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The Arctic Highlanders. -,
The Arctic Highlanders are, from their
environment, a nomadic race. They
rarely have their summer abiding place
where their winter settlements are, aud
the dwellings for the two seasons ure of
entirely different character. Their winter
huts, or igloo?, are of two kinds of con?
struction. Those for temporary use
while traveling are built of snow or ice.
Those for permanent use aro located
?where the fietce northwest winds are
tempered by great cliffs, and are built of
stone; an entrance to each is had through
a leng, low tunnel, and both are covered
by turf. The interiors are about six
feet square and high, and lined with
skins, with the fur outward. One-half
the interior is takenup by a platform on
which the family sleep and sit, and thc
other halt is used asa receptacle for all
kinds of filth and refuse. In these con?
stricted quarters five, six and sometimes
more Eskimos swelter in a terrific heat
irom a small oil lamp, and enjoy them?
selves during the long arctic night,
which lasts from the first week in No?
vember to the middle of February. This
AGJoyment consists in eating, sleeping
and visiting.
As soon as the spring thaws begiu, the
roofs of the stone igloos are taken off to
allow thc elements to cleanse the inter?
iors, and the occupants betake themselves
to tupics, or skin tents, set up perhaps
miles from their winter habitation?.
These tupics are made of sealskin with
the fur all scraped off, and all are made
exactly alike, and of thc same number
of pieces. The interiors aro titted up
the same as the igloos and are nearly as
filthy. Indeed, filth and vermin seem a
necessary accompaniment of the Eskimos.
Water for washing purposes they detest
with great heartiness. I belive a cat
could be persuaded to submit to a wash?
ing more readily than ai Arctic High?
lander. Only a bribe of uncommon value
will tempt one to undertake a bath. I
tried the experiment on a woman at
"Red Cliff House," Mr. Peary's winier
quarters on one occasion, and it was
only when I offered a thimble that tbe
protesting and almost tearful creature
consented. Crawling slowly to a near
by stream she dipped one hand in the
water and hurriedly rubbed it on her
face from her eyes to her chin, and then
scrambled back to the house as fast as
ber feet could carry her, where she
wiped tba objectionable "liquid off on a
towel belonging to one of Mr. Peary's
companions, and demanded her reward.
Her face looked a little brighter, buttha
accumulated dirt of years still remained
on and behind her cars.?New York In?
Cared or a Broken Back.
Drs. James and Thomas McCann, of
Pittsburg, are about ready to report to
the medical fraternity the case of John
Mulligan, who was cured of a broken
back. In October, 1883, Mulligan re?
ceived a fracture of the vertebras and,
ns usual with such cases, was paralyzed
from the loins down.
Eight, utiys after Mulligan's entrance J
to thc hospital the physicians, in tho !
presence of seventy-five students of the |
West Pennsylvania Medical College, :
made an incision eight inches long ia
the man's back. Tho vertebrae were ex?
posed. A fracture of the arcaes of the |
tenth and eleventh vertebrae was found.
Fragments of bone were pressing on the
spinal cord. This pressure was relieved. !
Two months later Muligan could move '
his rigut leg.
in ten months the patient walked out
of the hospital. He is now at work.
The report of the operation was kent
secret until it was proved a perfect sue- :
cess.?New York Mail and Express.
At Minorca the fisherman simply dive?
to a depth cf seventy feet with a weight
in on* hand to carry him down. With
the other hand he pick3 up as many
j?earl oysters sa he can carry and brings
them up to the boat.
Wherever the gospel is faithfully
preached, somebody is going to be?
lieve it
Jfr8. Ogden Snyder
Albany, X. Y.
" I Owe May Life to Hood's
Words are powerless tn express the grati?
tude I feel toward Hood's Sarsaparilla, tor un
?iei God, Ifni and know that to this medieino
f owe tnv life. Twelve years sro I began to
bloat, followed by nausea at the stomach, and
later with mr et linux of rhv timon, accom?
panied by revere pain. This ltu lually grew
worse until three yearn ago. I'hysi. ians told
me thc trouble was
Caused by a Tumor
Tor several months I had been unable to retain
any food of a solid nature. 1 wa* greatly
*>maclated,bal frequent hemorrhages,
and was satisfied the doctors ?' re right n may?
ing my I ft *t>an nra tia *>? er. One dava
friend suggested that I try Hood's Sar aiituilla;
I did so, and for 8 or 4 days I wee *d kc than
ever, but 1 kept on and gradual) v began to feel
I Began to Feel Hungry
('midd, after a time, retain solid fomi.increased
In weight, the saffron bue left my skin, the
nUjatlns: subsided, and I Ml better all over.
' 'he part two years roy health ha* been
Hood's rania Cures
te good, and I have been able all the tinu?
?o do tne housework for my family." Mus. Oa
i'i-m Snydkh. Xo. 10 Judson .St., Albany, N. Y.
Mood's Pilli* are the best after-dluner Pills, ava- '.
ii" digestion, cure headache. Try a box.
A remedy which,
If v.se<! by Wives
abod t to ex cerlcnco
the painful ordeal
attendant upon
Child-birth, proves
an infallible sp?ci
lie for, ? nd obviate*
thc tortures of coi.
flnemeut, l<56r.eninp:
the dangers thc roof
to both mother and
child. Sold hy all
druggists. Sentbv
express on receipt
of pri-je, Jl.50 per
bot tie, chatges pre?
