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All cotnraiinu-.'iiinii-i or boala^ea letteca
alioiiM l?> a;l>li eaaed to tho Vikcinia Ci
IrvlnKton, V*., t<> racelve prorapt attention.
Friday, August 24, 1DOO.
Of rrBTBITT v.
roa oaaaaaaa, naai oamucT:
Two tricks of the Kepubliean
mauagers have become very patetit,
and those who read their cunningly
edited campaign book should look
with much allowance BfMMa it*
claims and statements.
One 8tatement that they have
8hrewdlvlaunched,and which has not
the slightest foundation of truth m it,
is the cxpression cf fears that if Brvan
carriea the country the Oemocrats
will wiu tiu- Haaahi by a bbbbII
majority. The conclusion is drawn,
notwith8tanding the load claims of a
few weeka ago, nowsuddenly BaoOBBC
eilent, that there is dhBfff that
the money ^uestion will be re-opened
and, in the event of Bryan's eleetion,
free silver will dominate the Senate
as well as the UouseanJ the Kxecu
tive. Nothing butan unprect dcnted
record of deaths among Sonatorsand
a complete turn-around among
legislatures in 6everal hopelesalv Be
publican states could achieve this
end, and the Kepubliean managers
know it well. But they have, nrver
thelesa.chauged their tuneof boasting
over hopelesaly fastening BJBOa this
country the gold standard, and in
iueincerity are seeking to frighten
the business intereats with a bugaboo
or display of free silver spectrea.
It JBhaliaaad and there ara good
reasona for giving it eredence?that
in aome localities, where umler exist
mg couditions it is not much l
fice to do ao, mills have been, and
are almoat daily closing down, with
a view to opening up just previous
to the November eleetion. Th ia ia a
beautiful campaigndodge,and will be
aa potent as milliuns of dollars of a
campaign fnnd. The owners tell
their employees that there ia aome
danger of Bryan's triumph, la whieh
event the mills would be cloaed for
good; that just now they would prefer
8uapending until there is some cer
taintythat it will be otherwise. Just
before eleetion they will resume,
upon the "contidence" thenie of cer
tain Hepublican succe8a; the half
starved operativea will be reinstated,
and, through gratitude to their bene
factor (the operator) and the fears
of threatened pennanent cloaing out
if McKinley doea not win, they will
march to the polls by hundreds aud
thouaanda, under the unconscious
lash of the money power and uiill
Our frieuds, the enemy, will poo
hoo the 8tatement, butwe have been
in the midst of it in yeara paat, and
aeen the miners of Petiiisylvania
impre8t in the same nianner and for
the 8ame purposes. What our eyes
have 8een that we believe, and what
has once happened BBB) happen
Theue seems to be much iutereat
throughout the State as to whether
the special session of the Legislature,
to be called for the purpose of pausing
upon the Conetitutional Convention
question, will take up any matters
of general legialation. We ussume
that if it will first atteud to the
Couveution matter, and do it iu
good shape, tbe people will have
little to say if it dabbles into other
legislation, though there is a pretty
general helief that enough harm is
done the State by biennial sessions.
Should anything transpire to raise a
howl? for iii8tance,like the Commis
sioners of Yaluation act?legialators
who favored taking np general legis
lation would have hot shot poured
into them by their constituents. lt
would 8eem, then, that tlu* ui.s,.-,;
course for the memhers to pnrsue
would be to have nothing else to
engage their minds or time but the
matter they weie called to act upon
?providing for a Constitutional
The planka in the Democratic
platform seem to he too hot for the
Kepublicans to repose upon.
afaaaat the reporta of Congressman
spevch at Bowling Green it
would seeiii that our Kepresentative
doea not intend to uiake his light
BBBB aBaaai that are tcmporarilv
relegated to the past, but that he
will be iu the vau with IhOM pr>>
gltaaivi Deuiociats who are QjBaOk to
catob hold of the euemy's weak posi
lion, and to light them ou their own
BBteaabaf ground. The Citizkn
feell iliai Mr. Jones' utlerances are
BBOiBCf endorseuieut of the position
ahioh it took inonths ago on the
liiusof 10 to 1 aud imperialism.
Hkke is auotlnr illustration of
our blest mail iaotlitiea us reoited in
the distress of our I'rbanna eontuii
"Two letters uiailed to the fljllfiaof,
one at Kredericksburg and one at
Irvinglon, on July 28th, anived safe
and sound on August 6th. Ten data
From Prederiohabarg to I'rbanna is
BmhJBg pretty fair time, but as we
occasioually have three, ofteu two
aud always one mail a day from Irv
ington, it appean that aiae daya is
jatl ? little long for a letter to be on
the road."
The Baltimore SBa basreturned to tbe
Daaaaeratk i<<?*t ami i? aapoortlag
Uryau with vlgor. Mai vland Dernocrats
aaa aaa kill tbe fatted calf
That one appellation which the
Smi giaea to Waa. J. Bryaa?''The
Tribune of the People" ? is worlh a
whole stock-yard aud ah.ittoir to not
o:.ly the Democracy of Marylaud
but of the I'mon. Could the es
teeined Uichmond Times take the
At BSBLII the other day, in ae
crpting the8uprcniecommaud of the
allies in China, Count von Waluersee
replied to the Kmperor's address, say
ing.among other things.that as long M
be had strength to hold the marshal's
batoo an order for a retreat should
never pass his lips. Seems to us that
we lieardof a fellow over in Euglaiul,
Baller by name, saying something on
the aaaai line a short time ago.
