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tlcrolc Measure* Are Required to Ac
compllnh Success,
The management of fowls in Stim?
mer, when the weather is excessively
warn;, demands more care than is
usually given. Liee will breed and
multiply so rapidly as to completely
ruin the Hock almost before the owner
is aware of the fact. Farmers who
do not give any attention to fowls in
summer, permitting them <o roost in
side or outside of the poultry house,
sometimes lind their flocks in a con?
dition in which many are sick or
droopy without any apparent cause,
i i ihoy pronounce the disease chol- j
. proceeding to give remedies there-1
for when the cause is really lice. Not
only will the poultry bops* be swarm- |
ig vriih lice, but also the fences, wood
les, n oes or wherever the hens may
ost, and it is useless to attempt to
-t rid of lice on the hens as long as
te vermin have possession of every
. ation where the hens roost at. night.
.Not only during the day, but through
. a entire night the hens are annoyed
. the vermin, until tlu'3' become ex?
isted and begin to droop, finally
commencing to die off. The use of
remedies should be with the view of j
moving the difficulty at all cost.
First the poultry houso should' be
cleaned, and the fowls made to roost
therein, and not outside. Then the in?
terior and exterior should be thorough- j
? drenched with kerosene emulsion,
adding a gill of crude carbolic acid to !
every quart of the emulsion before add
i g the water. The point is to do the
work so as to save labor afterward.
To destroy some of the lice, and allow
them to multiply, is to waste time
jand labor, r.csides, there are eggs of
lice hatching every hour, and it is es?
sential to lull the young ones as fast
;;s they appear. To make the work
sure, the house should be thoroughly
drenched every day for a wetjk arid
once a week thereafter. Every portion
of the interior must be saturated?
nests, roosts, walls and floors. During
\ ery warm days lice will be in swarms
in three or four days in a house that
before showed no indication of their
presence.?Farm and Fireside.
Bcvice to Protect Their Ration? from
the Older Illvds.
The cut below shows a simple con?
trivance to cover a feed dish for young
chickens. Simply attach a handle to
an old box or basket and make en?
trance holes of a diameter sufficient to
? Iii il %&
permit the young chickens to enter.
First remove the bottom of the box
or basket. The object of this feed
cover is to protect the food of young
chickens from the older ones. It costs
but ;i trifie and will be found very use
ful, espec ially when feedingtheyoung
on food purposely prepared for thein.
Place the food in a dish or trough and
set the feeder over it.?Farm and
VVhy 5 .>r.ic Attempts Jn This Direc?
tion !ifs.::i Disastrously:
Quite often a farmer basing a flock of
r >mm?n stock that is well acclimated
a..d free from disease, but not very
Stable, disposes of them and sc
s pure-bred fowls, which be gives
j betterie?re. Having been improved
Sd made more profitable, partly byre
c iving esci '.lent food and care, better
a i .lie farmer is accustomed to
give, the improved fowls do
not ti:;ivc. Possibly they are from
hi h scoring 'fancy stock that has been
med by being over-shown and in
' red. Under his management they
may be no more profitable thanbiscom
mon stock, while they are* more sensi
livc to exposure and susceptible to dis
. sc. lie has about us much use for
them as a man without a hot-house to
j:ut them in has for hot-house plants.
. his man may become prejudiced
against pure-bred fowls. Had he se?
cured suitable farm-reared pure-bred
i irds from stock t hat had not been bred
for exhibition poi::ts for several years,
and at the same time had taken more
pains to keep the hen house clean,
free from liee, and to provide better
food and enough of it, he would doubt
BS have secured a greater profit and
have been gratified with the results.
Proper food, says Samuel Cushman, has
much to do with improving a breed, and
improved characteristics cannot be re?
tained unless sustained by it. Com?
mon scrubs endure privation and ex?
posure best, and it is not, therefore, al?
ways wise to discard them. It may be
difficult to secure really good birds for
useful purposes.?Western Plowman.
Shipping In Warm Weather.
To put a lot of fowls into a box, or
even into a well-made coop, on a warm
day, and send1 them ton distant market,
is to incur a risk of loss. There is noth
j :;g saved by utilizing every square inch
of the space, for when the coop is
crowded the fowls must remain where
they happen to be in the coop when the
car is in motion, hence they can get no
water, nor do they know that water is
at the other end of the coop. A largo
number of the live fowls that reach the
market lose weight on the journey,
xvhile with them are quite a number of
dead ones.?Farm and Fireside.
