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Highland recorder. (Monterey, Highland County, Va.) 1877-1972, January 05, 1900, Image 2

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4* iu?.**..s?i J Ac* jv. U IvlSjUKi
Terms, $1.00 a Yearin Advance.
(oaaed oren mv ?. vening bs
W. H. > f ^ TlrIE3>sTY,
x.-.j;t?r, _v-'iJ ys7E3?i!Sir3r:ra.
K tiered at the Monterey postoftiee M
second class matter.
Monterey, Va., Friday, Jan. ~>, 1890
Safe as u Coon.
On the retreat of Lee's army
from the Gettysburg battle field
, in July 1808, Early's Division
crossed the Potomac to Will lam sport
on^oot, ami the river being consid?
erably swolen hy the then recent
rains, made right deep wading foi
a niiui of av rea ge. stature (any
douht as to the correctness of this
statement will he readily removed
by calling lip Dr. M. B. Campbell,
though if ia said he crossed in a
Inuit), but the crossing waa at last
accomplished and the march con?
tinued hy the DOJ9 who, though
delighted to set foot on Virginia
f*oil again, were hi poor condition
to prosecute the march being wet.
weary, foot sore and hungry. Af
ios mar;_Uiii<r a short distance, B
halt was ordered, which command
was with a lacritv obeyed. A rest
of half an hour, with the hot duly
sun pouring down, was a relief ti
the bovs, drying their clothes and
affording an opportunity to empti
the water out of their shoes. The
line of march was resumed and af?
ter having gone a few miles, it wac
discovered, much to the discomfit?
ure of the command, that the Fed?
eral cavalry with a few pieces ot
lightsrtillerv,were pursuingclose*
ly in the rear; finally il became nec?
essary to call a halt & form a line ot
battle, in order to check the ad?
vance of the pursuers, lt happen?
ed that the 31st. Va. Reg't occupi?
ed a portion of the line which rest?
ed in the edge of a corn-field and
while there in line, a woman came
along close io and in Hie rear oi
our line, who was wringing her
hands aud crying in the bitterest
agony, lamenting the appalling
danger which she imagined she
was exposed to, and VV. S. Light*
ner witnessing her deep distress
& nncontrolabie grief, offered these
words of comfort to her. ''Womal!
don't fud: you are as safe as a coon
. in a fodder shock"
But the woman, refusing to be
comforted, went on crying as before
and coining near Cid. Huffman.
who did not always reverently
make use of the name of Deity,
Said to here M My-woman,
these are our guns and you are in
absolutely no danger as long as
you remain in the rear of them."
What became of the woman the
writer does not know, bat she had
li is unexpressed sympathy at the
iimr? & if yet living has his best
wishes now.
The pursuers having so recently
testel theqmlity of our steed or.
possibly, by the aid of their super?
ior glasses, wereenabled to recog?
nize the olst. Va, Reg't confront?
ing them, however, they withdrew
to a safe distance without burning
powder. It may seem that, this im?
perfect sketch stops abruptly, but
be assured, it does not stop nov
more abruptly than our bovs did
when they were by the "head man11
told they could stop & camp.
One of the bo\s.
Having a Great Run on Cham?
berlain's Cough Remedy.
Manager Martin, of the Pierson
drug store,'informs us Jii't he is
having a great run oil Chamber?
lain's Cough Remedy. Ile Bells
five bottles of that' medicine to one
of another kind, and it great satis?
faction. In these days of la grippe
there is nothing Iike4?hamberlain's
Cough Hemedy to stop the cough,
heal up the sore throat and luu^s
and giye relief within a very short
time. The sales are gnowing, aud
all who try it are pleased with its
prompt action.-.-South Chicago
Daily Calumet For sale by John
A. Whitelaw, Monterey. * H. E.
Colaw, Crabbottoin. .1. M. Jones,
Doe Hill' S. C. Slaven, Meadow
' - ?* tt-?
Naples News.
\ Mrs. Price Seeds,"' Mrs. David
^heets and iNhirion Gum, of \V. Va ,
were veiling her" recently.
The beautiful, mild days of
viiiter seem to haye come an end.
Mr. YV. D. Snyder is a successful
bnr.ter, this season he has killed ~,Q
pheasants, besides rabbits, quails &c,
The school at Naples is doing
well, under the management of
Aivdrew Sheneberry.
