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ltar. C. U. Jamks, Pastor.
Irvinatoo. Klrwt and Thir<l Huti.lavn, 11 A. M.
Mad nrnl Koui t h Stimlaya. tO?ri<t.
Pra\ er wevtitiK W'edoeaday DlMDt*.
WhlteStone. Flmt and Thlrd e>uiidaya..? P. M.
iSeooti.. atn! t uurt h SuuUaya.ll A.V.
Fleet's Nland, HtH-oml Sao.lajr, :* P. M
Thlrd Snnday ie?{bt.
Poplar Ncck. t\.?irtlj .-ueday.Sp. M.
it \ri i-1.
Rav. K. W.CuvHK.mit. P*.1
Keurthtiunday*:): ? l\M.
Plrai and rtoli \ M.
reaebinf;or Prajrei BMotlnar).
x nlco, KlratandThtrd Bantfajr*. 11 \.v
Kiiic?iiMici,s.u.ii!il an.l ifourtta ^utidayc. 11
A M.
Btuff Point Cbapei. Pourth Siinday "M P. M.
kkv. <;. y. uhaim.ky. f*ajBatii
While Bfcgoe, Kirxt ai:.l Tlnr.l Sun.l?>s at 11
\- M.; Beooad hh.i Fourtk j>uu
tjraa i?. m.
1 UUaad. >e?on.| ;tn.| I'otirtli Stitidttysat
U V. M.; rit-l and Thlrd ^un
davtt a p. tii.
1'KKSItV t l.ltl \N.
Hkv. II. L. W iniis, Pu&tor.
Weems. Seeond an.) r'ourtn Suudays 11 A. M.
an.l 7: ?J P. M.
Ktv. I. 0 . I'Aitis, l'aator.
Waaoaafaa. rirM an.l Thlrd Stm.lays at 3:30 P. I
M.: Sfvoti.l aud t'ourth Sutidav* at I
ii \. M
Smyrria Flrat and Tlilrd Stiu.lays at 11 A. M.
? ?n'a winif. Bobool Houae, BeootMl an.l]
Kotmii Bubdayaal ?>:*> I*. .>i.
? . I.. W :>k?< r. K.lltor 1 ... ?l ?... r.Hp.m.l.n..-.
All eotnmnnkation-* shi<ti!d U-n<l<Ire*se J to
Ruiaia Citusk, Irvlnaton, \ a.
W. McD. Lee is in Fredericksburg this
Kddie Lee. af iialtitrore. is visiling his
'home herc.
Social Circle Monday night at home
of Mrs. Lev. Hryaut.
CWtj "i laaaol roaOat for riios,
neaaaml bed imgs. uv.
Lewis Hurkc, of the ClTBBU stafT,
was Vtatttag relatives in Norfoik last
W. D. Mdls, of Fredericksburg, was
vtaltlagfriaada harafaataadaf andSnn
Kddie llrewtagtou accompanicd Jas.
Wilderou his vessel to Llaltimore last
Old papers for sale at the Citi/.ks
.oflicc for 20 ceuts a hundred. *
Mfaa Ine/ Kirkwood, of Haltimore,
was last week visiling Miss Georgia
Qnhe a ne.mber of Irvingtonians are
ipaadtag the latter part of tha we. k at
Marviu tJrovc.
M...<niight sails have been given from
Ihe Irvington Hcach Uotel cvery night
for the past week.
V. teoataaa noroe euiernnsc an.l hur your
..iiiiiMM-..I W. M.J??m\ Mtwaltuu. Laneaau-r
vo. MateHaJ tlio t>e*t, priei-slow. hitt 1 reiRhta
HlM BUaa Hnliday and uepbew,
Huiry Qeaeaa, Of Wa?hingtoa, are viait
ing Mrs. I. J, BobaHa.
Krncst Mctkiua and (ico. Mcssick
Weae stun*: by Bptdatt this week. ncces
aitatiag tbe attendance of a phy?ician.
Mi>ses Leoa and Etwa taaWBfBI ?nd
Mary HhettOa. <-f FiMherman, are UbTB
visiting at the home of Johnnic
??nt ..r the t'nnomity Coi
lev">- <>r Me.li. Iiu- <>t lt|. Imioii.l. whieh api ? u I
1,1 '" - itnkltiaoiw. an.l the reoord
ul lm i?t . .nt. i.y Iu graatauca bvfota aavaa
? lit!. rent Niili' li.iunls |s nioM tiotcwort li> .
Miss Lilian lioherta cutcrtaiued a
goodly nuinber ol her frionds by giving
u lawa J?arty at her luuue Wedneaday
lUaaaa Vargle Maeaea imi KaUai
QanklBBan, af Fredericksburg, reached
h.re Tuenday to vislt Mrt. Lucy
Mrs. J. II. Bannhat, of Baltimoic, a
gnaat at tha Irvlagtoa iteach, has" been
?iuite ill this week. We are glad to state
sh?i is improving.
I he aoolhlng and h.alltor propcrtiea ot
t l.anit>er!uitrii I'ouKht Uflidy, ItM plensant
t.i-t. an.l prorapt an.l pertaaoeat curoa. have
iimde it a areat lavonu* with th.- |>ts>j>:?- every
?>:....?. For hmI<> I.y T. J. WuUiik A: C...
Ir\ uiKtoti: <;. W. Saudero, W hlte ytone- \\
it Harding >\ Bro . W?aata>
H. 11. Ilohnes. tbe Citizkn's mo
torinan, left Monday for l'hihulelphia as
a dclcgate to a meeliug of the Galileau
Fishermcn (cok)rcd).
Messra. Lee and Wagner will be at
Marvin (Jrove this week aud at Heaths
b'ftle on Monday next represeuting their
papers and other busiuess intcrests.
On the night of August 7, Capt. H. F.
