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In (he clerk's o-ilce <>f Ta/.e
Q.uri January 1st I8?7.
'} Is Chancery
b?-p I.. lliektiian, Nannie
^Iti Ihidianan, Carrie Buch
Buehanan, Mullie Budian
. Hopkins administrator of
feed., defendants.
I this suit U to have specific
w>\ contract entered into
^ pUnnant nu?i tiiy father,
rn. in lifetime of the latter,
_JW James Alten sgree?! to give,
. Scurry to -VVui. Alien the loner
_. -J^it is.the north Md.) or ead of a
Tract of about acre* of land in Taxe
well county, Va., on mirth I? of liich
mountain. ne>ir town of TasewelV, arid Rn
partition and general and -j'-T!?l relief.
And it appoarm? froui affidavit <>n liie iti
Bai?ot?cHthnt Hobt. All?*?,George IH?k
Juan and Nannie Mickinnn mv non-recT
dents of the ?taie of Virginia, it i* onlen d
I bat fhey appear lu-ra vdtfrin fifteen <i;y.
nfier due publica hm uf thi- order and <io
what is necessary to | r iteci their interest
in this Suit, and tlut wipiefi hereof l?e pub
lb-hed and posted, as prts-cr?vd by law.
A Copy?Teste:
II. ?anjc Uakmas. Cleik,
A. J. v\ S. D. May, p. q. 1-7-?7.-1l
it ifm1
Facilities for gathering and pubhVh
iug al the news every day unsur
pa&ed, -
Honest and Earnest, Fearlef-e and liberal,
Finn in the Devotion to the Prin?
ciples of Democracy,
Which Secure the Greatest Good
to the Urea tent Number and
Equal Ju>t:ee to All
The TIM ES is for
. Good G?vemir.en?, Good Laws,
The Daily Times, by mail, 55.1X)
per year; 5Ur. per month.
The Twice-a-wtek Times, by
mail (LAO }?er y;ar, 25c. for ?
months. Address
"We have a beautiful lino
of Scenery paintoJ in
Just the thing for a Christ?
mas present. * * They
nre 24x20 inches, beautifully
framed, ea.-els to match. * *
Call and fee them before you
Luv. * * * They are re?
markably low priced. * *
We soil paintings on the?,
Stair* ir c ,r:-K CuiMhur.
MHS. MAtir McCO/,
(Kesidenuc?Taxcwcll Ave.)
a Rh i on a b] a Dr essni alenr
tazewell. virginia.
A perfect lit is guaranteed in every case
nd reasonable prices.
MRS. JEiNJNi? llw ib,~"
(Residence?West End)
Milliner and
Perfect lit guaranteed in every case and
ates very reasonable.
j Fancy Mantel;,
Tile Hearths an! Facings
Artistically Arranged n Complimentary
Perfect satiVfattion guaranteed. Write
for samples nnd references.
Lock box io. Graham, Ya,
well. Va. Practice in the oouru uf Taseweil
county and in the Court of AripenlxAt Wytheville,
Va. Particular attention i?iid to the Culloctlou ol
well, Ya. Practice in the courts .,f Ta.\< >vcl!
county. Court of Appeal* at Wytheville and the
Federal court* at A bingdun. C. J. ttarat, John T.
LAW, Tuzewell. Va. Practice iu At] the couru
of Taxewell county aud Court of Appeals al
Wytheville. J. W, 1 hajniian A. P. Cille.-pie.
Tuzewell, Va. Practice iu the court-- of 'I .:..??
well county. S. >L 1J. C-iuling will cuntfon i.i>
firactice in all the courts or liuedHn.m coir ? v. J.
i Fulton. Wythev He, Ya. ?. it. b. CkuUh?.
Tazewvll, Ya.
/ 0v? l*nu ... t. n the courts of Tuxcwretl un^! ad
* oiniuc eonntles. Office?Sswi bulldlnir. JMs.u
L.tinsever. Barns GUlenple.
Tazeirelt. Ya. I'mcttcen in tbe courts of Tnw.
well ai.il adjoining countlus utid in the -<;|'reiMc
Court of at Vyiheville Particular at
lentio:) jmu trt th? colleciou 01 i laiins. uriiue?
. tras building
i well, \a. \\ ill MMcttee in the court* of Tic/.e
weil county and the Oim ?f ApMa?? al H'ylbc
ville. Colwcting a Kpecialt}.