Bai BBXAEl oi-AiiKKtl.TlKK Wn
ivs he BBB been making a st udy
of doOBBBtk und foreign demand for
wheat this year, and he predicts that
we will have dollar wheat before the
end of the year. Whence com . .11
this spirit of prophecv which the
Iu'publican oraclea are gifted with ?
\<w Skagway comea to the relief
of Seeretary Cage?who ia iu a
? luandary over his lost fold cireula
tion?by sending down four-and-a
balf nnllions of it by steamer from
Hi-*Xibs,theSha!iof Persia, wouhl
do well to trek for home. The bul
leta of civilization, both metal and
seiitiment-il, have knocked out
sturdier fathera of the faithful.
Thkkk is a probabilitv that the
Conatitutional Convention will evo
laat BB annex to the gubernatorial
chair, but it will not he .1. Hoge Ty
ler, the second.
BoOBBl ki.t annonnces that his
bferoal is sore, and the Kepubliean
?annfjara preteud to be uneasy lest
iie nill not be able to upeak much in
the campaign.
Thk Seeretary of the Treaaury
aaya that the war tax is no longer
B'aadod. But it will go on neverthe
less unto the third aud fourth gener
? Ilon. w. A. Jonaa opeued laaonna*
paiga iu this distriet last week at
Caroline court. Mr. Jones discusaed
at length the main iaaues, the princi
pal portion of his apeech being devo
ted to imperialism, which hedeclared
to be the leading issue.
lle aaid he was as strong for Free
Bilver at lfj to 1 as he ever waa, that
he believed in time it would again
come to the front, but now it was
dOffBBBBt and no legislation could af
fect it for the next four years. He
did not wish to deceive the Demo
crata by aayiug that if Bryan waa
elected we would enact free ailver
legislation, for it cannot be done, as
the Kepubliean Senate bars the way
during the coming term. The most,
ol his BpeaOB was devoted to impe?
rialism and trusts, which he aaid are
paramount to all other questions in
this campaign.
Bcaatar Marion Butler, national
PopoliBt chairman, says he will sup
port Bryan.
The Anti-Imperialist party at their
convention in lndiariapolis last week
pledgod their support to Bryan.
Senator Tillman and the preach
ers of South Carolina are having a
hitter peraouul light over the liquor
Attorney-General Montague spoke
Monday tcourt-day) at Tappahan
nock, and virtually launehed his
candidacy for the Governorship.
The Congreasman returned from
tho Third District this fall will bate
to contest for his BBal on the lloor of
the House, if the next House is lie
Uon. Malcolm A. Coles, of Nor
thumlierland, is bcing advocated by
Caroliae Kepuhlicans for notuinatiou
at Tappahaaaack on Sept. 4th in op.
position to Uon W. A. Jones.
Hon. J. N. Stnbba, the big timber
bnyer.will bea oandidatefor Congresa
against Hon. W. A. Jones if the Ite
publican convention sees tit to give
tnm the nomiutttion without a
D.ivid B. Hil! was beaten by the
Croker orovd in meeting of the New
York State Committee on Thnrsday
by a vote of Z6 to 23. Thequestion
BBl BB the temporary chairmanahip
of the next State convention.
(iovernor Koosevelt, in a letter to
GtB, JOBB .M. Palmer, says the iv
porta of his St. I'aul speech were
garhled, but insists that those who
.support the Kansas City platform
ataad for "dishonor and cowardice."
Northumberland Co
cnr.KKY poixT? DBlTflB.
Ou Monday, Aug. |fl h, al Kaun
hVroaa, NorthumU'rland county. the
spintof Mr. Kdward Hall left it.s
earthly hmenaiaiaadretnraod to the
Qod who gave it. Ifr. Hall a
aeara af aga and b \4 I an for a ahorl
tiuse ii resident of this plaoe. Hi.
rramaina wera inharred ia Metrone
ceiueii i y.
On Knd.iv of II the
fnneral Bwatoeaof Wade Holliday
w.ie oondoeted al Ifelroaa ba Ber.
W. G. Haaanaood. Mr. Holliday
l this placa aud bighly
t.d by all who kneW luni I T?
I 100 of Thomas Holliday, a
well known Chriatiaa gentlemau
who died bere bb*a ml j
Ifr. Eiollidaj endnred bis ahort and
pninfnl ?llneaa with greal phttence
and resignation, a'id is, ara BOpe, now
rejoidng with hi.s father aad mother
in the BoUer Land.
ihaiB witii tiie aoni aaaaaafd,
Witieii taa Bietu j'.i^;orea,
i.le the xtill ?MM
< ?ll .)<? II
W.tli fatiiei aad tt.et her,
With l i<i.r im.i br.it iicr,
BI li.-iei lien i-; n?. i> irtini:,
l\ire\er ve'll ;
IflBTl V i i!..
The reeent droaghl had greatry
daaaaged all kjada ol orope. Hardly
balf of tiie aaaal oora erop will ba
II is reported that the ferry o
ated aud managed by K. LtoBarge
is OOBtiog the county less than her.
tofore. Mr. Barjreja bnanlnoopened
a store 11 this place.