Meakiaa had his trap tished by some
BakaoWB persous. Ho has otTered $25
rewaid to any oi.e repoiting the guilty
Cr.ii,,,.. l)>*,ni,r\. < holora Morlum, ,Ji
?rrhoee, and, ladatd, all ImiwoI i-omplatnu
?luickly rellevcd t>v I'erry l>a\ls l'aln Killrr.
ii >ai?-. ?uieaad np?-???iy oura,forall tkecroub
mm m.i:iu-.i. Kverj M-piitaiilv <lruKlst Kct<pa a
r-upply. Baek botuc ha* full dlrvottooa,
Avotd aubatltutaa, then Ia imt one l'ain Kti
l<r, l'erry luvis*. -?."??. nn<l :*h-.
Misaea Blanche Meaaick and Lena
lMuckard returned Tueaday from a viait
to Keysville, Va., and proceeded the
?IBM day to Marviu GfOVO to apend the
remaiuder of the encanipincnt.
Miss Addie Ilarry, a traincd uurae of
Baltimore, haa been here the paat ten
dajs caring for Mra. W. J. Newbill. The
patieul'a conditiou, though critical at
one time, ia uow beyond appreheusion.
You assnme no rislc when you buy Cham
berialn'a t olio, Cbotora and uiarrhua Kom
t.ly. l . .. WiUlag a Co., Irvinjrton; u. W.
Sandera, wnitr Btooe. or vv. h. Hat-dina
v\ liro.. Wmmm, Will rvfaod your money it
3 ou arunot >..u.-.ii.-.j afieruatnc u. It iaevery
wherc ii.liintt. .1 to no th? ntoat succeastul
i.nu.ly In DM ft>r bowel t-oini>iaiuta and the
only i.nn that novirluils. Itis plcasant, Hfa
mihi reneaw, _
das. George, of l rbanna, waa visiting
his daughter, Mra. J. T. Kilee, this week.
Mr. Geerfa returned to his home Wed
ueaday, heing acc-ompauicd by bia aiatera,
Mra. Boaaer, Ol ilaltiruore, and Mra. L.
II. Irving.of thia village.
i>r. Buller aud gmnd-daughter, Miss
Anoie Let- Hie.heraon, of Catoline, are
visiting at the Irvinglon Beach HoteL
Miss Iticberaou ia well-kuown here, hav
ing beeu a niember of the faculty of the
Ubeaapeake AcaJemy duripg the eesaion
of fftvlfc
Stopthat! Stopwhat? Stop paying
two pYicea for inferior gooda wben you
v in get liist class for much leaa, botli for
the niner- aud outer-tnan, ao call in at
thc old staud and be convinced. If you
doa'l aee what you want.ask for it. VV*e
kindly ihauk you, also, for the paat pat
ronage. Voura truly,
T. J. I1aydon<& Son,
Capt. (Jeo. P. Squires brought as visi
tora to our village Sunday Messrs. L. E.
P. Dennls, jr., and J. Herbert Mullen.of
Crisdeld, Md., and Cbaa. B. Palmer, of
the aaaff Reaiaf, Wilmington, Del.
They are cruising in their private yacbt
in our watera. Mr. Palmer ia gatbering
material along the Cheaapeake for a nov
H. D. McNaraara was here Tueaday
repreaenting hia patent clothes washer.
Wbilc here he dropped Into the Citi/.ks
oflice and left an order for constitution
and By-lawsfor the Jr.O. V. A.M. coun
cil at Palmera. He alao informed ua
that he took aeveral orders for hia patent
washer, wnich aeemed upou trial to givc
pcrfeet satlsfact ion.
Yiaitor* seen herv aiuce last iaaue:
Judge Jobn OL Ewell, Jobu C. Towlea,
Mieeea Catberine Ocorge aud Marian
Towle*, Prauk ileorge, Atnmon I>unton,
lt. M. Sandera. ii. S. Pas?|uith, OL 1.
Hryant, Miases Fannie and Maty i
Aliie Cralle, l)r. II. ? Treakle, W. 1
Correll, H. B Nolley, Mlaaes Urace
Flowcraand Ileieu Fitchett.
loir'iitr thi> ciTtl war.aa wrll aa lu our latt>
w*r ? ith Spain. tliarrbo-a wa*ont> of t'??
I i-<>iiIi|<.hoiii< . ,nm\ i'.i'l 1<> ?<>:i|i n<t
with. 1 ii niHiiy iiistamifi if Moam chronic
aii'i tln- otd solatera still auBero frooa lt. Mr.
IhlvMTui lor. ot Wiwl R*djC.Orm>nf I '??.. Pa .
I? out' ot thon". II.- ..-i s I'hHiiilM-i IhIii'x
Collc, Cbotern an?i Diai ikn m BenMdy ki"I mra
aa nevor touiui mii> ttMUK.i liMt woura m\
raefe Qiitok i?-ii?-f. i? ..;?? bjf T. J.
Wiiiiny 0 OoL Irrlogftoo; t;. w. Bandera,
Wblte Stune; W. tl. Ilanlina Jt ltn>.. Wiim
Jadaa Jno. c Kweii, J. E. Biakemore
and ,T. W C'howning, with Mesdatues
aaakeaaaea and chowning a? eboperanoej
were viaiting at The Laneaster Naiional
Bank and Yikoinia v'iti/.kn ? fticc last
Thuraday with the fol'owintr fOBBO
ladies aud geutlemen from Miilcnbcck:
Misaes V. Irene, Mae aud Aliee I'.lnke
more, Catberine (.Jeorge, Kdith I'avne,
Mabel Falbn, of Philadelphie, Vcigle
and Kthel Fallin. of Coan, and MeBBB.
L. C. Chowning, V. It. C'howning, John
Lear, E. L. Connellee and Edgar Fallin.
We were glad to have tlu se young people
with us and trusUthal they were so w? 1!
pbjaaad they will come agaio.
A BlaaOMf Tells H?w She Sa\e<l
ller Llttle l>auglit<?r*s Lile.
I am the mothor <>r rinht ohiMien sm?l \m\ r
limi h ?rr?>at de&l of exportoooa with naedk Iihjs.