It is always gratifying to receive testimo?
nials for Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy, and when the endorse?
ment is from a physician it is especially so.
"There is no more satisfactory or eiiective
remedy than Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy," writes Dr. R. E.
llobey, physician and pharmacist.of Olney,
Mo.; and as he has used the remedy in his
own family and sold it in his drug store for
1} years, he should certainly know. For sale
by J. E. JacKson, druggist.
5 C
You suit yourseif in style.
We puaranteefhe quality,
ar.d the price take6 care of
Read our ad in this and j
every other issue of this paper. a
How Jerry Raak Obtained Some Val?
uable Information.
Gov. Rusk happened to drive over the
state line once in Minnesota, looking
at the farms. Ue was particularly
struck with one farm, on which he
found everything in first-class order,
and, riding up to the house, inquired
the name of the owner, when a tall tier
man came out and gave his name as
Theodore Louis.
"What do you regard as the greatest
wealth-producing agency in agricul?
ture?" the governor asked him.
"The hog," was the sententious re?
"Upon what do you base this state?
"He lifts more mortgages than any?
thing else."
The conversation which ensued de?
veloped the fact that Louis had once
been what is called nn all-wheat fanner,
and kept constantly sinking into debt.
Ho decided that something had to be
done quickly or there would be very
little left for Louis, so he decided to
try the hog. The first year he made a
little money, the second year he made
more, and then he became thoroughly
interested. The result was that lit: be?
came recognized as a great authority
on hogs. His neighbors took up his
example, and mortgages began to be
I'ftcd, until ('mal)y there was not one
on record against that community.
"How long would you keep a hog?"
asked Gov. Rusk.
"I would not keep him?I would kill
"When he is ripe."
"When is he ripe?"
"When he is fat."
"Wouldn't it pay to keep the heg for
two or three years?"
T tried that once," said Louis. "I
took a heg in the fall and weighed him,
and I took my corn nnd weighed it.
When spring came the corn was all
gene and the hog weighed about what
he did in the fall. That made me say
next year that I Svould kill my hogs in
the fall and save nry corn."
"How much does it cost to keep a
hog through the winter?"
"Three dollars."
"How many hogs winter in Minne?
"One million. I have just looked at
the auditor's report."
"Do you mean to 6ay that we lose
$3,000,000 a vear in wintering our
"Yes; that's what you do. If you kill
them all in the fall will you have left
in your cribs $3,000,000 worth of corn to
sell."?Atlanta Constitution.
One Which, It Is Claimed, Comes Very
Near Perfection;
There are a great variety of devices
for pig troughs. It is difficult to so con?
struct one as to prevent his pig-ship
from getting his feet into it and root?
ing out a lot of his food onto the ground.
The follow ing engraving represents one
which, if properly constructed, comes
very near perfection. A common flar
ing trough is made, the end of which
has been removed, as shown in the en?
graving. The width o? bottom at A B,
Fig. 1, is 12 inches, with sides six inches
wide, which makes the trough nearly
four inches deep. A strip five inches
wide, C, is set up lengthwise centrally
and toe-nailed to the bottom. A hop?
per is constructed with a four-inch
opening at E, flaring to ten inches at
P. To hold all the parts securely in
place, boards are cut to fit between th;;
sides of the hopper, and with suitable
slot to embrace the dividing board C.
The shape of this board is shown in
sPLUNDin pic; trough.
Fig. 2. These may be inserted every
two or three feet. Slots are securely
mstencd as shown at S S S, and may be
about .eight inches apart. By this
means the pigs are precluded from get?
ting into the. trough. They can only
poke their noses into it, and this is all
that is needed.
This trough giver, feeding space on
both sides. The slops are easily dis?
tributed through the hopper. The con?
struction may be cheapened by using
only one board for each side of hopper
instead of two, as shown.?G. Waters,
in St. Louis Journal of Agriculture.
Sheep Iuu>rt>-ve the .Soil.
