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K. 1.. WtKiwr, K.tltor Loral C
Mrs. A. J. llmiiltou was in Baltlmore
last week.
Melvin Milhy was down last week to
spcud the holidays.
Clinton Bew spent Xmas at hia home
In King aud l>uecn.
Old papers for sale at the Citizen
oflice for 20 cents a hundred. ?
Aid Society tooi?ht (Friday) at resi
dence af Mrs. L. H. Irviog.
Capt. M. 11. VViller was quite sick for
a few days.but is out agaiu.
Miss Kate Rowe was home fromCapt.
Siminons' during the vacation.
SI?w Art Your K.lri??ya 9
Or Hobbs' Smmiih PlllsritreaU kirfnor tl'?. 8aa>
fic fi ue. A-Jd S-'erliuK Kwuie.lv Co..CLit?so or N. V
Look out for our representative at
Healbsville courl next Monday.
Miss Blanche Messick spent the vaca?
tion in Baltimore and Salisbury.
VY. T. Jones and sou made a flying
trip to Norfolk week before last.
Kucotttaxe nome enterprtse and buy your
\ IMbarofw. H. Jesse. Litwalton, Lancaster
C >. Material tho beat, price* low. hlg I reigbts
M isses Ruby and Clara Smilh spent the
holidays in the Monutneutal city.
H. A. W. Ktllam, who has been rt
cruiting on the Eastern Shore, is back
Mrs. J. A.Rogers.of Millenbeck. spent
Xtnas witb ber daugbter, Mrs. ilattie
T.kc I..x \ti\k ItuoMoOeiMNF. Taim.kts. All
druirRists refutid the money If It falls to cure.
K. W. (inovi's sltmature on every box. 25c.
Messrs. Charlie Milligan aud John
Evaus were visiting friends here tbe
pa*t week.
Tbe Leonard brothers have moved into
"Solitude Cottage," receutly vacated by
Mr. Curlett.
Russcli and Claybrook Cottingham
were visiting their many friends herc
Ihe past week.
Bc cautious; he provident; and insure
your propcrty in tbe Northern Neck
Mutual Firc Association, Irvington, Va.
II. Jetcr Haydon, local editor of the
Scntinel, spent Sunday and Monday herc
during Xmas week.
R. S. Mitcbcll, the energetic proprictor
of Irvington Reacb, bas filled his ice
house with clioice ice.
Bonncr Busaells and Irving Messick,
spent a portion of tbc holidays at VVi
comico Church bunting.
Mrs. A. N. Trihle was here from Char
lottc6vil)c for the holidays. She wcn. to
Haltimorc this week for the winter.
Noticb.?Now is tbc time to have
vour sioves put in order, especially your
Litrobc Simcs Call on
R. Gori.nMAN, Irvington, Va.
Harry Waters.tbeelticient book-keeper
for the Cartcrs Crcek Fish Uuana Co.,
has returncd to IiaUimorc for tbe win?
The good pcoplo of tbc Mclhodlst
churcb herc gave Rev. C. R. Jatncs a
lieavy "pouuding" on tbe nigbl of the
22 nd.
Mr?. Sidonia Alcxander came down
from New York to spentl Cbrislmas
with her parcuts, Capl. and Mrs. J. 11.
FoiM):?Purseon \Vcen?s roadThurs
day before Xtnas. Owner can recovcr
Baaaa by applying to Miss Nomie Ash?
burn, Tombs, Va.
Little Eddie Valcntine, a ho bas been
visiting his uncle, E. D. Valentine, re
lurued to his home iu Richmond week
before last.
Capt. J. F. Busstlls, Capt. A. YV. Bus
and Capt. J. N. 'VYililcr were some of the
eapuins we noticcd as being bere for
tbe holidays.
The'Tumkin" bursting at the Metho
dist church and t'ie Xmas trec at the
Haptist church here were much enjoyed
by tbe young aud old.
Omve's Taateless Chlll Tonlc is a perfect
Maiarlal I.lver Tonlc and Ulood purtfler. Re
moved Uillousness wlthout purirlnir. Aa pleas^
antas Lemon Syrun. It is aslarg-easany Dol
Ur tonlc and retails for 50 cents. To jret the
urtiutiK- ask for irrove'*. dold on its inents.
No uure no pay.
Those desiring to have their teetb re
paired can do so by calling on Dr. Jno.
P. Stiff, at Wet-nis on the 10th and Irv
iuton on tk>: 12th of this month.
Dr. aud Mrs. VV. J. Newbiil spent
Xmas day with rclatives in Essex.
Frank G. Newbiil epeut tho weelt in
Baltimore and YYashington.
A surprisc party was tendered to Miss
Ida Joe Haydon on last Monday night
by ber many friends in this village. It
is needless to say that a flne time was
To t? ? Dixr.-A nch lady, cured of her
<'ea' ii?-M? and notses lo tbe head by Dr. Nichol
?o.i'S ArtitUml Esr Drutii*. irave #10.000 to his
litstitnte, so tbat deaf people unable to pro
cure the Ear Urunis u>ay have them free.
A.l.Ir. ss No.lSMs'i ho Nlcholson Institu:e. "H0
Kixhth Avenue, New York.
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Harwood, of
Richmond city, arrived here on the 22nd
aud proceeded to ihc home of Capt. I. N.
Busaells, in VYicomico, to spead the hol
iday acasoo.
Steamcr Chesapeake was in this har
bor YYednesday of this week. Cbaries
II. Haydon, cf this place, secured a posi
tion as scaman on steatner while hire,
aud left at once.
Th? (irlppe. ThU can be avoided by taking
teaspoonfui doses of 1'ain Kti.i.u ln hot
wiit.T awcatcnd.as well as by external appli
cations. full diiectlona aro on each bottle. A
Uittle of the 1'itin Killer kept ni the house
will prove valuablc not onlyforthe tirippo.
luit for ordiuaiy coughs aud colds. Avoid
sulxititiites, them ls but one Paln-Klller,
I'crry Havia'. l*ilc?> 35c. and 50c.