We ara glad to aee that the people
are forestalling the politioiani and
naming eandidates for the CooatttU
donal Conventiou. Dr, Beate and
W. IfeD. Laa nre good naen. Neith
tr bold any ofBoe and are therefore
the beteer qnaiified. Ifr. Lee needa
bo better renotnnaeadatioo than that
the politieiana oppona him. Tht
Ifarun and Tyloi nght opened the
eves of the people. When M
oartaio men in Laaeaster, ii
ville, Fairfielda, Binhflaond and
Weatanoreland adroeatiog a nnn
(and Btranga 18 say they are alwaya
in favor of tlie satne per.-oi
may kopw who is pnlling tbei
Tiiev all danee. Ifr. !.<? bni
arnjri been a ataancb party naan and
no fault araa fonnd with him ontil
be failed to obey the maadatee of I
certaiB aann. Then tbia orowd
had BO use for him. Mr. Lee
deaarvea reoofrnitioa :it the handa
Of the people for his loyalty BO his
party. Sending him |q the eonven
tion would be B hJOB complitnonf.
With the exception of nartnifl people
here who always WOrk and think
the aaaaa way (that ia, bobm body .!
does their thinking for ihenn,
1'airlields will st ual by L??<?. OttC
thing la oertaio?they are going to
li^ht the i.ian whoin tha rittg putl
forward, lu ean so thev knosv
Btttfl it is made of, JoB v
The lemains of Mrs. Coonnie
I^ewis, of Kainswood, were lutetTed
in the cemetery at Bethanv on Sun?
day last.
Tho homi af Ber, W. B. Wrigal
BM been hrightened by the advenf of
? babf girl.
Mr. aad Mrs. Baaaej aad ehild,
of Maislend, ara visiting al Ihe
home of Johnnie Thrift.
\Ym. A. Barriooa, of Qood Elope,
D. (X, waoa ploiBBBt ataitor ai the
home of Mrs. Aliee Lewis last I
We mim fromoarmidat the pleaa
ant face of Charlie HeadU v. who has
left aa to take ohargo of the st .
UM late A. J. Self at Callao.
J, D. Biebardaoa, who bm
ill with Ijphaid fever, we are glad to
report much hetter.
Bomeof our farmen are buoj this
vaah Mfiag fodder,
Ja| Wmatead, with paial and
abite vaah, has groatlv tdded to tha
beauty of his honje. What B pity our
famous white araaher, 1{. C. D., of
Heathsville, Baaa'l here to try his
M m Tradie Baadj, of Waebiagtoa,
has been visiting relatives here.
Capt. Tom Kichardaoti, of Muiuly
Point, is viaiting M the boepitabto
home of <i. A. Ihchardson.
Btra, bfarj Kmam Winataad, of
Baltimore, ia spending gome time
with bar brother, George A. Uich
Tiie many friends of Milford
(laraer, Of Baltimore, are glad to
have him with them BgeiB.
Mis. afarf Baldwin, of Washing
tOB, is visiting Mrs. Bettie Winstead,
Harvey Self and siater, Miss Carrie,
are extremely ill at this writing.
Mrs. F. Z. Gillions, of Cherrj
l'oint, visited her eister, Mrs. Jennie
Doughts, recer.tly,
\Ve are to have a new courthouse.
Only two plaOM have bfOB suggested,
bai neither as yet has been BOOOpted.
It ia believed, however, the court
room will bt Bpetaira and the court
house raised. Be the plan what it
may, ihe talraaca wili be changed
from the North to the Batt faeing
the inoniiment and a new roof will
be placed on the house. It will
be one of the most attractive
huihlings ia the Neck. There
are a few complaining, but there
are always a few drones to a hi**.
L?t the good work go on !
W. C. Snow, when he built his
oanning faalarj near thia place at
Rove'i hinding, had an artesian well
bored Bt his factory. The water
there has bOBB very little used, but
since this dry spell a family living a
short distance from the well has
lieen BtiBg it. Mr. l'itman says the
water has aot oely pravaBtod his
family from having chills, to which
they have been much subject, but
it BM aleo cured him entirely of a
ebrooio obm of Kidney trouble.
Mr. Sehenks, who is tniieh varaed io
ehemistry, says it is the best wabv
he has found in Kastern Virginia
and that a bottle of the water should
be sent to our state chemist to l>e
The Northern Neck Agricultural
Association will meat here Friday to
diacusa abetber they iha)] hoid a
fair thia fall and, if ga, to dtMrmiM
tbe days and attend to other necos
sary husineaa.
The achool trustees are in session
Jo d;iv . Tneslay) t,, appoint teachers
for tiie coming session.
Kev. Kichard Fdwarda and Dr. (I.
W. Baak eTohaogad palpita on last
Sunday morning.
Mocgao Starke, of Brooklyn, N.
^ ., is visiting at ( . H. Walker'a.
MiM LOBBBJ Anderson has BBB1
visiting near Oaaa,
Mrs. 1. H. Middlcton and childnn
afaviaiting Mr. Bird,ne.ir Btmdicks.
I. 11. Middleton and Dr. Bofd und
wife are upendini; the Wtt k .' Whar
?on Qraee,
Miss Mosea, of Ricbmoud, ia on a
visit to her brother, X. !l. Moaea, of
this place.
afttah to the regreU of BBany, blim
Mabel Rioa has retarned t > bi r
i iBaltinBore. Miss Uaaiewillraaaaiu
BBKNag ii-' B law we. k- '
Miss T( lf.-;, TigBM i . in COBB|
with bet two brotb itimna and
Boarard, I .!ing tha week ia
A Large nnmber of our peopl
apeol Tbnraday Biteraoon and eten
iag ob a^ pl riall ; ? Walnal
:' ' ? ara aorry indeed to
that aftar thia year Walnnt Po nt
will no louger be gepl aa a summer
Ber. Bohi, Marsh and wife ipenl
BB hour or so here last week uhile
ob their way boaaa.
\\. K. Rowa wai aalivated a few
daya ajpee, whieh has Boeeaaitated
sveral t-eth beiog drawn.
