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Terms, $1.00 a Year in Advance.
Issued eTerv Fridav tYen,ing,bv
?i3ZT?ia ^.zrx> awaPjiss ayasjbaa.
?jEnt?red at the Monterey postofUee a
second class matter.
Monterey, Va,, Friday, Sept 7, 190!
For President,
of Nebraska.
For Vice Pjepiilervt,
of Illinois.
,of Appomattox.
?Electicui day. Tuesday, Nov. 6,1900.
Typhoid Fever.
The Bulletin of the Virgini
Board of Health for August, in u
.article on typhoid fever, sav;? yo
.must look well to your water suppl
and see that it is pure. In part th
article is as follows,*
''Typhoid fever js reported t
prevailing in sixty-five of the on
hundred counties of the Stat
What is the cause of the genen
outbreak of this dreadful diseas
throughout the State? Itjs.stal
ed to be beyond quest ion a water
tborn disease, aud due to the contain
jnation of the water supply ju th
yarious cities, towns and hones.
Look carefully .to your well, cisteri
,or spring. See to it that it is wei
drained and protected. Every wei
should be cJeaned nt Jeast once i
year, the water drawn off, and al
,debrissuch as frogs, cats, etc., re
A nice line of water coolers
White Mountain ice cream freezers
And flower pots for sale hy V I
Stockmen Should Organize.
Editor Highland Recorder:
Sometime ago 1 noticed in your
paper an editoral note s-iggestin^
,tliat the stock mon of our county
/orm an organization for the pur'
pose of an inter-change of views
and bettering the condition of oui
stock, and thus increasing oin
wealth, &c.
This, to my mind, Mr Editor, ii
a move in the right direction. Om
.county is a stock county. From
.stock we denye all our income
and anything that will help to im?
prove our stock, and increase its
.value, is money to us as a people
Let the organization be formed
.without delay. Let us meet com?
pare views, give our experiences
and each , learn from the other
something that will kelp us all
and be money to us ?no one of us
knows it all. An exhibition of our
sto,ck, would give a great impetus
Io the businesfi. Now let us not
put off a matter of so much im?
portance, but let us act at once.
?f pur stock men, all o', er the comi?
ty, will make it a point to be at
our next county court (Sept. 20)
and talk the matter over, and get
it started, they will do themselves
and the county at large ? great
service. Interested.
The above is from a prominent
stockman of the county, one who
has for several years been interest?
ed in the improvement of stock,
and we are glad to see him endors?
ing and urging an organization.
We have not the space for further
comment in this issue, but we hope
.the above suggestion of a meeting
on court day will be carried out,
and that we may have, in the mean
time, expressions from others.
Yon assume no risk when you buy I
(Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera andi
Diarrhoea Remedy. J A Whitelaw,
Monterev H ECobw. forabbottom;
.1 M Jones, Doe Hill-, S C Slayer,1
Meadow Dale, will refund jour
money if you are not satisfied after
using it. It is everywhere admitted
Iq be the most successful remedy
in use for bowel complaints and
the only one that never fails, Ir.
is pleasant, safe and reliable. 3m
jNotice to Teachers and Pupils of
Public Schools.
At a meeting of the Board of
'Trustees of Public Schools for
Highland county, held on June
21st 1900 the following was adopt?
On motion it is ordered that all
pupils entering the free schools
puring the term beginning August
1st. 3900, including the teachers,
jbe excluded from said schools un?
til they produce the certificate of
successful vaccination within the
past two years, from some physi?
cian in regular practice. This mo?
tion is made in accordance with
the provisions of section 80 of the
Virginia school law. Pupils re?
fusing to be vaccinated, and remain?
ing out of school, and thereby re?
ducing the number of pupils be?
low the legal average, shall not
fffeet the pay of the teacher of
pupils who comply with this re-!'
r]uirement of the school law.
A r.ew line of open and top bug?
gies. ?| |iii|! wagons. S'irries. single
and doi ble buggy and double team
'I'.o'ness just received at Bishop's,
Poceedings of the Sunday School
<Crabbottom. "Va.,
Aug. 29th, J900.
