
W. H. McCoy, R.
Emory Reedy, D.
J. H. Rasnick, Ind.
For President, 1928:
Calvin Coolidge, R.
A1 Smith, D.
It looks now like the bridge
at W. G. Raines’ will be com
pleted this week, which will end
the Miller job on this creek.
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Raines and
family and Mr. Karl Arington
spent last Saturday night with
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Raines at
Prater, 'eturning to Clintwood
Sunday morning.
People are getting busy in the
oat harvest now.
We notice that J. H. Boyd is
dressing up the old Prater road,
which has been neglected so
What must I do to be saved?
1. Not what must I believe.
2. Not how must I feel.
3. Not what must I experience.
4. Not what must Ch'ist do.
5. Not what must God do.
6. Not what must the Holy
Spirit do.
.What has God d0ne to save?
,what has the Holy Spirit
What man can do lor himseif.
All who desires please answer
through the colums of this pap
er. Give Bible answers with ref
erence to Chapte1' and Verse.
J. C. Raines
Wilder,Va. July 4.—Mr. & Mrs.
J. M. Sutherland Cashiers at
Wilder for me Clinchfield Coal
Co. and child:on motored to Ab
ingdon. Yu, Sund-’y, visiting
Mrs. Len \ Hopkins who is a pa
tient a the J hnson Memorial
Hospital. They reported the pa
tient as do ing fine, and on the
road to recovery from an opera
tion for appendicitis.
Mr. Herbert Dixon and the
madam, of the Wilder Club House
motored to St Paul Sunday visit
ing the latter’s sister.
Miss Kitty Kiser, daughter of
Mr. Dolphus Kiser scrip clerk of
the Clinchfield Coal Corporation,
at Wilder, Va., war visiting her
mother Mrs. -Dolphus Kiser, Sun
day, who has been quite ill at the
club house for a few days,
They do say that Dr. Gillespie,
taken a joy ride Sunday even
ing, in care of a pretty Let anon
girl, or company I should have
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Scardio,
were visiting in Abingdon Sunday
Mrs. Scardio was the beautiful
daughter of Rev. and Mrs. B. C.
Say some one said Mr. Chuck,
or mabe that's a nick name—,
crossed the mountain t ail to Bj
cu, Va. Sunday. This may be
heresay. We are wondering.—
To be continued in our next.
Well if Chuck's friends wrould
send their find on his coat to the
National Museum at Washington
D. C., they could have been told
if it was gold or just plain black.
Wilder mining camp is a nice
place to work and live, good folks
good churches, good school, fine
lighting and water system. The
employers welfare is looked after
in good houses and first aid work
carried on by Mr. Dave Remga.v,
Superintendent for the Clinch
field Coal Corporation.
In traveling on the JN. & W.
and C. C. & 0. railroad, a lot of
folks wonder why their children
go crooked. Listen, a large lady
came on the train up the C. C. &
0. from F—with a number of
children, small baby in her arms
and a large boy looked to be 15
or 16 years of age; he wore knee
pants, and sat down so low in
his seat in such a spawling posi
tion his head scarcely reached the
top of the seat: “Fare please,
announced a good smiling con
ductor.” After speaking a few
words the woman announced the
large boys age aslOyears. “He’s
mighty large to his age.” ‘,We
are all large in the family,” the
woman snapped. I did not dis
pute the statement, she was large
in build, but oh, how small I felt
for her! such petty meanness that
could grow so big in the boy. first
step in being and cheating. Well
I wLh you could have seen how
large that same boy looked as he
got off the C. C. &0., and chang
ed trains at St Paul Va., for east
bound train Jo • I lubield, W. Va.
The same game was played on
the conductor of the N. & W.
Lady if you read this, may be
you will remember a traveler in
blue. Will give you this advice,
if your boy grows up to cheat
and lie, don’t blame him, mother
taught the first trick. A
stranger hopes that son will feel
the shame of it and not follow in
your foot steps. A few pennies
saved; but at what a price! re
spect for mother gone; just think.
