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ttav. C. R. Jambm. Paator.
IrTiogton. Flrat and Thlrd Sundavs, 11A.M.
" aovondatid Fourt )? Simday*. nighi.
** PraTermvetloic Wtwlneaday tii?ckit?<.
WhlteHtooe. Firat and Thlrd fnmdays. a V. M.
" Secondand Fourth Sunuay*,ll.\ t
Pleet'a IsJand. Baaood swnday.a P.M.
TntrdSunday ulirht.
Poplar Nack. Fourth Sunday, J P. M.
Rar. F. W. Clatbkooh, Paator.
*? Flrat aml Thiru Suudaysi, B p. M.
tPreachiiia or Fniyt-r aiaatingj.
Wlcomlco, Pirst and Third Sundavs, 11 A. M.
K.llmarnock.s?'voiid aud Fourt n Mm??
A. M.
Bluff Polnt Cnajt-I. Fourth Sunday 7:30 P. M.
Rey. O. Y. Uradlit. IVstor.
Whitc Moue, Flrst aud Third Sundaya at 11
A. M.; Scooud huU Fourth 8uli
day* ttp. iu.
Fle*?ta laland, (hh^jdiI kii<1 Fourth Snndayaat
11 A. M.; Flrat and Third Hl
daya i u. m.
Ret.J. 8.W48SIM, Paatnr.
Weema. Flrat and Thlrd Sunday a 11 A. M. aud
7:J0 F. M.
Rev. F. A. HoixtMi, Paator.
Wlcomlco. Flrat and '1 hird Sunday* at :t.N 9.
M., Sviiuiland Fourth Sun.lays at
11 A. M.
Smjrna Flrat and Thlrd Sundavs at 11 A. M.
!Saii.|?oii'H Wharf, 8chool Htoaaa. Beooud an?l
Fourth Sui.days at B3M I'. M.
F. L Wi|Mr, IMlt..r I ... :.l CormpunilHi..-.
All oommunleations should be a<l<lress.e 1 to
tbe VhuiimaOtizin. Irvlngton. Va.
Wcre you April fooled I
Lev. Bryant haa added a new posch to
his residencc.
Capt. and Mre. W. L. Mestdck are in
Baltimore this week.
O R. Hopklns has rccent!> purchased
a tine Schubert piano.
Mrs. B. H. B. Hubbard was tiaitlag
friends in this viUagc Saturday.
now An "Vo?r fLIilarya ?
Or. Ho6t?'Hparaaus Plllsonwall kidney i 11-..BjMa*
^le fra?. Add. Sicrlins Kemedjr Cu-.Cliicaau or N. Y.
Miss Jcnnic Siraraons was visitiug her
brotber, S. P. Simrnons, on Sunday.
Aid Society was beld last nigbt (Thurs
daj) at tbe bornc of Mrs. Marnie Loug.
H. Jeler Haydon, of I'rbanna, was
Yisilingbis parental home here Sunday.
MissKate Mitchell, of Essex, is tbe
guest of her slster, Mrs. S. B. Grillitb
Kncouiage oome aaaaaffWBM and luiy your
lumbcrurw. H. Jeasu. l.itwaltun. LancHSter
Co. Materlal the bcat. prices low, bfcj 1 ?t.?la:ht*
Miss Emina Harcurp, of FairtieMs, is
visitiug at the home of Mrs. W. A.
Leland. _
Mrs. Ernest Longworth was visitiug
Mrs. .Tno. (J. Brewiugton Sunday and
Monday. _
Mrs. AHce Busscll aad littlc aou, Tur
ner, leave to-day (Friday) for their home
in Baltimore.
Miss Maudc Leland, who has been
visiting for several weeks in Baltimore,
rcturucd Saturday morning.
Ilavc eggs from gcuuine lYkin ducks
to aeil at liliv centa per setting.
l)n. \V. J. Nkwisii.l, lrviugton. Va.
The C1TI7.KN rcpresentativc will be at
ilcathsvillc court rexl Monday to relieve
you of that dollar you owc tbe Citizkn.
Hevivnl services will commcnce in tbe
Baplisl church next Sunday afternoon
and continuc every night turoughout the
week. _
Mesdames T. J. Williug and llarry
Cunniu?ham and K. F. TbOOaBBBB left
Frlday for Baltimore. The latter has
returoed. _
Tak? LAXATivalliioMoOr iisinkTaio.kts. All
ilrutrirtat* rvfiind tbo moncy 11 It fails to cuiv.
K. W. Ukove'S rlKtiaturv 00 i>\ery box. 35c
Hcv. Geo. Y. Bradley, jr., ofWhite
Stouc, prcached in tbe Baptist church
here Sunday nigbt to a large and alten
tive congregation.
Thosc on the sick list an: Mesdames
C. J. Uobcrta, Mary E. Uallis, C. I.
Brewlngton, Sarab Bryant and Orab
Bussclls aud "Bud" Bussells.
Mr. aud Mrs. M. S Striugfellow ar
rived her Friduy afternoon <nii>ute to
Kilmarnock to viait the latter's parcnla,
Mr. and Mrs. .Tohn A. Palmer.
Persona liavlng fruit trees s'iould be
giu now to apray them. A aplaadld
aprayer can be boughl through the
Citizbm for $0. *
Itev. F. W. Claybrook arrived here
Tuesday afternoon on aleamer ltlclunond
from Kiug George county, where he had
been to aasist Shiiob Baptiat church.
Visitors seea in our villarge reccntly;
Dr. F. A. Pinckard and daughter, Mias
Genevieve, E. M. Edwards, E. 1$. BqatlWA,
Mias Lula James, Albcrt Nobelett. John
A. McKenoey.
J. T. ltilee aud Ed. George left on
sailboat Monday morning for Sharps
wharf, returuiug Tuesdaj with Mclviu
Milhy, who will aasist Mr. Hilee in hia
shop this ftummer.
Wedeaire to call the attcution of the
public to our new spring stoek of shoea,
sbirts, drygooda aud nolioua, which we
have jusl received. Come and evaiuiiu
them. Astim kn A Jamks.
Irviugton, Va.
Capt. G. P. Squires, Jas. ?. Sanders,
T. J. Downlng, Howard Hathaway and
SyillieMercerleft hereTuesday morning
forNorfolk, where they go to attend a
mepting of the I^oard of Fishcries.
Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Irving gave a din
ner to to a few frienda ou Tuesday even
ing at which time and place Hev. C. R.
Jaraes christened Irma, the infant daugh
ter of Dr. and Mra. L. M. Irvinc
About four hundred tons of fertilizer
have been soldwitbiu tbe past few weeks
by tbe Carters Creek Fisb Guano Co.
This was chletly done, the company say.-*,
through an advertiaemeut ia the Citizen.
There U no Famllj Medlclnc ao favorably
kimwii as 1'ain K n.i.Kit. For sixty yoar>* it
hait IxH-n used by Miastonarlea in all paurta 04
tbe wotld, not .iiiiy tocountorm-t the. cllmatic
tntlu.'iice on their familics. but for t lu- eur?
ot all dlMe&ses ot the bowcla, and for wounda,
burns, bruiaee.ctc. Avoid auhstitutea, there
Is but one Paln-Klller, IVrry l>u\ it>\ Fltoa
?o. anJ &Uc.
A. P. Garncr, wife and two chitdren
left for Baltimore l:.?t week. Mr. Garuei
returned Wedaesday and leaves bis wife
andlittle children in the city. We are
glad to know that his beallh ia much
Eddie Daniel, a young miniaterial
studeut at the Chesapeake Accademy.
was called to his home in Middleaex
county Suuday to attend the bedaide of
a sick sitder. He returned Tueaday aud
reports his sister as much better.
Ilrauty Is Illood lt< ? i?.
Olonn hlood meana a cloan akin. Xo
beauty without it. Caaoarets, Candy Cutlnu
ttt alaaa your hlood and baiap it ?'loan, by
?tirring up the l.i/.y livor and di ivmn all inv
puiC.ua from Mie Inxly. 1 U'jiiii to day to
baruHh pimplca, I oils, hiotchcx, baaokJaaada,
and that ttickly biliotia eomplaxion by taMng
Caacareta,?boauty for tcn oenta. All drug
giata, satiafaction guarautved, 11K, 2oc, 50c.
A poatal received from T. Splcer
Curlett Tuesday announees tbat be is
about to leave Baltimore. He say*; "I
sball rever return to Yirxiuia, Bl?!???*
aent for by some ill person conuected
witn i
A marringc llcense was issued in
dagtaa laat aaMfctotf*. BdgarIL
Lyahaaa and Miss Mera E. Marmaduke,
Of Westmoreland. Both of these young
peoplv are well hno<vu iu this village,
wbere they have visited.
If troubted *Ub rhatnaattsn ?*ve Cliara
berlmn's l'.iiu-lt ilra a trul. It ?ili a
you a <? -tii rou no aood. 0
plicatlou wi tbe paln. It atao cures
- hikI bruUea In on* thlrd ti><- tlaae re
qulrvd bj ;i- \ other t ?..?'?iniit. Cut*. burna,
tiovtl. :- m 1 >H' -l.i?' .Ol'l . IhM .
alandular awd other swellliur* ?re qutckljr
euraO l>v appittoa It. Bveri butth wai
iitiod. Pr?,c.-.T? nnd noi'M. Mrs. T. J. \\ il
li"a \ Co., Irvlna-u>n: <. W. Hendere, Wblte
w. ii. Hardlnj -V Mi..., w ecius.
Mr. and Mrs, T. J. Dix gave their
aaaadMar, btba Paacl, ? party Thursday
uigbt of last week. IVuicing was en
gaaad in until a late (or tarly) hour,
when the many guests bade their bostesa
?dlaa nnd laft for their hunies, votiug
the eveuing a grand succcss.
Mr-. allee C. Paaoallbaad laroMtUa
boys, of Lynbams, Northumbcrland
couuty, werc iu this village Tuesday.
Whilc here Mrs. Paaaaltb had her sub
scrlplionmnvcd to lDOl.besides spcaking
many encouraging words concerniug
the Citizkn.
Tn aimoat e\ery neurkborhoad thara asawaa
i'?r wboee llfe haa been saved bjr Caaaaber
laiusGoUc.Cholera and Dtarrboea Keaaady.cx
?rao kaa beea euiad ?>r ckrordc Atarraoaa bf
t lic UM ot tl?Ht ntedteine. Suili ptT.iius n;:i!vr
a point ol tctiiiiif of ir wbeoever opportunlt?
. kopiaa tli.it i? aaj be ti.e m<
savtua other li\??. I"... saie by Mi*. T. .1.
WUltog A t'o.. IrvtDjrton; W. H. Ilaniinit &
Iti..., YVeeins; <;. w. SauUera, w hlte Stoue.
Late anivals at the Irvinjton Beacb:
B. Streel, W. A. Palmer, R*Y. F. W
I'laybiook. 0. A. itoacb, P. Varley, Robfl
Calhoun, James ScoggiiiR, Thos. F.
Green, 11. M. Grcsham, Charles Bray,
Capt. W. B. Fariuholt.Jamea Martin, E.
L. Muufor<l, Tboa .T. Downing, Mes9rs.
Payne and tlownrd.
Tbe uiail steanier, Owen Oillard,
whose bottcf was burst at I'tbanna last
week, has becu repaired and rcsumed
her icguiar trips. Capt. Bayton nevcr
ullows anythiug to deter bim from
taaJajg and l)ringing llie daily mail, a
sailboat being BBB 1 when his steanier is
disi bled, which is seldom.
l.ndvsiiiith Tukcit?not by tbe
Boata, bat with dJaeaaa As are all kaow
the 1'ir.ls will B0OB tune their harps for
the OOaaiag spring lOBga, so will tae dif
ferent discascs taaal llicmsclvcs for the
unsusperted beiag>; tlieiefore relief must
be found. T. .1. Haydon ?.V Sou.as usual.
l-.ive a full supply of druits. Swanip
Boot, tlie giaal kidney and blnddcr cure,
and C'liamlxrl'Uti OoBgb Betncdy special
ties. A word to the wisc is sullicicut.
Ooaaa aad be baalad. T J. Haydon Jc
Boa, Irvinttton. Va.
