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House Reflects the
Character of Owner
In painting a house, even It the own
er Is painting for purely economic rea
sons, due consideration should be
given to beauty. It is just as inexpen
sive to select an attractive color
scheme as an unattractive one. Just
as easy to apply the paint, it simply
requires a little forethought and care.
Color, which always plays a dominant
role In determining artistic eltect, is
particularly important for the ex
teriors of homes. Even more than
the lines and construction of the
house, It reflects the character of Its
owner. It can be an expression of
cheer and life, or one of depression
and giooin. It can make tiie home
pleasingly modest or glaringly con
Several points must be taken Into
consideration In making tiie selection
—tiie size, tiie type and tiie location
of tiie house. A large house with fair
ly extensive grounds is adapted to al
most any scheme. But a small house
on a small lot requires particular
thought. Ught, bright colors give an
effect of Increased size and are there
fore well adapted to such conditions.
A good point to remember Is that a
trim lighter than tiie background
makes a small house look larger,
wliile a trim darker than the back
ground gives the opposite elfect. Kor
instance, a small house of pearl gray
might well be trimmed In deep cream,
whereas a good combination for a
larger house of the same color would
be dark gray.
Citizens Judged by
Appearance of Roads
The Mobile county board of rev
enue will take up the matter of beau
tifying the approaches to the Bay
bridge. It is a wise plan. These ap
proaches ought to be beautified. We
can easily make all our roads more
attractive. In all parts of tiie country
they ore working along these same
lines. Trees are being set out along
some of the great highways of the
country, particularly those that have
historic significance. If we set out
trees now along tiie main traveled
highways of this country in a few
years these roads will be ranked
among the most beautiful In the world.
All road plans should take Into con
sideration beautifying possibilities.
All the beauty of a highway is not
In hard surfaces. Trees, shrubs and
flowers on the sides of our roads add
much to the attractiveness of travel,
and when we find these things in n»y
part of the country, we naturally
form a gooil opinion of the people of
that section, for we know they are
enterprising and progressive.—Mobile
(Ala.) Register.
Selecting Home Site
Much depends on the site of the
home—often there Is no diolce. Hut
If there Is a choice, let personal pref
erence control it.
Climate, prevailing winds and local
conditions are governing Influences
An east front Is often best; south,
west and north follow in order. An
east exposure for a dining room to get
the morning sun is a remedy for
breakfast grouch.
A southwest corner for a kitchen
gives good light and usually good air.
Put awnings over the windows Jn the
summer. A south or-west exposure
for the living room gives sunlight and
cheeriness In winter.
Paint Up!
The conference held under the aus
pices of the Mobile Chamber of Com
merce. with the city and county boards,
and representatives of civic organiza
tions taking part in It, for the purpose
of promoting a clean-up and paint-up
movement in Mobile, served a good
purpose. It does not help a great deal
for just a few citizens and organiza
tions to engage in civic work Of this
sort. Everybody should have part in
It. It should extend to every section
of tlie city. It Is not diflicuit to keep
clean. It Is simply a matter of doing
a few things to Improve a situation
already good in the better meaning
of good.—Mobile (Ala.) Register.
Home Owner Has Standing
Tlie family owning a comfortable,
attractive borne bus twice as much
standing in the community as one that
merely rents. A property owner has
much greater eligibility for public of
fice and for positions of honor; busi
ness positions are two to one in favor
of the man who owns tils home. Maybe
you have never thought that the ques
tion a business man asks when consid
ering a man for a responsible position
Is, “What sort of a man Is he; does
he own a home?”
Small House Idea
On account of the high cost of con
struction and maintenance, It Is no
longer practicable to erect the huge
frame residences which have lined our
city streets in the past. The old order
of eight and nine-room houses for the
man of moderate means lias had to
give way.
Highest Civic Pride
To have beautiful homes, well-kept
homes, Inside and out, however modest
or pretentious they may be. Is civic
pride In the very truest sense.
2 Loggers Haul Injured
Man 15 Miles in Snow
Klnnmtli Falls, Ore.-Herculean
efforts of two loggers saved a
life wlien the hardy woodsmen
hauled a suffering co-worker on
a sled over more than fifteen
miles of snow to a mill where
an ambulance waited.
Dun Walters, better known as
“Coffee Dan,” was still in a seri
ous condition from the accident
at Potts’ mill, in a remote dis
trict, when the saw he tended
cut off his leg just nbove the
The two loggers—whose names
authorities could not learn—
hauled Walters over the long
stretch of snow and It was
through their efforts that Wal
ters was saved from death.
Weakened from loss of blood,
the sawyer arrived at McCol
lum’s mill.
He was given first-aid treat
ment and then rushed in an am
bulance twenty miles to a Kla
math Falls hospital.
Says Wife Darned Socks Ver
bally and Otherwise.
Baltimore.—Frank Lnmple Is serv
ing a term for an automobile theft.
Recently Mrs. Helen P. I.ample filed
suit for absolute divorce. Lample
lias just filed bis answer In the natpre
of a personal letter, written from tin
penitentiary, to Charles R. Whlteford
clerk of the Circuit court. Mrs
Lample charges desertion.
Lample’s reply was:
“.Sir: the bill of complaint and sub
poena on behalf of my wife on hand ;
allow me to say the charge Is true
and I have no wish to oppose th<
wishes of Mrs. Lample. My wife was
exceptionally kind, patient and affec
tionate. She cooked a wicked meal,
did tricks with the washboard and
darned my socks—verbally and other
wise. Further, my wife was sensible
and sane, except when she married
me. She was a perfect 30, with a pow
erful punch in either hand, and as
frisky as a two-year-old at the barrier.
“I was a cave man, spoke out of
turn, and failed to appreciate the lov
ing qualities anybody but a donkey
would appreciate.