A nolle prosequi was entered in the Crimi?
nal District Court of New Orleans in the
case of Judge J. C. Baumann and Dennis
Richardson, colored, arraigned for tho mur?
der of Judge lLnry Long. The sawmill of
G. W. Favors & Co., near Columbus, Ga,
was destroyed by the explosion of the boiler
of ihe engine. Will Griggin, white, aged
fourteen, and Titus Heath, colored, were
killed; Sandy Tinsley, John Grant and j
Aaron "Watson were fatally injured and four j
others painfully hurt.-Jeffers m Shank of j
Dayton, Ohio, was arrested on the charge of
murdering his wife.-Baron Straits, who
was tho husband of Lady Anna Bishop, the
once famous singer, died of typhus iu New
York, a va.abond.-The body of Bishop
Dwengor was buried in the Catholic ceme?
tery in Fort Wayne, Ind.-Frank Duffy, j
at ona time a well known j>olitician in New .
York, shot and killed George Cunningham j
in front of a saloon kept by Duffy in Fort
Hamilton.-Amos Whitely & Co.'s mower
and binder works were transferred to a new
company to be known as the Whitely Ma?
chine Company. It has been incorporated
under the laws of New Jersey, with n cap?
italization of $103,000.-Charles Burg
called at tho residents of Mr. and Mrs.
Waldo AVhipple, in Butte, Mont., and cal?
ling them to the door, shot bo'h of them and
placed the pistol to his mouth and blew his
brains out. No cause can be assigned for
the deed.-Mrs. Sarah Johnson, aged fifty?
one years, living in St. Louis, was burned to
death ia her home. Mrs. Johnson was a
paralytic and. while alone in the house, in
?ome unaccountable way her clothes caught
fire and in her helpless condition she was
burned to death before discovered.
Madison G. Whittaker, a famous ol 1 Texas
fighter, is dead.-Fairhaven, the 'Siate
City/' so called, in Rutland county, Vt.,
was visited by the most disastrious tire in
its history. The fire spread to a dozeu
buildings, and caused a los of over 175,000.
??-John A Davis, of Chicago, said to be
one of tte heirs in the famous Mon'ana wii.1
case, fell down the stairway of the Driand
Hotel, in Victoria, B. C., and is supposed to
L?e dying from concussion of the brain.
S. J. Henry and C. J. B.nd, the colored por?
ter and conduc or of the sleeping-car "Sal?
mon River,"' were arrested at Buffalo for
opium smuggling. Fort)' packages of opium
were found under one of the seats in the car
on its am va". The car is a Toronto-New
York sleeper.??A masked robber thot and
killed Jefferson Thompson, a store-keeper
near Newport, Arkansas.-Miss Maggie
Twomy, n music teacher, was outraged and
theu murdered in Fort Worth, Texas.-A
mau registering as George B. Tay.or, of
London, Ont., comm itt. d suicide at the
Mansion House, Buffalo, by taking poison.
From papers found on his person he is sup?
posed to be lt. G. Haun, of Orangeville,
Ont., county treasurer and manager of a
bank Ht that place. The United States
Banking Company, with branches at Junc?
tion Ciiy and Sheridan, in Oregon, suspend?
ed payment. Farmers aro tin principle
losers. The entire capital of the three bank*
Is less than JoO.COO.
"Miss A deli e Holmes, assistant principa
of the bi^h school, and her lister Francos
died in Saginaw, Mich., of malignant dipb
theria. Susie another sister, principal of
the Colara Schco', s ill willi the same d s
ease, and is cot expected to recover.-Rev.
Fath r John T. Cullertoo, pastor of the
Rom in Catholic Churoh at Raywicb, Ky.,
has renounced his faith and married his
cousin.-Fire des.'royod the argest grain
elevator in Indiaoapolis, which was owned
by Fred. B. Rush & Co.-The Owl train of
the Pennsylvania Railroad crashed into a
freight train near N w Brunswc'*-, N. J.
Two lahore s were seriously hurt, aud one
is expected to die.-A locomotive dashed
into aweigh ni ar Passaic City, killing several
of theoccupantsand injuring others-Fir*
destroyed the four-story brioc block in St.
Paul occupied by the grocery firm of Andrew
Sboch & Co. Loss on stock and building
$42,000, covered by insurance.-Governor
Wert?, of New Jersey, appointed ex-S nator
El jab T. Paxton judge of the District Court,
and the Senate confirmed bim.-The Texas
Stat? Senate shelved the House resolution
indorsing the Hatch Anti-option bill, and
pa'sed a tubst tute expressing confidence in
tbe Texas senators, Coke and Mills, doing
what is best under the circumstances.
Sidney Smith and Willie Duff, boys, were
drowned at Martn's Ferry, Ohio, while
Three new cases of typhus fever and one
d 'ath irom the disease were reported in New
York city.
Pi.Kt RO-p' eumouiH issiid to have Lioken
out aga iu muong cows in Chester eoUBtj.
Penn ylvaua.
An Minos Central pa;sengei train was
wi ec.ed i"ar Dixon, III., by a broken rail.
