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au BaanaaaaaaaaaaaaeaM oeaddreaaad to
t0? VlHUINIA ClTtSKN. I r VIUK'.oll.Va.
Mra. B. S. Hammonda was among the
recent sick. _
Miaa Kuth Messick ia visiting friends
in Fredericksburg.
William Midyette. of Ashland, left
yesterday, after spending a week with
friends here. _
Mra. Wm. L. Ashburn was given a
reception Momlay by her children and
grahdchildren. _
Capt. Frank Janies. of Kichmond
county, is here this week having his
boat overhauled.
Misa Edith Brewington is visiting
Miaaes Kuth and Marie Beane at Lan
caster this week.
Mr. and Mra. Harry Wendell, of Bal?
timore, are visiting 11 J. Dyke and
other relatives here.
Mrs. A. l\ Messick, who is spending
the summer at Fleeton, is at her parental
home here for a short visit.
Vernon Forrester arrived Monday
from Baltimore to accompany his wife
and eistor back to that city.
Misa Pauline C. Long left Monday
night for a month'a stay with friends
in the southern part of the State.
Little Misses I'auline and Louise Lo
key, of White Stone, are visiting their
cousins, Mabel and Nattie Lokey, of this
place. _
A buneh of bananas received here by
Geo. Sanders a few days ago containetl
u nest rtlled with dead birds from the
tropics. _
Miss Lydia Heath left last week for
an extended vis?it to friends and rela?
tives in Baltimore and Eastern Shore
of Maryland. _
Misses Grace and Kubenette Lee,
with Miss Alice Davis of Norfolk, left
last night for a ten-daya' viait towhool
mates in Queen Antie, Md.
Turner BusseHs joined his father,
Capt. A. W. BusseUs, on their boat
VVednesday, accompanieri by l.inwood
James as guest for a few weeka.
Messrs. Andrew Weihree and Fred
Kroener, of Keading, I'a., were the
guests of the latter's relative, Capt.
Geo. W. Hotfman, the paat wwek.
Half a dozen Confederate choir la
dies from Irvington attended Lawson
Ball, C. V.. meeling at the courthouse
VVednesday and sang for the veterans.
II. W. Hollaway. who haa been mak
ing hia home with hia aiater, Mra. J. D.
Hoaier, for aeveral montha, left Tuea?
day to engage in buaineaa in New York.
Mra. Sallie Willing, who haa been
with her daughlt-ra in Baltimore and
1'ortaniouth aince laat winlrr, ia now
here viailing her aon. t'apt. lt. L.
Willing. _
W. W. Rankin, Jr., field agent for
Frederickaburg College, ia expected
here today in the intereat of hia achool.
An attractive ad. will be found in an?
other column. _
Mr. and Mra. G. T. Sadtler returned
to their home in Baltimore Wednetiday
after apending aix weeka at Irvington
Beach, Miaa Sophia reraaining ov?r for
a while longer. _
Mra. R. lienry Harwood, of Rich?
mond, whoapent aeveraldaya with Mra.
W. McDonald Lee, l?ft Tueaday even
ing to viait her parenta, Capt. and Mra.
I. N. Buaaella, in Wicomico.
Aaaeaaor Thompaon, of White Stone.
left a baaket of peachea in our oftice,
which aame were worthy of photograph
ing. Our aection will grow almoat any
thing to p?rfection if given attention.
Mra. J. D. Aahburn retumed from
Portamouth Sunday accompanied by
her daughter, Mra. Thoa. Hall. and
three llttle grandchildren. Mra. Hall
is juat recovering from a aevere illneaa.
Frank and Gulie Hundley and aiater,
Miaa Cora, spent the paat week with
relativea in MiddU-aex and Mathewa
countiea. They were accompanied
home by George Owena and fainily, of
M. I'. Jaaat ia having an engine buiit
by B. L. Simmona inatalled in hia canoe
by inechanic J. T. Haydon. L. H,
Bryunt i.islalled an engine for W. O
and Dan Aahburn recently and raised
on Capt. G. W. Hotfman'a canoe.
A. P. Rowe and family and Mra. J.
C. Rowe and two aona, of Fredericka
burg, arrived the paat week to viaitthe
reapective familiea of the ladiea. Mr.
Rowe speiit two daya, returning to hia
work ot munaging the Free Lance.
G<-o. W. Thompaon and R. R. Duna?
way, of White Stone, occaaionally
make Irvingtoniana envioua by driving
each a handaome pair of blacka into our
"midat." No "automobubblea" for ua
when you can hold ribbona on auch as
Hon. S. Wilkina Matthews, Secretary
of the Commiaaion of Fiaheriea, waa
h?re Wetlneitday with frienda from the
Eastern Shore and Tenneaaee. Among
the party were Dr. Alva A. Matthewa
and Miaa Winnie Matthewa, son and
daughter of Mr. Secretary. Miaa Ru
benette Lee accompanied the party to
Ocean View and Tangier.