I :? -1 -iitnmor my lltt !?? ilniiKhtvr ha<l th?>?lv*
? n' >\ in !t? womt lorni. W, thoughl abe
WOWMdJO. I ?ru<! ?\?>r>thin* I COUM think
ot. imt niuhiiiir eenaee iodo kei fcajr good. i
nw by aa advertleanent in our paper that
ChanilH'i-laln'H I'olle, ChoU-ia xtxl DtarrboM
Kenwdywit hinhly rrcummendcd and sh-iiI
and jroi ii bottlc at onca I' proved to In- nae
of tbe \cry i?-~<t ?mdtotnea wo <-\ >-r had ? n t ??? -
house. lt aavrd my littU- daiurhti-r's lilc. 1
am hikIuus for ?>viry motlu-i to hnow whal
lont metllcine it la. II il ! kimu n it at
lir-J ii woul.l have saviil m<> a K'<'iit .l.-al Ol
anxletr and my littio deuabtor moeb auffer
ln*r.?Vours truly. Mus. GBO, t. BvRDICK,
Ltbwtjr, H. I. For Ralo t>v T. J. WIIIIiik a
C?>.. Irvinirtoo; ti. W. Satidcr*. White Stone:
W. II. HardriK \ l?n?.. VtMM,
Richard Swift, of Frederickaburg, is
thia week attendiog Marviu (.Jrovc Camp.
Mr. Walter Chambera, aon of Mr. IV
Chambcra, of Lodge, is critically ill with
typboid fever.
Large ahipmeuts of beautiful pcachea
are going from Weatmorelaud B?uniy
hy every steamer.
Mrs. Oeo. Frambesa and daiuhter.
BCBB, efNev Jeraey. are visiting
ridatives in tbe vicinlly of Wiiealto'n.
Andrew Self ia critically ill at hi?
home near Bell's BtOfB, Norlhutnl.eiland
county, as ia also .Tno. D. Biebotdaoa
near Lottsburg.
MiasNannic Taylor. of Westmoreland
ctiunty, is viaiting ber bfOtboi, Mr. K.
P. Taylor, on Franklin strcct.? /.V<h
montf OayaaaV
The Cuunty School Board of Northutn
berland, like that of ber Bister county,
Itichmond, will requirc all childien lo
be vacclnated hcfore the begiuning of
iit'M session.
Hon. Thoa. II. Mf.rpliy and Bobatl
Murphy and Wat Mayo, of Westmore
land county, BFBOBBB taking up iKMI
acres of Currioman bay to plant aud
grow oystcra on.
Rev. Wellougbby Claybrook, who ia
atationed in Rappahaunock county,
preached an interesting sermon last Sun?
day night at St. Stepheu'a church.?
Culptper Knttrprue.
Mias Margarel .louca, of Dmwid
die, formerly a member of tbe Obea
apeakc Academy, fnculty at Irvingtou ar
riveil at Marviu tJrove to-day aud is the
aaaat ai Miss Li//.ic Sucad.
Stcamer Wcstmoreland wliile cnroute
down llie bay Tueaday night on ber rc?
ular trip to Frederickaburg broke a por
tiou of ber machlnery aud had lo return
to tbe city. Thc trip was akipped cn
During the recent tcrrible electric
atorm four of tbe large biatoric poplar
treea iu T. M. Arneat'a lauc at Nomoui
Hall, Weatmorelaud couuty, were atruck
by lightuitut. Oue caught atire and
burnt for several daya.
Will acll my grand eOBBta MabOf l'i
ano, which originally cosi $'.?00, for *1:10
casb, no leas. In perfect condition aud
aweet toue. Music stool with it. PiOBO
expert invited to examiue it. Would
not sell but for the fact of coutemplated
removal to distant atate.
Ahtiiuk O. Hbrhino,
Millenbeck, Va.
At high noon on Tueaday, July 81at,
Providence Baptiat chnrch waa the sn ae
of apretty marriage.the contracting par
ties being Miss liettie Marsh aud Mr.
Ethelbert Lewis, both of Lancaster
county. The church was taslily deco
rated with evergreens and white rloWers
and from the arrh was auspended a
Miss Genevieve Eubank gracefully pre
sided as organist. The atteudants eu
tered the aisle in the following order:
Ishers, Messrs. Thoruton Sampaon aud
John Marsh; Flowet girls, Misses Victo
ria and Achsah Marsh; Waiters, Miss
Julia Eubank and Mr. Hobin Norris; Miss
Millie Lewis and Mr. Will Marsh. From
the left door eutered the brideleaning
on the arm of her sister, Miss Martha
Marsh, as maid of honor, and from the
right door entered the groom with his
brother,Mr. lioward Lewis, as best man.
They met at the altar before Hev. F. W.
Claybrook who perfonsed the ceremony
iu au impressive manner.
The modest young bridc looked beau
tiful iu her robcs of white silk with veil
and orange biossoms, and the groom
unasually happy in conveutioual black.
The bride's maids wore daiuty costumes
of white organdie and t.i1k elabor%tely
trimmed with lace and ribbon garni
tures. Afier the usual congratulations
the bridal party with a few friends re
paired to "VVake Forest," the home of
the bride, where dinner was served in
true Yirginia hospitality. Mr. and Mrs.
Lewis left that p. m- for the home of Mr.
Lewis' father and on the following day
boarded the steamer at Lodge en
rouWfor Baltiraore. In the future they
will reslde at Lively where Mr. Lewis has
a lucrative trade. May peace aud pros
perily be theirs and may the lights and
shadows be so perfectly blended as to
insure a giorious sunset is the sincere
wish of Lin.
The White Chapel District School
Board will meet at Litwalton on Tuea
day, August 2tst,at two o'clock p. m. to
e'.ect teachers for the ensuing year. No
application will be cousidered without
a certiticate from our county Superin
tendent. By order of the board.
J. II. Wkai.ton, Chairman.
L. T. Kock, Glerk.
Whartou Urove Canip.
Wharton Grove Camp will begin Fri
day before the third Sunday In August
and close Monday aftcr fourtli Sunday In
The religiousservicca will be conduct
ed by Dr. F. C. McConnell, of Lynch
burg, Va., aaatated by Hev. F. B. Ray
mond and the local preachcrs.
Laneaster County.