“I do affirm (how's that for nifty
English) that the state relieved my
loving wife of a great burden when II
assumed the responsibility for my wel
fare, and will be finishing a good job
'when it disassembles what I fearlessly
term my matrimonial flivver. If you
can trump up the above statement,
wire me the evidence at your expense
If you can't, give the little girl a hand.
Very truly yours,
Criminal Hides Gold
Necklace in Neck Cavity
Calcutta.—Another case of the ex
traordinary practice among Indian
criminals of hiding stolen goods in un
artificial cavity In the throat has come
to light in Calcutta.
A man suspected of having stolen, i
gold necklace was being searched by
the police, who kept him under obser
vat ion for a considerable time. They
could find no trace of the necklace,
but suddenly the man showed signs
of distress and produced the necklace
from tils mouth, which had already
been examined. A police officer said
that many thieves In Calcutta have
artificial cavities in their throats.
Cases have been known where men
can conceal as many as twenty rupee
coins in cavities which are fornjed by
a steady process.
Beginning with a small, hard object,
usually a zino ball, a culprit soon
learns to secrete in his throat a heav
ier tiling, such as a small bazaar
weight, and-In a couple of years a
large cavity is formed.
Bet on Bryan in 1896;
Still Has His Whiskers
ltomulus, N. Y.—A monument to the
lute William Jennings Bryan and his
unsuccessful aspirations for the Pres
idency hangs here 'u the whiskers of
a supporter who vowed never to shave
until the great Commoner became
William Hilkert is the Bryantte
whose beard grows on and on. He
made the compact with William
Dempsey, another ardent supporter
of Bryan, when the Commoner first
ran for Piesident some HO years ago,
and arranged with Dempsey to trim
nis hair ami shave him publicly In
honor of the predicted victory. The
victory didn’t materialize, but the
heard did.
i'pon Bryan’s lust defeat Illlkert de
cided lie was through even with vot
ing, and hasn't cast a vote for any
candidate for any ollice, national,
state or local, since.
Pet Cat Gives Life
to Save Eight From Gas
New York.—A pet cut gave Its life
to save eight persons from deatli by
coal gas asphyxiation. Scratching ou
a bedroom door of one of ttie apart
ments in a six-story tenement house
In Monroe street, the cat awakened an
eigliteen-yeur-old boy, who detected
the fumes and spread the alarm. The
cat’s body was later found under a
In Dickenson County Clerk’s
Office Sept. 18th. 1927.
Bank of Haysi against G. A.
The object of this suit is to
sell Guy Burnett’s interest in
the Burnett Store property at
Haysi, Va. to pay his debt by
note to Bank of Haysi for S70.
00 and 10 per cent att. fee with
interest from' 10-3-26. It is or
dered that Guy Burnett appear
herein 10 days after due publi
cation of this order to do what
is necessary to protect his in
terests in this suit.
W. E. Rasnick Clerk
By N. E. Hughes D. C.
In the Circuit Court Clerk’s
Office of Dickenson Co. Sept
17, 1927.
Andy M,ullins against George
The object of the suit is to
|attach and sell one black mule
property o£ George Johnson
and sell same to pay debt of
$36.50 and 5 per cent penalty
owed by George Johnson to
Andy Mullins. It is ordered that
George Johnson do appear
here in ten days after due pub
lication hereof and do what is
necessary to protect his inter
W. E. Rasnick Clerk
By N. E. Hughes v D. C.
Permanent waves are all right In
hair, but too many of our roads seem
to have them.
* ♦ •
The rutted States Is to build 10,000
miles of rojid in 1920 and the pessi
mistic motorist knows that It means
50,000 miles of detours.
* • *
One-half of all the bituminous mac
adam In the United States is found In
New York and New England. The
combined mileage of this type on all
of the state systems of this country Is
about 0,000 miles.
Don’t Forget Us.
We Do All Kinds Of
Job Work.
Neat & Attractive
It Pleases Us To Please You
Try us for quick service. The Herald
Leave Clint wood 3:40 P.
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Peppy Service
Ycu will have r.o delays or lorg wa'ts when you bring
your car to us for repairs. We give “peppy” service,
your car will always be ready when promised.
Our prices are RlGtiT.
Let US care for YOUR car.
Clinch Valley Motor
Company, Inc. c
Norton, Virginia t
Westinghouse House
Electric Ranges
Fairbank’s Morse Electric Water Pumps.
Wasbin Machine?, Electric Refrijeratr rs and all kinds of
Electrical Appliances

When in need of anything Electric
al, see us, our prices are RIGHT.
Clntwood, Va.
Get Ready
See me for your winuer’s supply of coal
Best grade run of mine
delivered to you at a re
sonable price,
Gilbert Powers,
Clintwood, Va.
TAo you make your clothes? If so come in and buy our rnate
rials and you will have the “best” the markets afford.
There are many new weaves and smart patterns; choose
any of them and it will “make up” into a becoming gown.
Let us show you these lovely materials.
We invite YOUR busniess
Dotson Bros.
“The Big Store”
Clintwood, Virginia
Have Money!
And Get Ahead
Til3 mm who gets ahead is the one who not only
STARTS a bank account but makes the balance to
his credit grow.
You start an account with us or add to the one
you have.
Start Saving Regularly NOW.
We Invite YOUR Banking Business
Clintwood, Va.
Stanley Bonded Transfer
All kinds of hauling.
Moving a Specialty.
New Truck on Service.
When in need of any kind
of Hauling, Call
or Write
Andrew Stanley
Clintwood, - Virginii.
Leave Faysi 7.30 A. H.
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Leave Grundy S:00 P. M
Arrive Haysi 6:00 P. M.

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