The opening sermon of tlie High?
land County Sunday School Con?
vention was preached rn the Cen?
tral Church by :the Rev. J. A.
Qiiarles,D.D?from Matt. 20; 20-27.
Hiter which the seryice closed with
ttys benediction.
The third meeting of the High?
land County Sunday School Con?
vention was called to order at 10
a. m., Aug. 30, 1900, by Hon.
Charles P. J<Tl's, Vice President.
The devotionol services were conr
ducted hy Rev. J VV Brill.
Tl\e following officers were elect?
Dr. H. II. Jones, Pres't.
Hon. Chas. P. Jones, Vue Pres.
John S. McNulty,
S. VV. Sterrett,
W. P. Campbell, Sec'y.
Rev W C Smith, Asst. Sec'y.
The roll was called and there
were found 45 delegates present.
Mr. (x. Lee Chew made the ad?
dress of welcome which .was very
appropriate, n.nd was attentively j
listened to. The addressed of wel?
come was responded to by Hon.
Chas. P. Jones.
Rev. J. F. Prettyman preached
an al>le sermon from Acts 26; 29.
Bro. J. C. S. Myers, fraternal
delegate from Augusta County
Sunday School Association, .was
then introduced, and made a short
address on Sunday School Conven?
tions, which was much appreciated.
After this address the following
resolutions were adopted:
Resolved that this Convention
highly appreciates the brotherly
eourtcsv of the Augusta Co. Sun?
day School Association in sending
their President, Mr. Myers, as a
j fraternal delegate to us, and heart?
ily reciprocates the feeling which
j prompted them to do so; and
ResovleJ, further that the Presi?
dent of this ConventirT!) be accred
I ited as a delegate from this con?
! vention to the Augusta Countv
Sunday School Convention, and
charged with the duty of recipro?
cating our brotherly feeling.
Benediction by the Rev. J. F.
Afternoon Session.
After the devotional exercises
conducted by Rev. H. P. Barnes of
the afternoon session, "How to get
the Entire School interested in
Song Service" was ably presented
by J. C. Matheny followed by a few
practical suggestions by Capt. S.
A. Gilmore.
"Should any but Christian teach?
ers teach in our Sunday Schools"
was then taken up by Rev. J. R.
Tillery who spoke against the em?
ployment of any but Christians in
teaching in our schools, and de?
fended his position in an able man?
ner. The subject was further dis?
cussed in a well prepared speech
by D. (). Bird.
uVVhat special characteristics
mark the successful teachers?" tlv
next subject, was discussed by Rev.
M. P. Weikle, whose treatment of
the subject met with the approval
of the convention.
Bro. J. S. McNulty spoke upon
the important subject of "What is
the prime object of the S. S. ai d
how to attain it"; his handling <f
the subject showed a familiarity of
the subject.
"The importance of a S. S. teach?
er" was the subject of an address
by the Rev. Dr. Qnaries.
The session was closed with the
benediction by Rev M P Weikle.
Evening Session.
The convention was called to or?
der by Dr. H. H. Jones, President,
and the devotional service conduct- iJ
ed by Rey. J. Spencer Smith, whose
scripture lesson was taken from
Luke 7 Chap.
On "The importance of mission?
ary training in the Sunday School"
Bev Chas Bop pel delivered an ad?
' How to interest the Sunday
School in this important subject"
was ably presented by |)r. Camp?
bell of the American Bible Society.
The president then made a short
address thanking the speakers of
the eveningfor the earnest spirit in
wbich they presented their subjects,
.ifter which the session closed,
benediction by Dr. Qnarles.
Mqbiting Session, Aug. 31st.
Convention called to order by
President Dr H H Jones at 9 a. ni.
Devotional service conducted bv
Bro. JCS Myers who read a part
of Heb. ll.
Minutes of yesterday read ap
pr ived and on roll call there were
found to be present 55 members.
Rev. J. Spencer Smith made an
address on the subject.?"The pas?
tor's place in the Sunday School.
