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Gathered in And Around Town By Our
Resident And County
Miss M. Beardsley can be fomul this
week at the High School.
Mr. Jno. E. Burson, a Bristol attorney,
is in Tazewell oh professional business.
Mr. I?. A. St. Clair is still visiting in
Tazewell, an 1 |?.id our sanctum a pleasant
call today.
J. N. Barman and W. I. Boonc attended
the Republican convention at Lynchburg
on the 5th inst.
On last M raday morning one hundred
and fitty-one pupils answered to roll call at
the High School.
Linen writing tablets 5 cents, school
tablets l cent, good note paper 12c lb., box
paper 5c. at Jackson's.
W. It. Young, chairman of the Repub?
lican party in Tazewell county, publishes a I
notice for speaking at October court.
j Tobst & Wingo have received this week
two lots of fresh chocolates and candies; J
Tin y are delicious, we have tested them.
Mr: Ben Baylor went to Marion on
Monday to look after some business mat?
ters, and returned to Tazewell on Wed?
Mr.' Geo. Shafer, superintendent of Rad
ford Brick Company, at Tip Top. was in
town yesterday, accompanied by his
_ What is the matter with our Cedar Bluff
correspondent? We hope Reporter is not
sick >f sending news to the RE?
Mr. J. B. Crawford leaves to-day for
Riehe ' i I na a delegate from Bluegrass
Lodge, No. 142, L 0. 0. F. to the grand
Pobst & Wingo are selling a great quan?
tity of chocolates and French candy. Why?
Because they have perfectly fresh goods of
the best quality.
Dr. IX. D. Hutford was called to Wvthe
ville the ti:>t of the week to seel is mother
> was ill. He has gotten back and re
1 is bet as doing well.
The.Gharles King Dramatic Company,
which played here during fair week, dis?
banded at Pocabonta8, and part of the
company is now in our town.
Mrs. R. T. Hopkins and son and daugh?
ter, who has been visiting Mr. ami Mrs.
E. E. Workman, left yesterday for Salem,
Va., where she will visit her brother C. L.
The frame for the Episcopal rectory is
now up and the building will be pushed to
rapid completion. We hope Brother
Bnckner will be able to move into it by
Christ Ii.as.
The Baptist parsonage is now in course |
of construction, ;:t least the foundation for
lire building is now being laid on the lot
just cast of Mr. G. W. Doak'8,on Mechan?
ics Avenue.
Mrs. T. W. Ratlin", who has been resid?
ing 5n the Hankins property on Tazewel!
Avenue, has moved into the Estill prop?
erty, now owned by Ch ::>man & Gillespie,
on Main street.
r District conference for Ahingdon dis?
trict M. E. Church is now in session at
AVi.-e, Va. It convened on the 6th inst.,
and we are informed there is a. large at?
tendance of ministers and delegates.
Some persons want to know what has
become of "Ash Fields," our North Taze?
well correspondent. He has evidently not
recovered from that big show, or has gone
to writing poetry about his best gill.
The i umber cf pupils enrolled at Tuze
?Hi lii^ii Scheol has more than doubled
sinro the opening of school. The faculty
has been increased from four to seven
teachers. The spirit of the school is fine.
Mr. an t Mrs. W. V. De Vault, of Austin
Springs, Tennessee, are visiting friends and
relatives at this place. Mrs. De Vault was
Miss Barbara Higginbotham, and is. the
Bister ol Mrs. J. W. Chapman and Mrs. I.
The drouth continues with unabated
force, and is bec oming a very serious af
iiiction to our section. The past mos are
so parched that cattle are doing no good,
and in many places the supply of water for
?domestic purposes is getting very small.
.Rev. I. P. Martin, pastor of the Metho?
dist church, left for Bristol on Monday to
attend the annual meeting of Holston Con?
ference, which is now in session at Bristol.
He was accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. H.
W. Steele, Mr. and Mrs. II. G. Peery,
?Mrs. G. W. Doak and Mrs. C. X. Lynch.
