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Terms: $1.50 a Yea in Advance.
Issued every Friday evening by
W. H. Matheaj,
ilered at the Monterey postoiPce a?
second class matter.
Ionteuet, Va., Friday Feb 3, IS93
This Issue.
We ask our readers to examine
lis issue of the Recorder ard
?ass judgement as to the increased
imount of reading matter, the qual?
ify of stirae, and the general "make
of tlie paper, and we believe
tch of jou will arrive at the con
i* '. ?n that more time has been
i hits been done in fo:r
$$i ismtea For some time we have
leen discouraged about collections,
?4 amount of cash taken in be?
ing wholly inadequate to meet the
demands occasioned by the actual
- spenditurea and we are driven to
the concludion that the more time
.pent on the paper the greater loss
it would be to us, but we have
Again been aroused to our duty by
? e f.ir t that Highland county di
serves a newspaper and can sup
) ort one if she will. We have
made arrangements to giye our
subscribers and the people of High?
land generally who should help us
in this work a better paper. We
have secured the services of our
townsman, Mr. W. A. Slaven, who
is now at work with us and pro
pose to devote more time to the*
management of tue paper ourselves;
and we ask each one of yu to help
uss by paying ap al) an ems prompt?
ly, and start in on another year
>aid up to date if not in advance.
|>Ve are sending out statements to
mr delinquent subscribers, which
'jf not correct will be made so by
the receipts by each. Please give
them your immediate attention.
The republicans are doing more
[rd work just now than at any
e during the present ad tn in is"
tiom Killing time and eom
e?.it;: / on the grave mistakes they
altaic Mr "Cleveland is liable to
make in ehoosing his Cabinet is
about the extent ol! th? work n)w
lieing due by the men who ara
salaried to keep the machinery of
f?ar Government in repair. A few,
lit ia true, remain in Washington
tomi are trying to polish up the
korners of a crooked administra
ioi pi les where thc friction has
lt, ? itest?before Grover takes
be helm.
A great majority of them, bow?
er, are cantering up and down
ie land Io >king for a job that will
a measure duplicate, in a iina.'i
| *he ont from which they
illy bounced on the 8th
if >er last. It is now kind
"Iv ? ugg ?ted by an informal con?
ference of Chicago lawyers that Mr.
Harrison be petitioned by at least
ii u jority of the senators to resign
?ind ' t Vice-President Morton, as
-ident, noiuiiia?!' him to the Su?
preme Bench to. fi ll the vacancy
occasioned by the death of Justice
Lamar Mr. Harrison has, all
through the administration, shown
hat"he kept his own persona] con?
venience under the 6urveillance of
a jealous eye. It would now follow
fiat this action of the Chicago con?
ference will in a measure throw a
I damper over the feeling of admira
fmlon that was at first expressed over
M-"*. Harrison's seemingly corteous
refusal to nominate a man to fill
Lamar's place, leaving that duty,
as he said, to Mr. Cleveland, who is
L so soon to control. May he not
^ have had this in view when he
ujade that statement, thinking that
he, by the aid of friends, could cap?
ture the nomination,, and is it not
possi"b e that it is to a little tune of
his own composition these Chica
gonians are catering?
The Hawaiian minister to the
United States has received an offi?
cial dispatch statin* that the gov
erpment has been overthrown and
I ^at commissioners of the new gov
ernno nt are on their way to Wash?
ington to ask that Hawaii be an
r toexed to the United States. The
State and navy departments have
been officially in'ormei of the rev
The House committee on rules
has iet ?side February 0 and 10 for
the consideration of the Andrews
hill for the repeal of the Sherman
Silver law. The general impres-h
sion seems tc be that a vote will'
not be reached, although a num-!
ber of the friends of the lill ex-j
?press confidence iu its being pass-1 ?
Tiie Mail Route,
Contracts for carrying the mails i
for the next four years on the mail
routes in this county, except the
Monterey and Staunton route, were
awarded to a general contractor by
the name of Jackson, in Florida,
who has posted notices of his de?
sire to sub-let. Those of our coun
ty men who anticipate a job of car?
rying the mails on any of these
routes should set their figures high
and make the Florida gentleman
pay for whistle, who is so anxious
to bid below a living price. For
some reason we have not heard
from our principle line, the Mon?
terey aud Staunton.