Sixty of the Norfolk Coaat Artillary, I
with buglers and drummer, uniformedin
kakhi, bivouaeed on Irvington Beach
lawn Sunday night, leaving Monday
morning to be escort to Governor Mann
at the Saluda monument unveiling. Our
citizens enjoyed their company much,
especially that of Major McLean, Cap
tains Matthews and Cuthriell and Lieu
tanants Payne and Taylor.
Late arrivala at Irvington Beach
Hotel: John Berryman, Mra R. F.
Danforth, Misa Edna Danforth, Master
Earl Danforth, Mra. Geo. Winder and
children, Mrs. Wm. Edgar Byrd and
aon, Mrs. Schillinger, Mr and Mra.
Geo. Rupp, Joaeph I'arker, J. C. Blaka,
J. S. Johnaon, A. C. Fitzhugh and aon,
Gao. R. Finch, H. M. Berry, E. D.
Cloptnn, H. M. Greaham, W. E. Walker,
J. S. Spicer. Dr. H. W. Randolph, J.
K. Davia, Lewia Groas, L. K. Owen. C.
S. Rowe. Dr. H. R. Lickle, E. F. Rob
inaon, J. J. Brauer, Dr. Thoa. VV. Kay,
Dr. Glovar. Dr. Martin, J. S. Spicar.
MiaaNina Bellowa apent a few days
thia week at Fleeton.
G. S. Patquith left Tueaday to spend
aeveral daya with hia wife and daughter
in Baltimore, who will accompuny him
down for a month or ao.
Whitrield Moore, of lower Northum
berland, apent a few daya with frienda
here thia week.
Mra. Mamie Overman and Miaa Katie
Bryant, of Baltimore, are viaiting Mrs.
W. J. Selby, at the home of J. W.
Miaa Fannie Longworth haa been
ipiite sick for the paat two weeks.
Mias Thetia Rilee and Mra. Alice
Briatoe are viaiting Mra. O. H. Rohert
aon. W. W.
Way land Doggett returned laat week
from Clifton Springs, N. Y., where he
spent a fortnight to see if the change
wouldn't be beneficial to his health.
Mr. and Mra. A. A. Aahburne, of Mia
knnon, apent a few daya thia week
with frienda and relatives here and at
L. B. Aahburn, of Taylor'a creek,
who waa quite aick a ahort while ago,
ia now out and ia overaeeing the wora of
cleaning up at Wharton Grove.
Mr. and Mra. Richard Luttroll, of
Fleeton, accompanied by a friend, vis?
ited relatives here this week.
Little Clyde Smither narrowly ea
caped being aerioualy hurt by falling
from a tree. Beyond being quite badly
shaken up and a apell of noae bleeding
he waa aoon all right again. L.
Mra. Wm. C. Chowning and little
daughter, of Daytona, Fla., and Misa
Alice Blakemore, who has been visiting
her sister for several months, arrived
laat week. Mra. Chowning and daugh?
ter will remain here some time.
Lyell Ficklin. wife and son returned
home Tuesday, after a two weeks' visit
to Urbanna.
Misa Belle Barber, of Richmond
county, was the guest of Mra. Bruce
Cottingham last week.
Miss Ethel Brent, Mian Ellie Beane,
and Caralyle Shackleford Itoarded Mon
day's steamer for Fredericksburg to at
tend the Summer Normal.
J. E. Blakemore, Sr., ia nufsing a
badly mttshed band, which he injured
while working at hia saw-mill laat week.
Corn and tomatoes are being shipped
from this vicinity. Both are bringing
fairly good prices. Onions are alao sell
ing well. Potatoes. beans and beets
are not worth ahipping. Most of the
truckera have not made expenaes in
handling this line of truck.
Wheat harvesting is about over and
most farmera are reporling a good
yield and good plump grain. Those
who have shipped are not pleased with
the prices obtained - another caae of
commiaaion men doing the farmer.
Allen C. Headley and aon, Melvin,
have returned to Baltimore. after spen?
ding some time with rclatives here.
We are glad to report Misa Amy
Rice, of Lara, much improved at this
Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Pinkard, of
Ocran, Misa Jennie A. Bradshaw and
Williard D. Clarke, of Coan, were the
welcomegueata of Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
Haynie Sunday.
?Misa Almedia Crowther, of Avalon,
waa here Sunday to accompany Misa
Olean Webb to the Normal at Freder
icksburg on the Fourth.