We are elad to scc that the boys and
younc men of Irvington are hegiuning
to aaow aaaaa lataratt in oat doorspotts
:\r.tl trustthat it will continue. Threu or
four years ti^o Irftmgtaa had aa good a
baseball iimc as e.mld be found in the
Northern Neck, but for some reason it
haa gonc to p'eces iu late years. Tbc
sanie piuyere?and many niore?are Ftili
licre, *<> whv can't Wa otgani/.e thia
apring and ahow the Xnrlhcrn Ncck
that weeaa play baii? Ooaae out Baitu*
day, atgaatae and have a good gnuie.
TJte I$t?st Iii the YVorltl.
xv?- baltatra ? haaabarlala'i Ooacli tmmtda
i* tiii' b**t in the ? >rid. a tvw a-ccksaco w'o
Kiitl.-r.-.l wlih .i M-vciiM , !.l UM.I a iTilimomi
eouah.and Iiimuk raad their advartiaaaantain
<un <>? n kikI othwrpapera wa paroaaaad * bot
' !?? t".f H would i?ffavl ui. 11 cured u* i>,.
for* tln- bott .<? >vas raora ili.ui hall oaad. It i*>
the !?< st madictnu out for ooldaaad MMurha.
ra< Hcrnlfl.Auderaonvllle,lnd. Poraaleby W
11. Hardtnn \ Rro., ?v mbh; Mia. T. J. w iiuhk
ii * uaataai (i. w. iaaaan whito etoaa.
UAVOHT on tiii: i ia.
fcfeei .niie pretalewl at Tappa
Mis. \V. 0. PaUaaf and littlc daughter,
of Balada, are rtaaUai bj Baltimoie.
A new poatofllol l?*s been aWtabialhad
al Sfaaaak, irmeaerelaBd eowaty. c.
Warren iiutt poataaaatar.
fcflea Beltle iv PalUa and ftoaarl n.
Kranre, of Etonaaaabeflaad aoaaty,
dopad to Baltiaaore !;.^t week and were
Mrs. Karia ('. Muson, mothcr of dudge
Joiiu e Ifaaua, an rataraedtoaoa Kiug
I home, aftat ipeadlag the wiuter
Ia Pi edei leaabarg.
W. i). Cartcr. an attornny of Tappa
hannock, has rcmoved his fainily to
Krcdern lv*luirg. whcre. he will locale aud
Opea a law crlicc.
fcflaa BateOa Tayloa, af "Mt. Airy,"
*k-binondcounly, returued Sunday after
? winlet'a absence in New York, Rich
mond and Norfolk.
Mrs. Wm.Brockenbrough, of Warsaw,
M"*9- - Evan?, ef FatrikMa, and
Editor Kyland, of Mie\ll?sex, were in
Norfolk Saturday.
The authorities at the State peniten
tiary have dtridad to assign Cbas. R.
Levta to clerical work Owlag to his
aptitude iu that dirtctiou.
Quite an escapadc happencd last week
at liowliug Oreen Scminary in which
four young lady pupila eluded the teach
an aad quit school, returniug to their
homes near Norfolk.
Cbarles Reynohis, a well digger, resid
ing near 01dhams,Westraoreiand county,
was kilied Tuesday while digging a well
for S. H. Straugban. The well caved in
burying him len feet.
Cbief Enginctr Mc Cullougli.of Steamer
Easex, has juat coinpleted a miniature
steam yacht, which he gave to Mate
Arch Long's little son. The Chief ls
quite expert iu modcling.
The severe wealher has almost para
ly/.ed the Ew*li3h pea crop along the
Rappahaunock. Though lurge areas had
been planted it is now fenred that little
morc thaa half a crop will be harvested.
Petitions are being circulated lively in
WeataMWetaad county for the removal of
thecounty seat from Montrosa to Mount
Holly. Also a petilion to the county
Judge for a local oplion election in Co
p!e Distriet.
Mr. R. B Breoke, a former prom
inent inercbant of Warsaw, died
Twaaiay at the Yirginia Ilospital in
Rie.hrnond, wherebe liadbecn Ukenonly
a few weeks ago. Mr Brooke had been
an invalid Eoryean,and ieavesa dtpend
ent widow and childreu.
The following well knowu business
men and salesmen were on Monday's
steamcr hound for Ballimore: T. T,
Lawaon, R O. Neale, Ciautle Neale,
Cnrtia Walker, VV. K. Walkcr, Walter
C. Palmer, Taylor Woodward, Err.est
Wright, Fred lioward, Dr. Peytoa MuD
lay, Emory Clark, J. N. Hart, John He
vere, Carroll Cornwell.
Dr. PaytOB Ilund'ey, a prominent
young dentis of lowci Esscx, and Miss
Francis WillUms Baxley, daugbter of
Dr. Claude Baxley, of Fa.upu'er county,
Va., and -i.ter of Dr. Hoiton Baxley, of
Baltimore, were ninrricd at St. Barnabus
Episcopal church in that city on Wed
nesday noon of this week. The bridal
party are spendinir ten days at Atlautlc
City.Ji. J.
Laneaster County.
Mrs. S. P. Simmoua. of lrvington, is
vlalliaaj bat pareutal home berr.
BThal Balgbl have been a serious catas
irophe ocenrre'i at Millenbe* k wharf on
Wednesday afternoon, wheu two canoes
collided. One of tbe canoes, containiug
a idiu and boy, sank at oncc, and they
uarrowly escuped a watery gravu.
The tisherinen are busy puttlng tbeir
nets out aud some have made pretty
aaad aabBbaa of sbad already.
l.ittle Josie Croasdale and Fannie
Sullivau and tbe little daugbter of Mr.
and Mrs. Barney George have been
very sick for the past week.
Miss M. A. Gaskins has been visitiug
Mrs. B A. Groasdalc uccntly.
Surprise partu sseem to be all the go
down here about now, there being one
at the home of Mrs. Jennie BaBBBBB
las: Wednesday uight.
Mis. Will Davis wns visitinq in lrv?
ington aud Indiautowu last Tuesday.
Eugene Hudson celebratcd his tweoty
third birthday last Sunday by having a
lo/vu young friends to dinncr and sup
pcr. A plerfsant time was reported.
A good many of the childrcn and
some of tbe older ones, too, are kaving
a fat time with tbe mumps.
Tbe pulilic school herv, taught by J.
