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The Dickenson County
Published every Thursday
by the
Clintwood Publishing Co.
Clint wood, Va.
Thru The U
By Lundy A. Wright
Down through the centuries the
styles of women have been a mar
vel of swift change, constantly
showing wonderful originality and
inventiveness in the adjustment of
personality to line and color. But
at last the *men have gone them I
one better and they have done it'
easily, almost unconsciously. They
have simply pulled their shirt tails
out. i
Daring? Not much, but back in
the gay nineties it would have
taken somebody with the nerve of
Jesse James to have dared break
the established rule of keeping the
shirt tail under cover. But nowa- j
days the men pull their shirt tails I
out and go about their business. !
They probably don’t consider it I
daring at all; it’s just more com-!
fortable. It is loose, informal, j
hygienic styling but it doesn’t
especially bring out the fine lines
of the masculine figure. Some-'
body, maybe a woman, has!
thought the thing up for them.
Anyway, it’s a style that seems to
be growing.
The other day I heard a boy
from the back country say to his
father, “Paw, if you go to town
today I wish you’d tell one of
them storekeepers to save me
some of them old rug sacks. I
want mam to make me one of j
them summer suits I’ve seen the j
city fellers a-wearing.”
“Son”, said the father, “It ain’t!
resurrection day yet and no ways j
near it. You needn’t put on your!
sack cloth yet.”
Fishermen, be not discouraged
if you dont’ catch a fish. Fisher
men from the Tivis section are
catching eels instead of fish. So
far*, they have landed three from
33 to 35 inches long. Eeling is
fairly good sport, and according
to Ersal Edwards and others who
have partaken of these snaky wa
ter-dwellers, they make good, ex
tra good eatin’.
Is there some association be
tween the names Hollywood and
Clintwood? Whether the answer is
Yay or Nay, Clintwood is fast be
coming a Mecca for shows and
show people. In the short space of
one week it has had a fcircus and
a carnival, the Haag brothers and
sisters, the Funland girls and boys,
noise and what not.
And why lot? They could not
find a more ideal location—the
Clintwood high school ground, at
the crossroads and in full view of
It is very fortunate for the show
people that the taxpayers of Dick
enson county have spent several
thousand dollars on making a
school ground. We think long
speeches on the beatification of
school grounds is a waste of time.
Nothing is impossible to a moun
taineer. Over on Frying Pan the
boys are playing golf. Having a
hankering for the game which
their Scotch Highlander ancestors
originated, they began grubbing,
clearing and cutting briers in the
little bottoms up and down the
creek bank. Now they have a
stretched-out golf course, over
which they while away many a
happy hour. It is true that when j
the creek is up, they sometimes j
have to play with their breeches
rolled up and are stymied many a
time in the numerous roughs but
that makes the game more moder
nistic and interesting. They like
Everett B. Stanley and family
last week drove to Virginia Beach
for a few days in the sand and
salty air, and Everett reports that
the worst road in Virginia is the
road between Ointwood and Fre
mont. Therefore we may say with
certainty that the very worst road
across the entire United States,
from Norfolk to San Francisco, is
the road from Clintwood to Fre
To Swim, or Not to Sw'im
Women in America spend about
$25,000,000 a year for bathing suits.
Clothing merchants place them in
two classifications—suits for those
who actually go in the water, and
suits for sun-bathers. Only about
half of the bathing suits ever get
closer to the water than a washtub.
$12,300,000 in Advertising
What is probably the largest ex
penditure in any single year for a
single product was the 1929 Lucky
Strike advertising campaign, which
the American Tobacco company an
nounced in December, 1928, would
be backed by an appropriation of
Use Half World’s Rubber Here
The United States imports half
the world’s rubber, taking 1,045,380,
000 pounds in 1935, the latest year
for which records are available, of
the world total of 2,042,621,000
pounds. Most of the rubber pro
duced comes from British Malaya,
Netherland India and Ceylon.
Bank Control Plan Fails
Panama’s effort to control foreign
banks, which do 95 per cent of all
commercial banking in the country,
failed when the institutions affected
stopped granting credits of any na
ture and nearly all business had to
be done on a cash basis.
Training for Attendants
The attendants at the North Car
olina exhibit at the World’s fair
were required to take a two-weeks’
field training course, touring the
state from mountain to sea, so they
may answer the thousands of ques
tions expected from visitors.
Foreign Trade
The United States has approxi
mately 13 per cent of the world’s
export trade and 11.4 per cent of its
import trade. The country has ex
ports of about $2,000,000,000 and im
ports approximating $1,800,000,000.