Tbe first sputter of snow made its ap
pearance on Cbriatmas day. It was ouly
a faint sign of approaching winter, but
the YYednesday followinggave us sevcral
inches of tho beautiful liakes.
Messrs. II. W. Treakle, J. F. Bellows,
Jo. H. Davis, Wm. Kesteraon and H. G.
YYard, ytewards of VYhite Stone aud
Asbury, were here reconily in meeting
with the Irvington Stewards.
Mrs. T. J. \\ ilhiiic 3i cA> Irvington; O. W.
San.lers. M hlte gsae, vV. h. Hardlng A
llro.. Wt-eius. iruaranteu every ttottlo of t'hmn
berlain's t'oiiKh Keiucly and will refund the
iiioiiey toany one who ls not sattsllcd after
nsinK two-thlr.ls of the eontenu. This is tho
best reme?iy iothe world for laKrippe.conKhM
OOMa, cronp nnd wliiKipuiK c.iukIi. and is
ataaaant and safe to tnke. It prevents any
tendeiicyof a col.l to rcmiltln pnoumonla.
Misses Addie Busaells, Hope Owens,
Mary Simtnons and Emma Flippo, and
Messrs. George Sandera. Allie Cralle
and Carleton Halhaway were at their
respective homes during the Christmas
A letter from Mr. T. 8. Curlett, in
Baltlmore, atatea that he will not leave
for parta unkuowo until the latter part
of thia mouth, and lhat he doea not waut
to lose aiKht of thoae who have "been
good to me."
J. B. Crallo, contractor, ia erectiug a
uice reaidence for John Dyke opposlte
Oarry Messick's reaidence; B. S. 11am
monda is paintlng Capt. J. F. Bussella,
resldeuce, and El. Yalentiue is putting
a porch to his dwelling.
Why autfer with Ooua-o?, Colda and l-t
iSriiijK' wbcn LazATtVB Hkomo viinink will
OUI i* you In one day. Di>es not produce the
HnicltiK tn the h??ad like Sulpbate of (juiulne
Put uuintabletaoonvenleot fortaklna. Ouar
*.nteed tocure. or money refuudet.. Prloe.
? conta. Por aale by
11. U \\ Ullag A O... Irvlnjrton, Va.
K. H. lilaud. Itay Port.Va.
U. H. HUn.l A l'o.. Mou?aKUO, Vo.
C. K. M'lrston & Co.. Htrniony Vlllage, Va.
<le<>. K. McKenuey, Merry Point, Va.
Oeo. Cotttuirhani.Ottoman Va.
Lalo arrivals at Irvington Beach
BflMfc L. I. Heapasa, M. O. Walton,
Mr. Blackwell. Misaes Blackwell. Ed
warda, Nannie Wiatt, Broaddus, Kli/.a
N. Mitchell, Lula Downing, Geo. R
Fincb, Blr. Brent, Mr. Hay, W. Curtia
Walker, L L. Suead, B. F. Uart.
Irvington waa exccedlngly quiet dur?
ing the festal scaaon. Capt. J. Edwiu
Buasclla, our Ooliah, however, put a lit
tle apice into mattern on Tburaday by
rolling a barrel of oil from tbe wbarf to
Willicg'a atore through the fresh snow.
Be did it, like a man, but his wagcr waa
well earued.
Look ont Below aa well aa above,
and go at once to T. J. Haydon & Son's
for the neceasary ingredienta for your
Xmas cakcs, etc. They keep all flrst
class articles that you need; alsocandies,
cakea, nota and a lot of other nice
thinga. Oh, my! they are juet too nice
and swect for anythiuc. Don't rorgel
the place?T. J. Haydon & Son's,
Irvington. *
A repreacutativc of the Citizkn at
tenda regularly upon Lancaater and
Northumberland courta. Upon tbcas
occaslons, or at any oiher time, our rep
reseatative ia authorized to receivc sub
acriptiona, advertiseraenta or job work
for the Fredericksburg Free Lanct, or
to transact any other buslncas for that
To Rditor sat In his offlce drear,
Whence all but him had fled.
And nary a Chriatmaa gttt came there,
llut duna came lircly, inatead.
Yet, one old frlend, of HahinR fame.
Uropt in with cordial mannera;
Hc left a eart-whcel to movc up hia naroe
And paaaed over a dozen havanna*.
80 hero'a to ye noble Capt, G. P.?
May hia corpua ncver irrow leaa?
Who thinks of ye editor. lank aud lean,
And fllla with "puffa" hia "neat "
Deauty Ia niood Deep.
Clcan blood mcana a rlean akin. No
bcauty without it. t'aararetc, Candv Cathar
tic clean your Mood and keep it clcan, by
etirnng up the lazy liver and driving all im
puritiea from the body. Iiegin to-day to
banish pimnlea, boils, blotches, blackheada.
and that aickly bilioua complexion by taking
Caacareta.?t>eauty for ten centa. All drug
giata, aatiafaction guaranteed, 10c, 2.x", 50c.
The Citizkn fecla cspccially grate
ful to its aubacribcrs, advertisers and
the patrona of its job department.
The paat year, one ahnost without
a aolicitation on our pait, baa
aeen large acquisitions to the sub
scription and advertisiug liata, while
thoae frlenda who hare atnek to ua
agaiust all compelitors have enablcd us
to make a aplendid ahowing in our job
prioling out put. Again we tender
our warmeat thanka.
To Corrk8Pondkst8:?Thia ia the
"third and last call" to thoae correapon
denta who have not furniabed us with
their photograpba. Some tblrty odd
have favoied ua on thia '.ine, and we wiab
the remainder could do ao, aa we will the
latter part of this monlh publiah all
thoae thu have beeu aent ua. We appre
clate deeply the great work which baa
been done by our corps of corrcapondents
and will take pleature in presenting to
the public the portraits of thoae who
have done ao much towarda the up-build
ing of a live local paper.
I want to let the people who aulTer from
rheumatlam and aclatica know that Chamber
lam'a Paln llalm lellevod me after a number
Sjf other medicinea and a doctor had falled.
It ia the beat ilniment 1 have ever kuown of.
