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Mr. H. Bane Harman is again well
enough to be at his poet of dutv as circuit
court clerk.
Buy Garden Seeds from Spotts Bros, in
bulk and save money.
Kev. M. E. Brandos, of Bristol, Tenn.,
will preach in the Baptist church to-night,
Kev. J. H. Wyse will preach at the Lu?
theran church at North Tazewell next Sun?
day morning at 11 o'clock.
Garden Seeds sold bv Spotts Bros, are
nice, clean and good.
The job office of the Rbpubucam is now
getting a good deal of work. Good work
and proper prices will attract.
Ten colored men left our town yesterday
afternoon for the Elkborn region, where
they will work for Gapt Walton.
The editor left for Marion yesterday af?
ternoon, where be will spend several days
looking after business at that place.
We take especial pride in our assortment
of shirts. The latest out. They are beau?
ties, 50c to 51. Harman & Bottimore.
The town this week issued bonds to pay
for the new water works. The bonds
were printed at the Rxpcblican job office.
The health of the town was fine during
the past Winter and it will be good the
coming Summer, if the proper sanitary
steps are taken.
During the month of March twelve mar
ri.ige licenses were issued by the county
clerk, of which ten were for white persons
and two for colored persons.
Our line of men's and boys' shoes is
complete. Any shape, prices from $1.25
to $4.20, quality guaranteed. Our shoe
trade is constantly growing?a sure evi?
dence of honest goods. Harman & Botti?
Hon. Henry Bowen has accepted the
position of chairman of the Republican
party for Tazewell county to which he was
elected by the county committee last
There has been a complaint among the
farmers that the ground was dry all the
winter. The Gne rains that fell the first of
this week must have made the ground
pretty wet.
The members of the present town council
could have been re-nominated if they had
so desired. The most of them bad served
several terms and did not desire to Le
elected again.
There will be no special services held at
any of the churches in town on Easter
morning. None of the ministers have
made any special arangements for such a
eervice.so far as we have heard.
We are carrying a line of clothing this
season superior in quality to anything ever
before carried by this house. We don't
care bow particular your taste may be, we
are sure we can satisfy you. Call and see.
Harman & Bottimore.
Cards are out for the marriage of Miss
Willie Wingo to Mr. W. G. Batliff. The
wedding will take place on the evening ol
the 6th of April at the residence of Mr. L.
C. Wingo, father of the young lady.
Dr. K. B. Gillespie spent last week in
Richmond as the guest of Dr. Geo. Ben
Johnston. While there he witnessed a
number of splendid surgical operations
that were performed by Dr. Johnston.
Changes are made in the advertisements
of Buston & Sons, Harrisson & Gillespie
Bros., J. E. Jackson, Dodd & Co. and The
Tazewell Millinery Company. We call the
attention of our readers to the advertise?
ments of all these firms.
Our Spring stock is now open and ready
for inspection. We have a line of the
latest Spring styles in clothing. The best
and handsomest goods ever shown in
Tazewell. It is worth your while to look
them over. Harman & Bottimore.
Mr. S. A. McMullen, ofCarbondale.Pa.,
and Mr. R. H, Patterson, of Scranton, the
same State, were in town the first of the
week. These gentlemen are laigely inter?
ested in mineral lands in this county and
McDowell county, West Va.
The regular Spring term of the Circuit
court for Tazewell county will begin next
Monday, with Judge Jackson presiding.
There is a very good sized law and chan?
cery docket, and we may expect a good
deal of work to be done by the court at
this term.
Mr. W. I. Boone has suspended publi?
cation of the "Southwest Republican"
which he has been publishing at Radford,
"Va., for the past six months. He will
move his newspaper plant and job office
to Martinsville, Va., and begin the publi?
cation of a paper at that place.
Mr. T. I. Shawver, who started with
bis family to the State of Washington on
Tuesday afternoon, called at our office and
ordered the Rei-ublicax to be sent to his
new home. We are sorry to see such good
citizens as Mr. Shawver leaving Tazewell,
but wish him and his family success and
happiness in their new home.
The Epworth League has secured the
Bluefield orchestra to assist at the enter?
tainment to be given at the town hall on
the 5th of April. The orchestra numbers
ten persons and has some fine musicians
in its ranks. They will add greatly to the
entertainment and will help to draw a
large crowd.