? 7
\/ I would not fail to state that, the
writer received quite a pounding
from the kind hands of Mr. D:iy;.d
Herohi/^iss E. \\ Herold^.-. If.
h. Page and Jas. P. Terry. Their
kindness amounted to quite, a nice
sum. made up of veiV necessary ar?
ticles, for which I heartily express
;\vy thanks and gratitude. No Urok
nf bone*, no bruises infuci no
uaVnv Unless it'eh'cruld result from
fear-ting too sumptuoiu 1 /. "It is
mole blessed to give than to re
?\ ive'1.
' ? M.
?... * rn ? ? -- -
Tin* modern ami most effective
rnre for constipation and all liver
f roubles-trie famous little pills
I BO wa hs De Witts little ^ ni v ris
vrg. Trimble and Lu nsf ord.
Crabboitom Newj.
Jan. 1. 1900.
The young neoule's watch-meet
i lg was a thing of beauty Sc. joy
foreyer. Their gay hearts grew
strangely warm, as the old year
wrapped in her chilly mantle faded
away, but alas, the new year was |
here with added kisses to uer rosy,
white cheeks.
Your correspondent had a very
pleasant trip to West Virginia, and
enjoyed his stay in Hendricks very
much. We found our friend Dr.
W. \V\ Dear and family enjoying
good health and prosperity. Our
friend, Mr. Wiley showed us tiver
-town, through the big mill, and
all the special places ol' interest, in
and around Hendricks and the little
town of Ruling's below The sur?
rounding country is alive willi
lumbermen aud when monthly
nay day comes the superintendents
lill their bags with gold aud start,
for the camps, where workmen are
made most happy willi golden
coin. Everybody seems busy and
contented. Its a hustling little
place and everybody seems to have
money, more or less. They do it
cash business altogether, and the
Doctor showed us through one
store where they did a business of
ten-thousands dollars monthly.
Coffee that brings 12$ cts. here.
sells for 7 cts. there, aud butter
that's worth from 10 to 124 cts.
here, will'bring from 22 to 2(5 cts.
there. That is a good comparison
and every farmer ill the county can
figure out for himself what he
looses in a year by not having a
rail roan through the county.
\l/\ happy Xmas, fine sleighing
and a lew weddings to be. and lois
been, make life worth living 'moog
the young folks, this season.
Puck man & Kramer have bee?
delayed somewhat by the bad
wewher in building one ot the
pauper houses.
Mr. A. Colaw recently completed
a large fill in the new road on
Frank's Kim. Sore lingers, frozen J
toes and a good job are the fruits
of "Jit* winter labors.
y/We can't learn why old Santa
Clause would be so partial to and j
leave with our friend A. N. Colaw, j
a real, sweet little girl baby.
Our school boys will soo:; rel nm
to school well pleased with their
holiday vacation. Uriah Heveifer
has been i'o^-huuiing nearly half
bbs. tinie.
y/Miss Sallie Propst of Franklin
lias been visiting'friends and rela?
tives here during the holidays,
i/itobt. S. Newman and sister
spent some time visiting friends in
Pendleton not long since.
V-Mr. Thomas Newman of Staun?
ton is now visiting friends here.
Wonder what's tbs attraction out
the Lune these cold nights.
We have promised our friends
some poetry this week and we'll
give them a few verses:
in a little village, there lived a maid,
Jacob, never knew her to fret;
But yet, she was sadly and madly afraid,
That a husband she never would gv-t.
Stretch out your hand, my portly boy,
Drop peanuts,cant ly and cakes "like dew.
OG. will quickly smile, and laugh with
To and, a man who's kind and trna.
d.l.oervy, Logan ton, Pa., writes "I
ara willing to take my oath that I
was cured of pneumonia entirely by
the u.se of One Minute Cough Cure
after doctors failed. It also cured
my children of whooping cough.'
Quickly relieves and cures coughs,
colds, croup, grippe and throat and
lung troubles. Children all like it.
Mothers endorse it. Trimble and
Lu ns ford.
McDowell Mention.
/ Jan. 2nd, 1000.
* Xmas passi-d oii; exceedingly
quiet here, the Xmas trees were
'quite a success, and the crowd gave
I splendid attention, and was very
| orderly indeed. The boys are to j
j be highly complimented for their
! good behavior all through the'
Hauling ice seems to be the order
of the day, quite a good lot of it ia
being harvested this week.
