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' ? v?n*ton, \ a.. u> rewlve promut atteutiou.
Frlday, April 30. 190S>.
^ Dnder tli?> abovs wnry the
Soutlisi(l?> Srntiiu'l snvs?
As indicating a very striking contrast
between accounta in the Virginia Citi
zen and the Northern Neck News of
the address of Hon. II. StG. Tucker
at Heathsville on the 12th, we append
herewith three paragraphs from each:
"Hon. Harry StGeorge Tucker went
to Heathsville last Monday from Reed
ville, wherehespokeon Saturday night.
While his apeechas reported from Reed
ville waa one not of issues but humorous,
sarcastic arraignment of his opponent,
we learn it was not quite so caustic as
the one at Heathsville. * * "Mr.
Tucker was in charge of Messrs. Martin
Stringfellow, T. J. Downing, C. C.
Baker and Dr. Lewis, and these gentle
men with a few others occupied the
stand. The body of the house (and there
was a full house until the retiring began)
did not applaud the speaker, but he re
ceived considerable applause from the
stand. * ? "Unquestionably the
speaker made friends for Judge Mann,
and remarks were heard that if Mr.
Tucker made that speech many times
in the State he would be beaten four to
one instead of two to one as now esti
mated."?The Citizen.
"On Monday last the goodcitizens of
Northumberland were out in full force
to hear the Hon. Harry StGeorge
Tucker, one of the candidatea for the
Democratic gubernatorial nomination,
discuss the issues. * ? He greeted
many old friends and made many new
o ies. From what can be learned he
wdl receive a large vote in Northum?
berland, especially in Fairfields and
Wicomico districts. After dinner Mr.
Tucker spoke in the Court-room, whicl.
was packed to its fullest capacity. He
receivedan enthusiastic weL-ome, being
briefly introduced by County Chairman,
Mr. A. S. Rice. * ? ??Mr. Tucker
outhned his policies as to education
declared in favor of as liberal help as
possible for Confederate veterans, and
closed amidst the most enthusiastic ap
plause. He spoke at Kilmarnock Mon?
day night. "-The News.
11m rpi.Tvof the Bantana) isn
very natnral one. We are frank
W admit that both aeeonnts
contained inore-or-less partisan
Wat, (And righthere Ft is per
tinentjto ask?when did anyon,.
know the NVws to do otaer than
hnes when tlie Citizex inade its
decision, as we always do first")
Last week the Nawa showed its
teetheattv in the gaiue. obfect
mg, among otlier tliinirs, to our
nammjr the "Westniorelnnd
Laucast<>r-( nlpeper miartette."
Ihese gentlenien had Mr. Turk^r
in tow when our "reporter" aaw
?aaau. 11 UHliailHMl Ol t MlN tjuartette
we \vill ooooede there were othero
Jitn him, possibly, whom we
did not see, notto be ashamedof.
Asto the pereous on the stand
it is a quibble to allnde to the
Uerks 8tand. Mr. Tucker was
not on that, but upon the raised
dais within the bar, from which
we inamtain prneticalh aU the
applause canie. The hoQM
laughed and encored his witty
remarks, but not hi* ftttackson
Judge lfann or his irreverent
mit this contention with our
contemporary fa notworth news
paperspace. We have been told
Dj conaervative Xorthuniberland
people (not Mann men) that our
nccoont was the nearer correet
And weare willing- to abide by
Nortbumberland'a vote in the
I'liinary as an mdex to Mr
i u.ker s reception. JU8t wateh
tne issue.
we had alniost forgotten to
add that, in debate Judge Mann
1'Ulled the VlUiil.NFA ClTIZEN ac
couiit of his Heathsville speech
pn Mr. Tucker, and asked him if
he was correctly reported particu
larly as to hispicture of tlie mar
rwge of the ehurch and Judge
Mann with the "Whiskev Rinjr
Boss giving away the bride.