I desire to attest to the merits of Cham?
berlain's Cough Remedy as one of the
most valuable and efficient preparations
on the market. It broke an exceedingly
dangerous cough for me in 24 hours, and
gratitude therefor, I desire to inform
you that I will never be without it and
you should feel proud of the high esteem
in which your Remedies are held by peo?
ple in general. It is the one remedy
among ten thousand. Success to it.?0.
R. Downey, Editor Democrat, Albion,
Lad. For sale by Jno. E. Jackson.
You suit yourself in style.
We guarantee the quality,
and the price takes care of
a ever
Read our adiin this and
every other issue of this paper.
An Instance of Nntnre Coming to the
Assistance of the law,
"Speaking of caves," remarked the
drummer whose territory extends from
New York to everywhere, "I suppose
you don't know of that down yonder in
the cave section of southwestern Ken?
tucky it isn't unusual for the towns
which are built over eaves to use them
as sewers, and there's many a kitchen
with its sink leading- right down into
the depths of the earth. But an even
odder ruse than this to which nature
may be put I discovered In the cave
country of Virginia.
"The little town of Eldrldge, with a
population of six or seven hundred, has
a large, contingent of miners to be
handled by the authorities, and when
they get ugly they are ugly Indeed.
Two or three 'coolers'for their accom?
modation when drunk and disorderly
had been burned or torn down by them,
aud the town marshal was hard put to
know what to do. At last the editor of
the local paper suggested that the cave
in the -mountain not 300 yards from tbe
city- hall would be just the thing for a
calaboose.and the marshal proceeded to
investigate. He found that the way
then in use to get into it was down a
ladder 30 feet through an entrance six
or eight feetin diameter, and that when
once In the cave the air was dry and
good; there was a stream of fine water,
and that, though it was dark, the elec?
tric light could be introduced easily
from the town plant.
"That was his report, and without
saying anything much to anybody beds
and boards and a few other pieces of
necessary furniture were taken down,
and on Saturday night when the boys
began to whoop it up and were taken
in they "were carefully let down into the
cave by a rope on a portable windlass
that had been rigged over the mouth,
and silence prevailed on the face of the
earth. The lights were turned on and
It was bright and cheerful; the boys
had all the room they wanted; they
could do as they pleased (down there),
and the loudest noise they could make
couldn't possibly be heard on earth.
That plan, worked with eminent .sue
Berry Pectoral
saved my child's life in an
attack of
Bedford Springs, Va,
cess until one nlglnt tncre was a light
and a man- was hurt, and then the au?
thorities fixed up some enges, or pens,
and an officer went down first to receive
the visitors and care for them on their
arrival. It has been working that way
ever since and is undoubtedly the safest
prison in the whole country and is the
cheapest and most enduring."?Wash?
ington Star.
From n Smoky Town.
"That young college friend who Is
visiting you is the most peculiar person
I ever met," remarked a young lady to
an intimate gentleman acquaintance.
"Anything strange In his conduct?"
she was asked. "I should say there was.
Why, last evening he just raved over
the beauties of the moon and the stars.
7)ne would think he bad never seen any?
thing of the kind before." "And that
is exactly correct. This is the first time
he saw the heavens lit up at night."
"What!" exclaimed the young lady In
surprise. "Fact," said her friend. "You
see, he ha3 always lived in Pittsburgh,
and this is the first time he Sias ever
been away from home."?Ohio State
Aptly Xamed.
Ethel?Who is that man you just
bowed to?
Penelope?That was Dobson, the
great composer.
"A composer, did you say?"
"Yes. lie manufactures soothing
Good Advice.
"Doctor, I wart jour advice** said
Rambo. "I have no appetite, can't eat
a thing. I never seem to be hungry.
What should I do?"
"Go to Klondike,** said the doctor.?
Yellow Book.
Grny Much In Vogue.
Gray is much worn for evening dress,
but usually in soft, clinging materials.
The same color in poplin and heavy
satin Is also much used, but. is gen?
erally combined -with net or chiffon,
in the form of ruffles and ruches, to
soften the effect. Gray wraps trimmed
with black fur, and soft gray millinery
with a dash of black placed in a decided
manner, are much used for evening
functions.?Woman's Home Compan?