B. L. Bianc and Miss Susie Sanders,
closed last Thursday with a big treat of
candy to scholurs by the teachers. We
expcct Boaaaof tliem weic fxrrry school
had closed.
A. A.Ashburu has been qajta sick this
Henry Stegeman, of Wicomico, was
visitiug fricnds here last Sunday and
We were glad to have Superiutendeni
W. H. Fonl, of lrvington Baptiat Sun?
day school, to visit aud addrcss our
aobool here last Sunday morning.
The Presbyterian Sunday school is
preparing to have an Eastcr eutertain
meut on Eastcr Sundaf, April Igtb, on
whicb occasion tbe scbolars will sing
and rccite Easter echoes and tbe Rcv.
Mr. Waltou, of Norfolk, will deliver an
Mrs. II. E. Oarea gave n tea to Miss
Agncs Dielman, of New Windsor, Md.,
last week, to whicb a few frieuds wcrc
invited to nicet her.
Toa, Dick am> Hakry.
I. a \( WSTEI1 00UKTH0U8R.
W. B. Demby movcd Mouday to Kil
marnock, whcre he expects to opec a
wheelwright and undcrtaker's business.
We wlsh him success.
E. M. Skinner, of Carabridgc, Md., who
has made large purchascs of lumbcr
near here, will move Into the Dr. Bar
uum property on Main slrect. The rec
tory wtU Ibaa be the only vacant proper?
ty Ifl town.
Mrs. Florida Bonds, of Cherry Point,
is visiling her alstcr, Mrs.LaveniaBrown,
near here .
We are sorry to bear that A. B. Becb?
lel, Ibe popular ymtng man at Kamps A
Carter's Mill, auticipates leaviug for hia
Dorthern home the tirst of next month.
lle is a yoting man of exccllent qualitics,
a grcat church workcr, hasa bright hap
py disposition and will be grcntly missed.
Geo. R. McKcnney, of Bells Creek, Is
not well.
It is ruinored that a big wholesale and
tctail store is soon to be opened bcro.
Miss Lula Bass, of Whitc Mart-h, will
el...-? her school this week and leave in a
few days for her home In Richmond
City. Mr?. Herburt Hall, of the Court
houae, will close her school next week.
I'oth ladies are exccllent teachers and
have givcu great satiafaclion in their
wo> k.
R v. W. A. Strcet is reportcd quite
aick, ?nuch to the rcgret of hia large cir
cle of frlcnrl?.
Miss Laveuia Degges has closed her
school iu the home of Robt. Pitmau.
Carcy Pitaian has rctumed home from
Gloucester county and is now clerking
for J. W. G. Stephens at Wicoinico.
Tho usual preacbing hcrvices at Edge
ly and lh.-lhel next Sunday.
Rev. Jack Roaser, we hear, will con
duct a meetiog at Whcalton for Rev.
W. L. Ware somelime next month.
Rev. J. O. Babcock anuounced Suuday
that he would commence a rcvival at
Bluff Point the 25 tb of this month.
G. A. Forrester continues right sick.
W. I. Stakes, the popular Rehohoth
merchant, has sold out his business to
Mr. Blaud. Mr. Blaud will take charge
of the store on the I8lh instant.
The old soldiers will mect here to-nior
row (Weducsday). As the weathcr is
warm doubtleas a goodly uumber will
be present. Alpiia-Bkta.
MIss Susie Brent, of Poplar Neck, who
is witn Arinstrong, Cator & Co , has been
stationed iu Belton, Texaa.
Tbe great coucourse of friends of the
di-eeat ed and her estitnable husband, Mr.
Jas. E. Sanders, sr., which gathered at
the interment of Mrs. Addie Sanders,
showed that the community waa in deep
sympalhy with the strickeu family.
Mrs. Sanders died on March, 22nd and
was interred in Wblte Stone cemetery,
Rev. C. R. James couducting the serv:
Miss Mary Chase is visiliug her sister,
Mrs. .leunie Lawson.
Mrs. R. K. Whaley was taken to Bal
timorc Mouday for medical treatment.
She was accompanied by Mr. Whaley, her
father, Capt. G. W. Mercer, aud hor sia
ter, Mrs. .luo. Winegar, jr.
R. K. 'Vhalcy wras uot as rumored
a candidate for oyster inspector in this
distriet. Jas. E. Sanders, the preseut
cucurabeut, and Jno. T. Payne were the
only candidateshere.
Misa Zina Wiiliams is iu Baitiinore
tlii.s week purchasmg raillinery stock.
The many friends in Lancaster of Capt.
and Mrs. Fred A. Gunby regret to learn
that they will not be with us this sum
mer. ?
Mrs. Dunaway has arrived with a full
line of spring millinery.
Mrs. Bruce returned from Baltiinore
lasl Sunday and rcports having had a
pleasant visit.
Y'our correspondent from WhiteStone
made a miatake in the title of one of tha
dramas that will be rendered in the
I'niun chapel on the Island next Wed
nt-rtilay uight. Instead of being "A regular
iix," it abould have been "A perplexing
situation." Dou't forget the time and
place, and all th&t can, must go, and an
joy a good laugh.
The public school at this place will
close Friday.
Mr. Lougworth has presented his
daugbier, Miss Lucy, with a flne Stieft*
piano. He went to the factory in Balti?
more and made his sclcction.
Miss Eula Wagncr haa accepted a po
aition with Mrs. Lula Duuaway, where
sbe will bc pleaecd to wait on her friends.
Tbose on the aick list are Miss Lida
Powell, Mra. Jennie Lawson and little
sob, Willard Condiff's little boy, Roacoe
Dunaway and Mra. Geuie Tatl.am.
J. D. Ingram aud Mrs. Adams are im
II. II. l?OI>SON akki:si I 1)
II. II Dodson whoae stnre near Mil
leubeck was burned on the nlght of
March 25rd was arrcatcd on Saturday
and taken before Justice Thomaa A.
Pinrkard. eharjred with burning his
(Dodson's) Ftoreboucc and the
house of J. E. Cotitulhc, yvhlch waa
burned on the same ni?ht. T. J.
Downing Npaaaaated the Common
wralth and Clarenee Towlealhe djetOBM ??
Justice Pirckard *eiit I> tdkaa to jail to
awalt another examlnation. wbieb will
beheld somelime next week.
