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AUoosnosunlcslionasUou'id beaddreased to
110 v lSvJiNia. Jrrraaa. Irvmirton.Va.
Social Circle Monday ni^ht at the
home of Mrs. A. J. Harailton.
Mrs. John R. Davis left Monday for a
tbree weeks' visit in Washington.
Harry Burke, of Fredericksburg, is
visiting his brotber, Lewis Burke.
Chas. McGuire, of Northumberland,
is guest at the parsonage this week.
Mias Tottie Dameron, of Weema, was
guest of Miss Nell Ford the past week.
Miss Huzel LaWrence. of Portsmouth,
is the guest of Miss Sadie Ashburn
this week. _
Miss Agues James is on a week's
visit to her aunt, Miss Kate George. at
Bertrand. .
Vv\ W. Broadus recently bought from
James Haydon the John Dyke home
and moved to it._
Purnell Saunders and Ilenry Mills, of
Millenbeck, apent Sunday at the home
of O. W. Sanders.
Miss Myrtle V. Brewington left last
Saturday for Portsmouth U> visit Miss
Bertha I'-hristian.
Miss Hazel Shackelford, of Ports?
mouth, is spending this wt-ek with
Miss Ruth Willing.
MissEfTie Rowe, of Baltimore, is on
an extended visit to her parents. Mr.
and Mrs. W. B. Rowe.
Capt. Willard D. Newbill. II. S. Army.
will arrive from New York Wednesday
on two weeks' furlough.
Miss Hannu Dix is on aten days' visit
to friends and relatives in Baltimore,
New York and New Jersey.
W. T. Jones and son, Willard, and
Mrs. Maggie Street and son, Folliard.
were in Norfolk the past week.
Mr. and Mri. James Sandcrs and lit
tle son, Earl, of near here. are spending
this week with relatives at Warsaw.
R. H. Hudson has just installod on
gine, in boats for Virgil Jones. of
Weems, and S. R. Johnson, of this ptaee.
Mrs. Elmore Loviaon and Mrs. Ber
tie Sacka and children, all of Washin^
ton. are guests of Mr.-*. W. F. Turling
Mrs. R. H. Hudson and s-ms, Ikey
and Marvin, and Miss Lydi.i Heath are
on a three wevk.s' visit to friends in
Mrs J. J. Dunlevy and Mr8. Ned
Mason, of lower Middlesex, spent last
week with Mrs. R. F. Oarner and Mrs.
Jno. R. Davis.
Miss Myrtle Honderson and Miss
Stella Robertson, of Anti-Rapp, are
apending a few days this week with
Miss Norma Bussells.
Sons of Veterans of Lancaster and
Northumberland county are requested
to meet W. McD. Lee umi Frank S.
Chase. at court Monday
Prof. Dice Anderson. formerly prin
cipal of the Chesapeake Academy.
Irvington, will fill the chair of History
at Richmond College the coming session.
Mesars. Lee and Rowe will be in at
tendance upon court at Lancaster Mon?
day prepared to attend to any busincss
in conreetion with the ClTlZEN or home
Fire A??'n.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Davis, of Kil?
marnock, were lure Monday in their
new tive p.iis.n^er automobile. Mr.
Davis droppid in the office and left an
ordi-r for stationery.
Huving a cargo ?>f shingles s??nt us
wittiout order, we will sell until gone,
about 00 thousund, 3-inch sap at $2
p*r thouaand, and all other gradea at
ivdur<*d pru-is.
W. A. Damkuon & Bro.,
_Weems, Va.
Jas. T. Chiveral, of Baltimore, spent
Thursday and Friday with his daugh
ter, Mrs Ohas. S. Raines. Minnieand
Florer.ce Chiwral, who spent the sum
mer with tli ir sister, returned home
with their falli r.
Late arrivals at Irvington Beach:
G. Stoneham. W. G Walker, M. H.
Russell. W E Wrjght. F. C. Franz,
4. C. Blake, N. F. Br.?*n, M. B. Cox,
S Ailams, Chas. Wiliiams, J. A. Swing
ley. H. Siak-. G. D. Clark. E. Stakes,
Presiding-Elder and Mrs. R. F. Gayle,
of Urbanna, spent Thursday night and
Friday at the parsonage. Miss Mae
Gayle has returned t.<> her duties as
teacher in Portsmouth. and Miss Carrie
Gayle and Young Gayie are spending a
few davs in Norfolk.
I leave today for northera cities to
purchase fall stock of goods and millin
ery. During my absence (ten days)
my store will be closed. Upon my
return I will place on sale a large stock
of well assorted eroods and remnants of
all kinds. E. F. Thompson,
Irvinglon, Va.
M. Warren Rowe, editor of the
**Echo." has returned from an enjoya
ble trip to Natural Bridge and other
pirts of our State.
: Sons of Veterans of Lancaster and
Northumberland county are requested
to meet W, McD. Lee and Frank S.
Chase at court Monday.
Mr. W. H. Mitchell, of Westland, was
here tnis week looking over the town,
and expects to move his family here if
he can make suitable arrangementa.?
Sentinel, Urbanna.
Wra. J. Kennon, of Baltimore, known
to many of our readera in the Neck, has
been in bad health for over two years,
but is much improved at present. Mr.