W. U. BBM ia eteeiing a iifw store
baaaa, whieh will make a big BWBWOTa*
mcnt to our little vilb.t*?\
The BBaall poj KBUra around bere ia
atiout over. ' v who had ?
headaelu- a faw > thonghl they
had a scvere OBM Qt Ika MBrfJIp \
Tennie Aaron. of Baltimorr, who ha*
baaa rBdtlag ralatteat ia thll rleiaity,
iias aatmnad t.? Batttatara.
M?-. ~ Bauaa Beeete and Battle A
BJea apant tha week at Ktthland
The Labaada baaaballelah ptajreid Mh>
kinion clut> last Sntutdav evenimr with
her necohd nine. whieh. 1 think. 18 bt ttei
than tbe tirst. ns the tirM is always de
feated. We have BQ ? ?; heard the
result. JaOX.
\\ l'.IMS.
Tbe bngava, Bela BterBag, ii an
Oweu's Kailway Ko 1 befag rehuilt aud
tbe puugy, Angly McNatnara, is on
ratrwaj No. I raphvr.Bg her reatdat which
was lost in Jackaoa*a Oreefc last week.
sioop of Oapt. Parka and lehooaet of
Joha Bpaddan nre ahw al the rard.
Hev. Harry L. Walton, the | Jaated
youug praaj her oi ? the Piaabytarfaa
cluiieh, will ooauneaec hta labora hete
iu it Sunday at II a in. aud s p. m. This
jroeag dhriaa, baaaaaa batag ? good
oreacber, i* an e\cellent singer. Tha
ehurches in this scction (Methodist,
? an.l l'rcsb\ terian) are MppMad
with paatora who are aboea the aanal
abiltty gaaeralty fowad ia smail ptaeaa.
The siiinmer visit.cs are in our midst.
Nearlv every other le DM bera bad some
and tbe booaekeeperaace pnaated who
tosappry them with aatahlei
Mrs. llarvcy S. Greahaai left reccntly
to spend the summer at her old hotne in
Fluvauna eounty.
-Miss Lavenia Degcei retumed home
last week from 101 extended vhvM to tbe
Moaaaaaatal cM
Prof. JaaaeaD. BnghJeti lefl Priday
for Wisc COttaly, where he iroes to take
ehargaol the Btoaega gradad sehool.
Mr. K s. Qlaaaeoek, w:?v aad ttttla
daughter. of WaahlagtOB, are here on a
visit t<. Clara WlUlam Chtltoa.
Prof. a. at. Baghlett, lata of Btaafotd
luivetsiiy, Qaltforata, lg bara with his
faruily on a vi^it to his paraatal hOBac.
alra. R. T. Doeglata left Balordayto
visit rricada aad ralativaa la Kiag aad
Mlaaai .Itilia and Lanra Chlltoa tre
attandlng Marvia Grora eaaap the latter
part of thli a eek.
Wnyland nunawav. dr.. i< rialtlog at
"Melrose." tl:e hotne of the late '1 II
The bth Iclightful
dancc at their BoBBB, "Oobha ilall," on
laal Friday rvening.
F. I*. McGtaaea lost a line bocaa from
arewalag andet rathet annaaal eiroaaa
stances Saturday. In returningto this
?n his wny home he left his hOTM
Haadtna whOe aa weaa la the store, aud
the heeaa aroal ktto iha ii\cr bftahad to
the waanav iii-* atmgftiaf wora ao
frantie they OOald not n nder him any
aaatetaaee 'tii to.> late.
c. Oarrol Daaawaj, af Battlaaore,
spent a ihotl IBBM with relalives and
frieuds in the county reeently.
Jo. w. Btifl. ttf rTorthnaabarland. waa
a plcasaut visitor here last week.
Llewellyn Currie rt?eenlly saw a largc
biack aaaha oMaak to tha top ol a taii daad
Iree, whareoa blaek aaartlaa had coilect
ed. an.l cateb a iu irtin. A tew days after
W. F. Dunaway ahot a snakc about |
feet long that had caught a yellrSw ham
incr, a speeies of WOOdpeoker, in the top
of a very large oak tree.
L. B. Pructt has built a dwelling
housc ou his place near hete. He is one
af our ga d ettfaeaa and wa think be
will soon bringus a new aelghbor,
F. P, MeGinnes rc.ently re. eived I
|81 order from Florida for seed peaa. It
did not take | grBBt many to till it either.
Joha Pnraaa an.l faaaQy, of hlarrjland,
have been visiting Art. Dai h
Our paOpBI arft busy painting boats,
scraping stakes and lahiag, but the lak
are very searce.
Oystermen are uearly ready for the
ovstering season.
Bro. Bradarj praaehed an exceiieut
sennon Sunday tt> a large crowd.
L. A. aaaaart is beaailfylBg his bam
by building a haudsomc fiont porch.
Claretuv BiewlagtOa, wife and .Miss
Ueorgic MccUins sp.-m Saturday night
aml Stinday wiib Kmily Mcckina and
Mrs. Wm. <.;. Koxweli.
Mr. Cbeaiaer, wife aud children, of
Baltbaore, apeal a weob with Mra. Lollt
Crosdale and 1>. A. Crosdale recently. ?
Mr. Pike and daughter, of Baltimore,
spcnt part of last week with Mrs. W. H.
Balaaa andjeturned boai> last Thursday.
We are glad to Jiear that the mail
achedulo from Fisherman to Treaklea
haa heen changed to nieet the boat and
suit the people.
Hirrison George lost a tine colt re?
Mrs. W. 0. Foxwi'll is improving
slowly from the fall ahe received about
four weeks ago.
Walter Carter and wife, of Mathews,
j are visiting fricnds at Anti-Rapp.
Misa M:tb!o Cmter is sick at R. T.
j lngrama. D_
The mein'ners of White Mtrah will
nieet at tlu: church on Tuesd.ty, the
lflth laat , to clean and beautify the
saered edilice and grounds. Each one
will bring luni Ii and spend tbe day from
? a. m. to 5 p. m. The cemttery eonunittee
deafraallaaxtlet who have loved onea
buried in the church yard to pleuse look
after theh lot and have the gravea and
feucing put in proper condilion.