Pwf. F. P. llammond, of Alabama,
is visiting his father at iliis time.
identifted with the edneational
iutereata of that State and. attending
the BJnoatioan] Uonventioa whioh
rroently met in Oharleaton, 8. C.. be
eitended his riait io Yirginia and
Wnahington city, where be has rela
ti?ea. II ? oitea fklabama as beiog
one of the most proaperona itafc
tbe Bonth. Ifr. Bammond has been
raoatly in Binninghani and th
ronnding country. The old popula
tion was made up, originally, of the
beal atraina froag all the raatern aml
?ontbern itatea, and the deagendanta
of theae people are the ones who are
leading in edooatioo, politics and
niateiial developmeiit. There is a
little Northern capital there, too.
Your BBlibe had it in his mind to
make the BBBM BnggCBtiotl about the
Oonaentiati that Dorai has, bitl f/ear
inga "contentioti" with iheeditor he
forbore. but would now vetiture to
second Domi'l uiotion ? W.lfoDonald
Lee forState Convetition. If it. is to
be pnl iti the hhnda of the politi
oiana, we had better"eodare the erila
Be have than to 11 v to those we know
00?0f.w Ai.niA.
the July tenn of the UoOOlj
Ooart, L898, about20 witnesaes were
M Bl before the graud jury to tcstifv
the illegal aale of li<|uoriu this
diatriot, All avore they had boaght
Boee with Ihe exoeptioo of Qaady
GilL fjpoa hia eudenoe aa indiot
nient was found against .lames J.
Thomas. Uader'aa aot oflhe I
ialatara L897-ltt8 a 0007 of this
iiulietmeiu was certitied and d<
liveved by the elerk of the court to
I. II. Marsh, then a Justice of the
This was doBC despite the
fiiei that there was a resident
Jaatioa la Ihe tillago 8. Boland
llall. Xothing mure was heanl of
the matter for a long time. YVlu n
Mr. Marsh went out of ollice, in the
?pring of y,j'.\ the papera arere re?
turned to the olora'a offloa Bobm
time BgO under the difaetaOO of \\\
OOarl they went into the hauds of
K. W. Kichelberger. Such is the
biatorj ol Ihe oam that oame op for
tlialoa lastTiiursilay morning before
Mr. Kichelberger. Mr. Qill BMlbe
?nly witness. He U-ailied in a
Itraightfbramrd manner. He had not
af hia own volition brought. charges
Igaiaai Mr. Thomas but had been
rammoaed before the grand jury and
af course BBd to tell the trutii. He
aaaarfM greal oredit The jaotioe
laad ThOBBM f30 and costs. An
appeal was taken and Thomas en
hsrad into a boud, with .loseph W.
Aaderooa as oaoarilv. Uadar all
the cireumstanees OOBBBOtad with
Lhis case the people hope for a BpOOdv
triaL f
The pOOple of this place reg:.
to hear of the d-ath of young 9 If
and llolliday at Bella Btottii We
are informed that they were JOBBg
men of groal promise.
The Board of Supervisors are
thiahiag of raaaodailing the court
houee. After meeting 00 l.ist Satur
day twocontrautora were before them
with plans, apeciflcatioaa,eto. The
board appoiated S.uurday the lat
day of Beptamber to reoblfe ataled
hida, same to be seml to Ibe clerk of
board,each bid to boaooompaaied by
a certilied eheck for tffOQ. I'lans,
etc, on filo ia the clerks ollice at
Heathsville and alsoj the ollice of
Contractor Smith la Washinxton.
TBACHBBS appo|ntei>.
List of names of those appointed
by the achoolboard at Ileathsville,
Aug., 21, 1000, to t-?ach In Nortlinm
benand'l free achools;
lir.ATI|S\Il,I.K IHsTIUCl.
Ileathsville Craded Bobool, Prin
cipal, Mr. .Jaines Hnrat, Aaaiataht,
Miss BOBB Beale; Coan, Miss E.
Loniaa Anderson; Providence, Miss
Beasie (jill; Corinth, Mr. Fuller
Jonee* Onlieks, Miss Bnuan W'aring;
Coan Neck, Mias Neta Harcum;
Lara, Miss Della Walker; Ilamblina,
no appointrnent
Poplar Farm, Joaepfa Walker;
Middleton's (late, L. J. Middleton;
Coan Hall, Cornelia Harcum.
Hulla Neck, Miss BdflB Bayntej
Oak (Jrove Sehool, Principal, Miai
A. L. Yea/.ley, Assistant, Miss
Mabel Marsh; Fairport, Miss
Abbie llornsbv; Keedville, Miss
Lottie Corsa; Bridge Neck, Miss
Kstelle Betht* Burgess Store, Mr. A.
F. Kice; Ooopera, Miss M. L. Khodes;
Lower Hack'a Neck, Miss Lona
Cills, J. W. Smith; Conleys,
Mrs. B. C. Lewis; Bridge Neck,
OL K. Klank; Lilian, W. I). Lawa,
! "I TSKl'KU.
Piedmont, Mrs. FCva Burgess;
Stately O.ik, Miss Dora Eubank;
Bethatiy, Misa Oertrude (Jarner;
Oibeon, Miss Agnes llarrison:
Mundys Point, Mi&a Annie Parker;
Cherry Point, Miss (h-rtrude Hard
ing; Henderson Chapel, Miss Faunie
Carner; ttwans, no appointiiient;
I'ea Neck, ItioaJolia Eabank.
Tellis Bnn, Mary .L Wjgginsj
Braaofa Chapel, Clara IL Seldon.
