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Gathered in And Around Town By Our
Resident And County
Fireworks at Jackson's.
Mr Chap Alderson, of Pocahontas, is in
town today.
Oranges, lemons and bananas at Peery
& Dodd's.
We hear no complaints now about a
lac k of rain.
All kinds of tire works on hand at
Dolls, beautiful dolls at Peery &Dodd's,
from 5 cents up.
Miss Emma Richeson is now clerking for
Pobst & Wingo.
Go to Coffee's restaurant during the
Holidays for fresh oysters.
Every body seems to be making prepa?
rations for Christmas.
Fresh oysters at Coffee's retaurant,
cooked in all styles, court day.
There will be services at the Methodist
church next Sunday morning at 11 o'clock.
Examine the Christmas line at Jackson's
before buying elsewhere, it is complete.
Next Tuesday will be the day for the be?
ginning of the December term of the
county court.
The first snow of the season came on
Tuesday night. The ground was covered
yesterday morning.
Jackson's Christmas line of candy will
be the biggest and nicest ever seen in
The editor has moved intohisnew home
on Gildersleeve Avenue, recently pur?
chased of Mr. B. H. Baylor.
Try DilwortYs coffee. It is the best in
the land, sold only at New York Racket
Store, Tazewell, Va.
It is a fact that cannot be disputed that
you can get the best cigar for the money
at Pobst A Wingo's.
Major R. Brittain is still confined to his
room with sickness. We hope he will be
out again before a great while.
Thats no fight up street, only a big rush
for the biggest bargains on earth at the
New York Kacket Store.
A small bridge across the branch near
the residence of Mr. McCorkle would be a
great improvement. The crossing is in
bad condition.
The New York Racket Store has just re?
ceived another full line of tinware to be
Fold at less than factory prices.
Mr Geo. W. St. Clair is quite sick at his
home on Gildersleeve Avenue. His
friends will be glad to learn, however, that
he is doing well.
F. G. & M. McKenzie have a full line of
confectioneries, nuts, rasins, figs, cakes
and crackers,all fresh and good.
You will make yourselves feel good and
the working force of the Republican much
happier if you will pay your subscription
before Christmas.
In stationery we have a full assort?
ment of box paper and paper in packages.
All kinds of envelopes. Peery & Dodd.
Mr. M. L. Peery is making his arrange?
ments to move from North Tazewell to
Burke's Garden. We regret to see him
leave this community.
Do not fail to try some of our Saratoga
chips and shredded wheat. You are sure
to like them. Buston & Sons.
In books, we have a splendid selection
from the best authors, nicely bound, and
cheap as dirt. You can afford to read, if
you buy at Pobst & Wingo's
Dr. Rolla Witten, one of the oldest
citizens of the county, still remains very
ill at his home near Pisgah. There is no
hope for his recovery.
Peery & Dodd have a tine stock of Sil?
verware, sterling and plated.new and ar?
tistic designs, from which beautiful Christ?
mas presents can be selected.
The tiling work in the front door of
Moss <k Greever's new building is very
artistic and pretty. The name of the firm
is worked in with small blue tiles.
If you want to bake a Christmas cake,
we have the raisins, currants, citron, figs,
nuts and a beautiful line of candies for
trimmings. Pobst & Wingo.
The large steel water tank to receive the
water from the Steele spring will be com?
pleted in a few days, and the new supply
of water for the town will be ready for use.
F. G. & M. McKenzie have a beautiful
assortment of jewelry, from which you can
select a nice ('bristmas present for your
friend or sweetheart.
Our merchants are displaying very hand?
some lines of holiday goods. There is no
use sending away for what you want. The
Tazewell merchants can supply every taste.
We have as pretty line of Fancy China
for you to select a Christmas present from
as the most fastidious and economical pur?
chaser would desire. Peery & Dodd.
On Monday night there were very heavy
winds in this locality. In the ejst end of
town some fruit trees were blown up by
the roots and limbs were torn from forest
Are you a musician? Do you want a
Violin, Banjo, Accordian, Harp or otber
instrument? We have them and the
price will suit you at Pobst A Wingo's.
The job work which is being turned out
from the Republican office is being
warmly praised by our patrons. We will
do your work right -be certain to send it
to us.
For Christmas baking Peery & Dodd
have a complete line of raisins, currants,
citron, figs and nuts. They were bought
low and will be sold low to close out.
The law forbidding the shooting of par?
tridges has been repealed. There are a
good many of the birds in this country,
but tbey ought not to be killed hi too
large numbers.