E ght nir/n were severely injured.
Sevkn tons of powder at the Kel lott? P ,w
d?r Works, i cir Huntington, Wist Virginia,
exploded. The mei were at dinner and ne
person wes injurtd.
The typhoid fever epidemic continues iu
tbe penitentiary at Jackson, Mich. Nine
patients are in the hos, ital, and th?re have
teen two deaths.
By a collision of two freight trains near
Miilsdale, Illinois. Eigioeers A. M. Rabn
and Richard Mitchell and Brakeman M. J.
Mihone were killed.
The boiler at tho raw mill tf J. W. Favors
& Co., i ear < olurabus, Georgia, exploded.
William Griff! i and Titus Hea.h were killed
and seven others were injured, Sandy Tin?
sley,- John Grant and Aaron Wats ,n
Through the carelessness of a telegraph
operate.- th ? second sect on of the eastbound
"Fa>t Line," of tbe Pennsylvania Railroad,
crashed into the re ir ot the first section, near
Hiceiton, Pa. The rear car, a 6.e.jper froai
Williamspurt,wastelecCoped, and eight pas?
senger vi er.' injured.
At the inquest held at East St. Louis on
the remains of Timothy Hculitian, who was
one ot the wrecking crew in jun d by tbe ex
pLsi n at Wann, Illinois, tne jury returned
a veidict in which they held tLe Big Four
Railway Conti any responsible for bis death
by reason ot employ ing incompetent men to
attend lu switches.
As several Italian laborers at Fonda, New
York, ?ere thawing out a dynamite cart?
ridge, an explosio i look place and about 50
cartridg s were d scharged. One of tne
Ital aus, name not learned, was hurled
through the air 80 leet and instantly killed.
Andrew Ha>ner, of A tnsterdam, was fatally
A BLWOfl with a party of six, returning
borne ti> t'assiic I ity, was strucs by an F.no
Railroad licomotive in Passaic, New Jersey,
half an.l.o'r.r after miduight. Mamie Ryau,'^
yean old, was killed iust.n.iy; Ma.gie
Splain,'Jt yearn old so bully injured mat
she il.- U a tew hours laiter. Mrs Thomas
O'Brien, and John Moore, co'ored (.liver ol'
t e lei b, were fatally injured. Thero waa
io fi gniau i or gate at the crossing.
TH? memorial tabl t to James Bu i ll
Lowell, to he erected in West nh stei Abbe-,
will be <? inarb <\ and bear a low relief por?
trait. Tbe O mini its ion his boen g ven to
George Frampton. Whon complete I the
tablet w li bi placed io th Chanter Housa,
lo eaih a staiaed-g'a?s window a'to com*
menio.ativo of the distinguished author and
It fa thought in London that there in little
prospect for the release of M-s. Maybrick,
who is terri eg a santeiva In prion for the
murder of ber bu-band.
Do Passes Away at tho Home ol a
Friend In Macon, Ga,
tlc* iincius Quintus Cincinnati Lamar
flied nt Macon, Ga., at 8:50 o'clock a few
evenings ago. Tho death was su Iden in the
txtrt-me, for although he had been ailing for
tome time, Justice Lamar appeared to be
gradually ga ninjc in health.
He went from Washington to Macon about
a month before, and had been visiting at the
resilience of W. H. Virgin, in Vinyvllle, a
luburb of that city.
During the afternoon at about 3 o'clock
Justice Lamar took his overcoat, intending
to go to the city, but waa met at the door by
a irien I, Dr. Lewellyn, with whom he re?
turned to the siltinr. room. At that time,
and during all the afternoon he was in good
spirits, and nt dinner at r>-50 in tue evenin?
lie seemed to have a good appetite. Dr.
Llewellyn left tho house about 8 o'clock, and
a few minutes later the Jostles was seized
with violent pain? ia tbs heart, and died at
Ihe hour mentioned.
Lucius Quinta* Cinc'uintus Lunar was
born in Putnam County, Ga., September 1,
1^35. He was graduated from the E nory
College in Georgia in 1348, and was admitted
to thc bar in Mccon in 191*'. In 1S4U he held
the place of adjunct professor ot mathe?
matics in the University of Mississippi. He
was elected to tile Georgia Legislature in
IS?.:! and tSoi. Thun he returnod to
Mississippi, and lo 185? waselectel to Con?
gress. He was re-electai in I83P, and re?
signed to take hie, seat in tbe Secession
Convention ot his State. Liter h3
entered the Confederate Army as
Lleutenant-Co'ouel in the Nineteenth
Mississippi Regiment. He resigned from
cetive service oo account of ill health,
and iras tent as Commissioner to
Bu<siu. He did not get thero until lSo'l,
when bis services were mien. At the closo
ol the war bo rest med teaching in tie Uni?
versity of Mississi p*. ide was elected to
Congress again io 18M* Re elected in ISil,
and in 1876 was chosen United State3 Sena'
ter. On March ?'"?th, lk$~>, ho bscame Secre?
tary ot the Interior in President Cleveland's
Presideut Cleveland appointed him to the
Supreme Court bench in l&S?. Just after en
tering Mr. Clevelands Caoinet he was mar?
ried for tho second time, the bride bein?
