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. AUcoasaasmloatioxutsbuuM bea'lJrwMad U?
t*? Viatfiirsa.Oitisem. Irvlwrtou.Va.
HCO. Rock waa in Norfolk Sunday
aad tfeoday.
Clifford Kirknryer waa horne a day or
ao the paat week.
Hftia* Ida .Lokey is aaaisting E. F.
Thompaon in his ntore.
Mra. CA. Pembroke ia guest of Mias
LiUy Braf u??rton this week.
J. CarroU Harding had a valuable
horae to die one day but week.
Mrs. S. P;-Si?uaons apent Thuraday
with aer. brotaer. Chas. Kogews. at
Mrs. F. C.~r*ranx wa? called to the
bedside of her father in Baltimore on
Monday last. ^
L. E. Mumford and John Gooldman,
Jr.. well known bankers, were here Wed
n<wJay*?rn busineaa. t
Misa Ruth WtBtog lef t Monday for*
Baltimore to spead aeveral weeks with
her hrother. Howard.
ftfc Oliye/. will go to Sharps on Mon
day-tfght, 28th rnat.. to do dental work,
and will return on Friday's boat.
Among^ the recent aick are: Miss
M?du- Griffith, Mrs. W. McD. Lee,
Andrew Tarkngton's little child, L. T.
Rock, jr. _
Mis* Blanche Hammonda is suffering
from a aevere cut on the foot received
by?teppittg> on a piece of glasa tying
about tae yard._
W. A. Darneron & Bro., Weems, are
unloading a ^large ?argo of shinglea
from a achooner just from North Caro
lina and now have a good atock in all
aiaes and grades. *
Mra. B. F. Phillipa and Mrs. Mabel
Roberts. of Baltimore, Mra. B. Kim
bjrough aad Jas. A. Chowning. of Merry
Point, ware here Thursday on a little
outing. r|
-Mrs. Battle Tate and daughter. Mias
Mattie. aeturned to their home in Essex
SaturdajC . accompanied by Meadames
H. ). *n*^tfm. T, Dyke, daughters and
wietata reapectively.
rZ* ..?.
"Tompkin'a Hired Man" was rendered
by V-'Waaros troupe here Wednesday
rugirt to 'a repraeantative audience,
netwithatanding so.-many had seen it
the Week before at Weems.
> LQST-i-Irj Irrington, and probab'y
between J. C. Brewington's house and
R. W. Hardiog's gmte, one enameled
cufT-button, green with IHly-of-the
valley on it Finder will be rewarded
for same at Citizen office.
The dwellmg of A. James. Sr., near
here, narrowly escaped destniction by
tire Wedneaday when sparka fell on the
kitchen. ignited and but for the timely
Work of Jaa. Sanders and others would
have gotten beyond control.
Messra. Herraan and Rehan, who
have been giving entertainments in
this and adjoining counties the past
month or more, will be at the Opera
House here neart week, beginning Mon~
day ' night. These entertainers come
bighly reoommended. and complimented
by the best people in the villages where
they have been for the excellency and
moral tone of their performances.
Mrs. M. J. Parron, relict of Henry
Pavron, sof Essex, siater of i the late
Traasurer Wm. H. Street of the same
county, aad kinswoman of Dr. W. J.
Newbill, MN. ^ P. Simroona and othars
of this sactioo. died Monday night at
the home of Dr. Newbill, at Irvington,
of aeutt> indigsstioo. The deceased was
in her seventieth year. Her firat mar?
riage was to Wm- Saunders, twin
brother of the late Jaa. P. Saunders, of
Litwaltoo, and fathrr of Jaa. T.
Saunders, wellknown in this section.
Intenwent waa on Wedneaday in the
famrtyourying grbund on the borders
of Easex and Middlesex counties. Mrs.
?Parroo was a merqber of the Baptist
denomination,, a woman of great social
gffts. the ernbodiment of "David
Harum" horse-senae and one who kept
companiona in mirth and good spirits by.