Mr. W. G. O'Brien, formerly of this
fftace, has name I the new claim, lie re
cently staked out in the promising gold
fields in the Su Veta mountains, Tazewell,
after this county. A mile run from thin
an adjoining claim gave returns of S4S? 00
a ton. It is to be hoped his claim will be
as prosperous as the county from which
the name is taken.
The Clinch Valley Seminary has been
closed, as there were not enough pupils to
justify a continuance of the school, l'rof.
Kilby has gone to Bowen's Cove to take
charge of a school, Mi-;s Beardsley has
taken eini ge of an art class in connection
with the High Vctliuol and Mrs. Dunn has
accepted the position of instructor of vocal
music at the same institution.
Three females were brought lo town on
Tuesday and placed in jail to serve terms.
They were tried before Squire T. A. Gilles?
pie, at Cedar Bluff, for vagrancy and gen?
eral meanness. Dave Bailey, a white man,
an ex-convict, was sent here from Pjca
bontas Wednesday for confinement in the
county jail. i!c was sentenced for at?
tempted arson. A woman named Bes-ie
Hodge was also sent from Pocahontas to
iail for disturbing public worship at some
j* vat on Laurel Creek. She will serves
sentence of three months.
T.ie mission of Hood's S?rsaparlila is tc
cor.; disc is;-, and thousands of tesiiu.onialf
pro :e it fulfills its mission weil.
Met in Convention at Lebanon and
He is a Strong Man and His Election
Confidently Predicted.
On Tue? lay, the 5tli inst, the Repub?
licans of Kapell county met in convention,
at Lebanon, fur the purpose of nominating
a candidate fur the House of Delegates,
to represent that county in the next Gen?
eral Assembly of Virginia.
It was supposed that they had secured
the court house and that they would meet
at noou; but the county judge forgot he
had promised them the court house, and
turned it over to the Democrats at 11
o'clock a. m. Jud.^e Khea, of Bristol,
was on hand and occupied tli<' house with
the stale arguments of the Bryanitee on the
income tax and pensions. We are informed
that his speech fell very flat, as even the
Democrats of Russell county have grown
weary of having such 1 usty chestnuts dished
out to them.
At a little after 1 o'clock the Republicans
got possession of the court house and the
meeting was called to order by Walter
Dickenson, Esq. The Hon. Wm. J. Dick
enson then briefly-addressed the meeting
showing the utter incapacity of the Dem?
ocratic party in the management of our
government, and the destructive conse
quences office trade or Democratic reform.
At the conclusion of his remarks iie in?
troduced Wm. C. Pendletonj who had been
invited and advertised to speak on the
occasion. For more than an hour he spoke
to the audience, which was composed of
about two hundred as resolute Republicans
as ever trod the earth. It was an earnest,
responsive crowd. At the conclusion of
the speaking, the delegates to the conveu
vention retired to one of the jury rooms
to select a caadid&tft fov the House of Del?
egates. In a short time they returned to
the court room and announced that they
had selected the Hon. Charles J. Gose as
their candidate. Mr. Oese represented
liussell county in the last House of Del?
egates and was the Senator from this Sen?
atorial district for the term preceding
that of Hon. A. StClair. He was nol
present, but it is presumed he will accept
the nomination. If lie docs victory is as?
sured in Russell county. Meadeand Gose
will combine a strength that the Democrats
cannot overcome.
.The following committee, on motion.,
w.is appointed to wait on Mr. Gose and
inform him of his nomination: Geo. C.
Musick, Geo. IV. Gilmer, lt. B. Musick,
J. W. Carpenter. J. Wm. Jones, J. L.
Williams, R. Walter Dickenson. The
committee will perform its duty without
The Republicans of Russell are delight?
ed at the success which has already attend?
ed the McKiuiey administration They
are more fixed in their devotion to Re
publican principle.2, and nothing but Dem?
ocratic frauds can prevent Republican
success in Russell at the coming election.
Tazewell High Schoo!.
Two departments have been added to
the high school work duiing this week.
Mrs. Julia Craig Dunn has accepted a posi?
tion as teacher of vocal music. In qualifi?
cations, experience and adaptability Mrs.