It is not tb'-ucht that he burot the
storc of J. E. Connellre, althouKh be
roav have exrited othcrs to do it, and it
i? ihougbt that at the next bearing otbers
will bw implleated.
A great many In tho vicinlty of Mil
lenbeck thiuk hc is iunoccnt.
Ilow'ri This.
\\V oaTtrOM llnmlwl fKdlar* Hews-rt Tor
anv aaaaof fatarrhthateaanot bacorcd tn
HalPs Catarrh Oire.
F. .1. t bknvv ? t'o.. Tnladtt. O.
WV.the undrrslirned. have linowti K. .1. t'hf
ney for the l:ist ia vcflvi. Rinl beKevo h?m to
lh"> i>oiT?etlv hiui'irntdc In nll bootnaj* tmus
acilorm and tlnaneiallv abU? to carry (>ut any
ohlliratlnn* muke l>v rh*tr firrn.
v.'fST * Thi'w. WaoW**)* DraafW*.Tntedn,
O. WAl.nivo. Kinnanw M Miviv. Wlioh?ale
VmgmW. Thlado. O.
HitM'j fiitarrh Cnaa 's tnl>i>n intornallv. aet
laa dijoctiv ii|..-n tbc t-io. .i and rnnooua'wr
fa<-?-H or tho sjaraaa. Taailiniii'liilaatal fiaa
RqM liv Drifi'ivii:, T.V-.
l':il]'? F.tnvlv IMNaivthi '
Attradivc ad of Q*?1datrr>aa*a shoe
house. This Is a laadtaf hnu?p of Balti
more and has eivcn satisfactlnn to ite
many customcrs in this seciion foryoare.
New nd. of \ Lewtl A Son, comtnis
aloa nierrbants, Baltimore.
I M. Kdward'scarri of thank<*.
A nnouncment of Conwav. (Jordon,
A (Jarnctt, Bankers, Frederirksbnrg
Farm to exchangp.
His Uiniis \<-lir?l.
Among tho vcrv few ihinrs ahout
Whleh thore is rto difTerenre of opinion,
even amonjj l:?wvors and dortnrs who
proverbially disaerop, bj ibe efflraev of
newspaper advorti^i'ie and theefhViency
of the postal scrvicc Ia this eoaalry.
An Inplanco rivinj additinnal pro<:f of
bolh, ocenrrrd rerently when a letter
Trom Mr. R. S. Stone. <>maln, Xeb., waa
rcccived at lea poatnttcaaoto addteeaed
l,To Doc? Yo* Boaea Aehe Man, Beltt.
mi>rp." It was proniptly pent to 2??
Nor'h TTnward o'rrpt. the headquaTtprs
for Yohn's Rlinnn^lir Kl'xir. where
U t>(lone?'d. When thU rrmodv wnn
ftrtf pln'p'l I'paii ihp marUel tberom
nnnv adojitpl "n.?e<a yo' b.-?nps nehi?"
?xs a sort ofrtlrblinp and bavc sitipp
'ben advertlead -t wtdely. The rcsuit
lm<? baea Ihat tbp mnn in Omnlia, yvlio,
havintr rtaaaaaaaiaaa, waalad lae raaaady,
and had marely to purgest "fl*^ Yo'
Boncs Ache?"andthe postal antliontip*.
who also road ihc newspapers, knew
what he wantcd.
We t:\kp this meana of informing out
many friends and patrons tbat we have
movod into the Ftore recpntly orrupied
by R. K. Whaley at "White Stonp and at
the samc time will thank ynn for your
past patronagc ami rpppcctfully re<|uest
a continnancc of ynur tradc. The new
Btorc will allow ua to carry a mtirb
larger and bcttcr ?>lock of Goneral Mer
chandise and it yvill give us plea&urc to
?how you ihe nanie
Reepeetfatty pawra,
E. M. EDyvAiins. yrhh R M. Sander-.
White Stone, Va.
Rapnhliean<t Elect Pelegatea.
At the RepuWiean mass-mcctlng at
Lancaster Courthouse on Saturday last
tbc following dtli-gatcR xvere eleeled t<>
both conventiona?one at Cape Charles
and the other at Norfolk: Whhe Chapel.
Oeo. J. Jpnken?; Mantua. S. I\ (^resham;
White Stone, II. I>. MrNamara and
Ilugh * Owen, of Wecms, ai delegate
at largp.
Itemarkable Cnre "oi" ?llicumatUni.
Kf-w v. Jaoaoaa <".. vv. v*.
Alxmt three voara atni. mr utie lia.t an at
tafk of rtn uiiKit ;-ni whlrti conftne ? beetohor
lx?d fcimviTH montli aiel reinler.il lier un.b'<<
to walk a stap wltboat aaatataaees bar Itmba
b??in?r nvoion to .lonlilc ilwir nortnal alw?.
Mr. S. Mat.lox i.ictst. .1 011 my ns'njr Ommlx-r
lain'a Palu lUlin. 1 purrlmc.-d a rift\ .-.m
Ixdtle and us.^1 It aocordlna *"> <ll--eetlnn? niiiI
the next mornlii*.-slio walked t<> breakfaal
withttut ?awaaaaea In anv mati'ier. and sl..
hax tiot had a .imilar atno-k atOOa. A. tt.
Paaaoaa. For shi.- i>\ <;. w. samier*,
White Btone; Mn.T. .1 WUll.i?a Oew, irvliur
ton; W. 11. (lanbtiK.v llro., Weems.
llKltK 1,1 KS SAFKTY.
Property owners cannot but be con
vinced that storcs, goods and factorie*
are risky insurance, and that to obtain
policies In companies acceptingsuch. the
policy bolder has to pay a higb rate of
insuran.e iu order that the company can
defray their heavy losars. No risks like
tbese are taken in the Northern Neck
Mutual Fire Asaoriation, of lrvington.
Therefore, the cost of insurance must
necessarily be cheapc"-. In this associa
tlon you get insurance at actual cost,
and a small cost it is?no salaried olti
cera light expenses and safe risks.
Over a quarter of a million dollaisis now
carried by this home company. Write
for plans, by laws, etc.
Riehmond County.
