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Gathered in And Around Town By Our
Resident And County
Fresh Sugar Cane Seed at Peery & Dodd's
Maj. Samuel Walton, of Falls? Mills, was
in town yesterday.
You can get a nice engagement ring for
your sweetheart at McKenzie's.
The wheat crop in Tazewell County
never looked better.
If you want nice Sugar Cane Seed you
can Hnd it at Peery & Dodd's.
F. G. i\ M. Mckenzie have sold then
stock of groceries to Buston and Sons.
Rev. 1. P. Martinis attending the Kp
worth league Conference at Graham.
Peery & Dodd have a supply of Early
Sugar Cane Seed, fresh and best varieties".
Mr. K. A. Crockett, the live young
merchant of G rattan,was in town yesterday.
Scarf pins ami shirt buttons for the
young men at McKenzie*s. They are very
Sergeant McClintock has been using a
force of bands cleaning up the gutters on
Main street.
The friends of Mrs. James O'Keell'e will j
be gratified to hear that her health is j
greatly improved. I
We have a complete stock of Spring and '
Summer underwear for men and boys. ]
Harman *v Bottimore.
Miss Kachel Peery, daughter of Capt. ,
J. S. Peery, is very ill with typhoid fever. ;
We hope she may get better. I
Judge J.II.Stuart's little dauKhter.Lucy, (
has been quite ill, threatened with pneu- .
monia, but she is now much better. 1
We are showing a splendid line of col?
ored shirts. We sell a nice one for 50 1
cents. Harman it Bottimore.
Mr. B. J. Fuller announces himself a
candidate for Supervisor of Jeflersonville
District. Mr. Fuller has many friends.
Mr. Jno. K.Jackson has moved with his '
family into the house recently occupied
by Rev. D. A. Glenn, on Tazewell Avenue.
F. G. & M. McKenzie have just received
a beautiful stock of new styles of jewelry,
solid gold and plated.
Mr. Charter Mitchell publishes his an?
nouncement as a candidate for Justice of
the Peace in Jeflersonville District. He is
a good man.
The Republican job office is now com?
plete. We are prepared to do your work
promptly, neatly and cheaply. Send
us your orders.
We wish to buy your wool, washed or
unwashed, and will pay the highest mar?
ket price either in goods or cash. Harman
& Bottimore.
lithe cold, wet weather continues all the
corn that has been planted will rot in the
ground, and those who have planted will
have to replaut.
During the"month of April our county
clerk, T. E. George, Esq, issued eighteen
marriage licenses, sixteen for white per?
Eons and two for colored.
The last Onion Sets that we will have for
the season are now in stock. You had
better call at once und supply vourself.
Peery & Dodd.
Mr. T. B. Warren has purchased a very
handsome cabinet grand piano for his home
on Church Street from Prof. T. H. R.
Christie, Kadford, Va.
Dr. U'Keeffe, who had been in Mingo
County, West, Va. for some days, got
back home on Monday. He reports things
looking up in that section.
Cattle are doing well, notwithstanding
the fact that the grass has been short as a
result of the cold, dry weather, which has
prevailed until the present week.
All the ue v styles of Spring and Summer
neckwear, Silk and Satin Scarfs and Ties,
and wash ties can be found at Harman &
Dr. Jno. S. Pendleton, of Marion, Va.,
has been in this community several days
visiting his brother, the editor of the
Republican, and other relatives.
Messt s. F. P. and T. W. Landon have
accepted positions with the Flat Top Drug
Company, at Pocahont.?.s, and went to that
p'aci on Monday afternocn to enter upon
their duties.
We have a full line of suits of large sizes
for fat men and tall men. We can lit your
person and suit your pocket. Cail on us
and see. Harman & Bottimore
Mr. Geo. W. Bandy announces himself
a candidate for Justice of the Peace in
Jeflersonville District. Mr. Bandy has a
number of friends who will remember him
on election day.
