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Hr\. Dr. Tnltua^ .-. I t IIU < hrlatmna
Srrniwii, *l'?-lla tlie Story ttf Ihr ln
rnrnallon ln u Vn \V?t>?I'raclival
l ?ri of ti?r l ? -i i\ i.
(C, |. ?
Wamiim. :?... Dec 94, Tho story of
the incuruntiou Is bOTO aoM bf I?r. TaJ
inage iu a new way. nud piuetieal use
is made of thOOa day I of BMttt ity ; text.
Matthew i. 17. 'So all tho | iieraliolis
froui Abir.liaui to David nrv 1 I ^euera
tious. aud from l>a\id until tho earry
lug nway into BobjaOO are 11 prJMfaV
atOBBSa and fr.mi the CaUTylKg av.ay into
ahaDjftoa uuto Chfftot are II BjBJMCaV
l-'roin what many conoldcr tlie dullest
nud most tmimponnut ehoptef <?f the
New Testainent l take my t< \t :'.ud
Hud u fidi of pfcttcat, itortlhag aud
eterual iuterest. This ehapter is the
frent door of th>- New Testauieut,
through wlii.li all the splemlors of
evannelism and npostulieity enter.
Three tiuie II renerat ions .-we spokea
of in my te\f thol is. 1J i;onoratious?
leaehin^ down to t'hrist. TlMf all had
lelatloti to l.iia. and at least 42 jrenora
tions past alTiet us. If they were j;ood.
we feel t! e rOBOlt of tlie poodOOOli If
they were l ad. we feel the nsult of
their wlekednoss. If some were pood
and IMM wiiv ha 1. it is an Interntiu
fjaag intlueueo tliat pnts its iniphty
liand upon as. And as vo feel the ef
fect of at least 42 z* norntlens past wc
will in turn In'lueneo at leOOt 42 jren
erations t<> eoino. if the worhl sliall last
n thousaud years. So. you seo, the
erndlo is more important than the
I propose to obow jrajaj ?OflaO Of the
fdiadows opOO t!ie t'hrist ie eradle of
Itetldehetn and then tlie smisliine that
ponred ln upon the plllow of stiaw.
NotJco omopf the ?hoilnoi 00 that In
fant's l?e<l tliat tbON was here and
there a spoeiinon of dissolute anrestry.
Heautiful Kuth his aneestross? <>h.
yes! I>evout Asa one of liis forefa
thers? Oh. yes! Ilomst JoOOfJh his
father? Oh. rOOl Iloly Mary his nmth
erV Oh. yes! But In that ireneai->::i<al
table were Idolatrous aad ertiel Atn
tnon and opprossivo Kehoboam and
sotne men whose nbominations may
BOfl l>e partienlaiized. So y. u OM bad
tnen uiay have pood doseendants. Ouo
of the most conseerated men I ever
know was tbt 008. of ? man who llvcd
and died a blisphomor. In tlie line of
an oppressive Kehohoam eomes n jrra
? Ions und nioreiful and fjorlOQl Christ.
Ureat encourngement for those who
had iu the 4"J penerations that preeed
ed them. however elose l>y or however
far baek. O0OM uMtOJaCOO of p<rnieious
and baleful and cotfpl ?IllftllJ.
KffeetM ?>f Anrmlr)-.
To my nniazeniont. I fowad in those
parts of Australwa to which many years
?gjO felous v.cie transpori, (1 irom Kn^
land that the OCfCOOJtagO "t erlBM was
than in tbOM paits of Australia
originally Ne!tle<l l>y hoiu>t men and
POOd women. Some a\ lio are ii.hv ajaj
Judlelal beixP.cs in Australia. and In
l.ijrh fOVOrWUCOltOj positioiis. and ln
loarned und u-eful profcoaljimo. and
Iea<Iers fn so-ial life. aie the i:randsous
nud frattMotkghten *f men aml WOO>
vn who v. ere i xiled from (Jicat Hritain
to Australia tor atson ai.d theft and
assault and fraud aial mui.hr. So vou
?00 It is possible fol th? deseemlmils of
those who do OJTOaag to do ri^ht.
Sinee we aie all mo;e OT l.ss afTected
by our anccatry, we otiirht to bo [tatlcnt
wltli Ihooc who ;m wrouj;, reineuibor
in^ that they may 1*> the vletims of uu
hapjiy OOtOCodoOta llo.v lenieiit it
OOgM tO make us in our jud-ments of
tho fallen! l'eihaps they hod 1- paa>
erations btck of them ]*us!iinu thoOl
the wrong way. I'ive bundrtd fOMI
before thOf Orcro boni thOflO OMty have
beeu a pawtOgO of itiiqi.ity au^ment
ed by a eorrupt parenta^'e 100 years
?fJOh Do nol blOJDO ? man OOCaTOJM he
<annoi swini up the rapids of KtOgOm.
l>o oot bhuao ? ohlp eoptoia haroooi
he eannot outiide a Coribbeao whirl
win?l. Tho father of this mmi who does
wTOBg n.ay have been all rk'ht and his
tnother all riirht. but .-iv.ay l>.i.U in the
eenturles thOfO may have ?tOltOd I bad
projieiisity whi.h he rmw foohl OOJt ef
IhO Ten ('oninian.hiie.its ^Iven on
Mount Sinai rOCOfXDta s 1];,. roct that
v\\1 may skip | -?nerat'oii when the
eommandmeiit speaks or visitin- "the
inhpilty of tho fatlurs Qpoo the e!iil
?lr?>n unto thO thlrd aiul fomtli cenera
tion." hfjt says OOthiOaj Obool the >??<?
ond PaOJOrOtlOaa, and if ajrll may sklp
OM jreneratlon w hy not tWO and Umih'
and fonr nud tlve uuneratioiis. maklns;
a tnlphty leap and Kttghthaft \eiy hanl
upon thO head atid the heart of some
poor vletimV Better bo a little merrl
ful toward theeulprit. lest after nwhllc
some hereditnry evil born iu the year
IdOQ or itoo. haehjaf oktppod tho coo>
turles. nlhrht JajOt as heOTjr IpOO you.
Meanwhile keep eaiefnMy your fam
lly reoords. The Oftj ii! let fOT the f.un
iiy reeord ln the Blble, betweoi the
OU ntul Now Testainents. is a most ap
proprfate piace. That reeord, put ln
Ku?-h hoproaotre anrroaodlasa of eliap?
ter. hovaded on oae astde \>y the nrnphi
etao of Moteebl aud on tbe other oMa
by tlie Roopri of Matthew. will re.eive
itress oad saneiiiy f|,,ni its posltion.
That reeord is opproprlatetj bocjod op
with tho Hemltleo. l>o not atatply say
ln your family reeortl. ' T.e.i u at sueh a
time and died nt oorh a ttOaew" but If
there has heeti OOJOOjg your MOCOOton
some nnn or \\:>m:iii rapeehHlj eonso
rrated oad ooefW make a oote of it for
the t'tieourauenient of the followlnt:
pfM lOthllaa, Two family reeord* of
tlie Itible tho OOe in Maithew reaeh
\ng from Abrahani to Christ and the
one In F.uk.> hefrioolOK with Jnoepo and
reoehhajt hort t<> tho Rordeo <>f Bilto
with the snblime statement -whlcli
was the OM Of Adam. whi< Ii was th?>
son nf Coii." i rhorpe you to this dntj
of heeawno tb?- romlly reeord r*r the4*>
Keneruttooa whuh are past atnl ine 4^
Kenerations w h:,h are to eome. U ie
a pood thUaf, thO new habil OhfOJPi of
aaoktaajj forooe*a pedlarree
Shutli.w-, ou |hr Ccadle.