The sheep is unli2<c the hog in its
choice of food. It will not take up feed
out of filth or live on animal flesh. It
will eat weeds of alnfest any kind, and
will peel an apple tree if given an op
port untity. The excuse for not keep?
ing a few sheep that it costs so much for
fencing, is, to say the least, a flimsy
one. Barb win; or woven fence can be
had for a very reasonable amount. Four
wires will, restrain sheep if the fence
be put up in the proper manner, al?
though five wires are better, and this
number is all that is required to make
a good fence. Sheep bite somewhat
closer than cattle, but they improve the
land.?Western Plowman.
Can?e? of Swine Diseases.
As the hog is the most difficult of all
farm stock to give medicine to, pre
ventioni will be found to be the best
remedy dn most eases. Almost all dis?
eases of swine may be traced to neg?
lect, insufficient and unwholesome food,
poor shelter, filthy, nauseous pens, ly?
ing in dung heaps, inhaling large quan?
tities of deleterious gases-, lying in cold,
wet beds and exposure to the inclem?
encies of the weather, permitting too
many to sleep together andlbree'ding to
animals that have been diseased, or in
and-in breeddng, the feeding of smutty
corn, not providing clean, pure water
?tih'ese are undiobuted'y the principal
causes of disease in swine.
Elmer E. Struble, cashier of the Far?
mers' National Bank, of Shepherd, Mich.,
was shot and killed by masked robbers
iast Saturday night, and was relieved of
SGooo of the bank's cash.
"Let me give you a pointer," said M. F.
Gregg.a popular conductor on the Missouri
Pacific railroad. "Do you know that Cham?
berlain's Colic.Cholei a and 1 h'arrhoea Rem?
edy cures you when you have the stomach
a^he? Well, it does." And after giving this
friendly bit of advice, the jolly conductor
passed on down the aisle. It is a fact that
thousands of railroad and traveling men
never take a trip without a bottle of this
remedy, which is the best cure for bowel
disorders in the world. 25 and 50cent bot?
tles for sale by J. E. Jackson, Druggist.
Everybody Says So.
Cascarets Caudv Cathartic, the most won?
derful medical discovery of the age, plcas
aut aud refreshing to the taste, act gently
and positively on kidneys, liver and bowels
cleansing the entire system, dispel colds,
cine headache, fever, habitual constipation
and biliousness. Please buy and try h box
of C. C. C. to-day; 10, 25. 50 cents. Sold and
guaranteed to cure by all druggists.
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Quart Gallon
Gibson's Pure live .A.$125 15.00
Finch Golden Wedding. 1.25 5.00
GiH'kenheimer Old Rye.J-25 5.00
Goodman's Private Stock (1860). 1.15 4.50
Helle of Nelson. 1.00 4.00
Springdale Pure Rye. 1.00 3.75
Baker's Pure Rye.. 1.00 3.50
Duffels Malt Whisky. 1.00 -
Old Time Kentucky Rye. 80 3.20
White Mills Old Bourbon. 75 2.70
Old Virginia Glades Pure Rye. 75 2.50
Honeymoon Pino Kentucky Rye. 6G 2.20
Imperial Cabinet. 50 2.00
Commercial Rye. l-5o
White Rye (4 years old). 2.70
White Rye.
North Carolina Corn Whisky.
Purest Alcohol for Druggists..
Ter Gallon.
.51.50 and 2.00
. 1.50 and 2.20
Any of the above brands in cases of any size.
rcr not.
Apple (old country-made)v. 50
Peach (Virginia-made). 75
California Peach. 1.00
Blackberry Brandy. 50
Distilled Blackberry Brandy.1.25
Ginger Brandy. 50
Ktunmel. 75
Peach and Honey. 50
Rock and Rye. 50
Old Tom.
Booth & Co.'s Old Tom. 1.00
G. EL Mumm & Co.'s Extra Dry.53.20
Piper Heidsiek, Grand Sec. :;.25
Gold Seal.2.00
Werners. 1.25
Pet Gallon.
|1.50 to 3.50
1.50 to 2.25
1.50 to 2.00
2.50 to 3.85
1.50 to 2.00
1.50 to 2.00
2.00 to 3.00
Strict attention paid to mail orders.
nox for Farmers Who
Their Own Produce.