Kennon contributes a poem for this
week which will be found on the first
The announcement is made of the
approaching marriage of Mr. George
Cottingham, of Ottoman. an esteemed
citizen of lancaster, and Miss Lilian
P. Dunaway, the attractive and highiy
cultured daughter of Rev. W. F. Duna?
way, D. D., to take placoat "Melrose"
on Wedneaday, the 22nd of September,
1909. at high noon.
Happlyof (hub to be Seat Here by
the tioTernmeat.
Throueh H. E. Owen. Weems, Va.,
the Virginia ClTlZEN will within two
months receive a million or so fry of
the large-mouthed b.ack basa (chub)
for diatribution in this section.
Owners of ponds who desire to stock
them can get a portion of these by
nling application with W. McDonaJd
Lee, Irvington. Va.
IV iil>?rvillc Leader.)
Sometime ?go a cranky aort of indi
vidual came uito this office and stopped
his paper becauae something in it did not
just exactly suit his fancy.
We have frequently met him on the
street since then, and it is amusing to
note the look of surprise on the old
man'g face when he realizes that the
editoris still in existence, regardless of
the fact that we nolongerget his $1.25.
Some day, however, ? it will not be
K?ng,?that old gentleman will turn up
his toes. His heart will be stilled for
ever. There will be a display of pretty
poaiaa and crepe and the neighbors and
friends will follow his lifeless clay out
t.) the Silent City and lay it to rest in
the deep daxk tomb.
An obituary wid be puolished in this
papef Ulling what a kind huaband, lov
in^ f.iiher, good neighbor, beloved citi
r.en, and how progressive and public
aptrited he was?which the recording
angel will overlook for charity's sake ?
and in a ahort while he will be forgotten.
Aa he lies out there in the cold, cold
tfraveyard wrapped in the silence of
death. he will never know the last kind
word spoken of him will be by the ed>
'orof the paper which he so "spatefully"
Have you, gentle reader, everpaused
a moment to think that your editor?
whoever he may be?will some day
write your obituary?
Dr. INewlin, the Quaker eyesight spec
ialist, is in lower Lancaster (at Fisner
man and Westmoreland) this week.
Next week he will beat Heathsville and
Warsaw. If your evesight is defective
consult him.
Clinton A. Boyc**, city ediior of the
Richmond Tirnes-DispaU h, has re.-dgned
on account of ill-health and gone to his
home in Nelson.
Ex-Oovernor Montague is one of those
n.imed by President Taft as delegates
to the International Maritime Oonfer
fi\ct> in Hrussells
Reports from Waahington state that
the Washinglon rnonument is crumb
ling. The PfHM'UMMM weight on the
slender foundaiion eruahet the stone.
People who have t.-turneil from the
PacJflc coaat Say the Seattle Exposi
tion is a veiy creiiiable affair, but that
it does not rompare with the James
town Expositi.in. No liquor is sold in
the exposition grounds. The records
show a large attendance, but visitors
say the poople are not there. The
Merimac and Monitor concessions was
carried to Seattle, and has made more
money than anything else on the
grounds: it is the hit of the fair.
Owing to the strict rules, among
other things requiring his yacht tocross
the ocean under her own aail and in
handicapped condition enter the racea,
Sir Thomas Lipton will not again com
pete for the America cup.
Whilesteaming up thebay off Sharp's
Island Saturday morning the engine of
the B., C. A A. steamer Avalon broke
down. The Avalon was laid up for re
patra before returning to her regular
run to Choptank river. In the raean
time the steamer Enoch Pratt took her
H. A. Crittenden's wood saw, Mr.
Benson, of Weems, operating it will
be in Irvington and vicinity shortly
sawing wood. Makearrangements now
to have your winter's wood cut.
The Hydrographic office at Washing
ton sent out warnings of the tropical
atorms that usually prevail during
this parl of the year. Thehe storma,
cyclonic in form, usually sUrt in
either the C.u.t* of Mexico or the
Carribean Sea., moving in a norlh
easterly direction, striking the At
lantic coast any where from Key West
to Norfolk, thence moving north
easterly with inereasing velocity, the
wind sometimea attaining 100 miles an
hour. In the period from 1878 to 1907
the September storms have numbered
37, and 39 for October, all of a very de
structive character. Coastwise vessels
are in many cases wrecked, and navi
gation is dangerous for all sorts of
crafts, as the stoutest ship is well nigh
helpless in such hurricanes.
Services will be held inChristChurch,
near Irvington, the fourth Sunday af
ternoon in this month.
I'aator Garner will begin revival ser?
vices at Wesley, in lower Lancaster,
next Sunday night, Vhich will continue
throughout the week.
Instead of Miss Irene Webb being ap
p dnted teacher of Edgely school as we
had it last week, it ahould have been
Mi.ss Olean Webb.
In the Fairfields district teachers for
Hack's Neck the name of Mrs. Judith
Downing was furnished us when it
should have been Mrs. Judith Harding.
" 1 ?uiflVred trn yearsor wore with a dreadfully
w.n- pakt in my back. and tricd different ramadiaa.
hi.i had areturn of th?- pain and aoreneaa tUI 1
teatad the N<jah l.inimmf, of which l?aa than
hulf a bottle aeema to have nuule a |>?rfec<. c-ure.