atr. Tucker's reply was that it
was "sukstantfally correct"
Anyhow, it looks to us as if Virginia
has now a better chance of escapin*
the affliction of State-wide prohibition
(which would be wide-open prohibition
in many localities) than ahe seemed to
have a few months ago. As the tests
proceed in other States, including our
next neighbor, North Garolina, the
bhnd-tiger demonstration will open the
eyes of many of the aincere prohibi
tionists who would not be for probibi
tion if they were convinced that it
would M* prohibit Virgmia in a!mo*t
dry no.v, geograpn....; , :h~
maintenance of the "status ?j u.?? wii,;
sooo become as dry as it is possible to
maKe it. Prohibition by State-wide
enactment would undo much that has
been done in the direction of real reform [
?Norfolk Landmark.
a political prohibition rAmpayn
is not yet closed, but we fear o?ir
contemporaries throughout the
btatethat shie at "prohibition"
are narrating their night-mares
so persistentTv that it will ataav
pede the hobby-horses into pro?
hibition, and then?look out ?or
JOta of soiiivoiH's to get th.-ir
rlS^ and sentimenta hurt.
The newspapers should uot
have kept the prohibition bug-a
boo flaunting so. It is becoming
a boomerang. Judge Mann ?mm
content to ba and continne a
local optionist; the Anti-S.doon
League wa? satisfied to continne
fighting it out on tli.it lioa; *u>
moreconld harebewi naktdr
"|p anti-.'.iann. ant i-temper
ance pnpers. UATesooght todrive
Judge Mann and the |CMiflllW to
the proliibition extreme and to
have their cMndidate, Mr. Tucker.
take tlie conservative course of
"local option" beoa4is?>?must we
*av it'.'?it i-; sweeping in popu
Larity over the State. The truth
of the matter is. to onr \va\ ??!
thinking, Mr. Tuekerin not a local
optionist in the generally a.
Cepted detinition of tlmt tltls in
ourState; norluis heever claimed
tobe. HenererToted "diy" in his
life. though given the opoortoni*
tv; haaneverbeeo claimed among
the ranksol tempcrnmc people,
and would not vote dry excepl
under peculiar and rnie eondi
tions. In his speeches he has
neversaid liewas an out and ont
local optionist, bnt has alwavs
qualified his reinai ks by addin^
that he was a local optionist so
laras it nieant local selfgoveru
ment in allthings, whisky, roads,
schools.ad infinitnm. Th'isiscom
mon Democratic dootrine, aml
noniancould rnn on a Democratic
ticket unless he did claim to
be such n "local optionist.'* It
is his ardent newspaper suppor
ters that have interpreted his
snyings into "local optionist" in
whisky niatters as penerally nn
derstood, and not Mr. Tucker.
Judge Mann made the following em
phatic reply to the question as to how
he would vote in a State-wide pruhibi
tion election:
"Whenever the question of wet or
dry comes up in any form," he said "I
will vote dry.'?The Boydton Debate
lneman who would vote for State
wide Prohibition is not and can not b*
in fayor of Local Option as a political
pnnciple. Judge Mann thus puts him
self exactly where we placed him from
Option in the localities still under thp
bcense system, but that, fallinjr to
banish the saloons, will vote to brinir
those communltlesinto line by a jreneral
law; and necessarily it foliows that M
^overnor he would favor that for which
he would voteasan individual.-Norfolk
IVnnit us to differ with our
eateemed contemporary on hla
deduotions. Tlre "ipiestion of
wet ordry" ineans the nuestion
between wet and drv. <)bsorv.>
th.'smgularof "qqeetion". With
this vi,.w of it, Judg,, \r.mn js
nght in our opinlon. When ii
nieansli?]nororiioli<pior, and be
toconfronted with a decWon li<>
is for "dry-ovory tiino. It ni.'ans
saloon or not saloon.
.lu.lgv Mann can not beehamd
with baiDff willing to bring eom
rnunitiea in by a 8tate-wSe pro
hibition aet lb> haa never aaid
so. but mniutuiiied from rJi? Rmh
that beift for local option in all
comnuinities. If there were tl?.
question betmeen local option and
pronibitiou tocome up, we take
it Ironi liis record and his publie
utteran.ccs that he Would be for
local option. Tbe saioon venm*
no-saloon is the -wet and drv"
queshom' -hocal option versns
prohibition is not: they are botli
On ont first page will befotmd
extraete from ;1 longeditorial in
last areek e Religioua Herald the
paparof the State Baptiata. pub
liabed ni Rlchmond, that aound
truthand warning to Richtnond
eity and her neWapapera, aafeai
throughout the roral diatrict*
\\ e none our cii v?T?4tan?a. 1.