Miaa Beaaie Brown ia on an extended
viait to frienda and relativea in Weat
moreland county.
Miaaea Eaaie Revere and Chriatine
Barrack and aiater, Fstelle, will leave
Wedneaday for Baltimore, where they
will apend aome time with friends and
Miaa Virginia E. Haynie, who haa
been spending aome time with her aia?
ter, Mra. Hugh D. Scott, at Freder
ickaburg, ia with her frienda here again.
Much aucceas to the Citizen and
ita many readers is ever the sincere
wiah of Swkkt VlOLKTS.
Miaa Lottie Lee Gregory, of Balti?
more, ia viaiting her uncle, L. T. Hay?
nie, at Bruwns Store.
Mra. M. E. Mitchell ia apending the
summer with her daughter at Lively.
Mra. Mitchell'ahealth ia atill bad.
Mra. Bettie Barrack and T. J. Rice
are on the sick liat thia week.
Allen Heudley and son left for New
York Friday last.
Mra. Bettie Barnes and daughter
were the gueata of Mra. E. Dou^laa,
near Molusk, recently.
Miaa Chriatine Barrack and little aia?
ter, Eatelle, left Wedneaday for aeveral
weeks' stay in Baltimore.
Misa Mary Davia, of Merry Point,
apent some time with frienda here last
Miaa Bernice Rice is the gueat of her
cousin at Miskimon this week.
Miss Jennie Cundiff has returned
home from Mila.
Jas. Brent and aon. of Kilmarnotk,
inatalled a hot and cold water piant in
the home of A. Barraek laat week and
left Thursday morning for Montross.
Mrs. P. EUnore visited her sister
here the past week.
Fiahing steamer Peter C. Struven,
of the Bellows & Squirea factory,
caught fire under the coal bunkers Satur?
day while going down the bay and was
thought to have been put out with her
own pumpa. After landing all the
crew below New Point except enough
men to take her back to the factory
she proceeded up the bay again and was
getting well on tbe way when the tire
nroke out afresh. The boat was run
with all speed poaaible for the factory
and there the Squirea* hose with her
own were turned on and aa thought the
fira again extinguished, but only to
blaze up later at another place. Prompt
action each time prevented the fire
from getting much headway, consie
quently the damagea were not heavy.
A Frightful Wreck
of train, automobile or buaay may cauat cuta.
bruiaea. abraaiona. apraina or wounda Uiat demand
Bucklen'a Artiira Salva. earth'a areateat healer.
(julck relief and prompt cure reaulta. For burne,
butla. aoreauf all kinde. ecaenaa. chapped handa
and lipe. aore eyea or corna. tta aupreme. Sureat
pUe cura. 26c at aii druagiata.
At Irvington and Saluda Program
Disarranged by Rain.
The program for the Fourth celebra
tion at Irvington waa somewhat short.r
this year than usuul, and waa still
furlher rurtailed by the gentle rain
which fell during the whole aftemoon.
While disappointed from ln>th a pleasure
and tinancial standpoint, no doubt the
rain, which was badly needed, was of
greater benetit to tbe maaaes than the
out-door aports would have been. The
boat race was not run, although Mr. B.
L. Simmons was ready with his new
engine for any boat wilhin the specitied
rulea and was declared entitled to hol.l
the cup for one year. The down-pour
of rain in lower Middleaex prevented the
pickedteam from that section getting
over. This feature of the day was
luoked to as most interesting. At
night the Opera House was filled, and
the entertainment under the manage
ment of Mra. Irving R. Messick was
greatly enjoyed by all. Whensomeof
the visitors learned privately that the
whole entertainment was gotten up in
one week they expresaed surpriae and
were almost ready to declare themselves
doubting Thomases.
Jupiter Pluvius held sway pretty much
of the day on the 4th, and most of the
entertainmenta were either abbreviated
or broken up by the rain. Sharps, prob
ably, had the most successful one. A
little shower only came up in the after
noon, cooling things. The crowd was
very large, and they were liberal in
their patronage. Two games of ball
were pulled off, one in the morning
between Dunnsville and Sharps with
score 1 to 1 when rain stopped the game.
In the aftemoon Tappahannock and
the Courthouae, the former winning
At Saluda there was alao a large
crowd. The corner stone of the monu
ment was laid by the Maaona and the
unveiling waa attended by volleys of
musketry and bugle blaats from the
Norfolk Coast Artillery. Governor
Mann, ex-Governor Montague, Col.
Robt. E. Lee, Jr., and other dignitaries
were present, and between rain drops
aoaae apeaking waa had. The ladies of
the Middleaex chapterof the Dnughters
of the Confederacy provided ample re
freshments, and in every way carried
through their part in good ahape. The
Confederate choir was par excellence
in its muaic.