I tliink it b ju?t arand. and 1 do hope aft BurTerin*
wi'h rheuoiatiam und all other paina and aoreneaa
vilt t-st i.t? curative powera aad be bealed. I
? . ili Leep it on hand. Mrs. J. D. Rillinraley,
I'... ' P.Hfttern. Carolinecounty, Va." Noah'aLin
iim-.t ii an internal and external paia remady.
an ! for xale by all dealera in mtdic-tfte I>x?k for
HasJi ? Ark on tlie aanuine. If yuur dualer will
not aiipply yu.i. aand 25 centa in starapa for larae
ottle. Noao Remxdy Os* Ku-hmund. Va.
Tbe Truate*>s of the High school have
secured, aj principal. Prof. Eustace
Moncure, of Fredericksburg. The
schoool will have a music department
thia session, over which Mrs. Frank P.
Rrent will preside. The old school
house here is to be moved up beside the
High achool building, repaired and ren
ovated for the music room.
Mrs. Fred de Souaa, of New York,
arrived Wednesday, to spend several
weeks at her parental home.
Archie Beane left Friday, to resumo
his school duties at Randolph-Macon
College, Ashland.
Misfl Mary Rice has returned to her
home in Baltimore, after spending the
sumraer in Lancaster.
Willard Hall, who for the past year
has been in the U. S. army, has return?
ed to his home near here to reside.
J. H. Davenport is in Baltimore this
A. W. Cooper and family left on last
Friday *s boat for Baltimore, after spend?
ing the summer at Towles Point, near
Little Mary George, of Accomac
county, who has been spending some
time with her aunt, Miss Olive T.
George, at Bertrand, haa returned home.
W. H. Warren was in Baltimore last
week on businesa.
The oyster season has opened up and
quite a nurnber of our citizens are
taking advantage of the fayorable
weather. Inspector Doggett has been
busy this week in hia otticial capacity.
Miss Elizabeth Martin, who has been
visiting friends and relatives here and
Bertrand, has returned to the city.
The contract for driving the school
wagon from here to Ottoman High
School haa been awarded to W. H.
In the Good Old Summkrtimk.
E. Bruce Bquires returned Friduy of
last week from Long' Island. N, V.,
where he and his mother were called
aome days before by the illness of C-a.pt.
Squires. Mra. Squirea remalned with
her husband, who ia improvjng.
Miss Grace Dunton returned to Balti
more last week, after a ahorl visit to
her parental home near here.
Willard Gresham has resigned posi
tion of deputy oyster in^pector and will
engage in the oyater busirtesa this sea?
Leroy Still, of Richmond, is visiting
at the home of Dr. W. M. Kirk.
Mrs. M. O. Anderson and son, Joseph,
(wifavand son of our heloved pastor a
few years back) are visiting their many
friends here.
The good Baplist folks of this village
hold a prayer aervice every Wednesday
evenlng, beglning at 7:30 o'clock. All
are invited to attend theae gervices,
which if entered into with the right
-pirit will be a great benefit to you.
Mrs. K. E. Noblett has been a visitor
bere for the past week.
M r. <Johnson, of Washington. has been
visiting Miss Olie Williams. Several
days ago Miss Olie fell out of the door
and cut her face very badly on her eye
Mra Bart Cundiff left yestertjay for
Baltimore. to visit her daughterg.
Mrs. Charlea Shelton and Miss Louise
Lokey are visiting relatives in North
We understand that the new dwel
ling of Jno. T. Payne, formerly of near
here but now of. Farnham, is being
rupidly pushed to completion.
Mias Myrtle Squires left Saturday
for Blackstone, to resume school duties
at the Blackstone Female Institute.
We are glad to report the condition
<d" little Carrie Hubbard much improved.
tajp r.
The gentle rain we had last Friday
was welcomed by the commur.iiy and it
has lifted the late crops, such as corn,
German clover seed ahd turnip seed
wonderfully; a little more would be
thankfully received.
Everybody that has fodder ia busy
with it now. Dr. Kirk had right much
caught out in the rain last Friday but
the bright sun on Saturday gave it a
c ianc4 to mature.
Linwood Elliott haa secured imploy
ment with a railroad Company, aa time
keeper in Baltimore, but thinks of tak
ing a position in Washington the first
of October aa a railway clerk. We
wish for this young man success in his
new callihg. Places are opening daily
f jr young men of puah and worth.
.1. W. Carsian, manager of the can
niug factory here, was in Baltimore
last week after some parts for the
boiler. While there he ran down to see
his wife in Maryland for a few hours.
R. 0. Norris was here last Tuesday
morning en route home from Norfolk.
It is predicted by the phystcians that
there will be a lot of typhoid fever this
iu.IL Our people make a mistake by
allowing so mucb decaying vegetation
lemain around their homes. Avoid all
this as well aa bad water, and you will
lc-ssen disease.
The High School at White Stone wiil
open in about two weeks with Professor
Taylor of Pennsylvania, as principal.
The school has been furnished with
uew pa^ent deaks and benchea. One
inark qf.progress is better schools and
competent teacher* to instmct the
young. Now boys and girls it is your
privilege to take advanage of them.
Miss Annie Towlea, who has been
visiting her parents near here during
the summer months, returned to her
diities in Baltimore last Monday. Miss
Annie is a charming young lady and
leavea many warm friends in this com
Atlee Miller, who was taken to Bal?
timore about two weeks ago for opera
tion is getting along nicely and is ex
pected home soon. Dr. Treakle accom
panied him there and after the opera
tion returned.