PBOd it. and will protit bv it
thongh of this latter we 'have
Iittle hone. Once in awhile our
eity brethren get "uppfch". \
Iittle over a year ago thev
wanted to lead things and "lani
bnsf;ii fewjioorcomitrv Mlows
they had spite against, and thev
arestilla lutledictatori.il. Four
vears ago thev and their citv
l?ecame a Iittle ihara towards
Country MQpfe and politieians
and after the eyrlone atrock thev
weresonietinie in rullving Jo*1
nowoneor allof themaiv adVerae
toteinperanee, theDeinotratie01 .
ganizatioii.und the rxHintrypreaa
as a majority in its temperance
and politieal uffiliations. Pitv
we all could not do au Kuski'n
hmted?pull together on things
are agree upon, rather tlian be
qnibbiing and acrapping and
wasting our eneigies and talents
overthmgH ofsmall inoinent that
we disagree upon.
Even if it does get us in trouble, we
CaS-Y^P Ba?,n? to our friend Leo that
a rian Commiasion report which doesn't
touch on fish is aomething of a disao
po?ntment.~Norfolk Landmark.
No trouble at all, frfend?ex
cept to cornpel your attention
to the 100/ report, rather e.\
haustiveonthensh subject That,
was made toa Legislature that
eould have (and probably would
have, with the help of the Land?
mark and others) passed beneti
eial fish laws. Where was t he nst
m repeating, when before it was
ns seed in stony ground, and
there was no Legislature to act
this vear? There is a time for
all thmgs.
NOMWHI index of Jmlge Mnnns
jpromise of an overwhelmintr
| victory is tobe found than in the
f.iet th.it some uufriendly to him
art, i rymg to get a third mau in
the mce. They are calling for
Mr. Jlenry Htuart to re-enter.
? i ?\cthmM PTOtioollj confcss
tnat Mr. Tucker is a "goner"_i
thing we all but knew from the
We JUSTcan't coniprehend wh v
, any man should negleet to pa'v
hie/'head tux." Saeh faifure
denies him the rarest gift of
free eitizenahip. Some are under
the lmpreaaion that by negleet
mg to uualify to vote thoy will
eacape tbetax. It i? DQ1 ao; the
tax ih eharged up, and will have
to be paid later, with intereHt.
From the knocks and the des-!
uetude following upon the "Lib
erty Leugue, Utean-hnndred
atreng', in Uiehmond, we opine
ithae tajven its piaoe heaide the
famous "Mnv Donrention"
among the "nlso-r.-ins""
To Judge Mann in the
Northern fVecK.
Jadge WOUam Hodgea Mann. candi
date for nomination for C-n-ernor of the
State. and Judge Samuel \V. Wiilianis,
candidate for the nomination for At
torney (Jencral were at Montross, court
Monday ar.d addressed the citizens M
the issues of their respectivecampaigns.
The large eourtroom was crowded with
ciyzons. Both candidates were well
received and made many fri^nds. This
was Judge William's firnt visit to
Westmorfiand in many years. Jud^e
Mann was thore in 190f>, he havinff eome
within six votes of carrying the rounty
overWillnrd. The county will prohahly
go largely for tho Judge this lime.
At Re?dvMl?.
[ftjaalaJ to ** VkMam* Citizbn. iteedviIJa,
Thnrsday a. m. I
A large and enthuaiastic crowd on
Wednesday night greeted Judge Mann
in the public hall here, where Mr.
Tucker spoke a few weeks ago. Jud?e
Mann was introduced by E. Hugh Smilh.
esquire, of Heathsville in a very grace
ful manner, with chaste and compli
mentary language. The Judge made a
telling speech, and answered earnestly
and with entire satisfaction the attacks
by his opponent.
At the conclusion of his address the
speaker was presented with boqueU by
and the audienee orowded around and
overwhelmed him with congratulation.
II Klna-ila.