?aice in building uewr '?iurr iij;,^t. ?' j{
Henry. S. <.'. (?rahaui. K. W; ,-ir.is.
it Ya. Land li'.lcs i!; MciHiVAl] a?d Logmi e?Hn?.
lie*, W'Cbl Virginia, a Fi>ec.ia:iy. Office in 3iro.-l
CaiEisweit, Ya. Will pnictlce ir. the courts ?>i
ffoeweUand oitioininir w?nrte?. F^hiioiitu ?t
t ution pXId m the collection .f cLtluui oj-.cc ia
S.ns bialding.
tbmds, Yri. i'rHCt;ce.s in ibe coiirt* ol T.ize
nell and adj.lining conntloa. Prompt attention
paid to Uie collection of claims.
E. H. Witten. j. II. Hikumtb.
My little ton had suffered three months
from kidney und liver trouble u;id cousii
fjulion. r/ightning Kidney and Liver j
rjtfOie<iy relieved hitu immcdiateJy. I alsol
u*e?l it with much benefit.?Peter Fltsher, (
E>iftflt4ott, W. Va.?For .sale by TazcvvelJ
Dru^ Co.
Outline of tha President-Eiect's Finan?
cial and Tariff Folicy.
Early Tariff He vision u:i Moderate Protec
tio:: Lines? Reciprocity and Bimetall
um?No Coiul Issues to Take Up
New York, Dec. SI.?A dispatch from
25, V. S.va'.iey 10 tt:c Ivvctuti^ i'uM. from
Canton, 0*., outlines Rome of the f attires
of tin; iu'H>:nhinr Mjiliim-.y Admmisiriitioii.
it says: "The President-elect has dear ami j
and positive viuw? on all q-l.Hti n- of na?
tional (biance, nnd lie expreswH them
frankly to cdlern w lin bri:i-> up the subject.
It inusi lie a reih f t<> have a culler now and
iheu who wants to direuw measures in
.-?w-a-l hi*men. At all events l.o seems t<i
heif-pof<4hlea triiie more cordial toward
?iich callers than t.w.rl the self-srtskinj!
majoi jty
"fl-e views of Major McKinley on ii
lutneial questions will i <> duiibt be shared
by all tho memberi" "f his Cabinet. There
will thus be a detbiiie and |H*itive ad
iiiniHtration puli<*y, which will he wuni
mended Io Co"grcs* known loexpn-aHhe
?pittions of tie new President and his con
-lituiiomil adviser*. This policy might he
formally stated as follow?:
"J. An immediate revision of Ihe tariil
immoderate protevti'Mi Hues. Nu ex
reniely high duty that might foster trust*
,:? I'cfcut thepurpoee <tf obtaining adequate
evenue to pay the ox;-eases of the Uov
"2 The restoration of the reciprocity
iva;i?s of the Harrison administration.
';:. The maintenance uf all ki-i U uf
money at a parity with gold.
' L ESI rts towi'.r- 's international li
metalaun, m fulfillment uf tiie pledge oi
he St. Louis platform.
Gradual rutiieruent of the green
iiacks, us sooa ;is the C ?verninent has a
.-urpluu of revenue to apply to this purpose
and Fume ether form uf currency, bank <>i
.nettalic, can be Substi uted f,r them. No
new htaue of bunds will be favored fir the
purpose of taking up the greenbacks. Pos?
sibly soine plan may be suggested for a
virtual retirement of a considerable part
?f the greenbacks and Treasury notes by
their use as a part if the bank reserves;
this with a view of strengthening theg.<l!
basis of tho currency.
"(>. An enlargement of ti:e national
bankhig system to enable independent
banks or branches of city banks to he
carried o:s in small towns. This mLjht
lower the interest rate in the country dis?
tricts and tend to lessen tho prevent ie;i
iripotal tendency of money towards the
large cit es.
"7. Economy in Government ex; en
?litures to corioppond uith the economies
enforce I in all other ines of business by
die condition of time?."
Tho Arbitration Cannot be Sij.uJ For
Some Time to Conie.
Washington, Dec. 81.?The new treaty
between the United Stales an.1 Grea:
Britain, by which all differences lietween
the two countries for Ike next, live years
are io be referred to arbitration will not be
signed at present. Mr. Ohieyand Sir Julian
Paunccfbte closed the negotiations aboui
I seventeen days ago and tue final draft war
made and forwarded to Lord. Salisbury.