Honesty pays in all things. Trav
Messrs Rollie and Tyler Long
were taking a horse back ride
Monday night the 4th, Rollie was
riding a mule making good spec d
going down Long branch road,
the saddle upset with him and he
hit the groud so hard that Tyler
thought that an earth quake had
struck close about.
Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Long and
baby visited friends on Big ridge
July the 8th and returned home
Mr Lema Long was taking in
the 4th at Nora, Va., and got
boozy and lost his cap, returned
home Tuesday morning as bare
headed as a JacK rabbit, if he
don’t quit getting boozy, his
mother will have to make him a
Mrs. Alma Spivey of Cincin
nati, Ohio, is visiting her parents
Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Long, she
will return home about the 21st.
Mr. Morgan Davis is tearing
down his old home and replacing
it with a new one.
Mrs. D. R. Crabtbee has return
ed home from the hospital at Ab
ingdon, Va., after undergoing a
serious operation. We are glad
to report that she is improving
Mrs. James Stanley and Miss
Itta Rile, \ e e the g-est of Mrs.
H. D. Stanley Sunday.
Misses Darcie Baker, Lillian
Beverly Ardella Richardson and
Ora Davis called on Misses Eula
and Buelah Hawkins Sunday.
Mr and Mrs. Andrew Stanley
motored to the top of the Cum
berland mountain Sunday after
noon with a truck load of people.
They all reported a good time.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Stanley were
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. D. R.
Crabtree Sunday.
Mr. Monroe Beverley motored
to Jenkins Ky. last Sunday.
Mr. Luther and Sylvan Richard
son went to Jenkins Ky. last
Miss Dorsey Baker returned
to Long’s Fork last Satu'day
evening, leaving sunday evening
Mr. and Mrs. S. K. Lambertt
of Dunham Ky. have returned
to Honey Camp t° their old
home place.
Miss Leora Crabtree has re
turned t° Clintwood where she
has been stying with Mr. C.
The 'pads on Long’s Fork are
in good condition a this writing.
Several boys and girls attend
ed the picture show at Clint
wood last Saturday night
Aunt Malinda Crabtree of
this place passed away a few
days ago. The interment t°°b
place on Crabfee Fork near
where she lived.
Mr. Z- L. South of the South
Coal Co. announces he will be
ready to run coal at Tom Bot
tom this week.
The Rev. Joseph Church and
others held services at the Haysi
School house last night and had
a very good attendence.
Mr. R. L. Sutherland is prog
ressing fine with the construc
tion of his new six-room dwell
ing in east Haysi.
The new home of Mr. J. M.
Anderson of Haysi has just
been completed.
A number of the people of
Haysi seem to be very much
disappoinaed in not getting the
teacher they wanted for the
primary grades this year.
We would like to have a teach
er who will teach at least six
hours a day and keep the child
ren in the school house instead
of out in the road and creek
during school hours.
The Haysi Motor co. announce
| that they will have two car
'loads of new Dodge cars p'is
A number of the boys and
girls of Haysi and Frying Pan
are returning to Detroit Mich.’
afte1' spending the 4th. with
homefolks here.
Dr. T. C. Sutherland was on
the sick list last week but is in
first class going order again.
Dncle James Scyphers is on
the sick list this week.
You can almost tell the hypro
crites in our town, when a new
preacher comes you will see
them following him around.
Uncle Jim Sykes has been
farming most of the past week.
The voters of Haysi havd
made up their minds to elect a
Justice of the Peace this com
ing fall who believes there is a
Hell and a God.
The Splashdam Coal Corp. will
soon be ready to connect their
plant to the Appalachian Power
J. M. Rasnick rectived the lar
gest number of votes this week.
Alva Smith is still ahead of
the County Ticket by a small
margin. Crabtree is climbing
fast and looks as though he may
lead the ticket later.
Get your votes in this week
or by next Wednesday noon for
the st'aw vote will close after
next issue. Give your candidate
a final boost..