The congregationa of Rebobotb and
Edgely wiil meet with the White Marsh
congregation in a L'uion revival aervice,
commencing the lst Sunday iu Septem
bcrand running through thc week. The
paoaoi, Rev. J. (). Bahcock, will be aa
sisted by Rev. Geo. W. Wray, D. D., of
Newport Newa, and othera.
The all day meeting announced at Re?
bobotb for the :ird Suuday in August
will be postponed on accouut of the
Wharton (Jrove <:amp meeting Jo thcllrd
Sunday in Septemlicr. Tlic llh quartcrly
coofereuce will also be held at Rehoboth
the 4th Sunday in October. The tius
tees of this chuich are having the cerae
tcry encloaed with a haudsome and dur
able locuat post feuce. This is as it
sbould be.
Protracted meeting will begin at
Bethel church the 11It Sunday in August
and continue the follow iug week. There
will, howevcr.be serfMOOOa OBBOl that
day at Edgely in the afternoou.
(iiinranteea Curc.
Baily's Cholera Cure for Diarrho-a,
Dyaentery aud summer complaicts.
Northumberland Co
Klmer ParOOB returned last week
from a trip to Baltimore.
Mr. and Mr*. K. W. Clark and
little daughter, Ada, vistted relatives
ut Warsaw last week.
M'ssN. B. ''lark visitetl relatives
at Oldhams Ittst week. She and
Miss Briq Baaatb are spending this
w.ek with the latter's Aunte, the
Mesdatnes Fones, of \Yarsaw, and
attending Cobham 1'ark meeting.
Mis3es Katie and Annie Brown
are visiting their grandmother, Mrs.
Haadley. BcMOOLaiBL.
It is with sadncss that l report
the death of Mrs. Julia Lewis, VBO
died Friday, August :ird, r.?uo, Ii iv
ing suffercd a long time. She leaves
a husband and live children t>
mourn their loss. The deceased was
laid to rest Tuesday in Bethany
i'enietery, where a large crowd had
eatbered to pay their last respects.
The burial service was conducted by
K.v. W. (J. Burch.
Mrs. Aiia Alderooa, who has been
?0 ill of late, is renorted better at
this writing.
Mra .ludith Ilarding, of Wicom
ieo, is vitdting her brother, 11. A.
Strangbaa. Bsd Tapk.
Rev. Mr. Mitchell, of Baltimore,
preached to a large and attentive
andience Sunday, July S2l>th, at Mel
roee M. K. Church.
We were pleased to see Mrs. \Y.
(J. Hitmiuond so tnuch improved in
beiilth-as to be able to accompany
oar pastoron his rounds last Sunday.
There will be no religious services
at Melrose on the 2nd and 4th Sun
daaa in August, on account of revival
nnehngs in the neighborhood, but
there will be an Kpworth League
meeting followed with a sermon by
tbe pastor and the administering of
tbe saerauient on the 3rd Sunday in
August. Misty Ykil.
l'rotrncted meeting was held last
week :it Smit iiiand, Kev. Mr.
Mouds aaaiatiag tbe pastor, Kev. 0.
W. Betts. A great revival was had
and tlie church wonderfully shetitli
ehed. ,
Miaa Jennie Bray, aftef iBeadiBaj
tbe ainter and ipring in Baltimore,
baa ntaroed boaae to the delight of
ber many friends here.
Mrs. A. D. Beeia aud her two fas
cir.ating daughtcrs were pleasant
callers at the home of Mrs. A. II.
Bray and family recently.
Some of the people in this vicinity
are epending the week at Marviu
Qrove. Those who spent the week
;it Kirkland report a good time.
Mrs. A. II. Bray aud Miss Tenie
Welch were on the sick list last
week. _ M.
Sunday was a lovely day for Mar?
viu (irove and many trom our town
attended. I)r. Beale and family
spent the day there as did also Kev.
\V. (I. llamniond.
Mrs. M. F. Thouias, who for
many months had been suffering
with consumption, died (juietly
without a inurmur at the home of
her father here on Wednesday of
last week. She was carried to Kil
marnock on Friday and theie her
ntnains were laid tenderly to rest.
The sympathy of all our people is
extended to her family.
Mr. Willie Anderson, of Baltimore,
is visiting relatives aud friends here.
Miss Minnie Adams, of VYashiug
ton, spent several daya here last week.
Dr. Uaininond, son of Rev. W.
(i. llamniond, is on a visit to his
Lucy Brown, daughter of Dr.
Baiie, is visiting relatives in West
Jack and Meade Brent returned
from Alexaudria on Friday.
Miss May Arnett ia visiting her
sister, Mrs. A. S. Rice.
Misses Mabel and Lizzie Kice are
visiting Mrs. Ktta Claughton at
There is much talk here of having
the Steamer l'otomac leave Coan
Wbarf the third Sunday morning
for Wharton (Jrove Cauip. It's said
the company has promieed to let
the steamer go provided they are
able to sell seveuty-tive tickets at
7."> cents each.
Luther Williams, one of our most
iiidu8trioii8 carpenters and farmers,
while in his cabbage patch chanced
to see a small rouad piece of metal
which he instantly picked up. The
metal proved to be an eleven dollar
gold coin made in the year 5(>,
whether B. C. or A. D., we are not
able tosay. Mr. Williams says he
thinks the coin was made about tbe
time of Noah, for on oue side of
the coin there is an exact likeness of
Noah, far more accurate than any
other of his pictures, and on the
other side is the picture of Noah's
wife. [We are forced to couchuie
from this that Mr. Williams must
have been intimately acquaiuted
with Mr. Noah, andalso that he is
quite an old man to be an "active"
farmer.?Local Er>.]
Riehmond County.
Walter Keamy, of Washington, is
visting his parental home here.
Re?. A. I). Reynolds, faithfully
assisted by Hev. Richard Edwarda,
of Farnham, conducted a delightful
protracted meettng at Rappahan
nock Baptist church last week. The
spirit of (Jod seemed to work among
his people, not only among mem
bers of that church, bqt of other
churchea, who were present from the
beginning to the end of the meeting.
Clreat interest was manifested in
the salvation of souls and many were
broughtintoGod's Kingdom. Thir
teen converta were batized at Naylors
Wharf on Saturday laat.