False Teeth Exports
The sale of false teeth abroad is
a lucrative and practically depres
sion-proof industry, according to the
department of commerce, which es
timates America exports 41,000,000
false teeth annually.
The first subway, an experimental
one-block-long road, was constructed
in New York in the 1860s. It tvas
operated by air suction and passen
gers paid a quarter for a ride.
American Inventiveness
The United States patent office re
ports the granting of more than
2,152,000 patents, which is equal to
about 1.7 patents every hour since it
was created in 1790.
Birling is the art of navigating on
logs. The sport is divided into three
classes: racing logs, rolling logs and
trick performances on logs, all tak
ing place while the log is in water,
usually on a rather turbulent river.
Limbtirger Castles
In America Limburg may only
suggest cheese, but in Holland Lim
burg is notable chiefly for its
churches and monasteries and some
of the finest old castles to be seen
Gasoline in Aviation
The new transoceanic planes of
Pan American Airways carry
enough gasoline each to propel an
auto two and a half times around the
Snuff Sales in South
A survey indicated that United
States snuff consumption in 1938 was
32 times that of 1870 and that more
than half of the snuff sales were
made in the South.
Railroad Revenues
There are 44 freight cars in serv
ice on American railroads for each
passenger car in service, according
to the Association of American Rail
Fractional Currency
Fractional currency, or scrip, was
first issued August .1, 1862. This in
cluded postal ctirr*/ncy. These were
last issued February 15, 1876.
Birth of a Nation
The motion picture production, '
“The Birth of a Nation,” was first
presented at the Liberty theater in
New York city on March 3, 1915.
Postman Doesn’t Always Ring
Postal regulations permit a mail
man to walk right by a house with
out delivering letters if the walk
isn’t cleared of snow.
Definition of M-Day
M-Day is a term employed by the
United States war department to de
note the first day of the World war.
Radium in Rocks
Many rocks carry a small amount
of radium.
Chinook Winds
The Chinook is a wind which blows
from west or north over the Rocky
mountains, where it descends as a
dry wind, warm in winter and cool
in summer. It is due to a cyclone
passing northward and continues for
a few hours to several days. In
Oregon and Washington the term is
sometimes applied to a warm, moist
southwest wind. The wind- was so
called by the white settlers of As
toria because it came from the di
rection of the Chinook camp.
Cellophane Luncheon Sets
Luncheon sets of glistening white
cellophane woven with bright col
ored yarns are among the new table
conceits which are both charming
and practical. The yarn is woven
to give the effect of stripes and the
sets may be had in blue and white,
green and white and red and white.
Mickey Mouse Multiplies
More than 20,000,000 molded plas
j tic products with full color images of
i Mickey Mouse and his mirthful crew
have been produced in Bridgeport,
Conn., in the last three years.
George W. Stone
For Supervisor
To the Voters of
Willis District:
I hereby announce myself a
candidate for the office of Super
visor of Willis District, subject
to the will of the voters.
I would have placed my name
before the Democratic conven
tion at Haysi on Feb. 4, but I
was away at the time and was
informed that district candi
dates would be nominated in
June, 1939 for the Nov. election.
Your help and influence will
be appreciated regardless o f
your party affiliations.
G. J. Colley For
House of Delegates
Subject to the action
of the Democratic conven
tion to be held in Wise in
August, I hereby announce
myself as a candidate for
Floterial Delegate from
Wise and Dickenson coun
ties. Your support is so
licited and will be deeply
Granville J. Colley.
The United States, with only 6 per
cent of the world’s population of
2,000,000,000 persons, has 19,500,000
telephones, or more than half the
world’s total of 37,098,080. Germany
has but 3,431,000, Great Britain
2,791,000 and France 1,481,000. Brit
ish India, China and Russia, which
together have half the earth’s popu
lation, have only three-fourths as
many telephones as New York city.
The Bank of the Manhattan Com
pany was founded in New York city
in 1799 and is still operating under
its original charter, and at the same
address. The land on which the
bank stands then cost $311,000; to
day the owner of the building on
that land pays the bank an annual
rental of $500,000.
Plumbing - Heating
Electrical Wiring
We are as close as your
Phone -- 471
Ramey & Son
Barter Theatre
The nationally known theatrical troupe headed by the New
York and Hollywood star
Bob Porterfield
Will appear in
Clintwood, V a.
At The
High School Auditorium
On the night of
July 11th
“First Lady”
A Satire and Comedy on Life in Washington.
By George S. Kaufmann
■i ■ Co-sponsored by -
Clintwood Kiwanis and Women’s Club
Children 25c
Curtain, 8 P. M.
Adults 40c

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