Miss Jennie Cooley, an accomplished
young lady from Nashville, who has been
visiting her uncle, Dr. J. T. Cooley for
several weeks, will leave next Monday for
her home at Nashville.
Many novelties in jewelry?bracelets,
watches and chains, finger rings, plain and
with sets, necklaces, collar buttons, cuff
buttons and side-combs just received at
F. G. & M. McKiuzie'e.
Mrs. Emielie Holme?, wife of F. L.
Holmes Esq.,who has beeu in town visiting
her friend Miss Clarke,at the Seminary.f-jr
several days past, has returned to her
home at Witten's Mills.
Misses Pollie Peery and Nellie Hufford
have gone to Graham to attend the Ep
worth League Conference which opened
at that place on yesterday. The session
will continue until tomorrow.
There is beauty of shaping and perfec?
tion of detail about our new Spring cloth?
ing that is rarely secured. Our garments
fit and the prices are entirely right. Har?
man & Bottimore.
We call attention to the notice of Mr.
Ed. L. Wright, recent publisher of the
Clinch Valley News. He expects to leave
here about the 1st of June and desires
prompt attention given to his notice.
Rev. Joseph Stras, of Roanoke.has been
in town visiting relatives and friends.
He preached in the Methodist Church to
a large congregation on last Sunday morn?
ing, and in the Episcopal Church at night.
We have Spring suits for men and boys
?all desirable shades and patterns. Our
trousers bear the 6tamp of artistic tailor?
ing; thev set perfectly; are the regular cut
and fashionable width, and made to wear.
Harman & Bottimore.
Some of our correspondents put items
in their communications that are too per?
sonal. We take the liberty of cutting out
all such items. We are greatly obliged to
our kind correspondents throughout the
county for sending us the news, but it is
news we want.
Messrs. W. E. Kilgore and Tom Gent
Alderson, of Wise, Va. were in town on
Monday. The first named gentleman is
clerk of the circuit and county courts of
Wise County und the last is a son of Judge
T. M. Alderson, and a rising young
Our men's and boys' sines lead in every
improved structural feature?every item
of comfort, convenience and fashion. The
stock of which they are made is the best
and they were designed by artists in foot?
wear. Examine them and you will buy
rrom us. Harmon & Bottimore.
laeger Literary Society, of Tazewell
College, will have a declamation contest
for a ?rohi medal tomorrow night, at 7:30
o'clock. The medai is the gift of Col.
Wm. G. W. laeger.after whom the Society
is named. The public is invited to the
entertainment, which, no doubt, will
prove an interesting one.
There are strong indications that there
will* be a considerable amount of typhoid
fever in this section during the Spring and
joining Summer, it will be well for the
people to take all possible precautions !
igainst it. By the use of lime and disin- ;
Tectants and the proper observance of the
laws of hygiene a great deal can be accom- '
[dished in the line of prevention. 1
We regretted very much to hear of the ,
ieath of Miss Kate Laird, daughter of
Mr. Samuel H. Laird, which occured at
Cedar Bluff, on Monday morning, at 9 ^
a'clock. From what we hear she was a
,'oung lady of remarkable intelligence and
excellent Christian character. The remains
were buried at Jones'Chapel, one mile west
of Cedar tJluil", on Tuesday afternoon.
Rev. Glenn's Work. <
Kev. ?. A. Glenn began Iiis work as '
pastor of the Tazewell Baptist church 1st
Sunday in August, 1S95, and resigned 1st
April, 1S97, and preached his last sermon '
4th Sunday'following.
In bis 21 months' service as pastor of
the church there were 23 additions by bap?
tism 8 by letter and one restored, six dis?
missed by letter, 4 excluded and one
death. Present membership is now 113.