Peery & Dodd have beautiful works of
art?Pearl Paintings, Pastels, Engravings,
Photographs and Bisque figures. They
must be sold and prices are fixed accord?
On last Saturday evening William Cecil,
col., found a pocket book in the middle
of the road in front of Mr. Thomas Han
kins' house , He returned it to the owner,
Mrs. George Hurt.
John Hardin Talen to Grundy
He Left Here in Cheerful Mood, Though
He Knew the Governor Had Declined
to Commute His Sentence.
John Hardin, who was convicted of mur?
der in the first degree at the October term
of the county court of Buchanan county,
was taken from the jail at this place by
Sheriff Charles on Tuesday morning and
carried to Grundy, where he will be hung
Hardin killed George Mount early in
the fall, was promptly indieted, and was
convicted, as we have before stated, of
murder in the first degree. He was sen?
tenced to be hung on the 17th of this
month. There was an order made sus?
pending the execution, to give the con?
victed man an opportunity to appeal to
the circuit court. His counsel applied to
the circuit court for a writ of error, but
the writ was refused. We understand no
effort was made to take the case to the Su?
preme Court of Appeals.
Hardin had been confined in the county
jail at this place for thirty-seven days for
safe keeping, the authorities of Buchanan
county fearing that his friends might make
an effort to take him from the jail at
Grundy. The doomed man is just twenty
one years old, uneducated, and.from what
we can learn, of rather feeble mind. We
are informed that several gentlemen of
this place, whose sympathies were aroused
by the youthfulness of Hardin, made an
effort to get Gov. O'Ferrall commute the
sentence, but on Tuesday afternoon the
Governor sent a message that he declined
to exercise executive clemency, that the
case had been laid fully before him and
the law must be executed.
Sheriff Charles brought with him to this
place four guards to help him guard the
prisoner to Doran, where he had ten addi?
tional guards that would also go with him
to Grundy, where the convicted man is to
be executed.
This strong guard was occasioned by a
report that the friends of the unfortunate
man would try to rescue him while en
route from Doran to Grundy. We suppose
that he will have paid the penalty of his
crime before noon tomorrow.
Nervous people find relief by enriching
their blood with Hood's Sarsaparilla,which
is the one true blood purifier and nerve
Nearly a Serious Fire.
This morning about half past four o'clock
Mrs. J. W. Chapman waked Mr. Chap?
man and told him she smelled smoke. Mr.
Chapman got up and looked through the
house, but could detect no fire. He re?
turned to his bedroom and lighted a lamp,
when he discovered the room was foggy
with smoke. He could still detect no fire,
but Mrs. Chapman and their little Eon also
got up and dressed, so as to be prepared
for any emergency. About six o'clock
Mrs. Chapman and little Ned detected
smoke coming up through the tiles that
form the hearth. Mr. Chapman then tore
up the carpet near the fire-place and could
detect through the crack of the floor a
small flame. He took an axe and cut
through the floor, and a flame burst forth
too heavy for him to control. He gave
the alarmof fire, and Mr. H. W. Pobstand
others went to his assistance, w hen the fire
was speedily suppressed. The damage is
not very great, a few sleepers and the floor
being partially burned. It might, how?
ever, have proved a serious fire if Mrs.
Chapman had not waked up at the time
she did.
Quarterly Meeting
Was held at the Methodist church on last
Saturday and Sunday, Rev. J. Tyler Fra
zier, presiding elder for this district, was
present and conducted the meeting. At
the services on Sunday, morning and
night, the church was filled with attentive
congregations. On both occasions Kev.
Frazier preached splendid sermons and a
profound impression was made upon his
auditors. His subject in the morning was
the life and character of Jacob, which was
treated in a most interesting and impres?
sive manner. At night his text was;
"Gather up the fragments that remain,
that nothing be lost." These words were
spoken by Jesus to his disciples after he
had fed the large multitude with a few
loaves and fishes. The preacher discussed
the text from a temporal and spiritual
standpoint and drew from it lessons that
would be of great value to the world if
properly fallowed.
y Circuit Court Proceedings.
Since our last issue the following, in
pait, are the transactions of the circuit
The unlawful detainer case of R. G. Mc
call vs. W. F. Ilarman, et als., resulted in
a mistrial, there being a hung jury.
In the case of Dol Mays vs. the Com?
monwealth, which was heard upon a writ
of error, the judgment of the lower court
was 6et aside and a new trial granted the
There were a number of small law cases
disposed of by non-suits, dismissals and
judgments entered.