' her dry wit and unbounded good humor
She will be greatly missed by the large
circle of kinafolk and acquaintences in
the JoWer Rappahannock Valley.
Dr. H. M. Wharton, of Baltimore,
will deliver two of his entertaining and
bamorous lectures in this county in
April. The first will be at Kilmaroock
Wednesday night; April 6th, the sub
ject being "Don't Knock Push,"andthe
i/ther at Irvington the following night,
?tb, subject *?The Man in the Moon."
Dt. Wharton has giv?*n these lectures
in aome of the largeat cities in this
country,.and in Bajtimore, where best
kr.own4 he cannot procure a building
large-anougb to htfkf the aodience that
would attend. Atftission 25 cents and
15 cents. Proceedir to go to the build?
ing. fund of the nagr Baptist church at
In recopying our aubacription list
receatly?~-which- -took three persons
nearly three daya, we were struck by
the number.of aapers going to such a
great tlistance. Twenty-five states are
rnlawyt) frntp the Canadian border ta
the Gtttf atf Mexico in the east not a'
?tate ia skipped and on the Pacific coast
California,- Washington and Alaska are
takan in. In addition to these we. have
raadera ia Porto Rtco, Philippinea, Dis
triJrt of Cotumbia, Alaska, Canada and
A NotvSttbscriber.
A Texas editor refuses to publish
obttuary notieea of people who, wbile
">ing, failed to subscribe for his paper
and gives this pointed reason: "People
who do not take their home paper are
d<ad auyway and their paasing away
has no news value."
The law requires pound licenaes to be
takeo out before driving stakes. Under
the law po ftaherman has a clame to his
atand until Kcense is proeured. and
there is a heavy penalty for failure to
get iicense. J. R. Gxksham,
The farmers around here are buay
preparing their land and plarrting early
Messrs. Courtney and Walker have
rented " White Hall" farm. These men
are the real stuff and expect to do
considerable trucking
Miss Annie Haynes, of Sutfolk, ia
visiting relations and frienda here.
A crowd of young folka visited the
home of E. B. Dodson Sunday aad from
there went to Urbanna.
Many thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Harlie
Haxxard for the party given' Tueaday
ntght bcfore last. All present report
having had a good time.
Fleet Dodson speot Sunday last with
hrsbrothera, E. B. and E. A. Dodson,
at Beach creek.
Mra. C. O. Brooks and little daUghter
are visiting relatives here this week.
Oscar Ashburn has lumber in place
to make quite a? large addjtion to hia
dwelling. . ,t . .., k,.
The Methodists here cohtemplate giv
ing the Sdnday school and the Ander
son Society an excuraioo to some point
on the bay in the early spring.
The family of Jack Hall has rnoved
to the home owned by Ernest Ashburn,
near the Presbyterian church.
Preaching service at the Baptist
chapel waa largely attended on Sunday
night, quite a number of visitors from
a distance being present.
Mr. and Mra. James Haydon were
calling on friends in Irvington Monday.
Mrs. J. Carson Owens, of Norfolk, is
visiting her parental home here.
Chas. Ashburn has just gotten out
after several weeks' suffering from
rheumatistn and unable to Wear a shoe.
Misaes Susie Chilton and Lila Combs
spent Saturday at Wicomiro, theguests
of Miss Lottie Snow.
Mr. Luttrell and family, of Reho
both Church, and Jim Stakes, of Kil?
marnock. were at the home of J. H.
Davenport Sunday.
Missea Eunice Sanders and Grace
Hinton attended the party at the home
of W. S. Diller. at Rehoboth Church,
last Thursday week, remaining the
week end with the latter's sister, Mrs.
Everett Crowder.
Mra. C. T. Pierce and two children
are spending a few days with the for
mer's parents, Rev. and Mrs. L. R.
Mrs. Atticus James was at her. pa
rental home here on Sunday and Mon?
day last. 1 v*
Prof. Brent, of Wicomico, spent Sun?
day with his family here.
We.a.re glad to report Mrs. Harding as
havingVecovered from her f ecent aevere
fall and able toagain walk around.