As it embodied all t!?; features which
had 1 eon agreed upon duriug the negotia?
tions, no doubt was felt that a speedy r.p
proval would be given by Lord Sdisbun
j and that the signature to the hsiramen
I thereupon would be affixed at Washington.
It wascxpecte 1 that the document would
be tinned coincident with the new year,
but this expectation will not be realized
and the signatures, it is stated, cannot pos?
sibly be affixed before the end of m >:?
month. The cause- for ti:c ilelay cannot
be stated, but they are sufficient to dcfei
the consumalion of the freaty. In tin
meantime there is no r. a-on to believ?
that the prospectrf of ultiiunte agreement
are !c-s favorable than they have 1 ecu,
the delay doubtl's* being due to some un?
essential question, us there is complete
understanding on all material questions.
The distiutmishe 1 physician and sur?
geon, Pro*. William II. Pau-j-jer, d e l at
bis home in Philadelphia on the night ol
the 4th hist, aired CJ years.
Representatives from all the towns in
the Cripple Creek district met at Victor,!
Col., recently and formulated plans for the
b sundries of the proposed new c -unty.
Postmaster D.-gg-1, of Norfolk. Vo. bar
been found short in his accounts to the
amount of $5.000. The government id pro?
tected by a $45,000; and the dike has j
been placed in the hands Degge's bonds?
men. _
One of the furnaces of the Marj la id
Steel Company's work at Sparrows Point
resumed operations on last Monday. The
company has among its orders one fur
10,000 tons of steel rails for the Pennfy]
vania Railroad company.
While the United States hi five veal's
had 7229 strikee, there were 4520 in Great
Britain and Ireland during the same period,
1S0(> in France, 107-5 in Italy in fifteen
years and 205 in two years in Austria
The next celebration of Lincoln Day by
tl:e Marqnette Club, of Chicago, to b
belJ on Febuary 12, will be the most
memorable ever held. From ocean to
ocean the Governors of the varioud States
have been invited to attend, an?! each will
be asked to speak on a subject chosen by
The factional Republican contest fjr the
si^vossioti to the seat in the.United Stetes
beuato f,cm pensylvania now occupied by
j. Don-xhl Cameron, which has been at
fever heat fur ^ vrcck8| VdUK. ton t.yn.
elusion on the night or the 5th inst. The
jdiirt party .caucus of thfclWpnbJican ^
bership. of the legislature-?tll)?0
Pcnrose as the man upon whom in?. \,onor
shall be brstowed. There woe 211 m^.
here in ti e caueu-, nnd uf the votes Pcn
rosc received c-x-Poetmr.ster John
YVariainaker, 75, Senator Cameron, 1; Con?
gressman John li. Pobinaon, ]; Juige
(.'Las E. ltxv, 1. The selection of Penr.we |
is considered a great victory for Senator
Forty two flio?sand eggs wore burned
in a cold storage warehouse in Midland,
Of 27:; members of Connecticut I.egis
lature which will convene next month 100
are farmers. The lawyers number only 2 ).
Before the end of the present year there
will be telephonic communication with
every one of the ICS towns in Connecti?
Theloss of propei ty caused by the tornado
at St. Louis in May last has been estimated
by expert assessors to have been $10,239,
A nugget of gJd weighing Cd ouncesand
worth $10(14 was recently brought lo Salt
Uko City from Oh-poIs, Nov.
It is estimated that tiio turkey crop this
year was worth $-3,000 to the l?rme? vf
l>oiuboii County, Ky , although the crop
was a shwrt one.
One-third of Michigan's laboring men
Heilung lo fraternal organization:! whh a
life insurance attachment. Only t? \-er
cent. belong to lah-or organizations,
Tii? Slaughton Musical Society is thought
to l?e the ol let musical organization in
the 'Jniied States, and perhaps in tin
?A'jiii!. I? recently celebrated its lllib
aiiiiiveiVkJ y.