Dunn is prepared to give such instruction
as can seldo;n be obtained outside of a
Mi>s M. Heardsley will have charge of
the art department. Miss Beardsley's
work has commanded favorable notice
from eminent art critics and tin's year is
placed on exhibition in th2 Centennial Ex?
position at Nashville. Instruction under
Miss Beardsley would be a privilege in any
In both of these departments special in?
ducements are offered to patrons from a
distance. Comfortable, attractive rooms
are furnished. Charges are very low. All
who are interested in artistic culture would
do well to call at the studios or write for
particular information.
To the Voters of Tazewell County.
I beg to announce myself an independ?
ent candidate to represent Tazewell county
in the next session of the Legislature of
Virginia. I am the candidate of no po?
litical party. I favor a tariff for protection,
levied consistent with the best interests oi
all classes and conditions oAnen. I favor
an honest non-partisan election law. I
favor both gold and silver as standard
money, at the ratio of 16 to 1. I favor the
election of a United States Senator whoso
views are in accord with the above. If 1
am elected I will, in all local legislation,
endeavor to represent the whole people
without regard to party po'.ities.
[loping you will give my claim on youi
su Trage a favorable consideration, I am
Yours to serve,
James W. Smith,
2; Doran, Va., Oct. 4, '97.
iames Brown Accidentally Killed.
Mr. James Brown, a rock mason, and :
former citizen of Tazewell,was accidental!j
killed at Coeburn, Va. on last Monday
morning at 9 o'clock. He had been en
gaged building a foundation for an engin?
at the base of a coal tipple at the mines o
the Thorns Creek Coal and Coke Company
A large piece of timber 12 x 12 and MO feel
long fell thirty feet from the JMp of tin
tipple and struck Mr. Brown, inflicting ar
injury from which iie died in about thirty
five minutes. He was an unmarried man
I?3 remains were brought to this place oi
Tuesday afteinoon and buried at tiie Eas
End Cemetery yesterday morning. H<
Wits a brother of our townsman, Mr. Ed
William P. Harrison, the younge
brother of Mayor Harrison, of Chicago
h is started on a trip of from three to fivi
years, which >*iil take liim all around tin
It is thought that Mr. Liudsey Walker
ha; fever.
A short time ago a serious accident hap?
pened to Mr. Hoc Simpson. He attempted
to throw a forked stick at a cow, and some
way or other the fork of the stick entered
his e.ir a-s far as the tympanum, destroying
his hearing entirely in that ear.
Our public school opened to-day.
The Circle meeting was postponed until
Saturday, October 9th.
A Young gentleman from Bluefield
came over and paid his respects to Miss
Florence 1 light during last Saturday and
Rev. W. W. Ruff preached a sound
gospel sermon Sunday morning.
We need another blacksmith, as Mr.
Lsedy is gone.
Mr. S. T. Hetlinger has just purchased
two fine sheep which cost &G0.
Miss Mamie Greever went to Thompson's
Valley last Saturday. A picnic was the
Mr. M. L. Peery is within the walls at)
Mrs. J. A. Greever issickat her fathers.
It has not been determined whether she
iias fever or not.
Mr. Will Thompson is now able to be
out, after a light attack of rheumatism
Dr. T. E. Peery is at Bluefield this
week and will remain there on professional
duties 'till the 15th.
Burke's Garden, Oct 4, 1S97,
A few days ago the editor was taken with
a very severe cold that caused him to be in
a most miserable condition. It was un?
doubtedly a bad case of la grippe and rec?
ognizing it as dangerous he took immedi?
ate steps to bring about a speedy cure.
From the advertisement of Chamberlain's
Cough remedy and the many good recom?
mendations included therein,we concluded
to make a first trial of the medicine. To
-ay that it was satisfactory in its results, is
putting it very mildly, indeed. It acted
like magic and the result was a speedy and
permanent cure. We have no hesitancy
in recommending this excellent cough
remedy to anyone afflicted with a cough or
cold in any form.?The Banner of Liberty,
libertytown, Md. The 25 and 50 cent
sizes for sale by J. E. Jackson, druggist.
IL C. Heavers, of Welch, W. Va., is
visiting home folks at this place this week.