Messrs. Norton and Stockton Beane,
of Rehoboth Church, and Hinton, of
Lara, were all callera at the home of
Capt. Lee Sanders last Sunday evening.
Our peopleare getting busy around
here. The husthng Mr. Johneon ia
making big preparations for the herring
and roe busmeai.
, I feel a little uneasy for some of our
farmera for they are diving deep in the
pbtato buaiaeee.
It is rumored that we are some day
going to hav-e a fish factory oa Cbarry
Point. Let the good work go on, the
more the merrier.
Dr. Hubbard's fine horae fell over
board Monday when they atfeempted to
board the steamer with him. We hope
be is not seriously hurt.
Henry Kampa and Miases Oliene
and ?ana Williams boarded steamer
here Monday for Baltimore and Waah
D. B. Robertaon shipped 3*) fine shad.
from here Monday.
Late arrivals at the White Stone
Beach Hotel; Will Smitb. R. F. Qmo
hundro, A. S. Snart, Miss Helen Chih
ton. J. T. Yerby and wife, J. E. John
son, Chas. F. Guynaud and A. L. Win
IT.?> lata for laat iaaua.)
Misa Grace Cottingham has returned
home aftex a most pleasant visit to
relatives in Baltimore and Govanatown,
E. G. Milla, of Saliabury. Md., is
visiting E. P. McGinnesa. Mr. Milla
sold to Farley Bros. the remaining
portion of Oak Hill farra and is trying
to dispose of his saw-roill. in order to
close out his timber business and will
return to Salisbury to live,
B. B. Warwick and family moved to
Litwalton last week.
A most pleasant entertainment waa
given Friday night before last in the
Hall here by the pupils of the High
school. Quite a good sum waa realized.
We are inforraed that Senator John
W. Daniel, who recently suffered an
attack of paralysis. at Day tona, Fla.,
had been on an automobile trip with
Dr. and Mrs. Wm. C. Chowning and.
Miss Alice Btattemore. A half hour
after Iheir return f>r. Chowning was
summohed to the Sehator'a bedaide
and found him suffering with paralysis
of the right aide.
Geo. Cottingham is cooflned to the
house at this writing suffering with
another aevere cold.
Trucleing is going.: on extensively
here. Most of the early potatoes, peas
and sreail seed have been planted.
Peas are up. but not doing so well,
owing to the few'raw days.
Mrs. J. W. Pearson (hee Philrpa) died
at her home on Myers Creek, near Ot
toman, after an illneaa of ten days from
double pneumonia. She leavea a hus
band and five brothers. Her four sia
ters all died with pneumonia. Her re
mains were buried at Jerusalem church,
Richmond county. Mr. Pearson was
confined to the house at the time of his
wife's death. He was recovering from
a mild attack of pneumonia and Mra.
pearson had been nursing her husband
when she contracted the diseaae. All
sympathize rnbat heartily with Mr.
Pearson and his family, and we are
eorry to lose one of our best and most
useful neighbora.
Pure-bred Barred and Buff Plymouth
Rock hen eggs for sale.
Notice of atallion making the coming
season in Lancaater and . Northuiaber
The attefldaoee tt court Monday was
large, eepecially the colored folks out.
Court ww not called until early after
aoon. which gaVe an opportunity for
social greetings and outside buainess
transactions before the legal work was
The following grand jury was em
pannelled: L. M. Flippo, W. G. Fox
well, Geo. W. Meekins, Royston Mairh,
Jno. W. Mitchell, Geo. H. Jenkins, E.
T. Dobyns, W. A. Palmer and Wm. H.
The case of Ball va. Thomas set for
Thursday 10 a. m.
Grand jury found the following in
dictment: Commonwealth va. James
donea, felonv. True bill.
?Venire in the case of W. O. Harding
was quashed and a new venire selected.
Ground, that a juror waa a relative of
the accused.
Reports and settlements of Silas
Powell, guardian of Bennie Powell; Geo.