\J. ll. Ii id v ia very sick at this j
Ed. Rexrode had to g;ve up his
position as merchant at Headwaters .
for a few days on account of Bl
(severe cold contracted while play-!
i ing akmg the banks of the Hud-!
I son/rt short time ago ago. i
^fiiss Ida Quidor was suddenly j
Called to Charlotte. N. C. to see!
her uncle whu is very much com-j
| plaining.
I lK B. Byrd made a flying trip lol
j Williamsville ibis week.
kMnynr J. T. Byrd v>as in our:
midst Saturday.
Wishing the Recorder a prosper*!
otis new year. flex.
"A young man came into our
store yesterday suffering from a
! severe attack of cramp colic."
j writes B, F. Mess, miller aud gener?
al tm reliant, Dicker's Mountain,
Pa. "He hui tried various home;
r*midi(-8 without relief. As I had
used Chamberlain's1 Colic, Cholera
and Diairhoen Remedy 1 gave Ititi
a oi.se art i it noon brought bim out
ill) Hgl t. I'h.-.cr saw a fallow so
r.-joiceTl." Sold by .lithn A. White-,
law. Monterey. H. E. Ced aw Crab-j
bottom. J. M. JOjiiea. Doe Hill.
S. C, Slaven Meadow Dale
Size doesn't indicate . qualitv.
Beware of counterfeit and worth-'.
leas salve offered for De Wi tts
Witeh Hazel salve. De\\ ii t's is
tiie univ original. An i ifallible cure
for niles and all skin (JtetafMf.
Trimble and Lu nsf ord. I
A Sou Hiern Jamboree.
WV have just received from the
publishers a copy of this most uni?
que musical composition. lt is
making as big a hit as "Georgia
Camp Meeting." A sufficient guar?
antee of its merit is J lie fact that it
is from the pen of Mr. J. W. Lee?
man, the composer of the now
famous k,K,iya Kaya Dance.'' The
regular price of this music is 50c
per copv, but if our readers will be
sure to mention the name of titi*
paper they can secure a copy by
sending 20c to the Unior< Mutual
Mu..ic Co., 20 E. Uth Street, New
1 want to ht the people who
sillier from rheumatism and sciatica
know that Chambering Pain Balm
relieved after a number nf other
medicines aud a docter hud failed.'
ft is the best liniment I have ever
known of,?J. A. Dod gen. A I [ilia ret ta,
Ga. Thousands have been cured of
rheumatism by tin's mindy. One
application relieves the pain. For
sale by John A, Whitelaw, Monte?
rey. II. E, Colaw, Crabbottorn.
J. M. Jones, Doe Hill. S. C.
Slaven. Meadow Dale.
Wanted?Several bright and honest
persons- to represent us as Managers ia
this and close by counties. Salary |9Q0
a year and expenses. Straight, hona-iide,
no more, no less salary. Position per?
manent. Our references, any bunk in
any town, lt is mainly office work con?
ducted at home. Reference. Enclose
.-elf addressed stamped envelope. The
Dominion Company, Dept. 3, Chicago, j
Holiday Presents'
That we are headquarters for
everything iu t he line of ele?
gant and useful Holidav gilts
is always produced by a glance
over our stock.
No need to perplex your head
about that, let us solve that
didculty. Our store contains
more than a thousand sugges?
tions in
Rings, Pins, Braceli ts,
Watches. Chains, Charms,
Sleeve links, Buttons, Kodaks.
Cold Eyeglasses, Gold Specks,
Novelties, ftc.
And everything usually associat?
ed with our lino.
S3 I ll t,tf\
hi * I Afr a
rn | l k. . Lal mi vi)
Graduate Optician
Masonic Temple, Fi nunton, Va
Lock ia Yams* iJOtrOf
Do you see sp.irkHnjj eyes, a healthy, fi
tinted sV.n, a sweet expression sada jfrace- B
ful form ? These attractions are the lc-iu'it P
of good health. If they aro absent, there j
ld nearly always soma disorder of the dis?
tinctly feminine organs present, ri^iffthy
menstrual organB mean Health and beauty |
\ tvsif shara.
mal:e3 women beautiful and healthy.
It strikes at the root of all their
trouble. There is no menstrual dis?
order, ache or pain which it will not
cure. It is for the budding girl, the
busy wife aud the matron approaching
the change of life. At every trying
crisis in a woman's life it brings
health, strength and lic.ppiness. lt
costs ji.oo of medicine dealers.
