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f.eaann of CaaiiKiin; | J, . \\ nter Into
Wlnr ? ( hrlM 1 ?-. , l-?-? Tli?t We
*hni'ld \<it Miailon Ju)i u( Uthrr.
Wieh Our Una Uriefs.
ITAaBBBBeiBa. Jnly 1.--A remarkahle
lllustration of BM ubi?iulty ef aaBBjlBal
speaking p?-oplo is furnlxhcd l?.v the M
ejnests that have reaehed Dr. TlflamBl
in northom Baropc for a aerinou in out
of the way paacea arhere he ?ii?i b 't aa
peet tojiiai ;i stnjrie peraaa araa eoaU
understa:ul lihn. There. aa here, bfl
prosonts ivliirion es a fBOtllllJ and ii.
vites nil the arorld to eeaae as Kaeeta
and Joiu in its holy BMIllHH lll. tezt
John II. 10, MThOfl hfl : :. ; t the
Brhaa until now."
This ehapPaT iBTltes us t> a marriage
relehratlon. It Is a weddiag "' eouV
mon life. two piata peeaAa baThaj
piodged eaeh other. Baad aad baart,
aad their ftleoda bartao eeaae in for
eeBaaaialatJ on. The Joy is not the less
heeaaaa there is n.? preteaeloa. la eaeh
other they Ood 0H the futoro they
wnut. The dalay in the eeaj <?ti the ta
hlo uiny ir.eun aa BIBCb ns a Bcere ef
arthrtJe oarlaada freah froaa the bat
hooae. Whea a daaahter Beea oOl from
heaae erttb Bachhnj bal a ptata father*a
hi.-s.sinc aad a ptata aaethcr'B tore. ehe
is BJBBBed as iinicli as tboejEb she were
a prineess. lt sootv.s baUfld, after the
parents have alailtend her fet 1^ years,
that In a few Bhnrt BWWthB her affee
tiona ahoead BBTe beea carrled off by
nnother, hut mother reaaeaabero bow it
was in her twn eaae whea she araa
young. aad BO she braeCB up until the
wedding has passed and the bonquet
ers are gone. aad sla> baa a ery :t!l
Well. we are today at the weddtag la
Cnna of r.ahloe. JeSBB and his mother
have i>oen laetted. lt is erideat thal
there BTB flftore peOBOB there than wtT"
cxpeeted. Kither BOBM people have
conio who were not htalted <>r more in
vitations have beea eeot out than it
was supposed WOOld be neeeptrd. Of
course there is not a aedBctent aappty
of wlno. You know that there is noth
inp more enhanasafauj to ? boaaaheep
er than n aeant supply. .Tesus sees the
ombarrnssmonr. nnd he eoaaaa up itn
nandlatiirj to rettere it. He sees ataad
jng six water pots. He ordera tha
servnnts to 1:11 them with water; then
he waves his Baad over the ?water. nnd
lramcdlntely it is alae lial whaa
Tasto of it nnd see for yoursolvos: BO
lojrwootl in it. n-? stryehnine in it. but
lirst rate wtae. I will not now he di
verted to the ipiestioit BO often dhWBBB1
rd in my <>wn eoaatry whether it is
right to drink WBaB. I nm doseribing
the aeaaa aa it was. Whea <o>d makeo
wine. he nmkes the very hest w ine.
and 199 aaJaaae of it Btauadfaio aroaad
in theee arater pota alae s.? good thal
the ruler of tlie feaat tnstes it and
Knys: "Why, this ls renlly hetter than
anytadag we have had! Thoa baat
kept the good wme utitil now." Itoau
tifni Bahadel a pefae was earered ta
the peraaa who BhrtmW wrtta the i?-st
essny nlniut the miraele in C:ina. Long
mnnuserlpts were presented in the
eomiMMition. BBl a BOCt w<>n the prize
bf just this one line deseriptivo of the
mlniole: Tbe eotiseious water saw Its
God and blushed."
The Hrit Adviacr.
We ledra froaa thla aalraele, in eaa
first plaee. that Chrtat has sympathy
with boeaeheepera. Yoa aalght bare
thought that .lesns WOVld have said:
"I eaaaot be bothaeed with thla boeae.
hoid OaOcleacy of whaa. it is aot for
me. Lord of heaven nnd of earth. to Ih1
eeaaa ?':it?'rer to this aaaat, 1 have \ast
er thlnps th.an t'.iis to attend to." BJg|
so said Jesus. The w ine gavo out, and
Jesus. hj* mlnuMilous power. eBBM to
the reseue. Poos there ever coaaa a
seont BBBBty 5n your househ<?ldV Have
you to aaaha a very eaaaa eeJeatatJaal
is it bard werfe for you t > earry aa
thaaga deceatly aad raaaactahlyl if
??>. don't sit down nr.d ery. Doal }:o
out nnd fret. hut p:> to him wh0
in the haaaa hi Caaa < I Qallhra Pray
in tl.e parlor! Pray in the rltcbanl
Let there be aa ri>?>m in ?n yoar baaaa
BBeaaeacratad by the ralee of prayer.
If you have a mierosoipe. pnt imdef lt
one drop of water nnd see the inseets
BoallBg aboat, aad whaa you s. ?
Qed makes them nnd cmivs for thCBB
nnd r.H'ds then eoeoe to the eoaetealoa
that be will take eare of you and BMal
a boy aaked if he mi-ht aweap the
aaow froaa de atepa of a boaaa. The
Bady of tliv- lnasehold BBld. "Y.s; you
eeeaa very poor." Be aaya, "i nm very
poor." she aaya, "Doal you eeeae'
i jret diecoaurased aad feel that
<Jo<i is ejotna to i.-t y .a atarrel" The
iad looked up in the weeraua'a face nnd
sr.i.l. -Do yoa thlBB Qod will let BBB
starve when 1 trt:st him BBd then d>
the hest 1 ea-iV" aaaaOCttdff theolo-y
foroider peotdel Trnat in Ood nnd do
the baat you eaa. AaaM all the won-l
ments of hOBlal11plllf BO tO lilm. He
Miii help you eaatral your teedper and
sap< rvise yotir rloiUtBllce and entertaln
your ajocata aad aaaaaeaai your home
eeaemalea There are baadreda of wo?
men week aad aerveaa and nThiaatad
with the . a: ? of boaaekeeptaoT. l i-oui
?aead yoa to the Lord .lesns christ ns
the baat adrfaMW aad the most etlleient
aid?the Lord Jesus who performed
his first bllraele to rolieve a house
I leara alao from tlda miraele tbnt
<Tirlst doaa thinps in abundance. 1
thltd: n atvall BBBBty of wlne woald
have made ap for the defielen.y. I
thhah eerralaly they must have had
eaeaea for balf the pm>sts. One f;al
lon ?.f v.:ve \ !ll do; eertalnly 9te BBl
lons wQI he iMAOBXh; eertainly teo. Hut
Jesus BJOea oa, :ind he Rlves thi-ni :>/)
aalaOCa :tr:d !(t jtalaOBa and ;'?() pallons
nnd TO BBlttwa aad 100 snllons an.i 190
aaUOB* <f tbe very baat wfne. It la
1>iPt li!;e him doll?.' everythin<r on the
fcir^est and most Beaereaa eeale. Doea
Canat, our Oreater, ao fortb to aaake
h-avesv iie Bsakee them by the whela
forest full-notehed like the fern or sil
ventl HJke the aspen or bcaad like the
palm. tblefceta in the tnpies, Oregou
forests. Dot>s he ro forth to niake
Baareaal Be makes plaatg of them.
