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hblistwil E»ry Thursday at Ciintwood.Ya.1
F. C. Raines* Editor
The Dickenson Couuty Herald is inde
pendent in politics and it’s columns are
open I > ail parties at the regular rates.
Su'.iscristion, $1.50 a year, in advance.
Six months, 75c.
Advertising Rates:—Classified adds,
- cents per word,minimum charge, 50c.'
Heading notices, 2 cents per word.
> ird of ihanks, obituaries, lodge reso-1
1 .Lions on death, 2 cents per word, min
imum charge $1.00. Legal advertising,
10c per line for 8 point type for each
insertion, payment before proof of pub
1.cation is issued. Divorce notices $10.00,
payable in advance. National Bank
Statements $7.50; State Banks $5.00
Oommunicans will not be published
without the nameof the author is known
ho die publisher.
Entered as second class of mail matter
F bruary lOcn 1027, at Ciintwood, Va.,
un ler the Act of March 3, 1879.
Busy factories are as vital to
the city and town as good crops
and fair market prices are vital
to the agricultral section. The
manufacturing community ~
ie\v American communities do
not have one or more industries
— does not appreciate the value
of its factories until o business
depression shuts them down and
puts their many employes out
of work.
Eormely the inland community
was a group of houses, a store
or two, a church and a school.
Its purpose seemed to hav;e been
Lttle more than a meeting and
a shopping place for nearby far
mers and their families. Even
tually, as the nation drifted to
ward industrialism, foctories
were established in these little
centers of population. These
industries took what native
labor they found and acted as a
magnet for the surplus labor
in the surrounding area. The
community grew and new ind
ustries and more labor came.
Today the process of indust
rial and community development
is more complex. Experience
1 us proven that, except in the
largest cities, there is such a
u.-ing in the community as a
point of saturation. Increasing
the community population is
]. )t a simple expedient of invit
ing-new industries to build there
Factories are built where there
is a surplus of labor of h kind
required by the particular ind
ustry. Steel millsare not estb
lished in a shoe manufacturing
town, and vice versa. The ind
ustry must go to the labor sup
ply for the labor surplus in this
country is not so large that ind
ustry can place its thumb on it
any place.
The community must build
up its labor supply if it is to de
velop more industries and if it
has a surplus of labor then the
community must extend its ind
ustries. Community developing
is a scientific rather than a hit
or-miss process.
Since the beginning of human
history, recorded and unreccrd
there have been members of ev
ery community who have stood
in the way of progress, some for
selfish reasons, others because
of lack of vision. Their part in
life seems to be throwing the
ivrench into the machinery.
All greater builders, whether
of empire, magnificent cities or
large institutions, have had to
overcome obstacles created by
the visionless. Railroads, steam
ships, automobiles, airplanes
telephones and all the other
gifts of inventive and industr
ial genius to man were depre
ciated and retarded by these
four-wheel brakes of progress.
Obstructionists and reactionar
ies play havoc with community
progress. Given the opportunity
they tear down faster than
others can build. They resist
everv forward step, often just
fcr the sake of going on record
as an objecter. Though they are
ignored by the knowing, the
harm they do is considerable
and too often underestimated.
That man is not a good citiz
en who opposes a necessary
public impovement because it
does not directly increase the
value of his property. That man
is not a good citizen who locks
the doors of his community to
new indutries because they
compel him to meet a higher
wage level that aids the entire
community. That man is not a
good citizen who prefers to aid
out of town indutry. That man
is not an asset to his home town
who is blind to all but his blem
There is no room in Clintwood
for the obstructionist.
Some wives’ attitude appear to
be if they can not get all the
money they prefer to get alim
While in a Persian marriage
ceremony the bridegroom is not
present, in this country he is
merely among those present.
The forces that are working
to make American communities
more attractive in appearance
will find encouragement in the
report of the United States de
partment of agriculture that
country villages are improving
in this respect.
There is village planning as
well as city planning, and its
benefits are now manifesting
themselves in picturesque ham
lets which have got rid of their
drabness by paying a little at
tention to their streets, setting
aside tracts for diminutive park
and providing convenient ap
The department finds that al
though nearly 20,000,000 per
sons live in American villages
and farming population of 30,
000,000 depends on them for
business, education and social
purposes, such towns are often
ugly and make poor showing in
comparison with villages in ot
her countries. Of course it may
be said in pallation that the vil
lages of the old world have been
settled for hundreds of years
and their inhabitants have had
greater opportunity to develop
beauty than our villagers whose
communities are comparatively
young. The American small
town has sprung up in a hap
hazard way and there has not
been sufficient time to do away
with the unsightly spots. It is
not to be expected that they
would show from the outset, the
charm of European hamlets
where lawns and gardens have
been cultivated for centuries
and where there still remain
picturesque relics of bygone
But now that thecivic spirit
has penetrated into our country
communities rapid progress to
iWavd appreciation and creation
of beauty can be predicted. Wo
men’s clubs and chambers of
commerce are at work in the ru
ral regions as well as in urban
centers, and their efforts are
generally in the direction mak
ing their communities attract
ive places in which to live. Ther
is, of course, no reason why a
village should not be as well
laid out as a city, and the rural
community has superior facil
ties for growing trees and flow
ers, which contribute as much
as anything toward making a
town beautiful.
