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Issued every Friday evening by
|. II. Matheny,
1 Entered at the Monterpy poslo/Pre as
i second class matter.
Monterey, Va. December IO 1803.
Skxatoe Edward Echols untide
^he speech nominating Hop. John
F. Massey for re-election as super?
intendent of public instruction, at
Rithnaond op Saturday.
Mh Cleveland nominated Charles
[. Simonton to be judge pf the
fourth Judicial Circuit of the
federal Court including the States
Maryland, Virginia, Noj-th and
>uth Carolina.
Thb New York Herald's Wash
;ton correspondent states that
Republican members of the
fiate have decided that, so far as
?v are concerned, there shall be
|dilator> tactics displayed by Re
lit ans against any measure the
tocrats may bring forward for
tid ^ration. "Not one voice was
in favor of pursuing the
iods in vogue during the debate
\e silver bill," says a correspou
)IT0B Miller has the following
ive lessons in tariff:
loug tbe interviews with pro
manufacturers recently pub
by the high-tariff newspapers
s with a manufacturer in
ichusetts, who opposes a Te?
rn of duty upon goods like
rhich he produces, and then
;s that he exports and sells iu
rn countries one-third of his
tut. How can a manufacturer
[does this complain reasonably
Ruction of his tariff duty, or
ie removal of part of it ? Ile
foreign manufacturers
Ign countries aud in open
fcition with them there sells
)ly one-third of his product,
say that he cannot meet
Ne foreign manufacturers
[home, without the protec
jany tariff duty whatever,
lersell them, after they have
indicapped by ocean trans?
it charges?
News of Business.
Shetucket cotton mil!
ff'ilie, in Norwich, Connec
:*h has been running with
[m September IS, will re
to morrow with its full
1)0 hands. Local tanner
sburg employing many
:i in eu, which have
[nee curly summer, as a
le general trade stagna
juuiing. Two large tan
res timed in full and
[active in preparation,
it for the tanneries here
Sig carpet works, at
vhich shut down five
account of dull trade
rday morning, giving
OOO persons,
yge Glass. Works of
lave been idle
pi med yes
seven ty-ii ve
tin ia Legislature
led nesday the General
Virginia met in the
;,hmond iu regular
[clvinney's message
\ven a hearty recep
jnced an able pa
offlcers were elect
president pro tem
*endleton, of Or
V\ eaver. sergeant
runter, doorkeep
3n. R. II. Card
Speaker, John
A. 0. Sullivan
P. E. Lipscomb
, and the one
? J. C. Carpenter,
jnty, sergcant-ai
lar organization
[nee proceeded to
\e nomination of
Senators was
light. Gen Fitz
ling candidate
ices was del'eat
.omination was
certainty. Tne .
Lee to 05 i'or j
of Scottsville. i
nominated for j
short term in the (Senate.
The following officers were elect?
ed to succeed themselves; Morton
Mayre, auditor! A. W. Harman,
treasurer; Josiah Ryland, second
auditor; W. R. Gaines, register of
land office; John E. Massey, super?
intendent of public instruction: B.
W. Lynn, superintendent of the
penitentiary; J. H. O'Brannon, pub?
lic printer. Jas. Lawless was elect?
ed public secretary in place of H.
YV. Flournoy.
His Reception by the President of
That Republic a Notable Event.
The New York Herald of Mon?
day contains a letter from Port Au
Prince, Haiti, giving an account of
the reception of Mr. Henry M.
Smythe, of Tazewell county, in
this State, fche Minister to that
"The most notable event of this
week," the correspondendent writes,
"was the grand reception, with
special audience, in the national
palace by President Hippolite of
the New American Minister Resi?
dent and Consul General, Henry M.
Smythe, who presented his letters
accrediting him to the Haitian gov?
"At the same reception his pre?
decessor, S. Durham, presented his
letters of recall. Mr Smythe is a
distinguished looking person, and
he made a most pleasant impres?
sion on all.
President Hippolyte's replies to
the old and new ministers' remarks
were very cordial, and as he sped
the parting guest with graceful
words he welcomed the coming
with sympathetic and well-timed
Mr. Smythe then stepped to the
front and expressed himself in
theso terms:
4 in placing in your hands my
credentials calling me to reside at
) our government in the capacity of
i diplomatic and consular represen?
tative of the United States, I re?
member that the expression con?
tained in those credentials, in view
>f the constant use made of them
imong the powers of the earth may
become banate and conventional,
but in order that they may retain
the real meaning which is attached
to them,I am to give you the assur?
ance that to my knowledge the peo?
ple of the United States are ani?
mated by the kindest and most
fraternal sentinents toward the
government and people of Haiti.