The last ?ew months have been
memorable for the number of not?
ed Americans who have passed
away during their course. Among
them were the most brilliant of
American statesmen, the most dar?
ing and successful financier that
the world has ever seen, a soldier
distinguished for his military ser?
vices but still more noted as being
the most cordially hated man who
ever trod American so*il, an ex
President and a Presidents wife.
The first name on the list is that
of Mrs. Harrison, the first lady of
the land.
The next to pass away was the
millionaire, Jay Gould, a de?
structive genius, who hnd brought
misery and ruin to thousands of
households, and who was hated as
much as Mrs. Harrison was loved.
The opposite to Butler in nearly
every respect was Justice Lamar, as
ardent a supporter of the Southern
cause a.* General Butler was of the
other side, and as much beloved by
the South as lintier was hated
, The death which excited the
least interest of all was that of ex
President Rutherford B. Hayes,
who, notwithstanding the high of?
ficial position beheld at one time,
had won for himself neither warm
personal friends nor bitter enemies.
The last man on the list is also
the greatest. Mr. Blaine's death
will be lamented in the east, west,
north and south, for though a re?
publican and a strong partisan,
even his opponents have admired
his commending abilities and his
uncompromising Americanism.
The Krupp gun works on the
river Ruhr, in Essen, Germany, be?
gan its career 25 years ago, and
now covers 1,000 acres of gr. u uh
The tiwn where its workers live
contains 8,000 houses, "and 65,000
persons are dependent upon the
factory for their living.
Post-master-General Wanamak
re issued an order Jan, 20th, an?
nouncing the death,at Philadelphia
of ex-Po.stmaster-General, James
Campbell. The department was
ordered to be closed the day of the
fm Tal and the building draped in
mourning for a period of thirty
Bellevue Hospital has been quar?
antined an account of an outbreak
of typhus fever; on Jan. 27 cases
under quarantine and several new
cases are reported out side,
At Steamboat Springs, Col., a
band of over 1,000 elk were driven
by the severe cold from the hills
down into the valley, but in so do?
ing were caught in the deep crust?
ed snow ami were rendered almost
helpless. Ranchmen skidded hay
out to the half-starved creatures,
which they ate ravenously. They
finally forced themselves from their
temporary prison and attacked the
haystacks in the valley, taking en?
tire possession of half a dozen
ranches. The ranchmen decided
that to drive them away would
mean starvation, and left them
masters of the situation. The elk
show a remarkable degree of tame?
ness and do not appear in the least
disconcerted by the
presence of the men who go to
feed them.
James G. Blaine is dead^ and iu
his death the United States has
lost ene of the brightest intellects
hat has ever graced her soil; and
the nation, regardless of parties or
creeds, will mourn his death. His
remains were laid to rest at Oak
Hill cemetery, Georgetown, D. C.
Editor H- C. Tinsley, of the
Staunton Vindicator, who has been I
inder medical treatment at John o
Elopkins hospital, Baltimore, for j j
;he past four mouths, arrived here ; e
yesterday afternoon bf the 0:88 j (\
Chesapeake and Ohio train. He b
vas given quite an ovation by his
'neilds at the Virginia Hotel. j a
A move is being made in Augus?
ta county to establish what is term?
ed a county h:gh school. The
term implied will at once commend
itself to educators as being one
that will meet the demands and
needs of the public. The plan pro?
posed by Henry L. Hoover, an acad?
emy teacher of ability and experi?
ence, is to erect plain but comfort?
able buildings at the most accessi?
ble point ju the counties that will
accommodate 200 or more pupils,
in which teachers and pupils alike
ure to be boarded at actual cost
and also appropriate a moderate
sum to pay the teachers. Mr. Hoo?
ver, in speaking of this plan, says:
"Captain Vawter, of the great Mil?
ler school, told nie that t^e cost of
feeding his pupils (and they are
comfortably fed too) was only $5,0J
per month, making it $45.00 per
session. If the building be heated
by steam and four occupy a room
fuel will not cost more than ?8 a
head per year, warning ?9 and
lights $2.50. thus leaving about
$10 for books, stationary, etc. The
pupils must supply furniture
for their own rooms and plate,
knife and fork, etc., for the table,
and keep their rooms and halls in
neat order.'"
It is then very evident that the
advantages to be derived from a
school of this character in each
county would soon be made mani?
fest as it would enable many of
both sexes to acquirea f ul! a< a lem ic
course, whose limited means would
debar them of taking the same
course where tuition fees would be
In addition to this, a free and
careful training in the industrial
arts, such as drawing, music, tele?
graphy, short-hand, typewriting,
book-keeping, etc., would be given.