J. D. Christian, Iaeger, W. Va., passed
our place one day last week going to the
H.G.Brewster's little boy got very badly
hurt last Wednesday es'ening by falling on
a knife. The knife ran in his chin and
ranged back rowards his throat. The
child is suffering a great deal. The doctor
says he is not seriously hurt.
W.L. C. Burke was at our place one day
last week and spent the day with Richard
Preston Beavers, of Welch. W. Va.,
was visiting friends and relatives near this
place last week.
Eld. Crumley, of the M. E. church,
preached an inleresting sermon at Ban?
dy's Chapel last Friday night.
Mrs. D. C. Lowe, of Baptist Valley,
passed this place going to see her sister,
Mrs. Lou McCa'l, in .Crockett's Cove, who
lias been very low with typhoid fever.
Jack Whitten, of Tazewell, was in our
midst Saturday buying cattle.
Rev. J. E. Linkous preached a good
sermon at Salem Sunday. Nab.
Doak, Va., Oct. 4, 1S?7.
Those who believe chronic diarrhoea to
be incurable should read what Mr. P. E.
Grisham, of Gaurs Mills, La., has to say
on the subject, viz.: 'T have been a suf?
ferer from chronic diarrhoea ever since the
war and have tried all kinds of medicines
for it. At last I found a remedy that ef?
fected a cure and that was Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy."
This medicine can always be depended
upon for colic, cholera morbus, dysentery
and diarrhoea. It is pleasant to take and
never fails to effect a eure. 25 and 00 cent
sizes for sale by J. E. Jackson, druggist.
General Fitz Ixe has been interviewed
in Bichmond and expressed himself in fa?
vor of the nomination of United States
Senators by primary elections. He said
he would not make any announcement of
his candidacy for the Senate until he had
been relieved of the position of Consul
General to Cuba. He Stated further that
when lie did enter the contest he would
slump and c.invass the entire State.
The Republicans of Giles and Pulaski
counties have nominated A. P. Strother, a
son of Hon. P. W. Strother, as their can?
didate for the House of Delegales. He is
a very intelligent and active young man.
and will make a most aggressive canvass.
Major Lewis Gutter, the cigarette mil
lionai-e, was buried in Hollywood Ceme?
tery, at Richmond, on Tuesday. His fu?
neral was attended by a great throng of
C. M. Roberts, a well known lawyer of
Lynchburg, waslndicted in that city on
the 5th inst. on a charge of forging the
name of W. A. Hatcher to a fifty-dollar
draft on ILA. Higginbotham, of Taze?
well. Roberts was a caadidate for the
Democratic nomination for the Legislature
in Campbell county, but was defeated by
Capt. Featherstone.
Dr. John A. Cunningham, president ol
the State Normal school at Fannville, is
very ill with meningitis, and there is little
hope entertained for his recovery.
Ma lame Wii, the wife of the Chinese
minister, in Washington, is studying Eng?
lish, i.n 1 making gieat progiess in it.
Meet in Convention at Lynchburg on the
5th Instant.
The Nominees are Hon. P. H. McCaull for
Governor. Col. Q. B. Roller, of Rock
ingham.for Lieutenant Governor and
Col. James Lyons, of Richmond, for
Attorney General.
The convention which met at Lynch
burg on Tuesday, the 5th inst., in response
to a call from Col. Wm. Lamb, as chair?
man of the Republican party in Virginia,
was a large and representative body, there
being something over one thousand dele?
gates present.
Col. Lamb resigned as chairman and
Col. William F. Wickham, of Hanover
oouuty was elected chairman of the new
organization. Col. R. T. Hubard,of?uck
iogham county was temporary chairman
of the convention and Hon. Jacob Yost
was made permanent chairman. All these
gentlemen made ringing speeches and
were greeted with the greatest enthusi?
asm. The names of Hon. P. H. McCaull
and Capt. Warren S. Lurty were the only
ones presented to the convention for nom?
ination for Governor. But one ballot was
taken and when counted it stood 502 for
McCaull to -1SG for Lurty. McCaull's nom?
ination was then made by acclamation.