Something which is believed by its dis
ove: er to be the tu-k of a mastodon or
iilie other prehistoric animal was found
iceeiitly on the Jasper Cuumy, Mo.J farm
mi which Ute remnants of the ancient
?-rudble were dtig up a few weeks earlier,
i'be si eehucn was imbedded under a laver
of s;intbto::cl fifteen feet below the surface
A bill drafted by Henry 1.. Clinton will
bu presented in the coming New York
Legislature pro vi Ji tu: that perdous ac?
quitted of murdi r on the ground of ius.iii
ity shall not be immediately released from
custody, as .Marie Barberi was, but kept
unde" restraint iu an nsyinm for not less
than ten yearn, subject to release by the
Governor Atkinaou, of Georgia, has
signed an anti-trusts bill, recently passed
by the Legislature of that Stale, which
puts under trie ban ail "arrangements
contract*, agreements, trusts or combin?
ations made with a view to lessen or which
may tend to ledsea" free competition in
the importation, manufacture or sa!e ol
my article or products.
A hcw rdigiuus movement has been
started in Berlin, N. 11., as an experiment.
A number of prominent citizens who are
not in real sympathy with the fcO-eailed
evangelical churclies have formed an inde?
pendent people's liberal Focfety for Sunday
worship and for intellei lual and moral
There are five Indian leserY.it'on? in
the State of New York, and at the last
census there weie resident upon these
tracts 51 -i persons, among whom are 1S3S
children of school age. There are .St)/)!!'J
acres of land, but only 25,000 acres i re
tilled. There are 1388 children of school
age, but only 220 in attendance,
there are fourteen churches, but only R00
members. And it is fuihcrsuid that there
is not a single pure-blooded Indian in New
V. i k.
Ttic Lairs; !n La?!sV IlcoJuear for iar
Barl? WJht: r.
Felt and velvet are, ns usual, the : op
ular materials far laic autumnntui v. in?
ter hats. There are also hats made ol
fine fabrics of various M:::!s, embroid?
ered, braided or crimped; and there are
a few stamped and printed l.ats, seme
what eccentric, anil cojt altogether so
becoming as the conservative mind
might desire.
It can scarcely be said that any one
style^revaUs beyond another, except
that crowns are moderately low, and
brims moderately wide.
Given this state of things, and such
infinite variety prevails In the make-up,
the material, the trimming and the
general effect that almost every hat
turned out by a stylish designer is a
type in itself. The one (hir.g to keep
in mind is to make the headgear, what?
ever styl; and material may be selected,
becoming and comfortable.
Cuus^al care is being taken in the
latter item, as an uncomfortable fiat is
not conducive cither to happiness or
good 1jo!:k. It is the aim of the artist
to make a hat ligbt, and .so adjust it to
the head Unit its presence is r-.ot a con
| "?iisc.i.l reminder and a discomfort as
j -veil.
A great cany round hats with rather
i iow eiov.na are worn, 'i'bc fell in these
Miai.cs serves merely as a basis for the
arrangement of trimmings more or less
elaborate. One hat is cf felt, with a
velvet facing. The trimming is of a
scarf of velvet, something more than a
quailcr cf a yard wide. This is put on
in loops, rolb- and puffs, and very large
velvet rooes are pressed closely into
the .spaces between the loops; a heron
aigrette stands up ut one side Another
hat has a rather narrow brim antl low
crown. A mass of loops and puffs cf
spotted velvet is arranged so as almost
to cover the crown. Between the velvet
and the brim arc plaiticgs of lace; un?
derneath there 13 a crimped niching ol
chiffon. An untrimmed hat is made of
broadcloth. The brim is of plaited
stripes of the cloth; the crown Is iu
.Tarn O'Shantcr fashion. This is to be
trimmed with a scarf, n few roses ami
an aigrette or a bunch of est: ich plumes.
An Bcglish bat lias a rather wide, stilT
brim and a crown Umt flares toward the
upper part in the bhaps of a funnel.
The space between tl^e top of the crown
and the brim is to be entirely filled in
with trimming. A dressy hat of felt
haa a brim made of gimp. The crown is
Tarn Ot?hanfer shape and is edged with
gimp. The trimming for thia is a silk
scarf and a number of quills.
A novelty hat has the crown made
entirely of gimp, w ith a brim of plaited
velvet edged with gimp. This is to be
trimmed with roses, lace and aigrettes.
A round hat of velvet has the crown
and brim concealed by lace in soft plaits
and puffs. A large bunch of ostrich
plumes stands up from the back. An
English walking-hat cf felt haa the
.brim bound with velvet. The triru
Tning is a large Ixjw of vclvci, with a
[gold buckle. Birds-of-l'aradise feath?
ers finish the side. A velvet hat has a
crown of ont phade and the brim of
.another. The upper and low er edges of
tb<s brim are finished with flat f?Jcis of
^rtet veJvet, the black of the crown
fUiowW between the bands in a nar?
row fold, ftosettes are made of velvet
.ribbon, fh^ afe moun(cd on wires
and have a bla*k nkc fl flowef>
ihey remind one otBi^vedBusaw
in shape and general off t>cfc.