It is a move worthy of an effort
ani we would be glad to hear the
views of some of our teachers rela?
tive to the scheme.
The first message was sent over
the Franklin and Petersburg tele?
phone line Saturday evening, a dis?
tance of 80 miles. This fills a long
felt want by the people of Frank?
lin, as it puts them in direct com?
munication with railroad advan?
tages and the fluctuations of thc
In a recent issue we set forth the
'(Wantages lo be derived from a
line from Monterey to Staunton,
knd we are'glad to state that our
effort was not in vain; on tl e con?
trary, men with the true spirit cf
improvement and a keen sense of
that which will be to our mutual
benefit have taken the matter in
hand and have with little or no ef?
fort secured a good portion of thc
dmount necessary to build the line,
ind we think that with little effort
the full amount eau be raised. Ten
dollars constitutes a share or five
shares and upwards in the same
proportion. If persons wishing to
Invest in this enterprise will send
us their aiames stating the amount
of stock they wish to take we will
be glad to hand the same to the
party holding the list of stockhold?
Ice Gorges Broken.
Cinctxxatti, Jan. 30.?The real
break of the greatest ice gorge ev?
er known in the Ohio river came
yesterday. Since then the swollen
river has been full from shore to
shore of great rolling, heaving
masses of ice and snow, moving
with an irresistible force And carry?
ing everything that lies in its path
before it. The ferryboat Cincin?
nati was caught and torn from
lier moorings, the landing float go?
ng away with her. She pushed
through the bridges in safety and
anded five miles below. Fully
)ne hundred barges floated down
ivith the ice.
Last night the Great Gorge at
Sorth Bend broke, but there is no
naterial damage. At Parkersburg
here is a heavy loss. The damage
viii reach $3*0,000, with Monroe
Miller the principal loser, At
Pomeroy the river is full of float
ng ice, but boats are in good
diape. The gorge at Bellaire broke
it noon, doing but little damage.
\t Ironton there is no damage.
At Marietta the ice moved down
i few miles and gorged against the
nouth of the Musjognum river.
Aili $100,000 worth of lumber was
innkbythe Kanawha. Tbe ice
viii continue to float for four or
ive days. The greatest fear now is
>f a flood. The river is rising
apidly at all points above. Offic?
ials estimate the damage at Cin
innatti to be $28,000.
New York Jan. 30,?Tne stock
f the whiskey trust dropped nine
ioints this morning and the brok-! i
rs are much excited over the f
low n ward tendency. There has \
?eu a '.t.'ike of nearly 50 per cent. | [
ince December. It is reported that j ?
receiver ??ill be appointed. ll
San Francisco, Jan. 29.?Prior
to the sailing of the Cladine these
proclamations were made: ?
" 1, Liliuekaloni, by grace of God
and under the constitution of the
Hawaiian.kingdom, Queen, do here?
by solemnly protest any and all
acts done against myself and the
Constitutional Goverment of the
Hawaiian Kingdom by certain per?
sons claiming to have established
a provisional governmen of and for
this kingdom.
"That I yield to the superior force
of the United States ot America,
whose Minister Plenipotentiary,
his Excellent'', John L. Stevens, has
caused F ni ted States troops to be
landed at Honolulu and declared
he would support the said govern?
"Now to avoid my collirion of
armed forces and perhaps loss of
life, 1 do under this protest ani ira
by said force, yield my authority
until such time as the U. B.
shall upon facts being presented
to it, undo tlie act of this represen?
tative and reinste me iu the author?
ity which I claim as conititu i i a
sovereign of the Hawaniiam Islands.
"Done at Honolulu, this 17th dav
of January, A. U. 18,-'3.
(Signed) "Liliuokalani.
Deadly Careles.snesn
Al* on, Ills., Jan. 23, ? Nine per?
sons killed outright, twelve fatally
injuioi and nearly a hundred more
or less seriously hurt, is the appall?
ing result of a series of accidents at
Alton junction. An open switch
:n the Big Four main track was
the cause of the disaster. Thc
southwestern limited ran into the
freight train standing on the gri?
ing, and Engineer Webb Ross, of
the limited, was instantly killed.
The wreck took fire, and while a
great crowd was watching the spec?
tacle an oil tank car expl ided with
terrific force, enveloping the spec?
tators in a sheet of burning oil.