Good Investment in
Ownership of Home
The psychological advantages ot
owning one's home are quite often In
tangible yet nevertheless practical. A
man’s self-respect Is increased and he
becomes a more substantial citizen by
reason of home ownership. lie takes
a larger Interest In civic affairs. His
mind Is freed from worry and his un
divided energies can be directed to his
livelihood. His home Is an expression
of his Individuality both In architec
ture and Interior arrangement, aim
pride of ownership Is fostered. His
home Is an Index of Ids success In busl
ness and his sense of Justified vanity
Is gratilled. Mis home lends him social
prestige, which in turn reacts favor
ably on his position In the community
Had In Ids business
The old quotation Is true: “When
your treasure Is there will your heari
he also." What finer place on eartl
can a man select to place his treasure
than In hts own home? Home owner
ship gives a man more comfort, pleas
ure, safety, satisfaction, material and
spiritual return than any other In
vestment on eurth.
Plan Home Carefully
Impatience Inis caused us many tin
satisfactory homes ns poor construe
tion. The home is the most complex
(investment the family unit ever makes
Hence more thought should be given
to the matter than Is given to the se
lection of the Easter hat or to having
the old car overhauled and reflnlshed
Planning and building the new home
should be considered deliberately, not
with furrowed brow and Intense, get-lt
ovor-wlth look. (live It (lie time Iti
Importance deserves, and ns you ad
mire Its splendid silhouette In the
moonlight as you approach It after an
evening with your favorite film stai
you will fee) well repaid for having
accomplished the big lob well.
Auto Lock Is Invented
for Forgetful Drivers
Locks to safeguard automobile driv
ers against their own carelessness are
being tested in the underwriters’ lab
oratories at Chicago.
The forgetfulness of drivers of in
sured cars who park their cars un
locked and walk away with the feel
ing that the Insurance company "can
do the worrying” has induced the Na
tional Automobile Underwriters’ con
ference to withdraw recognition of
locking devices in the writing of In
surance. To meet the situation a new
lock is being developed.
The new lock is so designed that
when the driver switches off the igni
tion to stop the engine he automati
cally locks the car-. Few drivers, in
surance, companies find, are in the
habit of forgetting thut an engine
needs gasoline to keep running. The
breaking of the ignition circuit is al
most a subconscious operation with
the average driver.
The laboratories have recognized a
number of locks so made that the
mechanism which breaks the circuit
also locks the car, but this lock is the
first that performs both operations at
the same time.
Dependable Road Burner
Rises to High Position
An automobile dealer with a lot of
ingmuity decided it wouldn’t be a bad
idea to advertise his wares, so he
Unique Advertisement.
hoisted an old flivver 123 feet higher
titan the street level as an advertls
ing attraction It works!
American Diplomat Will
Not Junk Old Machines
Larz Anderson, American diplomat
of Brookline, Mass., believes that au
tomobiles have personalities just like
horses and refuses to junk any car he
ever owned. Buying cars since the
year one of automobile history, An
derson has probably the greatest as
sortment of types, special bodies, mo
tors and what-not to he found in the
world on his estate, “Weld.” Around
the whitewashed walls of the garage
hang the portraits of this notable mo
tor family. Each has its photograph
taken in the days of its prime. .■
The muffler should be cleaned out
at least once a year.
* * •
The majority of automobile acci
dents occur at intersections.
• * *
Humans don't really need Intuition
except when meeting a one-eyed car at
• * •
Springs should be tested to see that
the tension is correct after the valves
are ground.
• * *
You get fewer miles to the gallon In
an expensive cur, but they are hori
zontal miles.
• * *
The Central Railroad of New Jersey
actually won a verdict of $35 for In
jury of an engine from a truck. It Is
very seldom that Goliath gets damages
Get a Stake in Land
It’s a queer trait of human nature
that flip possession of a little real
estate changes a man’s general ap
penruV'e. his disposition and his effi
ciency. It makes him feel as though
he had a place in the world with a
right to It. It gives him responsi
bility—it spurs him on to do his best.
It’s Just like having your own wife,
or your own baby, or your own car—•
the other fellow’s possessions may be
very nice but—you want your own!—
Metal Rooft Block Sparks
Sparks from chimneys In New
Braunfels (Ala.) have little chance of
doing harm, for 1} is a city covered
with metal. Ninety-five per cent of
the roofs are of sheet steel.
Thirty years ago a fire chief began
outlawing wood roofs within a small
cone. Gradually the whole city was
Included.—Washington Star.
Get Contractor’s Advice
Before buying an old house. It It
safest to have a reputable contractor
go over It, diagnose Its defects and es
timate the cost of needed repairs.
For Sale
Valuable Properly
One frame house consisting of
four rooms conveniently arrang
Lot contains seven-eights of an
acre of land well improved, with
all necessary out buildings. Now
occupied by S. J. Colley on Wal
nut St. in East end of Clintwood.