The accompanying illustration shows
n box for a farm wagon excellently
adapted to the requirements of those
who practice selling their farm prod?
ucts from house to house in village or
city. There are four large compart?
ments, easily accessible, one in front*
whose cover forms the seat of the driv?
er; one on each side, and one in the
rear. Different sorts of bulky articles
can be carried in these, while in hot
weather one compartment can be fitted
to contain ice, for the well being of tho
butter and dressed poultry that is be?
ing marketed. In fact, there are many
products of the farm that are benefited
by going to market iced in the hottest
of summer weather, such as early vege
8 25* so
? SR?Or TliPSTV PTISfllFWPn toenro anrworfrnnrtipRtfoii. CMcanb are (Ii* Mral Laxa
0 A??UllUirjUl UUaMhltiDU t;,,., ?mrsrlp ?<?? ffripo.t.iii ciukc ras, is?tnral ri-MiltS. Sam.
7 pie and booklet free. Ait. KTEBLINO RRMKHY fSQ..(^tr?ro. MrormiL Cub.. orKew Tork.
tables, strawberries, cream, ete. The
drawers at the bottom of the box will
be found convenient for eggs in two or
three tiers of pasteboard egg fillers, or
in the patent wire fillers, while the
railed space on top will hold any articles
that may be carried in bags or boxes. J
Many farmers have a strong prejudice j
against "peddling" their produce, as
they call the house-to-house sale of it. |
This is an unfortunate prejudice, for j
selling directly to the consumer is one j
of the most profitable methods of dis- j
posing of farm crops. Nor need it be at
all disagreeable, if rightly managed.
Have nothing but the best upon your
cart; have regular routes and regular
customers, and they will watch for |
your coming and make your trading
agreeable. Selling at first hand means
a steady cash income, and prices much j
higher than would be received from j
dealers. Then, too, it often means the j
sale of produce when the dealers are j
overstocked, and not willing to pur?
chase at any price.
A valuable point to be borne in mind
by these who thus sell their farm wares
is not only to have choice articles for
sale, but to carry them to the customers
in attractive shape. Let the wagon look
neat, being well painted and having the
name of the farm painted in bright let?
ters upon the sides. Then let the driver
be neatly dressed, pleasant and gentle?
man^' in his address, and the work will
prosper. These lit t le matters are of far
more importance in the successful sell- |
ing of farm products than many would i
believe. Attractive appearance from j
beginning to end sells goods. Don't try j
to build up such a trade by using an old
ramshackle wagon, with the articles for
sale dumped indiscriminately on the .
bottom; such a plan doesn't attract pur- .
chasers.?N. V. Tribune.
Look at it in
our window. A
25 cent purchase
gives you a ticket.
Chocolate Bonbons*
Try our Domestic Ammonia,
Only 15 cents for a quart bottle and it
is good.
On last Saturday night an eastLcund
freight on the Lake Erie and Western
railroad Clashed into an excursion train on
the Detroit and Lima Northern at the
well, Va. Practice in the courts of Tazewell
county and in the Court of Appeals at Wytheville,
Va. Particular, attention paid to the collectioii oi
Dwell, Ya. Practice in the conns or TaxeweU
county. Court of Appeals at Wytheville and the
Federal courts at Abingdon. C. J. Barns, John T.
LAW, Tazewell, Ya. Practica in all the courts
! of Tazewell county and Court, of Appeals at
junction of the roads, two miles northeast ? Wytheville. J. w. Chapman, A. P. Gillespie.
of Lima, Ohio. The freight engine, three ruLTON & coubling, attoi tNEYS at law,
freight cars and two passenger cars were rTaiewell, Va. Practice in the. courts of Taze
, ? , ,_, \ " . . . | well county. B. M. B. Cooling will Continus his
practice in all the courts of Buc^ lanan countv. J.
It Fulton, Wytheville, Ya. M. B. Couling,
Tazewell, Va.
badly wrecked, and 4o excursionists in
jured, some fatally.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar?
rhoea Remedy always affords prompt re?
lief. For sale by J. E. Jackson, druggist.
Voidable to Wonicn.
E-pceir.ily valuable to women is Browns'
lion Bitters. Backache vauishes, headache
disappears, strength takes the place of wc?k
ness. and the glow o<" health comes to tlie
pallid cheek when this wonderful remedy is
taken. For sickly children or overworked
men it has no equal. No home should he
witho"* Browns' Iron Bitters. For sale by
Tazewell Drug Co., Sole Agents.