Mra. M. C. Mercer returned from;
Cape Charles last week to remain only
a stibrt while. Mr, and Mrs. Mercer'
are thinking of raakmg their future
home at Cape Charles.
Dr. H. B. Treakle haa* returned to
Richmond aft?r being herte about two
week's visititig'relatives and friends.
The canning factories are about over
their ruah of work. The farmers have
had good weather in aavlng tha fruit
and the packers are pieaseu with the
fine quality received.
Steamer Lancaster got agroqnd up
the river laat Monday and was geveral
houm late at this wharf.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Schwartzrnan and
children are in Baltimore this week the
former is gone to purchase fall good*
while the latter will remain for a f ?-w
weeks visiting friends. Reporter.
The board of supervisors met in reg
ular monthly meeting at Lancaster
courthouse Wedneaday, and attended to
routine business. There was an appli
cation before them from a new tele
phone line now operating in Richmond
county for their consent to place poles
along the public roads of the county
for the purpoae of extending the iine to
this section. The application waa fa?
vored by the Board. Road improvment
received much attention also.
A Hurry Up Call.
Quick! Mr. Druariat-<Juick!-A box of Buck
len"s Arnica Salve?Her?*8 a quarter?For the love
of Moeea. hurryI Baby'a burned himself terribly
Johnnie cut hu> foot with the ax* - Mamle'a
sralded - Pa can't walk from pilea-Billie has boiui
?and my corns ache. She sot it and aoon curud
all the family. It'a tha ffreateat healer on earth.
Sold by all dnwrlst*.
The recent biographical sketrh of the
Greshams, published in the ClTlZKN.
did not aay that Dr. Philip Gresham
was a surgeon in the U. S. Army at the
time of his death, but was simply a
quotation from a letter written by his
father-in-law Hon. W. D. Gresham,
of King & Queen, which said: "Phil?
ip had just received an appointment aa
surgeon in the U. S. Army when death
cutshort his brilliant prospects." This
letter was written by Hon. Wm. D.
Grtsham to his cousin, S. P. Gresham,
of Lancaster, alluded pathetically to
his son-in-law, who was the son of Rev.
Edward Gresham, of King & Queen.
The letter written at the time of the
young man's death is still in our pos
session and will be looked up as soon as
practicable. Such a lutter does not
admit of any halluoination on the part
of Mr. W. D. Gresham. It is possible
that the War Department could furniah
a quietus to the momentous question;
or probably the private papers of the
dead would reveal that auch an appoint?
ment had been received.
Mary Stuart Gresham.
N0T1CF. TrthSL.
Good Jersey cow for sale.
Reports of recepts and disbursernents'
of White Stone district school board.
Statements of condition of The Lan?
caster National Bank and The Farmers
and Merchant8 Bank of Kilmamock Inc.
At a meeting of the Woman's Monu
ment Association *>f Essex Co. the fol
lowing resolutions were adopted.
Reaolved, That we offer to Mrs. Grift
Edwards.Major Gen. Confederate Choir,
and to the ladies of Lancaster Confed?
erate Choir our warm thanks for their
presence, and the spirited singing of
the old war aongs so dear to the hearts
of all of us.
Resolved, That we tender to Mr. W.
McD. Lee our most appreciative thanks
for hia earneat and wholly unselfish ef
forts to make unveiling day the corapleto
succeas all preaent conceded (t to be.
Resolved, That we tender to Wheal
ton Band for the music bo freely given
our united thanks. We fully appreciate
their efforts and kindneas in being with
us. '
Resolved, That we thank the visiting
ofTicers, Capt. Enoch R. Gale, Lieuts.
Mitchell, Waring, Hechel and Scarsh,
and the soldiers of their commands, for
the inspirations and enthusiasm their
presence lent the occasion, for their
salutes of cannon and rifles which stirred
in many of us memories of sterner
Resolved, That to the dear old Vet
erans we jpive our loving thanks for the
salutes to the memory of the living and
dead comrades who fought with them
on many bloody fielda, We bow our
heads in honor of those who wore the
"Grey" and carried the Red Cross ban
ner over so many victorious fields.
Resolved. That to the people of cur
county and Tappahannock, we'extend
hands of congratulationa and thanks
for their splendid response to feed the
multitude so that none went away hun
Resolved, That we extend to the editor
of the Tidewater Democrat our warro
appreciation and remembrance of his
unfailing courtesy in giving us freely
space for all printed matter of our As
sociation thro' the seven years of our
Emma C. Wright,
Secretary of Woman's Monument Asso*
ciation of Essex County.
The Road To Snccess
haa many olmtruction.s, but none ho ii?wi>?rate as
poor h?-alth. Succchx today demanda heulth. but
Klectrie Bittera is the g-reatest health builder the
W?rld haa ever known. It coinpel.i perf?vt action
of stomach. liver. kidiieyn. bowela. puritie.s and
MhlM the bloud. and touvs and invururatea the
whule aystem. Vigorous hudy and k?*"n brain
fuiluw tiieir une. You can'tatfurd to alig-ht Elec
trii- Kittein if wt-;ik, run-down or airkly. Only
60c. Guaranltted by all druiotiat*.