J. A. Doixie.n. Alphaictta, Ua. Thousanda
habe been cured of rheumatlam by tlils rom
edy. One appllcatlon reilevea the paln. For
aale by W. H. Hardtn*- & Uro.. Weema; O. W.
Sandera, White Stonc; Mra. T. J. WllKng &
Co., Irv'njfton.
Maij were tbe frienda and viaitora
tieetijg through our preclncta during the
holldaya. The Citizkn kodak waa
short handed but we managed to anap
the following: Capt. W. E. Simmona,
Charley Corneliua, W. H. Longworth,
Mr. and Mra. R. A. Treakle and little
?on, H. A. Moran, Jno. E. Hardlug,
Jamea and Fitz Harding, Dr. Raymond
Palmer, W. F. Carter, W. F. Davia, A. L
Bliaa, A. Jamea, ar., J. R. Greaham, Dr.
J. E. Sandera, Capt. O. P. Squirea, Mrs.
D. J. Beauchamp, Misaes Eula Wagner
and Fannie Beauchamp, N. B. Treakle,
Dr. F. A. Pinckard, Willie Saudera, L.
I. Sandera.
It has beeo detnooatratcd repeatodly in
every state ln the Union and ln many forelgii
eountrlea tuat Chamlterlalu'a Coug-h Uemedy
la a ourtain preventlve and cure for croup.
It haa beoome the univeraal rcmody for that
dbteaae. M. V. Flshcr, or Llberty. W. Va., ouly
repeata what haa been aaid around the globe
when he wtitea: **I have u?ed Chamberlaln's
Coutrb Heineoy in my family (or several yeara
aud alwaya with perfect suceeaa. We believe
that It la uot only the beat cough remedy, but
tbat It ls a aure oure for croup. It haa aaved
the livea of our children a number of timea."
Thia remedy la for aale by O. W. Sander*.
White Stone; Mra. T. J. WUUng * Co., Irving?
ton; W. H. Harding & llro., Weema.
A letter received laat week from Capt.
Willard D. Newbill, who is in North
Luzod, waa nearly two months reaching
here. It waa dated November lat, and
among other thiuga stated tbat the writer,
with Lawton's troopa were in purauit of
Aguinaido. It being the rainy season
and heigbt of summer there the roada
were fearful, and moaqnltoea, unats and
temperature worse. It took two daya
on one occaaion to proceed six milea.
Capt. Newbill at the time of wrltingwas
iu good health aud epirits, aud we pre
sume he is atill in that beatitic state, aa
the newspapers daily chronlcle auy alck
nesa or casualty happenlng tbe day pie
vious, and we haye noted no miahaps to
For BOc wortb ot work. Wo are glving aaray
Watchea, Blcyvles, Sewlng Maehlnea, Ouna
*c, &c., to Introduce our paper, PASTIMK,
? hlgh claaa illuatrated famlly 1 aper of from
1? to St large pagea: 64 to 138 columna of
Choice Gool Storiea, Literature. Art, Humor
Lettera of Travel ln Foreign Landa, Xo. &c.
And all you have to do to jret $48. worth of
preaenta ia to jjet 20 subscribera at 10c each.
Send 10c ln stampe for fuli parttculara. Long
liat of preaeuta and our paper, PASTIM B for
? months. If, after hearlng from ua you ftnd
our atatoment untrue, we will return your
money and oontlnu^ the paper free. Addr^aa
without delay. THK PA8TIMK Co., Loula
ville Ky.
Arrested for Burglary,
Allen Burr, a constable from New
Jeraey, recently arreated Luciua Rico
and Alice Frazler (both colored) at
Merry Point, Lancaater county, and
took them to New Jeraey for trial on the
charge of burglary, robbery and illicit
cohabitation. The partiea agreed to
accompanv Mr. Burr without requisition
C. L. Brown, of Lancaster, was io
Ba'timore reeenMr.
A uew postoftlcv has been established
at Zaca, VYestmoreiand county, with
Wm. T. Ileudersou us postmaatcr.
Mrs. L. M. Owens and daughier, of
Reodville, were in Baltimore the past
week. We are plvaaed to note that the
conditlon of Capt. Willaru Oweui ls
A Norfolk paper had a very iulcrest
ing accouut of tbe farcwell of Rev. W.
H. Edwards tendered by his church up?
on his leaving tbls Conference year to
assum*- the duties of presiding eldcr of
Fariiville district.
ThuJr. O. U. A. M.'sat YVarsaw on
lart Friday night beld au cuteitainment
aud parade. Some of the features were
tbc attendance of Bowering s band of
Fredericasburg, aud speeches by Hon,
VV. A. Jcnes and Dr. VY. VV. Douglas.
Owingtoice, steamer Richmond did
not get nearer thao six inilcs to Freder
icksburg on Saturday last. 8ho landed
passemters, who drove lo the city, and
iheu she returued to Port Royal unlil
Monday cvening, comiug down Tuesday
on ber regular scbedule. The continuous
cold makes it Uifllcult to say when a
steamer will now get to Fredencksburg.
tlaviiitf a Great Hun on Cfcmiu
bertalu's Cough Keiuedy.
Managcr Martiii, of tbe i'ieraon drug store,
informs us that be ls having a great ruu oc
Chambcriain's Cough Keiucdy. He aclls live
bottlea of that medtcloe to ooe of any other
kind, and Itglvea great satisfaction. Inthese
days of ia grippe there is uotbing ltae Chatn
iH'rlaiu's Cough Kcmcdy to stop the cough.
beal up tbe sore throat aud lungs and glve
rehef within a very short time. The sales are
K-rowing, aud all who try It ure pleaaed with
its pronipt sctiou.- Swiih C.'ii/my.. LkiUy Otlu
met. Kor sale by Ifrs. T. J. Wllling * Co.t
Irvington; U. W. San.lers. Wblte tHone: W. M.
Harding A. Ilro., Weeius.
Bug-eyc for sale.
T. J. Eubank's card of thanks.
Change of schedule for B. C. & A.
steamboat company.