Tuesday night Judge Mann spoke a?
Kinaale, in Westmoreland. toanenthusi
astic audienee of ladies and gentlemen.
He left yesterday after a triumphant
tour of Westmoreland and Northumber
pnd to fill an et.gagement at Chrlstians
burg, in the western part of the State.
In the joint debate at Boydton last
week it seems that Mr. Tucker waited
untd his rejoinder to attack Judge
Mann on the various points he has
been charging him on publicly from
thPBtump. The Judge had only ten
minutes in which to reply, and when
time was called, said:
"I cannot explain al! these charges in
my limited time."
"You never will. judge." replied Mr.
"I want to say," a?id ju6ge Mann
with much warmth, caused bv the man
ifest unfairness of his opponent, "that
any msinuation that I waa ever derelict
in my duty as a member of the Senate
because I was eounsel for the Norfolk
and Western is unqualifiedly false."
Here is a statement from a friend of
Judge Mann who was nresent
"The aituation in Mecklenburg ia very
aattafactory, and I feel that Judge
Mann gained much strength by yeiter
day's debate. I must say, however
that the judge*. friends. and in fact'
the great body bf people present, were
md.gnantutMr. Tucker's plain viola
tion of the entiro spirit of tho agree
ment under which the discussion was
held. Mr. Tucker made no attempt to
attack Judge Mann in his openning
addreaa, but he apent the whole twen
ty minutes of hia cloaing address in aak
ing Judge Mann a seriea of questions
from a written memorandum. Judge
Mann, had the opportunity been given
him, could have fully and satisfactorily
answered all the questions, but no man
can answer in ten minutes a aeries of
questions that it takes twenty minutes
to piopound. Great indignation was
expressed by many people on the court
green. and the opinion soemed to be
that Mr. Tucker had loat many friends
by his mamfeatly unfair methods It
was apparent that he was afraid to
make an attack that Judge Mann could
have any opportunity to answer The
Judge, in the few minutes he had
scored Mr Tucker very severely for his
K5?-1, ,At1ChMe City last night
Judge Mann had a vory large and
thusiastic meeting."
If it is true. as Mr. Tucker said i
his speech at Heathsville last Courtday
that the liquor men. the temperance
people aM tne Methodist, Baptiat and
Presbyterianchurch people are support
mg Judge Mann, then we would like
some one to tell us where Mr. Tucker
comea in in this fight.-Heathsville
When Mr. Tucker assured the people
of Northumberland that he was certain
of bemg elected Governor, and after a
few moments on some other point he
forgot himself and made the astoundin*
atatement that the "church people
the Women's Christian Temperance
Upion, the Blackstone Female Semi
nary, the Democratic organization, the
Anti-Saloon League and the Whiskey
Ring Bosses" were supporting Judge
Mann, a wag remarked audibly? "For
Gawd's sake! whar you gwine ter git
any votes?"
| It seems laughable to the writer that
Mr. Tucker. the ex-president of our
gro*t Jamestown Exposition, should be
going over our State spending his valu
able time telling our people what Judge
Mann has not done for "Temperance"
I should love to hear what Mr. Tucker
has ever done for "Temperance?"]
When and where he ever voted for'
"Local Option?" What aid or helo h?? I
, ever given or is today giving the Anti
Saloon League? I do not think that
, Judge Mann or any man should be re
warded for their work for any special
object in politics. But thoae of us who
know Judge Mann, now a man in the
eveningof life, know that both in war
and peace he has been as true ar*d
faithful to our old State as any son she
has, spending his useful life in a strug?
gle for higher, truer and better things.
Judge Mann has done more for temr ?
ance than any ten raen in our Siate,
and when it comes to decide between
Judge Mann and Mr. Tucker I think If j
your little finger enly is in favor of j
temperance you should uae your influ
ence for Judgo Mann.-"Seldom" (Jno I
L. Beale), in Northern Neck News.
Snlta* m rrt ow u the Kerol..
The arrny of Y. un* Turka has taken
Conatantinupj. a!moat without a ahot.
I he SulUn. Audul Hamld, has aurren
derad, and, with eleven of hia harem.
been deported and will prooably be
| The recent movement started by the
Times-Dispatch for a com prizeforVir
gima farmera has ao far gathered in
this flattering subscription, with other*,
to corne?