P. S. France, of MarylaLd, is vis
iting his parental home here. We
are glad to have brother France in
our midst.
W. II. Rowe conducted the prayer
meeting at Welcome Grove last Sun?
day night.
Lacy Edmonds is atill very 111.
His mother, Mre. Sarah Edmonds, is
alsjo sick. Stak.
Oh Met That Pain.
Oo quick! Go quick! and get something.
Where shall 1 go? Don't you know WhO
keaM those might)' gooddrugs for pains
and most everytlung eUe in that line,
Bad where most everybody go that are
sick'' Of course yez doea. V its at the
old atand. Go quick to
T. J. Hayuon & 8on,
lrvington, Va.
Westmoreland Cc.
Be*/. M. l\ Sanford, <>f a\oooeawtjh
County, la aaaiating Bee. B s.
llonde in u revital tbTa week it Nooa*
im I'.iptist clnircli. II.? will
him next weet iu a sioular Baeetittg
al Menokiti ohnreh iu E^tehnaood
It is with th. p nadnaai that ?<
are called npon t<? ehronicle the
death ?>f (tlarenec Porter, whieh oo
curred at his home in Bfaabingtoo
ou August Sad, l BOOl ite ama
rotituled by his friends and rehiti\c>
and all that loving hnnda eookl do
was done for hi-? oomfort. Ile lentea
a loving wife, a bright little ehild
and a host of Eriondj tt) motirn their
May (iod in his wisdotn and
Mercv coinfoit his sorrowitrg lovetl
OOOa and may they strive to nicet
him in heaveti. His remains areta
bronght down the river and interred
in Andrew Chapel Cetnetery last
Miss Lola Oarner, who has been
visiting Miss hfollie Brown naaw
here, has returned to hef hotne in
Robbie llarvev, of Waverly, this
eouiity, visittnl his niother here last
Misses Mae Maraden and Irenc
afoore, of Ifnahington, are ticiting
the Bfiaaaa Hnll near here.
White l? v. I'iimore Sanford ama
visiting here last week he purchastd
three tine horses to take home with
(.eorge Northatn, of Baltitnore, is
visiting his brother, V. B. Northam,
of Temp'etnan's X Roads.
John MoCuire has completed his
wharf on Noaaini Creek and atenaa
ers are touching there dailv. This
is the sixth wharf on this little
creek within a raditis of two miles.
A' new post-clliee has been eatab*
lished at Deep Point, this COOnty,
known as Ilinnom, with EL II. Hall
as postmaster.
R. W. Jones has returned from a
very pleasant visit, to friends in King
C eorge County.
Crops will he very short in this
county this, year. Coin will not
make over two-thirds of a crop and
trneki are nnrehed very badly.
Jnltaa Parker, of Waahiogtoo, is
visiting his parental hotne this
?*.k. ^ ^^^^ (;01;I.
iiow's Thla?
w'aoCarOaM BaaBrca' DaUan Bawart r<-r
aojrcaM <>t Catarrh ihal cannot be cured by
llall's < :t I ttrt h Ciire. ?
r. J.Crbhbi k Co? I'm.|k, Tote.io. t>.
w... the uaderalaned, have known K. .1.
< heney lor th.-ifh-t ?:. yeara. and belleve him
peri.-etly hunotable In all bnsiniss tratiKne
t lona ;m.i Hnanclall* able to oai rj out am ot?
lifratloos made by their iir:n.
wam a i i;i w.w i.mj^ Druaat?ti>.Tolaao.O
W M lON... hl\\ \N fc M x,;\ [N< \\hl
I'rujrtfists. rol.it... t?.
Hairs CalarrhCure In ihW.mi Interaal
in?r <lir?>et!v ii|H>n tbe M.m>.| aml mticotld sur
Bm-m ol tbe aratem. Pxicv "?. por bottle.
^ol.l by all Druiorirt*. Testlmonlafs fi
Hall s lamily j.ilN are th.- |
iik. wharton in tuocble.
Be?, lleiity M. Wharton, 1). l).,of
Baltimore, WBB plao d under an
Ooana City, N. J., Betorday. Dr.
Wharton Ucbarged by fctiaa rjoanera,
of Ocenn City. with ootnining ntooey
under faiaa pratenaea. Dr. Whartoi.
came to Ooeaa Qroec nl tha oloae of
the Bfjnniah?AaaaricBn arar and agi.
tated a hotne for destitute an.l or*
phan ehiidren. Miss BotBOIt, it is
said, oaTerad a home for the pntpone.
The house was to be ptit in trust,
but it is alleged that Dr. Wharton
seeretly bad the property made 0?Bf
to himself. .Miss BoOBOM (daiiued she
signed thongTUBBBUl without taking
the preeantion of roading the papers.
It is further alleged thal in Virgima
Dr. Wharton bocrowed$5,000on the
property, but at his reonoal the tnort
gage was liever recordeil. Later, it
is clainicd, he hoirowed a fnrther IttUfl
5,000 froaa A. W. Oooper, of
Baltimore, rhdng the property t?i . f
fect it.
Dtt \viia!;ion'> i:\ri.\NATioN.
Dr. Wharton entered his bonds for
$1,000 for his appc.iranee at the next
tertn of Monniouth eountycourt and
preaehed niorning and BVtnJng at
the Auditorium Sunday. He referred
to the charges, and a numher of other
clergynien and laytnen followed him,
claiming that it was a inalicious
prosecution. Dr. Wharton sa\s:
"Miss Sotnerseonveyed the property
to nie in a fee without any eondition.
It was nnderatood that it ahonld be
used asan orphanage, aud it has been
used for that purpose alone. I wag
advised, that as the property had
been put entirely in m\ jiossesion, I
had the perfeot right to raise money
upon it to earry on aay work."
WU1 aall paii or all of ihnhar and
land of tha Taylor's (heek Traet, I.an
caster COOaty, the pr. peity of .lames II.
For thirty days I uill also otTer for
sale portkwa or all <.t the timbaraad
land of the California Tract neat .Marvin
Grove lump, Kichtnond couniy.
W. Ml DoNAI.l) Lkf.
Irvington, Va.