For lieutenant governor Col. O. B. Rol?
ler, of Rockingham county, was unani
mouslv nominated by acclamation and
Col. James Lyons, of the city of Rich?
mond, for attorney-general.
The following executive committee was
nominated and unanimously elected:
William F. Wickham, of Hanover,
chairman; James S. Patlie.of Roanoke; G.
H. Hackman, of Harrisonburg; Col. R.
T. Hubard, of Buckingham,and Alva Mar?
tin, of Norfolk.
The following resolutions were offered by
A. L. Wood worth, of Norfolk, and
"Resolved, That, whereas George E.
Bowden, national committeeman from
Virginia, and member of the advisory
committee, did prove false to his trust last
fall, and, contrary to the advice of the Na?
tional Republican committee voted for a
Democrat for Congress in the Second dis?
trict, and gave aid and couifort to the
Democracy in his testimony in behalf of
William A. Young, the Democratic candi?
date in the contest of Wise vs. Young,
"Resolved, That he be heieby removed
from said position, and the Hon. R. T.
Hubard be nominated to the National Re?
publican committee as a member of said
committee from Virginia.
"Resolved, that the patronage in each
district should in our opinion be given to
the Republican candidates for Congress
last fall in their respective districts anil we
request the Pi es'dent to accede to this re?
The last business of the convention was
the selection of State committeemen. They
are as follows:
First District?S. P. Gresham, Duff
Green, and F. D. Lee.
Second District?A. Peachey, C. W.
Murdaugh, Jordon Thompson.
Third District?John Mitchell, Jr., J. J.
Hall and James Baker.
Fourth District?A. C. Wilson, F. J.
Hill andS. H. Bliss.
fifth District?E. M. McPhleet, J. B.
Engle aud S. H. Wood.
Sixth DLstrict-J. W. McFarland, J. W.
Bond, R. P. Armstead.
Seventh District?R. J. Walker, A. M.
Willis, L. W. Cox.
Eighth District-A. A. Warfield, Dr. F.
M. Brooks and W. J. Skinner.
Ninth District?No report.
Tenth District?D. R. Reveley, J. M.
Brown, J. W. Word.
Attention Republicans.
Hon. J. Hampton H?ge and other
prominent speakers will address the citi?
zens of Tazewell county at the court house
Tuesday, October 19th, court day. Every?
body is cordially invited to attend.
W. G. You no,
Extreme Weakness.
"I was so weak I could hardly walk
across my room.' I had no appetite. I be?
gan taking Hood's Sarsaparilla and before
I had taken it many days my appetite was
improving and I felt stronger. 1 continued
its use until 1 waa able to work. Hood's
Sarsaparilla ha; also relieved me of asth?
ma." S. A. Morris, Mesic, N. C.
Hood's Pills are the best family cathai
lic and liver, medicine. Gentle, reliable,
Tremenduous Activity of State, War and
Navy Departments.
Washington, Oct. 6.?War with Spain
is in the air, and it is in every department
of this government. It is the fashion
among the diplomats, heads of bureaus J
and clerks to laugh at the idea of war; but!
there is no one in the State, War or Navy
Departments who does not believe that
either this government must back down
from the position it has assumed towards
Spain or fight, and that the fight is not far
We show you this week just a few of our leading
styles, to remind you that we still sell good shoes?guaran?
teed shoes?shoes for Ladies, Gentlemen, Misses and Child?
ren. "We have a school shoe for girls and bojs worth your
buying, a little high, but, you know the rest. Come in and
see them at the Fair.
Lace or Button, square and pointed
toe. Bright Dongola upper, patent and
kid tip, medium height heel, McKay
sewed sole, good wearing weight. Extra
value, good style?a pronounced bargain.
Just the shoe for winter, a No. 1 school
shoe. The various sizes and widths we
keep enables any one to get a good fit?
ting shoe at a low cost.
PRICE $2.25
Lace or button, black kid.
coin toe, patent leather tip with
soft box ridge toe, moderately low
military heel, medium welt sole,
made on D and E lasts; is com?
fortable and always in good taste,
shaped and formed to be pleasing
to the eye, graceful in outline, neat
and stylish for street wear.