Bluff Poiut, Miss Lola K. Corsa;
.Jones Kun, Miss Lily V. Servant;
Shiloh, Mr. Thomas JBull; Hareunes
Wharf, Mrs. Bett.ie K. Crey; Edge
wood, Mise Lela .1. Tignor; Mt.
Olive, Miss Mattie Holmes; Damerons
Chapel, Miss Susie K. Thrift.
It begins tu look aa if the Bryan {
Presidentail bud waa developing out
of its emhryonic state. Betting has
veered from I to 1 on McKinley to 5
to v.? The #Vaj /."
Riehmond County.
BHABPS wuakk.
receal rama this aaak have
puadeol bearta to rejotce.
Cajt Qearge Fiddleraud MitcbeJI
: ?Mt aeeh on ? i aloop
11 :?< Waabiugl m. loaded with
m for Wataai tiubaak. of
afiaa Baama I , ;v, d bare
Mondaj from rappaaeaaaeB and arill
jpeud some tiaac a:IL beraial r,
knjjth. Bhe was eeoompanie
uttle .Miss Naanie aioOanieL
The many frieada of Charlea Me
< any.also of M r> <, illimm,
be ?orrjf to kaurn that their
heall h rem um uninproved.
Mra Um Bimoacoa apefal Ifondar
aight and Tueaday with Mra I
Mrs. Pteatoa Parr, aithaerdangh
'? t aad aoa, Miaa Ploreaoe aad Maa
'-'? Preatoa, of Getmaatoara, Phila
d*lpbia, alao Mra Wm. Daeia aud
wife a.e ^Batta at the reoideBooof
D. W. C. Bharp.
1 - U. llauks' inm itore boaae kaj
beea oompleted and be has mored ia
and ii doing ? g,,0d busin.
Eli Sbarp'a oaaaerj ioxomploled
aad wii! begin canaing la Ihe aear
OapL Allison Headlef and wife
are opandiag Ihii week at Wbartoa
Miss Levicie Pidler is viaiting
relativeaal ParhbaOa, A jolly paitj
of young men icft Moaday easaiag
"ii the vemel uCroawelLw oommaaded
by C.ipt. Webb Bmith, fora ftshiag
ezpeditioo. I, s
(*fOa late t.ir ia*: BaaeJ
Mrs. Kva Bargeaa, of Fairtields, ia
visiting her brother, Kivd Downing.
Miss Greehaan, of Tappahannook,
u tiaiting al the boaae <>f J. ll. La*
nioine, of Ivondale.
Qoite ;i anmber of peraona from
this plage spent. the latter part ? >?'
last week at Marvin Qrove.
Mrs. Francia Thrift and aister,
Mrs. Craves, of Midd!ese.\, are \ Iat*
ting Mrs. Jaaaaa Lottrell.
Miss Ouie QcCWge, WBO has been
riaiting her autn.Mrs. alliaon Head
l-y, returned to her home at W
Mrs. Jamea Pidler and danghtera,
Ifiaaea Lerioie aud Ma^gie, are
apeading this week with reJatirea
near Bmrnerton for the pnrpoae of
attending the protraoted meetjng at
Jerusaleni Baptinl ehureh.
<apts. Webb and Lewis Sniith are
apending this week in the vill..
Miss Lillie L wis, of Arlin.
reoently riaited Miss Rva Lewia.
Mt- Luoy Todd nV>bertaa
s.\. is vinitiii*| her frienda, tbe M
Barber, of "Kiverdale."
^ The many friends .if Cha:l:e Me
Oarty will beeorry to heai of his iu
bard Bwift, that wholo-aooled
Toang gentlwann of Pradeiiiilabuig,
is riaiting at the hotne of Pred
Miss.s Sadie Biaooe and I'.. '
I>avis, af King aud Qaoea, an
ting Itra. Lon lVars.-u.
. Mr. Walton has star:
prayer meeting at the Presbvtenan
Church. it aaeeta yory Wedni
niffhl and is largely attended.
Mrs. lielle Biaooa aml graadaagh
ter, Miss Louiat Datria, riaited llra.
Ida Wallaeo on Friday of last week.
u s.
Tha BMaiaaraf a PIBahaa "Klsgar*'
t> Baaa i>>- t u,- man aaa palB aaa tri>'K'<r.
Bvaa II Bm araat eaaaa taaa a VaBaa
Thaacaaa Uaall iaiv<-? no raaatJoa,
Klinag.aloae, la aafaaaa af raaraaa,
ii.i-1!?<? auaaUoa aalj of alatfaaty Ooi.
PiarkUac t<> advaaaa tha tartaaai ?>r a traat
wiii laaataa Baaeaaaaatfaa aM tha aattoa
will liuM.
There aare aboat Ihirly converts
baptiatd at Naylora on Batnrdav last,
Ihe baptisiBg betog doae in a very
impres-ive nianm:- by the Kev.
Hon. \Y. A. Joaea has taken his
family to the iprtBgO, intendi.ij ;??
remain there for a week, and then to
start out on his eanvass.
? loe Davis, the eliieient and ali'ahle
mail messenger from Bharpf to
Firnhum, is \eiysiek. He has been
very low, but a!l are glad to kimw he
is on the road to health, aad will
aoon be out to resume hia dutiea.