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Gibson's Pure Rye.$1
Much Gul len Wedding. 1
vine! enheimer OM Rye. 1
Goodman's Private Stock (ISfi?). 1
Belle of Nelson. 1
Spin jrduic Pure Rye. 1
Raker's. Pure Rye. 1
Dnfiv's Malt Whisky. I
old Time Kentucky Rye.
White Mills Ohl Ucxiibon.
Old Virginia Glades Pore Rye.
Lluiieymoon Pure Kentucky Rye.
luiperud Cabinet.
Commercial Rye.
White Rye (4 years old).
.25 "
2 20
I .So
1'nr Gallon.
WhiteRye.$1.50 and 2.00
North Carolina Corn Whisky. 1-50 and 2.20
Purest Alcohol for Dr?pts. 3.00
Anv of the above brands in cases i f any .-izc.
Per Bot
Apple (i?1:1 country-made). 50
Peadi (Virginia-made). 75
California Peach. 1.00
Blackberry Brandy. 50
Distilled Blackberry Brandy. 1.23
Ginger Brandy. 50
K?mmel. 75
Peach and Honey. 50
Rock and Rye. 50
Old Tom.
Booth A Co. 's Old Tom.'.. 1.00
G. H. Mumm ,t Co.'s Extra Dry.?:L20
Piper Heidsiek, Grand Sec. 3.25
Gold Seal. 2.00
Werners. 1.25
Per Gallon.
$1.50 to 3.56
1.50 to 2.25
1.50 to 2.00
2.50 to 3.?''
1.50 to 2.0*
1.50 to 2.?0
2.00 to 3.00
Strict attention paid to mail orders.
i fbat one can make "tor miiilncry v.it:
j Lut little material one] at a tri?ingcx
I pense. Some streng wire, a few ros<
; centers and a box o! old artiJiciat How
j crs will furnish material out of wkiel
one may evolve some exceedingly p-'Pttj
things. A very handsome trimming 1
made from iridescent velvet and fcath
crs. The velvet is cut in the shape o:
long p-ctala, not unlike those on tb(
iield daisies, but very much larger
These are provided with r. little tip oj
.stem, and are set around one of the roBi
centers and securely fastened by wind
! ing the little stems with thread. Then
tl:o petals are curved bach ward by
drawing them over a knife very muci.
as one curls ostrich plumes. ? K. V
In tlio Ittoiil Society.
In the Ideal society the host will not
entertain the stranger gucct with as?
tonishing statements of the moucy-gct
ting achievement of the neighbors and
fcllow-revclcrr. When a noble por?
trait, painted by rcmc great foreign
artist, of the host's wife or daughter It
exhibited, the guest wiil not be allowed
to know the amount of the check ren?
dered in lieu of it. If the!.:,.:! has writ
j ten a rather successful heck upon po
j litical economy cr thinner, he will not
j conlkle the retail price rf the volume
J In question when ; boat la t..:Tcr to
; present a ?opy to Ida fr'; r-d- :: :'- man
takes a stranger for n rfrivv I-: hind a
beautiful and co-.c::.t-U- ; a'.i o? well
bred horses the et'iai p: - ? ..i cot need
to know the price j.akl far thenvin or?
der to appreciate Cch mcilts. If a
new. roan??cme pra",l ralon lilted
with tapes'.rks from a decays.* palate
j of the cl.l v.u.hi !?s thrown open, the
J astonishing cost < ?' C..o *t:{t!ptuou.s
j draperies will no* be whispered about
! among the gucKts. V. l.en lovely
I woman is pointed out at tlie Lull, tlx?
j chain cf jewels arour<1 her swan-like
neck will iiot. Le appraised by her ex
i hibitor. I almost think that, in your
j Ideal society, there shoal:! be no euch
I word as dollar.?North American Ke
j view.
SJar'.rn Tart.