The Northern Neck Bar Aaenciation
will meet at Colonial Beach July 13th.
Dr. . Randolph, of Richmond, apent
Sunday and Monday with frienda at
Miss Evelyn Broun, of Browns Store,
is attending tho Summer Normal at
Mr. and Mra* R. R. Dunaway and
Miaa Carrie Evana, of White Stone,
attended the unveiling ceremoniea at
Saluda Monday.
Dr. John Turner, of Raltimoie, for
merly of Irvington, aailed Thuraday,
July 7th, for the Mediterranean ports,
and will be away two montha.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Owen Snow and lit
tle daughter, Evelyn, have returned to
their home in Baltimore, after a visit at
the home of their parenta, Mr. and Mrs.
J. F. Snow.
Commiaaioner Lee of Virginia haa
been named by the National Aaaociution
of Shell Fiah Commiaaioners on the
atanding Committees of "Biography"
and "Legialation."
Mnrvin Grove meeting of thia year
will probably be the largest and most
pleaaant in yeara. The same song
booka aa laat year will be uaed, and
Rev. J. F. Cuthriell will have charge
of the singing.
Mias Adelaide Paaquith, daughter of
G. S. Paaquith, of Ocravn, waa in aclasa
of ten girla who graduated from a Bal?
timore school laat month. Miss Paa?
quith delivered the valedictory addresa
at the public exerciaea.
J. Harper Brent, of Heathaville, prin
cipal of Urbanna High School the paat
seaaion, haa been appointed principal bf
Barton Height8 High School, Richmond.
Mr. Brent ia an A. B. of William and
Mary College and at preaent is taking a
special course at Columbia University,
New York.
Chaa. Bier, of Baltimore, waa cruia
ing the Rappahannock laat week in his
yacht "Mandalay." He had aa hia
gueata Capt. Maaon Gourley, of Balti?
more, Robl. Beaaell, of Bowlera, and
W. II. Warren, of Millenbeck, all of
whom accompanied him to the Monu
uiental City after apending a few daya
with Mr. Warren.
Mr. and Mra. Lyell Ficklin and child
ren, of Ottoman, Lancaater county, are
gueata at the "Roaa House" for the
aimmer. # # Rev. II. T. Goodwin,
for the past aix years the popular, auc
ceaaful and greatly beloved paator of
Harmony Grove Baptiat church, laat
Sunday reaigned thia pastorate to ac
cept charge of the church at Luray,
the reaignation to take effect Auguat
15th, 1910.?Southaide Sentinel.
Sale of atock.
Sloop for sale.
Order of public*tion.
Frederickaburg College.
Position aa clerk and wharf agent
Adminiatrator's aale of atock at Kil
marnock 14th.
W. M. Overton haa aail and power
yacht for aale.
Virginia Polytechnic Inatitute, a
State Inatitution, makea announcement
for aeaaion 1910-1911. Communicate
with Paul B. Barringer, Md., L. L. D.,
Preaident, before aettling on aome other
The Blackstone School for Girls,
Blackstone, Va., appeara in new ad
thia week. If you are thinking about
sending your daughter to a preparatory
school you will find no better ('hriatian
schooi in the laid.
Reporta of The Lancaater National
Bank, Irvington, and Farmers & Mer
chanta Bank, of Kilmarnock, Incorpor
ated.Laa mada to^the Comptroller of the
Currency and State Corporation Com
i aoiaaion, appear in this iaaue.
Charlie P. Palmer has been quite
aick wtth typhoid fever.
Capt. Ameriroa Douglasa is having
hia dwelling greatly improved by ad
aaaaj a porch and another room on.
Paul Cynn, utod.-nt from Korea, was
through here last week aelling Biblea.
cook books, etr.
Miaa Grace Edwarda, of Baltimore,
ia down spending some time with her
sister, Mra. Chas. Neal.
Roland Neal leavea for his home in
Baltimore today, after spending some
time with his father and brother.
Carroll Kobinson is in Baltimore,
having his eyes treatad.
IToo late for laat iaaua.l
Captain Lay Marshall, wife and two
children and Captain Montgomery Jonea,
wife and child, all of Cambridge. Md.,
who have been visiting at the home of
D. F. McAllistor, have returned home.
Miaa Eula Edwarda is visiting rela
tives in Richtnond county.
Walter Singer and Stanley Soaper. of
Baltimore, have been spending their
vacation with friends here.
Miss Birdsell McAllistor apent a few
days with her aunt, Mrs. H. L. Beane,
at Browns Store, this week.
Mrs. J. T. Edwards apent a day in
Baltimore last week.