Miss Lena Balderaon, a grown
daughter of Q. \V. Balderson, after
being very ill a few days, dicd on
Sunday morning, April 1st. She
was a bright Christian girl and loved
by all who knew her.
Some or those reported lnst week
as being on the sick list are conva
lescent and some of them are yet
Mrs. Annie Bartlett and Kobert
L. Coatea have been added to the
sick ]ist since my last communica
tion to the Citizkn.
Several schools in this (Stonewall)
district will close this week. It has
been remarked Uy one of our school
trustees, "that the schools of Stone?
wall district have made better pro
greas during the terni of 1890 and
1900 than for several terms paat."
Such reports ahould be encouraging
to both teachers and patrons.
Prof. S. W. Beazley, of Dayton,
Va., has closed his vocal music
clasaea at liappahannock and Wel
come (Jrove churches, and will go to
Village, this week. The Prof.
made many friends while here and
we highly endorse him aa a music
The following pupils areinscribed
on the roll of honor of the primary
department of the Newland graded
school of which .1, lt. Cunipbell is
teacher, for lifth month ending
Anril 4th, 1900. Fitat grade: Km
ily Clark, Kebecca l lark, Ellie
Marks, Anrie Conntlley, Lataad
OlilT, Evan Balderaon and Mainie
Nash; second grade: Sophie Ilinson,
Orace Barrett, Daisy Oliff, Earl
Balderson, (3uy Balderson, Ethel
Oliff and Uowland Marks; thiid
grade: Uuth Nash, Dollie ('oates,
Bland ('onnelUy, Mury Oliff and
Philip Nash.
Northumberland Co
The tiiany frtenUe of Hie Ooilra
will regret to IrajTB that he has left
Broun's Storo and returned to
Opbelkl to be with his brother,
CyrtU Colcs, who reiunins quite
Miw Julia Eubank has coinpieled
her school terni and returned home.
to the delight of her friends.
Mrs. Kva Bock (aae Eubank)
hushund uud little daughter spent
Sunday with her niother.
Dr. K. F. Eubank and wife were
tbi guesta of his brother, T. J.
Baaaak, on Sunday last.
Miss Bessie Gill has been on a
long viatt to friends at Avalon.
The Sunday Schools in our com
inunity hsve been reopened, but with
a 6tnall attendance owing to (irippe,
which is taking this section by
(>. II. Smith was in Baltimore this
week purchasing his spriug stock.
Mrs. Margret Dawson is on -a
long visit to her daughter, Mrs. Y.
S. 7>uuaway, near l^ara. C
There are rumors that Kecdville is
soon to have a bank. We bope it is
true, as there is a large field here for
such an euterprist!
Capt. Willard Owen is expected
home this week from a Maryland
hospital, where he has been for treat
Albert Morris returned Wednes
day from a wiuter's atay at i'ocomoke
city. He will aoon be prepared for
the iishing seasou.
C. C. Woodhull was in Baltimore
this week.
Cround has beeu broken for the
foundation of the new Methodist
chureb, and bricklayers are expected
Mouday to begin work. The struc
ture will be a magnilicent one.
Itisa Blanche Edwards has pro
curcd a busine88 situation in the
State of Coorgia and MissKate Bray
has been assigned to congenial work
in Elorida.
Kev. Dr. S. A. Steel, of Richmond
city, haa beeu engaged to de liver
8ome lecture8 here ou April 11th and
12th, for the benetit of the maguili
OBOt Mcthodiat Episcopal church in
oourseof erection at this place. The
ladies will serve aupper before and
ufter the lectures.
Northumberland county has con
tracted with the Measrs. Thomas,
?>f Luuc.ister, to keep all of the pub
lic roads in Wicomico district in good
order for tliree years for the sumof
Little Mvrtle Clark is quite sick
at this writing.
Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Parsous have
httely had a tine little lady added to
their faniily circle.
Lagrippe and colds are quite prev
alent here.
Miss Lizvcie Switt spent Saturday
and Sunday with the Misses Cowart,
of tliis plaoa,
T. II. Fallin has purchased of
JafMS Barron the North'd house
Whlle cntting wood recentlv, Mas
ter Ceorgo White had the misfortune
to have a piece 11 y up aud strike him
in the eye which cauaed him u good
itaal of puin.
SfeaafB. <Uia Ixiwry and Alplia
White, of Kecdville, are drumming
tish at this place.
Miss Carric Hall, of Village, is
spending a mouth with her aunta
at Keedville.
\V. F. Scott, who has been clerk
ing for Mr. Cowart for quite awhile,
coutetnplates leaving in the near fu
ture for New .Icrsev, whete he has
aootpted a position. Mr. Scott is a
young gcntleman of many fine qnal
ities and we wish him suecesa.
Our young people have organiz^d
a Sunduy school at Coan achool house
with Mr. Jas.Dohyuaaa Superintend
Only a few daya ago one of the
happieti lionu-s in this coiiimunity
was composed of husband, wife, two
sona and two daughters. Quiet con
tentuuMit and cheerfulness abode at
the hearthstone, and not a cloud waa
discernable on the horizon of the
doniestie sphere. Ouly a few brief
dajsl yet what a change! To-day
despairiug grief holds despotic sway
aud that hearthstone is deaolate.
The wife sita bewailiug the sudden
loesof husband and both sons by one
instantaneous stroke. The daughters
are sniitten with discousolate grief
by the sudden t?king away of father
and brothera. Wedneaday morning,
March 28th, Capt Lewia B. Evans,
accompanied by hia two 8ona,Lambert
and Railey, left Little river to go up
the Potoniac to tish their j>ound net,
located at Hack*s creek. The wind
nicreaaing, they concluded to return
home, and atarted down. Shortly
afterward another boat on the way
down saw that Capt. Evana' boat had
sunk and endeavored to save the
occupanta, but without avail. This
boat's crew reported in Little river
what they had aeeu aud a crew
iniinediately went to the scene but
tbe bodie8 could not be found.
Next day the bodies were 8ecured
and carried to the home they had
left so peaceful the day before.
Casket8 were 8ecured and Friday,
amid the attendance of a large
crowd, the father with a sou ofl
each aide, waa laid to reet in one
wide grave, Keva. Parria, Robins
and Kice otticiating.
This triple burial was the aaddeat
scene probably ever aeen in this
section. The entire male portiou of
the fatnily to die auch a horrible
death at once aud be buried together.
