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Have Car Overhauled,
Brakes Properly Adusted
and Tires Inspected.
Vacations remind me of our two
weeks’ motor trip to Estes park last
summer, and I remember bow we
planned what to take anil what to
leave at home. It’s a problem. Some
tourists take dogs, canaries, evert \ ic
trolas. But on a camping trip, you
want to forget some marks of civili
zation, says Aunt Aggie of the Kan
sas State Agricultural State college.
Perhaps the experiences we laid in
selecting things to take will help some
would-be campers.
Things to Get.
First, get a waterproof tent—try the
hose on it before you leave home to he
sure it won’t leak. A wall tent, or
one that goes over the ear, is satis
factory. Steel stakes are better than
We took a steel spring auto bed, but
although it was comfortable, it was
too heavy to handle. A bed with
woven rope bottom and wooden sup
ports rather than steel is better for
tin auto bed. Take a folding cot
apiece for the rest of the family.
You'll need plenty of warm comfort
ables-—newspapers help out because
they are, good insulators.
We took as few clothes as possible
and packed them in some old suit
eases—new bags would have been
ruined on that trip. We wore hiking
A short-handled spade helped us out
of mud holes, and an ax was always
useful. If you plan to fish, take your
fishing tackle.
locking Utensils.
For meals, we had a small nluml
niuni pun apiece, unbreakable cups,
forks and spoons apiece, two or three
case knives, a good butcher knife, a
sirup pail for making coffee or heal
ing water, a gallon pall for carrying
water, salt and pepper shakers, skil
let, and a large spoon for stirring.
We took along a home-cured hum and
saved a number of meat hills.
One of the children kept a notebook
of expenses, and immediately after we
bought anything—gas, oil, food—she
recorded the amount. It cost us just
$150 for six of us to take the trip, and
of course we have nil our camp goods
left to take another jaunt.
Our expense keeper also kept a
diary of the trip In her notebook and
w ith our snapshots, we live over again
our experiences.
He fore leaving, have the car (thor
oughly overhauled, brakes adjusted,
and a good set of tires pul on, with
a spare. A half-gallon can of nil 1;
enough for emergencies. If you want
to, take a trailer to pack things into,
hut one car is much easier to manage
than two, even if the ene is crowded.
Will Erect Memorial to
“Father of Good Roads”
Joseph H. Weeks, “the real father of
good roads in Pennsylvania,’’ who es
tablished the first comprehensive sys
tem of highways and who was the
first president of the Keystone Auto
mobile club, Is to he honored by the
erection of a $35,000 memorial In
Funds for the memorial are being
raised through the efforts of the Key
stone Automobile club and by popular
subscription. The club has purchased
a plot of ground triangular in shape ai
Kaltlmore avenue and Chester road
in the center of which it will erect a
memorial monument, the center fea
ture of which will be a bronze plague
containing a relief map of the state
highway system established by the
Sproul act of 1911, which act Mr.
Weeks was instrumental in having
written upon the statute books.
The memorial will be in the nature
of a small park, in ttie center of which
there Is to be a sunken terrace circu
£ lar In form nnd at the bottom of which
^ ttie plaque will rest. It then can be
1 viewed from every angle. Mr, Weeks
died In 1919, and plans for the memo
*■ rial have been considered ever since
that time.
Two Plans for Stopping
Car in Right Position
Ttie usual garage is just large
enough to accommodate one, two or
three cars, and the space in front of
and behind the cars is rather limited.
To prevent running the car into tlie
garage too far, one owner suspended
a card from the ceiling, so that it
would just touch the windshield when
jjj^ujrrll——- STOP SIGNAL
Handy Methods of Stopping a Car in
the Correct Position in a Garage.
the cur was in the right position. An
other method of preventing the car
from polug too far is to provide a
removable wooden bumper on the
floor as shown in the lower sketch.—
G. A. Luers, Washington, D. C., In
Popular Mechanics Magazine.
Australia Is Big Buyer
of Heavy-Duty Trucks
Australia is the largest purchaser
of American-made heavy-duty trucks,
contrary to the public belief that Can
ada imports more of that type of ve
hicles than any other country. This
Is due, perhaps, to its nearness but
the facts, do not bear it out.
Last year, according to the govern
ment figures, 017 trucks of more than
two and a half tons capacity were im
ported from the United States by Aus
tralia. The agricultural development
of the Antipodes is given as a reason,
together with a lack of rail facilities.
As a matter of fact, truck experts be
lieve, there never will he any exten
sive rail development in Australia,
modern highways being built between
the important cities which will afford
ample transportation routes for the
heavy trucks that also serve the rich
farming districts that lie between.