Tujvier, guardian of Curtis Ransome;
Robt. Pope, committee of Olivia Pope;
Frank Newbill, administrator of eatate
of Lucy Ashburn; F. W. Lewis, execu
tor of Jamea Sandera; Jos. Pierce, trus
tee in the Rhone Carttr trust; Ernest
W. Gresham, trustee in the G. E. and
A. W. Edwards trust; W. T. Jamea.
trqalee in the H. B. Treakle trust, were
confirmed and ordered to record.
Dr." F. *W. Lewia wa* relieved of
erroneoua aasessment of land, as were
alao Wm. H. Kirk and .1. A. Lewis for
the years 1908 and 9.
The venire having been completed
the case of W. O. Harding was called
af 4:30 p. m. The jurors having been
interrogated by the Judge, T. J. Down
ing moved to quaah the indictment.
Motion overruled.
In the case of the Commonwealth vs.
W* O. Harding for violation of the
locaf option laws in which Hiram Wood
was witness, Harding was acquitted.
The court was thrown into great con
fusion on Thursday morning becauae of
misunderstanding between the plaintiff
and fiia attorneys in the Ball vs. Thom
as case. The officers were ordered by
the court to stop summoning special
juror* at the suggestion of the plain
tiff's attorneys, but when plaintiff
reached court he could not understand
why such procedure. Upon inotion to
conttnue the case the court set the same
for Thursday, April 7th.
All criminal cases not tried were con
tinued to next term of court.
Af ter entering up several chancery
decrees the cou t adjourned until April
7th, when the Thomas case is set for
Fishingsteamers Tangier and Wacker
of the Indian Creek Ferrilizer works,
is heing overhaujed in Baltimore.
Br. M. M.Walker. of Montross, was
lately taken aeraouajy and.auddenly ill.
He haa returned from Johna-Hopkins
hoapital in a state of helplesaneaa.
? ??
Rev. J. W. S. Robins, who recenUy
undarwent a serioua operation, is re
ported aa doing finely. lt ia expected
that he will be able to leave the Norfolk
hoapital in a few days.
- Ixmia- vSchmidt, of Oscebla, Wis., has
bought 835 acres of land in Middlesex
county, on the Rappahannock river,
near the poatoffice of Topping. He
wiH shortly move to his farm. Mr.
Schmidt made inquiriea of the Depart
ment of Agriculture.
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Towles and
daughter, Mildredf of Reedville, are
visiting the former's parental home at
Towles Point. They were met at Ir
vington by Mj,,Tpwlea,..mothef, aiaters
and brdther Thuraday. From there Mr.
Towles will go to Peteraburg on jjrofea
sional busineaa.
The . Richmond Times-Dispatch un
limbered on the Richmond Virginian in
a three-column editorial, and the Vir?
ginian. replied in a sprjghtly little aflfair
of f\ve colurqns. I f this pace is kept
up, the 60,000,000-miie tail of Halley's
comet will seem a mere aquib to Rich
monders when it arrives.?Norfolk
Speakingof the murder among negroes
there the Urbanna Sentinel says:
"Waahingto.i (or Hodge) came here
some seventeen years ago from Lan
caster county and has been considered
a respectable and hard working colored
man. Wood (the murderer) is the son
of Joe Wood, a prosperous and respect?
able colored farmer living near Stor
mont, but his son haa a bad reputation
and is well known in police court here.
Wood has been at large until thia morn
ing (Thursday), when he gave himself
up to Sergeant Palmer, and was taken
to jail.
The music loving people of Beuna
Vista have had a number of opportuni
ties to hear some good music at the
Southern Seminary, but never before
at a pupils' recital has such an excellent
program been offered as that of last
Monday evening. The auditorium was
well filled and the audience an attentive
one, and it showed their appreciation
of the work pf the young ladies by
liber?4 appl?l}se. The whole program
was giwd and; those whose work is to
be eapecia'Hy Ht/mmended are worthy of
all the pralse they received. The fea
ture of th? avening was the work of
Misses Grace and Rubenette Lee. Theae
two young ladies have splendid voices
and they have been well trained, and
are among the graduates in vocal music'
this year. It has always been a pleas
ure to Hsten to these young ladies when
they sing and on Monday evening it
was a greater pleasure than usual.