The lurnber firra of Cooke, Clark &
Company, Norfolk, Va., bas been
chauged to the Frank T. Clark Com?
pany, Umited. Mr. Frank T. Clark,
presidentof tbe new company, has been
a member of tbe firni of Cooke, Clark &
Co , for the past elcren years.
Storm After Storm
arisca, and tbo?e tbat profess to know
say the cause is from foul air?explosivt
matters cominglu contact. And so it h
with tbe hum.-tn body?dlsease after dis
ease arises and cause the sufferer to bt
racked with paiu. Differeul diseasce
are from different causes, and must be
met by different rcmedles. A great
variety of these are alwavs on band at
our store for the sufferer, so comc and
be bealed at tbe sime old stand.
T. J. Haydon & 8o?,
Irvington, Va.
To Our Pollcy Holders.
Tbe limit for paymenl of asscssments
for tbc recent losscs in our home insur
ance associalion expired on Deccmber
2:trd. All but a few proraptly made re
turns and only two of the sevcral hun?
dred have drawu out, after flrst paying
theassessment It has been nearly two
years siuce tbere waa an asscssment
levied, scveral small tircs in the meantime
being scttlcd for by tbc Assocutlon from
its own funds. By so doiog there was a
saving of about twenty-five dollars each
time to its members which would have
occurred on account of postage andsla
tloncry: ln tbe recent assessment
were bunched losses aggrcgating eight
hundred dollars, some of which had been
paid from the personal funds of the man
ager to save cxtra asscssments and con
srquent expeuse to policy holders as
notcd. Two of tbc f.res being partial
buruiugs, bave not as yet been appraised
because tbe associalion Is busy having
these replaced and repaired, and it is not
possible to estimate cost until (inished;
but the preseut assessment will cover all
and lcave a small surplus, wbichbelongs
to tbe policy holders and will be used to
pay minor losses should they occur. In
January of each year the laws of Vlr
ginia rcijuire a sworn statement to be
published of tbecondltion of all such as
sociations and all moneys received or
paid out by them. Tbis will bedone In
a week or so by our association, and then
policy holders can scewbat has been col
lectcd and bow applied.
The association has over two hundred
thousand dollars ln live insurance, but
when assessingto cover a loss it is necea
aary to allow for some few defaulters,
aud then to add somethiug for postage,
etc Noltber tbe Association nor any of
its ofttcers derivc one cent from asseas
ments. The whole is devoted to the pay?
ing of losses and legitimate expenses con
nected tberewitb. Some pcrsons have
fallen into error because of their neglect
of decimals in computing tbe amounts
ralsed from asscssments. For instance:
40 cents on each $100 of $200,000 insur?
ance would raise $800, not $8,000, as we
learn some bave computed it.
Here are several rcasons why such in?
surance as ours is tbe bcat:
1. Insurance at actnal cost.
i. Economical and experienced raau
a. Easiest possible terma of payment.
4. Absolutely safe.
5. Business conuned to choice risks;
no general business, with its moral haz
ard of burning to get insurance.
6. YVbere other compauies divide pro
fits araong their oineera we glve our in
sured the benetit of such. Any surplus
isused todefray losses and no assessment
levied. Thus the policy holder is allowed
to keep the money which he could other
wise be called upon to pay.
Tbis is clean and sound business.
Nortbern Neck Mutual Fire Ass'n.
Irvington, Va.
Not only carea, but lt keepa well. 1* soid
by aa organizod company of reaponalble busl
uess inen and has the endorsement of thous
auds of Clergymenand notod people through
out the country. We speak of that wonderful
Inst runicnt. Kic.tropoise, and ask your care
ful exaininatlon.ntothe curcs it haawrought.
Col. A. P. Nunally, of the Inter-Ocean, Chl
cago. wrltes: "Nearly tbree yeara* experlenoe
with Klectropoise only conflrms th truth of
your claims. I say to my friends thu i this ln
trumont ls a most wonderfui invention, and I
would not part with mine If I could not get
another." Send addroas for our book giving
letters from people who have been cured by
Klectropolsa. BLECTKOItdSE CO., 513
Fourth Aveaue, Louiaville. Ky.
Died December 11th, 1800, the infant
son of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Haywood,
aged 14 days.
Our tiaby ls gone, but not torgotten?
Nor will be ever bo?
We bope tbat when we too shall go,
His facc onoe more we'll see.
Tbe Lord gave us our darling gem,
The Lord hath taken him away;
ne buddedon eartb to bloasom in Heaven,
Tbough short with us waa bis stay.
Llke tbe early roae of summer
Ho waa.Joy to a mother's heart;
But sorrow now takea the plaoe of Joy,
When from her darling she had to part.
We loved our darling baby well.
Tbough w<- know he ls at reat,
And the reason the Lord hath called him away
Is because he tbought lt best.
Oood bye. baby, good byc, darling,
Thou art sleeplng no* at rest,
But aome day we bope to fold tbee
Onoe more to our lovlng bieast.
Laneaster County.
Thia thriviog place neverknuw amore
proaperoua time than during the holiday
ju?t closed. All of tbe merchanta were
oyerrun with cuatomera. Aaan illuatra
tion we may say tbat Yerby & Bro. had
employed flv* clerks, yet on Salutuay be?
fore Chrutmas they could not accommo
date the ruah. Mary would-bc buycrs
bad to go bomeand return ou Mouday to
make their purchasea.
Mr. and Mra. Wlllie George enter
tained a number of young people at their
hoapitable hornc on the night of the 26th.
Jno. Hughiett, of the Watchman ataff.
aud F. S. Chase wjre in Norfolk last
Miss-Hughiett, who is iu the
cnploy of Armatrong, Cator & Co., at
Martinsville, Va., ison a visit to her home
A. L. Blisa, who has been occupying G.
R. Dunton'a farm, removed thia week to
uppcr Middleaex county.
Dr. J. K. Sanders was home from Col
lege last week.
Mias Laura Hubbard is on a visit to
her friend, Mias I)avi?,in R'chmoud.
Enos Mercer relurued Tue3day from
a visit to Baltimore and Washington.
C. C. Pearsou, Principal of the While
Stouo Academy, spent bisChrit*tmas hol
idaya at hia hoiuc at Sharpa.