Rev (/has Boppell made a very
interesting talk on Africa, in which
he showed the importance of sup?
porting the missionaries in Africa.
"The preparation of a teacher"
was the subject of a delightful talk
hy Rev. Dr. Quarles, after which
the benediction was pronounced by
Rev J R Tilley.
Afternoon Session.
Devotional exercises conducted
by Rey Dr. Quarles.
Resolved, that we do hereby ex?
press our appiectation of the pres
jnce of our visiting brethren who |
lave come from without the bounds I or
)f the convention. That we assure IC()]
;hem of their cordial welcome and I m"
hat they have been greatly lielp-ifo
'ul to us in the fulfillment of the j to]
irogrannne. i uni
It was decided that the place for \vil
lolding the next convention should ; |
ie either Green Hill or Beulah, to?Au,
be determined by the executive
.committee. .
A collection was-taken to .defray
the expenses of printing &c.
On motion it is ordered that the
Secretary bc requested to have the
proceedings published in the High?
land Recorder.
"How ,is success in Sunday School
work to he measured' was well
treated by Rev John Huff.
"Hints and methods to make a
live and progressive Sunday School"
Wius treated splendid Iv hy a well
prepared speech bv J. Mc Sieg, and
was followed in a speech contain?
ing many valuable suggestions, by
G. Anson Bird.
The session was closed by .sing?
ing the doxology and benediction
by Kev. VV. S. Campbell.
Evening Session.
The convention was called to or?
der by J. S. McNulty. second vice
president, and devotional service
conducted hy Rev. M P Weikle,
after which Dr. Campbell, agent
for the American Bible Society.
made an able address on "How to
use the Bible in the Sunday School."
By request of the chairman, Rev
W (j Smith took the chair, then
this question was called?"ls it
wise to depart from the Interna?
tional lessons?"?discussion of j
which was participated in bv J. S.
McNultv, J. C. S. Myers, j. Mc,
Sieg, Dr. J. D. Bucher. G. A. Bird.
Capt. S. A. Gilmore, Revs. VV. C.
Smith and W P Weikle
The following resolutions of
thanks were unanimously adopted:
"Resolved: That the people of,
Crabbottom. who have so generous?
ly contributed to the success of
this convention, be extended the
heartiest thanks of all who havf
enjoyed their unstinted self-sacri?
fices and generosity.
Resolved further:. That, as
the music of the convention has
contributed so much to its enjoy?
ment, Mrs. E. J. Jones with her
assistant*-, be tendered an especial
vote of thanks bv the convention."
After au appropriate closing
hymn the conventioned adjourned,
benediction by Dr. Campbell.
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mushrooms have caused frequent
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A Ppominent Virginia Editor
Had Almost Given Up. rut Was
Brought Back to Perfect
Health by Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Reme?
dy? Read His Editorial.
[Erom the Times, Ilillsliile, va.]
I suffered with diarrhoea for a
long time and thought 1 was past
libing cured. I had spent much
time and money and suffered so
much misery that I had almost de-;
?ided to give up all hopes of re?
covery and await the result, bot
noticing the advertisement of
yhamberlaiu's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy and also some
;estimonials sb.tinf? bow some
wonderful cures had been wrought
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Vftnr taking a few doses I was en
irely well of that trouble, and ]
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iale and hearty man today and
eel as well as I ever did in mv life
-0 R Moore. Sold by J A Whire
aw. Monterey; H. E. Colaw,
Vabbottom; J M Jr-nes, Doe lilli;
C Slaven, Meadow Dale.
The Bravery of Woman.
Was grandly shown by Mrs John
'owling of i'utler, Pa , In a three years'
druggie with a malignant stomach trou
le that caused distressing attacks of
ausea and indigestion. All remedies
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i weight and feel much stronger since
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upsia, improves appetite, gives new
ie. Only .r>0o. Guaranteed, at 8 J
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isers. They are unequaled for
1 liver and bowel troubles. Nner
ripe. Trimble and Lunsford.