The following resolutions were passed
by the church at the last meeting for busi?
ness, Saturday, April 24, 1SG7:
Whereas, at a recent meeting of the
Tazewell Baptist church, our beloved pas?
tor, Kev. D. A. Glenn, tendered his resig?
nation to accept a call to the Baptist church 1
at Johnson City, Tenn., therefore be it
Resolved, 1st. That we accept Iiis resig- '
nation, believing in this step lie is taking
he feels guided by the hand of God. We
realize in severing the ties of pastor and
people, how strong they have grown
during his ministry among us;
Resolved 2d, That in this we lose a wise
pastor, a loving, helpful and tender coun?
selor; a preacher of rare excellence in the
presentation of God's word, who, by his
Godly walk and conversation, has endeared
himself to ail in the community where he
has labored;
Resolved 3d, That we commend iiim
and his estimable family to the people ,
with whoui he is to labor, praying the Lord
to guide and keep them.
W. McLkod,
N. W. Kisick,
W. N. Surface,
Tazewell, Va., 4-24-'97. Committee.
Earthquake Shock.
On Monday about 1*2:20 p. m. nn earth?
quake shock was felt by persons at this
place. Mr. H. Bane Harman was sitting
at the dinner table when his attention was
attracted by the windows rattling. He
called the attention of members of his
family to it. Mr. Jno Brittaiii also reports
having felt the shock. Others may have
felt it.
The Roanoke World reports a heavy
shock in that city at the same hour. It
says "buildings rocked like a cradle for at
least 20 or 30 seconds, and the windows
rattled as though a hard wind was
Sparks' Show.
Which was advertised to exhibit here on
Monday arrived.on time. The weather
was so incelement that the canvass
was not erected and two entertainments
were given in the town hall, one at 2 in
the afternoon and the other at 8 at night.
The hall was filled on both occasions, and
every one who attended expressed them?
selves favorably, pronouncing it a nie:',
clean show.
Surprise Parties.
Our young people are indulging again
in surprise parties. On last Friday night
a number of them stormed the home of
Mr. D. H. Litz, and had a splendid time.
On Tue-day night a crowd visited the
home of Dr. J. T. Cooley and were
delightfully entertained bv the Misses
Mr. J. A. l^eslie has purchased the out?
fit and good will ol the Clinch Valley
News and will conduct that paper in the
future. We wish him success in his enter?
prise, and welcome him to the fraternity.
We have had some very fine Christmas
weather for a few days.
Mr. W. G. Tabor has commenced aSum
mer school at this place.
On the 28th day of April Mr. J. M. Lock
hart departed this life. He leaves a
wife and five children to mourn his loss.
Mr. Lockhart was honored by all, and his
bereaved family have the sympathy of the
entire community.
Mr. S. F. Allison hae had a new room
added to his dwelling.
Uncle Whitt Lowe is very ill, but we
hope he will recover.
We have ju-t organized a Sunday school
at this place and have had a good attend?
ance so far. Pat and Rowdy. '
May Starts in as a Winter
Snow anil Ice Threaten Destruction to
the Fruit.
The beautiful weather which prevailed
the la>t few days in April had led every
one to hope that we would have no more
snow and ice this season. The hope,
however, was destined to be blasted. On
Saturday afternoon a cold, drizzling,
rain set in, and continued until Sunday
morning. When people got out of bed
that morning they saw Rich Mountain
covered with snow, and serious apprehen?
sions were aroused. In the afternoon
snow began to fall very rapidly, but the
ground being wet and warm it melted as j
fast as it fell for several hours.
Just before nightfall came it began to
stay on the ground and accumulate on the
trees. On .Monday morning when we got
up we found the branches of trees bending
under loads of snow, and the fruit trees,
that were in beautiful bloom a few hours
before, shrouded in a white mantle. With
the dawn the trees began to unburden
themselves and the snow to dis?
appear from the lull sides. Nearly every?
body thought all the fruit would be killed,
but up to this writing the skies have
remained clouded and light showers have
Dccasionally fallen. The result has been
that a great deal of the fruit?apples, late
?berries and peaches seem to be alive.