I Take cne-ha!f jjound ofabclicd swrel
almcm** blanched and cut up Ja small
pieces, add one-half pou2(b?ranu!ated
sugar, one-half pound frcali LutU r, cr.c
ha:f pound of flr.e i!o::r ncd (wo rpgs;
) work up all well together, line the ring,
placing ptvper round about three inches
! h>gh; bake In a moderate over until
light brown, then remove the paper
and fill tho tart with currants or rasp?
berry jam. This tart will keep go: d for
ten days.?Boston (Hobe.
j Teacher?""Who is that whistling In
school?" Xew Boy?"Me. Didn't you
; know I could whistle?"?London Figaro.
Dukanc?"Spiffins has refused to
j honor that sight draft." Uaswcll?
I "Perhaps he regarded it as on oversight
i draft,"?Pittsburgh Croniclc.
Hicks?"By the way, they have trip*
j lets up at Quiver's." Wicks?"Isn't
j that rather poor management for a
j family livbog In a flat?"?Boston Tran
i script.
Broker (to his valet)?"John, I have
iost a lot of money, and have had to get
?an inferior brand of cigars. Do you in?
tend to remain with, me?"?Fliegende
To All Whom it May Concern:
All persons are hereby notified and
warned not to trespass upon nor cut nor
cause to be cut or removed, nor dispose of
any timber or mineral, from within the
surveyor boundary line of a certain tract
of land, containing one hundred and fifty
thousand (150,ooo) acres, lying principally
in tlie county of McDowell, state of West
Virginia and portions thereof in Tazewell
and Buchanan counties, Virginia, and j
Wyoming county, West Virginia, and ;
known as Robert Pollard Grant and Pat?
ent of March 28th, 1705, and otherwise
known as "The laeger Tract," and D. H.
Harmon reeurvey of 1S7I-72, and late sur?
vey made bv A. P. Sin nett, U. S. Survey?
or,1 in 1891-92', by order of the U. S. Court
at Charleston, West Virginia, and de?
scribed in said patent and resurvey as
Beginning at "a locust and chestnuts,
on the top of a ridge, between Abbs Val?
ley and xaurelj creek, a branch of the
Bluestone, "in sight of Jonathan Smith's,
Esq.," Tazeivell county Virginia; thence
north 2o degrees, west 530 poles to"three
red oaks," crossing laurel cresk at 230
poles, the Tazeweil and Wyoming road at
at 3bo polee the state line into McDowell
county, West Virginia, at 33o poles thence
to corner at 53o poles, thence north 15 de?
grees, and 2So poles to "three white oaks
and a maple," along the Henry Milan
ridge, crossing the road to said Mil'm's
several times, "to the corner at 2So poles.
Thence north 3-1 degrees, west '6So polee
to "two maples, Spanish oak and hickoiy
by a path;" along the north side of the
Jump Spurr, crossing the Jump branch at
2G0 poles, to the corner, "by a path," at
880 polee.
Thence north lo degrees, east 3,950 poles
to "three white oaks and poplar." erossinj
the dividing ridge the North Fork of Tuir
at 1,050; Mill Creek, at l,l(5o, the South
Fork of filkhorn at 2,1-12 poles, crossing
the Ohio river extension of the Norfolk
and Westeru Railroad near the upper end
of tha Iiustnu coal and coke works, just
below tbe "Elkhorn," afcujup crossing the
ridge between the South and North Forks
pf Klkhurn at 2,820, and the North Fork
3f Elkhorn at 2,9o0 poles, to the corner,
"on the northeast sid* of the same." (C4
poles above the mouth of Buzzard creek
jn Elkhorn).
Thence north, lo degrees, west 8So poles
a "poplar and maple," crossing a branch
I Harrisson, Surface & Co.
Leaders in Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes
Stras Building, - TAZEWELL, VA.
January Closing Gut Sale
Of winter goods, consisting ef
??very piece of heavy Dress Goods in
our stock, remnants of Serges, Mo
hairs, Cashmeres, Calicoes, Gingham,
? Lining*, Etc.
This Sale Begins
On Monday, January Jlth, and
is not intended, as supposed by many,
merely to "whoop" sales in this the
dull month of the year, but ha? al?
ways beep our custom to close out old
stock in this month. Owing to the
very mild winter, we have more
heavy goods to dispcse'of than usual,
thereby giving our customers better
values and better selections.
It Will Pay You
To call on us next Monday, or
a-- soon after as possible. Do riot wait
till February 1st. We won't have
the goods to oiler tit the same prices
Ne* Things Each Week
Will be added lo our job and
closing out sale. Read this ad. every
week and keep posted.
?is receiving its?