Another shadow 011 Uic C'lnistie cra
dlo was ttel !t stood itii.ln- a depraved
kins. ll.ro.l was ;,t ihat time ruler
aud the c.mipiot.. Imnatayalleai of all
deprarUlea. u was an Dtafavormbla
time for iiui.Hen.e to expecf gaod tivat
uient. So .lark was tho shadow drop
pteg on thc.Ta.lle froni ihat im.|uitsus
throtie that the peaaanl naother had to
lift her bubo out of it aud make hasty
fltght Depraved hablta <>f tteee in
authority an Bpt to h,- ropi.sl by sub
J.vts, aud from the imiiiorals of the
Herodic throne 1 Jodge of the immor
iils of a natioti. Thc:e was a malaria
nf siu in the nir w h. n the iiifant Christ
f.ist breathed it. Thickcst shawl could
not l.eep Hm bmba wstaa Mm in ttel
whitiy month with his tnother hc be?
en me a fimitivo.
Historians s:iy that it was at a time
of [>enec ttel Christ was horn. but hia
birth arooeed an antasonJaoa of which
tho Betlihlicm m.-issn.-rc was only a
f.obie tnrpraaaluai. War <>f tii?. nUghtl
est nation of the caith o|i;'iif,J aajnhaat
ttel eradatl Tbe lafloeace tii.it ranaa
foitli that BJgbt from tliat surroundii.jr
of camels and sheop and oxcn ch.-illenj*
Od the iui.juili.'s of all tte eenturief*
aad will n.it eaauaa untn it tea atetraa*
ed them. wiiat a pioa?etamenta
w.-tit forth from Ihat l.la.-k an.! har
barian throtie, pra.t i<-aliy savintr. "Slay
all the bahes under 2 x.aivi ?,f Ugm, and
ttel wide shuurhlcr will suroly inelii.le
the tleatli of the one <hil<l Ihat tuokt
thivatens my domiiiion." Awful tiino
Vvas it f. r tte oc.-upant <>f ttel CTOdlel
If he es<:i|M> the Unife of the assassin,
then tte wil.l beasfs p.-iw or Ihe ban
dlt'fl eliitoh or ih<* mldnighi chlll be
twcen Itethlchem of .It. taa and Cairo.
Kevut. will soeiiie his ilestrnctiou. All
! all the dcmons
Of il ?ilc.
\ I riM??a To? r.
An- ui?.Ti tiiat Chilstlc
the pla.e
\ - aa oiiseaara
lilierd boy, had
bern ll:e:e. but after he bevaine
geaaefal and kim: i.?- ;a\<- n uo si^ruiti
: ? uiniiiii^ lt but
l" wat. r out of the
oM \\?M to whk-h he aeed to jr<- in
<-Iai 1 Ibood 11 ?? vilU nall and
anlmportant tbat it had to K* separat
ed in iiii-i'l froui anotiicr Bethlehem
theu and ao waa eated lteth
n?t. There was a jrroat
eapital of .lei u>alem; there were tte 13
beantlful cltles on the beack of fiaHloa.
any of tb ??! p!a< e i?? ba BBtn
in: tl i t low M fatnous at
ttel time. bol tbe nativity we today
eelebrate waa I ?. a rlflage which christ
Intiniuted hsid becu call"<l by some
??tho leoal aaaon.u i of Jnda."
i bluaaetf waa to luaka tte towa
faiuoaa Ibr all time and all etomity.
0 aaaa and womea oi Montenla <>p
portoalty, way da v<i aat make tho
iii.i..' ot" jrour natlvitjr lutojorabn for
roar pbttauthroplea by taa atetctea
you boltd. tbe free Ubrarha you opaak
- you etidov.v Qe bncfc aa
the village where rosj were born. as
Qeorjee Peabody arenl backba I>anvers,
M:i - .. and with your w.altli bless the
orkood where la chladbood jou
i and aear i>y wbereyoar fiattec
:>:i i naotber aleep tbe laal aeep> Tteta
ire '??:< ? of >.:<!i rtUaaaa In Amcrica
being gcneeoanay reaaetnbcred by pros
perona men dnrtng life or natped iu
iheir last wtfl and testameiit, nnd there
are a htttidrcd lieiglilwirhoods waiting
for su.h benedietloB from their pros
|)erot:s s.'is. By some su.h chartty In
rlte tbe Betblebeaa aageai to eoaaa back
BgatV and over the plain liotise of your
n.-.tivity rlttg out the ohl autlieni of
"Good will to men." Christ, Inirn ln an
Oteenre paace, made lt so wldoly known
by his self sa.riti'.s and divine eharlty
that all roond tte eertfc taa efaaapa of
Bethlehem 1 as its nanie woven in tfar
i.inds nnd chauted in "Te Deunia" and
huiit ln bonaea <>f prajer.
Surislil-ir llrritkn TtiroiiKh.
I'ut it is time we see sonic of the kiiii
Bblne breaktng Ibronga tba atedowa
on that rradie. Kor we nuist have Jubi
lance dominnta thr Cbristmas festlvnL
Ttel was W'alter S.-otfs OptnJOB when
in "Marmion" he wroto:
A Oiri?tni?<< pair.'"* ' <>ft would clieor
A |>:K?r man's licart . .rough Satf tho year.
It was while the peasunt and his
wil'e were ou a visit for ptirposos of en
rollment ttel Joana was kaia. Tiie lil
blc tramdatora u?:t tba arang arord
wh.ti they said that .Josopli aud M.ny
had gana to I'.otlilchcin to l>e "tax<d."
People wenl no fartber rbta to ?ot tax
ed ttea they .lo now. Tba affaat afl
maat peopta alwaya has beaa t<> aacapa
taxatiou. BaaMea tbat, tbeaa two huiu
Ide folk had aotbtng te lax. Tte tuati's
rarbaa that protaated hta tead rroaa
tte BOa was iK'l worth taxtag: the \vo
nian's san.lals which btpt bar loet
from betng Cttt by the liniestone ro.-k.
Of which Betblebem is nioslly made
ap, arora not arorta laalag n?>; the
lart is that ? pro.lainatloii had bMB
atadc i>y ti .? emperor that asl tba pas>
ple betweea flrent Rrttataand Pnrtbaa
and of tteae ainda BsrJnaad atenld ^o
t.? some appolnted paace apd glea tiieir
in. lac reirlatered md annoanaaa
their loyrdty to the Koainii emperor.
They liad walke.l so mUm over n
rough road t<> gtra tbab anaaea and
take tte ontb of aUegbtnoa Wonld w?
walk HO mUca to annoanea our aaaP
ajaanee t<> aaar kbsg. ena Jaanal Canaar
Aognatna aranted t.> kaon bf tte raa>
ard .fn which that iii.-in and that \vo
man wrote their naincs or had them
writt.n. Jiim kOW many people iu his
emplre be eonnl depend aa in aaaa of
extgettc*. TIow many men would un
abentbe aword for tba abaaaan anapa
nnd liow many women rould be de
pen.l.Ml on to take .are of the woundod
aa tettMbddal Tba ttWebte is ttel ?
tba klngdora <>f Cbrbrt artda aat know
kow mriiiy eaa ba aapaadad aa. Tbere
nrt' so many incu and w.unen who
never plvc in tli.ir names. They serve
the l.ord ou the sly. They do not nc
aaaaea their albjglanrt to tte kins
arte iu tbe battlea ta eooM, will want
an his ttaaaa. Ia afl .mr ebaaatea
ttert ata aa many hair nnd aaat aaacf*
paaa, ai many nattbkd aaaoaaaca.