It is to be hoped that we will have a fairly
jood fruit crop this year. Nothing con?
tributes more to the comfort and health
jf a community than plenty of fruit.
Epworth League Conferenc.
The following is a program of the fourth
session of the Epworth League Conference
Tazewell district rendered May 5th 6th
7ih and Sth, at Graham Va.:
First Session Wednesday Evening, May
5, 1897 8 P. M.
Welcome Address: Will Frazier, Graham.
Response: 13. C. Horton, Welch, W. Va,
Roll Call, music.
1. Address: The Practicability of the
Epworth League?1. P. Martin, Tazewell,
A a.; 20 minutes.
2. Voluntary talks by Leaguers; 5 min?
utes each.
Music, assignment of delegates, adjourn?
Second Session, Thursday Morning, 9:30
1. Difficulties in Country Work, and
Their Remedies?R. A. Kelly, Bramwell,
W. Va. ; 20 minutes.
2. Special Difficulties in Town Work,
and Their Remedies?J. S. French, Poca
hontas, Va. ; L'O minutes.
3. Voluntary talks by Leaguers ; 10
4. The Importance of Good Officers?
13. C. Horton ; 20 minutes.
5. Voluntary talks by leaguers; 10
Music, adjournment.
Third Session Thursday Afternoon, 1:30
1. The Idea of the Literary Department
?R. K. Sutherland, Arlington and
Algoma, VV. Va.; 20 minutes.
2. How to Get the Members to Do
Literary Work?L. O. Adams, Cedar Blull,
Va.; 20 minutes.
3. The Social Side of the League ?T. F.
Suthers. Cooper, W. Va. ; 20 minutes
4. Voluntary talks by Leaguers; 20
Fourth Session Thursday Evening, 8
1. The League and The Church?C. E.
2. The League and The Bible?J. A.
3. The League and Personal Piety?C.E.
4. The League and Soul-Saving?J. B.
5. The League and Missions?S. B.
Vaughi. Adjournment.
Friday Morning Service: Missionary
Sermon?Rev. J. T. Frazier
S. B. Vaugiit,
District Secretary.
Closing of Mails.
Under the new schedule which went into
operation on last Sunday the mails will
close as follows:
West bound closes at 1, 15. p. m.
East bound c'.o'ea at 3, 40. p. m.
Mr. Holbrook, of Bluefield, W. Va., has
been the guest of Blue Sulphur Inn for
several days. Mr. Ilolbrook is spending
most of his time fishing in the waters of the
lovely Clinch. He has bad line success as
a fisherman, and many a fine bass has fal?
len a victim to his dexterity as an angler,
some weighing-but we refrain.
Bro. Wool, of the Presbyterian church,
preached in the Methodist Friday night
fiom Daniel 5:30. Bro. Wool is a first-class
preacher, and much devoted to his work.
Bro. G. W. Presley preached a most ex?
cellent sermon, which was well received.
Come again Bro. Presley.
Cedar BlulT is contributing her usual
quoto of candidates for offices in Maiden
Spring District.
Miss Lou Kiser, our zealous teacher, left
Friday for North Tazewell, where she is
visiting home-folks.
There has been a good revival at ltich
lands in the M. E. church during the last
two weeks or more. Bro. Painter, the
pastor, was assisted by Bro. Robert S.
Sheffey, from Giles County, and Bro.L. O.
Adams, from Cedar Bluff. There was not
a large number of professions, but faithful
efforts were made and will result in much
good to the church and community.
The students of Cedar Bluff High School
are busy making preparations for the clos?
ing exercises of the school.
Rev. J. E. Wool, Presbyterian evan?
gelist, preached at the Methodist church
on Thursday night to an appreciative con
gregation, Bro. Adams, the pastor, on
Friday night, and received two mem here
into the church.
The third quarterly meeting for Cedar
Bluff and Midway circuit begins on Satur?
day morning at Davis Chapel.
Miss Lla Wingo lias been confined to
her room for several days with neuralgia.