Mr?. Henrietta P. Holt, widow ot W. 6.
Holt, of Macon, Ga. He lost his first wire
while he was a member of the Rous?. By
her be bad two children, a son an d a daugh?
ter, both now married, aud well known iu
Washington society.
The oin ulat'on of tho Tocsin, a laoudou
anarchist newspaper, has been prohibited in
Ter. monument to be erected in Richmond
to tho ni ?m..ry of Jefferson Davis will not
stand w li-re his remains will be laid next
Sering, dbe grave is tobe in a cemetery
near tue James River, in the northwestern
part or tbe city. The monument will bo
paced in Monroe Park, a quarter of a mlle
irom this s.iot.
The women of Sorosis are working for the
release of Mrs. May brick. At a meeting in
New York th re was or,:an zed the "Wom?
an's Iuteruaticnal Bu eau of Justice," and
it w::s resolved that it shou d have constitu?
ent bureaus throughout the Un ted S ates
and Europe. It will first bring it* influence
to be.*r ia tbe case of the American poisoner
languishing ii Waking Pri on.
A colored mau, the first of bis race to be
admitted to the prie-t ho id of the Fps opal
Chu ch iu K 'ntucy.was ordained in Louis?
ville a few days ago. His name is William
M. Jackson, a .d he has a charge in Hunder
son, Ky. His Jathir was tree-born, and hi*
mother an emancipated slave. He had a
good e Jucatiun ia Ohio, and for a time was
emploj'ed in the War Department in Wash?
A Baltimore friend of the late General
Butler says: "Ali the eccentricities he p?
Besse i-such a* chewing on he stump of a
cigar in open court, puffing and blowing
durin? th? examination of witnes es, strid?
ing up and dowa in front of the j ry, wear?
ing boutonnieres on all occasions, a.d mak?
ing a great stew wheu he entered any assem?
bly?ail these were origin illy done for effect
but as he aged th ay became a part of his
Mr Conan Doyle, who6e detective stor?
ies are just cow so mut'b talued about in
literary circles, is one ot a coterie of youn?
men who have recently made?or ai e fast
ma<ing?a name forth msehesinliieratuie.
Tney carl therese ves "Tno Vagabonds.' and
they dino together once a month in one of
tlw old-fashioned taverns whi h abut on
Fleet street in London. Jerome K. Jerome
hs the uncrowned kiag of tbe ??Vagabond?,"
and tor his choice*t spirits he bas Couan
Doyle, Coulson Kernahan (author of 'A
Dead Man's Dairy"), I. ZinswiP, 6. B. Bur
pin, and until became to America, Rudyard
Kipling. Conan Doyle is a deserter irom
the medical profession, for when writing
"Mican Clarke," he had a good medical
practice. Although only 34 years of age,
Conin Doyle ha- seen a good deal of the
wi ri I, and among other travels, has been to
Greenland in a whaling ship and penetrated
the interior of Africa fi om the \\ est Coast.
The trouble growing out of the switch?
men's strike at Muncie, Indiana, which wa*
thought to have been settled, was renewed,
the trainmen refu -ing to take out the r
The Lake Erie and WTastern Railroad
opened its switching yards, at Muncie, with
uew men b ought from Chicago, who j er
formed their work in the presc.ee of a how?
ling, threatening mob.
The North Bbamok'n Colliery, at Trever?
ton, Pa , resumed operations after a lengthy
shutdown. Al Reading collied's in tho
Shamokdi district have been pushed hard to
supply the demands of the coal trade.
Forty-five stovo mounters at the Detroit
Stove Wovks are on strike for a chinga in
in the wage seal i, aud there is a prospect, if
the trouble is not soon settled, of 600 hands
bein-.? thrown out of work.
President Samuel Gompers, of the
American Federation of Labor, was in
Flitabarg conferring with officers of the
Anni palliated Association, me.nbers ot
Homestead's late A ivisory Committee and
W. AV. Krwi i, tho St. Paul lawyer, who s
defending thc Homest ad men charged with
murder, in reference to those cases.
It is said that there are now 3,100 men em?
ployed in Carnegitj S eel Works at Home?
stead. Tho uumber locked out last summer
was 3,809. Of those now ut work 2,000 aro
said to be old hadd-, and, whenever new
men leave, the old men aro taken in their
A number of Lake Erie and Wes tarn
strikers of Muncie, Indiana, were before
Judge Baker in the U. S. District Court at
Indianapolis, charged with cont- mpt in hav?
ing interferivd with tho movement of trains
after the court hid enjoined them from such
action. Aft.r warning the accused the court
adjourned for one week.
Italy has demanded satisf.-u u'o i of Brazil
for t o outrage c-mnu *t >d Issi sn nmer upon
Itiliao sailors and re-idents at Santo*.
The Latest News Gleaned From Various
Parts of the State.
Wm board of supervisors of Campb ll
county decided at their last meeting to ask
the State for the S9rvices of convicts on the
public roads of the county. After corres?
pondence with the superintendent of the
I enitentiary it was learned that forty con?
victs would be s nt to the county upon ap?
plication for tho pu? pcs j named. The super
vi>ors will ask for them on March 1.