It is, or should be, the highest aim of
! every merchant to please his customers;
and that the wide-awake drug firm of
Meyers & Eshleman, Sterling, 111., is do?
ing so, is proven by the following, from
Mr. Eshleman : "In my sixteen years'
experience in the drug business I have
never seen or sold or tried a medicine that
gave as good satisfaction as Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy."
VIRGINIA: In the clerk's office of the
circuit court for Tazewell countv,
March 24, 1898.
Hemy Peery Vandyke, an infant who sues
by his next friend, and Guardian, J. W.
vs. f In chancery.
H. H. Lockhart, and Jennie Lockhart, his
wife, R. L. Yost and Rebecca Yost, his
wife, Rees T. Vandyke, George M. Van?
dyke, Arthur G. Ratliff,Willie H. Ratliff,
Chapman H. Peery, E. L. Greever,
trustee, Lena E. Reed, Jos. A. McGuire,
Lula Maud McGuire, Mayo McGuire,
Carrie E. McGuire, Marion McGuire,
James W. McGuire, John McGuire and
Sarah McGuire, the last seven of whom
are infants, defendants.
The object of this suit is to have the will
of Rees Vandyke construed, and to set
aside as clouds upon the title of the com?
plainant certain decrees of the circuit
court of Tazewell county entered m the
chancery cause of H. H. Lockhart and
wife et als vs. Polly Vandyke and others,
directing a partition of the lands of which
Rees Vandyke died seized, and also to set
aside due from H. H. Lockhart and wife
to Jas. M. McGuire and due ofR. L.
Yost and wife to Arthur G. Ratliff, and
Willie H. Ratliff, and due from Rees Van?
dyke to E. L. Greever, trustee, and to
recover the lands in the bill mentioned.
And it appearing from affidavit on file
in said office that Lena E. Reed is a non?
resident of the State of Virginia, it is
ordered that she appear here within fifteen
days after due publication of this order
and do what is necessary to protect her
interest in this suit, and that copies hereof
be posted as prescribed by law. A Copy.
Teste: H. Bane Haeman, Clerk.
J. W. Chapman, p. q. 3-31-4t
Who would prescribe only
tonics and bitters for a weak,
puny child ? Its muscles and
nerves are so thoroughly ex?
hausted that they cannot be
whipped into activity. The ~
w child needs food; a blood- $
* making, nerve-strengthening <i>
$ and muscle-building food. $
I i
I Scott's Emulsion |
f of Cod-Liver Oil is all of this, $
$ and you still have a tonic in $
jfc the hypophosphites of lime $
* and soda to act with the food. $
$ For thin and delicate children jjj
there is no remedy superior o>
to it In the world. It means %
growth, strength, plumpness jjj
and comfort to them. Be sure
you get SCOTT'S Emulsion.
50c. und $1.00, all druggists.
SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, New York.
Dissolution Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the partner-1
ship heretofore existing under the iirni
name and style of Thompson, Hopkins A '
Co. has been dissolved by mutual consent. |
Persons who e.re indebted to the said firm
are requested to come forward and I
promptly settle their indebtedness.
W. T. Thompson,
G. 0. Thompson,
J. T. Hopkins.
Thompson's Vallev, Ta/ewell Co., Va.
To Cure Conxtlpation Forever.
Take Cascarcts Candy Cathartic. 10c or 25c
If C. C. C. fail to euro, drug|*iat6 refund mocev 1
Have You Property
You Want to Sell ?
Place it with
Clinch Yalley Real Estate Agency.
It will cost you nothing unless sales are
made. We give below a description of
some of the properties now in our hands:
120 acres of fine land in the corporation
of Richlands, south of Clinch River, all in
a high state of cultivation, nearly one-half
in river bottoms, a splendid, new, 8-room
house and all necessary out-buildings.
Price $3000, one-third cash, residue 1, 2
and 3 years. Title perfect.
214 acres of fine blue grass land, all
cleared but about 30 acres, 4-room house,
two barns with other outside buildings,
Gne spring of never-failing water, school
houses and churches nearby, good fences,
about one mile south of Doran, N. & W.
R. R. Would sell in two parts. Price $25
per acre, one-third cash, residue 1, 2 and
3 years.
20,000 acres of the finest coal lands in
Virginia, in the counties of Tazewell and
Buchanan. Price given upon examination
of property.
