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Highland Uecokdek.
Terms: $1.50 a toa in Advance.
Issued every Friday evening by
W. ll. Matbcnj,
Entered at tho Monterey poatofP^e us
second class mat er,
"Monterey. Va.. Fiulxv, J/ay 12 1893,
The following we clip from this
week's issue cf Toni's Weekly writ?
ten by "Wise,"1 otherwise Martin
Colaw, of Crabbottom:
"TVip Crabbottom correspondent
'Wise,' has severed his commotion
with the Highland Recorder lie
cause of its down-right partisan
p'agairism, etc. He will continue
te serve his many friends through
the columns of the Weekly.^
The above shows the insolence of
the writer, "Wise,'1 and while we
should treat the matter with silent
contempt, we can't refrain from
saying that such statements ill be?
come one who has been guilty of
wc rse faults than plagairism. We
thought his recent experience in an
adjoining county had taught him
to have more regard for truthful
statements. We will say that
4 Wise" came to us as a correspond?
ent, unsought and unasked, nnd we
suppose bec mee we refused to a 1
low our columns for him to e; press
his criticisms on his n ighbors is
why we are accused of "dov. n-ight
partisan plagairism."
Secretary Lamont, it is mtv. has
no intention of remaining in the
cabinet, tte only accepted a port?
folio as a favor to his friend, the
President, and with the express un?
derstanding that he would resign
as soon as certain work was done in
which he was iu take part. Vx
actly what that work is only. Dan
and Mr, Cleveland, know; but tkere
are good reasons to suppose that t
relates largely to the federal ap?
pointments in New York, and as
soon as all of those appointments?
the prominent one: ? .re made, the
im| ression is that S crttary Lamont
will resign and resume his connec?
tion with the Whitney street rail?
way syndicate, where his salary was
more than three times what he
now receives. Secretary Lamont
declines, to discuss the probability
of his early resignation, dismiss?
ing inquiries with the statement
that he has no present intention of
resignin?.-. But there are rt' er
things which point to the probabil?
ity of doing so. The Secretary of
war has less patronage than any
other member of the cabinet, but
Secretary Lamont has not availed
hims-If even of the little at, his dis?
posal, and many believe that it is
because he wishes his successor to
have the choosing of the officials.
Another thing which lias leen
commented upon is that the La?
monts have not given up their res?
idence in New York city, and when
Mrs. Lamont was in washington a
short time ago she spoke very in?
definitely about her coming there
to live again; and only last week
she accepted the presidency of a
New York social organization,
which would not have been ten?
dered to her had it been supposed
that she li id any immediate inten?
tion of moving her residence to
Virginia Appointments.
Alexander McDonald, of Lynch?
burg, Ya., has been appointed by
the Pre: ident as minister to Persia.
Mr. McDonald is an able journalist
h iving been for a number of years
editor of the Lynchburg Virginian
and is a gentleman in every way
titted to represent Uncle Sam at
the Court of the Shah. John Good
appointed commissioner on the part
of the Tinted States under the
treaty for a claim commission con?
cluded between the \J. S. and Chili,
Ai.gn.-t 7, 1898.
Harris Electrocuted.
Carlyle H*. Harris, the wife-poi
Foner, in whost case g vern >r Flo iv?
er refused to interfi re, was electro?
cuted Monday at Sing Sing. He
protested his innocence even after
the straps were drawn which bound
him to the death-chair and only n
moment before a current of 171)0!
Volts was sent through him.
Harrison Gets an Oflice,
Ex*>Pre9ident Benjamin Harrison
has been e'e, tel by the Ohio Com
n.auden- of the Military Order of
the Loval Legion of the United
States as its cominan ley fox the en-'
niling year, [
General Skeen Dead.
Covington, Va., May 0,?Gener?
al William Skeen died this morn?
ing at the residence of his son-in
law, GK T. McClintic, of this city,
in his seventy-fifth year. He was
a leading lawyer of this section and
for many years Commonwealth's
attorney of Pocahontas county, and
also of Alleghahy county. He has
been ill for sometime but his death
was immediately cansed from the
effects of a trip to Pocahontas Co.,
W. V'a.?Richmond Weekly Times.
General Skein was well known
in thia county and was as a lawyer
and otherwise connected with it for
a mini ber of years after the war.