They lived as comradea, they died in
caring for their loved ones, and now
they are gone, leaving many achiug
hearta. "Af ter life'a fitful fever they
sleep well." X.
Middlesex County.
latdJei Aid Society met at the par
souage Wtdm-aday, April 1th.
Mrs. Thoe. D. Blake, who has lavti
ill, ia iruproving, but is atill very
weak. Her many frieuda are glad to
lee her up again.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Juo.
Baker has been gladdened by the ar
rival of a babv boy. May the boy
ptoee a bleeeiag to his pareuts.
J. 0. Olarfce tias purchased of
Uobert Healey the grist unll near
B. C. Adams has been sufferiug for
the past ten oj twelve days with a
riaiog Imiul.
Mre. B. F. Woodland recently ac
companied her husband on schooner,
Curlew, from Baltimore to visit her
daughter, Mrs. B. GL Adaois.
On April 2nd the bugeye, Cora aud
Ida, had her masts blown out. She
was towed iuto Ixwklies Creek by
Capt B. F. Woodland, of schooner
Mrs. Kichard Baker and familv
were the gueata of her sister, Mrs.
C. C. Carlton, Sunday laat.
Little Miss Pearl Mears was visit
ing her aunt, Miss Julia Wood, Sat?
urday and Sunday laat.
Ouite n nuniber of people are suf
fering with chills at this writing.
Mra. Wm. V. Brownley ia still in
Two of our young 8port8 while out
enjoying a bicyc'.e ride last Sunday
aftemoon were attacked by a dog.
The dog did but little damage?only
carrying off one of the aport'a pant8
guarda. A Friend.
Middlesex Court.
The proceeding8 of Middleeex
county court last week sliow that that
man of "back-bone," Judge G. Tay
lor Garnett, continuca to rule with
his wonted firni hand.
In the caae of the Commonwealth
againat Hughea & Brother, for sell
ing intoxicatiug liquora, the jury
brought in a verdict ot guilty and
fixed the fine ut $25 and coats. In
the caae of the Commonwealth
agaiust Cooke, indicted for the 88 me
offence, the jury found Cook guilty
and fixed his fine at $20 and cost8.
T. B. Ailworth, indicted for a simi
lar offence, confessed jndgement and
took the minimum fine of $20 and
coats. Judge Garnett promiaed these
tlrfer.tlants if they 6hould chauce to
get before his Ilonor again for simi
lar offeuces, he should, on conviction,
delight to 8end them to jail for the
full term the law designateB.
Suppcr niitl l.tit*Ttainment.
On next Wcdncsday cvening the
ladica of the Kilmamock Baptist church
will glve a supper and cntvrlainmcul in
the Town Hall at Kilmarnock, the pro
cceds to go to the Baptist Parsonage
Fund. The public is cordlally invitcd
to attend.
Many a school
girl is said to \
be lazy and ?
sh if 11 c s s
when she
doesn't deserve
the least bit of it.
She can'tstudy, casily
falls asleep, is nervous
and tired all the tirne.
And what csn you ex- \
pect? Herbrain is being ?
fed with impure blood
and her whole system is
sufferlng from poisoning.
!i Such glrls are wonder- M
4 fully hclped and greatly bj
J changed, by taking Ll
HHundredsofthousands *?
of schoolglrls have taken [<
it during the past 50 years. f.
Manyof these girls now
have hornes of their own.
They remcmber what
cured them, and now
they glve the same mcdi
You can afTord to trust a
Sarsaparilla that has been
tested for half a century.
tl.M a bottie. All dragr'a*. l^
If your bowels are consti
pated take Aycr's Pillt. You
can't have good health unless
you have daily action of the
bowels. 25 cti. a bax.
44 On* box of Ayer ? Pllla cared mv
dyspapaia." LD.Cudwiu,. ^
Jan.l2,18?. _ Bath.N. Y. f
Writm thm Omotf.
If you tiaa-a any complaiut wh*t?T?T
and dealre tha l eat meCkcal advlce yoa
can poMlkly recaUa. wrUe xha doctor
fr?efy. You will reeelra a nromst ra
ply, wlthout coat. AUdraaa.
BJ BJ f ai.ayiy'iy f aj j
Advei ti>ements ln this columu inserted at
liu-euts per lineeach biHertlmi when for lesa
than a month. For a wonth or more, at retr
ular measured ratoa.
TO HUY?Oak and Chestnut Rail
road Ties; also Poplar Wood. Parties
having same for salc may tind it to tbeir
interest tocorrespond w ith W. O. Beane,
Miskiinoc, Northurnberland County, Va.
Tt) SELL.?We have for sale one
huudred barrels round seed potatoca.
Mend in your ordera early.
Thb Tull Ovstbr Company.
Whealton, Va.
Wantbd.?30,000 Railroad Ties, 10,
0O0Cbestnul,can be plutnp (>x6 aud up on
face, 8 feet; rernainuer White Oak, Hed
Oak and Chestnut, 7x7 and up on face,
8i feet. Correspondenec solicited.
Youra for business,
T. J. Kl'llANK,
firuun'a Store, Va.
Of the Nortberu Neck Mutual Fire Asfeociation of Virginia, for the year 1899, as
made, according to law, and under oath, to the Auditor of Public Accounta, and
directed by him to be published in the Viruinia Citizbn for four conaecutive
Chartered March 4, 1896.
Amount of inaurance written in 1809, $ 82,730.00
Amount of tusurance iu force January 1, 1900, - - - 2o3.905.00
KKt'K! llTH
Entrance feea collectcd in t899,.$519.41
Amount received on assessment, ...... <>78 l>5
Amount received on transfera, etc,. l! 91
- #1,508 27
aav tir.i paid for logres,.$833.19
I'nid hL-enis' fees aml olhev cxpenscs,.404 32
Btalieaarj, phuiing, auetaga, offlce rent, etc., - - - i:s'.?05
Halance on hand from lM'.tS,
Total hal'.ncc on hand (lu bank of Conway, Gordon & Garnett), - $02.49
JOHN C. EWE1.L, Preaident.
W. McDONALI) LEE, Scc'y-Manager.
Deposits Solicited, Negotiable Paper Discounted.
Handsome Lithographed Check Books presented to each Customer.