Tliey mtter think the l'.;lile is trtie. at
any rate pai ts of it. and iliey hope that
aoaaebow Cartataanaty artfl dlaaatbiafl
tte aattaaa. Ttey ataj away faaaa
cbarck <>n eoaamaaaaa aajra aad aapa
wbea ttey have flead as knaj as ttey
can iu this w.uld th.y .an somebow
aaaak aaaa kaaaaa. Ob, ajtva iu your
u.ums: Ba ragtaaarad m tte eaaaefc
record down here aud in the Lamh's
Boak of Ltfa up there. Let all tbe
world know where y.ui stand, If you
kara to aja as Bar as Jaatpb aad Macy
walke.l, if yau have to j;o SO mlles be
fora yon iind just tba rtgbt fbaai of
worablp and Just the rl^ht ereed.
liixiii.- I'rutrctloM.
Another glo.-un of sunshine fctrikina;
through the OhOdOWO OborO that Chriat
ic eradle was thO faet of a spoeial di
vlue probBCthna. BofOd was deteriulu
etl OPOO the ehild's destruetiou. The
tnonster put all his v.ils togethor iu
?trotagoaa for the OtopptBg of that
young life just started. He dramatized
piet\ ; he su.ldenly got roltgious; lie
wouhl have his palaet and take char
iot and have Otoodi whtppod up, so
that he eouhl kneel at tii.it eradle. We
have to smile at what tlie imperial vll
lain said w hen be ordered. "(Jo and
?OOroh ddigontly for thl young cblld.
and when ye have fouinl tiitii brlug me
word. that 1 may go and worship him
also." Doro'a plef o ofthi "Mmmmu*
of tho Innoceotar at ilorod's eonimand
- a pietme fnll of ehildtvn hurled over
walls and dashed ngaiust streets aud
wrlthing under ussnssiu's foot?gives
M a little Jnipression of the mantier in
which HofOd wouhl have treated the
reml ehihl if he eouhl once have got his
haad on it. i;,it Herod eouhl not tiud
that eradle. All tho detactlTei he aaat
out failed in the s.a.reh. Yet it had
been pointed out by tlashlight from the
mldalpbt beaveao. aii tho aalghioc
bood kuew ahOQt It. The angelie cbo
raa la tho eaoad bad eawd muskal at
teatloa to it. No aaathaol laardad it
with drawa sword, atoahaj ap and
down by tho pillow of tluil Kethlohem
earavan.-ary. Why, tlien. was it that
tho eradle was not datptflod of its
treasoreJ Bocaoao it was flUlaalj pro
teeted. Then- 07OT0 wlngs bOTOStaf
that mo.tal eye eouhl not see; thore
a*oro amied immoitals whOOO bran
dlabed aword uortal eye eould not fol
low ; there w. ro eliariots of the Oiunip
t.tent thO rnmhle of whoso wheels OBlf
raperaatarahi coaM batr. Ood had
started through the eradhj to obto our
worhi, aad aothtat *-?>t*hi stoi? him.
V..U caaao reaooaaUy aeeoaal for
that nnhurt eradle exeept oa tho the
ory of a sneeial. divine jiroteetion. And
BMOl eradhs are Raewloo dofonded
Caa you uud.rstand why so many ehil
drOB, OJith all tle epidemies that as
sault them. and all their elin.bing to
daagoroaa hoigl.ts, an.l all their [>erll
ova expertafeata with exploalToj and
their ruaeiag agataat borses-^iioofs,
aud darlap of troUeja and earts faat
drlTeB, yet oooaebow pri Ihroaph. espe
ei.slly boys of htgh spirit and that are
golag to an.ount to imiehV I neeount
for tbotr eoaatap rhraaga all rhfht, with
enly a few waunds aml hruises, l>y tho
fa.et that they are diviuoly proteeted.
All your chaigaa of "iMrt do this" and
"Doal do that" and "lion't pO thore"
?OObB to aniount to nothing. They nre
tho same roe1*fc>ss creatures about
whoin \ou are eotistantly ?BTaOQjJ and
Woiidoring what Is the matter now.
Divinely prot-eted'
??!<an? of Mgrtit.
AjaOwbor fteaai of light. soattering
some of the gloom of tliat Christle pll
IOW ln I'.: ?I.hhem. was the fa< t tliat It
wns the starting phue of the most won
derfaf af aii cantTM. teaaaag at
Chrlst'a life from tnere worldly stand
polnts lt was ntiiaxltig laeyond all c:i
pa.ity of pon .ir tongu?? or can\
asptaaa. UTtboat aakaag ;? yaar*a eaa>
ricihtm in any eOBYgc or ??vcn a day at
any school. y.t BBytng tBBBBB ttel tte
mighticst inii-lleets of stihse.pient days
have .ptoted nnd tried to expouud!
Great Hterarji worka have for the most
palli been the rostilt of n.tit h cluhora
ttott. Kdmuiid Ilurkc rowrotO tte OBBV
etaaaaa <*f kla spec-h agatnat aTarraa
llastluvrs M tiines. I.or.I Bwosaj
rowroaa kla apeeca ta teteaf af Qnaen
Carollne -M tiniea, !>tit tbe aermoa <?n
the mouut sc.-mod cxteinporaiicous.
fhiist was aleejanat wttteart evnr hav
tudled one of the laws of oratory.
Ua was the greatoat arator ttel avor
!????.I. It was nol an elo?|uenoo l'ctuos
or cteeronlc or likc that of Jeaa
Bapttate Maaalttaa aa Hte ttel which
William Wirt. hitnsclf a graat effBtOf,
waa ovorcome aratk iti fcag raaaa aeeefc
kag hor.se of Virginin. wiu n tho blitid
proaeber erlod out ln his aaraaaak "faaa*
mtoa di.-d like a pblloaopber, bea .bsus
Christ died like a Qod."
christ's aratory was natlte aaytbbag
that weat 11 fora er eame ttfter. flrrea
tiie criticism ot tte woi 1.1 said, "Never
aaaa apabe like this aaaa." Draiaatb T
Why. be lOOk np a chihl out of the au
dien.e nnd Mrt him on a tabkt aad by
tte aaaterraaaad kaak of the chiid
taught knmllrty. He Rciit tte piose
eatora of a peor, akafal womaa, bhsab
i ing and confonnded. out of the room
r>y one sentetiee of sar.asm. Notice
his power of etnphasis aud ciiunciation
wiien he raveaJed hlnmctf after his res
urreetion, hy the [WICiflfctl way lie pro
nounced the one word "Mary." his
aoworof laak abowa by tte way ivter.