For many years prior to and c'uing
the war he made Pocahontas coun?
ty his home and it was during that
period that he first became known
to our people. The County Court
record book shows that during the
winter of 1851-2 he came from Po?
cahontas county at each term of
the Court and^entered the proceed?
ings for Mr. Adam Stephenson, who
was Clerk, but who was absent from
the county attending the Constitu?
tional convention. His home be?
ing burned and his property other?
wise damaged by Federal soldiers
during the war, he moved to Cov?
ington, Va., where he has since
made his home. During all the
years that have intervened since,
the General cast his lot with the
peopje of Virginia. He has never
forgotten his former West Virginia
home, and it was while visiting the
scenes of other years that he con?
tracted a severe cold resulting in
his death.
Fleas. Flies, Sand. Bananas &c.
The friends and relatives of one
armed John Bini, an ex-Confeder?
ate soldier, not having heard from
him for several months, it was fear?
ed by some that he had gone to join
the silent majority. But he turns
up in Central America, having left
Dakota some months ago. He
writes to a friend, thus:
"I am 1050 miles south of New
Orleans in a dense forest of woods
among tigers, baboons and monk?
eys, fleas and sand-fiies "till you
can't rest." The climate is fine?
not as hot as j o i think. The ther?
mometer ran up to 'JO and
down to 02 since I came here. Veg?
etation grows fine here the year
around. The way they plant corn
here is af ter this manner: They
get upon a big log when all is cut
down and burned up and sow the
corn broadcast as far as they can
reach, then get on another log and
continue the operation till all is
sowed or planted.
I have bought 43 acres of land I
and paid for it. I cleared ll acres j
for bananas?will clear one acre in
wvich to plant peaches, pear, np
ricots. jiliinis, &c. It cost nie $250
to clear 41 acres, and it is not clean
then. It is simply cutdown, brush
trees and all, flat to the ground to
lay and dry for four or six weeks,
then set fire to it and away it goes,
and they call it cleared. I have
seen many small sea-going vessels
which navigate the shores of the
Carribean Sea with safety. Every?
thing vegetable is green the year
round. Tomatoes, beaus and fruits
grow all the time. I have had
excellent health here. Have seen
only four white women on the con?
cession. I expect to go to New
Orleans soon to get my fruit trees,
etc. Mv compliments to everv
body," "
The Kinetograph.
Thomas. A. Edison has finally
announced the nature of his indi?
vidual exhibit at the World's Fair.
It is the Kinetograph, the last of a
series of wonderful inventions, dis?
played in connection with the most
versatile group of photogrphs ever
brought together. It is to the eye
what the phonograph is to the ear.
a mechanical retina, which stores
away a living picture to be pro?
duced in all its actions; every move?
ment faithfully shown at any time
and in any place. With the Kine?
tograph it is possible to show in
Chicago ChaunceyDepew deliver?
ing a speech aboard the flagship
Jhicgo, in New York harbor? not
a photograph of any rested action
but tho living man; his every gest?
ure, the play of expression on his
face, the movements on his lips.
It will transmit and reproduce mo?
tion of anv kind for any distance.?
Ex. * .
The following compsition was
written by a ten-year-old nephew
of Josh Billings, when the teacher
gave him "Dogs and Cats" for a
subject: "'Dogs and kats allwavs
fite each lither when tha git a
chance, but a dog ain't no mate l?Or
akat'becauso .t kit kin make her
tail biggern a ball (.iub and run up
utrea whil a dogs gettin riddy".?
Iiii't' 'tor.
The Meanest ol'ThieveH.
.John Hamper, twelve years of
agc, ;;f Brooklyn, N, V.,is the cham?
pion thief. A short time ago his
hither died. Then, it is alleged,
while the bo.ly was still warm tho
boy took oil" his dead father's over?
coat and went to a pawn shop.
Here he pledged the things for a
few cents and bought cigarettes.
When he got home his father's
body had been pbt on ice. It is
added that the boy stole the balam e
of the clothes his father wore be?
fore his death and pawn d them b < .
Afterward he tried to take away the
pull that covered the collin.