On the chancery side of the court anum
ber of decrees were entered during the
Court will adjourn today.
After hearing some friends continually
praising Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy, Curtis Fleck, of Ana?
heim, California, purchased a bottle of it
for his own use and is now as enthusiastic
over its wonderful work as any one can be.
The 25 and 50 cent sizes for sale by Jno.
E. Jackson, druggist.
Uncle and Nephew Engage In a Bloody
A very desperate fight between Henry
Hurt and Charles Burton took place at
Hurt's store on the Wytheville turnpike,
about five miles eastof town, on last Thurs?
day morning. The wife of Hurt and the
mother of Burton are sisters. It seems
that Mr. Hurt had in some way offended
Mrs. Burton, mother of Charles. He went
to Mr. Hurt's store for an explanation,and
the two became involved in a very desper?
ate fight. During the melee Burton was
struck four times with rocks and Hurt was
cut once with a knife and struck on the
back of the head with a rock. The blow
on the back of the head fractured the
skull quite badly, and Dr. Hufford, the
attending physician, had to remove sev?
eral pieces of bone. Of course the wound
is a serious but not necessarily fatal one.
Art Exhihit.
Miss M. Beardsley will give an art ex?
hibit at her studio in the High School
building this afternoon from 1 to 5 o'clock.
The walls of the room are decorated with
oil paintings, water colors, pastels and tap?
estry pieces. Tables and shelves are filled
with handsomely decorated china and
other specimens of art. Mis3 Beardsley is
quite clever in her profession, and those
who attend the exhibit this afternoon
will be fully compensated in viewing her
work. Miss Beardsley's studio will be
open again on Saturday afternoon from 2
until 5 o'clock.
What Cured The Baby.
"Hood's Sarsaparilla has cured our baby
of running sores for which we doctored her
for a lung time. It has relieved me of
rheumatism. My wife was troubled with
sick headaches and could get nothing to
relieve her until she took Hood's Pills."
H. L. Pickeny, Lock Box 9, Ellenboro,
W. Va.
Hood's Pills are the only pills to take
with Hood's Sarsaparilla. Easy yet efficient.
We have a complete stock of fancy and
staple groceries and it Is our purpose to go
into the grocery business exclusively. .All
our other goods will be sold at closing out
prices. Groceries as cheap as the cheap?
est. Peery & Dodd.
Late Literary News.
What would you do if war should be de?
clared tomorrow with a European power?
How would it change your home life, the
lives of your brother and other relatives?
How woidd it affect your business connec?
tions and business? What changes would
it make in financial, city, state and na?
tional affaire? It is these interesting prob?
lems which a writer in the December Cos?
mopolitan has undertaken to sketch under
the heading of "A Brief History of Our
Late War With Spain," at the same time
vividly describing the exciting scenes
which would attend the opening of hostili?
ties. This same number of the Cosmopol?
itan has an article on "The Well-dressed
Woman" by Elsie de Wolfe, a contrast of
the characters of Henry George and Charles
A. Dana by John Brisben Walker, in an
othe r place, "The Loves of Goethe," while
Wells' story, "The War of the Worlds,"
which has been so widely read, reaches its
conclusion in an unexpected way.
The Ladies Home Journal.
We have received the Christmas Num?
ber of The Ladies Home Journal, justly
one of the most popular monthly publica?
tions in the United States. This number
is rich in literary morit, and beautifully il?
lustrated. Among the contributors are
Sir Arthur Sulivan, Mary E. Wilkins,
Alice Wellington Rollins, Hamlin Gar?
land, Ruth McEnery Stuart, xMrs. A. T. D.
Whitney, Lilian Bell and Mrs. Lyman
How to Prevent Pneumonia.
At this time of the year a cold is very
easily contracted, and if left to run its
course without the aid of some reliable
cough medicine is liable to result in that
dread disease, pneumonia. We know of
no better remedy to cure a cough or cold
than Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. We
have used it quite extensively and it has
always given entire satisfaction.?Olagah,
Ind. Ter. Chief.
This is the only remedy that is known
to be a certain preventive of pneumonia.
Among the many thousands who have
used it fur colds and la grippe, we have
never yet learned of a single case having
resulted in pneumonia. Persons who
have weak lungs or have reason to fear an
attack of pneumonia, should keep the
remedy at hand. The 25 and 50 cent sizes
for sale by J. E. Jackson, druggist.