They tlame from the hedaa, they baag
from the top of the BraperlBe in hlos
BOeaa, they roll in the blue wave of the
vlolets. they toss their white surf in
the sphwa-enouph for ?-v?'ry ehlld'a
haad a tiower, waengb to Bvake for ev
ory brow n ehnpht. eaMMaffc with heau
ty to eover up the ghaBtllBcaa of all tha
jrrave. Does he gB forth to ereate wa>
terV Be l>ours it out BOf by the etipful.
but by a river fuli, n lake fatt, aa*oeeaa
full, pourinR it OQt until all the earth
has enough to drink and enough with
which to wash.
lull Redemptlon.
Does josus peaalde ladeaaeaJeal it
is not a little sahation for this OOB, a
little f(?r that and a little for the Other,
but enough for all. "NVhosoovor will,
let him eeeaa.** Eaeh man an eeeaa
full for Tdmself; promises for tho
young. promises for the old. promises
for the lowly, promises for the hhnd.
for the halt. for the outeast, for the
abnndoned; pardon for all. cocafort f.?r
all. merey for all, heaven for ali BOt
merely a cupful of BOBBel BOpply, but
130 gallons. Aye. the tears of BOdlj
repeiitanee are ;:11 gathore<l up into
<h>d's bottle. and BOBBe day, Btandtng
lK>fore the throtie. we will lift ,?r.r eag
of delight and nsk that it he 9Bed with
the wlne of heaten, and Jesus. froai
tbnt iMtle of t. ars. will beglB l<> |).?;ir
in the eup, nnd \. e \. i:i ,?; ,, "8tep, .b
sus; we do BOt wmi! t i dnob OBT BWB
t<-nrs!" And .bsns will aay. "Know y#
not tbnt the tears of eai :h are the w ine
of heavenV* Sm-mu n;..\ ei.dure foi
a night. but joy eooMth in the oaornlng
i aaaawwe f..,t?,,.r Jaaaoi daaa ?<;>t
akaaaao tfoo fajno of ofaara areth hta
BO mlRbt ba\V sat ti. WU
In tiiat BaeMtOBJ BBd said: -% ba
BBBOO tr-.et.te. 00 inueh poverty. so
nnieli peis-s-utltii. aud the
eoniinj;. | shnll tiot r- ,1 tho
ejtooaa .-r oaf i rroan
SllJllI be ,;,v.t ?UT llll tlli.S -r.Mlp" S.
said ii i .I.mn. ||(. s:iii| ,? !;
'"lleie :ire two p.-rsons stnrtin?r out ?u
aawrted Bta. LH it be ? j.> tal
afaa. i wiii htoa my owa *;riefs. i
wiii Kin.iie thoor joy." There are
not 00 wise as that. 1 ktmw :i hOOBO
iioni orhero thoro are many Bttka ehfl
dron. wliere for two pOOIB the BIObWoI
instrunient hOB hOOB kepl sli'it boOBBW
there has haaa troahsa Ia tho hoaaa.
Abaa r..r tho foiiv: Pareat
"We v. its baro n ? Caotaeaaaa troe th;-<
eouiim: h.diday. hrrOOOQ thefO BBO kOOB
trouble iii thehoaao] Baak that ktagb
bojj ap atatra! Boa eaa there iM- aai
Jep wiien there has booa oo aiaek traa
'?I.?'.-'? Ami so ttiey oaohe iTirjlhhii
eovsistently doloful .-: 1 - end their sons
ood aatoajhtera to rata artth tha otoooi
they thraa aroaad them.
lifru n?ok V)rr.>-.i.
i".- oaar in.?:.;>. do rao aof
kaoa ti...<.- ehfMrca a Hl have ti
caootjti ?>r th.ie oara after Bvhtaol Ba
gtaal they caaaoi eppreciate all jroara
Ke--p BOCk the eiiji of | | froOB
your aaoahtor'a Upa When jroor bt aai
is doara in the rraaa or th<> tomb, por>
ertjr naajr eoaao t.> her, bctrajal to bor,
bercareaaeBl t'? her. Keep baek the
a s ;is lou ? | oan. D
ooC kaoa that that son may. after
nuhile. have his heatt broBBOl BtBOd
Uctareeo bha aad aii karaa. kToo aaay
aot fojht blo battha lou-. Ftffat then
whilo you i?ay. Throw not the eliill of
roar owa oaspoaOaaaj over bia ooat
Ualher 1m' like .lesus. who 00000 tO the
woddin- hktlag his own grfef and kin
dttag the Jjofo of ntaaia Bo i bave
aoaa the siin on o dark iiay atroogilng
aoBld etoada, htack, racged aad porteo
tOBB, but after ewhfte the smi. willi
goldcfl pry. heaveti bBCk the blaekness.
and the na laaghad to tho lake. aad
the lake laoajhod ba tho aaav aad from
bortaoa t?> bortaea, under tha ooffroa
sky. the water was all tnrned into
I learn from this ir.iraele that Chrtflt
Is not inipatient with tho luxuries of
life. It was not nr.os.sary that they
shouM hare that wine. Haadrado of
people havejieeii married without nny
wine. \Vt> do not road that any of the
other provisions felt short. When
Chrtat aaade too wine. it was aot a bo*
eessity. but a positive luxury. 1 do
not betleee that bo araata us t?> eat
bord bread .m<i otrep ao hard oaattreae
es BBleoa v.e like them the best. I
think. if elreunistanres will allow. we
have o rfght b> the luxuries of <lress.
the luxuries of diot and the hJimbjQ of
residenee. There is BO inore roUghMB
in ao oid e. .-:t thaa ba a new ooa. We
eaa aerre God drawa i?y poldct ptoced
kornado as rertataty as arhea i
afoot. .lesus Chrtat will dwell with us
under a titto eOttkOg as well as under a
thotched roof.
What is the differenee Octareaa a
Chtaaae oaaaJ horal oad an aaa
boaaol What is t!'<> tliffere'iee letweett
tbe rov.-^u hearakk
l>oor and the outlit ef an Anieri. an fOB
tbnian': >:.. dlffOJiatl exeept that
whieh the -, s]H'l of 4'hrist. .h.ivetly or
Indirectiy. ; ;-s eaOBOd. Wlun Thrist
aaal have raaojoaaaod aii tha w.>rid. i
RUppoM> every house will Ih> n mansion.
BBd every ^aruient a n>lH?. BBd every
horse an areli oaekod eourser. nnd ev?
ery earrhioB a atOtOaolaoi vahtde, aad
every 1:1:111 a ktagi BBd ev?*ry w..:
oaaea. aad the arhole ooith o pn
the Btoriaa ? r the aataraJ aaartd har
BBoatokBg witii the gaaotoo or the mn
bartal ut?rld Batfl the very boDo of the
- siiaii faagfa the praloaa of the
I'.ellKlt.n Ia J.i>(al.
I 1. ari'.. further. froni this mirnele
r!:;:t t'hrist lias 110 iinpntietiee OTttb fOO>
tal joy: otlierwise BO wt.uhl not have
aeeopted the invitation to that wod
din?. He eertainly would not have
done that whieh in.reas. d the hilar
i:y. Tbero may bOVO b0OB BBOOJ la
thOt room vrho BPOfO hnppy. bot there
aroa not one ef thaa that did s.> bmbcb
for the Joy of ti.. \ eddlBOJ jiariy as
4'hri.st Idinself. He BTOO the ehtof ?.f
tha baaoajeoora. Waaaa the wine Bjoro
out. he supplied it. and s... I take it. he
will not Oaaj us the juys that are posl
ti\- ly festal.