A good dwelling with 8 rooms, at Rich
lands, $350, half cash, one and two years.
This is a bargain.
214 acres of land in Baptist Valley, 120
acres cleared, rest in good timber, (j-room
house, 1 good barn and other necessary
out-buildings, water in the yard and a fine
white sulphur spring 200 vards from the
house, which is NOTED FOR ITS ME?
DICINAL QUALITIES, $3200, half cash,
residue 1 and 2 years.
For particulars call on
Tazewell, Va.,
Richlands, Va.
Hotel Tazewell,
Has been entirely refurnished. First
clasa accommodations. Table supplied
with excellent fare. Rates $1.50 per day
with low rates for board by week or month.
U. R. McCOY, Proprietor.
About Garden Seeds. . .
We ought to sell all of the garden seeds that
will be sold in Tazewell this Spring; because we
sell Burpee's and Landreth's'seeds?seeds that are
always fresh and from dealers who do not send
out the same old seeds year after year. It's use?
less to use a long list of adjectives in praise of these
seeds; their reputation and first quality is too well
We Mention a Few Specials From the . . .
Large Stock of These Seeds Which We Sell:
Extra Karly lied Valentine Beans, 5c pt.
Burpee's Stringless Green Pod Bush Beans, the only stringhss green pod
bean in cultivation.
Burpee's Extra Early Peas, eai liest on record.
Burpee's Profusion Peas.
Adams Com we sell all seeds in bulk as
lirst In Market Bush Beans. ?.
Onion sets. well as package.
Flower Seeds.
Early Amber and Orange Cane Seed.
. . . Dodd & Company.
It is claimed that the proprietors of a certain
blood medicine spend annually for calendars alone,
the above sum. to say nothing of the other forms
of advertising. Somebody pays for this enormous
expenditure. Who is it? Evidently, those who
buy the medicine.
That's the medicine we are talking about. We've
a Sarsaparilla, the formula of which was written
by one of the most learned physicians of the world.
We have it prepared ourselves and labeled with
'our own name. If you are curious to know the
formula, we have it and will tell you what it is.
You may get your doctor to examine it, and if he
says it will not cure impure blood it shall cost
you nothing. It does not cost a cent yearly to ad?
vertise this Sarsaparilla, therefore, not one cent is
added to its cost for advertising. It is put up in
the same siz bottles as ather ^ ^
Sarsaparilla,but the price is only O w O X ? ?
If this argument does not convince you, wre sell
Hood's, Ayer's or any other for $1.00, on which
we also make a profit.
J. E. JACKSON, Druggist.
Kentucky King,
Bred by Gay Bros., Fisgah, Ky., a Black Stallion, 16 hands high, foaled May 1st, 1891,
sired by Black Squirrel.
Sire's Dam: Mollic
. (By King William, 67. {&?,n^"r VD
? f Grand Sire: Black Ea-^ 1?J?Rk?-?HK*
g [gle, 71. (Kitty Richards j By loung Eagle,
. f Sire: Black Squirrel, 5S J 1
(Bettle j0? McDonald
X I (By Stonewall Jackson,
o\ f By Stonewall Jackson,< ?[72.
a ! [Jr. (.
H LDam: Lucille < ,? ? ..
g f By Biack Donald {B-v Diamond Denma*
S 12d Dam: Jessie -i t t> ^ l68'
^ >, (By Imp.Buzzard
Kentucky King is a very handsome horse and finely gaited; goes the fol?
lowing gaits, viz: Walk, trot, rack, canter, running walk, fox trot or slow pace.
There are no gaits he does not go.
At $15 to Insure Living Foal.
Money due when colt is foaled or mare parted with. Lien retained on all colts
until service fee is paid. If you want to raise something that will bring you money
see this horse before you breed. Due notice will be given of the places at which the
horse will stand. He can now be seen at John Barns' stables, in Ward's Cove, Taze?
well County, Va.
BARNS & MOORE, Knob, Va.
Fanatlcn Spend Tbclr Liven Iluntlnsr
for Supposed nurletl TrenaareH.
Some Parisdans are actually kept
from wandering by conviction that
there is hidden treasure behind the
walls or beneath the flooring or in the
chimney nook, or under the roof.