Eight of them were instantly kill?
ed, seven have since died, and scores
were frightfully burned, a dozen of
whom at least will die.
Doc, the famous trotting dojj that
atracted so much attention at the
Richmond exposition, was killed
in a railway collision in New Jer?
sey last week. He was valued at
Secret reservoirs, far up in the
mountains, supply the water springs
and eternal deep of boundless love
in the everlasting hills, supply the
lovesprings of the receivers so ul.
Pension Payments for January
Washington, Jan. 30.?The pen?
sion payments this month foot up
Si 4.000,0i:0, a decrease of $1,000,
An effort is being made by the
ladies' memorial associations and
the Confederate veteran camps of
Richmond to erect in that city a
monument to the private soldiers
and sailors of the Confederate
It is designed that the monument
shall speak for each State of the
Confederacy, of itr, sacred love and
reverence f< r the dead, the name of
each State graven on the stones
forming the majestic column upon
which will stand the stalwart li^'
ure of the Confederate private; and
in the museum, where one may
learn the true story of that dire
struggle, and imbibe the spirit of
that self-sacrifice which gladly
gare its all at the call of duty, it is
intended to assign a room to eacdi
Siate (bearing its name), in which
shall be placed the sacred relics of
the glorious past; and that it shall
also be represented on the Board of
Managers by a lady regent from
that State.
Notice of Dissolution.
The partnership heretofore exist?
ing between the undersigned' in the
mercantile business nuder the firm
name of Winier & Hevener, is dis?
solved this day by mutual consent.
Wimer will close np the business of
the partnership, (except that part
if the accounts transferred to Hev
?ner,) and is responsible for all
lebts due by the firm.
Amby Wimer.
John W. Hevener.
Ian. 19.1893. 2t
The American Women.
Marion Crawford is evidently
utilizing his social opportunities
luring his present American visit
for a study of American women,
md in the next issue of The La
lies' Howe Journal be will give
die results of his observations and
lescribe "The American Woman"
is she appears to him after an ab?
sence of ten years; in what respects
?he has changed, and whether she
ms improved in her dress, manner?.
md tendencies.
Singularly Reunited.
Steubknville, ()., Jan. 27.?Da
rid Murray, a divorced man of
Hopedale, recently became engaged
o marry a young woman of near
Jharleston, W. Va., through cor
?espondence started by a inatrimo
lial paper. When he met his bl?
ended he discovered that the girl
vas his own daughter, whom he
lad not seen since her infancy. '
ilie had taken the name of a fami- <
y who adopt*.d her. I
A $10,000,000 suit.
Cleveland, Jan. 80*?A suit io
yohing $10,000,000 wrs begun in
the Summit county court at Akron
by Bamuel J Ki tc hie, of the city
against Judge Stephenson Burke,
ex Senator Henry ii. Payne, M. P.
McIntosh, Charles. W. Gingham
and others. The suit involves all
the interests of the Canadian Cop?
per company, aud Ohio corporation
doing business iii the Dominion
with a capital of $25,000,000; the
Anglo American Iron company,
capital $5,000,000, and the Central
Ontario Railroad Company, capital
William L, Brown, of Rock
bridge county, a justice of the
peace from Natural Bridge district
dropped dead last week while con?
versing with a friend.
lt is reported that the widow
or Senator Ke ma will be rec?
ommended by Congressman Alder
son for Postmaster at Charleston
W. Va. The office pays 82,400.
Mr. Basil B. Gordon, the Chair?
man of the democratic State com?
mittee has recently recovered from
an illness, caused by the too sud?
den strpiage )t the use of tobacco.
Mr. Gordon has been an inveterate
user of the weed, and not long ago
determined to abandon the habit.
His attempt to do so caused an at?
tack of illness.
The majority of our farmers have
plenty of feed.
W. B. Devericks, who has been
visiting his father for sometime,
returned to his shoe business at
Waynesboro, Ya.
Miss Annie Prc pst is at home
on a visit from Staunton.
Mis? Emma Cromcett left for
Staunton yesterday morning.
John W. Shaffer was quite sick
one day last week, but we are glad
to say he is r.ow well again.
Mrs. C. A. Simmons is quite ill at
this writing.
Our merchant, J. R. Crummett.
at Headwaters, is doing quite a
lively business. We think he
would do much Lefter if he would
advertise in the Recorder.
Red Biko.
Williamsville, Va.. Jan. 31.?