I thtak IhO fhlMlOB of <;..?1 have
aaara rinht t.? laaejk thaa any other
PeoptO and to <!ap th.ir bOBOO BB loud
ly. Thoro is not a sinjrlo Joy OaoJod
theOD that is glTBD t>> any OChOT neople.
thristianity does not elip the wll
ui. Botlgfaa th.es not fraot the
How* rs. What to Ckatottoattjl ttako
it to he siniply a 00O4 lainatioti ft.r all
the etislavetl, and If a man a.eepts the
terms tif that pTOClBBIOttOB BBd l<e
- treo boa he not a rtoht t.? t.?
nierry? SupjM.se a fatber has an i le
aaat moBafoa aad larao paaaaka. To
Wbotll Will he irive the BTBf pii\ i:
these KroundsV Will he say: "My j hi!
drea, jroo oanot not aratk throoark thaaa
pathfl or sit doWB under these trees or
ptaok this fruit. '1 hese are far oiitsitl
ers. They may walk in thein." N..
fatber waedd say aajthlag like that.
He wotihl say. "Tho tirst privileszes in
all the xroimtls and all of BsJ house
shall Ih- for my own ehtldren." And
.vet men try to naik" us beBOTO Ihat
<h..l*s ehihlren are on the limits and
thaehtaf rafToaaaaaaabi oad aajojaaoata
of life aro for outsiilets and not for his
own ehildren. It ia stark ntheism.
1 is no Biooeant boraaraao t<>., rlek
for rh.tl's ehltd tO drink; there is oa
rol^ tm, et.stly for him to wear; there
Is no lillnrlty too piaait for him to in
OatOO BB and no bBBBa too splendid for
kfaB to live in. He has a rfghf to the
joys of OOrth; he sball have a rfghf to
the Joys of heaven. Thou^'l trlhula
tfoa aad trtal and bardohlp may eoaao
BBtO him. hrf him rejoiee. "BeJOOOO ia
li.e f.ord. ye ri^hteous, and BBBlB I sav
ln IBm llonr of Rxtromlty.
I remark. a-aui, that ChrfBt 000000
to us in tho hour of our extremily. Ile
knew the wine was |tOtaoj out before
there was any enibarrassiuent or nior
tihcation. Why ilid he not perform
thO mirnele BOOBOrl Why wait tuitil
it was all BBBO and 110 help etnihl eOBBe
from any 0000X0 BBd then 00000 in aad
perform the niiraelo? This is Christ's
araj, and when he did eoine in, at the
hour of extremity. he made lirst rate
wine, so that they eried out. "Thou
haat kept the BjBod wine until now."
.lesus in the hour of extremity! He
se.-ms b) profot that ln,ur. In a Cbria
tian home in Tohind BToat POOOrtf had
eoine, and on the weekday the man
was obllaed t. move oot of the house
with his whole fnniily. That Bight bO
kaelt with his family nnd prayed tt.
God. Whltc they were kBQoflni '>'
prayer there WBO B tap on the w imlow
pane. They apOBld the WtadOW, and
there was a rnv.n that the familv hml
fed and tra.md. OOd it had in its bill a
rfBg all set with precious stones, whieh
was found oot to be a rinj; belon^in^
to the royal family. it was takeii up
t>? the ktBB*0 resitleiiee, and f,?r the
koaoatj of the man in brtaajlag it book
he had a house gfTOO to him and a jrar
faa BBd a fana. Who was it that aaat
the raven tapplag on the wiiidowV The
niBM God that sent the raven to feed
Klijah by the.brook Chorith. Chrtat
In the hour of extremity!
You monrnod over your slns. You
eOCdd not lind the w a"y 0OJt You BOt
down aad oafd: MGod wiii aot ba anatl
fnl. Bo has east me off." Bwt In that
the darkest lioiir of your blstory BgtBl
brake froao the taooaa, aad .lesus said:
?"Oh. orOBden r, eome Itotne! I have
si>en all thy s,.rr..ws. In this the bOBT
of thy extremity I offer thoe pardon
ood ororlaaOtai Bfof
Trouble eatne. You were OlOBOBt tt?rn
to pleees by tlmt trouble. foa braeed
0-m*wmt <i;? naauaaa :t inu BBBBj "I
wiu be b st.?ie aad wOj not ?-t?re." put
beenre you bad uot tbro
BttOB lt I
You felt that all your losourees werv
!n t>..
feaartfe wateh of the Bhrht," the BtMa
uno walklog on tl ?
Why dM he not aeaae la tha 9ref
or iu tbe seeond wateh <>r In the third
watehr i do u?.t know. Be eeaae la
the fotirth and gBT* delivorni ??? b* his
dlaetpb bb iii tha last extreealtyl
X W*e?ll?n; Triainph.
i erender if u wtfl be ao in aaa
. xt.-? aalty. OTe ahall fafl aaddealy
s!?-k. aad uiii eeeaa, bat in
vain. We will tiy tbe eaodyiiea aa i the
attaaalaata and tbe batb
vain. aaeacthaao wfO aay.*MToa bbbbI
? " Ni <o botd ns bau k. bal tha
hands ol" eternity BlUBthtid out t > pt.il
us oa. What thaa 1 Jeeaa wBaceaaoao
BB, and ns v..- ***, T.ord Jesus. I am
afraM of thal water: i eaaaot erade
thrnaaa to the other eide.M be wiu say.
?? baad ef aay araa.** aud we ui'i
take boM ef his arm. and then I
BOt his foof in the surf of tho wave.
taadao us ..:i dowa, deeper, dccpcr.
r. aad . or aoal wm ery, am thy
and niiiows have gone 01 er bmV
Tbey eover tha foet, eoine to the kneo
aad paaa the ewdle aad enaae t > the
bead, nnd OBT soul erios out, "l.ord
Jeaan Chrtat, i eaaaol hoM thtae araa
any loaaer.M Then Jesus wi!l turn
aronad. tbrow botb his anae abooi us
and set aa on tbe beaeb far beyoad the
tnaalng ??f the binowa. Icbmb in the
last aztreeatty!
That weddlng seene is gOBe BOW.
The weddiag rlag has been loat, the
tankarda have baen brokeo. the bouee
Is down. bat JoBBB invites us to a
graader aeddtag. Seo know the BtMa
snys that the ohureh is the Laaab'a
wife. and the l.ord will after nwhile
eeaae to fateb her home. There wOl be
gteamiag of torcbea La the aky, aad the
trumpots of Qed will ravtab the nir
with tlic'r i.msie. and Jesus will
atreeeb out his band. and the ehereh,
robed ia v. blte. wm put aaMe i>
and leok up lato :!>?? faee <>r her r.oni
tbe Ktag, aad the Brtdegroooi will aay
to the brtde: Tbou baat been faltbfal
throogb all theee years. The mai
is ready. Come boaae. Tlioti art l.air.
my h.ve!" aad then he Bball put m>.>n
tor brow the erowa of domlnloa, and
the tahle will h ? .:,!. and it will
reaeb acroee the oklea, aad the mlgbty
anea of heaven wm coaae in gartaaded
with beauty aad atrtklag their cyaa*
hais. aad the Brtdagruoea and brtde
will statid at the bead of the tahle. and
the baaaaetera, looklag u\t. wiii woa
der and ndmire aad say: "TT:.-.t is Je?
sus. the DrklegTooua. Bat the -.
bia brow is eoTered with the coronet,
aad the etah in his atde is eoeered with
??." aad, "That is the brtdel Tbe
weeurtaeea of her aarthty woa loal m
tbe 9nab ef this areddbag brraaaphr
There will be wine eBOBgfc at
weddlng; no: eoealag ap from the i>oi
Boaed rata ef earth, but the ilnejaida
of Qed will pteaa their ripest elusters.
and the eups and the tankards \\ ill
btnab to the brtm with the heavetdy
ehatage. and (hea all the banonetera
wiu drtak Btandhag. fBathcr. bartag
eouie up froaa the baceheaaUan ren lry
??f Ahasucvus. where a daaaaaad lordfl
d. will lx> there. And the queen
of Sheba. from the banQBOt of S..h>
n.on. will be there. And the BBOther of
Jesus. from the wedding in Cana. will
be there, Aad they aii wiii agree that
tha eaurthly Ceaattag was poor eeeapar
ed with that Thaa, ttftJag their
ievs lu that ttght they ahall ery to the
l.ord of fhe feaat, Than baat keaa the
good wine until now."
fOaweiiabt a h.i
I'lrhanir I Un' , -.unril Kp.lilrnti a
Miltl I'lirui of I'. v<-il ,-iua-n I.