I Times-Dispatch *100 J
| Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co. ioo
Intemational Harvester Co. 100
Richmond Guano Co, ^ !
Southern Planter 25 j
: K. S. Barbour ?
i Brunswick Gazette r |
j "A Friend" 1Q!
,Geo. W. Koiner 25
Lynrhburg Newa 50
The lnternational Harvester Co. haa
also offered a binder valued at $125.
The Anti-Saloon Leaarue was content
j to declare for local option, temporarily
at least. and had there been no ques?
tions, had the league been taken at its
word. we think that the State-wide issue
would have been eliminated from this
campaign. But hypothetical questions
were put to the candidates and Mr
Tucker was the first to reply. Some of
his friends said that he brought in the
State-wide issue. We think that was a
forced construction. but so they said
Then came the reply of Judge Mann
as quoted by the Landmark. It was an
invitation, and was followed, quite
logically, not to nay inevltably. hy the
mstruction of Field Secretary McAllis
ter. One thing led to another. But did
it not begin with the prodding?-New
port News Tirnea-Herald.
It is hardly neceasary for this paper
to announce our preference of the two
Dcmocratic candidates for the nomina
t?on for Governor as our position is
pretty well known among our reader.
The Echo strongly advocates the norni
nation of Judge William Ffodges Mann.
We shall support him asardently in thi?
campaiKn as we did in the last-Nor
thumberland Echo.
Tho Westmoreland, Northumberland
and Lancaster local papers are supporf
mg Mann, while the Richmond county
one has decided for Tucker. 81 three
out of the four papers in the Northern
Neck are for the Nottoway statesman
soldier and moral patriot.
To ahow the political triokery of
Tuckcr's aupporters in Richmond, we
refer you to a political article appear
?ng on the inaide pages of this paper
which is printed in Richmond. The
service is supplied to a number of
country papers in this State, and while
they pay for news service, we are sure
that each paper thus served haa an
editor at the oflice of publication We
have asked for an explanation from the
Richmond service that we may present
it to our readers.-Colonial Beach
We have liked Mr. Tucker and want
so much to continue to like him that
we do not want cause to attack him.
but the courae of the Richmond Journal
and a few of the smalk r fi y i? a8_
saulting Judge Mann will force the
fnends of that gentleman L j retaliate
fight the d-1 with fire. We hoped the
present canvasa would be conducted
on a high plane. It seems now that
this ia not to be so. Well. if Mr
Tucker can stand the racket Judge
Mann can. -Southside Virginian
Tucker says he is sure of his success
That settles it. But didn't he say the
Jamestown Exposition was going to be
a success and didn't it turn into a pink
tea, bridge-whist tangl? that required
an expert to aave hair pulling and bank
ruptcy.-Suasex Standard.
On the tariff queation in Congreas all
pohtical linea are broken. Leaders of
either party are afraid of revolt if thev
use the laah. 3 i
A. P. Gillespie, the Tazewell lawyer
and buainess man, has ref used to accept
the republican nomination for governor
He has no idea of paying the price for
an empty honor.
Politicai enemies of Judge Mann are
in deeperate sfcraita. They want a
third man-Ed. Echols, BobLee, Henry !
Stuart. anybody-to jump in and aave '
the day, which Harry Tucker cannot do
And thus we know that Mr. Tucker
is against prohibition. but we are utter
\y unable to decide as to whether Mr
Tucker is wet or dry i? a local option
contest, considered generally. and
without reference to college towns. of ]
which there are only a few in Virginia I
Certamly, his present position coincides
with his failure to vote on the question
when the opportunuy was arTorded
him.-Culpeper Exponent.
I The adh0minemargrumentconceri|.
Judge Mann's war record, spitefullv
made by some new^papers whoseedilors
never srnelt gunpowder, though they
had the chance to do so in the Spaniih
War, is not worth the common paper
it is printed on. Judge Mann has made
a frank and manly statement of that
record, and it is entirely aatisfactory to
his confederate comrades who honored
him with the highest position in their
camp. Petersburg Index-Appeal
I find a little powdered eha*coal put
in the morning mash two or three times
a week will keep fpwls free from bowel
trouble. Sitting hens have a dish of it
in their coop where they may eat it as
they choose.