You are told that during the number?
less sieges to which Paris has been sub?
jected, and the Internal revolutions it
has undergone, there exists not a cellar
or a garret but has become the recep?
tacle of some part of the immense riches
accumulated in religious houses and
old families. There is, perhaps, noth?
ing irrational in the supposition thaitin
the good old times when convents were
made the depositories not onlj' of the
6ecrcts of the aristocracy, but of the
family jewels likewise, instances must
have occurred wherein these deposits
were buried and remain undiscovered,
together with the treasures of the con?
fraternity. But human folly has of late
years exalted this rational possibility
into dazzling certainty. Every means is
now resorted to, and more gold and
precious time expended than the most
valuable treasure could repay, in order
to seize the secret which srtill resists dis?
covery. "While you of the matter-of
fact, plodding Anglo-Saxon race are
toiling cud broilng in Australia and
California searching for gold, we gold
seekers of Paris find it here beneath our
feet in the old quarters of the city round
Notre Dame and the Hotel de Ville,
where gold is teeming in greater plenty
than amid the roeky bowlders of Cali?
fornia, or beneath the soil of BaKarat,"
said Ducasse, the great t r ens arc-seek er.
As if to mock this feverish and never
ceasing chase, not one of the great tra?
ditional treasures?of which four are
believed to exist?has been yet brought
to light, although now and then some
token is vouchsafed of their real exist?
ence. Prom time to time, for instance,
the tradition of the famous treasure
buried by Napoleon's order, on his hur
ried departure from the Tuilleries be?
fore Waterloo, is justified by the turn?
ing up in all parts of the palace garden
of gold pieces and silver crowns. The
boles of the elm trees down the middle
alley of the garden were all marked
with hieroglyphic signs, which, ceasing
at certain points, began again on the
lime trees of the terrace of the Feuilaus.
Bait the elm tree where these signs be?
gan and the lime treeon winch thy have
ended have been uprooted and the soil
all about them turned over without
avail. Then, during the laying out of
the Bois de Boulogne, great interest
voas excited by the fencing off of a por?
tion of the wood close to the Pre Cate
lan, and ransacking of this small spot
for a month, under the superintendence j
of a government officer, while, crowds
waited anxiously outside the line to see
one of the 40 workmen strike upon the
golden deposit confidently believed to
have been buried there by Fouche, duke
of Otranta. The hoard is actually cal?
culated as part of the family wealth.?
Chambers' Journal.
A Very Simple But Nevertheless In?
teresting Exhibit.
There arc very few, if any, fishes that
don't like shrimp; and shrimps, when
they arc obtainable, always form part
of the food fed to fishes in aquariums.
At the New York aquarium tlie shrimp
supply for this purpose was formerly
kept in a stock tank in the corridor at
the rear of the exhibition tanks; re?
cently, however, the food shrimps were
brought to the front and placed in an
exhibition tank, where they nre still
kept; and perfectly simple as it is there
are not many exhibits in the aquarium
that attract more atcntion. There are
some marine plants in this tank, ulva
and one or two other things, but the
great attraction is the shrimps.
There are hundreds of them, maybe
thousands, and thev* are all the time
darting about with characteristic activ?
ity. They are sure to remind the ob?
server of a cloud of gnats. They are not
so numerous as gnats would be, and
they arc much larger; but there are
many of them, and they look as one
could imagine a cloud of gnats would
look if by some means a dozen of little
gnats could be brought together to
form one big one, the bigger gnats thus
formed continuing to twist and turn
and gyrate just as the smaller ones had
Of course the shrimps arc fed just OS
any other animals would be; chopped
up clams is their food. It is placed in
the water at the top, to sink slowly
down. As it sinks it is seized upon by
the myriad slumps. Each grabs a piece
and darts away with it. The shrimps
are semi-transparent; the solid meat
of the clam is white, and it shows clear?
ly against their bodies; and so nt feed?
ing time they look more curious than
ever as they dart here and there, each
now carrying a little white ball.
In summer, when the shrimps are
nbundant and easy to procure, they are
fed to all the fishes that like them; in
winter, when the}' are more difficult to
get, they become a sort of delicacy on
the aquarium's bill of fare and they are
then fed only to the fishes that most
need them.?N. Y. Sun.
Defending the Drltish Isles.