A. C. Payne, of Peeryville, W. Va., was
at this place one day last week and spent
the night with Scott Payne.
One of Thos. White's children died very
suddenly last Sunday morning, the cause
was dyptheria.
B. P. Payne went to Tazewell last week
on business.
A. T. Belton got one of bis steers crip?
pled last week when dragging logs for Bill
Crablree at this place.
.Mr. John W. Moore, of Tazewell Va., is
visiting his daughter at this place this
On the 6th inst., John Watson
departed this life. The cause of his death
is not known. He had been sick for some
Mack Payne, of Peeryville, W. Va., was
in our midst one day last week, he was up
on business.
Bazil Elswick, of Bear Wallow, was in
Sinking Waters last Monday.
J. M. C. Catron, of Gap Store, called on
us one day last week.
David Christain, of Bear Wallow, was
at our place one day last week on busi?
Albert Brown, of Bear Wallow, and
Newt Altizer, of Harman, gave us alpleas
ant call Saturday evening.
Doak' Va., Dec. 13th, 1897.
A Woman Karrowly Escapes a Horri?
ble Death.
Rescued From Dangerous Position
Bruised and Bleeding.
A very strange and nearly fatal accident
occurred last Thursday morning to Mrs.
Robert Honaker, who lives on the south
eide of Rich Mountain, in the vicinity of
where the incline or cable tramway of Ad?
ams Bros., used for hauling lumber,
crosses that mountain. It was early in
the morning, just about the time the run?
ning of the cable cars was to begin. Mrs.
Honaker had gone and milked her cow,
and returning had to cross the traway. At
the moment she stepped over the cable the
machinery was put in motion and her
dress was caught and twisted in the cable.
She was rapidly drawn up the mountain
side for a distance of about one-fourth of a
mile, when'Mr. Stuart Thompson, who had
discovered the woman in her perilous situ?
ation, rushed forward and cut her loose
with his knife. But for the timely rescue
she would have been drawn to the top of
the mountain with almost the positive cer?
tainty of a horrible death. As it was she
received many bruises and wounds, but at
last accounts was rapidly recovering.
Don't be pursuaded into buying lini?
ments without reputation or merit?Cham?
berlain's pain balm costs no more, and its
merits have been proven by a test of many
years. Such letters as the following, from
L. G. Bngley, Hueneme, Cab, are con?
stantly being received: "The best remedy
for pain I have ever used is Chamber?
lain's Pain Balm, and I say so alter hav?
ing used it in my family for several years.'
It cures rheumatism, lame back, sprains
and swellings. For sale by Jno. E. Jack?
son, druggist.
Mens suits from S3.50 to ?18.*00
Bovs' " " .75 " 12.00
Men's overcoats " 3.50 " 15.00
Bovs' " " 3.00 " 10.00
Mackintoshes " 2.50 " 7.50
Black Slickers 2.50
Pommel " (riding coat) 3.50
Shoes from 1.25 to 4.50
3oots " 1.50 " 3.50
We buy the best from the best and largest
manufacturers in this country. Our ex?
penses are light and small profits satisfy
us. We guarantee every piece that leaves
our store to give satisfaction.
Well, when it comes to toys, we could not
tell you in a column what we have. They
must, and will be sold. Come and see
them. You can find anything you want,
from a penny whistle to a fine mechanical
toy. Our stock is the wonder of the town.
Pobst & Wingo.
The Former Minister to Persia Unex
pectedly Dies of Pneumonia.
Mr. Alexander McDonald, former min
ister to Persia, died at an early hour Tues
day morning at St. Andrew's Home, ir
Lynchburg, of pneumonia.
For a year or more, eays the News, Mr
McDonald has been in somewhat feeble
health, but until very recently his condi
tion was not considered as very serious,
While in Persia he contracted bronchial
trouble, which, despite the efforts of the
best physicians, became aggravated with
time, and when be arrived in this country
a few weeks ago, he was weaker and more
debilitated than he had been since he con?
tracted the disease. After a few days so?
journ in New York, he went to Washing?
ton, where he severed his last official con?
nection with the State Department, bring?
ing to a close a service honorable to him?
self and to the country.
On reaching Lynchburg, the home of
his nativity and the place of his life-long
residence, on Tuesday, he registered at the
Arlington Hotel, and there remained con?
fined to bis room until last Friday, when
on the advice of his physician, he was re?
moved to St. Andrew's Home.