And invites an inspection of them. All Dry Goods and Shoes are being sold
at cost for ca-h. This is a rare chance to buy goods
ahnest at yojr own price. [seplT
at 220, another at 34o poles Buzzard ??reek
and mouth of Big Branch at 584 poles (?77
poles above the mouth of Buzzard creek
(on Elkhorn.) And several brandies to the
corner at 8S0 poles.
Thence north 80 degrees, west 1,840
poles to "a white oak and maple, crossing
i the ridge between Elkhorn and Guy
i andotte waters (being the county line
J between Wyoming and McDowell,) and
j the head of Burke'a Creek at 2oo poles
I (0S0 poles above the mouth ot Burke's
j creek on the Elkhorn,) along the northeast
side of said ridge, in the county of Wy?
online, to top of same, and county line,
I crossing into .McDowell county again at
j 8?0 poles crossing a fork of Bottom creek
j at l,n3o, another 1,432 poles, crossing Uw
J ridge between Laurel ami Brown's crreks
at l,68o poles, thence to the corner, head !
of Brown's creek at 1.840.
Thence South 75 degrees, westl,92o poles
to "a walnut, hicory and poplar." crossing!
a Branch at ISO, another at 44t) pules, I
crjssing Brown's crack at 7f)3 poles,
to top of the Indian Ridge, Wpesing the
Tazewel! and Wyoming road at './8f,
Fletcher Branch 1.128 and I.lflo noli*,
Lower Shannon Branch l,6S0 poles, thence
l,H2o poles, to the corner, on Tug Biver,
l>elow "Peter Bock" four miles below,
Welsh, the county seat of of McDowe'j
Thepce south 25 degrees, west l,36o
poles to ''two pc-plars, a walnut and sugai
tree," crossing Tug river, and Ljek creek at
94, a branch of Tug at 24o and 420, anoth?
er 500 jx)!es, a branch of Spice creek at
020, and path on eau.e at 890, ind Spice
creek at 898 poles, Bad way branch at l.OS'J
ami Mudnois i,2oo poles, down
Mudhole branch, to the corner on Clear
Fork (below the old "Bartley Rose
place,'1) at l,3bo pules
Thence south 53 degrees, west 2
tioles to "three white oaks," crossing
Bear branch at 120, Big branch at 410,
the ridge and bead spring of Hartley creek
at 7oo poles, Muley Fork of Bartiev al
1,21 o tl]? road Fork at 1,430, Ba'rtirV
creek, l,4oo, dry' Fork at 1.58'.', (2 miles
below Perryville,) Slate creek at 2",'120, I
Yates branch at 2,2oo, Little Mountain
and Paddle Fork at 2,3So, John liagea
man's at 2,4oo poles, thence to the cor?
ner, on a branch of Bradshaw, at 2,560,
Thence south 37 Jigrees, east ",6oopoles
to EtiiMoh and pointer (near the head ot
the Beach Fork) cfoseing Laurel Fork of
Slate at 40o. Muriiickat 00 pbleg and the
nor Ji side of the ridge between Slate and
Dismal creeks, waters of I/juisa Fork of
Sandy, crossing the county, and State I
line into Buchanan county Va., at 480 j
poles, through Buchanan to the count*
line at 02o poles, thence along the ridge
touching the county line again at 1,340
poles along the edge ofTaaoweU oounty,
I Virginia, to county line at 2,o44 poles
thence along through Taxewell county,
Virginia, crossing Fvrks of Indian, waters
of Clinch river al 2.160, and 2,500, a branch
Q? said Fol ks at 2,74o and 2,S4o poles,
Belcher's Kidge at 2,8So poles, and crossing
Bepcli Forjt at ;i.44o, the left handfork oi
Beech Fork and road at 3,5&5 poles, to
! station and pointers at ?.tiuo poles, near
the Iwod of Beech Fork iti Tazeuell
county Virginia.
Thence north 64 degrees, east 4,0001
poles to the beginning, crossing the Dn
Fork at 582 (one mile below Captain Davi I
6. Savers.) Dick's creek at "04, tSltori I
I Bianch at 1,540, head of Jacobs Fork at
i 1.850 state line at 1,942, Elorsepen creek at
1,952, right band fork of Horsepen at
<? 2,576. Old Camp branch, at 2,80(i, head ?l
Horeepen at 3,324 poles, the county line
and ridge between the waters of Tug river
spd Horsepen at :>\41S,Tazewcl!C. II. and
\V\grniug road at ^,S40 poles, thence to
to the bgg?lhing corner af. 4,0(10 po]?0.