Mias Grace Lee aang d'Hardelot's "All
for You;" Mias Rubenette Lee'a aolo
waa "On Silent Woodland Paths."
They also aang a duet, Roasini's Vene
tiaa Regetta, and both were in the
quartette that closed the program.
Ben Bolt waa the eelection and Miss
Brower, Mias Holtz and the Misaea Lee
aang it in a rnanner which madea fitting
cloae to the delightful evening. ? Buena
Vista Timea.
I will Chis aeason conduct millinery
over the atore of T. O. Smither, Kilmar
nock. At preaent I am in Baltimore
selecting atock and acquainting myself
with the latest and most up-to-date
styles, but will return in time to be
ready to aerveyoa about April 1st. With
an altogether new stock I will be better
prepared than for a long time to please
my friends and customers.
tm (Miss) LomsE Pai.mkk.
Mr. and Mrs. Farmer Lackey, of
Browns Store, visited Mr. and Mrs.
Lloyd Jonea Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs Harry Conley, of Wi
comico Church. spent Sunday at the
latter's parental home. Mrs. Conley is?
spending the week.
We always like to see strangers in
our neighborhood, but we hope the
next time the sports from Wicomico
and Kilmarnock pay us a visit they will
not take the Chapel for a music hall.
The Ladies' League will hold an en
tertainment here on March 29th, for
benefit of the Chapel. Everybody wel
come. Pinkey.
Paul Gray left for New York a week
ago, where he expects to work. Mra.
Gray will follow this week. They will
be greatly missed by the people.
Alpha Walker purchased another
qunrter of an acre of land from Mr.
Willie Robinson on the road front.
Fishing steamer Cheaapeake left
Wednesday for Baltimore for repairs.
Quite anumber of ladiea wentupon her.
Mrs. Mollie Marsh and Mrs. Wayland
Marsh. of Miakimon, with Mrs. Lens
Po'i'ell, spent last Thur3day with Mra.
Willie Robinson.
Mra. Alpha Walker and children, and
Capt. Ben Evans and family. are in
Spring has come with all her beauty
and the birds are singing merrily on
the boughs of the trees, while across
the fields you can see the green grass
8pringinpc forth, the trees budding and
the flowers blooming in all their lcvli
ness. Farmers have a cheerful smile
on their faces as they step behind
their horses turning the soil, biddiog
the winter "Goodbye" and the spring
a happy return.
Mrs. Walter Sauerhoff, of Kilmar
nock, visited her parental home here
The Goad Lumber Co., are moving
their mill to E. J. Marsh 'a tract of
timber, purchased of William Fallin
near this place.
Booker Sampson and Elgin Forrester
have each purchased a yoke of oxen,
expecting to haul for E. J. Marsh.
Mollie Marsh has returned from a
visit to friends at Reedville.
Lolis Forrester and Evelyn Cockrell
spent a few days of last week with
relatives at Wicomico Church.
Carpenter A. A. Ashburnc is at Lara
at work for Philip Thomas.
Michael Kicrnan has resigned his po
sition at G. M. Beane's saw-mill.
Rev. W. F. Dunaway filled his regu
lar appointment at Provfdence Sunday.
Floyd Davis expeets to buy a moto
cycle soon.
M. Gill & Bro. have purchased some
fine 8tock recently. One of the animals
has very long ears and an unusual voice,
being a mixture, only accentuated, of a
creaking wheelbarrow and a great fog
What'a the matter with Idlewild?
Why doesn't he arouse himaelf and
instruct us aome more? Perhaps he ia
concentratinghis eloquence upon a single
auditor, which, of courae, is infinitely
more pleaaant than preaching to the
motley multitude.
Why haa F. S. Thrift, of Brown'a
Store, lately taken to atyle so atrenously?