Clerk of Highland County.
Mr. J. C. Matheny, who has been
the popular .and efficient clerk for
the courts iu Highland county for
many years, his first annuncement
as a candidate for that office having
been published in this paper in May
1864, when he was first elected, and
has been since then re-elected for
each subsepuent term, is again a
candidate for re-election, and, as in
the case of the popular clerk for the
county Court of this county, "it
goes without saying, "as the French
say, that he will be re-elected nem
ine contradicente ? Staunton Srec
The Cow's Cud.
There is no such thing as a cow's
cud in the sense in which this term
is often used as a part of the animal
that may be lost. The cud is that
of the food which is brought up
from the first stomach and chewed
over again, after which it is again
swallowed and goes directly into
the third stomach, where it is mac?
erated in the maniples and then
passes to the fourth stomach and
finally digsted. When a cow is
suffering from indigestion she may
be unable, by reason of the disorder
of the stomach, to bring up the
food or cud, and this makes her sick,
and if it is continued, she stops eat?
ing. The best thing to do in snA\
a case is to give a pint of raw Un?
see oil, and repeat it if necessary,
when the trouble is generally re?
moved. The cud is formed by the
compression of a portion of the
food in a small chanel between the
first snd second stomachs and con?
nected with the gullet. It is about.
five inches in length and two in
width.-New York Times.
All the goods and merchandise
of the firm of Don Sullenberger &
Co., in their store-house at Monte?
rey, and all bonds and accounts due
said firm have been assigned to us.
All persons indebted to them arc
notified to come forward and pay
up, and thus save costs. Anyone
to whom said firm is indebted for
balances on produce will come and
get the amounts due them in goods.
The goods on hand, of which there
is a good stock, will be offered for
the next 80 days at reduced prices,
and purchasers will find it to their
interest to buy them.
Jones & Sieg, Trustees.
Mrs. Hepew Dead.
The wife of of the popular ora?
tor, Chauncy Depew, died at her
home in New York, Sunday, May
7. Mrs. Depew has been an inva?
lid for two years having never en?
tirely recove: el from an attack of
grip which she had during the epi?
demic two years ago.
'?aa ? .-?-. ? asa
Chicago, III., April 29. -The Her?
ald this morning has the following.
An unsuccessful attempt to steal
Christopher Columbus' ashes was
made last evening. The glass con?
taining them was broken, and the
priceless remains lifted from their
resting place by an unknown thief
whose presence desecrated the sa?
cred Covent La Rapid, Jackson
Park. The ashes were carried from
a dark corner to the light of a win?
dow and carefully examined, that
no mistake might be made, but the
delay for examination proved disas
taous to the purpose of vandal and
saved to the Exposition and poster?
ity all that is left of the mortal re?
mains of the great explorer and
Corn Is King.
More than four per cent of the
land surface of the country is devo?
ted to the cultivation of corn, and
the average acreage during the ten
years 1881 to 1800 was nearly 72,
000,000 acres each year. It is the
most widely distributed crop, and
grown to some extent in every state
and territory of the country, and a
prominent crop everywhere almost
except in the higher elevaton of the
mo mtain regions. The average pro?
duction during the ten years ending
1890 was 1,080,000,000 busels. but
with the acreage now devoted to its
culture a thoroughly favorable sea?
son insures a crop of more than 2,
000,000.000, bushels, the largest ce?
real crop grown in any country.
While corn is grown in all sections
of the country, it is geueraly for
home use, the corn of commerce
practically all coming from the sev?
en so-called surplus states inthe
Ohio and Missouri valleys, lt is
grown almost enirely far domestic
use, and taking the average of more
than twenty years the annual ex?
portation amounts to less than fo ur
per cent of the crop
at L.S-Dicksnsons
oppositeSlavens Furniture House
infill line Of
I will buy all kinds of produce
and pay highest market prices
and sell goods cheap. To con?
vince yourself call in and
see me when you
come to town and you
will say it is to your interest
to buy of me. as 1 can save you
money every time. I respectfully
solicit a share of the public
A erovnitty sueettt,
That's what Dr.