No-To-Bac for Fifty Cents.
Guaranteed tobacco habit cure, makes weak
men strong, blood pure. 60c, 81. All druggists.
Ya. Prac;.(.ei n the courts oi" Tazewell and ad
oining counties. Office?Stras. building. Edgar
L. Grcever. Barns Gillespie.
Tazewell, Va. Practices in the courts of Taze
woll and adjoining counti&s an? in the Supreme
Court of Appeals at Wy'.hcvill?: Panicula: at?
tention paid to the coll?c'.ion at'claims. Office?
stras building.
ni well, Va. Will pvactice in the courts of Taze?
well county and th-j Court of A ppeals at Wythe?
ville. Collecting a specialty.
Office in braiding near Court House. R. R.
Henry. S. C. Gruham. B. W. Stras.
Don't Neglect Your Liver.
Liver troubles quickly result ill ECriona
complications-, and the man who neglects hid
liver has little regard for health. A botllo
of Browns' Iron Hitters now and then will
keep the liver hi perfect order. !f the dis?
ease has developed, Browns' Iron Bitte;^
v. ill cure it permanently. Strength an Is
vitnli'v always follow its use. For salf. by
Tazdwell Drug Co., Sole Agents.
Tetter, Salt-Rheum and Eczema.
The intense itching and smarting, inci?
dent to these diseases, is instantly allayed
by applying Chamberlain's Eye and
Skin Ointment. Many very bad cases
have been permanently cured by it. It
is equally efficient for itching piles anr"l
a favorito remedy for sore nipples,
chapped hands, chilblains, frorst bites
and chronic sore eyes. 25 cts. per bos.
Dr. Cady's Condition Powers, a re
ju3t what a horse needs wlten in Lad
condition. Tonic, blood purifier And
vermifuge. They are not food but
medicine and the best in use to p nt a
horse in prime condition. Pri;a 25
tents per package.
For sale by J. E. Jackson, drugget.
J ? Va. Lp.nd titles in McDowell and Logan coun?
ties, West Virginia, a specialty. Oiuce in Stras
Tazewell, Va. Will practice in the courts of
.Tazewell and adjoining counties. Paiticular at?
tention paid 'to the collection of claims. Office in
Stres bulldirjg
All kinds of stone and brick
work and plastering done. Bids g
and estimates made on all kinds gjjj
of work in my line. Inspection b)
of my work in Tazewell invited. V
Also lime kiln builder. j9
Call on or address ||
i lanr'js, Va. Practices in the courts of Taze?
well ar.d adjoining counties. Prompt attention
paid V j the collection of claims.
Found?One bunch of keys on Kailroad
Avenue between the Methodist Parsonage
and town. Any one proving property
and paying for this advertisement caa
recover them by calling at this office.
Educato Your ISowelg With CascaretB.
Candy Cathartic, euro constipation forcve!^
10c, 25c. If C. C. C. fail, druggists refund money.
I'ropcr Handling: of Grapes.
Grapes, like other fruits, need to be
crarefully handled to bring the best
Virices. The vines need to be gone over
frequently during tho ri<penLng season,
gathering only those -with full color,
because grapes do not, like other tfruits,
color after being gathered. The bunch?
es should be cut off with a pair of scis?
sors, and so handled as not to distutfo
the bloom. Ordinary) varieties may be
at once packed from the vines into the
basket that is intended for sale. Choice
varieties should be gathered into shal?
low; trays or baskets, in which they j
ishculd stand a day or two on shelves in
the fruit house, and then repacked. By
this treatment the stems will wilt, and
the bunches will then keep without
molding and pack more closely than
when gTttem_
NfeWM Western
* m Sch Uile in Effect
JULY 4th, 1897.
4.30 p. m. daily and 3.23 p. m. daily ex?
cept Sunday.
1.5G p. m. daily and 11.12 a. m. daily ex?
cept Sunday^_
To Cure Constipation Forever.
Take Cascarets Candy Cathartic. 10c or 23j. j
If C. C. C. fail to cure, druggists refund mone*. i
W?or?s of a Wise Man, H
I Good roads throughout this common- jj
.wealth are absolutely necessary. I am !!