Take a BBBl i.i :iuy ear. wait until the
comiuetorceeaee tor farea, thea bok at
that w.nnan BCTOaa the aisle or the man
>? u. They live in QBBBeahlBB.
They take frOBB BBCBaet or bBBdl
the case may be a handful ot" what
anek like BaaOaa aaaratad tranafer
etaeeka, They Bort theta orer one by
one. lo<.;,;<e: ;.t the baok ai:d froiit of
eaeh, then put thoaa away agata and
baad the eoadaetor a ab keL Wateh
other oa other ear-. and
you v\ iii aae the aaaae Ihhag. it am
take you a hNag time to umlerstand It
uniess aaeae aatJee azplalna to yoa the
n of "oxohanges" by whirlt tho
I'nlon TraetlOB eompany geta tha BBB
of Its patrons' money, whtte tho pa
- li\o in daily !?..?.[ BBVlag u
eeaapaa of eeata. The people say it is a
gaod acbeaae, most of them. so i bare
DO right to say it isnt.
The id.a is this: The railway people
wiu s:-!i yoa an atrhaiifa eheafe whea
yoa pay year fare at any thaa tor ::
eanta. The eheek Is -ood for a fare at
any time until used. no matter If yem
t four years. but it is o-.l>
on some line of , :,,s Ciat rnris BCTOOa
the llae yoa bay the eheek froaa and
only at InteraactlOB of atreeta where
the llnea eroaa Por folka who trarel
day after day on eertalTi lines it is a
great eeneaao to sare aioaey. bat for
foii.s who acqotra the ezehange bahft
aithoot aaiag any parttcalar Uoee of
?ars ragalarly it laaeaahlaa a lottery.
You nm ehBBeea aad take blg o<i.is. go
Oraaly have the PhBaddphla folka i><
come eetaagled in t!i?? Bteebee of this
b thal apectaBy <b-siLcne<i iioek?>t
booka are buiit for storing the slips.
with speeial aiTaBaBjBBBOats f.,r sorting
them orer. Wateh any Pblladelpbla
man as he tbrowa OOea his COBt and
four ttaaea out of 9re yoa wiii aae pra
tradlag froaa one of his appii raat
ix>ckei . or two of the exehaage
If you see n woman on bar-ain day
with B fai poeketbook, you may ivs!
aaaared tha. abe has it ataffed with the
aaaae siip>. iu th,. |1()I?. t|lilt s-.
Use one of them before she gets home.
and tbe ehaoeea are she WOO*t have
one to f!t. Pblladelpbla people who
ere epeelaOy frleadly to you wiii Boaie
Uraee gtee you a eonple of their collee
11.f exehaagca, aad yoar trooblea
begla when yoa try to use one. PhUa
delphia l.etter in BoSbOB 'IVanseript.
Tht? nn\crn.
I* J. Havies. a inUsionary who has
just retaroed from Cbt-opo-fa. tbe cap
itai of fPaaagtoag ptwrtaea, oboat 300
niiles from POklag. says there an- BNWO
si'cret seeieti. s in CblDO tlian in all
other eoBBtrfea ramhlaed,
"Tlie BoieVa is a se.ret soeiety," said
Mr. Davhs in tBBTJag of the prBBOBt
trouble. "Ovi r there w e kn..w them
best as the Civnt Knives. or tho GrCBl
Bworda, by reaaoa of the iiiinlaiaaoijo
BBBBOa '-airie.i Now. when they ap
proaeb on aneirty tbej go tbroagk o oa
ries of niovcriieiits t!;al i.iiiind you of
a boxer atde sfep, throw ap their
arms. dmk tiieir kopdo t.) tliis side nnd
that Jaoap forward, Jaenp baekward
They liave bOOB eallod BeSerO for this
"Hut tho odd eallsthenies that et.nsti
ttlte their drfll have a dOBbftO purpose
In their eyes. First it makes them in
vulnerable oad OOOOBd their odd BB0>
fJoao tboroogblr eoofoood ti.Besny,
eaat a apell over tbeta. hypaotlse them.
And. betag free froai betag hurt aad
fortith-ti wi:!i the facl that the eaom*
is laeapacttated, the Baaara tblak their
innreh is t<> be a series of trltunpha'
Almo.t a Iplvrrul I'mmcfii,
The eii.alypins iree, whieh groora tOO
feet iii a year. makes vahiable woo.l.
gtVOO the boOO hotioy that has Imp.ir
tant metlieinal ataputhlO BBd provents
malari.i, shonld be plBBtOd in many
other plaees tl.aii Cnha if it is all thnt
it Is saitl io ba We tna.v expeet to
henr of the omalyptus trust BOOBOr Ol
Uter. -St. Loul* POOt DtapOtCB.
Aa a II !?:??. Tbr? 11-.' i trom l.:a?.
r?w?*c n i<1 Hr -.> Mcc.
With tbe adveat of
the aaaaj i baao
aeares lu a ;:rcat nia - |
thO !? -
POf Obght 00 nine yeattl i matfe .1 a
; :, . . ;
dou"" i
out t'l
loss. u.it i he ti.-.; I avl
ataatJc nnd bmlblo inei
arcro BJJh d !>> i i laioglo itree
t have 1 tadoat of oag
?>i\ bojrhood. I ha\e bretl.
d aud treated ? looat
-. and aJtBOOgb I have visitod tbe
refojsea aad dog aoaada of
rorfoafl eountiies aad aaea maay thoa
of stray "ragaboad OV u^-* 1 bavo
\et to ?*?!? ? genalBO ease of rabies.
This, I may say. ;s a eoOMBOB experi
a;iIi veterinary suriroons. Ilun
dieds of them. atl-r y.ars t.f :;.t.\e
praettee. deetaro that aitbeagk they
?aay lave beea eatted apoa to treat
for BB kinds of ailnieiits tb--y
8 < as.- ?,f true rabies.
Tnke tbe teetlmooy of Dr. BtackweU, a
eelebrated aothortty ob dog dfc
Bo aoya: "True rabieo prearate muiti
ple aad rarted pta ainni na atthoat a
aiagteweonstant faatare; beaee its prea
la aith dUBtaltjf dr tr railnert ereo
by OB expcrt. ladood 00 errntio are
ils symptotns aml its iiiauifostalinns
that it :s a greatly eaooted potat wbctb
er It exis's o nialady sui glBUlfl at all.