If you fail to pay your Poll Tax,
this week you will he unable to
vote in elections this year.
Duty of Ncrth to Help End lllitcr
acy in South, Says Dr. Lee.
Cloaing the most successful session
m ita history with an eloquent addrers
by Rev. James Lee, I). D., of Atlanta,
('8VLlT ^"cational Conference of the
Wethodist Epiacopal Cburch. South. at
Richmond last week unnounred that it
will probably hold its next meeting in
Nanhville in March, 1910.
Dr. Lee delivered the final speech of
the conference. It was a strong appeal
for education. and at times the speaker
who is looked upon as one of the most
dist.nguished Methodist preachers and
orators m the South, was almost dra
matic in his delivery.
He referred to a recent story in one
of the magazines by a man who had
disguised his identity by entering as a
student at various Northern eoOcmi
The su,ry i8 entitlej "Blastine At the
Kock of Ages," and sets out that the
author discovered that manv of tho
ablest professors in the colleges he vis
lted are teaching the doctrine thatGod
virtue and truth are mereiy tmtZ
tional. and that there is nothing c,r
nal about either.
Dr. Lee deplored such teachings, and
was thankful that the observations |
of the story writer did not apply to any |
Southern college. J
He went far back into ancient his- !
j tory to show that the nations that had
:adopted such beliefs had falkn into the I
! lowest depths of shame and corruption
' i
"If this doctrine is inslilhd into the !
hfe of our people," he declared. "the
same disastrous results must follow I f
this class of atornistic philosophers ?fe i
right. thtn we have been prweeding on \
the wrong prindple. The heroe.s and '
martyrs of all the agcs w*re deludcd
* If they be riKht. ih?n St PaJ was
led away by fan.iful and fahv iltasion*
and Nero. who murdered hia mother
was rinht.
"If this doctrine be ri^ht I'd rather
be an elephant of the junghs and eat !
a stack of fodder for breukfast every
mornmgthantobea kin^r in a v&r^
dise of foola with such beliefs
' *Eat, drink and bemerry, for tomor
row you may die.' is the new doctrine
If this be right, inatead of abolishing
barrooms. put one on every corner, and
pray for a throat a mile long. so we
can feel the burnii.g liqiJor a long tim.
as it goes down.
"If the education board has money |o
KWa, put it not therr. p?f. it down
here. where we stiil believe i?. the ouJ
way. Some people object to g*Mtm
money from tho North. I don*| I
thlnk lf any people have a riKht to get
money from the North, it is the Sjuih
??rn people.
'They tritd slavery in the North
first. and becauae it wasu't profitable
they-aold the slaves to us. Then th.y
took them from us by getling them
free. I believe we have a rfcht to eol
lect the money for them now, but if we
can't get it that way. let us take it in
education. I believe the national gov
ernment ought to make an appropria
tlon for eduealion and apportion it
among the States aoeording to the il
hteracy found in raeh. But some on,
may say that is a bad idea. I say it. is
not half so bad as to waste $243,000 0(H)
for a navy only to have a parade on the
seas, with no remote prospect of war."
I'ay joqr Poll Tax by toiuorrow
night (5alaraa|), ?r ynn ajlll aai
?e*Ule to volr in i|?. cuulog Her.
(Northumb??rland Kclio )
Truckers are busy putting out tomato
Idants and plantinjr canteloupe seed.
B. L. Gill and family visited the
former's mother recently. Mr. G. re
ports that his lamba netted him $6 G<)
each. He rears the Dorset hreod
A lady here recently received Iffl DDT
| n?. for her hens, some of the fowls run
nmg to 6 and 7 Ibs. each. This was a
dollar apiece, which is just four times
as much as the regular price an "ole
hen" used to be,
Mr. Bob Bushsaya he sold $110 worth
of peaches from 9 Greenboro peach
trees the other year and had he shipped
ln baskets instead of tomato hoxes he
would have realixed double that amount.
His fruit sold at $2.00 per box.