Ooroaar Narthap htrlil aa Innacal
on Friday at Sbarps W'iiarf over the
body of Capt. K. S. Andrews,
of Cambridge, Maryland, who was
drowneil in eonse?juonre of hia
vawl boat sinking, it being BM heav
ily louded with BBOBOir aad chain, in
an elt'ort to run the anchor and get
the large vts.sel atloat, she having
run aground. Kli Sharp, being fore
111:111 Of the jury, onlered that the
body be interred immediately, as it
was swolien and very badly decom
M( C. Lewis is happy over
his succeas with his horse lot at the
Camp ground, but he had a elianee
to be even more ?OCOeOafal but did
not know it at the time. He is a
gentleman and all are glad when he
Our genial Brother Downing, of
Bbarpa wharf, met with tha loss of
? line horse last week, he, in the
kinduess of his heart, having loaned
it to a colored man. The cohuvd
man, knowir.g that it was fiaeglBg
weatlur and being desirous ofwarm
ing the horse up, drove it in a race
with some greased lightning. The
lightaiag beat the horse aad the bane
dropped dead. \Ve are ail aorry for
Pred Downing, very sorry, and hope
that fortune will sinile 011 him 111
some other direction to repay him
for his loss.
Handsome and popular Tom
Elaaka has the rhi nmatiani agaia
and it comes niueh hardu' on him in
his new and beautiful store.
1'ile men are getting piles in
place at Sharpa J'or a BOW oyster
house to be nected for Kli Sharp.
I'eaches are on a glut and BOBM of
our large growers are selling at
twenty-tive ceuts per box.
Warnerand Morgan arebuilding a
new grainary, which will he conve
nieut and add to the attraotious of
the County Seat.
Mr. King, the safe man, is safely
housed for a time in the hotel of the
popular W. G. Wallace.
Miss Mary Northern, of Washin
ton, is viaiting at the home of
brother, \V. I). Northern.
VV. T. BroadM also has some visi
tors from Waahington.
Weather driea up everything, erea
the newa, but we are all of one inind
aa to the polie.y to ba pursued if we
nre to have prosperity for the greal
masain our common eountry, that is,
to eleet the patriot Bryan and bave
free ailver coinage at H? to 1 if we
ran, and if not, why atand it aa we
have. So say we aU la
Faunham. j
m:\vs ITBJbTJB.
?'udge .Ino. W. Kielv, of ?he Yi,
ginlfl Court of AppBBBBj is dead.
Poraaer I . s. & , lt(l. ,ir,0. .j -,,
gaJla, of Kan i 'i bnradai in
new Mtiico.
PoenHeoa an roaa Ualy ara
in jail in New Yu.k. ohafged "with
Mc !\;niey.
Oitllgaa*a fa*e was stttled on
Ifonday of th ? hen hia attor
tceptioaa ia court.
Be goea to the peaitentiary for his
fnll term, 1 g
John W. Thoaa . ia held
io balUnaore f w tha netaan nf the
aathoritieaof Riohmotid county, \'a.,
on tbe chacge of bnrning the bara
of Dr, A. C. Fisher, of that county,
1 ane.
Bob PitaainananaB aaet Gaa Rahlin,
the AMuron Gbmnt, before theTaren*
tieth Century Olttb last week al afnd
iaon Bqnara Onrden and ama by
knoeking tbe Ohionn dowa and out
in tha sixth round.
At thoaaanal tournament at Ca
pon Bpringa Friday, Miss Anna Lee,
danghter of Geoeral Pitahngh L e,
was OrOWnetl secoild uiai.l of bOBOT,
and Miss II. lyn Crabbe, of VYeet
Bioiaiaad county, tbird aaaid.
The Btate Board of Fisheries aaet
lakl week aad instructed Dr. Frank
l-'letcber, president, and S. F. Miller.
aecretary of the board, to narohaae
for the pnrpoae of patrolling the
Jaoaea rirer such boat, whether
iteamer nraail, as they may deeaa
most suitable.
A raoa riot nanarred in New Vork
laat week during whieh many ne
groea were injured. It ariginated
FrOBB the killing of a police oIVict bg
B negro. The negroea were Btaacked
and none were spared. Cluba and
piatola were aaed and pandeBBoainan
reigned. The military waa called
out. One Ihonaaad apecial police
BM n were sworn in and the trouble
la BOt yet over.
i:ssi:\ 1TBM8.
Ta ' liiti- i?.i- i.ist aaaa.
The aadden dealh of Mrs. Jamea
d, of Norfolk, which oooarrad
oa Friday night (Angnct 10) threaj
agloom ov.-i the aeighborbood. Mr.
Seward, with his wife and bat*,
reaebed his mother's home on the
previous Moaday. Mrs. Seward was
qaibo sick for Mfetal daya after she
arrived, bu"l baaaaae better, eatire
lv free of 1'. ver and sleeping quietlv.
A aaream from her awakened ber
ind, and in an instar.t ahe
ad away. She was taken to
Kichmond on Saturday, her lUimai
. far internient.
M ? ToMpkiaa aad aephear, of
Mootjraaaery, Ala., arho aere gw
WT, 'i. Xewbill and wife for se\eral
arelts, left raooally for ? trip to
l.uray ('am-, aud | thati visit to
frtenda ia Qolpeper, before retaraiag
tO their BOBlhtra home.
It. .1. iler\.y Hundhy, D. D., i6
ipaoled boaaethii veak, His friends
do BOt think him inueli improvcd by
hia riv. r aoyaga. Hia daaahter, Mrs.
Laaay T. AadatBBB, arrived tery aa
ezpectedly at her home iu JSoBM
about two wreks since. She re
tiiiings m Yienna, Aaotria, BBCfl
her buahaad, Dr. Ai .!, raOB, i*
?talioaad, :>f ber falhar'a iiii aaa, and
Started at OtfOofOT the Uoibfd Sta'es.