A British investigator, provoked at
hearing Ids country repeatedly referred
to as a "tight little island," announces
that one county in England?Middle?
sex?is of sufficient extent to allow all
the people of tho world to find standing
room could they be gathered together
there. Another?Yorkshire?would, he
claims, furnish standing room for all
the people that have lived since the
Christian era.?Philadelphia Press.
Easter Egg for the Pope.
Last year the pope received an Easter
egg. The shell is made of ivory, its :
lining is of white satin and the yolk is
a golden case containing a large ruby
set In diamonds. The whole is worth
upward of $10,000.?Chicago Chronicle. ^
?A German paper states that 521.000 j
shells were discharged by their armies |
against the French fortresses in the war
of 1870-71._
Spanish Omelet.
A savory dish for breakfast or for
high tea and a decided novelty in most
families is Spanish omelet. Cut quar?
ter of a pound of bacon into dice and
fry brown, then add six mushrooms, a
small onion and a tomato, all chopped^
Stir and cook until the vegetables are
tender. Beat six eggs without separat?
ing, with pepper and salt to taste, add
quarter cup of miUc, pour into a hot
frying pan with a heaping teaspoonful
of butter, shake and run a broad-blad
?d knife under the center to prevent
scorching, when the eggs begin to set
spread the hot bacon and vegetables on
top, fold and serve at once.?Louisville
A Wonderful Care.
"I took your pills," began the patient.
"Yes," said the doctor, blandly.
"And tried them on the rats. Great
?eHults. Give me a hundred more."?
Philadelphia North American.
"Ahl" he said, as the postman handed
him a letter, "an epistle?"
"No," said his wife, as she opened the
mvelope and a tailor's bill fluttered to
the floor. "Not an epistle; a collect."?
Boston Traveler.
Foreign and Domestic Liquors and Wines. Pabst Milwaukee Beer>
Overbolt, guaranteed lOyrs $1.50
Finch's Golden Wedding... 1.25
Gibson's Pure Rye. 1.25
Goodman's (1800) Private
Stock. 1.1.5
Belle of Nelson . 1.00
Springdale 1S7.~> Kve. 1.00
Baker's Pure Rve..'. 1.00
Old Time Kentucky Rye.80
White .Mills Old Bourbon. .75
Old Virginia Glades rye.75
Old Velvet.75
Honeymoon Pure Kentucky
Mc Braver Kentucky.00
Imperial Cabinet.50
Commercial Rye.
Duffey'8 .Malt Whisky. 1.00
White Malt Rye (4 years).. .75
Canada .Malt.75
Old Crow.
Slivovitz. 1.50 5.00
Floyd Co., Va., Apple. 1.00 4.00
Maryland d'hledie.Apple .75 3.00
Kentucky Apple.75 3.00
Virginia Apple.50 1.50 to 2.0')
Pure Blackberry Brandy .75 1.50 to 2.00
Rock and Rye...50 1.50 to 2.00
Beach and Honey.50 1.50 to 2.00
Ginger Brandy...". .50 1.50 to 2.00
Florida (?r?nge Brandy.... 1.00
Crystalized Brandies...... 1.00
K?mmel. 1.00
Jamaica Rum..?,....$1.00
Old London Dock Rum. 1.50
! Oporto Rum.
! New England Rum.
! Genuine [rieh Whiskey..
I Gam Kirk Scotch .Mali..
Jameson's Irish.
2. .50
Pure White Rye.
North Carolina Corn.
Ter Gallon.
..?1.50 to 2.00
.. 1.50 to 2.20
Uoitlc Gallon.
California Grape.$1.00 $4.00
Distilled Blackberry. 1.25 5.00
John Jameson&Son,Dublin 1.75
Pint Qt.
G. II. Mumm & Go.'s Extra
Dry.$1.75 $8.25
Piper Heidsick, Grand Sec. 1.75 3.25
Gold Seal Kxtra Dry. 1.00 2.00
! Werner's Extra Dry.75 1.25
Moet, File et.Cic Epeniay... 1.25 2.25
Hot. rial.
Jas. Hennessey & Co***.?2.25 $S.OO
.las. Hennessey & Co.**. 2.00 7.5
Otard Dupuy & Co. 1874. 2.25 8.0
Pinet, Castilon & Co. V. S.