Dteteonper, roothaeke, earaeho, eptlep
?y BBd tbe whole elass of nervt.
to wblcb dogo ore mhjeet ore
eomtautly inistaken for it. T
ady." he adds. 'after BBOro thaa BO
jreara* esperleoce as ? dog ovroet oad
Btodt ? uine and eotnpnrativo
mcdiclne i bave yet t<> nkeet with a
geoolae eaoe ;>f rahteo in the dog. and
BM s.ores of so ealh (1 rabi.l dogo
stibmitted tt> DM for my laapeetlofl 1
have foBBd th. ni one and all t-. i
fertng from other aad cooaparBtlvely
hiaoceol dta
Thfta, oo I said before, is not by 009
oaeaao an BncoaaBoa experteoee asaoag
veterinary sr.r-eons.
in the eprteg Of 1807 a "leal d..u'*
aeare was ralard ;,i Loodoo by a cer
talfl Cl .. oad a ;rrent
eretal mtereal in raiatng Mooad
dog*1 se.ires fanaoale taaBOfactorerat
They. '. reeeive.l every :?
froai a cfredaloaa pablle and a
tfoaal preea. The boord of ogrt
eultuve tinally took the matter up iin.l
laeaed an order to t;.ifeet that all
oppeartog on the pablle highway
ahoold bo ttghtty naaaled orltb a ortre
'<? laveated i?y the afOreaald
Buioufaetnrera. Dartag th.- grol
mootba of the er 10^000 dogo
.1 in tbe atreeto as "ragabood
Bd not a Btngte caao Of rabies
raacovered Boaaag them.
it ohoald be borae Ib natad that <\n-z*.
like mea. ore oahjact t<? eortoto dis
eases. They have their disea
poppybood and ohl BgOv They h.ave
their slomaehie antl Borvooa trooblee
jtist as we baVO and retphre lateBlgeol
tfl'OtUMBl and kind BttOBttOB BO i'f.ll
them tkroBgh these attaeks. If dog
ra oraoJd only take a noro intein
geal interest in their pets. we shonld
hear less of "in:nl dog** sear.s. Dogfl
t.. ba h-'pt beoJthy ahoeM be |%d tortoo
0 day regolarly. i coaatdor tho ocrapo
from the table tho b. st (ood for
of oil Tha dog geti 0 cbaoge
v. b:? h 1.: betielieial. Never try to muke
r.ii yi.t dog aai dog bhwalta. if I
aai theoa, he arffl do oo aithoot aaaek
I have had dogfl that would lave
1 ratber thaa eoi theoa, Be
ohoald bore a aaeal of m.at tartea a
arook aad eooked b\?r oo* i. This orffl
iiis howels in good .. Al
araya seo tbai rouriloK is v.u Kttpplled
with phnty ..f g.] cteBB water. l?.e<H
wiii i-..t drlak froai ? dtrty boart, oor
will they drink fOal water utih:.:; they
are farced t.? n froai ? Btraaoo thlrat
alarajs look t<? tbo teetb of yoar poa>
py. This i.s | matter of the greatOOt
imjit.rtar.ee. as they have th. ir teetblBg
-i ataaUar aack trootaao like other
lufatits. |-'eel their utmis . . . asionnlly.
antl If yon BBd a loOBO tOOtb draw it
Tbo roota are perfoctly atraJgbt, aad it
ean bo <lraw'i by the gagoro.
a pappy bbobM ororoyo i>e trootad fot
wornis at tho Bgfl <>f 1 BMBthfl lle ls
alnit st oorfl to BBTO thtmi.
Treat your dog lotelllgeotly aad ho>
Boaaety, aad yao artU boroa frland aad
?.ipaoloo who wiii stami by yao oad
with you under all CtrcaBlOtOBt
arthor Weateotl bj Now Tork Baa.
Ptihtic oaaoa.
St inetimes it has BOOOBOd n? me. says
Ororer Cterotoad la The atuatle, that
QJOltC a BUgO setii.ii ,,. Ibfl Anieriean
peop!.. regard btgb Bojotte offleo as a
s..it of Olllory where it is QOitO \vort!i
their while to put n man l'or tho flBkfl
of OWloylBg thO abOBO Of him after
orard. a barger part t?r our people.
more tleeently tlisposed. are benevo
lentiy arlUlag t<> eoi at tba oottIco of
n pablle offtcer oil thetr Iraowlodge <if
Btataeroft aad it> edrtae him in aay
real t.i iBBaaiaary aaoargaBey. it is
only after tholr adrtee is ojoiBgatded
that they aot aboot the taab or daaaoa>
atratlag that the popatar ehoteo h.
beea a aod nolatake aad that an aboo
danee of excelliait material for publie
plaee bOfl been ove-looked. It is BflfO
to say that after every pr.vddential
eleeti.a tbe t.n t Is OBTelopod that in
our BOWOpapor estatillslinieiits nl-ine
there nre tbooaBBdfl w!io liave boOO
!!???> oegb ? tt 1
GamblliiK T:niplnvrrii.
PreaddoBt BUler of tho Bacraoieoto
ehombcr of comuaoreo ooaJlaed in a n
eeot Boofloage te that body a aay tt>
keep t ni?;.;., 00 iroin gOBlbttag. He
aald; "Many of tbe floooty eooapaBiaa
of the Dalted Btoteo bore reeently
odopted ooe aod the bbbm (orn of
boad for BBlrenol t:^e. This enntraet
provide.- that when the eaiployer is in
poflBcaatoo ?.f the kaowladge that his
employee is a haMroal rannhha then
the boad beeofaea eold. it ooeoafl tbai
the daoaaga i<> employera from iram
buag is s?. aerkma that ao aaaoalpay-j
ment will jasttfy any eompany in
kaawlagty oooaailBg tbai rfadc f>f
COOrao the BOfOOaaeO is plaln? eneh on
ployer maai peoteel bhaaalf agalBat
kaowfl gaoahlero."?Argooaot.
Cli.lma ?he IMe Ch?mi>ionahlp
The prfcie Of New York Is BWOUlag
just nt preeeai beeaaee ebe makes and
eata as naaay as 120400 ptea aome
in New Vork tbe enetoraary
quanthy of pie aarn | js n one-fiftb
? at
n mada by bakerlea :tmi oth
<rs wh,? -?:?-... pl, , p, fblcagO ,,<:1,.(. ,iu>
oornber made here daily at aearty 150,
' ! ii"' i ? :,|i'<?'? roaanwed atabont
1 ' ? ? ?????? New York
by abom 30.000 The rhicagoaa aaata
? Qjaarter allre Cl . ..,.?,.
vl?? -.-la.
A *>! ' plan ls
''",' "' I eiti
A nohVj rrin cost
J0*1 : ? ' i s;.-, raneral
? 'hre poei iii.Ti.-m ofdcea.
The petley will ie made ool with the
aaoaea af t: ? ( otls fawlly of whleh i
memher is ti;e ;, n .-|;.| .,..-, ;,,?! ,U1V on,
of the appoinn , maj . njoy tha plaaa
ara <>f a !?? I .-. ruc ral.
? < i.'-ioi lo.ir:.,.-,) ,,,;? avaaaaaa,
btra u I :'eii i.ie bow they
aaake ii;.:.- rrnul d -ar.
Mr Wlckwlre \v??n. Krai they water
the etoek, and then coawe tbe froealag
enf pe ??
"<>!i. \.s: I I BOa thal !s tho way the
- t aoe. bal 1 uant to know
abooi all of tbcca" ladtanap ,;-,
raait.h avear aaaaalbai ->. Otaa esoo a
Waraitil BoaaM AI'unaLrr*.