the great apeatle, wttted nader it. The
bOOk says. "The Lord turticd and look
cd upon Pctor." It was an omnipotent
faeiul expressioii. He looked upon Pe
ter. Powor of dlstinct utteranee. bo
that every one eould hear. "Ile opened
his mo'.ith. saying." No mambilag and
indistinct tttteratice. IK* opened his
moutb. IIls \oi.v. which had been de
relepad by apaa atar apaabjag. was n
resonnnt and sonorous voicc. or he
would not have taken the top of the
rocka of the Monal of Baatitodea f<>r a
pulpft. for ttel pulpit ls so ktgb. as 1
deelare from oboervatlon, that no
?peaker ttel 1 have over know n could
have from that point made any audl
cuco hear one word of a sermon. His
aawat of aypaaanaa: a aaaaal tryiug to
ciowd its hump through tbe eyc of a
sowing wonian"s needle aml all tliat
learaad talk aboat a gata called tbe
"ncodlc's eye" only bclittling tbc by
perholo. Power of saiasm: The hypo
eritos styled by him "the whole who
need not a physi.ian." II is power of
paroratfcm: The craahlaaj of tbe tim
bcrs of tte peorty baan noaaa aa tbe
bcach of tte Meditcrranean. Power to
takc advnutagc of circumstanccs:
When au auditor nated him wbetber
they Oagbl to pay taxes to C;rsir,
Christ ptaetically said, "If nuy gentle
aaaa in tMa aaaaaaaa has in his pocket
a Kouian paaay, i arlafe te wonbj just
band it up to me." And some one
iiand.d liini a petiny. such as. you can
now fin.I in some of the museums. the
abvataa af it aaaitafl tte faea of ti
bertaa, tte aaaaorar, aad tte raaaiaa
the arorda "Poatlfex ktaxlmnatM the
other title of the empcror. and theu
eaaaa tii>' avarwtesaatag aaawer af
Christ. "Kender to Ca-sar the things
ttel are Casar's nnd to Qod the fbtaga
that are Cod's."
Bvl we must not only look at him
from a worldly standpoint. How he
aaaaaa afterlwaaaa aaaa bbbbbbbi aad
made the waves of the sea lie down.
and opened doors of light Into the mid
Btght of those who had been born
bllnd. and turne.l deaf ears into gnl
leries of tntisie. and with one toucb
made the s.abs of incurablo lepmsy
fall otT. nnd r.newod healthy chcula
tioti through severcst parnlysis, and
made the daad gW waken and ask for
her inother, aml at his cruciiixiou pull
ad down the dooda, nntll at V2 o'elock
at noOO it was as dark as 12 o'elock at
night. and startitig an intlnence tbat
will ko on untll the last desert will
grt>w ros.s and tbc last wenk lun^
make full Inlialatlon. and tbc last casc
<>f aaraaai mte baaltbfal kraaa, and
tho last iiincss baeaaaa na^aeaai of
eteofe and robust of ehest and hotind
Bsg af foot, and tho last paujK'r will
gat hb palace. and tlio last slnner
taken unlo the warm hosom of pj par
dOBtag Godl Whej-e di.i all Ihis start?
In that cra.lle witliin soiind of bleat
ing ateea aad aaftoarlag eattai aad
aaaafl raagb baaaaraag af bavaaaaaaaad
aaaaal drlaora vVtel a low paaea to
start for such great aaagMal <> artists,
turti your eamera obscura on that vil
kaga of Ihthlehcm: Take lt all In?
tte wintry skies lowerlng, the thx-ks
abllliaag Ba tte cMa nlr. Mary the pale
mother. and .lesus tho chihl.
An Kh-rnnl Jnbllre.
S<? l have showu you the shadows
and the sunshir.e of that Christle era?
dle of Bothlehem. ln these Chrlstmaa
times I roall/.e that there are many era
dles under shadows. Oh, tlie story of
eni|Tty eradhs all up and dowu the
earth, lu eahtaa and palaees! Tliere
are standing iu garrets or ln store
roonis eradhs that will never roek
agaln. "Hnehol liiournlng for her ehll
dron and will m>t be eoniforted be
eaaaa they are not." But through all
tlie shadows break gleains of sunshine
as the elouds of tlie Chrlstic eradle.
were eleft by glorious light. Kseapod
from the struggles through w hieh we
have all passed nud inust yet pasa,
those littie ones took boaYOB at one
bound. Instead of an earthly eareer
it is a heuvonly eareer. with eapaeiths,
with veloelties, with opportunitlos be
yond oureomprehenslon. Instead of eel
ebrnting 00 earth tho Savlour's bfffth
they stand iu the Saviour's pres,.m e.
laatoad af thO holiday eelehrations of
the ohi baaaootoad it is to them otaraal
juhilee at a table where the angels of
Ood are the eupbeurers and amid fes
tivities that reaound with a laughter
and a musie and blaze with a brillianee
and a glory "that eye hath not seen
BOr ear heard." No use in wlshing
then a merry ChriMmns. for tho nier
riments of luaven riug out Opoa them
from templos that are always open,
aaatd plaaaaroa that aoror dbx Oh, it
is not a dull heaveu. but a Ilvely heav
en. for there are so many chil Iren
there! They ihiong tho streets. They
look out of the "House of .Many Man
sions." They stand on Ihe heaeh to see
the tjeots ea>rt aiuhor within the \a!o.
They eiowd U,e gates with greetings
when the old folks eome in. They elap
their hands in an eternal glnduess.
Thap daaeo in an aoawaal gftae. see
you not tho anaahlaa that poora into
the shadows of that eradle uutil they
are all pOBOl
But shadows have their uses. There
?BOt ba a baekgruund to every good
pieture. Turner always put at least a
Dbek of elou.l on his eanvas. and the
elou.ls of earth will be tho haekground
?o bring out more mightily the brlpbt
aaaa <.r baaoooa And win it aot be gh>
iious if after all this seeno of earthly
\ieissitude we meet |galo in ou|. ,.>.'.
thoTa house aad t ,lk over the past in
an overlasting h<did:iy? Bnt mean
wblle look out for the eradhs. Qow
>""<h they deeide for this world and
the next! When Wollington was horn
M Mornington. Kngh.ud. that doeided
Waterloo aad aajrod Baiupo. When
Handel was horn in HaOe, Saxony
thnt doetdod the oratorlos of ".Indas
Maeeahaeaa" and "Batber" aad "laraal
In Kgypt" and ".h-phthih" aud "M -s
siah." When Bl Whitney was Horn at
Weatboro, that ilatldad the wenlth of
all the eotlon thlds ,,f the south. When
Gateeberg was bora at Ifota, Qeraaapy,
? h.it deehle I the lihraries of all Chria
tendom. When I'h.rks.n was bOTB in
rambrldgoshlre. Kngland. that decided
tho <ioAtn of baaaaa beojofca*. PTboa
Morse was l>orn at Broods Ilill. Maaftj
that doelded that tho llghtninga of'
aaavea aaaabJ aaeaaaa gaiioping courl
Btn i ' bi ?"' .b'ng iroit ncrve
under tlie s. a When Washlng
toti was t'orn at Wcstmorelaml. Va.,
that dbetded Amcrlcati imh-pvudonov.
VTbea Cbrfad was bara al aaaalaMaaa
ttel dreldcd tbe redaaepttaa ai tho
worl.l. <Mi. RWk out for the ern.lles!
Haj a aVthleheaa star af aaaa i>oint
tlown to ea. !i .me <?f them and every
koTrrtaa etoad he iflnd aratb cbanting
angels of inerey.
Turn Wlmlcr ?n.l (Jo Aret Icivard,
??>n h >i?n araM iomiv.*.