Fenner's Golden
Kclicf ls. It is a :
epccliac for Inflam?
mation, reaching
'and curing it wher
.? ever it exists.Swell
^. ing and pain accom*
r*gjr\*jr|^3E r^=3E~ pany inflammation,
gar bo it always cures
swelling and peta.
Under whatever name Inflammation is found,
(and the list is a long one) there will Golden
Relief euro. Thus lt i3 that it will cure % felon,
applied e*e*eroaily, and also a consumption,
taken in 5 drop doses on small lump of sugar in?
ternally. You have a sore, bruised finger. Put
tho Relief on it and be surprised how quickly it
is welL On any other sore it is the same. Or.**
drop applied to an old sore will causo it to heal
after all else has failed. Cold-sores on your lip
are cured by lt in ono night. You have tried it
for sorethroat and found yourself cured almost
at once. Now your lungs are sore?Inflamed?
it quickly cures inflammation of the luncs. A
chronic cough?Consumption is on you. It will
cure your lungs. No inflammation, no consump?
tion. It will not pormit inflammation to exist.
This ls why it cures consumption?just U3 lt
would sore throat, or flux, a felon, a toothacho
or a neuralgia. The sore In yourlungs ls healed
and you aro well. One sore ls not much unlike
another. No inflammation, no sore, co con?
sumption. A tablespoonful cures La Grippe.
If satisfaction not giver- money refunded. It
never disappoint*-. Take a botUo homo to-day
As we are building a "roller pro?
cess11 flouring mill and having pur?
chased the May mill just below us
to remove an obstruction to om
water power by discontinuing said
May mill and removing its dam
we will sell all the machinery of a
complete French Burr flouring and
choping mill in' good order, con?
sisting of two pairs of French
burrs, two pairs of chopping stones
elevators, bolts, screens, smut ma
machines, tom crusher, flour pack?
er, scales, &c.
And for the same reason we will
also sell our mill for grinding
bones for fertilizing purposes. All
complete and capable of turning
out a ton of bone dust per day.
Also a complete plaster mill for
grinding plaster, and a Bogardes
iron and steel mill for grinding
corn, bones, paints, etc.
Also several hundred feet of 1|,
2. 3, 4, and 5 inch cold rolled iron
shafting, with pulleys, hangers,
bearings couplings, etc., in good
order; and two iron turbine water
wheels and a lot of iron cog
Also three new spring wagons
and a new Brewster buggy. And
several large and beautiful houses
and lots.
We will pell any or all of this
property on reasonable terms and
for les:-; than cost.
Call and see as or write to us for
further information.
G.W.and&L. BERLIN,
Bbidgewatbb, Va.
honest energetic men to solicit orders for
Expenses tind Bain ry i<> those who can i
leave home and der.otc ail their lime lo
their work; or liber,ii coramt-'aKins lo lo* |
cal ageists, Slate ;?.???. occupation aud
c lioice ol' territory.
Addr^-s R. CV. CHASE ."? CO,
louth I'citn. Square, Philadelphia, Pa.
Dr. DuWlont3 Female Regulating
pills arc always sale .in.1 reliable. 12,000
testimonials from all OTer the world. Be?
ware of dOBgerooa substitutes and iniita
Price $2.00 per package. Sent by mail se?
curely scaled from observation.
Address, Dr. R. Dl'MonT,
98 S. Halsced. St. Chicago, jills.,U. S. A.
In vacation;?In the clerk's office of the
Circuit Court of Highland county, March
30th, 1893.
David W. Brttaon, Pl'tff.,
Stephen B. Bradshaw and others, Deft.c.
In Chancery.
The object of this suit is to ascertain
the Hens, with their priorities, upon the
lands of S. B. Bradshaw, in Highland
county, and to enforce payment of same
by sale of said lands as may be directed
by Court.
And it appearing by affidavit filed thu
J. C. Graham, a defendant in this cause,
is not a resident of this Stale; it is order?
ed that he do appear here within LO dava
after due publication hereof and do what
is necessary to protect his interest.
Testa: J. (*. Matheny. Clerk.
J W. Stephenson, p- q. mar31 4t
Favorite Singer.