The goat success of Cham ber?
ni's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea
nurdy in the treatment of bowel
un plain ts has made it standard
'??r the greater part of the civiliz
! world. For sale bv J A Whitelaw
on tere v; H E Colaw, Crabbottom;
M Jones, Doe Hill; S C Slaven,
cadow Dale.
Notica to Teachers
Notice is hereby given thai Blue Gras*
hon! Board will meei at button School
om, on .Saturday, September8th, 1900,
appoint teachers for the public schools
tliis district for this scholastic year, on
before which time the application, ac
npanied by the applicant's certificate
ist be tiled wita the clerk of this board.
lo many of the schools as teachers can
obtained for will lie open Monday,
>t 17th, 1900 and as icany of the te
hider as teacher can be obtained for
1 bc open Feb ll, MOO by recommen
ion of the County Supt.
5y order of Hoard. II II Slaven, Clk.
gust. 18, 1900. 3t
3 v
To \y,HOM it May QoycEBy-:
We take pleasure in saying th?j
The Nature's jfte.medy Co., ;repre
gm ted by Mr J H fte hay and hil
company of performers hap beer
in our .town for .mare than tw.c
weeks, .we know that their ,per
fonnaneeg a>re good?far a bo vt
what will be expected?and what
is to be particularly admired i>
that tl.iey are strictly .clean in .ev,er.\
sense of the word. To .see then
one nigjit means you wi.ll go tlu
Each member of the eompany,
during iits s oin ti rn bert', has shown
himself a perfect gentleman, and
ti ey lu.ye beeju reeeiv?<;l and pat?
ronized by all of our best people.
Their dealings while here hay?
been particularly characterized by
fairness, and wuef her socially, in a
business way, or any other way
they leave a reputation to be envi?
ed by anv one.
The high plane of respectability
of these people prompts us tp thus
attest their qualities, hoping there?
by that they may receive the pat?
ronage they so richly deserve as
soon as they pitch their tent in a
new town.
B, H. Hlncr,
I. E. Bolton,
M. Mauzy,
J. C. Johnson, M. D.,
8, B. Johnson. M. D.,
Mrs Katherine 8nively Johnson,
Harry Kiddle,
W. M. BogKS,
R. E. Hedrick & Co,,
O. Dyej, M. D.,
Katherine Priest,
Mary K Daugherty,
Roy L. Campbell,
Margie Hoggs,
Beatrice Hiaer Boggs,
Mrs B H Uitier,
Carrie Campbell.
Fanny Pennybacker,
Sallie T, Daugherty,
J. Vernon Lough, {W. Va.
Geo. L. Kiser, Mayor of Franklin
i) Mopmaw. ?
Editor's Awful Plight.
9 M Hjgelns, Editor Seneca (Ills.,)
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VIRGINIA?At rules held io the
Clerk's Ottice.of the Circuit
Court of Highland County
on the 5th day of Sept. 1900j
E J Jones and C P Rex rode, who
sue for themselves* and all other
creditors of Auna flelmick, dee'd
J Ed Arbogast S. If. C. and as
such Adm'rof Anna Helmick dee'd,
Geo. W. Helmick, Susan McEIroy.
Louisa Good, Sarah Bateman, Han?
na Millson and all heirs of Anna
Helmick. dee'd whose names ae
unknown to the plaintiffs.
In Chancery.
The object of this suit is to asl
certain the assets real and persoija
belonging to the estate of Anna
Helmick dee'd and the debts against
:he same together with their prior
ties, to have a settlement of the
runsactioris of her Administrator
md a sale of the real estate of
irbiph she died seized, to satisfy
>aid debts.
And it appearing by affidavit filed
hat all the above named defol?
iants except J Ed Arbogast Adm'r
cc. and Geo. W Helmick, are non
esidents of the state of Virginia;
t is ordered that they and the un
mown heirs of said Anna Helmick
ee'd, appear here within fifteen
ays after due publication hereof
ind do what is necessary to protect
heir interest.
Miarles P Joues, p. q. Teste:
J C Matl.eny, Clerk.
At Rules held in the Clerk's Office of
ie Circuit Court of Highland County,
n the 3rd day of Sept. 1900.