Rev. Joseph Wesley Shackford,
preaiding elder of the Lynchburg Dis
trict of the Methodist church, and a
member of the Virginia Conference for
thirty-five years, dropped dead Saturday
afternoon at Early Chapel, Bedford
county, while he was cal'.ing the roll
for the last quarterly conference of
that charge. He had called but one
name when his penci) slipped from his
hand and his head fell forward. When
tha congregation rushed to him he was
dead. Mr. Shackford was a native of
King and Queen county, born July 21,
1848. Mr. ShacKford married MiasCora
Kingsberry, at Oxford, M. C, Novem
ber, 1875. She died years ago. He is
survived by thefollowing children: Mrs.
S. B. Walker, of Westmoreland county;
Mrs. Joseph E. Johnston, of Farmville;
Mrs. G. W. Dyer, of Naahville. Tenn.;
Rev. John W. Shackford. of Lynchburg,
and Theodore Shackford, also of Lynch?
burg. Interment was at Oxford, N. C.
E H Bnrrett has movt J bis saw-mill
from thisplace to Harvaya Neck.
R*-v. Mr Littsinger wss here Sunday.
Miss Lottie Snow visited relatives at
Heathsville not long sinee.
J. A. Newbert has opaned h a oyster
houa'at Blackwell. Mr. N. is always
the first packer on the Great Wicomico
river to commence business. The pack
ing house at Rowe's wharf will open in
a few weeks.
V. and D. Kelley, of Byrdton, have
moved in their dwelling on Tipers Creek
wbile tbey are fall fiahing on the river.
W. A. Rowe expects to open up an
insurance and real estate office at
Rowe's wharf in October. Burk.
Little Paul Norton had the mlsfortune
to break his heg Monday and is suffer
ing intenscly from same.
Miss Addie Haydon returned home
last Thursday, after several weeks' stay
in Mary land, accompanied by her cousin,
Mrs. Addie Windsor.
Miss Grace Pinckard left Saturday
for a week's stay in Norfolk.
Wilmer Joyner left Tuesday for
Mrs. Griffin Lewis is quite indisposed
at this writing.
Mra. Peyton Carter, who has been
sick. we are glad to report is out again.
Mrs. C. P. Carter and little son,
Calvin, left last Wedneaday to visit
friends and relatives in Richmond.
Mrs. Buck and two chlldren, of Bal?
timore, areviaiting Mrs. Carrle Pouder
this week.
Thoseon the sick list are: Mrs. Char
lotte George and Mrs. Jabez Luttrell.
Our prayer meetings and Sunday
schoolahaveopened up again after being
closed for the revival meetings. We
hope we will have largerattendance this
fall and winter than ever. Come out
and let's make our meeting interesting
and worth something.
B. L. Gill is in Baltimore this week
on business. Early Rose.
Rev. and Mrs. Jsaac Marsh visited
their^auRhter, Mrs. W. R. Sauerhoof,
in Pleets Bay neck, Saturday, return
ing Monday.
Ryland Forreater, who has been at
work at Taf t for awhile, visited his pa
rental home here Sunday and Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Marsh visited
the lady's sister, Mrs. Geo. Harper, at
Ottoman. Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ward and Oscar
Neal and son, Judson, all of near
Heathsville, visited th.? family of An
dtew Kiee Sunday.
SH. W. Hurst. of Wieomieo Church,
visited friends here Monday evening.
Miss Beasie Ashburne was re ?eiving
birthday presents Saturday.
Our aick brother. W. J. Marsh. im
proves very alowly.
Dawson Brothers have taken thecaka
for coon hunting, having caught flve In
one tree one day last week. while the
writer walks off with the booby prize
for squirrel hunting.T
We read in last week's Citizen that
Lieut. Peary said: "I have nailed the
Stars and Stripea to the North Pole."
We would like to ask what kind of
wood that pole is made of. It must be
valuable timber, as it has been sought
ufter for a long time. but the saw-mill
men ought not to know it. as good tim?
ber is scarce now. U and I.
The High School at Wicomico Church
opened Monday with Prof. Lindsey as
principal. Other schools will open next
The school truatee electoral board of
Northumberland county decided that
there isto be no consolidation of schools
in Heathaville DistricL The Heaths
ville board, at its August meeting, de?
cided to close several of the nearby
schools, add to the Heathaville High
School, and procure wagons to bring in
the children from the surrounding
country. The idea, however, did not
meet with the approval of many of the
patrons of the schools that were to be
closed, and an appeal was taken to the
trustee electoral board, which sustained
the patrons.
Night On Kald Mountaia
On a lonely niglit Alex. Benton of Port Edward.
N-Y. climbad Bald Mountain to the home of a
neitfhbor. tortured by Aathma. bent on curinR
him with Dr. Kingr'a New Diacovery. that had
cured hims.-lf of asthma. Thia wonderful medi"
ctne tvxi relievnd and quickly cured hia neiirhbor.
Later It cured hia *>n '* wife of a aevere lung
troubte. Millions belif ve iu the irreateat Throat
and I.unjr cure on Earth. Coutrhs. Coldn. Oroup,
Hemorrharea and Sore I.unira are aurely cured
byit. Bent for Hay Fever. Grip and Whoopin?
Coujrh. Srtc and $1.00. Trial bottle free. Guaran*
teed by all drumriata.
Richmond is to have a new daily
"State newspaper" which will ring
more of fairness and independence than
any other paper in that city, according
to a Statement made by Rev. Mr. James
Cannon, jr.