Messrs. Houston Byrd and Tom
M. McClintic were home on a few
days visit from the Uuiversi/v of
J. P. Byrd made a flying visit to
Staunton last week.
B. E. Loving has just put away a
nice lot of ice.
Died?At her home near Wil?
liamsville, Mrs. Ann Wallace, aged
84 years. The burial hill take
place tomorrow.
Hicks, the weather prophet, has
hit the changes of the weather
very correctly so far. Think the
boys have their skates in perfect
order for tlie next freeze.
Peter Wiseman, our faithful
mailcarrier never missed a trip dur?
ing all the cold weather, but com?
plained that his shoulders got
slightly cool. Seldom.
Valley Cexter, Va.. Jan. 25 ?
As I have seen nothing in your pa?
per from our quiet little valley, I
thought I would give you a few
It is hardly worth while for me
to tell you anything about the cold
weather, for if you got very far
from the fire you found that out;
but however as it isa common con?
versation in our community I sup?
posed it would not be out of place
if I should give you a few item-,
on this subject. Some of our old
est people say we have had the
coldest weather this winter that
has been since their recollection.
On the night of the 10th of Janu?
ary the thermometer registered 24
degrees below zero, and for several
days from 12 to 18 below. This
severe weather is making hay and
fodder very scarce.
It is a good time for sleighing
and some of our boys are taking
ab'aiitage of it.
Look out boys, you might have
to pay for your fun. Deer have
protection since the last of Janua?
Mrs. G. H. Bird fell sometime
ago on the ice and fractured one
of the bones in her arm which has
heen giving her considerable trou?
S, B. Rexrode, our enterprising
merchant at Valley Center, has sold
juite a lot of goads in the lest year.
If you want your blaksmithing
lone quick and in good order, call
in C. J. Williams. He is nrepared i a
;o do all kinds of work in his line. I
Some of our boys Lave improved
their looks very much by shaving
off their moustaches.
Ten head of yearlings, twenty
head of two-year-olds, eight head
of three-year-olds, to be delivered
March 1st, 1895. Those desiring
to buy please write me at Millboro
Depot, Va., four days before going
to my farm near Millboro Springs,
Va., or apply to Mr. A. S. Porter
at the farm. A. F. WITHROW.
*?ie?^v ?
Send TEN cents to ?0 Union Sq., W. Y.f
for our prlia game, " Blind Luck," and
win a Kew Homo 8?winc Machine.
The New Home Sc-wing Machine Co.
ORA' ?"?- MA88.
ILL. *j/}>10---^'i v-sS^--- '"?? CM
?tioue**' FOR SALE BY ^iu*.^
S. II. EYE, New Hampden. Va.
New Advertisements.
Eldridge Swecker,
Special attention given to any
work under the above heads en?
trusted to my care. Iy-dec23
Wilton and Anxiety bulli"! at head
of herd. Choice young bulls and
heifers for sale. Catalogues on Ap?
plication. Come and see me or ad?
R. R. station and telegraph of?
fice. Alderson, C. & 0. lt. It.
S. W, Anderson, Asbury, Greenlirier coun?
ty. \V. Va. dec3'.-4nio.
i-i :ghtown virginia
Will be hereon each Court-day
and will repair watches, clock-;,
sewing machines, &c, &c. Repairs
for all in his line kept on hand.
Call on him.
All work warranted.
jan3 ly.
Practice limited to the
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.
Formerly Consulting Oculist and Ao?
rist to the St. Louis City Hospital, and
Surgeon-in Charge of the "Missouri Eye
ind Ear Infirmary, St. Louis.
OFFICE?Over Augusta National Bank,
apr8 tf
0 MoxTeaev, Va.
W. A. Cunningham, Proprietor.
Well furnished and equipped throughout
Courteous treatment and moderate charges,
rablc supplied with the best the market af
>rds. Respectfully invites thetravs.-lii-.Kpul>
: and those In Monterey on business or
:asure to nive him a cull. mv3 lr
No. 23 S.AUGUSTA St.,
(up stairs)
m opposite
P. 0. LOCK BOX 90.
T.H.& II.F. Slave*
Lre prepared to furnish and deliver Cof
ns upon verv short notice aud at rea
onable pi ices.
Furniture of all kinds nt bott* m nricee
nd upon reasonable terms.
Good trade taken in exchange o v)rk
Wholesale arid Recall
flo, 25 y Augusta Street,
(Opposite Courtiaouse,)
Staunton, Virginia.