.for the good roads bill and all that it
?means, and will be until it becomes a
law.?Representative Ebenezer Adams,
of Pennsylvania.'
It is much .more economical to stone
canned cherries, or fresh ones, before
using them in, pics than it is to buy arti?
ficial teeth.?-JWestern Plowman.
North amd East.
f.Mman Yestibuled Coaches,
Sleeping and Dining Cars.
Write for Rates, Maps, Time-Tab:es
Descriptive Pamphlets to any SU-tiort
Ag ent, or to
W. B.BEVILL. iu,? H01X, M. F.BUACO,
MJen'l Pai? ^gt - Div. ^>aas- A?t
?The duchess of Teck spends over
$5,000 a year in religious and philan?
thropic works. This sum is just one
fifth the annual amount granted her
by parliament.
?llenry Marion Howe, of Boston, the
son of Julia Ward Howe, who has been
appointed professor of metallurgy in
Columbia college, is a cousin of P.
Marion Crawford, the popular novelist.
?Mrs. Mary Clement Leavitt, who
has acquired an international reputa?
tion as a traveler, lecturer and organ?
izer for the W. C. T. TJ., has visited 43
countries and has organized 130 tem?
perance societies.
?Prince Max of Saxony, who became
a Roman Catholic priest, has been ap?
pointed a curate in the Whitechapel dis?
trict in London. The queen recently
received him, which gives rise to the
extraordinary surmise of a German
Protestant paper*that the prince has
been commissioned by the church' of
Rome to convert her majesty and Prin?
cess Beatrice.
?Requiem masses were celebrated in
Rome and at Genoa on the fiftieth anni?
versary of Daniel O'Connell's death. In
the latter city a procession marched
from the church to the house in which
the liberator died, where a bronze me?
dallion was unveiled. The $100,000 me?
morial church at Cahirciveen, county
Kerry, his birthplace, will be completed
this year.
?Oxford celebrated a recent visit by
the prince of Wales by an old-fashioned
town and gown row of unusual pro?
portions. The students) undertook to
clear sidewalks and streets by march?
ing in compact bodies with arms inter- ?
locked and ran against the metropoli?
tan policemen, sent up to protect the
prince. After being severely clubbed
14 students and a fellow and lecturer
of one of the colleges were arrested
and fined for drunkenness and disorder?
ly conduct.
Some of Them Date Back to the
Tenth Century.
As a result of recent investigations it
has been shown that the foundation of
the families of about a dozen of the 400
barons of the British house of lords
dates back to 1400, the earliest being
12G4. The oldest family in the British
isles is the Mars family of Scotland,
The Campbells of Argyll began in
1190, Talleyrand dates from 1199, Bis?
marck from 1270, the Grosvenor family,
the dukes of Westminster, 1066; the
Austrian house of Hapsburg goes back
to 952 and the house of Bourbon to 864.
The descendants of Mahommed, born
570, are all registered carefully and
authoritatively in a book kept in Mecca
by the chief of the family. Little or no
doubt exists of the absolute authen?
ticity of the long line of Mahommed's
In China there are many old families;
also among the Hebrews. "But," says
an authority, "when it comes to pedi?
grees, there is one gentleman to whom
the world must take off his hat, not as a
facile princeps or primus inter pares,
but as the great and only nonesuch.
This is the mikado of Japan." His place
has been filled by members of his fam?
ily for more than 2,500 years. The pres?
ent mikado is the one hundred and
twenty-second of the line. Th? first
one was contemporary with Nebuchad?
nezzar, 60U years before Christ. Of the
seven great religions enumerated by
Max Midler as possessing Bibles, the
mikado family is older than five.
Since all of us have 1 he consolation of
knowing that we are descended from
the first family, it makes no difference
if some of the early records are lost, ex
eept so far as they relate to recent prop?
erty titles.?Pittsburgh Dispatch.
Flood and Poker Sufferer.
"I wish you would send us a poker
table," said a resident of a little town
in the north Louisiana overflow to?a
visitor whom he supposed to be in some
Way connected with the distribution of
government rations to the flood suffer?
"Here we are playing around this
darned old dry goods box, and I'm los?
ing right along; but if I could sit at a
table and get my legs under it you
ought to sec me win."
"What good would that do you?"