Qulle Jamea was visiting his parentB
here for aday last week.
Miss Annie Spriggt entertaioed a
number of her friends at the home of her
brotber one night duriog tbe holidaya.
Missea Eula and Mollie Wagner, Lll
iaa Sandera and May and Llzzie Ed
monda spcnt the holiday* at the reai?
dence of W. H. George, jr.
Quiteauumlicr in this locality received
invltations to the linen weddtng(15 years)
of Mr. and Mra. F. L. Harding, of Wi
comico Chuich.
Aa an illustration of how the tlirifty
huuscwivea over here help to make a
comfortable living, we will notice Mra
(?has. Marsh, who has aold to one of our
merchants, W. A. Dameron & Bro ,
over BBJI wonh of eggs and chickens
since April lvt. Suub industry as this
can rest oa raiuy daya with a contented
Mi. C. li Chance, has returued from
Ballimore, where be went to undcrgo
treatment for lieurt trouble. He looka
much better and haa good hopes of a
:ompIete cure.
Mr. aud Mrs. Evau Owcn, Jr , apent
Xma* with tbelatter'aparcutaat Ridgely,
The mud machine that waa here about
a month ago and which la now at
Cricket if III. Va , working for the gov
cmment.has been llbeled for work done
on one of her acowa by Urbanna work
Otho Jonea, of St. Mary's, Md., baa
cntcrcd the employ of Capt. Juo. M.
Measrs. Bryant, "Buck" Webb and
Wm. Sullivan had a narrow eacapc from
drowuing in Cartera Creck a few daya
ago. Their boat capa'zed, Bryant got
aahore, but tho other two hung on to the
upturned boat until help arrived.
llappy "New Year" to all the dcar good
ieadera of tbe Citizkn is the aincere
wish of this humble writer.
Miasea Fannie Lyell Rock aud Jennie
Ficklln, aflor apending a moat dellght
ful Christmas at their homes, rcturned
to ihc Bowliog Green Seminary Saturday.
Mra. Dr. Lewla and children, with Mra.
L. L. Neale, rcturned Friday from
Washington, where they have been on
a lengthy visit.
Blr. and Mra. It. B. Oinohundro are
visiting in Weatmoreland.
Rev. G. W. Beale, D. D, prcached a
moat exccllent sermon at Lcbanon last
Sunday mornlng.
Dr. F. W. Lewia haa recently butlt a
new f ront porch, which adda greatly to
the looka of hia house.
Mra. A. L. Ficklln waa vlaltlng the
"Oaka," the lovely home of Mr. R. T.
Ptlrce, Sunday.
Mra. L. C. Mitchcll, after apendiug a
Merry Chrlatmaa ln Frederickaburg, haa
rcturned home.
T. Dorsey I'lcMin h?j reeently pur
chaaed two very fine ponies from
Dr. C. T. Peircc, of Accomack county,
visiled hia parental home during the
.L. T. Rock filled hia ice-house with
nice solid ice this week.
Miaaea Mary aud Lucy Jeaae returned
Saturday from Baltimore, where they
have been yialtlng their aunt. They re
port a deligbtfnl time.
J. W. Brillhart waa on a viait recently
to Pennsylvanla.
The recent oold snap haa brought.
skates into demand.
The Ditpatck anuouacea that Rev. Wm
Meade Clark and hia brlde (nee Miaa
Alice Pelrce) have returned from their
Southcrn tour and are now at their reai?
dence on north 5th atreet, Richmond.
May this year bring peace and pros
perty to all the natlona of the earth ls
the wiah of Waltkk.
Indebted tothe Citizkn, or ita Editor,
are requeated to make aettlement aa aoon
aa possible, ao that old acoounta will not
have to be carried over to our new booka.
All peraona having billa against ua are
requeated to seud atatements itnmediate
Richard H. Holmea, the Citizsn'b
motor-power and man-of-all-work, and
Francea Taylor, the editor's "domeatic,"
wore raarried yesterday at Howland
chapel, in Nortbumberland county, the
bome of tbe brtde's father, Fielding Tay?
11. Val Washington, Joaeph Morria and
Allen Montague, of Wayland Seminary,
Richmond, and Jno. Winder and Jno.
Sanndera and aome schoolmatea spent
their Chrlatmaa at their homes at White
Mrs. Mary Taylor, of Tomba, died on
Sunday morniug and waa buried at St.
John's on Monday.
Mlss Josephine Harrls, tcacher at
Tomba, spent Chrlatmaa at her home in
The following ia publlahed by reqnes
of our friend, Chaa. Yeatman, eaq , to
corroct the mlataken impreasion existing
in same aectione that he would leave hia
present firm:
IUi.TiaoHK, Md., Oot. 81, *Ml
Mk. Isaac Uobinson. City.
Dear Sir:?The bearer of thia, Mr. Charles
Yeatman, Informa ua that he deaires to make
arrangemonta to reproaent you through the
aection which he travela for ua. Mr. Yeatman
haa beeu in our euipioy for a little over a year
and we have found him to bearellablegentle
utan and truatwortby in every partlcular.and
aa we oannot aee that hia repreaentlna you
will confllct with our intareata In any way, we
are wllllna- for hlm to repreaent you If you ?le
alre hlaaervloes ln tbe aection be will ooutinue
to travel for ua. Youra, etc,
M. B. LaccanKiMKB h Son,
AT II Y >? EN 'S A LT A H.
Sheltou and Misa Lilian He* were mar?
ried at the Baptist Chapel, Fleets Island.
ou Tucsdat night, 2?th, by Rev. G. Y
Bradi.v. Mr. aud Mrs. buellon took
steamer that night for a trip to Balti?
more. _
Chewniug, ofT>range, and Missl'ln Iihz
Pructt, of Lancaster, were married in
VYashington ouTuesday night. December
20tb. The bride was formerly in cbarge
of the milliuery department of tbo
Boston Bargaln House, VYasbington.