Alva Smith, R 251
Lee Stanley, D 209
Eivens Tiller, R 227
J. M. Rasnick, D 229
W. B. Phipp, R 189
J. C. Smith, Ind. R 144
D. M. Crabtree, D 140
G. F. Kiser, R 247
J. H. Anderson, D 191
. W. H. McCoy, R
Emory Reedy, D 170
J. H. Rasnick, Ind. 34
Calvin Coolidge, R 282
A1 Smith, D 138
Mr. and Mrs. C. Lane and
daughters. Mr. and Mrs. N. H.
Stanley and others, motored to
Bondtown the 4th., and reported
a nice time.
We are sorry to hear of the ill
ness of Leola and Cleo Lane
daughters of C, S. Lane. We hope
they will soon recover.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Sykes and
family were the guests of Mi. &
Mrs. C. S. Lane Sunday after
noon .
A i ;ses Genola Lane and Hazel
Sykes visited Miss Goldie Adkins
Sunday afternoon. Prehaps Will
ard and Roland were at home.
We are very sorry to hear of
the death of Gladys Mullins who
died at Kingsport Tenn., a few
days ago. She leaves her mother,
two sisters and three brothers to
mourn her loss.
Sheriff Hall and Noah Colley
motored to Carrie Sunday, but
found Sandy Ridge dry.
The Flener bovs of Cleveland
we. e calling on the merchants
here Monday.
Mr. Web and Mull 713 of Wise
was calling on the merchants hen;,
Monday and spent the night with
J. T. Kiser.
The farmers are right busy
now taking care of their oats and
Mrs. Rittison Powers of Bucu
was peddling at Wi'der Va. Mon
day and says her husband has
been sick for some time is not
getting any better.
Mr. Toll Rasnake of Cleveland
passed thru Carrie Mondy with
a drove o ' sheep an 1 cattle. Toll
is a hustler.
A party was given at the
home of Mr. and Mrs- Ij. M.
Owens Saturday night of July
9th. A large number of young
sters were p'esent and reported
a jolly good t>me.
. Mr. Leonard Fleming called
on Miss Rattie Counts Saturday
night and Sunday. He says the
trip is hard and she must make
up her mind to say either“yes”
or “no”, but he would p'efer
“yts” a dozen times
Misses Maggie and Emma Col
ley of Clintwood are visiting re
latives on Lick Creek this week.
Messrs Henry and Earl Suth
erland were demonstrating their
bicycles for sale last Sunday to
Ellis Adkins and others.
Mrs. W. H. Arington and child
ren of Haysi were guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Eli Wright Sunday
and Sunday night.
Mr. Ratio Silcox has purchased
a new Ford.
Mr. Harvy Ball met with an
accident last week while cutting
timber for W- M. Ritter. His
wound is not serious.
Mrs. T. A. Phillips of Britol
Va. is visiting her parents here,
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Damron.
Miss Rose Rush had a slum
ber party in honor of Miss Edith
' base Tuesday night- She had as
her guests, Misses Edith, G'aee
and Sara Kate Chase, Genoa
Damron, Judia Priode* Blanche
Neel and Janie Ruth Kessedy.
Mr. Lawerence Kelly of Coal
wood W. Va- is visiting his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. D. G- Kelly
Mr. John Hix of Roanoke va.
was in town this week.
Mr. Emmett and Walter Lee
Rush of Richmond Va. have
been visiting their parents here.
Mr. W. C. D. Rush of Pickens
S. C- was home last week.
Mrs. W. C. D. Rush is visiting
in Bristol this week
Misses Ruth and Sara Kate
Chase, Genoa Dam'on and mrs.
Jack Carter motered to norton
last Sunday.
Many of the young folks en
yed a watermelon feast Wed
nesday night which was given
in honor of Miss Edith Chase.
Those present were Mr. and
M's. Fred Damron, Misses Edith
Grace and Sara Kate Chase,
Rose Rush, Blanche Neel Genoa
Damron, Julia Priode, Minnie
Kelly, Constance Bowman and
Janie Ruth Kennedy- Messrs
Shorty Kenser, Densil Calfee
Charlie Tilly and AU*x wallace.
We notice work has begun on
the new pot-office building for
our burg.
court adjourned last Wednes
day after being in session about
three weeks.
Hard-surfacing of Mullins
Aevnue is now under way and
soon be completed.

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