Merchants' Business Cards placed on their Checks.
/ In the Making of Shoes.
Goldstrom's lasts are of the latest pat
tern, the material the best and the
workmanship unsurpassed?hence he
can with safety guarantee his shoes.
Prices are advancing rapidly, but
Is keeping his prices down and still
using the best material. Don't put off
buying your footwear any later.
(4-07-409 S. BROADWAY,
. Grand Spring Opening
and timely bargains for watchful buyers of Furniture of every description.
Carpets, Oil-cloth, Linoleums, Mattings, Refrigerators, Baby Coaches, Go
carts, in fact, anything needed to furnish homes.
1 can give you a good parlor snit, covered in ailk, tapestry or bair clotli for $|5 and upwarda.
I cau give you a aolid oak 10-piece bed rooni suit, witb large bevel gla8a for 20 "
A good baby coach from $4 |Q $25. A good go-cart from $2.50 tO $15.
Good Matting at |0C, ^tter Matting at 15C.t Beat Mutting at 20 aRtJ 25C. I^r J*rd.
Liuen warp Mattings, carpet desigus, for 25 311(1 30C.
If any goods you may desire are not mentioned above, write and all in
fbrmation and prices will be furnished at short notice. Prices guaranteed to
be as low as consistent with quality. An early call solicited. Prompt ehip
ment and low prices guaranteed.
407-409 S. Broadway,
K.lucatc Vour Itowela With Caacareta.
O.indy Catliartic. cure conatipatlon forever.
10c, 25c. If C. C. C. tall, drugglsta ref und money.
Be cautious; be provident; and insnre
vour property in the Northern Neck
Mutual Firc Aasociation, lrvington, Va.
John Fornandts, the axport barber on the
ateamcr Hlchmond, niakes a apeclalty not
only of shavlngr and halr cuttlng but alao
dreMaing iadlea' halr.
If you want dwelllng". ohurchea. tenta or
housoaof any deacriptlon bullt wrlteto W, U.
Jeaae.contractor. Litwaiton, Va. Katitr.atcs
wav down; mllla located tu Lancaater county
To Cnra Conatipatlon Forever.
BBBB Caacareta Candy Cathartlc. 10c or 25c.
IfC.CC. fall to cure, druggista refund money.
Wllson Halraer A Oo.'s two branda of mo
.assea are having a frroat run %lth the peopla
of tbit* aectlon. Ask your morcbant fortheir
ban.juet Srrup or their. May>tuez tnolaaaea
and you will uae no other.
Tlu' Vikoinia CiTiaui usea a Williams
T> ]<iwi iIit. 11 ia the beat. IU work Is jxr
l?vt. Siinolo tooiKsrate. Duntbltt lnomutruc
ti??ii. Wrlte K. A. Hardln Co., 1?N. Pryor 8t.?
Atlanta, Ua..or Fred L. Wagner, Agent Irv
. mgton, Va.. for inforinatlon.
Hereaftor paaaengera will bataken frora the
Koas House. Urbanna, to West Polnt for *2.
Trains leave Weet Polnt at 8.60 a.m.and2.3Up.
m. Kor furtber iuformat ion apply to
W. C. Fitzhcoh, Prop'r.
To tbs Daar.?A rich lady, cured of her
.Uvti'iu-ae and notaea in the head by Dr. Nichol
(on's Artiticial Ear Drumt, pavu $10,000 to his
Instltute, ao that deaf people unable toj>ro
cure tbe Ear Urums may havo them free.
Addrt ss No. 13348 Tho NichoUou Instituro, 780
F.ljjhth Avenue, New Yurk.
Doa't Tokacro Spit aad Satoke Vwir Ufe Awaj.
To quit tobacco easily and forever. be m&e
netlc, tull of llte, nerve and vigor, take No-To
llac, the wonder-workcr, that makes wealc men
strong. All druggists, 50c or II. Cureguarun
teed Booklet and aamplfl free. Addresa
Stcrling Kcmody Co.. Chlcago or New York.
20.000 corda Poplar Wood and 80,000
C'uestnutTiea wanted. Dellvered either
on shore or vessel. Advance paymenta
msde if aatibfactory arrangements can
he made. Jas. M. Stubrs,
Oleuna, Gloucester Co., Va.
Cash will buy compleie
purse-net outfh.boats.seine,
tom, blocks,etc.,all in good
condilion, used by pungy "Quiver" laat
SC180U- J C. KoiilNSOX,
Hampion, Va.
A. P. * A. M\,
Stated Coramunications
monthly?Thursday after the
thiid Mouday, 11 a. m.
J. B. CBAI.L.B, Sec'y, Kilmarnock, Va.
A. F. * A. M.
Stated Communicallons monthly?
Frtday after the tbird Monday, 11 a. m.
H. W. Hakdino, Sec'y.Wicomico Ch.,Va.
A. F. * A. M.,
Stated Commuuications monthly?Sat
urday after third Monday, 7 p. m.
F. M. Thiukt, Sec'y, Kinsalc, Va
In our 50 years of busincss Iife we have never shown such a
large and attractive aesortinent. Everything in the way of cloth
ing for nieu or boys can be found here. We manufacture our
owu clothing and make and trim them in the very best nianner
and sell at the Veky loweat prices. We have
Suits and Overcouts from #5 to tfrUfi.
Boys? Suits and Overcoats from #l.r>0 to $1<>
8ulta and Overcoats to order trom $10 up.
Trousers to order from $:* up.
We guarautee every purchase
and cheerfully refund money for
any fault of ours.
E&tabltahed 1850.
railor? m <l Clothiero.
428 S. Kroadwav, BALTIMORE, MD.
G rates.
21, 23 and 25 Atlantic St? NORFOLK, VA.
OU CAN get a No 7 Stove with 41 pieces of ware, for $10
from Stoflregen's Stove House.
He makcs a Specialty of the Sheet Iron Heaters, a late and improved
patent, saving half the fuel ordinarily used for heating purposes. Ordera
for Tin Work, Guttering, etc., fromcountry will receive pronipt attention
and prices guaranteed as low as any house in the State. Mail ordera solicited
Fredericksburg, Va.
Rubber Stamps,. . .
?m Stencils, Seals, &c,
And everything in this line. . .
ting House,

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