"Well, I don't exactly know; I never
held out a card in all my life, and I'd
fiooner go broke a thousand times than
raise a hand from under the table; but
somehow I never can hold good cards
when I've got to sit twisted around like
this with my knees rubbing up against
the side of this blamed old box. You
see, the long and short of it is, we're
:!ood sufferers, and we're suffering for
i poker table. Just you send it, and
don't ask offensive personal questions
that might reflect on a gentleman's
play."?N. O. Times-Democrat.
Two Long Rclfim*.
This year Queen Victoria celebrates
the sixtieth anniversary of her acces?
sion to the throne of Great Britain and
[reland. Nest year Emperor Francis
Joseph of Austria-Hungary is to cele?
brate the fiftieth anniversary of his ac?
cession to imperial authority. It is an?
nounced that one feature of the Aus?
trian celebration will be the formal
?oronation of the emperor as king of
llohemia. lids course is contemplated
mil of deference to the feeling of the
ucople of that important province, who
lave long desired that it be given the
?iignlty of separate recognition.?
Vouth'3 Companion.
The Evasive Fly.
Qus De Smith?Why doesn't some?
body write a song on the first fly of
Hostettev McGinnis?I am not sure,
nit I think the real reason is that the
ly won't sit long enough for anyone
0 write a song on it.?Tammany Times.
flow to Get Rid of Cat*.
"I don't hear you complain any more
tbout the ':ats in your neighborhood?"
"No; I've rented my best room to
1 theological student who is studj-ing
vivisection."?-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Don't Tobacco Spit and Smoke Your Life Avrr.y.
To quit tobacco easily and forever, be mag
netic, Juli of life, nervo and vigor, take Xo-To
Bao, the wonder-worker, that makes weak men
strong. All druggists, 30c or SI. Cure guaran?
teed. Booklet aiid sample free. Address
Sterling Remedy Ca, Chicago or New York.
Shropshire Bucks
Thoroughbred Shropshire Back Lambs,
Price $10.00.
These lambs are gilt edge in breeding
and style.
Pedigrees can be seen by applying to
GEO. W. GILLESPIE, at Tazewell, Va.,
or to R. K. GILLESPIE, Pounding Mill,
Nsrvura is the Best Medicine and Surest
Cure For the Little Ones.
Dr. Greene's Nervura is the Household Rem?
edy For Children. Give Your Child This
. Wonderul Remedy. A Cure Is Certain.
Ccue or Mas. Woxdeuibi a.nd Hen Cwldbsx by De. Geeexe's Nebvura.
The health of the children should lw the first
consideration of every parent. Too many
children are allowed to drift into fatal decline
by neglect. If yoar little cues are pale, puny,
nervoof, do nut play with zest and do not de?
velop a? they should, pivc tbeni immediately
this great restorer of health and strength, this
maker of; sood blood and strong nerves, Dr.
Green.,-s Nervnra blood and nsrvo remedy.
For St. Vital dance, spasms, epilepsy, convul
glons, Dr. Greene's Nervura is the only remedy
absolutely and unfailingly sure to cure. If
your infanta are cross, irritable, and do not
sleep well, are restless in sleep', tossing alwut,
gritting tha teeth and starting sudden!" from
sleep, lavj twitching of the eyes, face, head or
limb:. you can bo certain that one of the above
lerri'tli diisasea ?Iii ho lho inevitable result
unless taken i.i time and cured note by tho
nao of Dr. Greene's Nervura. Get this won?
derful remedy at once, and yon can bo per?
fectly sura of a cure. You need not fear to
give it to infants or children of any a??e as it is
perfectiy harmless, bein^' made from pure
veg3tablo medicines marvelous In tiieir cura?
tive und health-giving powers. Read what Dr.
Grecno'sNcrvnrs did in restoiiiur toboaltli Mrs.