"Talk af l.air n-storcrs." said tho
eaptatn <?: ? i uini ateamboat, arte waa
a wlialcr on.-.?. ?ii.. ,> ,>f them k? lu it
wttk tba abr of taa arettc regloaa. a
aaaa with tbla telr who faiis to get n
new erap if he goea aMaaa tte aretke
eaneae is ? hopeleas eaaa i bave naaai
whalers who got ba Id when they stald
at home f.i a yem <a two nnd got a
new crop of kahr arory taaaa they weut
toward tte nortk peea an a wbaHaajox
"How \\o I necount for it? Ask uic
aaaaetbaag haiaV r. The fartter you go
iiortb tte land aniinals g.-t shaggicr.
it is a prorlakaa <>r natara agabml tte
eotd, When tte aretke winter ap
proaches, tbe reiudeer. tbe bcars and
other r.Mimals take ea a thi.ker coat of
hair or fttr. Similarly tlie hair on the
huiii.-in head tte ketis when you go far
noith. espoeially eti the aiiproaeh of
winter. It Is a DBCt Now, I don't
want you to lliink tbat. nBCO tho folli
.-les of the hair are dead. new hair al
amya eaaaea even in albrtaera raajanaa,
Komotimcs when | man is npparently
aa baM as ? heflbnrd i>aii tte foiiiclea
are not dead, and tlieie is hoj>o for him.
"I reaaeaaber a reaaartebte aaaa when
I was tnate af the wbaler Soa Fonm in
the latter part of tte fifties. Tbc boat
awata was ? mau aaaaad Jatucs
Uogers. but he was generally known
ns 'Haldy.' becaBBB he had not a aln
gle hair on his sealp. He was a good
wbaler and an all arotind good senmnn.
and in apita of tte fact tbat be had
trted it for years with no result np
pareet to the eye lie had a Orni bclief
in wbnle oil as n hair restorer. IIo
must have used gailotis of it lu his
time. At tbe time I speak of we wero
lu the iieighborh.Kid of Hcring strait,
nnd it was lneluncholy to sve us all
witb thiek. mattcd loeks. including
some who were bald when they caine
away. while poot ?llnldy' was aa
smooth on tiie scnlp as evor. Well,
WB killed the <iucerest lookiug spcci
aaaa of a arbaJe i arer aaw, *3taidy'
throwing the BTOt harpooti. Its tall
taperad otr kaaajar taaa tbat of any
other whale we had ever met with be?
fore. and tte oil that eame from it was
af a paeaflar color nud had a musky
seent. T.aldy.' ns n niatter of courso,
plastered his scalp with tbe oil untll
it was raaabsg down his facc and neek.
One flaaa not aeed to follow bygionlc
ruies regardtag cteenltaeaa iti tteaa lat
itudes, where it is too cold for diseasc
germs. Wlthin two days it grew tnticb
col.ler. aad we wore liozen in among
lee lloes. I never felt su< h cohl before
or since. and nearly every one of tbe
crew was niore or less frost bltten.
We used the ice saw iiidustriously and
In 4S bours nmre got clear of tbe Ice
and Into BBBQOth wntor and saile.l
BOatbwardL A week later 'Baldy'
aaaaa raaaaag out of the fdfnai with
his oyes bti'.'ing. sshotiting: "It's grow
in! It's grow kaf
" "WIkh's growingV says I. thiuking
he was getting ntitty. 'My ba -ba hair.'
says he. waving his I'ur cap, which ba
had taken of. and pointing to his head.
Sure enough. there was a growth of
downy imir like Ihat of a baby all over
his head, and, wbat was rcniarkablc,
tlie hair had cotne to stay. Itcforc tho
rayaga was aaaa aa had a falrty taJek
natural head covcring. and If lie dldn't
aara far it afterward no one wus to
Maaaa but hJamalf. Ba said tbut it
was tte now bran.l af whale oil tbat
start.>d his hair growiug again. but I
say it was the sat raaaa coad that dld
tbc trick. After that 1 concliided that
no one c. uld glve me any points on
hair restorers. If you waut thlck hair,
go uorth."?New York Suu.
Sil.-iwrtl llio lliictiir.
Tlie Christian Kcgistor says: "A cor
respondent, apropos of our remark
aaoai etaraal paadaaaaaat, semis us the
following reniinisietiees ?.r I>r. <Jau
nett. It was his custmn to glve n rc
eeptJOB to the visiting ministers ln au
ulversary week.
"ttn one oe.asWu. Dr. (Jannett sug
gcste.l an ohjection Ia uny .logmatic
alNrmation of unlvcrsal salvatlon. IIo
said: 'Why. brcthreu. suppose I elect
to sin; suppose I enjoy lt; suppose I
want Just that soit or future nnd don't
want any otherV
"Mr. Calthrop. helng preseut, Initne
diately exclalme.1, 'Hut, Dr. tJannett,
you wouldu'l ba such a faol'
*? 'Pnt aapaaaa i ^viii i?e such a fooir
? 'Thon.' said Mr. Calthrop. *Ood Al
mlghty nnd I togvther say. "Dr. Gan
nett, you shall not be such a fool." Aud
Wbat tJ.xi Abnlgbty an.l 1 together say
shall not be sbnll not be!' "
Deaeerntlnir (iravn.
An Kngllsh elergyman publishos the
followiug notiee in the parish paper:
"The viear earnestly rOOOjOatO the pa
rishionera to put their family gravea In
order. He would also roinim! tbe men
who aaaokoctgarottea nmi whistie tunes
on tho KTarea that tho ehurehyard id
not tho paiiah daathaa. If. thurcfore,
Ihey are unable to get rhl of the paper
paekets in whieli they purehase their
pennyworth of Tags* other than by de
positing them ia the ehurehyard. will
they be so very kind as to let blin have
them on Sunday mornings after serv
lee? He will also gladly roeelve any
other litter. sucli as t!n cans and paper
bags, orhteh baoo Mthorto been so lar
lshly deposited upon 't.od's acre.'*?
Tlie W'rnitR Sormon.
Tlie Ddrhp nud Dtotrlet Mothodlst
says that U. W. IV-uks. M l\, reeently
attended the Angliean ehureh in n
eortata eaailtuoata] eapttai when tlie
venerable elergyman who ofhclatod
raad n aoraaoa arbfc h. nt any rate, pro
raatad Iho oaajpepattoa from going to
sleep. for aa his thonio fhjTt'lupod be
neaerthed his haarora as eriminals, the
chlldren of thhrrea, drunknnis. ete.
After a while it dawned upon the
preachoi that be was r??dlnvf tbe
wrong diseoursf lie was a BOtapp
vhaplain so he brought it to an ab
rapt eonelus'on.
Another Kind.
Mjlss Shlpnian?The fnilure of the
Shamroek to win the Ameriea'a cup
must hnvo been a beavy blow to Sir
Thomna Liiiton.
Mr. Newsalt?Well. didu't he prny
for a hoavy blow a wliole week before
the flrst raeo.'-.Jewolers' Weekly.
uow< * t ?,.ry ,Jay y ,)UioM?k or will Ih-. Ktn y?,ur
SwSS?T&^^u^?S2/*' ?" koapiagim,
taaoi MA*a moiatwaco
Jor fr..?. k?m|,l,, and buoklet ?n heaUb. Addri-La
fr'la* Molhra, u Maa Of? ?!?-?-n Sal*.