[liicfimoml ?\,\\s.)
There could be no surer way of
bindingthe convention todo nothing
than to have it composed of forty
judges. So consiituted, it might be
expeoted to remaio in session as aself
perpetOatiag body until the lasc eell
tury bond has becoOM iluc and been
paid-and tbe oegro raoa * ia extioct.
Could ever l jury of twelve lawyers
agree on :i'<\ propoaition of law?
With p'.ain i.^sins presented courts
nearly alwaja preoeat rjfyaoeating
opinions. With the work of franiing
a new constitution in hand it would
be Bafe to assunie that concerning
each clause and suggestion there
would be aaiODg forly learned judges
attheleast. lhfrijr-8ve widedifferences
of opinion aWj raaintajned and for
tified with authorities like a Boer
clad koj je.
IMeaaMaMi rta\eait?.]
Yirginians are a toler.ible sensible
folk, and we think they may be
trusteil to send to the convention
lawyers a plenty to do the strictly
technical work, and to advise with
reference to the reformation of our
iudiciary systeni. But there will be
lota of work besides law work in the
convention. In motlpfl pertaining
to the layingof taxes, the inspection
of public accounts, the abolition of
useless ollices, changea in the method
of electing certain otticers, etc, a le
gal education will not be indispensi
ble. Indeed we can see how the
presence of a large nurnber of intel
ligent lajaaoa may relieve lawycr
rnembers of emburrassment, for
instaoce, when the convention comes
lo vote on the question of reducing
the nurnber of judges.
After all, the thing for each cor.
stit uency to do is to choose as its del
egatea nian who is thoronghly loyel
to the cause; one who isasincere well
wisherof constitutional rofotaa. "In
structiona" amount to little; they
can be easily avoided.
aii eeeaeea aMaaaad M me are urtent
iv requeated to make seltlemeut witliout
>lel:.\. l nm ill nei-il of futlda, owititf to
reeeed aroparty losa. and muat inaiat np
on veit lt nient uf accouuts due me.
R| speettullv,
Baa> ot bbbbbbb. *
White Stone, Ya.
LKTEI)?In commission house
V">n'K man, good mathematician az?d
paaaaaaebtp raajabed state age and ref
??tee. e .Vldre-s ( 'ommission, No. I?
I laaatlea Bf Bahlaiore. Md
WANTKl) ToeeU mj cntlreatock of
increiiundise ooaelMtag of I>rv Qoode,
Notloaa, Booto, Bhoee, Haaa, Capa, etc.
Korfuttiicr parUcabua, Hpply M
< >. B. uvamrr.
Nintsville. Ya. I.itwalton, P. <).
To I'.IY-Oak and Chestnut Rail
ro.ul Tics; also Poplar Vfood. Parties
having same Tor sale mav lind it to tbeir
latereal tp eorraapoad with w.o. Beene,
Miskimon, Northumherland County, Ya
fWedicmc Dentistry?Pharmacy.
! ritrr Ity leBageaf Vrdlrlnr. Ricbuon*.'.*.
pjiub *>o;i oa, ?. i?. t.i..?.. rmum.
56 IN V\<U.TY.
i:i< llllll r.. , : ,-.. , ?,., ,0,r i.furr 7 8t?u- Roar.l.
iee ivr<ci,i.
I>r. J. AI.I.IMIV IIOU..K*, n*on.
stronjrb endowed. BanataaaeaatiaBaaa $so,
OUi ipent t,,r new ".iiiUiiitiKs and seientltte equlp
imni last jrear. DejreeBOf n. \., u.s.m.a.,
i'i I !? i. Ii< lor of T.aw. Tntal ex;>< i
slon, S/jno to Si-rf). Opcna Septeniber 21'. lor
llltislrated booklet aiul catalogtic, n<ldreef
i. v.-. DbaTWBlGHT, PreebtaaCi
[Nnil ( <>-l .1 ne.it i..;>:,! i.
Ihfl tievt .r^ion of this lafeaal win tmm
tnetiee Septemher IMh. UHK). aud cloao Junc
15th, 1WI. Kor tcrms apply to
RO. W1LMAMS0N, Prlneipal.
In The Academic Schools.
Eotters, Scicnce, Law,
Medieiite, Kiixinccriiig.
on beaiM Hkk ?eaaeaafean Kor cata
loirue addreaa -l\ lt Barrioser, Cbelrawn,
Cnarlotbaoi iiie, Va.
TbeOlxty rbtrd BeeafcM ?i!i Ih-kiu
aiK.ut Oebabea ist. BBk
Medii ;ii i;raded Cnurse, four years,
8?;.*? per session.
I'.-iital Oradad Cottrse, three years.
$??."> per session.
Pharnincotitical Cotirse, two year*,
%(U) per session.
Be '-\tras.
i >>r luttlier p:n t U-ular* athlrvaa
riiristopher Tompklna. M. D., Iiean.
Itl(IIMOM), \A.
5>\.&cks\ouc "aemaVe.
? v^M. tl.< .!is: Rplnropal < Imrvh. Suuth.
) JMti.-crs t>ii.1 t.-achiTH. '.'K: t..tal i-n
roiliiient. laal n".*l<in. '_'o-j; tiii.-iriliTH.
' I5S, \ i.irtrir bnardlns patrna
Ihaa unv ..ih.r Mithi.illMt
? iiiMitllt li.n In tlie Sliilr, rX?-?-jit the
j Woraan'a GulWgv. Nim- i;ni<liiiit>-N
j ot Kandolph-Maroa Cnllmrrnr Itandolpb
I Muiun tti.liiHiiV ?'olli-?e In the limiltv.
1/Tnttn' Tbomejrb innrmrtinn eaaer aae
! iilUllU. iti\e(-hrlNtl.*lll llllllleine^. II t t lie
J jowoM aoasibbi coel.