Bawa wrtB s '
' agreehag arttk tha eritlea
of tbe araaj thal I >exp en ln many
are far t?n> great, at tbe
potnttag out that .t l
ply I for aa ofBcer to live
Wttbia his ?MOUMa Y? those
means? Well. thv "prvvnillng rate ot*
In New York for u sower d!g
^er is aaore thaa h gbrea to tha Lng
Oah stibalotp. Be cots ?:>???? a year, or
its eqalraleat, as aaaJnet 91^900 a year
paid to oar ancond Bentenanta of iaga
lars. Tha eeereapondenl of The Ttaaea
deseriis's tbe r.ngiisii adteerV allot
Whea a new battaUoo is fonued. the
aeYemaaent proYtdea ?7<*> for ra
the oflaeera' Baeea, baad and Bergeauanr'
<?f this siim ?300 is apportiened for
tbe offieers' ? ness. Now, linen. glass,
eroekery, cntlery, cookJag Btenall
peta aud faraltare, aaea if boaght af
tha eheapest iiikI thoreforo least durn
bie ktaad, are hoand to aaaoant t<> ?
large Baaa beyoad thal aBdtted by the
BeYernaeent for tha paapeaa. <uu of
whoaa pocketa must the balanee come?
Tbe offlcora*.
<>n?- haadred aad Ofty pounds is ai
I to Btart the band. Bow nnd
where <:ui Inst rumert I of any deeent
aaake be heOghl f<?r tha aam aHowedl
WhO has tO BMke Dp the deliei.?':,-?. ?
aftfty pounds Is nllowed for the ser
geauata* bbobb Thla ta agaba lasahV
eient. aad the balance must Im? made
g'xxi by etther tbe ofocera <?r eergeanta,
.-md of o araa a i a rate it is the foraacr.
On an ofBcer being poated to a regi
meat be baa to proeide blaaaelf with a
eomplete aet of barraek room farnltnre
and.earpet. wbieh be bas to BBOTC at
his own expeaaa wheneeer and wher>
ever his regteaeat Baorea and aiao when
ahlfb <1 on promothn or goee to
aeaoola of laatraetlOB nalraa in the lnt
ter ease be prrfers to b!re from h.eal
rradeeaaea al aa exerbttaat rate.
An oaVer baa to pay for the eoat of
all carrtage of tho llghtest moss oquip
ment nnd baggage at imiueuvers. nnd
no Baatter bow Baneb his ctothtng and
uniform may be dnmnged be gefs m>
eoaapariaatloB t<? repalr the kaaa ?>r dan>
age. Alaa a i sort of camp eqalpmenf
is provided. at>d he Is expectad to l.,;v
this out of bhl OWB poefcel and pay for
its transport.
The gorernBaeat aOowanee for foraga
is well khowa to be IhaafOelent to pay
for the keep ..f a borae, Who paya the
dlffereace? Ogala theocBcer.
The governniont allowatice for fuel
and Bgbt is also on tha most pnrsimo
nit>us baes. aad agala the offlctr has to
i theexpeaaa.
Tlir Bawey Tmphlpn.
It is avaaoaaeed that tha eattre roi
leerJoa ol adaalral Dewey*a trophlea
will be depoelted in tbe National mu
seum 111 Waaahagtoa, barJadbag the
sworl presented to him by onngro.-s,
the greal toYtag eap procarad by pop.
ular rabacrtptJOB ai.d BBBda of some
I 10 eeal ptecea, beetdea other r.i
Uected dartag tho eiv-n and gpan
tah wars. Two BaTge eabinots .irc l?e
baj prapared eaneclalry for Adaatral
Powoys CeMeCtlOM of trophies. and
they will be gtveB a loCBtaOB of promi
aaaea ta. the Baaaaaaa, where they eaa
not aacapa tha eye of tha most eaeaal
vlsitor. They will be situ.atod on tha
right BBd left si.les of the main en
traace to the ball of btetory, aarroaao}
ed by the OOllectloO or relies of Wash
bagtoa aud Baaeock and dtrectty taj
front of the BTtaaalve roBetttoa or Qew
eral Crant. whieh is < onsidered ihe
most eeeapleteaad ratnahla now laebe
ball of bletory. it is eethaated thal
tha cottectloB of Adaalral Dewey is
worth Bl aaaat 9100A0O, and it will nn
aaahtadly bc more COatly than any sin
gle ezblbll now in tbe naaenaa.
1? Oraliirlcal (irm.
Oeaator \.-t of ttlaaoarl has for
years l.ept a reeord of t!?. oratorieal
aaaaa that have aaMTeaad the sessmns
of eaagreaa The one or whleb he bj
the foadeat raaa iu thla faahloa: Tha
BBple of discord has been BOWB iu our
midst. and nnless Blppad in the bnd
it wiii prudaee a eoaoAgrattea wimse
Waeea will BBhaaerga this fulr laud in
What a Little Faith Did
taanaa to his. nnkoax no. 69,884]
" I was a great R.ufferer from female
woakiu BB and had no strength. lt was
imposMblo for me to attend to my
houschold duties. I had tried every
th'mg and muny doetors, but found no
"My sister advised me to try Lvdia
E. Plahhaaaa Vagetaala Ooaapoaad,
Whieh 1 di<l; before using all of one
bottle I felt better. I kept on with it
and toniy great surprise 1 nm eiuvd.
All w BO suffer from feiuale eoiuplaints
.shonld give it a trial."? IfBB. gOOT
wki.i., 1-J09 S. Division Br., QBAXB
iLu'ins, Micn.
1 i ?. a Orateful .N.wark. \V ..n.an.
"When I wroto to you I was very
sick, had not been well for two yaara,
The doetorsdid not BBBBB to help me,
and <>ne aaid I eoald not Qea Ihree
months. I bad womb trouble, falling,
aleata, addaay and hhadder trouble.
Ihere seeuied to be s>ueh a draw ing
BBad baeahag pain in my bowels that I
could not reet aa^rwhara. After using
Lydia K. l'inkham'H Vepetuble Com
pound nnd .Sanative Wash aud follow?
ing your advice, 1 feel well again and
stronger than ever. My bowels feel as if
they had l>een made over new. With
many thanks for your nelp, I remain..
L. Q., 74 AJDJ St., Nkwark, N. J."
-A?D LEAl.E.t I*
Gents' Furnishing Go&ds,
82a B Street, Frederlcksttnrg, Va.
aar~8p<H5ial attontion to mail orders
Oaveats, and Trade-Mai ks obtamed, and all I'at- i
) ent busmess conducted fcr Moofratc Fcrs S
JOon Ornctll Opposite O. S P?tint Ornct*
* and we can seeure oaicnt iu lebi tiu.c tUau ttunc i
* rcmote trom Washington.
J Scud model, drawutg or pt.oio., w:;r. .lev-rip <>
Stion. We arivise, if patetitable 01 not, free att
<Ui*rj?e. Ourfce not duetill imteru isse." nc.l. $
? A Pampmlct, "llow toOhtair* I'^tLats " with'
Scort of saaie in 'he U. S. ?ud foieiitn co'i atrle^t
Jic.it Baa A l.iresk, ,
* Om ??MK'0?o VU?s- .....cn r> c ?
521 8. OaTOgf.BBJ Stkfet.
Bnlthn??r.% . ^j?l
Afenfon :> aaM t.> Baaoy aaora lec
PreHm. iie M ono ..r theoMesi and mnYrVtli?
l..e mmnilaeloreis of Ico Orcara ix.nv ,,,?:',,,.