The following are the principal streams
and branches embraced within the boun?
dary lines of said tract. *
The Dry Fork, Tug river (and head
spring of -ame) and the Elkborn, with
their tributaries for over 20 odd miles. The
Clear Foik of Tug river for over three
miles, Laurel Creek, Indian Creek, Buz
?ard, Bottom, Sand Lick, Mill, Spice, '
Brown'e and Little Indian creek; Keewe, I
Volis Big VY'ar, Fa'rre;ishe, jtockhousc, j
Uorecpcn, Cuinimbjir and Bjg creeks, with i'
thtirnumerous tributaries; Clark's branch, j
Bark's, Dain's, Sugar Camp, Upper and
j,Gwcr Shannon branches, Fletcher Jods,
Grape, Bocknsrrow. A thin. TurnhoJe,
Harroan/s Leslie's Dock, Hunts, Laurel,
Kiah's Dalton.Old Camp, Cold, Lick, Mile
and Jump branches, Beech Fork and
Jacob's Fork, with their tributaries, bein#
all embraced within the lines of said patent
and survey.
An l any person or persons, so tresspass |
ing, cuttmg or removing timber ci
mine: alp, fro.n any portion, not spec
ially by the undersigned wholly re?
leased and accepted, within said survey
will be prosecuted to the full extent of the ,
Speculator? in walnut and other valuable
trees, anil in coal and timber land options
on same within my survey and patents
will avoid lose trouble and ejpgnce by being
governed accordingly,
Wk.G.W. Ukgks \
The Fellow^-^aa^^
The Front
Of all the druggists in a certain
locality, some one of them must be
[I in front. One of them gets the
jjj name for accuracy and safety.
People learn by experience and
hearsay that if they go to him
there will be no substitutions or
"guesswork'' aboui the filling of
their prescriptions. Extreme care,
knowledge and .absolutely pure
drugs have made this store popular
with particular people. Everybody ought to be particular
when they buy drugs and medicines. Life, reputation and
indeed success depend upon honesty and accuracy in filling
stop to tiiink^^^
How many and varied are the aitides which are kept
by an all-round druggist?
Brushes for the teeth, brushes for the hair, brushes for
the bath, brushes for the hands. Sweet scented soaps, sweet
scented essences, sweet scented powders fur the wardrobe. Hot
water bottles, bottles for babies and bottles of medicine till
you can't rest. Just been filling up our showcases with the
daintiest toilet articles that were ever brought to this place,
if you'd,, learn more about our variety, you'd come here
oftener. Come and see us,
DRUG 3? 1ST,
taze j)\
We are adding constantly to our ?lock in lines. We keep
Osborn's Cream Flour, xv?ioi![ K vSsSa
Chewing and Smoking Toiiaeeo and Cigars.
Represent the following old reliable Fire Companies:
Liverpool and London and Globe, iBermau-Ameriean Insurance Co. of N. Y,
Hamburg-Bremen, Georgia House Ins. Co. of Columbus, (ja.
Royal Insurance Cotapany of Liverpool, Virginia Fiie and Marine Insurance Co.
Hartford Fire Insurance Company, ? Virginia State Insurance Company,
New York Underwriters' Agency. Petersburg Saving- and Insurance Co.
Dome Insurance Company oi Ne v York, United States Insurance Co. of N. Y.
Mutual L>fc of New York, American Security Company of N. Y.
Fravelers' Ins. Co. of Hartford Conn. Lloyd's J'iat^G'a-s Company of S. Y.
Policies "written by them insure prelection, indemnity and security
to their holders. Losses paid in Southwest Virginia over $35,000.00,
:very dollar cf which was paid will-out law-suit or controversy, octl
(Residence ? West Main Street.)
Thanking her numerous patrons for their past support,
he hopes to merit a continuance of the same by good work at
easonabTe prices. Promptess my motto.
G, & M, McKen
Have ptircbase the stock oflR. MARTIN & COMPANY, at the old stand of
.udvins Brothers, and will continue to carry on the
t the same place. They will keep a full line of Staple and Fancy Groceries, wine'
ili be offered at the very lowest figures?in fact, at rock bottom prices.
Mr, Modock McKenzie, an eepert in the jewelry business, will also repaid do ckt
itches and all kinds rjewelry. They elicit a reasonable share of patronage.

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