According to Rev. Mr. Cannon it ia
the purpose of the backersof the pap?
er to organize a company with a capi
tal stock of not leaa thau $125,000.
He hopea to raiae $150,000.
Fifteen skeletons, lying together in
auch a position as to indicate hasty
burial, and three Engiish copper coins,
bearing the date 1729, were found dur
ing the excavating for the United
States Medical School Hospital, near
Saulisbury, Md. It ia believed the dis
covery brings to light aome Indian or
piratical tragedy of early American
Beware of Oiutnents for < atatrh
that? oiitaln Mercury,
as mercury will aurely deatroy the senae of smell
and completely derana-ethe whole ayatem when
entering- it through tha mueoua aurfacea. Such
articlea ahould never be used except on preacrip
tions from rvpiituhle phyaiciana. an tha danuure
they will do l? tenfoid to the good you can poasi.
bly derive from td. m. Ilall'a CatarrhCure. nianu
factured by F. J. Cheney A Co.. Totedo. O.. con
tain? no mercury. and ia takan internally. actlne;
dlrectty upon the blood and mueoua aSBf acaa of
the aystehi. In buyina Halla Catarrh Cure be
aure you ?et the grsnuine. Tt Ia taken internally
and made in Tolmio. Ohio. by F. J. Cheney A Co
Teatimoniala free.
Sold by Druaa*i*ta. Price. 75c. perAattla.
Taka Hail's Faanily Pilla for conatipatioo.
L'ndenlably Tankee grlt hasconquer
ed the froz?n oortb, and there haa been
created a coinckience such as the world
will never aee again.
Two Americans have planted the Hag
of their country in the land of ice,
which man has sought to penetrate for
four centuries. and each, ignorant of
the other's conquest, has flashed within
a period of five days a laconic message
of success to the waiting world.
Cook in his first roessage to his
countrymen was brief; Peary was even
briefer, but speXrific. "Stara and
Stripes nailed to the North Pole," he
said. That was all, but never before
have so few words conveyed to a people
a greater meaning or a greater patriot
ic satisfaction. There was no qualiii.
cation; it left no doubt. U announced
unequivocally that he, had reached the
top of the world.
Thus two flags, with the Stars and
Stripes of the United States, are float
ing in the ice packs, proving the cour
age of intrepid Americans.
We could all wish that Perry had not
later supplemented his message with
ones eharging that Cook had not suc
ceeded, that he had handed us a "gold
H? With A Rash.
Tlie demand for that wonderful Stomach. l.iver
and Kidney cure. Dr. King-> New Lif.' I'ill.M is
aatoundinw. Drutrxist* aay they never saw the
like. lt'a becaune they never fajl U> cure Sour
Stomach. Consppatign. Jndiiteatior., Biliauaneos.
Jaudice, Sick Headache. Chillsand MaUruv Only
?6c at all dniflrgiat",
It would do some of you selfish old
cross-patches good if you spent more
time with children, and not so.much at
a card table and other time wasting
devicea. But whatever you do smile
about it. Be kind about it, smiles are
healthy like the sunshine and help to
lighten any load. ? Buster.
Care In Preparing Food.
In recent years sclentlsts have
proved that the value of food ia meaa
ured largely by its purity; the re
sult is the most stringent pure food
laws that have ever been known.
One food that has atood out promi
neptly aa a perfectly clean and pure
food and which was as pure before
the enactment of these laws as It
could posslbly be Is Quaker Oata;
conceded by the experts to be the Ideal
food for maktng atrength of muscle
and braln. The best and cheapest of
all fooda. The Quaker Oats Company
Ia the only manufacturer of oatmeal
that has satlsfactorily solved the prob
lem of removing the husks and black
apecka which are so annoying when
other brands are eaten.
For hot climates Quaker Oata is
packed in hermetically sealed Uns,
keeps fresh and sweet anywbere. 1
GOWArfS PREPARATION is abso'.ute pro
ln tion a|am*t pneumonia, coldi, croup,
coufbs, paias and soreneu in lun|s and
Ihroat Relieves st oore by destroyins tbe
Inflimmilion and confettion. Ktiemal
and penetratini. $100- 50c, JSc. All
milker, for sale cheap.
Irvington, Va.
I refer any one wanting to buy to
Will Thompson, Irvington.
? all kinds
anywhere on commission. Transporta
tion and insurance claims a specialty.
Aak for rates.
American Claims Agency,
Patterson Building, Baltimore, Md.
delivered on short notice.
J. Mayo Robinson,
Merry Point, Va.
FOR SALE-Beautifiri residence on
one of the coves of Carters Creek; 11
rooms, 2 halls; hot and cold water and
bath; much land; good orchard; barns
and out houses. etc. Address,
Va Citizen, Irvington, Va.
onnn white oakties. cut
? I I M j under tne oId specification,
VlUvV wanted in the next 30 days.
Will accept them in quantities 100 or
more at one landing. For prices and
full particulars write or 'phone
Brouns Store. Va.
width lt>.\ ft, to be sold aa the
owner has no use for her. Capacity
5 tons on 20 inch water. For further in
formation address I. N. Bussells,
Wicomico Church, Va.
COUNTED: Apply to
Chas. G. Snead, Agent,
Monaskon, Va.