Every Machine haj
a drop leaf, fancy cover, two large drawers,
with nickel rings, and full set of Attachments,
equal to any Singer Machine sold from $40 to
$60 hy Canvassers. The High Arm Machine
has a self-setting needle nnd self-threading
shuttle. A trial in your home before payment
is asked. Buy direct of the Manufacturers
and save agents' profiis besides getting certifi?
cates of warrantee for five years. Send for
machine willi name of a business man as
reference and we will ship one at once.
aol S. Eleventh St., PHILADELPHIA, PA.
Mi-ll Jil VAX TILE FJitilQUT.-Qm.
No. 23 S. AVGUSTA St.,
(up stairs)
Ji!il!llllJJ ll Ut llUUUilun
"Wholesale and Retail
No. 25 S Augusta Street,
(Opposite Courthouse,)
Staunton, Virginia.
Trade m
We give .peela! attonttoa to e.-.ies rajactatl tiiotlr'.
hand*, alto to Interference., appeal., r isfirs tri??.'?
mark., th* prep-.ration of oj.iruon a? to laCrtaijtner
?cor,, and validity o' pat : Mid th* r?-"'''''" -
djfewie of tait! f.r l .fri-. l.t. 0. took of ir-lruo
tiona, tanas, r?!r,r' n?.:
EDISON rt roth t*;.; '"S
io.).x i -i.. af
jirg-s-iiri tnr.c ?u*ni ?*?"
trated booM* " '. Wi . . ? lc0
26 centi. 'r *a"
Yenton, tua.:.
(*aUr*U<>0 ll.;- | ..
t*m** w- COPYRICHTS, etc
For information and free Handbook write to
Oldest bureau for securing patents In America.
Kicry patent, taken out by us lg brought before
the public by a notice given free of charge in the
?txtW\t %wx\tm
Largest circulation of any scientific paper in the
world. Splendidly illustrated. No iutellipout
man should bo without it. Weekly, 83.OH a
year; fl..VI six months. Address MUNN 4 CO.,
tLUUSUEKS, 301 Broadway, New York City.
Wc have in stock thc largest assortment
Ever offered u tins market.
Sole Agent* tor thc Celebrated
which wc a speciality.
JT^-Prompt attention niven to all orders
received throng** thc maila, mv3-tf.
>WssiawWJU*>*ifas.'**i immmithrmavanmsmmtam
Cali graph
fhe n.osi du?
rable, rapid,
ind adJusta
ile typewn
The favorite of all independent shorthand schools throughout the
country. Is held in highest esteem by all well informed users because
of its unequalled speed, the beauty of its work, and its WONDERFUL
WEARING QUALITIES. More than one half of the machines made
in 1881 are still regularly used. The Caligraph has Local Sale Ayents
in all large cities of the world.
New Advertisements.
Eldridge Sweckcr,
Special attention given to any
work under the above beads en?
trusted to my care. Iy-dec23
Wilton and Anxiety bulls at head
of herd. < hoice young bulls and
heifers for sale. Catalogues on Ap?
plication. Come and see me or ad?
K. K. station and telegraph of?
fice, A Merson. C. & 0. R. IC
S. VV, Anderson, Albury, (ireenbrier coun?
ty. VV. Va. dec2H*4nto.
77. L.TATLCS,,
Will be hereon each Court-day
and will repair watches, clocks,
sewing machines, &c, &c. Repairs
for all in his line kept on hand
Call on him.
All work warranted.
jun3 ly.
Practice limited to the
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.
Formerly Consulting Oculist and Ad?
rift to the 8t. Louis City Hospital, and
Surgeon- in Charge of thc Missouri tye
and Har infirmary, st. Louis.
OFFICE?Over Augusta National Bank.
apr8 tf
ron sale
Ten head of yearlings, twenty
head of two-year-olds, eight head
of three-year-olds, to be delivered
March 1st, 1893. Those desiring
to buy please write me at Millboro
Depot, Va., four days before going
to my farm near Millboro Springs.
Va., or apply to Mr. A. S. Porter
at the farm. A. F. WITHROW.
Send TEN cents to ?? Union 8q., H. Y?
for our prize game, " Blind Luclt," and
win a Now Homo Sewing Machine.
The New Home Sowing Machine Co.
ORA? is*!. MASS.