Mary Wondei lev and her two children, at 1009
Bottonwood StMFiiiladelphla,ra. She says :?
had bcea suffering for two years with
nervousness and indigestion so that at nisht I
could not Bleep, and in the mornin:: I felt
ami tired and so badly that I could not
get cured. 1 would have to get up at night
and walk up and down, had pains all over my
body, and when I got to sleep would wake
with a pain around my heart so that I would
l>e afraid to lie down again. I bad pains in
the top of my head and my bands would
tremble if I tried to sew, and" the least noise
would frighten me. My husband was told to
get Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve
remedy, which he did, and when I had started
oa the second bottle I was surprised to find
myself Improving rapidly. Had I known of
Dr. Greene's Nervura when I was first sick ft
would have 6aved me many dollars paid to
doctors. My little children were also helped
through this great medicine. They would
wake up at night frightened by horribledreams,
and their appetite was failing and my little
girl had dark circles under ber eyes and was
puny, palo and sallow. My little baby only
weighed 15 pounds. After taking Dr. Grocne'i
Nervura she weighs 28 pounds and ray little
girl is as fat and rosy as a peach. "W'o owe all
this to Dr. Greene's wonderful remedy."
Do not delay, but give your child this grand
medicine, Dr.Greene's Nervura blood and nerve
remedy, now, and watch itgain in health every
day and every hour. Dr. Greene, 35 West 14th
St., New York City, tho most successful phy?
sician in enringdiseases of children, can be eon
suited free, in person or by letter. No fees to
pay for consultation, examination or advice^
anil the low prices of his health giving medicine!
d..- my hoawwork. I thought 1 could never j place a sure cure in reach of everybody
Represent the following old reliable Fire Companies:
Liverpool BndL ondon and Globe,
Koyal Insurance Company of Liverpool,
Hartford Fire Insurance Company,
New York Underwriters' Agency",
Home Insurance Company of New York,
Aetna Insurance Co. of Hartford.
Georgia Home Ins. Co. of Colnmbus, Ga.
Virginia Fire and Marine Insurance Co.
Virginia State Insurance Compauy,
Petersburg Savings and Insurance Co.
United States Insurance Co. of N. Y.
North British and Mercantile.
Mutual Life of New York,
Travelers' Ins. Co. of Hartford Conn.
American Security Company of N. Y.
Lloyd's Plate Glass Company of N. Y.
Policies written by them insure protection, indemnity and security
to their holders. Losses paid in Southwest Virginia over ?35,000.00,
every dollar of which was paid without law-suit or controversy. octl
General Agents^for the
Main Office! 328 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
1 Broadway, New York, Old Colony Building, Chicago, 111.
70 Kilby Street, Boston, Mass., Neave Building, Cincinnati, O.
Progress Building, Norfolk, Va., 4 Fenchurch Avenue, London, Eugland,
Terry Building, Roanoke, Va.
If you want
to see
If you desire sweet repose and delightful slumbers try mine. 1 have TEX THOU?
SAND GALLONS in stock and will guarantee every gallon to be strictly pure.
. . . Newport (Giles Co.), Vrgnia.
Distiller and dealer in best homemade pure copper-distilled
SOUR MASH?This celebrated whisky is distilled only by me and will be deliv?
ered at Railroad Station at $2.00 per gallon. Pure Corn Sour Mash Whisky at $1.30
per gallon by the barrel, 100 proof. Warranted pure goods. All orders promptly
have for sale three
Poland-China boar pigs;
farrowed Oct. 29, '96.
These pigs are thorough?
bred, and pedigree fur?
nished with each sale.
Write for prices.
A.J. MAY, JR.,
TqzowcII, Vo.
Wanted?An Idea ?
Who can thtnlc
of some simple
Dyeing and Cleaning
Alice Johnson Is prepared for cleaning
and dyeing all kinds of ladies and gentle?
men's garments. You will find her ebop
in the Belew property, Main Street, Taze
well, Va. Satisfaction guaranteed.
To Core Constipation Forever.
Take Cascarota Candy Cathartic. lOo or JBc.
If C. C. C fail to cure, druggists rofund money.
Educate Tour Bowels With CaseareU.
,nC'1n:dy Cathartic, euro constipation forever,
toe, 25o. If C. C. C. fall, druggists refund money.
Physician and Surgeon
Has located at Liberty Hill (Knob), Va
hi?gtgpatenit? I at which place he can be found at ail
Protect your Ideas; they may bring you wealth. . ? ? *1* _,_ -_. ,
wnto John wEDDEKBuitN & co., Patent Attor- times except when absent on professional
neys, Washington, O. C. for their $1,800 prize oiler dutiffl
and new lint of one thousand inventions wanted.

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