B. Goldsmith,
Wholesalaand KetallDealer ln
Meu'g, Boys* and thlldren'a Readj
Made Clothing, tients' Farntgh
iBff Woods, Trunks, Yalises
And Umbrellas*
MarketOorner, Frederickaburg, Va.
house contains 1G rooma excellent
barn, capacity for 8 horses.
Also plenty of fruit on place. Excel?
lent situation for hotel or boarding.
For particulars apply to
L. E. Garrison,
Burgess Store, Va.
Or Farmers and Merchaats Bank of
Kilmarnock, Incorporated?lo
catedat Kilmarnock, in the('ount)
t?f Lancaster.Ktate of Virginia?at
l'tO'.i. madeto the State Corpora
tion Commisslon:
toaasaafl Dtsooasrta, $iw;r:0 7i)
Uverdrmfta unaecured, Vw &>
BMiiuiiiK honno. &.3U0 00
Other real eMate ovvneil. '?'\l II
ueaaasea and eheefca lor u?\t da**s
clearinga, apj ,|
l>ue from Nalional Danka, oh*:. m
l?ne rioaiBtate llarikf. rrivate Uank
crs and Trust Coiiii?auied, U?> H
Papenurreiiov. Mtt W
r raetioiiMl papeiTurn-ncy, tm-kel.sand
centa, H0 l:>
Gold eotn, M., r-(
Silvcrcotn, tjB ?
To.al, *I9U.;M0 IM
I'aidtal stock i?aid in. $;j noo yg
utulivid-'d uronta. lesa amount paid
tui iiiteivat.exiK'iisesuml taxes.
l'i(|iv!<l,ial <lt?|H?sMh soh
jeet tu< litHik. ? SltCt.lM ic
Bavlnaa dflMovtta, MJtt m
Time oerti&eateaofdepoalt, ?1,498 ?w
Cenltledouecks, 1 -r- 4:>
Cashler's nhnoki out
standintr. 288 86 - 162 M 10
Total, flMO.'UO 25
I. W. T. .laines. <"a<diler. do solemnly awear
IMttheabore isa true Htatenient ot the litmn
eia! coiulitioti ot Kai iie-i hhii.I Merchtmts iinnk
ol Kilfti.trnoek. liu'oi'|Mirisle<l. loeateii at Kil
murnock. in the County ot Lancaster State <if
\ 'rKin-a, at ihe eloae or buslneaaon the \-t
day of Scptenil.er. l'.*)!?. to the l.est <>f I!1V
knowlcdire and tielief.
W. T Jamks, Cashier.
( orre<J Attest;
H. II. II. Ili-BHAHli. .ih. ,> Uireitors.
Wai.tkr K. Hatiuway. \
OoUntjrof lattii-.i.Mei :
Sworn toand Hul>acrl*M<d befora roe l>y W T
.TaniC8.Caahler.this 11th duv of Septeml.er liKRi
M. W. Bmjob, Notarv Publle.
My cornudasion cxp res Febrnarv 'Si. IHll.
Of The Lancaster Natinnal Bank,
(No. 5,290) at Irrington, in the
State of Vlrtrinia, at the close of
hnsiness September 1st. 1909:
Lsaat and iliseotmts, $tK>..'>4~ 7*>
Overdrafta, secured and nnseeured, -itiw 74
r. s. HiiikIs to seowrc ctfeolatlon. SS.0U0 tm
Promlumson t.s. Bouda, l.nmim
Etanklns; hoiise. ftirnitureuuil tlxtnres. KJSOtl no
Ditetroin State und Prlvata Bankaaad
Itanker-, Tmst Cotapantes. und
Baviaaa itnnks. 2.111 K4
Doe iK.in tt|>|ir.i\(-i reSerVu agvnta, tt,44a n
< aeokaaod otheraaafa Itoaaa, IMS >
Notcaofotber Nattuaal lianks. ? |.sso 09
rnsotsoAal papercurfeucjr, nickela,
atnl i.-iits, b?| 14
l<a?'lnl Mon.-v inen? in Itank. \i/. ?
Bpeete, BUM 00
lA-KHl lendrr m-t. s. 830 to ?9001 {?.i
Iti ??!? iii|i 011 tnti.l w itli r S Tnaxoni
.?;?<?!eent ot elreulaf iom aJM 88
Total. MbsJM :rr
<'a|.it:tl Stork paM 111. $-.". HKItll
Suri.lil- tiin.l. Ill.ll,*, ,?,
l ii.ln kred i?roiltK, Icaa eaparam und
taxi'H l'unl, | ;is4 ^s
National Itunk notes outatandinir. 8&jBU0 o>i
Due other Nationul Itanks. 1 SM ; \
ladlvtdual dspoalta subject
to ctieek. $.">7..'.l:i 8s
Timeeertilteatesof dopoxit, :.'7.m>4 t.;
Ccrtitled cbecks, I.l'44 4J
Uasfaier'schocks uxrtatacdinfr. 1? *o n;.i^.s z;
Ilills pu>>ible, inelmjinjf Certitlcatea
of Depoall rbrmone* borrowed. .i.otio to
Total. $1Jm.?81 n?
State ot Virjrlnia. Coiint r of latneastur, *?.:
I. Howan t>. Boofc, t jtshier oT the above
nunied buuk.dn soleuiiilv swcur that tlieulxive
stuienient is trne to the best ol my knowiedire
an.l tielief.