Iphraini Winier, surviving partner &c.
against In Chancery
Gilliam W. Dear Denfendaut
Thc object of this suit is to attach the
nate of the defendant and especially
,vo lots or tracts of land, lying in the
illage of crabbcttom in Highland coun
r, one containing 4 J poles and the other
vo roods and 6 poles, and subject the
ime to the payment of two debts due
ie plaintiff as surviving partner &c.
flin the defendant, towit: One of $80.87
1th interest thereon from the 29th dav
F April, 1881, till paid and the other of
288.60 with legal interest thereon from
ie 5th day January, 1899, till paid and.
ie cost of suit
And it appearing by affidavit filed that
lid defendant, W W Dear is not a resi- '
mt of the state of virginia; it is ordered
iat he appeared here within fifteen days j
ter due publication hereof and do what
necessary to protect his interest.
H Stephenson, p q Tcste:
?lt J C Matheny clerk, j
To patrons and teachers of Stonewall
ibool District and all persons concerned. I
fake notice that Stonewall Sc.iool I
nrd will meet at McDowell, Va. on the /
st Saturday in September, 1900: It j
lng thc 1st day of the month to ap
int teachers for the various Schools in I r
d district for this scholastic year IMO I d
d 1901. On or before which lime all ap- j I
cations accompanied hythe applicants
tificate munt be tiled with the Clerk
the board. Owing to the scarcity of
ichers thc school board most lespect
ly ask and urge the patrons to aid in
xiuring teachers, for the various
iooIs in the district, and the clerk bl
lercd to have this notice published for
reeks ia tbf Highland Recorder. Hy
ler of the board.
jr. ll, 1900. J. L. Shumate, (Tk.
McDowell, Va. ! S(
A PaJe Face
Is a prominent symptom of vitiated
blood. If covered wltb pimples, tlie
evidence li,complete, lt's nature's
\\ ay of warning you o/your condition.
never rails to rectify all disorders of
the blood, slight or severe, of long
standing or recent origin. IUthlrty
rears record guarantees tts efficacy.
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Detroit, Mich.
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Augusta Military Academy.
English, .Classical and Mathe-'
.matical courses, with Military train?
ing. Full corps of experienced in?
Terms, ver^ moderate. For cat
l alogfti". apply to
CH4S. S. ROLLER, Principal.
Fort Defiance, Va.
Parties Losing Friends.
May Expect W. H. MARPLE who rep?
resents the
fem Iii and
To call upon them.
lie is prepared to furnish Best
Work at moderate prices. See him
before buying.
Let Us Be
Your Watchmen.
TO some extent the impression pre?
vails that almost anybody cnn
"fix a watch," and many only
learn by costly experience that
it is not so. The tinker, the
natural-born mecnanie, tbe
genius who can "fix anything."
finds himself at sea when he
tackles a fine watch, for the
adjustment to positions pud
isocronism requires something
besides mechanical skill. There
is no detail with which we are
not familiar in the mechanical
and mathematical adjustment
of a fine timepiece.
Staunton. Va.
Massanutten Academy
A High tirade School
For Boys and Girls
Will prepare for any College in Ameri?
ca Commodious and well equipped
buildings. Beautiful Grounds. Strong
For Catalogue and Terms, Address,
Woodstock, Virginia.
Fall Term opens Sept. ll, 1900.
Courses for Degrees, with Electives;
high standard. Also Com'l and Prep'y
Courses. Library 22,000 volumes; work?
ing laboratory; good morals and discip?
line; six churches; no bar-rooms. Health?
ful mountain location. Very moderate
expenses. Students from 22 states and
count lies. 48th year begins Sept., 12th.
Catalogue, with views, free.
Julius D. DitEHeit, President.
Notice To Teachers.
Notice is hereby given that Monterey
School Board will meet in the office of
O. Wilson in Monterey, Va. on Saturday
the 15th day of t-eptember, 1000 to ap?
point and contract with Teachers for the
public schools in this district for this
scholastic year, on or before which time,
the application, accompanied by the ap ?
nlicant's certificate, mu9t be tiled with the
clerk of this board.