Wc have in stock the largest assortment
Ever offered n this market.
Sole Agents lor the Celebrated .1
which we a speciality.
JNiT'Pronipt attention jjiven to ?,') orders
received through the mails. mv.l-tf.
Maybe rou think this la it new business,
sen-lt uk o ..(.babies ontipplicutlon: it has been
(inn.- belora, bowerer, bill never have thi.se
fumisbed been co near the original sampieus
tatt one. Bvetyone Will eruluiin. "weill
tii.it'. th.- Biri e .est baby I ever saw!" Tula
little black mid-wbice engraving con give
von busa taint Wea oi the exquisite origdricl.
,??'*'?? :- i
? ?"fe" 'fe. :? . ? .
':,. ?m
wbich w pio-iiv ko i nd to yon. trcn?pop
UiMo'i p.tt.f T i ? little dttriaiti- um-agu,i>t
i i>i:l..-r, :?:?. 3 U '.n rbi BC* < 1' nrttWN ir < ll 111
I In - soo -.. t te i; ii-M i wlatcb Iras u<-iv puiu-u
.;'. ir. i (i'll; *>d io with n t luuir>luint ceo.
Th ? B ?h tints a ra j.crlcct, mid the eyes icllow
ron. no nutter wh nyiaitcnd. Theexquf*
? . :i,o-?rodu :t!onaoftl.ti g:-<?<??.?< st printing ol
dia Wuu/n i ie jno t c.-N bi: f( d of Djoaiorn
u'.iiteri rf n'.v li .'<? uro l-l; piree to taos*)
. ho ubwrib3*to Dein?-?r**?t's VumMy Ma*t*v
r ivi'i. The reeroductloM eutnwt bo
ii tl?3 orlgtojO, which eoit gi00. and
re the *ame flaw lTtSJ Inches'. Ibe baby la
. and absolutely lit. 'i o- v.'e bera
.: o ia r-i-f.>i:-!r i .1, M present to our tub
icdbers 1 iring baja, other rjrrcai ptcturw ly
. nil i-t -is lii'm-y f cran,MauiHunitiircy,
rfaoula IK-elia n->-, rnd ot";.*-i.-: t.f wi r.d-wido
? n-vrv:\. Taiitt only tim eiarr.idcs of whut
m?<hd I !r!t*th<?pfl?t rear, "A Yard ofl'an
?ie*V sa,ui * A White ! i >.-c. ( rehirl" by the
.-:.', f President Ilr.rr** :?., and you will atti
:;? promises ran.
i'ii :rlho for Pome i r Ct Fnffnlly
? -, r! I ??? lil i- - .allery of et
/WAI works: < -'?? tesMtsai
-.xz.i7.-vir ,!?...: led 1 7 any in
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siaji.v-'q '? ifuruapedsWB copy.
I Going to Buy t
I A iDsctJor.ccry? I
$ GET THE ftCST. |
? ?
A Choice Gift V '." V V '.$
A G:and Vzimiy Educator v|
A Library in Itself V 7 v|
The Standard Authority vf
T Tho Intcrnationil ia a new book from T
I cover to cover, tu'ly abreast of the tiinea, T
Jard is the successor ci' the authentic T
T "Cn ibridged." Teny-ars v/preipecl inT
? revising. 100 edkorj employed Red overl
$.10'J,OCO expended before the first copy r
was printed.
Do not liny r?Tv.-ir.lc of cljrolete tu-.d*T
c^mpiratMBr vorthlew editions. X
Send forfrce nanij-.h'ct containing Y
spacimon pages and lull particulars. Y
? G. & C. M3R7AM CO., Publishers, ?>
Cs-'eate. and Trade-Marks obtained, and all Pi
ent business conducted for Moderate Feet.
Our Office ls Opposite U. S. Patent Office,
and we can secure patent in lesa time than tha
remote from Washington.
Send model, drawing or photo., vith desert
tion. We advise, if patentablc or not, free
charge. 'Mir fee not due till patent is secure
A Pamphlet, "How to Obtain Patents," wt
names of actual clients inyourState, county,?
town, sent free. Address,
OppcsPa Patent Offict, Washington. D. C.
- VA..
w* are prepared to do nil v. ork in thia Mae
on short notice, and at reuson.ible p-iT*.
Vft. Collins furnished /ind dei; vero'
Address us at C." KA HBO I CO \( '.

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