The congregation of St. Joseph's Catholic
f'hurch, Pitersburg, expect to begin the
erection of their new place of worth p some
time next Spring. The church, it L under?
stood ;b to cost about $25,000. Of Hm
aiuouut the congregation has bbout 113,030,
an 1 Bishop Van dc Vyver has given bis con?
sent for tho congregation to borrow |8,0X).
Near Wakefield the fast train for Rich?
mond over the Norfolk and Western Rail?
road struck and kil ed a colored idiot named
Cur^ar Parham. He was rum ing in fron*^
of the train, propab-y to gain a path a short
distance f 'om where the engine overtook
Mr. H. S. Cooper, of the Winstou-Saleni
(N. C.) Street Railway, has been appointed
superintendent of the Washington, A exam
dria and Mt. Vernon Electric Railway Com?
AgZ. R. Liwi<, Sr., was fixing romet!?ing
about h's well near Howardsville, Albe?
marle county, a few days ago, be slipped
and was precipitated to the bottom of tho
well, which i, said to bu 75 feet deep. He
fell into 15 feet of water and soon ro e and
climbed up to where be could support bim
tolf until bi; friends made arrangements to
get him out.
I COL. W. F. AVickham has rot yet heard
from tin commtinicat ons he sent toGeneral
McMahon, of Kew York, relative to the
Virginia cavalry being a signed to the posi?
tion of honorary escort to Mr. Cleve'and on
the occasion of his fcc nd inauguration as
President. The commandment of the cav?
alry will write to General McMahon again
asking if h's communication was received.
A COCPLE of dogs got into the theep fo'd
ef Mr. L. M. Shumate, of Loudoun couuty,
and out of a flock of twenty-four left only
one sound sheep. Twelve were killed out?
right and eleven others more or less injured
so that ot least four or five will cettainly
Chas. Crawford, of Mt. Meridian, lost
live head of cattle from the lot he had at
Lynnwood, Rockingham county. They
went to far out on fie ice of tbe river and
broke in.
COD. E. V. White was elected Pies'dent of
the People's National Bank of Loesburg,
vice John D. Baker, residue!. Dr. C, Shir
ley Carter was elected vice-president.
The school-bouse at Gala, Botetourt
county, was destroyed by fire a few days
a o.
R. M. Pierce, of Rockingham county, we*
found dtad in hi* boarding-house in Char*
1. ttcs\, ille.
The Culpeper Minute Men are g iug to the
inauguration in full uni.orin and are now
drilling for the ocsa ion.
An order was issued at the Roanoke Mach?
ine Works directing the force in the machine
shop to work teu hours a day. The increase
in time is ou account of some new locomo?
tive work Loing takenup that was suspended
last fall.
With an eye toprofltabb bus ness next
summer, three citizens of Roanoke have cut
from tbe river a stack of ice fifteen feet high
forty feet long and twenty fe.-t wide, and
will build a house ovtr it.
During the past year the Monticello Wine
Company at Chailottesvilie cleared'J5 per
cent, on its capital stock, lu the vintage of
189.3 the dnipany nude sixty thousand gal?
lons of wine and one thousand gallons of
brandy. A dividend of 0 per cent, was de?
THEbuz*ards and crows are evidently
great sufferers by tho present free? -. A num?
ber of th sa br Js are S3en within the corpo
ralioa limits of Fredeiicksburg, and the
crows do not hesitate to attack a grown
chicken whenever one gets in the way.
The contract for the construction of the
Holston Valley Railroad haibeen awarded.
The extent of road included in thu contract
is from Bristol to th 3 mouth of Big Ci eek on
the Holston, a distance nf ten m Ls.
The seventeenth anuual meeting of the
Virginia Young Meu's Christian Association
will be held in Norfolk February 15 to 10. A
number of distinguished ministers will be in
attendance ar.d deliver addresses.
Cardin At. Foulon, Archbishop of Lyon',
is dead.
The Czarewitch arrived iu Berlin and was
received by the Emperor.
The Earl of Jersey has offered his resigna?
tion of Governor of New South Wal^s.
AI. Fratqueville has declared a number
of persons culpable in the Panama canal
sea dal.
ARCHntcHK s Margaret Soi'HtE was
married to Duke Albrecht of Wurt?mbnrg
at Vienna.
It is supposed the Norwegian steamer Ino
has foundered and that all on board were
Siv.-rai. uew cholera cases are reported
in the uiuatic asylum near Halie, in Prus?
sian Saxony.
Trial, was begun in Lindon of Charles
AV ells, known as "Monte Carlo Wells," on
chargei of fraud.
Tt is thought Great Britain can depend
upon the loyality of tbe Egyptian army in
eas? of an emergency.
A dispatch from Buda Pest says that a
number of p rsons and cattle were killed or
injured iu a railroad accident near Grau.
According to information from Virnna,
eighty miners were killed and many others
in j 11 ed by an explosion iu tbe Fort Schritt
u lue, near Dux.
The reconciliation of Milan nnd Natalie
bas not given pleasure in Belgrade, as the
young radicals think Ml iii is plo ting to re?
turn to Berrie os dictator.
Princksh Maiuiarkv, youngest sister of
theEmeror of Germany, was married at
Berlin amid brilliant Mirroundings to Princo
Frederick Charles of Hess\
Three Killed and two Injured by an
Explosion During a Test.