Her friends will De glad to know she is
Mr. Geo. Mays, wife and children, from
Eicldands. are visiting relatives and friends
Mr.,Mm Helton ami Miss Fannie Hall
were married Wednesday evening at live
o'clock. Many attended the nuptials.
The Ladies' Parsonage and Home Mis?
sion Society will give a supper Friday
night, the 14th. Everybody invited.
Mr. T. A. Gillespie has consented to let
his name go before the people for justice of
the peace for Maiden Spring District in the
coming election. We are glad Mr. Gilles?
pie lias consented to serve us, as we know
of no more suitable man in the district',
and the people of Cedar Bluff precinct will
give him a solid vote.
The cottage prayer meeting at Mr. Jos.
White's was well attended and was a very
enjoyable affair. Mr. Davis Atwell con?
ducted the meeting.
Farmers are planting corn this week. T.
A Gillespie says he will get 50 acres
planted this week and L'5 acres next week.
Mr. Joseph White says be will serve the
Maiden Spring District another term as
overseer of the poor, if elected. Mr. White
has made us the best overseer the district
ever had,and we hope the people will elect
him again. Rbpobter.
At Steelcsburg, April 10, at 4 o'clock p.
m., by Rev. P. J. Lockhart, Mr. Philip
Marcus Alder, of Pounding Mill and Miss
Oakley D. Ferrell. There was a nice gath?
ering of friends and relatives and a very
pleasant time. The bride was beautifully
attired in cream albatros, trimmed with
lace and ribbons. The bridegroom wore
a nice suit of black. The bridal party
went to Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Steele's, at
Pounding Mill, at (J o'clock, and enjoyed a
bountiful repast, with a number of the rel?
atives and friends. Mrs. Steele is a sister
of the groom, and the table was just loaded
with good things to eat and beautifully
decorated. Shortly after supper there was
a grand serenade in which some forty per?
sons took an active part and were invited
in and treated by the hostess.
On Sunday there was a reception given
the bridal party by Mrs. J. Marion lWc
Guire, the mother of Mr. Alder, at Cedar
Bluli, where a first-class dinner was enjoyed
by a number of ielatives and friends. The
bridal presents were numerous and valua?
ble. Some one said that Mr. Alder and
Mr. Robert Williams had agreed that
whichever married first should pay the
preacher, and Mr. Williams handed him
five dollars, which was greatly appreciated
by the preacher. Also the preacher's wife
received a nice parcel of cake from Mrs.
Steele. May prosperity and happiness at
tenk the happy couple and may others do
as they have done. L. J. P.
RSDAY, MAY 6, 18
The Army at Pharsala Has Apparently
Recovered its War Spirit.
Powers Seem Bent on Stopping the Con?
flict Soon?Epirus Campaign Goes to
Pieces and Arta is Now in Great
The Greek aruiy in Thcssaly, now mar?
shaled between Pharsala and Yolo, seems
to have recovered its com age and to be
ready to battle with the Turks.
There was a rumor in Athens that Kdhem
Pasha, the Turkish commander, badasked
fur a five days' armistice, but the report is
not confirmed.
All the probabilities favor a decisive bat
tic within a few days, with the prospect of
a complete Turkish victory and the speedy
ending of the war.
The powers are evidently making ready
for the intervention which seems inevita?
ble at no distant date.
The Greek campaign in Epirus is in a
state of utter collapse and Arta is now in
The Dingley Bill is Before the Senate
lor Action.
Washington, May 4.?The revised Din?
gley tariff bill Wits reported by the full
Senate commit lee on finance at 10 o'clock
this morning. The debate will begin May 7.
The sugar schedule has been consider?
ably changed. Machinery imported for
the manufacture of beet sugar will be ad?
mitted free. The maple sugar duty is
four cents per pound. A duty of ten cents
per pound will be levied on tea until 1!'00.
Hides are taken oil'the free list and put on
a cent and a half a pound.