Canada imported a little more than
a third of the number of heavy-duty
trucks that Australia did, the total
for the neighboring country being 271.
What the world needs now is an
automobile that will carry its own
parking place.
• * *
Automobile drivers are getting their
brakes tested for nothing, but pedes
trians are still paying to have their
eyes tested.
Some of our ancestors left foot
prints on the sands of time, but you
can't do much with a rubber tire on
a concrete pavement.
A large proportion of “blowouts” of
tires are due to rim cuts, and these
tire caused b.v not keeping rims fret*
from rust and grit.
Time to Introduce New
Queen to Bee Colony
It is an easy matter to decide what
colonies need new queens, because a
new queen b e properly introduced
is nearly always better than the one
she replaces, states l!ay Hutson, bee
specialist at the New Jersey agri
cultural experiment station. This oi
course does not apply to Italian queens
of tlds year’s brood.
Good queens from reliable breeders
can lie secured for one dollar or less
and will in every ease give a large
return on tbo investment, in pride
of ownership, monetary return, and
ease of handling. In a commercial bee
yard this last item is the same as
the second, for labor still remains the
largest cost in beekeeping.. Freedom
from bee moth depredations and prop
olization, or gluing, is among the
many benefits to be derived from a
new queen.
The best time to got a now queen
accepted by a colony is at t lie time
a little honey is coming in. In many
localities there is a dearth tlie latter
part of July and the first part of
August. If a queen is to he properly
established six weeks before a killing
frost, tHe first of August is none too
soon to make a start. It is folly,
however, for the average beekeeper
to undertake requeeniug when there
Is no honey flow, wit'»mt feeding a
day or so before, as well as during the
There are numbers of methods foi
introducing queens and the selection
of the one to he tried must rest with
the beekeeper. Queen breeders almost
invariably send directions for intro
duction on the shipping cage.
| Agricultural Items |
i:o-o*o-o *o :to-o-o-o-o::
I’lnnt a tree.
• * •
Put in a short row of carrots every
two weeks.
* * * '
Low-grade fertilizers mean low
yield crops.
* * •
i Mow pastures to destroy bitterweed
ami wild onions.
* * •
I There is no limit to the demand for
| the best in farm products.
* * *
1 The first commandment of farming:
Thou shalt not let tli.v land get poor
* • *
I High-priced land and ordinary pas
j ture grasses do not co-operate fot
• • •
A silo saves a third of the value of
the corn crop, which is otherwise
largely wasted.
* • •
It’s a wise farmer who encourages
Ids boy to take up club work—anc'
lie’ll be wiser still afterward.
• * *
For liay sow soy beans at the -rati
of two bushels per acre with a grail
drill on a well prepared seed bed.
• • »
Doves are important weed destroy
ers, it is said. One dove was foun
to eat 0,200 weed seeds at a sing!
• * *
j Try a row of French endive to stor<
in the cellar next fall for wtntei
j salads. It is a big money saver am
I the finest of salad materials. It is a
I easy to raise as parsnips.
. —Uy
Pure WholeWheat Bread
This bread is a pure whole wheat product
made exclusively from Phillsbury’s 100% Whole
Wheat Flour. Nothing added or removed.
No white flour is used in the dough, thus
insuring you a loaf with all the life-giving mi n
eral and vita ine properties of ihe whole grain.
Try this v/hv ' ome bread toasted. Poached
Eggs on Whole Vi t Toast arc delicious. The
children will enjoy th toast in milk-and the
combination makes a ). 'ct food.
Sf. Paul Bakiiij* ‘ompany
SI, Paul, Va.
Do you become irritated at
trifles, lie awake nights, start at
sudden noises? Better look out
for your nerves or you will have a
serious nervous breakdown.
Dr. Miles’ Nervine
is a good nerve medicine to
take under these conditions.
Used with success for nearly half a century.
Try it for
Nervousness, Sleeplessness, Neuralgia,
Nervous Dyspepsia, Nervous Headache, Neurasthems
If you would like to try Dr. Miles’ Nervine, we’ll send
a generous sample for 5c in stamps.
Dr. Miles Medical Co, Elkhart, Ind.
Compelling Sentiment for Limitation of Arma
ments Not Yet in Sight
By CHARLES EVANS HUGHES, Ex-Secretary of State. i
It would be idle to expect a more favorable time for tbe limitation
of armaments than now, and yet, paradoxically, the difficulties mount
so high as to appear to be well-nigh insuperable.
Disappointment has not been due to the lack of expert advice or of
opportunity. There are several and contradictory reasons for the ap
parent indifference. Fundamentally it appears that the compelling
sentiment does not exist.