ILL. mO^t^A^^!"'^- t^*
'r. lou.**'FOR SALC BY 0*Ui**,-i.*
S. H. EYE, New Hampden. Va.
T. H. ?& II. F. SLAVS]*
Are prepared to furnish and didi,-er Cof?
fins upon very short notice and at rea?
sonable pi ices.
Furniture of all kinda at botti.m price*
and upon reasonable terms.
Good trade taken iu exchange o work
Mtsybc you think this ia a new buriisesa,
sending o,.t babies on application; it has been
done before, however, but never have those
iuniisbo'l been go near tbe original sample**)
thi! cn.*. Everyone will exclaim, " Well I
timi's the sw?*etest baby lever sawn* Thia
littk black-and-white engraving can give
you butu faint idea of the exquisite original*
which wr! propose to send to you, transpor
Li-ion palo. The little dalling rests against
a pillow, and is in tho act of drawing off ita
pink sock, tho mate of which has been pulled
olf and flung aside with a triumphant coo.
Thetli.-sh tints uro perfect, and the eyes follow
you,no matt/T wh r* you stand. TheexquU
lite reproductions of this greatest painting of
Ma Waugh (tho most celebrated of modern
painters of baby life) aro to be given to those
who subscribe to Demorest's Family Marga?
noo tor ISM. Tho reproductions eannot be
told from tho original, which cost $400, and
arc tho same size il7x"W inches*. The baby ia
lifo size, and absolutely lifelike. We hate
also In preparation, to present to our sub?
scribers daring IS;*!, other great pictures by
such artiste as Percy Moran.Maud Humphrey,
Lou ia DeacbampSs t-nd others of world-wlda
renown. Take only two examples of what
we did d'lrinir tho past year, " A Yard of Pan?
sies," and ?? A WUite House Orchid" br tha
wife of President Hnrriaon, aud you will seo
what oar promises ir.ean.
Those who subscribe for Demorest's Family
llagaslM for 13S) will possess a gallery of ex
f?uLslt'^ work3 cf art or areat value, besides a
Hau-Hzine that cannot be equaled by any ia
tho world for its beautiful Illustrations and
subject matter, that will keep everyone pott?
ed on all tho topics of the day, nnd all the
fads and different items of interest about tbe
li aiseh ri 1, besides furnishing inters?stlng
reading nmttor, b-ith grave and gay, for the
whole family; and while Demorest's is no*
a fash in M ag uta?, its fashion pages are pe?
feot, an d wo *rfve you. free of cost, all tho pat?
terns you wi ;h to usc during the year, and
in anv sizo you choose. Send in your sub?
scription at once, only *2, and you will really
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W. Jouniigs Dcmorest, 15 Bast Hth St.. New
York. If you are unacquainted with tbe
Majuzine, sewl 10 cents for a specimen copy.
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A Dictionary?
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| A Grand Family Educator vj
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Tho Standard Authority c. V < I
Ths International is a nsw book from
cover to cover, fully abreast of the times,
and is the successor of tbe authentic
"Unabridged." Ten years were spent in
revising, 100 editors employed and over
$300,000 expended before the first copy
was printed.
Do not buy reprints of obsolete and
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Send for free pamphlet containing
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G. & C. MERRIAM CO., Publishers,
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enc basinets conducted for Moderate Ftes. i
Our 0,'iice ls Opposite U. S. Patent Office,
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remote from Wasshlcgtoc.
SenC. model, drawing or photo., with deseri
tion. We advise, if putcntable or not, free
charge. ">ur fee not due til! patent is necure
A Parnvhlei, '-How to Obtain Patents," wt
Dames rf actual client-- inyoarSute, county, r
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N) U1)?UAK?U
We aro prepared to .!.. all work in thim tine
on short notice, ami at reiaaonjtble prices..
5$4. Collins furnished and delivered.
Address us at CRABBOTTOM. VA.
?narUl-l v
MoNTeney, Va.
W. A. Ci:.vxiNi;iiAM, Proprietor.
Well tarnished and equipped throughout
Courteous treatment and moderate charges.
Table supplied with the beat thc market kt
ords. Respectfully invites the traveling path
g .md those in M > itercy oa ousinois or
cii-iure to^iv.* nun .i -all. my J 1/

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