The bronchial trouble developed into
pneumonia, and when on yesterday at
about midday, the report spread through
the city that Mr. McDonald was dying,
people were loath to credit the announce?
ment, and received it with expressions of
For many hours preceding his death, he
was in an unconscious condition, and his
last moments were peaceful and untouched
by pain.?Roanoke World.
Mother McKinley's Death.
Mrs. Nancy Allison McKinley, mother
of President McKinley, died at Canton,
Ohio, at 2:30 o'clock on the morning of the
12th inst. For ten days and nights the
aged woman had failed to succumb to the
second stroke of paralysfs. Her death was
a quiet and painless one. Her four living
children and all her grand-children except
one were by her side when death came.
Her surviving children are the President,
Abner, Helen and Sarah?now Mrs. A. J.
Duncan, of Cleveland, Ohio.
Mrs. McKinley was a consistent and life?
long Christian woman, a member of the
Methodist Church. Her death will be re?
gretted in all sections of the Union.
To those who have a sweet taste, we an?
nounce that they can be fully satisfied by
selecting from our large and splendid as?
sortment of French and plain candies.
They are fresh and from the best manu?
facturers. Pubst & Wingo.
Dr. Edward W. Emerson, son of the
great philosopher, recently gave some of
his reminiscence' of Thoreau, and said that,
far from being morose and sullen, as he
was generally considered, he was always
the delight of children on account of the
toys he made for them and the stories of
nature he told.
For the Ladies
Two weeks of Cloak and Wrap selling, commencing on
to-day and continuing 'till Xmas. We intend this to
be the biggest cloak and wrap selling of the season. It
will includ everything in Ladies' Wraps and Cloaks
and Misse Jackets. Beaver and Melton Wraps, empire
plaited at $6.00, $7.00 and $7.50 will be sold for $4.50,
$6.00 and $6.75. Fur and Bead Trimmed Plush and
Beaver Wraps at $8.50, $9.50 and $12.50 for $7.00,
$7.50 and $10,00. All of the Ladies and Misses
Jackets from 25 to 50 per cent, less than former prices.
And Their Husbands
and sons have been looked after in our store too, for
some specials in the clothing line for that Xmas visit.
For instance, a fine, all wool, black Clay Worsted Suit
either frock or sack for $8.50, the kind you have been
paying $10 and $12.50 for. e have reduced prices
on all of our heavy Suits and Overcoats, because we
want to move them off our counters by January 1st.
Suits for little boys and big ones too. Special values
$1.50 up. ^
6, 1897.
Our Patrons
are reminded of the fact that we again make a bid for
the season's trade in pUDIOT..AO O^^r^o
in our line (the eating CHRISTMAS ?OODS
line.) We feel satisfied that, giving our whole atten?
tion to this one line, we have a larger and more varied
stock to select from than you A'ill find elsewhere. Our
aim has. not been to buy the CHEAPEST GOODS, but
Very Best . . .
In the Market.
Our Motto has always been QUALITY FIRST and
then the price. The articles that you are likely to
want now are
Raisins, Currants, Citron, Figs,
Nuts, Mince Meat, Etc.
Our Raisins are already seeded, just ready for use,
if you prefer them so; or we have them on the bunch.
A splendid cooking raisin at 1 Oc per lb. Currants,
Citron and Figs of the best quality. Nuts of all kinds,
Our Almonds are extra nice this year; we have them
shelled just ready for use. Do not fail to try our
Mince Meat..
Wishing every one a Merry Christmas, we are
Truly yours,
The Interest of the Ladies
Is being looked after here now for Holiday Bonnets,
Hats and Millinery. We have reduced prices on
all of these goods. If you decide you need a Hat
for Xmas, we can fill your order in double-quick
time. If you are in a big hurry, can trim your
hat while you wait.
You will find our goods as cheap as the cheapest and of the best quality.
We have a complete line of Staple and Fancy Groceries and Confectioneries. Ev?
erything in our line for Christmas time.
Headquarters for celebrated
"Orange Blossom" Flonr at $5.50 per Bbl.
All goods delivered promptly. Your patronage solicited.
Our people have been enjoying the chase
a good deal recently. Several deer and
two wild hogs have been killed.
Our new Methodist minister is sancti?
Dr. Goodman has met with success in
all cases which have been submitted to his
Mr Hubert Suter went home Friday
Madam Rumor says, that a certain old
lady and gentleman will remairy in the
near future.
Mr. Lauer, the well digger, is engaged
at Mr. CassePs.