?jove. H-.i^snothln^;.,!! tl.e purwt iium,
lie.its.H.,.1 It ,s :.|wHiS ke,,t ,M, .'., :. ?i^ f,U
?rr? <>f exoelleooe. Shlppinir c-iiuci
railonalnpatentair tUrht tun!.
l!i oreora met ^itb urooiet tt
If you'
tarviag oaoney crt
urncr, Bgofoj on
getting a
Blue Flame
Oil Stove
It burns the chcapest fucl you can buy?the
same oil you burn in your 1amps. No oc!or.
If your clcaler atoof not have them, write to
No Soot
on Your Pans
.css is one virtuc cf the Wic
02 Sl ers appreclutc.
safety is another. Co J cool cco',:: - then.
& i i
B., Goldsmith,
Wbolosalp.md Oatatl DaaftBf ::?
?011*0, Boya*aad twlldrea'fl Beady
?ode Clotliiiijc, (ictiis' Paralob'
Insr ttoadlo, Traakot Tolieoa
and 1 ii'hielius.
Market Corner, Frederiokshur-r, Va
We \Mint a
unify to v'tt ii|. | '
fo ii coh
0\i traati ed ?
Ofl tbe BtlM . wiii '? ? :i\ . ?
ViKGlKia M \<. \, i\ i M
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or Notioa line before getting
prices. Cheapest Dry Goods and No
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House Furnisbing Goods, Etc,
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Deoler in all kinds of Foroitoro, v . Wiodoa Shodeo, Re?rimatton
Sohd Oak Boita of Poroitoreol $14.75, firotty ParlorSt
Bedatead ood Mattreae fbrfi, si- Good Chain and a I
13.50, atottiog, yard aiOBj Bt Sr., <><?., 19*0. aml 1 fc
Befngeratora and Freaaara, Bohj OaiTiofOf at faJSO. (**, f
Boad mp asample order.
Two car loads of solid
oak suits and extra bed
steads bought before the
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100 tooaj best Bteel Barbwire; :?o one-, two- and three-oi i
('-hrown ) wagons; 150 onen aid top Boggiee; Spr
Wagons; Corn plaotere; Farroer'a Friend and Eoreka plai
ore; 300 kega Wira Nailo; 800 koga Ool Naila; Ploara, P. F.
No. ii, Dixiej Plow Oaatioga for all ot tbo leodiog ploara;
Ulorer Seed, Orehord Grooa and Timothj Seed; Floor (Mjer
Brolle'a^ ood in fuct 007 and eforythiog can be had
& Rawliis
Fredericksburg, Va.
We have irj operation (besides cur newspaper
department) a magniflcent Job Printing Depart
ment, and are prepared to do work ecual to anv
that can be done by any oflice in the state of
Our prices are roek bottom and based on
city rates*
Oall and see us, or write for our prices.
Best Mai8iia!s. Best Workmaoship
Btll Heads,
lietter Heads,
Note flea'.ts,
Shipping1 Tags,
tn fact, all work in the Job Prtntin* line execut-1
Neanly, Cheaply and Quickly.
tUfli wm wow Mmi mmi n.
a \ m .
aj after tbe
L*.r.2_i . .. L .11 a. in.
v. bllbaaraock, Yu.
aa BBoathly?
tblrd Boaday, : 1 a. m.
:\ W. HaBJ h.,Vlt.
DOJ N i 919,
" ?eday, 7 p. m.
P. M. Tiiimkt, Sre.'y, Kin?uile. Ya.
all gaaa in
toaa, go al
laa la Riflea, Re
rgeta, Ammanb
; l r< : i
109 LIDH1 st.
: ?'. ti>.
G. A. Mll & Gfl,
rj roK?
Tower'sOiied Clothing, Hats, etc.
Mermaid Brand -^
ftlackintoslies & Rubber Clothing.
-JOBl -
Go?d\(<ar (Ilove,
ISoslon, Uay Slate, WBOBOOekOl and
Kiioiie lalaad gabaer itoots
nnd Bna
- fl at oil tinica.
Write for spccitil list.
1321-1829 Canton Ave.t
A. s. BSOWV,
11 L. T. DAVIS & CO..
Kad isav) '
of all aitleJaa
llalag to this line.
? ?1 9, PKOTIglvHg,
PI8H, SALT, Etc.,
tor. Water and Oaaaaaeita ttraeto,
RTE1KB 1S32.
leta, - - .sTr?o,r,oo.
ii. PAIaMBB. rtoat
WM. H. McCAKTY, Secv
Wd ilar Jnsurunee
baaio When your
boaoe barai you get your money.
B. H. BAIRD, Agent,
Proridaforyoardepeadeal family
la caae of death, or (oryoarealf la
ttr life in
Nertkweetera Mataal
Life iBaaraaee Ceaipaay. ?
. '.- orer g29/KM)^00.
Poratohea aafeel protectloa at lower
othV i Uoaapaay.
J. V.. CBINN, Sr.,
? Ageal for rTortaera Neck,
Waraaw* V:?.
Th? Mataal Ule Insnrance Co.
(Tha oldeet, htrgaai aud hest
paay iu the world).
Aaaata, $301 ,s 11,537.53.
Best Beaulte,
Laaraat Bataa,
Largeat Gaaaraatea
Hearest aaad Baat Plauaa.
For baformatloB legardtag iis . -n
O. W. HUGHaVBTT, Whlte bHobp,
JOliX s. BFFORD, FBrabaan , .
w. T. hfATO, Qegae, Va.
Or write to
0. F. BRESEE & SONS, Agents.
Bot Taibot BeJhfiag,
xokfolk, VA.
Hti'uittcr <>\wii Dlllaril.
Mail aad paaaeogera to aml from Wblte
Stone, lrvington, Weeais, Btille&l
Merry Potal aud I'rbaua, daily (.
.:. ni.; lrvii! .1
15; Mllleabeck, >:.- ;
0.30; nrrivi: UrboOO, 1 1.S0 o. ni.
i, ',' p. ni.; oflUeobeek, h
Mcrrv Poiat, :<.;{(?; \\ ecins, 4.;;o, Irviugtou
5; arrivc W bitfl BfOOO, y p ui.
i:;iltiiiiorr, PlodjoaiMa^faaaaoj aml
?tupimliutiiKM k ItlOojg Koutes.
Norlolk antl K.i|>|iaii;ui 1101 K
Ki\?-r HgBotab
r Wi .. Jaly lth(
tiiehoaoad, I. ?rni
Pfc r -.'. Ltghl Street,
? : Priday al
m. for 1 rg and all
wharves on tbe nver. Reterain
ttlng) Men.tay, Tnei
1:30 a. m.Taea
?'*>'? tl Kriday for BaHl
rban - beloa
\iuj P
' ?' ( III ? :. TI
rlallinii n i ? ......
'" ''' ad all
? .iir-.. , ! ?
Leavt Baltia ... Bandhf
Ii irvai ba
I ?? Uetornln ? ?<J1
*?*? 'li,; I ' a. ai. Mnnday
tor K ?
...| !.,T
Bg '?
imer Eseea wiii leave Norfolk or
? ry Sunday ut i p. in.. for Predericke
, ?;urL' aad all laadlagi oo Ibe Bappahaq
, ii..ik River, leaTtag Tappahaaaoek at s
la. ni , Mon.iay antl I'oit Koval at li :;o
' p. m.. arrtvlag in Piedericfceborg at :? 00
P> aa. Itetoraiag will leave Tappahaa?
aoek every Fti.iav Rt II ni. for Norfolk
! eHllitij; at aii vvleirves.
ra aad treJght from Frader
aad laadiaga ahove Tappahaa
noek will be traaoferred from Baltimore
l>o?it Kiiilay afti rtioon to tii.