Bnililinj & Grouuils: ,;V1i;:K.;;ri:,k
1\ lliuirnxe.l iIiIm KiuiMm-r. N.'w *tu<ly
hiill, liew reeitation moaa, li.-w BVMH
h.'iii. ui-w itvaiD*?lga>, -40 m i.ed
rooBM, tuo rroardbMC. oety twe In 11
rooaa). ProBtaao Ia aow 050 Bet wnie
poicbee, the wlmle leiitfth of t lir l.ulhl
, inir Oroaada cnaprki ?_'.*"( aetea, tlnely
lot at.-il aiul well-.trjilii.il.
? Tnctrnptinii' Tr,? Ia?aiieai i? not a
, lUMlUUUUU. Ciibwe. (The lun.ioiph
aoeoa WttoiMo'a ?-<.|i.-^e U the onlv in
1 siiiuiioii in tiieSoiuh riaaaed am a 0ot>
' knbj tln r. s t'liiuuiiMHioTier in hu <>t
; fii-liil re|M>rli. The ln>*.!tiiie ln n hlich
.i.'tr.i nli.jf S"h?.el f. r t:tr|n. It fur
nlabm a eoeraoof Inatrurtlria of n* lil^rh
urinle :i? unv In t'i.- St ?'%?'. ..\<-e|it that of
tbo RaadolpkpM 1 ????.'.- r,,n.-^,>.
I. rs?vt>M l>i|.i.iiint of t'.ratluntlon.
.?. rri-|.?rr? %?>?'..?. !;.-lie* to toaoll.
:t. I'rrpni.v .tor KauUoiph-Ma
cou Wol.l.ll.'s V<>li?-e.>.
jn)R M01: : I ::k.\ . 1: IXFOBM \
u.'ih.ii oa all ii:.-tier? |H-rtaln1ae lo the
t arhool, s<-n.l lor I'loatraUvd nalalin?.
w nii 100 t?!o BroaleJo, to
j Rcy. Jna Cmn, Jr., Priucipal,
B0*Per,?.-:m li.-slri.ip to s.H'iire woll
tialtie.l tem-uern ?re roqiiestod to corre
. s;.oiul wlih Mualiove.
JtffMI jBTOwU Kwki.i., l'resident.
rMAJTB G. \; c .hi.-r '? Nv,,?,? A?wt* Caahier.
A. Ran.k...,.,, HowAhfa, ratavPreaid
__^__ __^ Lklanu, Ass't. Caahier.
Deposits Solicited, Negotiable Paper Discounted
Handsome Lithographed Check Eooks presemed to each Customer
Prepare for the warm season by supplyinsr vourself with thir,
goods. Our stock offers attractions such as were nevw "?? V?W
Everybody admits that Fredericksburg ii the chelcelt nlace?n
the South to buy Dry Qoods and Notiona-and we aretL chear?
est in Fredericksburg. e lne cneaP
With Dry Goods, Notions, Milli.iery, Men's and Boys' Clothing.
T. N. BRENT, - - Fredericksburg, Va.
Every Slipper in our honse has been cut way dowii in
price to make room for our Fall Stock. which will soon ar
rive. Do not delay, but send ns your orders at once. 07c.
Ladies' Oxford Ties, wortfa $1.50, $1.23 Ladies' Oxford
Tiefip, worth $1.1)7.
(407-409 S. BROADWAY,
. Grand Summer Opening
and timely bargains for watchful buyers of Furniture of every description.
Carpets, Oil-cloth, Linoleums, Mattings, Refrigerators, Baby Coaches, Go
carts, in fact, anything needed to furnish homes.
I can gi?e you a good parlor suit, coveivd In silk, tapestry or hair cloth for $|5 audupwards.
I can give you a aolid Ohk 10-piece bed room suit, with large level glasa for 20 "
A good baby coach from $4 ffj $25. A good go-cart from $2.50 tO $15.
Good Matting at |0C. B*tltf Matting at 15c.v Boot Matting at 20 811(1 25C. P? yard.
Lineu warp Mattings, onrpot dtsigns, for 25 311(1 30C.
If any goods you may desire are not mentioned above, write and all in
formation and prices will be furnished at short notice. Prices guaranteed to
be as low as consistent with quality. An early call solicited. Prompt ship
ment and low prices guaranteed.
407-409 S. Broadway,
Rev. W. G. STARR, 1). ])., President
The Sixty-ninth Session will Begin
September 20th, 1900.
For Catalogue apply to
RICHARD IRBY, See'i oad Treas.,
Tuelltli Ainiital
Session I5? -in>
Senteniber ."itli,
A high grade boarding and day school for
both sexea. Thorough course of inatruction.
ENGLISH, College-trained Teach
CEASSICS, era. Expenaes Light.
! x.ellent Iiuildings and Ml'SIC,
(irouuds. Separate Dormitorle9. ART,
For inf. nnation or catalogue address
You Need a Good Range or
Cooking Stove.
Can aupply the local trade at lesa than your dealer'a
pricea. Sole agent for "Farmer Girl," "Iron King" and
"F. F. V." cook 8toves. Tinware and Utensils of all kinds
at rock-bottom prices.
Plumbing, Tinning, Steam and Hot Water Fixings.
OTlObl <ir
call on
Wm. BERNARD, freoericksburg, v?
In our 50 years of business lifa we bave never sbown such a
large and attraetive nssortment. Kverything in the way of cloth
ing for men or boys can be fonnd here. We manufacture our
OWn clothmg aml make and trim them in the very best manner
and BBtl at the Ykky lowest prices. We have
Suits lrom *,"> to ffcSJ*.
Bwjra* Suits lrom #1 .."O to SIO
Suits to order lrom $1<> up.
Trouscrs to order lrom ,*:5 up.
We guarantec every purchase x,T "J? T *r\}T 2X T\X * ?^
amlchccrfully refuntl money for "" *
aoy faalt of ours. Tailor? ai.d Clotliierg.
EataMiHlied i8r,o. 428 S. Rroaduay, BALTIMORE, MD.
M" Sond for
104-106 E. LOMBARD ST.,
Wholesale ....
Manufacturer of
Carriages, Road Carts,
Wagons and Daytoos.
.... Dealer in . . . .
Carriage- and.
Wagon-JV:akers' Supplies.
Lowaat prfcaaa in Yirginia.
Bonal lor bamplcs and prices.
R. A. KISHPAUGH, Fredericksburg, Va.

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