The water works boiler at Naphanes, a
town of 1,800, twenty-.'ve miles ronthwcsi
of Goshen, Ind., exp oded, ki 1 113 three nn;n
and injuring two otb rs. The toiler also
mpp ied the electric plant and bad just I e?n
repaired. It was being tested when the ac?
cident occurred.
The killed are N. A. French, of the town
board; George Parker and Electrician John?
son. Injured, Jones aud Isaac Whistler,
Husband (tn wife from Boston)*?
"You never (ind am- blue stockings In
tbe Prince of "Wales' set.* Wife
(Rtrorjjz-mincletl)?"5o, bluf in not a
fa?J color.'?--Ufo.
?*01i Chrli."
"The queerest character I ever met la I
>id Chris Holgrave, I Mormon mission- j
iry, who lives in thc Elk Mountain", j
mrth of Laramie," said Major Th.-mvis j
Brcckinridge. President of the Story j
Fellers'Club in session at the Soothe?. |
?'Old Chris is well known throughout j
?heentire West. Hu formerly lived in j
Salt Lake City and was a power in the j
church, but when the split came on the
question of polygamy he cast his fortune
with the Joe Smith Saints and moved up
into thc Elk Mountains, whero ho has
acquired world wide fame as a trapper
ard a rifle shot. Every spring, when
thc trapping season is over, he make?
his staff pnd sets forth to preach the
gospel of one wife Mormonism, tramping
over Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado and
Utah. He is a splendid specimen of
physical manhood, six feet one, straight
as an Iudian, tou^h as spring steel, with
long, white hair and beard sweeping
down beiow his belt. Ho enjoys the
reputation of having killed more bears
than any American living or dead.
"A year ago last spring ha brought !
into Laramie and told 500 bear skin?, !
the result of one winter's trapping. Ile
was assisted, however, by his three
grown sous. Many of the skins were
those of enormous grizzlies, that 'var?
mint' being extremely plentiful in the
Elk Mountains. He is marked all over
with the teeth and jaws of bruin. I
bought an especially tine bearskin of him,
ind be told me tbAt the original owner
came very near getting the best of the
'He said he was trapping along a nar?
row mountain path, en route to his traps,
and in making a sharp turn he met bruin
face to face. He had with him a eavage
wolf dog and a muzzle loading rifle. To
the left the mouutain arose abruptly and
to the right was a chasm '300 feet deep.
Tlie foot path was but a yard wide. The
dog iprang forward and attacked the
bear, but bruin cuffed him over into tbe
chaim at tnough he were a rabbit. Then
he advancer! on the apostle of the silver
plate revelation. Old Chris threw down
on him, but his old rifle hung fire, and
he only succeeded in wounding his as?
sailant. The bear rushed forward and
he threw it his fur cap. It snuffed at it,
tore it into iragments and cuffed them
over thc ledge. That gave Chris time
to reload, and when bruin again ad?
vanced he sot a bullet in the braiu."?
St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Silent, but Alert.
Parisian thief-takers are chiefly notice?
able for an exceptionally ordiuary ap?
pearance, if one m.iy use the expression.
It is rather disappointing at first sight to
auy one who knows detective literature;
but to look ordinary and not to be so is
obviously a great merit in the business,
when you co..ie. to think of it. One of
them pulls out of his pocket a specimen
of the homely instrument whic'a doc3
duty for handcuff* among these nieo.
They call it a cabriolet, or, mere cor?
rectly, ligotte, and it consists of some
twenty inches of whipcord, with a small
piece of wood at either end. The cord
is passed round the prisoner's wrists aud
twisted together. The thing is more
efficient, than might be supposed, and
your true Parisian thief-taker takes A cer?
tain pride in using simple means. He is
great at ready-made and ingenious de?
vices. One plan with a troublesome cap -
tive is to take oil one of his boots, which
makes him limp; another is to unfasten
his clothes so that he is obliged to use at
least odo hanel in holding them up.
The men make their own ligottes, and
sometime produ:e a more formidable
article by using strong wire in loops in?
stead of whipcord. But the real master
hand disdains even the ligotte; he carries
nothing whatever, no matter where be
goes. With thc majority of tbe crimi?
nals his mere personal influence suffices
to impose obedience, aud wheu he meets
with a desperate character he prefers to
trust to his good ri'^ht haud rather than
any weapon of offence.?New Y;>rk
Oregon has thirty-six nurseries, cover?
ing about 1576 acres.
None Bu
Baking Powder is absolui
it, or approaches it in lea^
wholesomeness. (See U. S.
is made from cream of tarta
chemically pure. No othe
finely-flavored, and wholes*
maintain its strength withe
make bread or cake that \
that ca*! be eaten hot with ir
No other is so economical.
The Baking Powders v
vicinity, with the statement
Royal," have been shown b;
composed of alum and detri
, The official chemists of t
ada; State analysts, mimic
physicians indorse the gr<
Baking Powder.
Ask Ipr, nm
ami luslit noon barina
_ JGLAf* rtHOErf. Ncr.ogea
uiac without W. ir. Doufl&s name
ind price stumped on bottom. Loads
ir lt when you bay. --? I
ila every wheres inure
Will give exclusive sals le shoe deal
Kents. Write for catalogue, lt not fer ?alt
MT* else and width wained* festofc "fri*
The First Complete Bible.