It is gratifying to every true aon of
Virginia (and especialy the aelf-expa
triated onea like our friend S. Roland
Hall) to note the development of our
State and section. Our people have
gone to work and have been building
the foundationa of material presperity.
ao that now we are bloaaoming out
somewhat into culture, art (architectural
more eapecially) andaport. Juat think
of a 60 feet yacht to be huilt by native
?'Uncle" Wm. \{arsh was at church
Sunday. Uncle Wm. says everybody
had figured on his being dead long
before this, but there he was. The
writer, however, did not think a slight
attack of Bright'a disease would knock
him out when seven Yankee bullets
only had the effect of making him a
fiercer and braver soldier than ever.
A jovial swain of Lively passed
through the neighborhood Sunday and
expressed himself as having resolved
to fling away bachelorhood in the near
future. May success and happiness at
tend his efforts in that direction.
The Confederate Choir of Lancaster
county will hold a meeting at Kilmar
nock Saturday morning, March 26th, at
10 a. m. A full attendance is requeated
aa it is an important meeting.
In caae of affliction to the State by
death of Senator Daniel, ex-Governor
Swanson will be the only man seriously
considered for his place. Congreasrna.n,
Flood and Speaker Byrd wil| potctppoaa
Mr. S,wansp,n,.
The national political weather cock
turned Democratward in Massachusetts
this week when the Old Colony section,
one of the Republiean strongholds of
the State, placed Eugene N. Foss, of
Boston, in the congressional ?eat of
Judge Wiliiam C. Lovering. Mr. Foss
accomplished what was regarded as
almoat a political miracle, turning a
Republiean plurality of 14,250 into a
Democratic victory of 5,640.
Through the courteay of Senator
Martin the Citizen has received a sup
ply of aeed from the U. S. Agricultural
Department, which will be dispensed to
those calling at our office or writing us
a postal.
KlLMARNOCK, Va.. March 14, 1910.
Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Porter:
Having installed in your house bath
tub, closet, and basin with hot and cold
water, I write to aak how you like the
work, etc., etc?
Thanking you for past favors, we are,
Very respectfully,
J as. M. Brent & Son,
The Pump Men.
KlLMARNOOK, Va., March 14. 1910.
Jas. M. Brent & Son, The Pump Men:
Dear SlRSr-Replying toyours of 14th
inat. would say the work you placed in
my houae is perfectly aatiafactory in
both material and workmanahip. Hop
ing you succesa. we are,
Very respectfully,
R. M. Porter andWife.
Y.' *
g*'?^ hot biscult,
:*? hot breads,
v* pastry, are
w lessened in cost
?>' and increased
in quaiity and
BaKiiKf P?$mtei
R4tlra> tlia* frwvrl ?ft ?.~_ ^
Bake the food at home
and save money
and health
The largest official board of Lancas
ter Circuit which has aasembled for
years met at the parsonage on Monday,
the 21 at, at 10 a. m. The meeting waa
called by the popular preaiding elder,
Rev. W. G. Boggs. All the businesa
of the quarterly conference was very
interesting and reporta show the circuit
to be in a prosperous condition. The
following names were added to the roll
of parsonage trustees?Geo. R. McKen
ney, J. A. Shriner and Wm. Webb?
and delegates elected to the District
conference were as follows: Geo. R.
McKenney, J. A. Shriner and Wm.
Webb; alternates, B. L. Potter, O. J.
Shelton and Pelham Delano. Wayland
Yerby waa elected ateward for Kilmar
nock church. Edgely church fumiahed
a most excellent dinner to the con?
In memory of Miss J. C. Rock, who
paased away in the charm of her youth
and beauty.
It seemed life's roses were for her
And gave to her their fragrance sweet,
And every balmy wind that blew
Scattered their incensc at her feet.
The sunny side was hers to take,
But calmly meeting shade, or light,
Her amile dispelled impending gloom
And made the hours with gladness
Life offered her ita nectaraweet,
Distillcd from vintagefresh and pure,
Life holda for her a memory deep
Fraught with Love's blessing to
endure. -
Even the music of the spheres
Had reached her, and left glorious
Then angels came and bore her hence
To where the light of Heaven gleams.