-Make a ?.i>?d liuprr.slna.
Tbougb at tlrst glaneo it wouhl
? frivoloua topic nud utiwortby of BBBOB
Iu the editorial eolumus of a dally
newspapor, the questlon of dresa us a
comniereial faetor ranks as oue vx
treuiely lut- testing aud aetually impor
it is of praat bateroal n ataalp the
ranidity BBd varied manners iu whieh
peeooaal adornmeut has ehaugeil aud
udvauetd wilh time. Iu Hm early faBBTB.
Of the world we are told ihat au un
OOBth patBlUH of tig haves was eou
aMored BBfPeteafl by our ooaaaaoa for
haara arherearlth to hhta their ?aJnafr
Uess. With the neeessity of striving
nrduousiy for his UrtBg eanaa the da>
relopaMBt of aaaa'a hapeaaltp, and tho
line of general iuiprovement ineluded
'| tta 100001 l'i>r many eeuturiou
in tho rBpJaa iuimediately surrouuding
the baithplaeo of aaaa long, Boariag
paraiaata were ii use. io ba ehaapad
bttaroa by the eoterpj lataaj Boaaaaa ta
tho praeefal taale, topa and poptaai
These ehaages in the eourse of tiino
pi'iietraied i! to the northern eountrie3
and pradaaBjr rtaapaBced tho roojpa gar
ments of hid.es and loi.? eloths whieh
areroal tirsi typlcal of tha hahabitaBta.
00 has the Biodo of dress ehanged
and Improved itself with tlie passago
Of time. and by the aid of that same
potent faetor its iniportame has in
ereaoed and porhapa has aot yet n?
sumed Its destitied proportions. There
ean be no doubt in the mind of tbe
arerape itaaonlap man that tha aatttar
of dress tfoea exert a vital inlluence on
the sneeess er failure of the man or
woman of toda*. A well and neatly
nttired man every where has the nd
vantage of one who takes no pnlns
with his apparol and whose clothea
might be ibed annually like the skin
of the snake if it v.ere not for the In
violable eustoms of tha age. It Is a
faot. BBrhapa iamentable. l>ut never
tlieless patent. that a buslaoaa man
prefers dealing with another who Is
nttractively drossod. wboOO fBjOB bl
doaa aharod and who ls ln the babtt
of wearing elean eollais. to his brother
with w hoin dress h; less than a sec
ondary eonsideratioii an 1 who COtttOBta
bimself with the PefleetlOO that "hand
sotne is as handsome rloiB*"
Than are a KTCai many men who de
ery this toadoBey to peroOBal adorn
BBBBl in otheis and WboOS UpO take a |
seornful earve arbra they refor to the
"dude" or his e,iua!ly frivolous sister.
Is it a erlBie er a Tault to a ?? entuate
porooaal beaaty <?r a^eatraltaa the ef
foai <>f aarural homeltBeaa by taotlaeoa
of apparol? la there any raaaoB to
eetisure the 1.1:1:1 who \..;irs lighter col
ored or some more r.ishiouably shaped
garments th.in .;:.?; I eeause WC pn-fer
for ourselvi s ihe more aoBlbor and
eOBTOBttOBal garineuts? To DO sure, '
there is a distimtion heiween tho mnn j
who dressrs for |ove of dress and the
one who rtoe*. so from priBCtple or from
business rea . bat it la a dbrtlat tloa I
with whieh the BVerapc eritie of the
well <lressed nian sol djoai bothora hini
adf. We are always lanpht to look at
the brightest si !?.? ,>{ li;',.. Then why I
ri.iiruie those llttle nleettea of dress |
whieh tertalaljr pteaae the eye and
whhh n:i:.!i atore <?? rtalaly givo a man
n feellng of Rfff pOaaeOftioO and satis
fartion. arbteb, toa is tar racaorod
from the ever to ; e rnnilrmaod f.iult
of eoacoll er ilaadj U ai v
At any rate. tlu? man who bl not too
phllooophleal to pajr aoaac attoBtloa to
tha manmr in whieh he appears before
the world ean rest eOBVtBCad that his
little ipiality is good poliey. It is. in
faet. BO unii h 1 -auital. and any one who
doubts it ean satlsfy hiinself hy uslng
his eyes und his reaaoBlBg powers on
thlaga that are traaaplrlap aroaad bln
daily and BOBliy. A tl.itna < oiistitution.
A Blata Vli:. I WiirUi.
Tlie in I 1 tha BtBK in l\.rt
land. <>r . has itaHod a novel seheine to
Btakaacra thai cach potroBwla paja
for 01 ? it >h..i ick of the ,ln,\v
u:t he i eotltl d I At;. r :he on hestrn
has Baiabi 1 ;!. 1 |ara a aipa ii*. - to
feha vi.v . 1 ironi tha Boae
of the Blapa it ?boara theso Baagia
'?Tuis is tua propaa time for Iadivs to
f-ni.ivi' ? beir hat.-\ '"
Secret of Beauty
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ilatc a propcr quanity of focd.
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the liver does not act it's part.
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Boils and Pimples
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FOR HELP muet w tta l/d'!f S5? ZS??P%gns?S?2l
I Oil IILLI ? ?a warning that can not saf. ly lv? ignored awusuuw e
To neilect to purify the Uood at this
time mwns raore thau tbc annoyanee of painful boils nnd
unsightly pimplee. If these impuritiea are allowed to
remHin, tho system succumbe to any ordinarv illness and ij
unable to wlttatand the many ailmcuta which are so
prevalent during spring and summer.
Mrs. L. Oentile. ?00* Sevond Avenue. Seattle Wash
says: *' I was afnVted for a loag time with pimples which
were very annoying. aa they disflgured my faoe fearfull
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*1X*\ "^i-?-?*11^ .other re""*".6!8 in. ?ain.'s 8* S. pn.Ynptly" JjJP!
I lajoioa Ia ?vk
*>?*<*. .\,-%SX
and thoroughly cleansed mv b!ood. and now
a good complexion. which I never had before."
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great i?in and antioyan.e. My blood aaaawatete?2
a riotous oondition. and nothing I took seem, d to < o
any good. Six bottlcs of S. S. ?. cure.l mo ,11, 1 J
and my blood haa been perfectly wSSrimS^^V,tti?
ls the best blood remedy, aaaagaa M is puroly oaaMabdala
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Posters, Distinctions,
Circulars, Warrants,
Books, Deeds,
tn fact, all work in the Job Printingr line exocutei
Keatly, Cheaply and Quickly.
firw Cftlzeu MlisliiBg Cciipy, Miagtoi, Ya
Ooes Yo'
Rheiimatic Elixir
Lumbago ????Gout
where cxternal remcd'.ts talL
It :.; a scientific combiaa
of v.irious i
ageata, the effitacy of which
h v> been paovca by yeara of
experience |p the leading
boapitalaof tbe co-tntry and
:.t privBtQ paBctkca
25 Cen.s Per Boitie.
: Baa 0?=>:lna WnhoattbvSlfnntara
tUMllKRHI) IK3*.
Awsota, - - $750,500.
WM. II. PALMER, Prest.
WM. U. McCAHTY, Secv.
We do the most popular Insurance
businees in the State. When your
house buni8 you get your money.