Do you not, then, see in these ex
[irxvsions only a frank avowal of
regard that the executive power
makes of a free people to the first
?hie? of another people equally
'ree, having both that community
if interests resulting from the
proximity of their respective posi?
ons, of the similarity of their sen?
tients, of the homogeneity of
their populations, aud of their com?
mon aspirations toward all that
ends the well-being of the pub?
"As national prosperity results
:he intelligent employment of ma?
terial goods and of the exchange
if that which is produced by one
people and which can be necessary
to another, I have the pleasure to
jfi?,! you the assurance that the on
v special task which has been con
ided to me(it is useful evedently to
>ay that my duty is always to de?
pend the dignity of my govern?
ment and to keep always in mind
,he rights of American citizens)
consists in taking every step tend
n g to develop the commercial re
atious existing between the two
"And permit me to say, Mr. Pres
dent, in passing, that I am happy
:o represent a nation which is so
joinplete from the point of view of
ts own territory that it seeks nei?
ther by alliance nor couquest any
iqnisition of territory.
"She confines herself simply to
her traditional legacy, which is the
Liest safeguard and the surest guar?
antee not only of that solidarity of
peoples which seems to be a max?
im of the administration of your
Excellency, but also of the abso?
lute harmony of ail thc notions of
:.his hemisphere.
[Prom oar Regular Correspondent,]
Washington, D. C. Dec. ll,?
President Cleveland was no more
listurbed by the seeming discourte?
sy of the Senate in adopting a res?
olution, asking for copies of all
State, department documents reta?
in:; to Hawaii, than he was by the
lenseless clamor which followed
ihe publication of Secretary Gres
__>: lt _
ham's recomendation on the sub?
ject some weeks ago. Before the
resolution wTas introduced he had
given orders that all of the docu?
ments be copied with the purpose
of sending them to Congress with
the special message on the subject
which he stated in his annual mes?
sage would shortly be sent in. The
message and accompanying docu?
ments are all ready and they will go
to the Senate this week, and some
of those documents will not make
pleasant reading for republicans,
either in or out of Congress. They
will show a long series of plotting
that is entirely opposite to what
has always been the recognized for?
eign policy of the United States.
Your correspondent had a little
chat with Chairman Wilson con?
cerning the tariff bill. He said
that the bill would be reported to
the House this week, probably on
Wednesday and that he had been
agreeably surprised at tbe demo?
cratic opposition to the bill. The
question of submitting the bill toa
democratic caucus is still an open
one. Personally Mr. Wilson is in?
different, being perfectly satisfied
to leave it to his democratic col?
leagues to decide whether to hold a
caucus on the bill or not. He
thinks that the permanent benefit
which the bill will carry to millions
of our people will far outweigh the
hardships that it will temporarily
impose on thousands, and that in
the end it will be generally regard?
ed as one of the best tariff laws
ever placed upon our statute
books. He looks for minor chan?
ges in the bill, both in the house
and the Senate,but for any changes
in its underlying principles?the
wellfare of the masses rather than
of the favored few.
The internal revenue bill has not
been entirely completed, but it
probably will be this week. It has
been definetly decided to double
the tax on cigaretts; to tax playing
cards, and to tax inheritances.
The income tax is still undecided,
but the probabilty is that the tax
on net incomes of corporations
which was first agreed upon by the
committee, will remain in the bill,
the understanding being that those
members of the committee who fa?
vor a personal income tax instead
will be at liberty to offer that as a
substitute for the corporation in?
come tax and leave it to a majority
of the House to decide which, if ei?
ther of them, shall remain in the
bill. Representative Bryan, of Ne?
braska, who is recognized as the
leader of the democrats on the
Ways and Means committee who
favor the personal income tax, has
not abandoned hope of winning in
the committee. He said on the
subject: "The fact that the cor?
poration tax would bear heavily on
many people with very limited
means, while the individual tax
would be collected from the weal?
thy who escape taxation in many
forms, is having its influence. If
the tax is levied on individual in?
comes the rich will then pay their
proper proportion which they do
not at present and would not under
the corporation tax." A compro?
mise has been suggested by which
both corporation and individual in?
comes will be taxed.
The first result of the work of
the joint congressional committee
which has for mouths been investi?
gating the methods of the execu?
tive departments of the government
will be seen when the legislative,
executive and judicial appropria?
tion bill is reported to the House.
That bill will make some radical
changes in several of the depart?
ments, all in the interests of econ?
omy and a more prompt tradition
of public business. Among these
changes will be the abolishment of
the postal note and of several bu?
reaus of the Post Office department,
the work of which is not consider?
ed necessary. This is only the be?
ginning of the work of the com?
mittee, wh*ch has three expert ac?
countants aiding it in locating all
unnecessary handling of public ac?
counts and duplications of work.