Mrs. Lahl K. Gaines anddaughter,
who haea beea tpeadiag Breoral
veekl .tt Atlan'ie Citv, N. J., and
oihari points, afa expantad aam*
this wrek.
Miss Badi ? Soolt, of Tappahan
oook,aad MiM Btobba are gamta of
Miss Kthel Newl ill. TbaL
of hair is
1 y t o a
w o m a n .
ILaHlJil other
physical attraction is
sccondary; to.it. We
have a book we^will
gladly I send , you that
tells just how to care
for the hair.
lf your liair is too
t h i n
or los
ing its
Growth becomes
vfgorous and all dan
druff is removed.
It always restores
color to gray or faded
hair. Retain your
youth; don't look old
before your time.
$1.00 a bcttle. AU drugglsts.
" I have u?*.\ y.nrr Hair Vljmr
now u>r about as ytata *u?i r aava
fooaq k apleadld nii.i aatiafactor*
Bl cwry v .1 y. 1 Im-IIcvp 1 iuvf,
rceommendaa rhii II?lr Vi/jor to
haadreda of my frifiuls, and thoy
aii t.u t'io raaaa story. if aaa>
Ixnty vints tlin baM k !n.l of a lta'ir
Vi^or I i-UaU certainly i... onnnciul
aa thaaa just as am>nKiy u* t
oaa tbat thfy c^tabotUco!Ajir'.-,
liaur \ itf<.r."
Mr.. N. r. Hamiltov. "
?er.BB, 2sonvj. h, N. Y.
HrWfa the Docfoi*.
If M "lon't .bf.ln all th<? hrnofit,
you de.ir.. *tmh t? - iuoiiI tli* Vinor.
wracti ? D. . , -t. tMrwii!
i \M '.
Lowts;, Maii,
oiu>i:n of ptjblioatioh.
In the Clerk'a OOlce of the Circuit
Court of the County of Lancaster, on
tha BBth day of July, "l'.too.
W. 0. Whaley and Anrta L. |
Whaley, PlalatlffB, agniust Lcvl )?
Harnetl and ethoja, defendants.
The ob.icct of this suit is to sell the
real estatc of whieh Wra. Harnett died
Mtaad and poaaaaaad aml di?tribute the
prooaada of aala aaaoag tha aatraeaUtlad
thereto aooordlag to their respeetive
right* And an afllilavit haviinj bOBB
BUBBa an.l tiled tlmt tha .b -fendants, Levi
Ilarnett, Fannie Tankeralev, T. N.Tank
araloy,-Harnett, wMow of KMas
l'.arnrtt and-Barnclt, BOB of Kllas
Harnett, an infant iimlcr tlie age of 21
reara, are not reeJdaata of the state of
vlrgiBta, it in oraatad that tbey do ap
pear here w ithin 1? daya after dna puh
lleatlon haraof, aaddn whai aaay ha nee
cssary to proteet tbeir inter.M in tl.is
suit. An.l it is farthor aaaoiad that a
eopy haraof l.e puhlished or.oe ;i week
for tour araoka in iheVmeiaia Ci.
and that a eopy l.e postcd at the tioiii
door ol ihe eotirt-hoii.se af this county
on the iirst <la> of the next term of the
County Court.
Acopy Teate;
Wm Ciihton, Clerk.
A. S. Uick, p. q.
When thc excretorv orKansfail tot-arr\ <,fT tlu ,. ., .
mal HccumulM - MIltu.r which^aaaaTad
: - poisoti is carried throueb tb J i^ r ~ *.Mood' ?""l ;r
tbe skin lurface tberc is a en U anderui? ? ? M'
White thc akia i; the naf <>f i ritST 7n. X i " ''l,sir ^'" '"
peaaaaaa aaay afaW tbe cl.i,,. ' ",?iV.'" , i , "^
The (.isease ls more tiiasi swn ?eep; ihe eRiire clrcwailOD ls poisoned.
and SrakE:SSSin,rSC,,il'' mcrrnry. gafaah, . .?? ^ nmi ^ ^| ., |
?<*3Ei* -^ ??jra=!- ,.,,x,'':;t;i;,!;;-,;': ., ..,.?......:;?;?i...-;L.
iur> ; no otner iii<-<!uine rati show tacfa a PCOOrd
o',.r',,w' r."n,,l\ins ",? I>,,is"',' ' ^ T?>rHr aafrtBlaa and harnrtcas.
Mm V V ? '''?T,artna'"t * hld . expctieacc in Irratin*
Skm D.scasc. 11 be ?at frca apag apuliVat "n'""' W* "^ "rteB^TKnEa?f.2& "SSS. ?^ *?* ci McSSal
ln Death.
Tribnt um alaater aroaad those who have gone
W? !?;- quarriei right here al Frederickabarg and can,
- ..-lunitly. .npply you cheaper than dealera of other citiea
which have nooe
Marble and Oranite Monuments,
Vaults, Statues, Curbing, Coping,
And every Description of Cemetery Work.
<<uaratitee<l Cure.
Uaiiy's Oholara Onra for Dtertaaaa.
Dysentery and summer complaints.
Beeaattone; ba prorhloBt; and insure
your property la the Northera tfoeb
Mutual Fire Association, Irvington, Va.