B. H. BAIRD, Agent,
Provide foryourdependent family
in cusu of OBOth, or for yourself in
after years, by inauriiig'your life iu
the OM and atrong
Nor?liwestern Mutual
Llfl Insnrance Contpanr.
Coaaaoaooi baataeaa iv
laaala, Jarj i, ts, ooot aioo.ooo.ooo.
Surplus over #22,000,000.
ParaiaBOO safest protection at lower
' than any otlier Cnmpany.
J. W. CIIINN, Sr..
A ? i.l for IfOffthora Neck,
AVarsaw. Va.
Leading Muslc House,
Oor. (Iiurlts and Fayrtte Streeta.
RMTK1T OBfaAMB, Iiiiin?'?.sun?l?lv mij* rlor
toallotavra. (i\,i ;mi,mnimii<?ii.lt-<,l<l. W?
Bavaia contract to aupalj m. publlc acaooB
??r Baitlmore t..r ti\?- >.:ir?
RMTKY I'IAMin a Kipm luecea*. Tlie naine
:i auarantee.
i >*>? iu it liANos. ovt.r im.duu nia?le, a
reeord uii|.?r:il!.l<<'.
IVKaai i-oM. i-|\>os.,r,.fnilyn.;UMiif
Iccol uml Mrealtraetinx tbe wi.I.m attantiotl.
iiiii... rron iaaj up. Uraaaa from *w up.
i.:i.!mK Diakc* oi tiuitara, Banjoa, Mando
llna. ( orneta. \ lolloa nn.l Inxti uiiunt* ol all
klnda, Micci Mualo. Mu-io Uooka, etc
rnoaatow. Tavaaaaaay.
J. 1'. r.vni ii i ii, Sal. ,-nian.
The Family Doctor.
Cough*, Colds, Sore Throat, Hoaig
ness, Bronchitls, IHi.theria,
Cronp, Lnng Diseaae, \\ hoop
ing Cough. La (Jrlppe,
t'atarrh, Cut?, Uurns, Brnises,
Lameness, Sprains, Lmmbago,
Rheumatism, Chilblains.
Frosted Feot. LMlaa. Muiupa,
Chapped Hands and Lipg.
No Cure, PrlcettCt.. No Pay.
The Indian Tar Balsam Co.,
Baltimore, Md.
Traoe Marks
Anvnnfl wn.ltnjr a skof rh and deuertptlon may
qu!.-klv *.t.'.?rtHin our opir.ton free wlu-ther aii
Invomioii i* pmhalily patentablo. Communlca.
Uonaatrlctly .-oiitl.it'niui. Ilandbook on I'atenta
seut fr.>?>. oi.li.at ii(f?'!i.y furaeouruiK patent*.
I'litvno. titk.-n thmuKh Munn a Co. roc-ulvo
stprrUti notice, without, chnrge, la tbe
Scicntif ic Jlmcrlcan.
A handaomely tllnfttrated weekly. I-arwest dr.
nilatioii of any wlentiBc lournal. Ternia SSa
aiair|:ai'ai'f?',?,,'B,$L *?'d ?????? newadealira:
mUNN & Co.36,Bro?<"?>.New York
lintnch offloo. <E? r 8t, Waahlnju" l). C.
11 l'a? |
ca .
imci J
aii lao^ej
.ics. ..,. 0
,Iree ol *
?veats, and Trarte-MarVsobtained, an.l all
l ent business conductr.l 1. r Modcratc Fci
{Oua Orncc ia O^poaixc U. 3. Patcnt Ornctf
^an.lwcuii sccure [mtent in IcSS IIU.C luan luo^e f
t remote froni Washu'Kton.
I Srn.l mo.Iel, drawi.ig or pt.O.o., ?wli?
Jtii.ii. We a.lvise, li patentable ot n.?i,
Jcbarpe. Our fee notdue till jjtientiasecureJ. *
* A p?Mi>Micr, "ltow toOhuin Fatenta." wfthJ
J.t.st ?>f aamc ln tba U. S. aud toiei^n voiu'r c-.'
(??><?.it :icc Addtesa, J
* 0+* PaitNTO"i(l W>?h obioit D C. $
WlNTF.i: SClUDli.i:.
KappahaiiiM (-L Klver Koule.
oVgflaarap Paaaav, Dcooaahet :i t,
atoaaaoro will rao aafollowa: Loovo Phw
9, Light 84 ?ha>f. Balllaaoro, daity -\
??? i?t Satuiday kik! Baaday at I 90 p. m.,
aad oo Paartoy *' a 90 (> ,n.. lurlho Rap
? aa fur aa Tappohaaaoek, ex
toadiai laolrlpfruaa Baltiraore oa Fri*
day iu Prodorkkahara;, ealllap at ail
wndtagaoa lha Klver. On Tueaday kih!
Batarday oaly, ataaaaara .will lelVe Haj
Port for Baltlatoro, nmi will call then:
rrooi BaHlotore <>niy on 1>Baaday aad
Batarday. Froai Baltuaoro, alt i aaora a ill
aajl mi llUleahack aad Morry Polat oo
rueaday, Tharaday aad Batarday. To
Baltimore will rai] Tueaday, Tharaday
aad Batarday. At W*?bm and Irviagloa,
era f roao Baliiaaora a ill <:i)l Batar
I Tueaday oaly. F..r Baltlaaora,
ra will leava TappahoaBOtk al s
a. ii. . i aeaday aad Batarday, aud Oo. m.
Monday, Wodaoaday, Thuisday and Fri
?l?y. ralling ?t all a harvea exccpt as
Bkeatloaod Will loave Tappa
h..niM.ek for Norfolk at 12 m. Tueaday.
\\ ii.ie.iYe N?rr,;ik al ? p. Bi. Wedaoaday
rar rNdtrlokabarp aad all landin^s <>u
tha nw-r. leaviiiK Tappahaunock Bt9 t,
Bt^ Tharaday. LeaveFredericksburjr for
Baltlaaoia at 8:30 p. u,., Monday and Fri
iiay.gomg us laroa thoaa daya a* Looda<
town. Will leaaa Leodatowa Tueaday
aad Batarday for Baltlaaora al IM a ?
HKNKY WILLIA.MS, Am. Baltimore'.
vvV ,*{y'P' A-'- Prodorickatjarpt
KK\ COMPTON.Agt., Norfolk.
Potomac itiver Route,
Beginning Saturday, Derrmber tftL
Mooaaor Potoaaac will laaara Piero, Light
BttOOt, Baltimore, Tuefday and Satur?
day at 6 p. bl for the Potoaaao ii\ti,
callii.K al MOIera, Broaaaa, I3aconB
Qraaoaa, Laarlaetto, Bunduka, t'owartr'
Walnui Polat, Coaa, Kiaaalo, Moadya
\W,' ,Lo,1Be? Adauip, Piney Point,
AbeJis, Leonatdtown, Uobaraa, Bowarda
aud Slonea. (>n Tataday oaly for Lancaa?
ter, Bushwood, Kiverside, Liverpool
Ioint, Glymont, Alexandria and Wash?
Return ing will leave 7th Street Wharf,
a asdimgton, at 4 p. m. Thursday, culling
at al' lha above BaBBtlOBCd wharvcs,
leaving Lcouardtowu al 0 a. m. Monday
and Friday, Ivinsalc at 12 in., Milleis at
4 p. m., Grasons :it :> p. m. and Bocooa
at <> p. rn., arriving in lialtimore early
Taeaoay and Saturday inorninga.