Those on the sick list are Mrs. C. R.
Lunsford and two children, and the little
baby of R. H. Beane. Pinky.
MiaB Enid Kelley gave a dance at her
home last week in honor of her guest,
Misa Mnbel Bray.
Mrs. Mary Todd, of Hollins laland,
spent some time with her sister, Mrs.
Jas. Dize, recently. She was accom
panied home by Mias Margaret Shehigh.
Children's Day exercises took place
at the chii|K'i Sunday evening. The
children were well trained and the exer
ciaes of the young folks and address of
the paator were interestingj and much
Mra. Joe Shehigb, daughter, Hattie,
and son, Francis, spent a week in Bal?
timore recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Otho Sims have re?
turned from their bridal trip and are at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Sima.
Mias Eunice Todd spent some time
recently with her aunta. Miaa Todd
formerly resided here, and it ia wRh
much regret that we give her up aa a
permancnt resident to Maryland.
Harry Hall and bride returned Mon?
day to make their permanent home on
tho old BlufT Point estate where a fine
new hnuae is being erected for their
Mrs. J. A. Cox and MisB C'arrie I.ewis,
of Baltimore, are viaiting Mra. W. D.
Chitwood. They leave Monday for
Cuahmas lsland, Me., returning to
Byrdton late in Auguat.
Mrs. Bufua and siater. Miaa Willie
Moore, of New York, are viaiting their
parents. Mr. and Mra. Solomon Moore.
Misa Fannic Sears ia grceting her
old frienda here after aaeaaion'a absence
at Farmville.
Steamer Dorothy Wacker carried an
excuraion to Crisfield laat week, and
Sunday took another trip to Pungo
Frank Seara was a rccent caller at
the home of Mra. W. 1). Chitwood.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Chitwood, Mra.
J. A. Coxand Miss Carrie Lewia visited
Irvington Monday. Bluff Point.
We aent out from our job department
laat week a handaome 54-page cata
logue of the Reedville High School,
publiahed by the Waahington Literary
Society of that school. with the princi
pal, Prof. W. W. Barnhart, editor-in
chief. The book ia well edited, ar
rangement attractive and ornamented
with aeveral half-tone cuta. A glance
at it will tell the tale of a huatler at
the helm.
Nothing daunted by recent loaa of
their building, the Reedville people are
making arrangeraenta fora muchlarger
and more up-to-date buildiag, to be
erected before next school term.
Any one who wiahea a catalogue of
the Reedville High School will get one
by applying to II. Pratte Haynie, Reed?
ville, Va.
Mr. Joseph Headley and Mra. Annie
Thrift, both of Riehmond county, were
married on Tuesday of laat week by
Rev. StarkeJett.
Mr. ElliottR. Bowen and Mias I.otti*
B. White, both of Reedville, were qui
etly married in Baltimore on Wednea
day, June loth, Rev. L. M. Chambers
Mr. William B. Crowther, of Avalon,
and Misa Lilian Mae liaynie, daughter
of Capt. and Mra. Jno. A. Haynie, of
Tibitha, were quietly married in Balti?
more June 22. Only members of the
familiesand a few friends were present,
to whom an informal luncheon waa
served?by Mra. Bettie Edwarda, at
whose home the ceremony was per
Mr, Otho H. Sime, of Byrdton,
Northumberland county, and Miaa Anna
Gertrude McCrea, of Tucker Hill.Weat
moreland county, were married Thura
day morning, June 2Srd, at the Metho?
diat Paraonage at Kinaale by Rev. B.
E. Hudaon. Immediately after the cer
emony they left for Baltimore where
they will apend a few weeks. Mr. and
Mra. Sima will reaide in lower North?
umberland. p
A friend haafurniahed ua the follow?
ing in addition to a ahort notice we had
three weeka ago: On June 16, at 6 p.
m., Julian B. Cockrell, of Miakimon,
and Fannie Ethel McKenney, daughter
of Mr. and Mra. Geo. R. McKenney, of
Iberia, were united in holy wedlock at
Bethany church, Baltimore, Md., by
Rev. L. Chambera. The bride waa at
tired in a handaome blue taffeta ailk
dreaa, with hat to match. and white
glovea, the groom wearing the con
yentional black. Relativea and frienda
of the couple witneaaed the ceremony.
Mr. and Mra. Cockrell have returned
home and are reaiding at Miakimon, Va.
We wiah for them a long and happy
life, and that their path be atrewn with
"The grove* were Gnd's firat tem
pl.-M." and aa tbe sun grows warmer the
greenwood worshiperaspread their white
tents under the trees. In all the country
round about it ia camp-meeting time.