Price $3.00
dinary goods sold at this price.
Selected American Calf
Skin, smooth surface, medium
weight, halfdouble sole, Good?
year welt, semi-razor toe with
full wide tread, stylish in cut,
moderate in cost with extra
wearing qualities. We want
to impress the fact that this is
one of the very best medium
price shoes to be had.
Button only, medium
foot form shape, low heel, long
vamp, plain, wide toe, worked
button holes, Goodyear welt
sole, not heavy, yellow stitched
edge. Bright finished Paris
kid, very soft and flexible, good
wearing quality. Complete
finish and quality make our
$3-00 Shoes above the or
Yours for Good Shoes:
P. S. Our store will be open from 6 a. m. to 9 p.
every day of the Fair.
We have the largest and most varied
stock of Stoneware ever brought to 'faze
well, and the quality uneqiialed. All of
it is glazed inside and out. The size? are
as follows:
1-2 Gallon Jars, 1-2 Gal?
lon Crocks, 1 Gallon Jars,
1 Gallon Crocks, 2 Gallon
Jars, 2 Gallon Crocks, 3
Gallon Jars, 6 Gallon Jars,
2 Gallon Milk Crocks,
"Of Different Sizes.
WE are still selling a lot of FRUIT
JARS at 75C PerJ-01*11 {oi
the 5 gallons and Q5Q lor quarts.
With the Fair
Our stock of Fine Hats, Bonnets, Ribbons, Feathers,
Flowers, Millinery, etc., are now arriving.
A Grand Opening.
We will exhibit our Fall Styles of Pattern Hats next week, in our store
on Main Street. The date of our Opening will be announced in the Daily
Republican issued during the Fair.
off. There is everything to suggest it in
the War and Navy Departments, aside
from the intense strain of matters in the
State Department.
The coming and almost present ciisis is
not the result of things happening between
this country and Spain within the present
year. It was said yesterday that Cleve?
land's Secretary of State, Oluey, said that
when Spain answered him through Senor
Dupuy de Lome that Spain could not con?
sent to interference that the logical and
inevitable result of that practical Spanish
ultimatum was war.
There has been no change in the Spanish
attitude since the reply of Mr. de Lome to
Mr. Olney. The presentiSagasta cabinet
may yield on autonomy to Cuba, which
would make the island a satrapy, but the
liberal premier has already eliminated from
ihe possibilities freedom of the island, and
that freedom is what is demanded alike by
Cubans and Americans without compro?
mise. The mediation of America has
been rejected, and if Cuba is to be free
America must taue a hand in the light.
A Cabinet officer was asked yesterday
if there were any reasons why this gov?
ernment should not consider that Spain
had given us her ultimatum in place of
General Woodford having sent Spain an
ultimatum. He smiled and said that we
had not been insulted by the rejection of
friendly offices for mediation, and that
was a remote contingency, "so far as this
country is concerned," he added. Spain,
on the contrary, is just now ready to fight
not only to retail. Cuba, but to solidify the
Spanish people once more under the mon?
archy. "You can take it for granted,'"
he said, "that if the Sagasfa cabinet is a
failure, as it undoubtedly will be, Spain
must save herself from the Republicans
by precipitating a war wilh this country
with the hope that out of the strife will
come a united Spanish people, and that j
circumstances may get her allies to save
even the island of Cuba."
A pain in the chest is nature's warning
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piece of llannel with Chamber'ain's Pain
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been selected by the Chicago Citizenship
League to bring to the attentiou of Con?
gress the league's crusade against cigar?
Dumas, the elder, said he never counted
money but once in his life. He left the
room after counting it and on his return
found a iouis missing, andidecided not to
count his wealth in the future.
Mr. Thomas Hardy, the author, in
speaking of his great work, "Tess of the
D'Urbervilles," said that if it had not
been a dismal day when he visited Stone
lienge, he would not have made Tess die.
Lucy Page Gaston, of Harvey, 111., has
Croup Quickly Cured.
Mountain Glen, Ark.?Our children
were suffering with croup when we received
a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
It aflorded almost instant relief.?F. A.