The first complete Bible printed in
England wa3 issued in 1535 without any
lublisher's name. It was the work of
he celebrated Mites Coverdale, who in
:orporated, with revisions, Tyndale's
)ooks of the New Testament, as well as
lia Pentateuch and Book of Jonah. It j
ivas thus only partially original as far as j
Coverdale was e-orcerned, the rem lining !
portion being a translation of a tiransla- J
:ion. No perfect copy of this edition is
kBOWB to bo in existence. A copy sold
* few years ago in London for a sum
jqual to $'600 had the title, nineteen
leaves and thc map missing. The Cover- '
dale Bible i3 the one mentioned in these
notes heretofore as the ''Bug Bible*' and j
the "Treacle Bible," on account eif two j
curious passages found therein. The j
passage in Jeremiah which wc now read
U "Is there no balm in Gilead ?" is made j '
by Coverdale to read as "Is there no | '
more treacle at Gahahad?" Thc psalm |
which says "Thou shalt not bo afraid of j
thc tetror by night" reads, "Thou 6halt i '
not nede to bee at'rayed for any bugs by j (
night/' The ninth psalm, in that poi- : <
tion which should say "Put them in fen*-, i
0 Lord," C'.iverdaie make? to <?ny "Set n
schoolmaster ovet them."?St. Loui? Ke* ; i
public. i
An Expert'* Opinion.
Our readers have doubtless notice 1 'lie
i uiiierous discussions by tho scientists nn ! '
hygienists as to the rein ive valrn of the j
various baking powders. A careful sifting j ;
'if the evidence leaves no doubt a? to the j ,
?U]ieriorlty of the "oyal Raking Powder in
jin itv. wholesonieuess and strength, from
o fc-iciitiflc staml|jo'nt. An opinion, how
ever, that will bavo perhaps greater influ
? nee with our practical housekeepers, is that
given by Marion Harland, the well known
<ri)il popular writer, up m matters pertain
lng lo the science of domestic economy, o^
..(.usekeeping, and of home cooking. In a
inter published in tho Philadelphia LftliW
Home Journal, this writer say
*'l regard the Hoya! Balling Powder as
the l-i st n.ann'aeiur**d and in ths market,
se) fur ns I Imvu uuv experience in the usc of
/ucb tSMiiucunds. Since tbe introduction oi'
it into my kitchen 1 have used no other in
making biscuits rakfi-, etc., and have en?
tirely discarded for ouch pu/pejses the honie
n;Rdc e*onabloation of one-third node, two
f hillls rreani nt tartar.
"Every lox his been iu perfect condition
*?.heu it came int?i soy hands, and the con?
tents have given complete, (satisfaction. It
is au act of simple justice, ani also a pleas?
ure, to recommend ir unqualifiedly to Amer
:caiihousewives. Marion Marlaxo.''
Remarkable Coincidences.
Residents of Elm Grove, W. Ta.,
had a census taken last year and gave
out as the actual results these figures;
Males over 21 years of age, 148: males
under 21 years, 148; females over 1G
years, 148; females under 16 years,
Jlow'B This *
We ofter One Hundred Uciiars reward fot
my msc of catarrh thm oannot he ourec tr
caking Hall's Catarrh Cur;.
F. J, Chknky ,v Co.. Props.. loleao. 0.
"We. thb nitdersigned, have known ? J.
Cheney for the. last l.'i yr.irs. and believe him
perfectly honorable In' all business transne
;ions, and tlnancially able to carry out any ob?
ligations made by their firm.
? Bil A Thlax, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo,
Waxdino, Rinnan <Sr Marvin, Wholesale
Druggists. Toledo, O.
Hall's Caiiarrh Cure is taken internally, act?
ing directly upon tbeblooel and mucous sur
faees of the system. Testimonials sent free.
Price 75c. petXottle. Sold by all druggists.
Themothei tongue is probably the lou
Riiage of Mars.
Cleanliness, exercise and diet are ibr cardi?
nal virtue* Ot1 good health. Take care of lbs
firsi t o and it you know what and how la eal
yon nerd never lie ill. It i.- claimed that < oil?
field Tea. a simple herb remedy, overcomer* i bo
results of wrong living.
Wheu ono woman praise i auo'.her, folks
think she !s sarcastic.
A Cough, Cold oh Kore Thhoat should not
be neglected. Known 8 Hronchiai. Tkimhh*
ar* a. simple remedy and give prompt relief.
25 e cnts a bo.;.
Clothes may not make the man, but suits
make ho lawye .
it Royal
tely pure. No other equais
vening strength, purity, or
Govt Reports.) No other
r specially relined for it and
r makes such light, sweet,
Dme food. No other will
>ut loss until used, or will
viii keep fresh *so long, or
npunity, even by dyspeptics.
?ow being offered in this
that they are "as good as
y the official analyses to be
mental to health,
he United Slates and Can
ipal boards of health, and
?;at qualities of the Royal
w ^fl%>#C GENTLEMER.
sewed shoe that will not rip; Calf,
ess, smooth inside, more comfortable,
h and durable than any other shoe ever
t the price. Every style. Equals custom
6hoes costing from $4 to $5.