? ? ? Through all the yeara they
have loat but little of their old-time
character, and th.ir survival has been
fully justified.
I i.ere ivsoni.'thing in itself uplifting
in the groined aiales of great cathedrala,
wrap|>ed in a "dim, religioua light";
but since the Hebrew patriarch built
his altar and pitched his tent under the
oaks of Mamre, the solitude and quiet
of the groves have seemed the worlhieat
dwelling-place of the living God.
The fallingolf in the number of those
who *'go to church" ?the convenient
church in the next block or around the
eorner- presenta one of the vexing
problems with which present-day re
ligion is confronted. But those who
take delight in the simple songs of
prayer and praiae, who inquire no
further than the comforting story of
Christ and Him crucified, still gather at
the "love feasts" on the old camp
meeting grounds. The murmur of the
overarcning leaves is drowned in the
diapaaon of a thousand throata singing
"The Old-Time Religion." with hearts
atune to the theme, or sweiling with
that mellow classic of hymnology, "On
Jordan'8 stormy banks I stand." The
ministers of grace are those who come
with a humble and a contrite heart. All
look from nature up to nature's God.
Whatever may be the varied tunes,
the sentiments of the old-fashioned
camp-meeting find common expression
in the simple linea:
I know not where His islanda lift
Their fronded palms in air;
1 only know I cannot drift
Beyond his watch and care.
?Baltimore News.
Preparations are making for the
three great camp meetings held an
nually in the lower counties of the
Northern Neek. Wharton Grove, near
Weems, begins Friday, July 29th to
last ten days. Marvin Grove, in lower
Ri.-hmond county, near the border of
Northumberland, will open Friday,
August 5th, an.leontinue for ten days.
Kirkland Grove, in Northumberland,
will open later. The encampment at
Marvin Grove ia under the auspices of
the Methodists; the other two arer un
by the Baptists.
On Saturday night, June 25th, Frank
Corbin, colored, of near Millenbeck,
shot and killed Max Waddy, a colored
youth of the same neighborhood. Cor?
bin accused the boy of telling false
hoods on him and told him he waa go
ing to kill him. Waddy ran out the
houae and was chased around the build
ing with aeveral other children aeveral
times before aeparnted from the othera
and killed. Corbin waa arreated and
given a hearing before Juatice Fleminga
and aent to jail to await action of
Grand Jury.
An intereating meeting of Lawaon
Ball Camp, C. V., waa held Wedneaday
at the Courthouae. Reaolutiona on the
deatha of Capt. W. T. Henderaon and
W. T. Marsh were read by Dr. W. F.
Dunaway. On motion of R. T. Doug
laas a committee waa appointed.to draft
resolutions on the death of comrade,
Rev. B. E. Ledbetter.
B. H. B. Hubhard, sr., preaided.
Warner Ball, Prof. F. P. Brent and
othera made addresaes and the Confed
erate choir aang. The latter were re
cipienta of a bag of fine applea from
Comrade T. B. Hurat.
A telegram from Waraaw yeaterday
makea the following announcementa:
Public meeting of cititena of the
countiea of Richmond and Weatmore
land will be held 10 a. m., Tueaday next,
at Waraaw, to conault with capitaliata
and promotera who have in view the
projectlon of a railroad through the
Northern Neck.
A aimilar meeting with citizena of
lancaater and Northumberland coun
ties will be held next courtday. July 18,
at Lancaater Courthouae.
Our agencv will prove that thlrty-fiva
yeara big salea and pleaaed uaera of the
L. & M. Paint will aave you dollars
becauae when painting with L. & M*
you are using metal Zinc Oxide eom
bined with White Lead. Zinc Oxide ia
imperishable, and makea the L. & M
wear and cover like gold. The L. & M.
Color* are therefore hright and laating
You won't need to repalnt for 10 to 15
yeara; be?idea L, & M. Paint coata ieas
than any other. aay about $1.40 per
gaUon. Sokl by R. M. Sanpkrs, White
Any one having old eolonial homes
for sale would do well to write the Va
boat landing and act also aa wharf
agent. Will work hard. Apuly
to B. Citizen oltice, Irvington Va
ion, length 40 feet, beam 14 ft
_ od aailer. Well adapted to trap
P?nJf. oyatering, and for gaaoline power.
Will aell cheap for caah, Inquire of C
A. Gakdnkk, Whealton, Va.
ON THE 14th DAY OF JULY. 1910,
at the home of the late Capt. Wm!
Henderaon. beginning at 9 30 I
will aell all of the atock auch aa Horaea
Cattle. Sheep and Hoga. Terma made
known day of aale.