Price $250°,00 terms to suit pur
chaser. See Clintwood Real Estate
Co. F. F. Fletcher, Mgr.
Valuable Farm one and one -
half miles East of Clintwood.
Containing seventy-eight acres.
Twenty-five acres level balance
medium hill-side but not at all
All good clay land that will pr
oduce 50 bu. per. acre. This farm
has a good orcnard and is water
ed by creeks and well.
This property is offered for a
small price of $3500.00 with terms
terms to suit purchaser.
See F. F. Fletcher Mgr.
Clintwood Real Estate Co.
Clintwood, Va.
One five room house in town
located near the Hardware store
This house is in first class con
dition and a convenient place
to live.
Will sell at a very resonable
price, with terms.
Clintwood Real Estate Company
For sale—One six room house
with good basement, good well
water. Some apple and cherry
trees, chicken lot, hog pens,
garage, barn and coal house. All
building in A-l condition. Lot
contains 47. of an acre.
This property is priced to sell
at the sacrifice price of S3000.00
Clintwood Real Estate Company
FOR SALE: One small hot-air
furnace. Only been used a short
time. Will sell same at a bar
gain price.
J. C. Damron
Clintwood, Va.
Wanted in Clintwood Terri
Make $75.00 per week. $1.50
an hour for spare time. Intro
ducing Finest Guaranteed Hos
iery. 96 styles and colors. Low
prices. Auto furnished. No cap
ital or experience necessary.
DESK 2747 Greenfield, Ohio.
I. 0. o. F.
Meets every Friday night 8:
P.M. at Odd Fellows Hall Clint
wood, Va.
W. 0. Deel Smith Howell
N. G. Sec’y
r'Your Homo Brighter with
Electric Plants Washing/.iachines
Water Syste:
/-7) “yUjJf jhJ hy sr~.
c&Xrii - - davton ohio -a.SS y
Jtsk. forDctdils Je,ml
Stratton, V a
Nor tan
i : W ' I : 1 1
’ i)
j i [ j t t
4 1 )
Advice in Selecting
Trees for Roadsides
Oaks are more generally useful fur
roadside illuming tlian any other kind
of tree, sa.vs the United Slates Depart*
ment of Agriculture. There are spe
cies of this tree native to nearly all
parts of the country. Maples are next
In Importance for a large part of the
country, but, as the most used species
are not well adapted for the purpose,
the selection must be made carefully.
The most promising trees for the
cooler dry regions ate the green ash,
tilack locust, hnckherry, thornless
honey Imtist and poplars, with bos
elder, willows and poplars for the ex
tremes of cold and drought, according
to Farmers' Bulletin 14S2-F, “Trees for
Hoadslde Planting." In warm, dry cli
mates the eucalyptus, or gums, the
palms, the Jerusalem thorn and the
mesqulte are good.
Clinclifield Lumber and
Supply Go. Inc.
Truck Delivery Direct
t St Paul,
Phone No. 5.
Wall Board
• Virginia.
Qte Buick
Autumn. Display
> cordially invite you to attend a
\D XA/ *P*ci al showing of motor car fashion*
for 1928—
— introducing lustrous colon of lasting
Duco . . . rich upholsteries of the finest
quality... smart new appointments.
The Buick Autumn Display opens Saturday
and will continue all through the week.
Don’t miss this interesting exhibit.
NOVEMBER 12 to 19
Dante Motor Corp*
Daite. Va.
America loves speed end 2i
fastest Four.
America loves luxury end here
fittest Four.
America, when she starts, likes to
dice a rocket and here is a car that:
1 ,ut 7 seconds, through gears, to register
25 tniies per hour.
Above all, America admires smartness,
when value is rot sacrifit d to achieve
it, and here stvle and s .miaa bid
equally for your f:.ith and f..vor.
Asturdy car,commodious yet compact
built from bumper to bumper the
good Dodge way.
Tune in on Dodge Brothers Dependable
Hour of Musk every Friday iV/j.o* ui'j
— Columbia Chain
it 0. B. Dtlrcil—Full VwJtrj Bjttlpmnt
Haysi Motor Company
Success In roadside tree planting,
■ays the bulletin, depends on properly
locating the pilots along the high
way, selecting suitable varieties and
adequately protecting them from
thoughtless persons, roving stock and
Insects nnii diseases.
The hest effects In roadside planting
are produced usually by giving the
predominant place to the common
plants of the neighborhood, using In
troduced plants In subordinate posi
tions, it is pointed out. Next In desir
ability are plants from regions having
similar growing conditions, either In
this country or abroad
Saw* Money for Home
There never whs a better time for
you to begin to own your boras thun
right now. You’ll look back some day
and count the years before you began
saving for a home as years practically
wasted. The average man of small or
moderate Income becomes a saver only
as he has a definite and desirable ob
ject In view. Few people, except mis
ers, economize Just for the Joy of pav
ing. but many a spendthrift family has
learned to economize for the real Joy
of having a home.—Exchange. .- ■

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