'. following are of the same high standard of
rj.oo and $5.00 Fine Calf, Hand-Sewed.
13.50 Police, Farmers and letter-Carriers.
$2.so, $^.25 and $2.00 for Working Men.
$2.00 and $1.75 for Youths and Boys.
$3.00 Kand-Sewcd. I FOR.
$2.50 aad 2.00 Dongola,) LADIES.
$1.73 for Misses.
IT IS A duty yon owe yooraell
to get mo best vaino foi your
money. Economize tn your
footwear by parohaalng W.
L. Doaglas Shoes, which
represent the best valuo
at the prices advertised
aa thousands can tea
_. tlty. Do yon wear
era and general merchnuie where I have ne
1 ta your place send direct to Factory, stalins;,
, iv* L. PtiffUs, Brockies, aUass*
Both the method and results when
-Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasan*,
ind refreshing to the taste, and acts
gently yet promptly oo thc Kidneys,
Liver and Bowell, cleanses tho sys?
tem effectually, dispels colds, head?
aches and fevers and cures habitual
:oii?tipation. By-rap of Figs is the
july renirelv ot" its kind ever pro
ii"ced, pleasing to thc taste and ac?
ceptable lo thc stomach, prompt in
ita action and truly beneficial in its
BfTects, prepared only from thc most
healthy bim Bgreeame substances, its
many excellent-qualities commend it
to all and have made it tho most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs ia for sale in 50c
and'SI bottles by all leading drug?
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not bave it on band will pro?
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it. Do not accept any
Dr. Kilmer's
D. H. DlLQEtt, E?q.
Hulmcville, Pa.
La Grippe Baffled!
The After Effects Cured
UK Al) WHAT MI!. !UI,(.Flt SAYS; 'Thad
thr; GRIPPE in tin- Ont plat e: caught, cold and
grew worse. It lodged In my li ID\l<: V.Sumi
LIV!.!**, and Dill such pain and miser j
tn my back and legs. I was ill run down
atrtdiscouraged- [tried everything without
benefit. Phj-ician-i {i'llvc me up lo die.
I commenced to uso SWAMP-HOOT, and
before the fir t bottle was (One, I ult better,
ind today am just SS well and strong as ever.
SWAMP-ROOT Bared my life. It ls the
greatest lcmciJy in thc world."' D. H. Bllger.
(.uurnntre--I't-o rontents of Ono
I Bottle, if feet ire not benefited, Drug*
'pi-t "ill refund to }uu the prico poid.
"lin elli!*' l.uldr lo IleaUsV free
raid thousand!-erf Tostiiiiouiali.
iktsUes tree,
i pi rHsaii fr Tn. THncinaalna. W T ?
Cares Consumption, Coughc Cronp, Sor?t
Iii roat. gold by all Dragttstl on a Guarantee.
Unlike the Dutch Process
No Alkalies
? OK ?
Other Chemical*
a rf ti seel in tbs
preparation of
I* vhirh ls absolutely
pure and soluble.
: | If hasmorct/iininrc?t<in?.*
Ike strength ot Cocoa mixed
I with Starch, Arrowroot Or
Sugar, and 13 far iiore ec-i
nomlcal. eosiina les* /'mn one cent a cup.
It is delicious, flourishing, and easily
Sold hy Grorer*. CTerynliers.
W. BAKER &lGO~Dorcheater, Mug
witn Pastes, Enamels and Paints which stain the
bands. Injure the Iroa aad hum r<*d.
Thr' Krslti; Mun S.ove Polish ls Brilliant, Odor
lt*s?. Dumble-, Bud tne consumer ravs for no tin
or glass package with every pnrccaje.
C'oustiiopilvt-* ana peooie
?who n??e weak lunn-s or Astia
jia. -mould use Pise's Cw* tor
Consumption, lt has cared
?*nju<Hurj*. lt hun not tatar
eu um.1 it ie net had to tuite.
lt ls the bout rough <yr-.:p.
Sold eror'wherfi tf?e.
1: N u 6
Garfield Tea sss;
CumtJOnsttpsttioQ,rKentoi-esCoinpli D rioiV
Bill*, sejnples free Garfield i ia Do . til w. 1 rib. BS. I T,
Cures Sick Headache
lo.H.1. ,.
m curs
thr- mos)
e> flUdSyi
- Ul l< I ill'
restlgate mc reit*
? . g.10 .ddt;, '?'..'???ii
I Ila Ol Rr ? r/rlllrrt
Icm I*
, ny ",\ i v miyo tua 1 11ill via ? > rm >?
\KXTi.r. rosir/i / iu.1 K BE.
COOK KKM BD > i <> >l !? A \ \ .('-drage, Ill
Pill IT TU I.KS.
Largest and B^.S7>i'-cli In Ualtetl state*, Planters
and Deniers should net OUR PRICKS before plaelug
Splendid opportunity ta learn a bnalaess thal ?-iu
\ give steady employment and a salary of fiOOO a year.
; send sc. stamp for circular, contain!" [full luforma*
I tion. Ad -Ires* (leo. H. Lawrence, j. i' ! 'ii N.Y.CIir,

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