Wm. Henoerson, Jr., Adm'r
(with gaaoline engine aa auxiliary)
for pleaauring or other aport. 32
feet length, width 12 feet, depth4feet:
engine New York build. Wnte or call
on W. M. Overton,
Fleeton, Va.
all neceaaary out-buildinga. Store
houae 24x40 with grocery and
clothing rooma adjoining. All in rlrat
class condition, with fouracrea land. For
?ale or rent on eaay terma. For fur
ther informrtion apply to
W. E. HEADLEY, Aot.,
Sharpa, Va.
M>a?l of Publlr M.h.x.I Nyatrm of Vlrajlola
Letters. Science. Law. Nedicine. Engineering
to n?*<dy and daaerrina; atudcnU. S10.C0 rovm all
coat* to Virvinia atudenta In the AcaOmic L?e
partmanta. Send for catakaju*.
Howaki. WlNSTON. K?tO?trar.
Univaraity PoatoaVe. Va.
Degree couraes in Agriculture, Horti
culture. Applied Chemistry. Applied (.e
?|ogy. t'ivil. Mining, Mechanical and
Electrical Engineering, Metallurgy and
Metallography, and Preparatory Veter
inary Medicine. Sixty-four Instructors,
Thon?ughly Equipped Shopa. Laborator
ies and Barna. Steam heating and elec
tfM ligbts in dormitoriea Library 12,
000 volumea Farm of 1.100 aerea.
School of A^ricultural Apprentices.
(Ont Year Courae for Youna; Karmera.)
Total coat of sanaion of nin* monthn. inclutling
tuition and other feva. board. waahintr. ui.iforma.
rnedi. al at >.-.hIhii<-?\ at.-.. RiH4 ttl. Coat of Viririi.ia
atudanta. $234.60.
Tnenext i?H>ion optns Wki.nk.sday, Skftkmbrr
21st. 1910.
Of The Lancaster National Bank, (No.
5.290). at Irvington. in the State of
Virginia. at the close of business
June 30th. 1910.
Loannaud discounts, lllt<.ft?.' ss
Overdrafts. aeciired and unaecured. VM XI
U. H. Itonds to aecure circulatlon, ?-.?:..???. <>i
Premiumson I". S. Uonds, l.OUi i?)
Hankiiiir hoiiKe. fiiriiitiiri'aiid fixtiir.-a. H.SOO m
Iiue from State ati.l Private Bankaand
ilankera, Truat Coinpamea, and
Savinya Hank*. UUt M
Due from approved reserve aK.-nts, y.min Wi
Cbecke and other caab itema, IK2 :(i
Notes of other National Uanks. l.'ai; (??
Krai.-tional paper currency, nickela.
and centa, 2?WJ 21
1-uwtui M.i.i.-y Keserve In Hank. vlx.
Speele. *i.uur? 01)
Leiral tender notes, l.UUU U? ? |JW iw
Kedemptiou fun.l with IT. S. Treasurer
(5 per eent. or circulatlon). LJBj ui
Total. |17tf.71S au
Capital atock pald In, f "..unt (?.
Suil.lilB fIIU.1. 11,000 UI
ITiiulvided protlts, leaa expenses and
taxea paul, l.UM Bt
National itank notea outatandina, Sn.Uai (?.
Uue other National liauka, . (4 ..
Individual depoaita aubject
to ebeck, f75.6o7 ?
Tlmecertincateaof depoait. Jtt.iCV 01
Certitted checks, lv*. 12
Caahier'achecksoutataudiiuj, &? ?l- lliUCCt
Total. ?17?,712 :*)
State of Virtfinia.County of Lancaatcr. ??.:
I. Howar.1 O. Kock, Caahier of the above
named bank. do aoletuuly iwear that the above
?tateruent is true to the Ust ot my knowledg-u
and ti.-iiet.
Howaro O. Kock, Caahler.
Correct -Attest:
W. M. |..i\.|.|. Lbe, I
w. i,. Haaaaoa, VDii-ector*.
J. r. Mbi.i ?>\M>. \
Suhscribed and aworn to tofore me thia 5tb
day of July. IU10.
Khank (i. NkWBii.i.. Notary Public.
Mvt'.uu. expiied April llth, 1V11.
Of Farmcrs and Merchants Bank of Kil
marnock, Incorporared. located at
KllmarnocK, in the County of Lancas?
ter. State of Virginia. at the close or
business June 30th. 1910. made to the
State Corporation Commission.
I<oaun and IHacounta. $3)0.44U U
Overdrafta iiiiac.-ti r.-il, ';my j*
tlauklnv houae. ;, t,i m
otber rval eatate owneil, 2?ll 11
l>ue from Nattoital liauka. ~t'oa.i ;g
l>ue l roiu State Itaiikr. Pri\ ate Uank
era aud Truat louipanlee, 1 - u.