For advice in cases requiring special
directions, address, giving symptoms,
"The Ladies' Advisory Department,''
The Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chat?
tanooga, Tenn.
MRS. BOOKA LKTVIS, of Ocr.arilJe,
Vazaa. sara*?"I was troubled et monthly
intervals with terrible pains bl my h?:i<i and
back, bot have btea entirely relieved hy V.'Loe
of Car-Ji-.i."
Preserver of health.
Runs so light.
So easy to learn.
Sews so fast.
Wheeler & Wilson
Sewing Machine
Rotary Motion and
Purchasers say:
"lt runs as light as a feather."
" It turns drudgery into a pastime."
"The magic Silent Sewer.'"
Life is too short and health too pre?
cious to waste with a slow, hard run?
ning, noisy machine, when you can
have the New Wheeler & Wilson.
Wheeler & Wilson Mfg. Co.,
Bridgeport, Gonn.
Send for Catalogue.
\ . ..,- 4<r?MiK
oki VE. tiiTi?C-^-i>L,.^..->Li~.~rw SiaT2?^.~
Reliable persons of a mechanical or'nventlve mlr.'l
dfsirln? a trip to the I?ar!a Kxpof.'.Uou, vita good
BaUiry nnd exiN-asfspiid. thoald unite
Thc PATENT RJtLOlUf, UaJtJmore, Md.
OC^?/3>C'?^>OC'0/* ? ??&?'
f You may have heard 5
g about SCOTT'S EA\ULSlO>; \
6 and have a vague notion X
J that it is cod-liver oil with |
x its bad taste and smell and J
q ail its ether repulsive fea- S
I tares, lt h cod-liver oil, the |
I purest and the best in thc |'
c) world, but made so pal:ta-1
J ble that almost everybody |
csn take it. Nearly ali |
children like it and ask for S
more. Q
9 looks like cream; it nctir-1
I ishes the wasted boc!y of,?
? the baby, child or eddi J.
$ belter than cream or any I
^ other food in existence. if*
Q bears about the ssrr?^ ;
Q tion to ether cmii^c;;; ti
\ cream does to ml<!;. If you ;?
I have had' any c^erjci
I with ether so-called *?just c* $
J good" preparat'rons, y...-;
a will f:n j that this is a fad, i
x Thc hypopl'.osn'iiccs (hst I
^ combined with the cod-Kvci 0
$ 5've additional value to ii; beesis -
? they toot up thc nervous fy
S ami impart strength'io (hs whoa ;
'V* ?'
'J 50c. mid^' 00. ill H-tKfttts. I '??
13 SCOTT ^ BOWNE, Chemist*, Kew York. ^)
The nicest mid cheapest lifle <>i
JnpM, Clonks uni Jackets ever in
'ioolcrfy, can bo seen ut White
Does your House
need Painting?
If so. have it done before the
reuther destroys the surface.
Ute the best materials, they are
hearest in the end.
Employ bunest,competent, work*
nen -otherwise you lose, in both
abor arid maier isl.
No man cnn rio good wryrk cheap
r Minn the one who knows his
If you want nice work, sr^-b a
fond smooth surface to work on.
You never (jet more than you
ay for.
When you pay out your money,
vliv not have Rood work done?
Very Respectfully,
Practical Painter,
Monterey, Va,
A Practical Painter,
with mi experience of 14
years, whose work is
?as to h,is?
.'QMPETENCY and honesty,
asks a continuation of
your patronage, with the
promise that in future he
will, as in the past, en?
deavor to give you k,your
money's worth."
Estimates given on ail
kinds of painting, paper
hanging SC.
W. H. Einer,
Monterey, Va.
^iewS aild Opinions
? OF?
National importance
? ALoXK ?
).".i!y, by niftH, - |rj * }9M
)ai!y .'ind Sunday, by mail |8 avvai
Fhe Sunday Sun
5 the greatest Sunday Newspapei
in the world.
"rice Sz a copy. By mai?, $2 a yr,
Address The Sun, New York.
/--,> K
te >&. $&M ?*'.?&?
?xja^ <i& tri
iiyspepsia lore.
Digests what Vou ea *?