Bituminious coal is taken out and made
dutiable at seventy-live cents a ton except
when mixed with shale, when the duty
will be sixty cents. Slack coal is placed at
fifteen cents a ton.
The Senate bill provide.-! for an increase
of the internal revenue tax on beer by
changing to a dollar and forty-four cents
per barrel on all beer, lager beer, ale,
porter, and other similar fermented
Liquors until 1900, when it will be reduced
to a dollar per barrel, the present rate.
The retroactive clause of the Dingley
bill is stricken from the Senate bill. The
entire House provision relating to reci?
procity is stricken out, and a clause sub?
stituted providing that any country pay?
ing the bounty for the production of goods
which may come to this country, direct or
indirect, paying an additional duty to the
regular duty on such goods, shall be
changed covering the amount of tiie
Kxperience proves the merit of Hood's
Sarsaparille. It cures all form- of blood
diseases, tones the stomach, builds up the
The Three Greatest Bills in the World Today
Bill McKinley, the McKinley Bill and the
Boilar Bill.
Bill McKinley made the McKinley bill,
the McKinley bill made Bill McKinley, and we
trust Bill McKinley will make a few dollar bills
for all of us. We believe better times are at
hand for everybody. True, hard times for most
everybody else have been a benefit for us indi?
rectly, for it has made men sharp, made them
look for a big dollar's worth, where in good
times, force of habit might have kept them
trading at their old places. We never let a cus
tomer go that once gets the habit of buying of
Us. When a person comes here first he comes
because he can buy something cheap; the next
time because his first purchase wore well, and ho
comes for something good.
The Spring Drees Goods in Skirts, Gienadine and Eta
Etatnine w eaves and Gren- mine w eaves, made over
adine effects are better colored linings.$2.25 to ?4
values by 25 per cent, than
any similar goods ever
sold in this market, at.37ic
The Colored Organdies, Lin?
en Effects, Dimities and
Law ns are trade winners,
at.G]c to 10c
Ladies' Shirt Wnists....50c to 75c
Wrappers, each.75c to ?1.75
The new Suits for men at $7 to
I ?11 are worth more, but we
j bought them at bargain figures,
so we sell that way. Don't de?
lay until they are sold.
The boys' Wash Suits, from
I 50c up, are beauties. MotheiSj
; call and inspect them.
Harrisson & Gillespie Bros,,
I Canned Goods_^ t
I -^-Are No Longer Treated as Luxuries. *
They are now regarded as necessities, &
especially at this season of the year. They 4
I arc healthful and appetising. We eater 4
f to the public taste and carry all kinds of 4
Canned Goods, in all grades and at all 4
f prices. A
t ?
I Vegetables^- *
f A
? Corn, three varieties, in regular sized 7
a cans at 7c, 10c and 12c per can. Torna-1 f
^ toes, lb can for 7c.
I Fruits?-- '
Pie Peaches, S'c pei can. Good Peeled 4
Peaches, 2 cans for 25c. All grades of 4
Peaches up to 40c a can. Apples, 2 cans 4
for 15c. 4
! Fish and Meats
{* We have the celebrated Pilgrim brand ^
? of Red Salmon. Brook Trout, [Mackerel. ^
| Shrimps, Lobsters and Sardines, with To- ^
y mato Dressing. These goods are of high ^
q grade and delicious. ^
You will find at pur store all grades of 4
('aimed Goods at all prices. 4
? 4
I Main Street, TAZEWELL, VA. \
I f
f . _ .*
The Banner Lodge of Tazewell I. 0. 0.
F., numbering, I think, seventy-live,
clothed in appropriate regalia, turned out
from their hall about 11 o'clock on the
26th, forming a magnificent procession,
marching over town and out to the M. E.
church, where a Targe crowd had assem?
bled to witness the anniversary ceremo
niei. As they entered the church door
sweet music fell upon their ears from an
oigan, played by .Miss Newman, an accom?
plished music teacher of our to\vn, which
lasted until all were within and seated,
when the usual anniversary ceremonies
were gone through with. Music and song
were occasionally interspersed. Revs.