Paaareaitaaev, a.x*M?
I ractioual papervuircncy. nkkela and
lloltl ooln. 7J5 ifc)
apvofl aapaj a.?t? n
Totai. taw.TsfrB
Capltal st.H-k pald In. $ 2&.0U0 00
Siirplua tunu i%\M> 00
Undivlded proflta. leaaamount imiuI
for Interoat, expeuaea and taxes, 2,tft4 81
iMWdends liltpultl tf 00
tndiwidual tlepualta aub
ject loeoeea, fitw.vovw
Tlmeoertlrtoatoaof depoalt,a7.:i7w 43 l
Certinedcbeeka. tiVj 41
Caahiur'a cbeeka out
aundlna*. 1U? &5? aus ap 07
Totai. tsaa.TsrrB
I, W. T. Jamea, Caabier. do aolumnly awear
tbat tbeabove laa true stateuient ol the tlnaii
eial eonditlon of Farniei aand Mwrehauta llank
of KtlmtriKK'k, lucorporated. looateU at Kil
tuarnook. Intbe County or Lancaater State ot
> nrln>a. at tbe eloee ol Ituaiiteaa on tbe 3ntU
aay ol June, IW10. to the best of uiy know
ledjce aud tiiliel.
1V% .. Wn T Jauks. Caahler.
W. A. Kl'HANK. 1
i- ?.? &"?H>". > Uireetors.
Ii. H. U. lll HHAHll. .IH..i
ountrof l-amaater:
Sworn toand subaeribed liei'ore me by W T.
Jauiea.Catihter, thia Mh day of July. 11110.
W. A. Uoooktt. Notary Public.
My oommlesion exptrea NoveiuUer 17. 1?1H.
Why We Sell Our Ready
made Clothing Cheap
er Than any Other
We can aay that there are more
than one reaaon for it.
FIRST-That we buy them direet from
the manufacturere and aave
the middle man'a proflt.
SECOND?That we buy for caah only
in order to buy them right.
THIRD -That we are always on the
lookout for aomething extra in
that line and our ready caah
ia doing the work.
By so doing we are able to give
our patrons better values than
they can get elsewhere.
Schwartzman Bros.,
(And Others. If There Be Any)
I would like for you to call
and aee my tine atock of Har
nesa and other nice thinga.
f in need of anything in the
Harneas line I think you will
or may find it if you will call
on me at the aame old atand
in White Stone, Va.
White Stone, Va.
*%m\ I TrrrMr.i. ir,
Haa aince 1894 given "Thorough inetroctfoo under poaltively Chriatiaa
iufluencea at the loweet pcaaible coet." -VL- imi ?>
uJSZBfiLS. h,t2iay "^ ita fftcu,*y of M. ? boardlng patronage of 828,
Ita atudent body of 400, and ita plant worth $140 000
$150 pays all chargea for the year inrluding table board, room .llghta, ateam
?roL 1 , ?! 2' ""I ?' a#ttor't,?"' Phy?i?i? culture, and tuition In all aubjecta
except aajafa aud elocution. For cataloguc and applieatlon blank addreea,
JAS. CANNON, Jr., M. A. > / '
THOS. R. REEVES. B. a.) A*#oclat*' Prlndoala.
Krederlcksl >urg, = Virginia
W. W. KANKIN, Jr., Flelri Apent.
Best made for work boata.
4 and 2 cycle from li to K horae power.
W. J. DUNLEVY, General Agent, Rkcknt, Va.
M. E. CLARKE. Salesman, Rec.ent, Va.
llonej rotnniands jiosition. aml "the
niill will nerer griad with tho water that
is ppwafd." The monej you spead isgone.
The moaey yop eave is the reeerve power
to hetp you ou to BTrintfirthiage Make
your iiHHicy eaiH souu'tliiujr.
3 per cent Interest on Time Certificates.
If you are lookitijr for invt>Htiiient you
hare it right at your hand. Call or write
for any iufortuation deatfled,
Small or Large Accounts Solicited.
Negotiable Papers Discounted.
J. WOOD TULL, Managkr.
The new Railway and Machine
Shop on Carter's Creek, fitted with
Drill Press, Turning Latbes, Shaper, Band Saw and Planer.
Is now prepared to do all kinds of
All slzes of Plpe and Plpe Fittlng on hand.
Boats Hauled, Built, Rebuilt or Repaired.
Selling Out at Cost.
Having decided to take up
another line of business, we
are offerin? our Entire Stock
Come and get your choice
of Barcains before tbey are
Oash. Ozcxly..
Irvington, Va.

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