Fralckl raoatvad daibat Pier9, Lirbt
Street. Ualtimore. b
_ Baltimore, Md.
Washington, D. C.
II m. M. REAUDON, Agent,
Alezandria, Va.
Baltimore, Cbesapeake & Atian
tic Railway Company.
Pinnkutaiik Kiver Linc.
In effect .Tanuary 1?t, moo Rcad
earofally?haportaal clBaaaaahava booa
aaaaod holow oa Wodaoaday aodfiatoV
day ofoaeh aroek, artivlac nt Bolihaora
OB Sunday and Tharaday Bl foUowr
R*tSort. 'i 00 a.m.
Blauds. C in "
Bkaaapara....... | :;o ? '
Grccu Point. | 45 "
OBBiada. ; o<) ?
W arehousc C'reek.7 juj ??
Ruarks.,s 00 ??
Fitchetta. P BJ
Callia. ?.i :50 "
Crieket Hlll.,..| .",4;, .1
Oherii Point.m (mi ??
Jackaona Creek.|0 :,n ??
Subank8. II OOnoon.
Byrdtoa....|| o.-,
Graco Point.|| 10 ??
Paluura. ... 1 aa ??
Littlc Bay. 1 I'.'l ??
Ohaaci. | 15 ??
Ocrans. I aa ?
llardinga. * ".".*.'... Tt ;w ?
Harvcya. ;j 15 ..
Timhs.. | (aj 1.
Roada. a :*(> ??
Harcums.| pa m
Blackwella. 1, pj ??
Sampsona. 7 no ??
Arriving at Baltimore .*? M a. in.
< ?u aad after Moaday, Jaaaary lst
l'.KHi, atenmer I.la will kave ttalttaaoro,
Pier No. :i, Llghl Btreat, Moaday and
Ihuraday of ench week at "i p. m . ar
rlvlap nt ahora laadlaga oa Taaadaj
and Fiiday of cach week.
taVThc .steamer BTBOCk Pratt will be
a ithdraa u for tha piai aat.
Freight ralca uamed to all pointa on
applieatloa to tha apeat. Olhorlafor
mation upon appJIcatioa.
W. B. Bbob n, aVpaaii
T. a. JoTaaa, Bapt. Btooaaat l.incs.
WaUaUtP TuoarsoN, Gen'l Manager.
Coaaaaoaoiag Wodaoaday, Jaaaary ld
'?'<'<>. tlie steamer Ida will ieavc landinea
The Washington Steamboat Com?
pany Limited.
?M aad tfaaur faaaaaaa,<n tfftct ahj/.si.'w.
IT | A M K g Bf A K l. 11 KI, I >.
E*e*ei Wa?hfn>rton, I). C.. f,?,t Gf Se\, nth
Street at . :.. m. Ua? M Ale xaudrla. Va., loot
of KtajMivci at a a. aa. a?^a
Moixiuya lor Kort Koote, Fort Wanhinirton
MarakeJl HalL O'.ymom,* lndia,, Head *!<"-'
|Kiol l'oint.l iitton ItewelKSmltl '? Ft 1 ?Stltta
BtuartS, SSwanV (Hiveisi.i.,, Mathlap' Foiiit!
PU>a(Lowqr cv.tur \>i.\ Wliketaoaa, Ootonlal
Reach, Huxhwoo.1, Kiicl Foint (I^iuasteiH)
( oitoi.s BeaJes, rrhocapaona, Deep Polnt!
Mount Holiy, KomlDt. Alieii>, Leonardtuwn
Howards. Cobruma, ifoaca.
IteturnluK toavga Coltonsat 5h. m.on Tues
da\s, arrh c-k at Wasninjrton atiout 4 p. m.
wedocadaya tor Kort Poota, Porl WaNhhur
ton. Marshall Hall. (Jlyniont, ?In.Iiai; Heud
l.i\er,iooi Polnt, Cllfton Beacfa (Smltha Fi.i'
?!Vi?,^i^r,f' Bw?H" '"'^'>i.i,-). Mathiaa
,""'? Vllls ibowerCodar Pt.). Wllkeraona
Lolonial lleacb, Bushwood, tt.uk Foint <l an
oaataro) Coltona. Leoaardtown, Abella, tralas
* 1 bompsons, Deep Foint. Moiiiu llolly Noir'
Inl. Coun, llarnea, liuiidieks, U'ahiut 'I'ouit
Cownrta, Lawketta, Muady* Foint, LodM'
tar~BetartilDf kavca ? -nali naTbaisaaii
anrDaalsa, ?Thoupsona. Ueep Foint, Mount
llolly, Nomiiti. Howanls. Cobruma, Stone*
Oaltona. Buabwood. Koek Foint iLaneaatere)!
CoionjH Beaek. w m. raooa, dum tLower
Ce.la. Ft.i. Mathlaa Polnt, Swana iltlveraidei
Btnarts, ?atHTa,Cllfton acack iSmltba loint).
l.ixerpool Foilil. *
Arrivtncat aawklngtoa Krl.lay saaratae.
baturdata for Fort Foote, Fort \v aaiiiiuMon
nooJ I'oint.ci.tion BaaeblSmltks Pt.),*8tllTe
Diii stLgwer Oadar Ft.,, Wllkenoaa, Colonial
Buavh. lliisliwiKHi, Kock Foint (Lancaat.'.1,
Coltona lloalcs. ?Thompsons, lu" 'V.i,?
M. unt Holly, Nornini. ?aaaa,
BeturnlnB leavesColtona ut 6a. m.on Sua
day*.arrives at Wa*hii)Ktoi. aboul 4 p. m
Landinirsmarked ttaus l?J are b-.ait, ti.le or
fair weathcr landinirs.
C. W. KIDLGV. (,en'l Mana^r.
J. B. PAIKJBTT. Aart.. Altjia ).l. a. V...
faakatali to f//<<t Jbaaara ls\ i?w?.
I 19 a. m. daily.
10 II a. m. Sun.Iays only.
10 18 a. m. daily cxeept Sunday.
1 4? p. ns. daily except Sunday.
9 30 p. m. daily.
0 H a. m. daily. Stops only at MD
ford, Doawefl and Ashland week days
ataaaa all local ptops Baadaay.
1 10 p. aa. aallv axeapt Baadlaj,
?> bO p. m. daily. Slops only at Do"
well and AsblaadT.
<l 44 p.m. daily. Makes all local stops.
Makea all local stops.
Leaves Fre.leriiksburg fi a. m.
Arrives at Richmond 8 2o a. ni.
Leaves Rlcbmood 4 p. m.
Arrives at Fredericksburg | .'54 p m
C. C. Cox, Agent.
J-f?_Taylok, Trarlic Manrgcr.
?. 1. I). Mykks, Prcsideut.
Steamer Owoii Dillanl.
Mail and passengcrs to and from White
Stone, Irvington, Weerns, Milienbeck
Merry l*oint and l rbnna, daily (exctpt
? '-^ve?White Stone, 7 a. m.; Irvington
<.4.\ Weerns, 8.15; Milienbeck, aj Merry
Polnt, ft.IJO; arrive I'rbana, IIM a m
L.Hve -i rbaaa. I p, m.; Mllleabeca .T
Merry Point,o.:iO;Weems,4.30: Irvliiirlon
5; arrive W hitc Stone, 0 p. m.

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