HBKRV WILLIAMS, Al-i. Baltimore.
\\ 1). SCOTT, Agt.. Predericksborg.
hi.\ OOMPTON, Agi.. N. rfoli
Potomac Kiver Route,
Bcginning Taeoday, Jbbo S, atoaaaora
Nortbamborlaad nnd Potoaaac wiii leave
I'icr o, Lkrhl strcet, Baltfaaore, every
Toaoday,TaaroOay antl Batarday, ol ?"? p.
aa- for aJexaadria aad Waahiagtoa
calling at aii of the usual landing*. l?,e
gtaaiag Thura lay, Jaae T, wiii loave 7lb
Street Wharf, vYaohlogtOB, at 4 p, ni.
Tbaroday, Baaday oao Taoeday, goiag
us i ir aa Looaardtoaa on theao evea<
in?p. 'vi11 leave Looaardtoaa, al ; ?
m., EfJaeele oi l a. m.. Mftlera al 8 p. a ,
Dfl nt 'i p, m. nud Hacons ol '? p. m
Koaday. Wodaeoday aad Priday, erriv?
lag in Baltimore eariy the foUoaiag
morning. Frolgbl received dnily iu JU1
Baltimore, Md.
STE1M1ENSON fj BRO., ageata.
Waahiagtoa. I). c.
Wui. M. KEAKDON. Agent,
Alcxandria, Va.
Baltimore, Chesapeake & Atian
tic Railway Company,
Summer scliedule.in offflOl loaoSS, ItOO.
Piajikatank Kiv??r Line.
Baad carofaBy loipoataaf eaaaofai karo
OOOfl niade.
Coauaeoetag Jaae J">, 1!><n>. ihoaooaai.
er [da will loave laadiago aaaaed below
oday oad Tharaaay or aook oroek,
arrivlag at Bahlaooro oa Taceday aad
Priday, as foUoore:
Proaporl. | oo a. m.
IJIatitls. ?'. 10 '?
Stanipers. | ;;(i m
QfOBB l'oint.| .;:, ?>
Ooarada. r aa ??
Waiahoaoa Crook. ? :io ?
Raarka. s (.<> ?.
Pltohotta. :i oo
Callli. <? :;k ??
CricketHlll. ?? 4:, ..
Ckerry Potal.10 no ??
Jackaoao Oraok.10 :jo ??
Babaaka.u no Keoa
Byrdtoa.i_> oj ,,. ,?
Urace l'oint.|g || ..
Poiaaara. 1 <ki ??
Little Uay. 1 m ??
C'hases. ] j,-, ?? ,
Ocrans. | go .?
Uardlaga. :; :;o ??
Barveyo. .; |g ?.
Thaho..... | <m>
Booda. ."1 ;jo ??
liarcums. (i (HJ *'
Hlackwclls.1: yo "
Samriaons. 7 ih> ??
Arrive at IJaltimore r. BQ p, ln.
Oa an.l after .iune V't'.. 1000 Steanu-r
IdO will leave Bb1|iniore. l'ier No. ::
Llghl Btreot, Toaoday and Priday of
Oack week ol I B. ni., arriviinr ObOVO
laadlagi oa vTodBOOday aad Batarday of
oaeb v\
Proigki r:itcs aaaaod Io aii Botala 00
appllcotloa to tho a,goat <)itier lafor<
niHlimi upon applieattt 11.
W, 11. Baovra. Agent.
T. A..1o\m>, Supt. RtOOBIOt LIbOB.
wnAaBB Tii..Mr.soN, Qoaoral H*gr..
The Washington Steamhcat Com?
pany Limited.
PaO aad B/aav r fhaaaala, 01 rf/ect auu.zi, aa,
^tkamkk waki:kii:iu.
; I'.- W?.s|,l?^tt.n. I>. C?.. ftHlt t.t Seventh
? . a. 111. l.eaves AlexandrU. Va.. I. , t
Ol KlIlL M II ft ;,t s H. ,?_
Mundaya t.
Oaacb. Ouabwood, Hock Polot ilji.ua.si,-,>-.
tilt.ins iiealen. ? l honipsona, i?.H>|i Point
Mouni Holly, Nomlal, AbeUa, Laonardtuwu!
Howaraa,? obruiaa, (itonaa.
Keturnlno '??U" Coltooa at r. a. m.en Tucs
aya,arrtveaal \VasiiinKttui alM.ut i i. m.
W e.laes.lavt, for Kort Ftiote. Kt.rl VVaablnr
?)Coltona. Leonaoitewii. AU?II?, lUales
?ThompaoDa, Deep Point, Mouni Holly.Noaa
ini. l.*ii, Itarnes. Uuiith, k.-, Walnm Pt.im
it.vMots, Lenisetta, AlunUjs Point. LouVe'
KlnsaU'. '
r*-" K?-tiiriiiuir loaves Kinsale onThurs,lays
i.i r Iteaies. ?Tbompsona, Ueap Point.'M. uiit
nolly, .Nomini. Howanla. Uooruma. Btonca
Coltona. Buahwood. Kock Point tLancaatwrn)
Ootpnja liea.i., U'llkeraoaa, IHIB (Lowcr
le.ia. Pt.).Mathtaa Point, Bwana rKlvoraide)
stiiaris, ?OtiOa, t .:n..n lleaeh lOmittaa Poiut)
Liverpool Point.
Beacb. Buahwood, KtKk Point (LancaMterai
Coltona, Ijeales. ?Thompsons. lv.p Poial
.M- ii.it llolly. Nomini.
Keturnlno havaa v".>it,.ns al s a. m. oa Sun
daya.arrlvaaal Baakinoton ai?.i:t 4 p. m.
Landtnaa marke.l thus l?J are boat, tule. t>r
i.i.i u ratlier tan.lniKS.
C. W. K1DLKV. t.? 11M Manarer.
O. P. JOHAN8EN A^t. 7th St. Wharf.
J. B. PA1KJKTT. Aut.. Alexaadria. Va.
Scfmlule in Efffct Juiw ;t, iaou.
B 19 a. m. daily, no local atop9.
B. m. daily, no local stops.
10 19a m. Sundays only, stops at Urooko
and Wide Water.
10 40 a. m. daily, except Sunday, no local
1 H p. in. daily, except Sunday, no local
7 51 p. m. daily, no local stops.
9 09 p. m. daily, stops at llrooke and
Wide Water.
8 99 a. m. daily, Atlantie Coaal Line
train. Stops at Milford, Doaweil
aud Aahlaaid, week daya, All local
stops on Siunl i\ s.
12 32 p. in. daily, Seahoard Air I.ine
tniins, via Doswell and 0, gc (). to
Blehaaoad. Stops at Doswi 11.
1 21 p.m. daily, except Sunday. Btopa
al Milford, Doswell and Aahlaad
4 91 p. ni. Daily. Athmtie Coaal Line
Iraia, stops at Doswell and Aah?
I .'17 p, ni. daily, ninkes local stops.
8 40 p. m. daily, beehoard Air Line
tralns, via Doswell and 0, A o. to
liichiunnd. Stops*at Doswell.
Bl M>.\\.
?'? *>"> a. m. for RleBaaoad.
10 21 a. m. for Quaniico.
12 40p m. for Aahlaad.
i 99 p. aa. Rroaa Rjohaaoad for LTiader*
C. 0. Cox, Ageat.
W. r. Tavi.ok, Trafaa Keaeem
L. T. 1). Mvekb, l'rcaident.

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