Thornton. This celebrated remedy is for
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Dyeing and Cleaning
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Weakness manifests itself in the loss of
ambition and aching bones. The blood is
watery; the tissues arc westing?the door is
being opened fordisease. A bottle of browns'
Iron Bitters taken in time will restore your
strength, sooihe your nerves, make your
blood rich and red. Do you more good than
o. special course of medicine. For sale by
Tazdwell Drug: Co., Sole Agents.
EducaU Your Dowels With C'ascarcU.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forcrei.
10c, 25c. It C. C C. tall, druggists refund money.
To Cure Constipation Forever.
Take Cascarets Candy Cathartic 10c or 25c.
If C. C. C. fail to cure, druggists refund nioncv
NO. 40.
This famous brand is beyond all
doubt the finest Rye produced at
the price. We guarantee same.
6 full Qts. 4.50 pei* case.
L. Lazarus & Co,
A two year old whiskey made
in the Slate that bears is name.
Made by old copper still open fire
L. Lazarus & Co.
old V?TgT?OE 2 5o
This is a elegant three year old
Maryland Rye pronounced by ex?
perts to be A1; ?
I Lazarus & Co.
georgia corn |.5o
Two years old, copper stilled by
open lire process.
Made in mountains of Virginia.
A pleasant, soft and elegant drink.
L, Lazarus and Co,
le brandies
$1.50, $2, $2.50, $3. & $4.
Beware of Imitated Brands
By other dealers at supposed
cut prices.
Tour Money Back,
PocaHontas, Va,
Prompt Attention to Mail Orders.
Divine Service?First and Third Sun
days of the month at 11 a. m. andSp. m.
Holy Communion?First Sunday at 11
a. m.
Sunday school every Sunday at 9:30
a. in.
A hearty welcome is extended to all.
Rev. W. D. Bcckkeb,
Methodist Episcopal Clinreh South.
Fublie worship of God on the 1st and
3rd Sundays at 11 A. M., on the 2nd and
4th at 7:30 P. M.
Meeting for prayer, Wednesday at 7:30.
P. M. Sabbath School at 9:30 P.M.
Meeting of Epirorth League each Mon?
day night at 7:30., the third Monday
night of each month being devoted to
literary work.
A most cordial welcome is extended to all.
Isaac P. Martin-, Pastor.
Baptist Church Services.
Sunday school every Sunday at 9:30 a.
m; preaching 1st ami 4th Sundaysat 11 a.
m., and on 1st ami 3d Sundays at 7:";:> p.
in.; B. Y. P. U. every Monday a 7:30 p.
m.; prayer meeting every Thursday at 7:30
p. in.; Missionary Society 2d and 4di Sun?
days at 4 p. in. Ail are invited to attend.
Strangers welcome. W. (J. Foster,
All persons, whomsoever, are hereby no?
tified and warned not to ride, haul or walk
across or otherwise trespass on uiv prem?
ises, especially those leased to John and
Cosby Bowman; for the law against all
such will be rigidly enforced.
Wsr. G. W. IASQEB.
July 31, 1S97.
For circular ol !r's i in ;c i1 r< spc tuShito
A v, ' 3Jct3.*?! at WcvWs >:xr-o*iiiou
Refers to thoMMUto pf -rnrliintM ia posiUons.
Cost of F;si: Bo?iwu Coane. InchuH&g Tui?
tion, Boohs j.r,i! Board lanily. abont frX).
Sj^ana,Ty^\7ri%,aEi Tolograpay^Spociaiae?.
nrTbB'Kmtnefey Dntvcnrlty Diplom?, cudti real,
awarded Bra ri nates. Literary Ccarsa ttt?, llaetlriS.
Pio vacation. Ent^rnow. GradBatceracccMfaL
In vrder to hue now ktttrt rtati vt, attdvtm only,
"PREPARES students for college or uni
^ versity. Thorough work. Discipline
Commodious building? just refitted at a
cost of twenty-three h nl eld liars.
Classics, German, English, Science,
Next session opens Sept. 6, 1S97. For
information address
G, L. BYLOM, Principal.

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