Painter ami Sparks and G. H. Mays were
listened, to in the delivery of orations on
Odd Fellowship and its objects with pro?
found interest. Next came the picnic, of
still greater interest to some of us, your
correspondent especially; as the time had
passed for the usual refreshments,moet of us
were feeling the necessity of something
strengthening. Alter leaving the church,
the crowd repaired to the college yard,
where a table had been prepared in the
form of a square, on the inside of which
were heaps of packing trunks, baskets,
bundles and boxes, brimful of good things
to eat, and a whole barrel of ice cold lem?
onade. Soon by the hands of the ladies
and others all these good things began to
be placed within the reach of all. How
fast they did disappear. Special attention
was paid to those present who were known
to be in abject circumstances. It was upon
the whole, enjoyment personified. The
day w ill long be remembered at Richlands.
The time was, Mr. Editor, when drunken?
ness was as common as air, loud profanity
as common r.s drunkenness in our town,
and upon public occasions our calaboose
would be full of people at night for viola?
tion of law and order, but upon this, the
anniversary of American Odd Fellowship,
not a loud oath was heard, not a single
drunken man was to be seen. The sky
was blue overhead, not a fret. ''It is aw?
ful hot," "It is very yold,"' "ft is dry,"
"It is wet," "This chicken is half cooked,"
"This cake is too dry," "That man is
dressed shabbily," nor any like fretful ex?
pressions were heard during the day as ut?
tered by any one. All seemed happy,
none went away hungry. No doubt the
All seeing eye sparkled with radiant pleas?
ure upon this gathering of people upon this
day as not only celebrating the anniversary
of American Odd Fellowship, but also the
daw n of a new life for the town of Rich
lands. Well done, Odd Fellows, N. O.,
V. G., Col. Stuart and Mr. McCorkle, you
played well your parts. Truly your lodge"
should be called the Runner Lodge of
At night there was an ice cream supper
at the town hail, furnished by the ladies
for the benefit of the pastor of the Meth?
odist church. About ?40 was taken in, to
the great satisfaction of the ladies.
April 28, '97. PniLANTHBOPOS.
This communication was received too
late for publication last week.
London is suffering from a brick famine
on account of the building boom in the
On the 2nd inst, on White Oak Creek,
Tennesee, a water spout struck the farm?
house of a fanner named Branders, de?
molishing the house and killing the farmer,
his wife and one child. Two farm hands
who were sleeping up stairs were so badly
mangled that they died in a few hours
after the sheet of water struck the house.
Robert H. Patterson, of Memphis Tenn.
has been nominated consul-general at
Calcutta, India, Mr. James F. Rule o^
Knoxville was being urged for the place by
Congressmen Brownlow and Gibson.
The annual conference of the county
Superenteudents of public schools, of Va.
is in session at Richmond this week.
First and Third Sundays of the month
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Holy Communion?First Sunday at 11
a. m.
Sunday school every Sunday at 9:30
a. m.
A hearty welcome is extended to all.
Rev. W. D. Bcckxek,
Methodist Episcopal Clmrch South.
Public worship of God on the 1st and
3rd Sundays at 11 A. M., on the 2nd and
4th at 7:30 P. M.
Meeting for prayer, Wednesday at 7:30.
P. M. Sabbath School at 9:30 P. M.
Meeting of Kpworth League each Mon?
day night at 7:30., the third Monday
night of each month being devoted to
literary work.
A most cordial welcome is extended to all.
Isaac P. Martin, Pastor.
Having sold the News to Mr. J. A. Les?
lie it becomes necessary that all accounts
due us must be settled at once. After
next court day we will place all our accounts
in the hands of an officer for collection.
Those accounts for subscriptions at
a distance, if not paid at once will be
placed in the hands of a collection agency.
Ed. L. Wright.
Trespass Notice.