For U8, who wait and watch on here
Her radiance shines-though from afar;
While before her spreada the Glittering
And above her shines the Morning Star.
A Friend.
Plymouth Rocka. 50c per sctting of
13, at my house.
Mrs. E. E. Lawson.
White Stone, Va.
mouth Rock eggs for sale at $1
per setting of 15.
Mrs. John Winegar, Jr..
Ocran, Va,.
' bushels seed qysters., 2 ia 3 years
olq, 20 cer\ta a Dushelf. o. h. vessel.
T- B. Mabston. Tappahannock, or
Marsthin & Cocjcreix, Tipera, Va.
Grest Wicomiea river. House and
all Mitbuildings good. Small busi
ness goes with it. Good chance for
young man. Addresa
"K," care Virginia Citizkn,
Irvington, Va.
Rouen Duck Egga, $1 per dozen.
Kent Ialand Gooae Eggs. 15c each.
Partridge Cochin Hen Eggs, $1 perdoz.
Plymouth Rock Hen Eggs, $1 per doz.
Apply to W. T. Baldwin James,
"Cool Spring Farm," Taft. Va.
Eggs for hatching, $1.00 for 15.
Mrs. Margaret Shay,
White Stone, Va,
ried man to take charge of farm
(year 1911) situated in kwer Nor
thumberland county, Va. For further
information apply to
HAYWE & Hamilton,
Ophelia, Va.
.????^^i i i ? ?^???^?^Bsjaaasassaaae
all neceasary out-buildinga. Store
houae 24x40 with grocery and
clothing rooms adioining. All in firat
class condition, with fouracres land. For
aale or rent on eaay terma. For fur?
ther informrtion appiy to
W. E. HEADLEY, Agt..
**? Sharps, Va.
breeds colds, pains in the lunga,
then pneumoma. Gowan'sPrep
aration givcs quick relief by de
stroying inflammation and con
gestion. Acts like magic for
croup and coughs. External and
penetrating. Bu v today and feel
secure. All druggists. $1.00,50c,
The young Hannis stallion, "High
Ball," haa been purchaaed from Capt.
Frank B. Cooper and will make the
seaaon in Lancaater and Northumber
land, beginnang March 21at. Head
quartera for Lancaater. White Stjne,
and for Northumberland, Burgeaa Store!
For further information address
Mii.ton Gaskins, Owner,
Molusk. Va.
You are in Need of Help
come now and get your share of the
bargains we have to offer in every line
of merchandise.
Just received a large lot of shingles
from a mill in North Carolina. We are
selling these cheaper than ever.
Our prices cannot be duplicated. We
8cll for cash or produce.
Over one hundred varieties of Roaes,
and other plants in great variety. Fif
teen choice Roaes or 20 Geraniums for $1.
Alao Cut Flowers and Floral Designs.
New Spring Catalogue free.
The Govcrnmcnt pays Raiiway Mail
CIcrks $800 to $1,200, and other
cmployccs up to $2,500 annually.
Uncle Sam will hold examinations
throughout the country for Railway
Mail Clerks, Custom House Clerks,
Stenographers, Bookkeepers, Depart
mental Clerks and other Government
Positions. Thousands of appointments
will bemade. Any man or womanover
18, in City or Country can get Instruc
tion and free information by writing at
once to the Bureau of Instruction. 250
R Hamlin Building, Rochester, N. Y.
Parenta who are particular
of their boys* olothing can find
at our storea the very thing
they are looking for,
As we have just received an entire
new stock of boys* clothing for
this season, made up strong, stylish
and handsome with sizes to fit
from 3 up to 17 years.
At the price we charge for them
no other concern can offer such
That is why we ask you to come
here for your boys* clothing.
Schwartzman Bros.,
/^fwflojt? Indj aaxTfc\
Grass and
Clover Seeds
are best qualities obtainable, of
tested germination and free from
objectionable weed seeds.