Howaki) t). ItiKK, Cashicr.
Corroet Attesl:
W. L> MBSStCft, 1
John ('. Kwki.i,, l Uirt^tora.
\> . MoINMiAldi I.RK, 1
Kuhaerihed an?l sworn tobafaesSM this lltli
<lay of September. 1808.
Fhank <;. Nkwhm.i,. MoSary Paallc
Mvt'oin. expire.s A|ni. lltli. I'.Ul.
Sharps is the place to get the best
and cheapest goods, and as proof
look at these prices: Turkish bath
soap 20 cts. a dozen worth 40 cts.
Cuticura soap 18 cta.jg Colgate
Talcum powder 15 cts.
We sell Furniture, Cook Stoves,
and everything else found in an
up-to-date country store at rock
bottom prices.
Come to our store and if there
is anything wanted not in sight
ask for it; we are apt to have it.
No. 1 sapshinglesforsalecheap.
sharps; va.
Whichever You Need.
We have got the right kind and
the right size to fit you. It doea
not make any difTerence whether
you weigh one hundred or three
hundred pounds, we keep your
size always in stock and a variety
to pick from. Have just gotten
in our full Fall stock of men's
trousers with prices ranging
from $1 to $4.50 a pair. There
fore if you are in need of a
pair it will pay you to look
through our stock before mak
ing a purchase.
Schwartzman Bros.,
Tall Oaks rrom little Acorns grew.
IHjr KireMfroni lit tle Matchesclow ?
Tberefote, be wise and insure your
properiy hefore it is too late In the
Nohthkun Nkck Mutuai. Firk Abb'n
(Home ottU-e) Irvington, Va.
HST LeHs than balf the coat of old line
Buy your coal oll, Kavnlloe oll
and lubrtcatiufj olls froui as. We
guaranlee tull muaaure, and low
est wbolesale prices. Larpeware
bouse aud coruplele stock. We
pay casb for enipty oll harrela.
Agtnt Standard Oll V.o.,
Weem*. Va.
17th AiiiiiihI Se?*ion Hi-,n^
Hepti'inlier 1IO.
MRS. PAYNE, the Principal, will
be ably u.ssisted by Miss Bettie
Bookerand Mrs. .lame.s L. Motley.
A regular Academic Oours**?
Musir. Mathematics. Fngli.sh,
I.anjru.-ures and KUnutioii.
ISF" A Nortnal training t-ourso for
Teachers, and thorouph prepuration for
Teachers' exarninations.
Social and rnoral advantages of the
highest order.
Board and Tuition Moderate. For
fuither particulars apply to the Princi?
pal, Addie Veazy Payne,
Farnham, Va.
Bl.U KSBlht;. VA.
Degree courses in Agriculture, Horti
culture, Applied Chemistry, Applied
Geology, Civil, Mining, Mechanicaland
Electrical Engineering. Metallurgy and
Metallography, and Preparatory Veter
inary Medicine. Sixty-four Instructors,
Thoroughly Equipped Shops, Laborator
ies and Barns. Steam heating and elec
tric lights in dormitories. Library
12,000 volumes. Farm of 1,100 acres.
(One Year Coursefor Young Farrners.)
Tor.il cost o! se-sion of time monttis. iiiclud
IrSTtUltloa and otlier fces. Iioard, washniir. oni
lorms. nnsIi.Ml Httemlanee. 6*C, ?i"7?S.<?' Cost
to Viruinla stndeiits. $:.-j>, no
The next session opeiis Wedneaday.Suutotu
bertlst. iwoh.
i'At'l. II. ItAHUiMiElt.M. !>.. LL.DI 1'rcsidellt.
Randolph-Macon CoHege
DeliKhtfnl and hrtilthful looa
tli>n, l* mil.-a nontiof Kti-hmoud.
Henutifnl Campus. M?:<rUe
eoargvt owlng to endowmaota.
a. i. Rtwkw.ii. A.H., ix.a.. rn*.
Wa. 8. Mr.wt, 8m'j *J>4 Traa*. "
200 young men and women to take course in training
to till good paying offiee positions.
Write at once for particulars to DEPT. A.
J. M. RESSLER, President,
Collegiate Courses.
A Strong Preparatory School.
A School of Music under management of Experienced Direcfor, Prof. F.
Boarding Department for Young Ladies and Girls.
Boarding Department where a few boys can be accommodated.
Terma moderate. Next session begins September 16.
For catalogue or information, write
ItKV. JNO. R. ROSEBUO, Aothig Preaideut.
Fretleriekslmrjr, Va.
Irviiigtoii. Va
Judgk Jno. C. Ewkll, President. (No. 5200.) Howard O. Rock, Caahien
L. K. Mumford, Vice-President L T. Rock, jr., AsaiatantCaahier.
Additional Directora: J. F. Krllows, W. L. Messick and J. H. Whealton.
Heposits Solicited, Negotiable Paper Discounted.
No auiounta too auiall for deposits, and everv one ahould patronize thia home
institution by opening an kccount Interest paid on time deposits. All business
committed to our keepWJg held in atrict ooutidence.
Bank ooen frcm 9 a. m. to 3 o. m. tm\>\ Saiu?a)s. Satuidafs ficn. 9 a. m to li m

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