.loim Kernan.lm. tlie e\;.erf UarLcr on the
?teaner Klctamond. makea a aaacialtj not
aaaBaTaaw!1 ,mir ?*???"?
ir you want dvautaaa, eaaiaaaa.ftaataac
nouavs ?.r any dc?crlntion Imilt write to w M
Jeaae.c>curiu'tor. l.itwHiton. Va. Katinuitt*
?ra- duwii: mills laaaBai m Lancaster county
Wllaoii i'altner & Co.'s two BMBkfa of mo
?aaMaata Bartnea araal mn *ith tha peo.
or this aoction. Aak youraaarchanl for their
ItMi.j,,.., .>vruP or rheir Mayu.uoz mollwiej
and you will use no other. ?w*
Tlie Viite.ivn Cmaaa om a Wiiii,,,,,.,
iM-ewrii.,. |t ,.,,?. U.M. I,s work iHlVr
i.'.V.V w"1,'. IP ,;'",,V'< ? I'on.i.ie lociuatruc
l'VJ,"V,a\ H;"'.1'""1 *-*?K??T. AKl'fi 1.V
ititfton. \ u.. lor Itiloi luailon.
caaapaar. boutb Tn kichmond.
n.t. m., paaaaoaara wiu batakaa braaatha
Uo^ Ii i?se. rUmiia. to \Vc?t r,,|?i rorBl.
Iralna leave \\,.st PolDtal 9JU a.m. an.l 2.atr.,.
ro. ror nirtber Infonaatlon apply to
w. o. rxnoaoon, l'rop'r.
T<> raa Daar. a rtaB ia.i,. aanad af ana
leafnesMin.l nokMW |n . j,.. hl.,t,, ,,N ,?. NJoho,
inMiti ito.ao t twir deat poopkj uaabia t.. pro
curj the l.ar OnMM may |.a\ e l h. c. free.
AjldiTM No. 134811... NlchoUou Inatlture. TW)
hUtlitli Avouuo, Now Yoik
Buslness Directory.
Our Marine Rattwaj No. | i.,
now iu aneoaaafal aaawattaa
aad ara ara praparod with both
railwaya to gtee proaapt dis
patch Tha pairoaaga of ves
largor lhaa thoaa that
have farored us la lhanaat,aa
well as our old friends, are
If you want tbe b?at fteady
inade Clothing, Sboes, Ilats,
Notlons. Drugs and (Jroceries!
don't fail to come where you eaa
secure tirst-class goods, and that
place is
FLOIK. ? . .
MHAI,, Food Btaffri
HKAX, Ofull KiiKls.
Beat grades at lowest market
prteaa. Oorn and whaat beaght,
B i lte us if you have any to se.ll.
ISrSawmil; hj connection with
r louriug Mill&.
The Place to buy brick is at
Weems, Va.,
M.^uufacturera of all grade*> of
BaaTBaaiag pal hl one of the Latest
laageaaad MaaUaaa, I am now able to
give my patrona, on sbort notice, the
best Driek that can be produced.
Have You
Ever Called On
The Baatliag Mr-rchant at BalTa
Crce.lt, <?. K. McKcmu-y '.' II noi.
you should lose no time in goiaft
to are his new t&,000 atOCk,
which aaaahaa Of cverylhing
oaaatty kcpt in a ftrtt-elaaaatoro.
Largcst stock of shoea in the
county and you can securcthem
from 20cta. to $.*> per pair. afaa'a
auita from $1.48 up. My stock is
completc ao it ia nccdlcss to enu
mcrate tbe many tlunga I have.
Call aud examine them.
im.Kis, va.
C o 11 ege, ======
Bav. W. C. STAK-K, I). D., Prcsident.
The Sixty-ninth Session will Begin
September 20th, 1900.
a?ot Ontoloarag applj to
RICHARD IRBY, *e, Bad iw,
Farmers must B80 Fertilizers
if tluy want BaHafactorj Reanlta.
Waa not get the beat? They
are the Chrapest in the end.
We Make Mffizm ior all Crw zxm
W? do uct use Lcather Bntan
Wool WastBi Hoof Baal, Shoddy
or other WottMaaj Material. We
::t:arantee tbe Analyeis, Quality
and Ceneral Condition in evcrv
instai it.
(8end ad< i tx.ok grrtag parth*alara.)
BoSa Miiuufacturcrs of the
Genuine ^^Toolciricig^e
K*g^-Cla.&?5 Fertili^ers.
Ofltoo aaal ?Tanfary(
MS a.ui fftBB Su,ltl.*s AVharf. } BALTIMORE, MD.
EUBANK ? HliO.. Kilmarnock;
DAVID a. KELLY, Byrdton:
A. BARRACK, Alfonso;
ror sale in Lancaster Countv by \ (I. W. MEEKINS, Kisherman
.1. II. DAVKNPORT, Lancastcr;
<:. W. MEROEB, White Stone.
You Need a Good Range or
Cooking Stove.
Can Mnplf the local trade at. less than your dealer's
K0? ? *o]c ?**?>* for MF?nher Qlrl," "Iron King" and
?F. h. V. cook stovea. Tinware and Utensils of all kinds
at rock-bottom prices.
Plumbing, Tinning, Steam and Hot Water Fixings.
w rtta oc
?all on
Wm. BERNARD, fredericksburg, va
NEW No. 4
FOR 1900.
Best Worfc,
Easy Touch,
Visible Writing,
Lightest Oarriage,
Phenomenal Speecl,
Superior Manifolding,
Single Shift,
Direct Inking,
Key Board Lock,
Rapid Paper Feed,
Extremely Durable,
Permanent Alignment.
Full oatalogae oa upplication. Ageata aaated in nnoccupied
territory. We have a few Beaamd-haad maehinea of other
Balhatj alao supplies.
?OLI soiTiu:icN i>?:Ai.i:its,

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