Wood's Seed Book for 1910
gives the fullest information a
boutall Farmand Garden Seeda.
espeeially about Grasaea and Clov
ers, the kinds to sow and the best
way to sow them for successful
standa and erops.
WOOD'S SEEDS have been
sown for more than thirty years in
ever increasing quantities, by the
best and moat successful farmers.
Wood'a Sead Book mailed free
on request. Wrlte for it.
T. W. W000 & SONS,
V/\| Richmond, ? Virginia. \rJ
No amount too small to begin with. If you are
looking for investment our interest bear
iDg time deposit system is the
safest and best. We solicit
your patronatje.
Negotial>le Papers I3iseotir*ted.
John B. Hinton. President. John A. Haynie. Vice Pr^sident
Frank C. Jett, Cashier.
(More than Sixty Stockholdera.)
Monday, February 21st, 1910,
and solicits yota pateonaga ?ith the iuwirance of its abilitv to
J B Hinton. J. A. Hayn.e. Ceo. n. Reei>>
Wm. Bumoott, T. H. Fallin, r H Chilton
G. 11. McNeal, J. c. Fisher, W. C*. Snow '
E. H. Smith. W. L. Russell,
^Baltimore Reserve Depository: Citizens National Bank.
H. 10 & 15! E. Baltimore St.,
Baltimore, Md.
tST- B" S. M. LYELL &. CO.
r",STBrNKON*L ^enera' Commission Merchants
aaLT.Moac. md. BALTIMORE, MD.
Engines. Our customers like the
Detroit engine best becauae it
always runs. Only three movingparts.
Start8 without crankinjr. No vibration.
Absolute simplicitv. Free from trouble.
Reversible. For terms, etc., apply to
W. A. Rowe&Co., =L
Rowe'sWharf. Blackwells, Va.H
If NoaH'a Liniment faila to do all claimed
we will gladly rcfund your money, and
authorize any dealer to do the same. Be
?ure you get the Cenuine Trade-Marked
Noah'a Liniment. with Noah'a Ark on the
package. You do not have to fill any blank
or return the bottle. Ian*t that fair> 25c.
30c, $ 1.00 of your dealer. Sample by mail.
Noak RtmUy Co.. Rick.oaa. V... A Bartaa. Maw.
Loan and Investment Associatton
is noted for good investments, but
sold a very cheap tract of standing
timber a few days ago?100 acres of
Pine, Oak, Gum and Chestnut?for
#1,200, and have on hand another lot of
the same kind for sale. For termB
apply to S. A. Conaway,
Burgess Store, Va.
Wekster's NEW INTERN ATION AL Dictioaarj.
(G. A C. Merrian Co., Springficld, Masa.
sarpasscs tkc old lataraatioaal as mack a* tkat
kook eiceeded its preaecessor. Oi tkt sU
toundation a a?w saperstractare kas keea kailt.
Tkc reconstructioa kas kcea carried aa tkroaak
many years ky a larg? force of Iraiaed warkars,
undrr tke saperrisioa of Dr. W. T. Harris,
foraer Uaited States Commisfioaer af Edaca
tioa, and rccaforced hy ataay fipiwtt tpecial
ists. Tkc dcftnitioDt kave kcca rearrangaa aad
amplified. Tkc aajakcr of taran defincd kas
kcca more than aaakled. Tkc ctymolegy,
syoonyms, pronuadaiioa, kaTc rcccivcs! aa
[spariaf scholarly lakar. Tkc laagaafa af
I Eaglisk litcratarc for over sctcsi ceatariet, tkc
? trraiiaology of tkc arts aaa scicaccs, aad tkc
i ercry-day speeck of strcct, skop, aail koasc
kold, are preseatcd with faUaess aad clearaoss.
| la sixc of vecakalary, ia rickaevs of gcacral
iafonaatioa, and ia coareaiencc of coasaha
tioa, tkc kook sets a acw saark ia MxicogTaaky.
400,000 words and pnrases.
6000 iDostrations.
2700 pagei.
Writs i. tW tasBiksw fas Sasraasa fasa*.

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