It would seem to be clear that you cannot rely on declarations,
or resolutions or papers, to prevent war, unless back of all these is the
triumph of the 'spirit of reasonableness among peoples who have ceased
to think in terms of war; a habit of peace which will not be found while
causes of strife still exist.
Never before have helpless peoples been menaced by such possibilities
of widespread destruction. While well-disposed gatherings are calling
for the outlawry of war—and I should be the last to decry any intelligent
effort to prevent war—why not endeavor to invoke the spirit of reason
ableness at least to the extent of mitigating evils and of outlawing
unjustified assaults upon noncombatants. Why not test the conscience
of peoples and the boasts of civilization in a practical demand for the
statement of improvement of rules applicable to the use of new agencies
of warfare?
An observant visitor In Florida says
quite a lot of high grade ifiilo busi
ness frontage lias reverted to its
former status of deep-tangled wild
Overheard in a day coach: “Up In
m.v country we used to elect the
town bootlegger but there got to be
so much corruption lie is now ftp
Through the assistance of federal
aid, the highways of the country are
now in first-class condition and many
mor«, miles are paved this year than
Of course when nil other goats
fail, anything can be blamed on jazz.
True love is something that never
falters as husband and wife take down
a stovepipe. ♦
“Back-to-the-fnrm” movement doesn’t
ni«an that you must turn your back
to tlie farm but put your back to i*
Then there is the kind of wife who
makes a pretty good first sergeant for
tlie kind of husband who is fond of
declaiming, "I am the captain of my
Make this
last for
of miles,
-a Bu
/or Christmas
Make someone supremely happy this Christ
mas. Give a Bukk for 1928. Delivery will be made,
if you wish, at your home Christmas morning.
Tl.e liberal C. M. A. C. time payment plan o arjilakle if de tired.
Dante Motor Corp,
Dante. Va.
A completely equipped labora
tory for , ,. iug cf milk now
controls the purity of supply at
the soun r< ughout Illinois.
Installed in a Graham Erothers
motor coach, U c laboratory makes
the round ' : all creameries in the
slate, an added safe
guard fore impra#ticable.
The motor coach laboratory is
of the star h’ i Graham Brothers
street car typ , IT! of which are
operated b t no Detroit Street
Railways at 1 hu dreds more in
other cities ti ro: b e.t the world.
In place <»• • 1work benches,
incu! 1P'1 t end sink
with rttmib «v ’ ", were installed
along the s'... fitc center aisle
is wide enough to accommodate
two folding cots if the operators
wish to sleep on the road. Nor
mally, the field personnel consists
of a milk sanitarian, a bacteriolo
gist and an assistant.
The requirements for the mobile
laboratory as laid down by the
Illinois department of health in
cluded the specification that the
truck or motor coach selected
must be exceptionally easy riding *
to protect the delicate instruments
carried, as well as fast and de
p ndable under all operating con
ditions. These qualifications, the
department reported, are ade
quately met by the Graham
Brothers coach.
yy. .
When Winter Comes
HmM Money l
Every Life has its December!
|T ®^^
St I;T Fayu g Eegu larly NOW.
We -riite YCUR Banking Business
Clintwood, Va.
itaruey »rensiw
All k'nds ol hauling.
Moving n Opeoialty.
New Truck on '&:• :ic3.
Alien in need r»!. any kina
of Hauling, Call
or Write
Ar. diew Stanley
intwjad, - - - Virginia .
Wife Raids Cigar Bex;
Chastisement Upheld
Atlantic City, X. .T.—A hus
band lms full control over his ci
gars and li:s \viA> may not mo
le t them, it v.\.s decided here by
Magistrate Andrew Jacoby.
Charged with assault and bat
tery, Duco Johnson was haled
into court by his wife. She tes
tified that during a party at their
home site distributed cigars from
a box her husband hud “selfishly
hidden,” and that lie then struck
iter. Other testimony indicated
that tliis began a general melee,
in which husband, wife and
guests took part.
Magistrate Jacoby dismissed
the charge because Johnson was
“as badly battered as ids wife"
and because “a man's cigars are
ltis Inviolable property, to do
with as lie wishes.”
CM f$ ./V
\tt \V— ;
v v. ;j ;
/f' f$
$( wtyp-1 '
This the season of the year
when almost everybody spends
idle moments wondering “what
to give” —this and that friend
for Chistmas.
Why worry —why waste time
when in the columns of The
Dickenson County Herald will
[appear the display advertisment
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ing you all about all that is new
in gifts—offering suggestions
and selections which will make
your Christmas shopping a real
Read the ads in this paper
every week. You will find them
as interesting as the news col
umns—and you will no doubt be
surprised at the savings you can
realize by taking advantage of
ifhe merchants’ offerings.
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