Mature in strengthening aDd recon
?tructingthe exhausted digestive or
fans, lt is the lei est disco vei ixl digest
mt, and tonie. Jiu other preparatioi
san . nproaeh it in efficiency, lb in
tantfy reliever and permanently our?
dyspepsia,. Indigestion, Heartburn
flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea
5ickKeadache,Gafltralgi;i.Crumps, arie
ill other-results of Imperfeetdigostion
Prepared by E. C DeiVitt A Co-. CVjlcaa1*
Vim Lie and Lunsford.
When visiting Staunton
Don't fail to call on
(At Witz's Old Stand,) '
anil examine their line of Dry Goods, Notions
and Carpets. They handle a first-class line
ol goods at lowest prices. Don't forget Hie
place. Respectfully,
_ Hoover, Bear & Co.
?:?? ?'?' -?" :: v ..- -;..::; -,;^
- -% ' '? ..?>,:?:
I ;
Style 2 0
| Manufactured in Staunton, Va.
| Write for catalogue and prices.
I Walnut Lumber taken in exchange.
j . W.W. PUTNAM& co.
Staunton, Va.
Ti'ita-i.ajan *r-.*.r.TJ?jfc-w'-ir-*JSErj
P rofessiona 1 Ca rd s.
Plank lin, W. Va.
Will attend nil thc Coulta of Dighisnd
Office at Hie house nf Mrs Cross.
Practice* la the coolta ol Highland ur.il
Hath conn Um Vs..and I'c-tahoatsi county
VV \ a.
Attorn by-at- La ir,
Will practice in the courts of High?
land, rind in the Circuit Court ol' Potfuls
ton County, vV. Va.
R. li. \V. BRAGG,
Hot Si'uisos, Va.
Office in Rath Rouse.
I .111 work Jone by latest and improved
I methods. a 21 ly.
Momtkhbv, Va.
Will practice in all tnt courts ol tlii/tiUmd.
thew: ICOir C )t'tra f 'cntilctoti and
Pocahontas counties. W. Ya. au^.i
Montkm'y, Va.
Will practice kl the courts of Highland
lind adjoining counties.
Office opposite Presbyter!*!' c^-ucn, form?
erly occa pict! by F W Mw"r*
Wami Springs, Va.
Practice In the court* of Batta and Hlgfa
landCOUDtlea Va. ami Pocahontas cuunw
tv Va
W. A. Bussard,
and Builder,
-Monterrey, Va.
Dressed Lamber <>f all k'ia<$*<
hard and soft woods, for Hale afc
reasonable prices.
Also Snub and Doors of all
Steel Roofing
A Specialty,
If von have at; v Planing to do
at Buy lime I solicit the work, and
gu drat) tee satisfaction. tr
3 !
^''?<ly Trace P.7^r<r.9
* C0~Yr!G!iT3 &C
Anrrtno sonrtlnct a (katata and 'Tescrirtinn may
qoiokly aaesrtatn our ( rinlon free whother au
invontio-i ispi'ih-1: , tctnbla. ConniRnlca*
tiona sirii:l.'yoou';'9!itial. Hsr.ftbook on I'oteiiU
soot frc;. oM? x 6'.'f!icw t ?<. aeenriucpateuts.
Pitents t..<:\*n tbronffh Munn &? Go. receive
r??cUU (i.-i Ice, without cli-.T'io. La thc
?7VivHil1BV J jC2Bv8 iVdVaU
Ah.->ndJomfily lllp.rt-.ttwl wr,nk!i-. J.nrwcst oin
eolation nf uoyacientuie loiirnal. 1 'erma. Z'-i a
T' r ; tour Monthe. fel. Sold byull npwgrienlora.
Brant b O.utx, OJ} V St, Waahiitttou, l?. C.
Baker & Brown's
Staunton, Va.
Headquarters for
Baker's Phosphate and 'other
G i ass Seeds.
Old Hickory Wagons.
Spring Tooth Harrows.
BisseM Chilled Plows.
Empire Grain Drills.
Yours Truly,
Baker <fe Brown.
Farm For Sale.
I will sdi between now and the first
day of Novemoer, ? farm eon iain i'u; 140
seres, of which 110 acres is cleared, on
v. hicii is a good dwelling rind out build*
Inga and a good tenant bonso, meadow
tlmt will col six bay stacks. If sola
v. ;'!!i:i the time stilted will sell at a price
low enough tor the purchaser lo realize
10 per cent, on his investment.