So Richmond does not want a local
option fight for prohibition. No one has
done more than its papers tobringabout
mch a thing in the state at large and
now all we can aay is. l^t them take their
own medicjne.-Blackstone Courier
"Call them 'peach baskets*? but in
Roanoke they are certainly bee gums
with lots of honey in then,,' 8ayH the
Evening World in that city. The rm-t
aphor is so suggestive that we are in
chned to believe the writer must have
been "stuck" and then "stung."
Danvdle Register.
Judge Mann is gaining ground
throughout this State every day It
has been the privilege of the writer for
the past few weeks to meet a great
many of the people throughout the
different sections of tne Sute. and it
w a great pleasure to find so many of
them favoring the nomination of Jud re
Mann.-Kenbridge Tribune.
Judge Mann eomrs from our verv
idoors from Southsuie, Virtjinia. Bfa
record as a Confederute soldier. al
though physically disabled. is a bril
'ant one. Aa county judge, he for a
Iong time gave to the people 0f Notto
way. the full benefil of his ripe knowl
cdge and unfaHering integrity and hon
or. His service aa State aenator fro,., !
thisdistrict is well knowntoeveryone
and needs no comment atour hands --
I.unenburg Times.
We were shocked the other day to
*eethe Petersburg Index-Appeal refer
Itoourselvesasthe "Nor. Landmark "
This remind. us of the EnKiish sports
JJ?" reP'y t0 an invitation from a
"Old Fel: can't come. Mrs. sick
Doc says tisn't catching. Ry,
- Norfolk Landmark. 'T?>m."
***** ?k?er Masrara
Tl.iHt^rribJcc.Uu.aty ?fU.? ?^ul,w? becau-ea
0M*fj r,ppl?.? and fWw curr?,t ESrt
Maaa. are aa* That dull pain or .che i? the
back w^n. ,ou the ICidney, ???, .ttenti?, tf
B,.Kht a dwe.,*. T.ke Electric Bittera ?t once
r-turn. After lon* ^fTerm* from weak kidnW
and bn,* back. one *l.,o bottle *holly cund mT
At the request of many friends I an
nounce myself a candidate for nomina?
tion to the House of Delegates for
W??^ a/ld H,^?nd Countfes sub
ject to the Democratic Primary
R. Cartek Wellford.
thf wa candidate ** renomination to
the House of Delegates, subject to the
Democratic pnmary. I ask your aid
i Yni, Un.ate,y 1 arn so situated that
I sha I not be able to call upon you pei
sonally. but sha deem it my Juty to
meet any and all opponents upon the
hustings and discuss the issues of this
Relieving in the justice and fairness
of your judgment and kncwing I have
rendered a faithful service I feel free
in agam asking your support.
Whealton, Va. jNa CURLETT'
For Superlor Cropa.
Cow Peas
The Best and Surest Cropping
of Sunimer SoiMmproving
and Forage Crops.
Makes poor land rich; makes rich
land more productive, and im
proves the condition and produc
tiveness of soils whcrever they are
urrown. J
The crop can be cut for forage L
making a large-yielding and most f
nutntious feed, and the land can *
be disked afterwards?not plowed
?making an ideal fertilization and
preparation for wheat and all fall
sown grains. All of our
Cow Peas and Soja Beaos
are rcclcaned, fre? from hull- an<l lra
mnture mm, superlor both ln cieanllness
and .juallty. and oftested gernilnatl"n
V\rito ror j.rlros and -Wood'i CrOD
Seedsmen, - Richmond. Va.
What would be more appreciated
than a well finished and good like
ness of a friend or relative? Then
why not go to
K8 and 270 MAIN ST.,
Who is considered one
of the be.st in the south.
I'l rOftl FltVMK. rJ.\STMA\
Bpacaal attention to finishing for
How dboat your Paiat Order?
Are you gu?Qg to buy
Davis 100 per cen!
Pure Paini
and secure a durable and e-onomical
job. or will you buy the other kind and
regret when it is too late?
Davis* 100 per cent Pure Paint will
stand the test of the most rigid Pure
Paint Law.
Forsale by F. A. Gunby & Son
Irvington, Va.