Mr. J. M. Snapp and family are contem?
plating leaving our country. They will
make their new home in Oregon. We know
it will be heart rendering for some of the
boys to see the girls leave, but the best of
friends must part.
Miss Florence Hight, the center of at?
traction at the Academy, has returned to
Bluefield to spend Xmas vacation at
A petition for circuit judge was signed
here, in favor of James Hicks, by some of
the citizens.
The meeting of the circle at Mr. F. M.
Moss' nest Saturday evening.
Mr. John Thompson, whose illness we
have spoken of before, died last Sunday
night. Mr. Thompson was one of our
oldest and most respected citizens. The
^entire community sympathizes iwith the
friends and relatives in their bereavement.
It iff but mete and proper, as two refer?
ences were made last week in our Buake's
Garden locals to the young physician that
he should have a word or two in reply.
He says that he feels a delicacy in replying
to a young school "marm", as he is very
modest, more than that he well knows that
the pen in her hand is "mightier than the
sword". He says he is grateful for the
word that was lost but suggests that it be
defined, for fear of using it the wrong place.
He also says, if space will allow.that there
is one thing of which our little country can
boast, although she has been infested by
young doctors for a number of years, she
has had a well equipped,thorough corps of
school "marms," teachers who lpve their
work and who are capable 0/ revising the
text books.especially where mistakes have
been made. Our country has not been
imposed upon along this line.we are happy
to say, as she has by the unprepared doctor,
who forces his pills down the throats of
NO. 50.
VELVET $3 Gal.
This famous brand is beyond all
doubt the finest Rye produced at
the price. We guarantee same.
6 full Qts. 4.50 per case.
L. Lazarus & Co,
A two year old whiskey made
in the State that bears is name.
Made by old copper still open fire
L. Lazarus & Co.
This is a elegant three year oil
Maryland Rye pronounced by ex?
perts to be A 1.
L Lazarus & Co.
Two years old, copper stilled by
open fire process.
L Lazarus m Go.
Made in mountains of Virginia.
A pleasant, soft and elegant drink.
L, Lazarus and Co,
$1.50, $2, $2.50, $3. & $4.
Beware of Imitated Brands
By other dealers at suppoeed
cut prices.
Your Money Back,
write for prices
. Lazarus &G?
Pocahontas, Va.
Prompt Attention to Mail Orders.
the natives.
"Those who inhabit glass houses should
not throw stones."
Dec. 13, 1S97.
The Prince of Wales visited Lanabton
Castle not lonz ago for the fiist time in
forty years, when he visited it as a lad as
the guest of the present earl's father.
General David B. Henderson, the Iowa
Congressman, returned to Washington this
year, after having had his leg amputated
for the seventh time. The second day
after the operation he was playing whist
and the fourth day afterward he was again
at his correspondence.
Miss Jessie A. Ackerman, the "round
the-world missionary" of the Woman's
Christian Temperence Union, said recently
in Baltimore that her first experience with
an Icelandic pony was more trying than,
any experience with any animal in any
part of the world.
Tetter, Salt-Rheum and Eczema..
The intense itching and smarting, inci?
dent to these diseases, is instantly allayed
by applying Chamberlain's Eye and
Skin Ointment. Many very bad case*
have been permanently cured by it. It"
is equally efficient for itching piles and
a favorite remedy for sore nipples,
chapped hands, chilblains, frost bites,
and chronic sore eyes. 25 cts. per box.
Dr. Cady's Condition Powders, are
just what a horse needs when in bad
condition. Tonic, blood purifier and
vermifuge. They are not food but
medicine and the best in use to put a
horse in prime condition. Price 25
cents per package.
For sale by J. E. Jackson, druggist.
No-To-Bac for Fifty Cent?.
Guaranteed tobacco habit cure, makes
men strong, blood pure. 60c, $L All druft
Don't Tobacco Spit and Smoke Tour Life Awaj.j
To quit tobacco easily and forever, be mq
netic, full of life, nerve and vigor, take No-t
Bac, the wonder-worker, that makes weak
strong. All druggists, 50c or 81. CureguaraJ
teed. Booklet and sample free. Addre
Sterling Remedy Co, Chicago'or New Yorl
Job Work...
The Republican
Job Office
Is complete. All ki^
of work done neatly and PromptlyjAfj8^
Lettes Heads,
Note Heads,
Bill Heads,
Cards, ks
and Special Jobs. ,^m?>
ber an
Our prices will be as low as thoscgu^
of any first-class office.
Satisfaction GuaranU

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