Tr:ii:*ia?Ons third cash and balance in
ono and two yean, with interest. Ap?
ply to "HEAL ESTATE. Agent,"
Care RacOBDKV,
4f Monterey, Va.
ine Guns
Hali x x
1 L. C. Smith, fine twist barrel
185.00 tor 20.00
1 Syracuse Hammerless Damas?
cus barrel $40. for 20.00.
1 New Baker, line twist barrel
125 for 19.00. #
A $30 Richard's fur $15.
A $:33 Richard's for $10,60.
A W. H. Hamilton 8-5 val ne for
Stan ii ton. Va,
. . TRY THE . .
mi mi" wm mm.
wnlfs run wauiiLfino rer^nt ftyi? <*
Bswing IfMbinea v/o manufacture and their
pr.ces before you purchase aoy other.
rs* tic? ana: verna MtflllF PP
tut. (Sbfl PW SC OLHiBfl u'SuulWC Ot-.,
'.v''" lonSi'inre, N. Y. Chicagr, nL St. I/wis, Ma.
I'-i.'.a.; Texas. Sim Franrbi-o,Cal, AtUuta, Qa,
(fa Ches*
Stv & Ohit
EFFECT Jim 18, 189v
Traina leave Staunton ??? lollov
10.56 A. M. rinily. Kxpreaa f?>;"
ton, Baltimore. Ph iii
New York. Rlchnto
Point Comfort ann
Dining Car to Waalir
2.06 A. M., i?a?y. P. *? *? J*"!
Washington. Baltlri
arielphin. New Vort
mond. Old Point C
and Norfolk. Piniii/. -
2 30 P. WI , Bxcept Sunday. Kx;
10 20AM, xcept Sunday. Lo<
aenger for Gordonavl
4 22 A-M-f nmiy. P. P. V. Limit ?
cm niiu.ti. Lowiavill*
Louis, Chicago. Wra*
Southwest. Wiling Car
7 08 P- M-. Cincinnati and St.
Special, for Cincinnati
dinnapolii-, St. Lotti*, C
go, Louisville, Weat.
Southwest, Dining Car.
3 38 P M., atacept Sunday, pap
pitM for Clifton Porge.
7:47 p Itt Except Sunday for Goahel
For further informa-ion apply to JnaJ
jr.. Passenger nndTitket Agent, Stating
Gen. Manager" Gen. Pus
' Geo e!S55?
Winier Building, oppositj
town pump.
In my shop on Wed n ead i
uHays and all public days.
tt)f atrial. Thanks for pas|
Caveats, and Trade-Marka obt*in*d anc
entbusincsiconducted tor MonCRATC
Our Orrice isOppobitc U. 8. Patcn
and wc can secure patent in Icu time "
remote from Washington.
Send model, drawing or photo., with
tion. Y/o advise, if patentable or Bot
charge. Our fee not due till patent is SS
A Pamphlet, " How to Obtain Tateif
cost cl same in the U. S. and loreign
{sent free. Address,
Opp. patent OrriQC. WaaMiwoTot
Notice, Not
Owing to the continue
vance in prices of all go(
teringinto my line of bu
I hereby withdraw ali
I shall keep in stock
linc of medium aud
Household Furniture, Ti
&c. Cook and Heating
of every description. I
an tee my prices shall be ?
as anyone quality confide
solicit your trade and pr
honest and fair dealing to
wit > may fayor me with
Very Truly,
H. E. Lovi]
No. 15 to 19, N. Augusta St.
Staunton, Ya,
Mutual Thone No. 87.
'_:j_jl _.
We aro hei
quarte s for ai
thing in the pai
and oil line.
j Don't forget
| we can save y<
j money.
19 E. Main Strel
T. H. Slaven & Soul
its* flt*
rW'J' ' &./I'd
rn,.*t - Jag
All grades of Burial Outff furnished
I delivered on short r,otice.
Mee fetock of chairs. Spring beds, Mat-,
i tresse?, Bed Roon Suit?*c.
Shop made work on hand ace
i order. Com.* an'i tee us.
ic^nada to
University-^ Virginiaj
CHArnLOTTEsviLile:. va"
Utters, Science, Law, Medicine, EruiineerinJ
*eaalon bectua 15th 8?pl?iub?r.
I union in Aufedj.nileal oc-tiooU rte. to Vu
ur oaialotfuo. aduroM
a a CiiaDiunn M..

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