Its inteution is to put the govern?
ment business upon the same basis
as that of the railroad or other big
private concerns before it gets
through, but it is already finding
it a hard task as the employees of
the useless bureaus appear to have
more Congressional friends than
any other class of government em-,
Democrats in the House are de-'
termined that the bill admitting,
Utah to statehood shall be passed,'
and if the republicans persist in j
filibustering to prevent a vote upon !
it, as they di4 last week, it will be I
made a party questiod and forced i
to a vote under a order from the
committee on Rules.
The Senate will this week begin
the consideration of the
election of the repeal bill.
Senator Hill will lead the demo?
cratic forces.
Sara Jones a Free Lauce.
Rev, Sam P. Jones is no longer a
regular preacher ol' the Methodist
Church. He has been filling an
appointment from the North
Georgia Conference, the duty which
fell on some substitute, while Jones
was traveling over the country.
The conference now in session in
Gainesville is presided over by Bish?
op Haygood. He decided that there
was no law under which a preach?
er could resort to evangelical work
as a specialty, and that as Air.
Jones wanted an appointment he
would have to fill it. The result
was that Mr. Jones decided to sev?
er his connections with the confer?
ence and resume his pbice in some
church as an exhorter,
Resolutions of confidence in his
Christian integrity were passed.
? ? >?
Ruined by Liquor.
There was a pathetic scene in the
Municipal Court, of Portland, Me.,
when Judge Gould sentenced the
Reverend B. F. Prichard, at one
time the most eloquent preacher in
the State, to jail as a common
drunkard. He mado an eloquent
plea, and entreated the judge to
show mercy, vowing that he never
again would touch liquor. The
Court, however, said he felt that
under the circumstances he could
not let him go. If lie felt assured
that Mr. Pritchard would never
again touch liquor, he would be on?
ly too glad to discharge him.
Friends will assist him in obtaining
Mails May Fly Um! er gr on nd.
Underground electric cars for
the transmission of mails between
New York and Philadelphia may
soon be in operation. H. A. Lew?
is, a telegrapher, hus invented a
car for that purpose, the plan is to
put a tube, say ten inches in diam?
eter, un^er ground, and in thi3 to
lay tracks for the little cars. These
cars are not run with an overhead
wire, but by means of a third rail,
which supplies the electric current.
By means ol' switches and elect j ic
buttons it ia possible to stop the
cars at any point desired. John T.
Dyer is backing the invention fi?
nancially, and he will try to form
a company to construct a road be?
tween Philadelphia and New York.
The speed of the can will be ea?
sily 1C0 miles au hour.
For a sore throat there is nothing
better than a flannel bandage
dampened with Chamberlain's Pain
Balm. It will nearly always effect
a cure in one night's time. This
remedy is also a favorite for rheu?
matism and has cured many very
severe cases. 50 cent bottles for
sale by, II. E. Colaw, Crrbbottom,
Bronchitis, La Grippe, Whooping
Gough, Croup, Asthma,
And for the relief and cure of all
Throat and Lung Diseases.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.
Prompt to act, sure to cure.
BfiV per MONTH
In Your Own Locality
made easily and honorably, without capi?
tal, during your spare hours. Any man,
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lly, without experience. Talking un?
necessary. Nothing like it for money?
making ever offered before. Our workers
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a night how to succeed from the first
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pense to yourself. We start you, furnish
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ngs successfully, and guarantee yon
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simple, pinin instructions. Reader, if
you ire in need of ready money, and
Avant to knew ail about the best paying
business before the pnblir, send us your
nddre-s, nnd ire will mall yon a docu?
ment giving you al! thc particulars.
TRUE & CO., Box ??0?
Augusta, Main?-.
>~ ? __,_-J
Contentment and happiness
are only possible with perfect health.
The rapid advancement in medical
science now permits the preparation of
medical compounds whose use is a
guarantee to success. One of the best
known and most popular at the present
day is Dr. Fenner's Kidney and Back?
ache Cure. So certain is it to bring
prompt and permanent relief in all
kidney and bladder complaints, female
weaknesses, gravel, lame, sore or ach?
ing back, as well as in all blood dis?
eases, skin eruptions, scrofula, swell?
ings, dyspepsia, dropsy, headaches,
sense of weariness or drowsiness, etc.,
that it has long been sold money re?
funded if satisfaction not given. Could
anything be fairer? Costs nothing to
try it Take a bottle home to-day.
P.reiM ?5aS2ra>?.SZS2SZS Z*aS?SVZ5Ufe5?5Z5_l2S2Sl
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I 4
te* cc
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lie a
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or OH
gs 1
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??? ? al _
S R? fi
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rc ?
BM ^
?_ a
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Ole CA
? aw
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and will repair watches, clocks,
sewing machine?, &c., &c. Repairs
for all in his line kept 011 hand
(VI on him.
All work warranted.
jun3 ly.
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Special attention given to any
work under the above heads en?
trusted to my care. Iy-dec23
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P. 0. LOCK BOX 06.
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1S20. 1893,
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