O. P. 2.25 8.00
I.enoir, Fils ?& Co. 1.75 G.00
Jules Pomerov <fc Co. 1.50 5.00
Bernard Freies & Co. 1.00 4.00
Bot Per Gallon
Tokay Cabinet.?1.00
Vino Vermouth. 1.00
Catawba.75 $2.50
California Sherry.75 2.00 to 2.50
Deideshenner Rhine.75
Niersteiner Rhine.75
F?rster Reisline.75
Blackberry.501.50 to 2.00
Malaga Sweet Wine.75 2.00
Dufl Gordon >dicrrv. 1.00 4.00
Ben Bark. Virginia, Claret .30 1 doz 3.00
.St. Julen Claret Bordeux .50 case 5.00
Booth & Co. Imported
Old Tom.?1.00
Wood &C6. Domestic Old
Tom .75
Crown Malt Rye Gin.
Bosthoonie Gin.
Superior Holland (Jin. 1.00
Holland (im. 1.50 to 3.00
Send for Full PHce List.
Over ten thousand dollars worth ui'tinc and medium Furniture always on hand. When in the city call and look through
our large store room.
Bluefielcl, W. Va. WM. HICKS & CO.
On the morning of Feb. 20, )S95, I was
sick with rheumatism, and lay in bed until
May 21st, when I got a bottle of Chamber?
lain's Pain Palm. The first application of
it relieved me almost entirely from the
pain and the second afforded complete re?
lief. In a short time I was able to be up and
about again.?A. T. Moreaux, Luverne,
Minn. Sold by Jno. E. Jackson, druggi: t.
All persons concerned are hereby noti?
fied that the partnership existing between
Thomas Ilankins and A. D. W. Walton
under the firm name and style of the
Tazewell Millinery Company has this day
been dissolved by mutual consent. The
said Walton retires from said business,
having sohl his interest to Mr. J. 15.
Ilankins. The said A. D. W. Walton is
released from all liabilities of said firm.
Tiie interest of said A. D. W. Walton in
all notes and accounts due said firm is also
assigned to the said J. B. Ilankins. Given
under our hands this 30th day of March,
Tnos. IIankins.
A. D. W. Walton,
J. B. Han kins.
All kinds of stone and brick fi
work and plastering done. Bids V)
and estimates made on all kinds x
of work in my line. Inspection S
" 4
49 of my work in Tazewell invite 1.
8 Also lime kiln builder.
Call on or address
At Pocahontas, Va.
I olfer for sale my new, well erecled
brick building near the depot. Suitable
for any kind of business. Best location in
town. For terms apply to
S. Cohen,
Pocahontas, Va.
Job Work.
The Republican
Job Office
Is complete. All kinds
of work done neatly and promptly.
I Letter Heads,
Note Heads,
Bill Heads,
and Special Jobs.
Our prices will be as low as those
of any first-class office.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
No Aprilfool!
On the 1st day of April, 1898, we will begin
selling strictly for cash; no books will be kept at
all. Our prices will be-reduced to a cash basis,
and our customers will receive the benefit of low
We thank our friends for past patronage.
The Tazewell Drug Company have declared war against
that chief enemy or' the human race?DISEASE.
Their chief commander, G. H. Landon, Pharmacist, has
been ordered to show no quarters and to turn his guns on
high prices and mow them down and defy competition. If
you are sick bo sure to enlist in their Company, and verily
you shall come out victorious, without spot or blemish.
'?So mote it be in peace, love and unity,"
They have remedies for old folks, remedies for young
folks, remedies for children and remedies for babies.
Medicines for coughs, medicines for colds, medicines for
the entire body, from your head to your toes.
in order to be mustered in and well drilled must call at once
at the office of the
Don't fail to get a box of Nunley's Bonbons for your
wife and babies before you enlist.
potts Bros.
appreciate the patronage thus far given them and
are grateful at the commendation of the quality
of their goods by those who have tried them.
Their Maple Leaf
brand includes Spices strong and pungent, Coffees and Teas fragrant and
Their Riverton and Griffin Fruits in cans arc as select as the Pacific,
coast can furnish; and their department of Cakes and Crackers in excellence
and varieties is all that the most fastidious and delicate taste can demand.
Food products of all grades, plain and fancy, at lowest prices.
. . . Spotts Bros.

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