HALL-ASHBURN?The Irvington
Baptist church was tbe sccne of a very
prctty marriage on last Tbursday even
ing, when Rev. F. YY. Claybrook united
in holy wedlock Mr. T. YY. Hall, of
Middlesex, and Miss Edna Ashburn, of
Irvington. The walters were Mr. Jas
Willey and Miss Addie Garuer aud Mr.
Grif Garner and Miaa Sadio Ashburn,
wbile Messrs. Clareuce Callis and Wm
VYiso actedas ushers.
The church was beautifully decorated
with evergruens aud flowers.
Immediately after tbc ceremony a
rcception was teudered the couple at
the bride's home Mr. Hall and bride
left Saturday for their futuro home in
Middlesex carryiui; with thum the well
wishes of a host of friends.
riah Baptist.church in Pawbatan county
wss the scene of one of the prettiest and
most fashiouaole weddiugs in its bistory
on YYcdnesdsy, December 20th at 1:30
p. m , when Miss Mamic Rebecca Mc
Leurine became the bride of Mr.
Romulous Minter Sanders, treasurer of
this (Lancaster) county, Rev. Haitwcll
Harrison otricialiug.
The church was taatily decorated
with many flowers and evergreens. The
lamps were covered with red shades aud
the red glow falling upon the evergreens
mado one of the most beautiful sccnes.
Tbe followiug waiters marched in to
the strains of Lohengrin's and formtd a
?cmi circle around tbc altar and after the
ceremony marched out to tbe melody of
Menddleaobn, the organ being presidod
over by Miss Madge Bagby:
Miss Sarah Harrison and Mr. Lewis
Frayser, Miss Carrington Jones and Mr.
Artbur Lipscomb, Miss Linda Flippo
and Dr. T. F. YYillson, Miss Edna E.
Sanders and Rev. John J. Hurt, Miss
AHce Hobson and Mr. Artbur Flippen,
Miss Judith Brazeal and Mr. Soutball
Farrar, Miss Bessie Bagby and Judgc
Stepben Farrar, Miss Arnette Frencb
and Capt. Joe Hobson, Miss Alma
Frcnch and Mr. Sam'I Hurt, Miss Louise
Bycrley and Mr. Halchcr Bagby, Miss
Sallie Willson and Mr. Hunter Hurt,
Mi*^ Edlth Lipscombe and Mr. Willie
Banks, Mias Mary Fraysor and Mr.
Lrazeal Hobson, Miss Sallie Yatos and
Mr. Moorman Royall.
The bride dressed in garnet broadclotb
and carrying bride's roses, cutcred on
the arm of ber father preccded by her
sister, Miss Edna, as maid of honor, and
was met at tbc altar by the gtoom and
his besl man.Col. YYillis Hobson.
The couple left for a brldal tour after
tbe ceremony and returned to tbe
groom's home, "Pop Castle," near YVhite
Stonr, Va., the following Saturday.
The many fricudsof the newly married
couple wlsh them a pleasant voyage
through life.
Oeni'neHs Cantiot Be Curcd
bi local appllcationn.aa they canrmt reach the
dlscased portlon of the ear. Tberc ls only
one way to rurc d? af oess. and that Is by con
atitiitional rem.xlie*. Doafneas Is causcd by
an intUmc.1 condltlon or the uiucous llning of
the Kuatachlan Tet*-. When this tube gets
Inllumed you havw a nimblmg sound or im
perfect hoarlng.and wben It isontlrcly cloacd
dcafnes* ls tbe remilt, and uii1.hu the inllam
matioti esn l?e tnken out and ttils tubc re
storcd to Its noimal condition, hcarlng will be
dostroyed forever; nlne casea out of ten are
oaused by catarrh. which is nothlng but an
ItitUm.Hl condition <>f the mucons surfaccs.
Wo will glve One iluii.lred lK>llars for any
case cf 1?.-arucsM (cauned by catarrlu tbat cm.i
not l>c etired by HaJl's Catarrh Curc. Scnd
for circulars. froe.
r'.J.niKNKYi CO.. Toiedo, O.
SoM by Ih turgiat*. 75c.
Hali's Famtly IMUs are the boat,
The Fifth Annual Holly Fcstival is a
thing of tbe past, and tbc large number
of people who attended proclaim it to be
the best one ever held. Two hundred
and fifty of the following uuiuuely
worded cards were issued and on last
Thursday night the Royal Palace at Kil
maruock was filled :
m , . Jno. A. Palmir, Ju.,
Quoen's lAdies: MinUUr l'lenii?*rn
MoMdMtnos Hstliaways, tiaryofthcijuctn.
l'almer and Itonner.
<:. I..M.M- Hall, Haymond l'almer.
Uoiyn llonner. John HuKhlett,
lannic Chase, Harry Cbaae,
Louise 1'aliner, Jamea Hardlog
The greatest Interest of the occasion
waa centred ln tbe election of a queen
for the ensalng year, and when the bal
lot waa taken and counted lt was found
that the honor had been bestowed upon
Mias Fannie Chase, of Chase's Wharf.
When it was made known that Miss
Chase had been elected, she was re
quested to name her Minister Plcnipo
tentiary and Her Royal Highneas at
once named Mr. Paul C. Palmer. Queen
Fannie waa then escorted to the throne,
which had beeu erected upon the stage
and decorated with cedar and holly, by
her Mluister and the crown placed upon
her hcad. Then followed the coronation
address by Mr. William B. Sanders,
which was all that could have been de
sired. The remalnder of the evening
waa spent in dancing and merry-maklng.
This featlval continues to grow ln
interest and each year sees a larger
number in attendance.
Fiautujr Notes.
Steamer Emily Foote, belonglng to
the Carter's Creek Fish Gnano Co.,
leaves this week for Norfolk to be re
tubed and bave condensers put on. Their
large steamer Wacker goes op.t of com
mlssion temporarily in order to have
her boilers overhauled, aud if neceasary
Both steamersbelouging to Bellows &
Squircs are In Baltlmore being over?
hauled and rentted. The Froehllch ia
being cut ln two and 15 feet added to her
length. She will have new engiues
throughout. The Bradley is being re
tubed and rebuiit. The firm is also
awaiting bids on speciucations for a new
boat which shall make 14 knots. Their
factory buildings ou Dyiner's Creek are
being repalred and enlarged.