All persons are hereby requested and
warned not to trespass on our lands, by
fishing, hunting or otherwise, tituate on
the head waters of Clinch River, Tazewell
County, Va. Those who disregard this
notice will be dealt with according to law.
Mrs. KateC. Peebv, f
A. J. Tvnes,
W. H. Kelly,
J. W. Jones,
C. H. Pkeky,
W. L. Bkitts.
IOST?I lost a small gold medal some
J where in town on Tuesday afternoon.
It is in the shape of a lyre, and has a small
piece of watchchain attached. The name
of "Miss EllaS. Bowen" is engraved on it.
I will thank any person who finds it to re
1 turn to me. Stuakt Bowen.
NO. 18.
velvet $3 Gal.
This famous brand is beyond all
doubt the finest Rye produced at
the price. We guarantee same.
6 full Qts. 4.50 per case.
L Lazarus & Co,
A two year old whiskey made
in the State that bears is name.
Made by old copper still open fire
L, Lazarus & Co.
old V?TgLTdE 25o
This is a elegant three year old
Maryland Bye pronounced by ex?
perts to l?e A 1.
L Lazarus & Co.
Two years old, copper stilled by
open fire process.
L, Lazarus and Go,
va white rye $2.
Made in mountains of Virginia.
A pleasant, soft and elejraut drink.
l, Lazarus and Co,
APPLE "brandies
$1.50, $2, $2.50, $3. & $4.
Beware of Imitated Brands
By other dealers at supposed
cut prices.
Your Money Back,
our g00ds6iiaranteed. /
L Lazarus &C<
Pocahontas, Va,
>rompt Attention to Mail Orders.
FOR CONSTABLE?By request of my
friends, I announce myself a candi?
date for Constable in Jeffersonville Dis?
trict, election in May.
te J.O. Yocxc.
OR CONSTABLE?We are authorized
to announce D. H. Payne as a candi?
date for Constable for Jeffersonville District
at the election to be held the 4th Thursday
in May.
FOR SUPERVISOR-^ announce my?
self a candidate for Supervisor of the
Maiden Spring District, Tazevvell County,
Va. If elected I will perform the duties of
the office to the best of my ability.
W. L. C Buhke.
FOR MAGISTRATE?At the request of
many friends I announce myself a
candidate for Justice of the Peace in Jef?
fersonville District.
J. M. C. Catrox.
FOR SUPERVISOR?I announce my
self a candidate for Supervisor of Clear
Fork District.Tazewell County, Va.
J. H. Greever.
FOR SUPERVISOR?I hereby announce
mvself a candidate for Supervisor of
Jeffersonville District.Tazewell County,Va.
J. Ed Pee'ry.
FOR MAGISTRATE?I hereby announce
myself ft candidate for Justice of the
Peace In Clear Fork District, Tazewell
County, Va.
James Sluss.
I^OR MAGISTRATE?I take this method
to announce myself a candidate for
Justice of the Peace in .leflersonville Dis?
trict, Tazewell County, Va. Election May
27th, 1S97. Thomas G. Crockett.
FOR MAGISTRATE?At the request of
many friends, I announce myself a
candidate for Justice of the Peace for Jef?
fersonville District, Tazewell County, Va.
Charter Mitchell.
FOR MAGISTRATE?I respectfully an?
nounce myself a candidate for Justice
of the Peace for Jeffersonville District,
Tazewell County, Va.
Geo. W. Bandy.
FOR SUPERVISOR?At the request of
many friends, I announce myself a
candidate for Supervisor of Jeffersonville
District, Tazewell County, Va.
JJ. J."Fuller.
If you Want to Sa?e Money^^
Buy your Hardware, Tinware, Corn
Twine, Stoves, Baling Wire, Paints,
Pumps and all kinds of plumbers'
supplies, and have your plumbing
done by the
Opposite Couithouse, Tazewell,' Va.
XXMX J* ? A j> A A Jb'A.I

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