(KnKr:iv?<i Oaaajpac riuu)
Handsomely Engraved. Rich in Stvle
and quality including Uuifc and
outside envelopes, neatly boxed.
Th!i^PorrCe named i3 for ?%?* lines
add 25 cents for additional line.
Delivered prepaid to any address
fcam; 1 s on re(juest.
Our engraving gives an impreasion
of dignity and good taste.
We kuep roavataatij o0 naud 4,fi, and
Incb uynreas ahingle, M lowe*! prtwia
W. A Hamuron A Bro.. Weema
?? shaaaa m * t? ?????. in ?8S2l Sa*
l'^i....rWalt,.a,n| ?6.00 up
. . lr^i..or\Val.i,an,] $2500 up
U,t?, ,:.?n,, j Kl gjf $10.00 up
I i-.ttra valut-H. *"?.??
j KoJk ... ld l^di^" ?ml MuW Rin*,,. ?.?,
28' ealw.St..MlTIMRE,'?0.
aWf< rence, "The Editor."
wwi. Uerbard. Gw>. n. tteed.
<* F. Gorhard.
???aii of *ond ftlnfJua,
1 lO N. Kutuw St.. (Second Fio.i )
A'rJu for >ampl?a.
^jlD UP C'PITAL $1,000000.
Your Money Will be
Subjecf to Check and
Draw 3 per cent inferest.
Ihose dehirinir in . . .T?I H*ironage cf Virgmians.
kindlyforward thlif n?a , ?"fJV22,nt ?th lhis ^stitution will
^ndthenecessa/v i,,?8, ,. ? addresses and we will tfZ v
the cpposite side of the atreet nrVi , M ^iih you lived on
any part of it a*aaJ? XSSlS* ffl I"" dn*W your mwn^ 2
was m your pocket. J JU8t ?" e"8* to get it as if it
accoun?8Th?cl?^ annUm on ?"
"? "RADLEY DAVID80N PreHa*.,.
General Commission Merchants
H.10A12E. Baliin,"r<.st '
Baltimore. M4.
Likes. Berwang^rTco ?^,W Ta,,?r<Hl t0<mler sui* ?? #25
You are paying. or asked to pay, from 2 to 6 per cent
a year-.r $20 to ?60-o? a ?..000 insurance i"Cy.
It has cost an average of *8 31 for tV> k~ ?
ab?ut it^zz zz zz?*to 2"*m *um f-8t?
($10,000 capital stock paid up )
Irvington, Va.
<AU -Mlll.. based on ,,.000 iMor.nce. for ^ ^ ? ^ "
Rate 1
$ 8.34
I*ess than
1 per cent.
Rate \%
Little over
Rate 2
Little over
Rate 2%
$64 59
Little over
?mvTsr uuueover L ttle ov**r
i per cent. |U per cent. lt per cent.|H ZZZ
w. B.-Entrance fees and aasessments (all costsl in<.i.wi~i ? u
1 h the cheapest aasessment rating in this ^^LT^?*^*' **<?
rating and rate 3 the highest. Find your rate and aee what T T^ 8t?r?
T. O. Sraither. Kilmamock. rated 3 was asklH*Z "?*tyou.
panies. It has not cost him 2 per cenTwUh71 In 19^^ tS Hne COm"
Hres during fifty years. it cost our worst \tkT^tS^^^^ "~ **
BTFacts are facta, and "flggers don't \i?? r> 7U. nt
There is every reason to believe t^low rates will " T"- fc bc'ten?
ship increases. rateg w,il c?nt?nue aa our merober
thirto^n ;e.,rs0nold?nar8 " ^ X *** - tWO ?** - c.asa A | We are
1896, $ 05,070 nm.. * .
I?7, I60TTO JSJ * *?<??
ls?>s OAooAr 1J?4' 658,676
!* '?'' lo?.tWi |90fl 1 7.10.1*0
l-HJU, 2(>7,400 1907 ;>.>.>4<w
1*?1, ai 7,030 , * -MW4.M5
ItW, ;*7<),<>05 ,908* 2,781,342
with less than a hundred thousand dollars theres 30 i??*
lta much on our books today-more than f mlSons"^

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