The Chlcago, Mllwaukee & St. Paul
Railway is now running solid trains of
palace sleeplng cars, dining cars (serv
Ing meals a la nirte) and first-class day
coaches, through from Chicago to Cal
umet, lloughton, llancock and other
poinls ln the Copper Conntry wilhont
charge of cars, with direct connection
for Maiquette, Negaunee, Ishpeming,
etc, and passengers from the East,
Sonth and Southwest will find this a
most desirable route
All conpon ticket agents eell tickots
via the Chicago, Milwaukee A St. Paul
< M;i>s OF TI1ANKS.
The >rar 1SW has pa?t Into hlstory.
Feeling so t:rateful!y tbankful for the
Ht>eial patronage extended to me in the
paat I uow return to ail my patrona my
sineere tbank^. and shall in tbe future aa
ia tbe.patt, try to nierit by squsre deal
ings a coTit!nuance of your valued
With best wiabes for a happy and
prospemus New Year, l am,
Youra forbusiueas,
T. J. Kvbakk,
Broun's Store, Va.
EoiTou Citizkn:
Please allow me to expruss through
your columns thanks to our friends of
Irvington and elsewbcre for the sub
ataotial tokeua of their love and csteem
leftat tbe parsonage December MUa, *1)Q.
Tastftfll wcro highly apprcciated. They
will releaae ijuite a number of dollars to
bejinvesttd in tjood buoks and literature,
the benefits of which wm! be to the
donors of tbe Chrislmas good tbings "as
bread cii9t upon tho walera."
Wishing h blcssing to eacb of the
glvers, I am,
Gratcfully Youra,
C. R. Jameb.
(irantl Masttr of Masons Wright,
of Virginia, has appointed Dr. II. W.
Harding District Deputy Grand
Master for district No. 0; P. K.
Bauman for No. 10; R. A. Fitzhugh
for No. 11; and Capt. S. J. Quinn
chairman of committee on history.
Without Sense of Snicll.
Wm. C. Fitzhugh is the genial
proprietor of the Iloss Honse, at Ur
banna, Va., and while he baa long
catered to the ijreat satisfaction of
the traveling pnblic, this boniface has
from infancy been bereft of one of the
senses which it would be thonght
was C88ential in keeping, as he has
done, a first-class hostelry. He has
never kuown what it is to have the
sense of smell. Even hartsborn,
which is one of the strongest odors,
produees no sensation to him when
sniffed into the noetril by such a
draught as would floor an ordinary
Mr. Fitzhugh catne into the world
with a severe cold,and for a time his
life- was despaired of. Shortly after
ward he fell across a bucket, his
nose striking on the rim and frac
turing the bridge. To these reasons
he ascribes his lack of olfactory
powers. The affection goes so far as
to deprive him, in a measure, of the
sense of taste. Flavors and mild ex
tracts are indistinguishable to him;
for instance, hecannot recognize any
flavor in ice cream, though he is
very found of this delicacy, enjoying
it for itssweetness.
One would think that life was
hardly endurable wheu deprived of
all the sweetest odors the Creatorhas
given us, but Mr. Fitzhugh feels
that his afTliction is not so much of
an one after all when he sees the
town so suiffiing by, and between
breatha mutter "fish ~f-ac-t{p)ry!"
The Eminent Kidney
and Bladder Specialist.
The Discoverer of Swamp-Root at Work la
His Laboratory.
There is a disease prevailing ln this
country most dangerous because so decep
tive. Many sudden deaths are caused by
it?heart disease, pneumonia, heart failure
or apoplexy are often the result of kidney
disease. If kidney trouble is allowed to ad
vance the kidney-poisoned blood will attack
the vital organs, or the kidneys themselves
break down and waste away cell by celL
Then the richness of the blood?the albumen
?leaks out and the sufferer has Bright's
Disease, the worst form of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kllmer's Swamp-Root the new dls
covery is the true specific for kidney. bladder
and urinary troubles. It has cured thousands
of apparently hopeless cases, after ali other
efforts have falied. At druggists in fifty-cent
and dollar sizes. A sample bottle sent free
by mail. also a book telling about Swamp
Root and its wonderful cures. Address
Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. and
mention this paper.
20,000 corda Poplar Wood and 30,000
CheatnntTiea wanted. Delivercd eltber
on ahore or veasel. Advance payments
made if aatlsfactory arrangementa can
be made. Jas. M. Stohba,
Glenns, Glouceater Co., Va.
Have a few welr poles about 30 or 40
feet long on Millenbeck tract for aale.
W. McD. Lkk, Irvington, Va.
Flat boat, 33 feet long and 0 feet wide,
new aaila and new boat. Will carry 140
bushela oysters. Suitable for fishing.
Cost $115. Will w.11 for $75. Address,
Vikoinia Citizkn,
.Irviogton, Va.
Have a bug-eye meaaurlng 47i feet on
keel and 12-foot beam, in tirst-class con
dition and carrying 325 bushela of oys?
ters, which I will eell choap for cash.
Address. W. R Jounson.
Ocrans, Va.
In the Clerk's Ofrlce of the CIrcuit
Ccurt of the County of Lancaater on the
lst day of January. 1900.
Bernice L. Baker, Plaintiff,
George II. Baker, Defendant. ,
The object of this auit ia to obtain a
divorce, a vlnculo matrimonii. And an
amdavit having been made and liled that
the defendant, George H. Baker, ia not
reaident of the State of Virginia, it is
ordered that he do appear here within
nfteen daya af'er due publication hereof,
and do what may be uecessary to protect
his intereat in thia suit. Aud it ia fur
tber ordered that a copy hereof be pub
lished ouce a week for four weeks in the
Viboinia Citizkn, and tbat a copy be
poated at the front door of the court
house of thia County on the lirst day of
the next term of the County Court.
A copy?Teat:
Wm. Chilton, Clerk.
F. G. Nkwbill, p. q.
A. P. * A. at.
Stated Communicationa
monthly?Thuraday after the
thhd Monday, 11 a. m.
Call communicationa every
fourth Monday night.
J. B. Crallk, Sec'y, Kilmaruock, Va.
A. P. * A. M
Stated Communicationa monthly?
Friday after the third Monday, 11 a. m,
H. W. iUnuiNo, Secy.Wicomico Cli./V*.
Deposits Solicited, Negotiable Paper Discounted.
Handsome Lithographed Check Books presented to each Customer.
Merchants' Business Cards placed on their Checks
? -Consisting of every thing deatrable in
Ladies' Dress Goods, Siiks, Millinery Goods,
Fancy Goods, Notions, House Furnishing
Goods, Ladies', Misses' and Children's
Wraps; Men's, Youths' and Boys' Clothing;
Carpets, and Domestic Goods
of every description, is now ready. If you cannot reach us send
us your orders. We guai-antee satisfaction. You take no risk
in ordering from us, as we cheerfully give your money back if
you are not pleased with anything we send you. Try us.
T. N. BRENT, Fredericksburg. Va.
421 S. Broadway, BALTIMORE, lMD
Good Wear
^Rrmmm^mmm,*,BaMay.y*.m,m++, pria>,mt your ?,????m u,???d,d io. ir no. a*a>
Our Men's Fine Vici, Calf or
Box Calf Shoes; Hand-made:
Latest Style Toe, #3 OO.
Our Men's Hand-pcgged VYater
proof Shoes; Ilcavy Double
Solc8> $1 Mk
Misses' Fine Spriug Hcels, 11}
??*? ?7 cts.
Misses' Calf Spring Heels, tl|
Men's Boots, all solid, .^ 1
Man's Watcrproof Boots, 2
Men's Calf Skin Boots, 2
Our Men's Best Satiu Calf,
Heavy Double Soles, Perforatrd
Nail Solcs, best wcaring sboe
made, #1
Our Ladies' Fine Baltimore
Made Kid Buttoo or Lace Shoes.
any style toc or tip, # 1
Our Ladies'Fine Yic! Kid Shoes
in Lace or Bulton, latest style
toe, casy walking Sboe, > 1 ?7.
Boys' Spring Hecls, all solid.
sizes 0 to 5|, ?7 cta.
Elk Skin Shoes for Childrcn are
tbc beat.sofl aud pliable. .Tust
tbc sboe for school. Iu Lace
or Bntton, all Solid Leatbcr.
Sl/.cs 11 to2. Try ouc pair. #1 OO.
This space is reserved for
407-409 S. BROADWAY,
Look fov new line of Furni
ture, Carpets, Mattings, etc,
next week.
Kdncate Your Bowels With Caacareta.
Candy Cathartlc, cure conatipation forevar.
10c,25c. I( C. C. C. fall, drugxistaref und money.
John Fernandla, the ezpert barber on the
nt?arnor Klebmond, makea a apeclalty not
only of shavlng and halr cuttlng but also
dreastng ladlea' halr.
If you want dwellinKS, churchoa, tenta or
houaes of any doacrlption ouilt write to W, H,
Jeaae, oontractor. Litwalton, Va. Katiir.atea
n* iluivu; mllla looated ln Lancaater oounty
Hotel Saluda vloa wltb any hostelry in Vir?
ginia In the comfort of ita gueats. Surround
ii>K? *ud acoommodatlona are of the Old Vir
alnla atamp while lta prices are modorate.
Livery attacbed.
W'llson Palmer & Co.'a two branda of mo
.asaes are having a Kr?-at run with the people
of thia aection. Aak yourmerchaut for their
llanquet Syrup or their. Mayquea molaaaea
and you will uae no other.
Her^after paaaongers will l>etaken from the
Hoaa Houh6, (Jrbaiina, to Weat I'u'.nt for J2.
Traina loave WeatPointat 8.60a .m.and2.30p.
?u. For furtner lnformation apply to
W. C. FiTzauoH, Prop'r.
Grove's Taatelesa Chill Tonle laa boon to
mothers. The children cry for lt. It'aeffect
la unparalleled. Price 60 centa per bottle.
Sokl at tha Irvlntrton Pharmaey.
You run no riak. All d>*ugglats guarantee
Orove'a Taateleaa Chill ToiSc todo all that the
manufaoturera elaim for it.
Warranted uo cure, no pay. There are many
imitatlona. To aot the oenuitu aak for Qrooe$.
Lockhart. Texas.Oct. 15,1880.
Mesars. Paris MediclneCo., Parta.Tenn.
Doar Sira:-Shlp ua aa aoon aa posalhle two
gTOaa Orove'a Taateleaa Chill Tonic. My cua
tomera want Urooe'n Taateleaa Chill Tonlo and
will not have any otner. lnour expcriciu-e of
over twenty yeara ln the drug buaineaa, we
have noveraold any raedtclua which gave auch
unlveraal aatisfaction.
Youra Respeetlully,
8. Bhowhi a Co.
Doa't TaWro Spit aud Kaok* Toar Ufa A way.
To qult toharco cnslly and forever, be mag
netlc. fuli of life, nervo and vlgor, tak? No-To
Dao.tbo womler worker, tbat makea wcak men
?troiig. All druggiats, fiOc orai. Cureguaran
teed. Dooklct aud sampla /reo. Addreaa
t>torllnc BcflKdj Co, Cbieaga ?r New Yerk.
In our 50 yeara of business life we have never shown such a
large and attractive assortineut. Everything in the way of cloth
ing for meu or boys can be found here. We uianufacture our
own clothing and make and trim them in the very best uianner
and sell at the Very lowest prices. We have
Suits and Overcoat* from #5 to $2.">.
Boys' Suits and Overcoats from s 1.."?() to $10.
Sults an.l Overcoats to ordcr Irom $10 np.
Tronsers to ordcr from #3 np.
Wc guarantee every purchase
and cheerfully rcfund money for
any fault of ours.
Establlahed 1850.
T.ilorf )>i.d riolliiers,
its 8. Broad?ay, BALTIMORE. MD.
lll^lS Hardware,
? . i
?. i Is!
G rates.
21, 23 and 25 atlantic St., NORFOLK, VA.

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