All applicants must be present on said
iay to enter into contract with said board
for the schools they apply for and are
employed to teacn.
As many of the schools as teachers can
se obtained, for will be open Monday.
Sept. 17th, 1900, and as many of the re
nainder as teachers can be obtained for
irtl] be opened Feb. 11th, 1901, by recom
nendation of the County Supt.
By order of Board Aug. 16th 1900.
lt O, Wilbon, Clk.
rnlverslly College i f Medicine, Richmond, Va.
HUNTER McfiEIRE, M. D? LLD., President.
66 IN I.VC! LT V.
RECORD OT Oraduatea lint year before 7 State Bouda,
100 Per Cent.
For 8fl p*g? Catalog, adj reta
Academy for Boys
^presented by its graduates in Ran
olph-Macon College, Washington and
ec University, University of \V. Va.,
olumbia University, and University of | stn
a, a branch of Riaidolph-Macon Sys>
sm. 9th session. Complete modern
piipment; gymnasium, field sports,
borough training amidst favorable sur
mndings. $230. may be reduced to
311 .no. Address OliaS. L. MELTON, j Flai
. M. Principal, Front Royal, Va. I gjc|
-.-j an0
Best roller shades 35c, curtains ; p"
rim 5c at Bishop's. Trii
Professional Cards.
Eiaiiklm. W. Va.
Will attend all the Courts ol Ifiginam!
Otlice at the house of Mrs Cross.
t'racttcex in-the courts ot 11 i^rli I rt u fl ar.il
trti h counties Vy..and IN i a hon t as lountv
V Va.
Attorn ey-at-Law,
.Monterey, Virginia.
Will practice in the courts of Rfgti
and, and in the Circuit Court ol' Pendle
on County, vV. Va.
H. R. \V. RRxVGG,
Hot Sjmungs, Va.
Office In Bath House.
AW work done by latent and improved
letiioda. 3-24-iv.
Monterey, Va.
Will practice in all the courts ol Highland,
io CIRCUIT C)d.<r.S of Pendleton ?nil
ocahontan counties. W. Va. auils
Will practice in the courts of Highland
ad adjoining counties.
Office opposite Presbyterian chnrcn, form
!v occupied by J. W. Myers
Attorney at Law,
W&im Springs, Va.
Practice iji thc courts of Math and UigL
nd counties Va. and Pocahontas coun?
r Va
In The Academic Schools.
liters, Um Law, Mn Zngincerirg,
Session Pc^ins 15th September.
on Catalogues Address P. 13, Bab?
[unoku, Chairman, Charlottesville, Va.
irVall Paper
Hundreds of beautiful tic
signs nt every price from o
cents a roll up. Send for
Cheating Paper
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The new. permanent Wal!
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aration. Send for color card.
Albert Shultz,
> W. Main Street
Next to National Valley Bailie,
Staunton, Va.
Free Trip iowans!
Icllable peraous ot a irfccbRnlcal or Inventlrc mind
lrlngatnlptothe Paris Ksjiosluoii, wlihgood
?ry and expense paid, should tvrttS
The PATENT KliCOflU, Baltimore, Md.
yWrf 60 YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Antone sending a sketch and <le?erintlon may
ulckly ascertain our opinion free whether on
irentton is probably patentablo. Oommunlea
lona strictly confidential. Handbook on Patent*
But frta. Oldest agency for securing patents.
Patents taken throuph Munn & Co. receive
yecial notice, without charge, In tho
Scientific America!,.
. handsomely illustrated woekly. I.nreest olr
i lat lon of any scientltle journal. Terms. $3 a
Mir; four months, $L Sold by all newsdealers.
flUNN & Co.361Broadwa^ Mew York
Branch Office, 625 P St., Wawblnuton. D. C.
ate Female Normal School,
Farmville Va.
^he State offers free tuition for worthy
mg women who wish to prepare for
ching. Liberal courses in Languages,
erature, Science and Art. A. strong
Sessional courses with Normal Train*
. Extensive improvements, embody
the best features of
)dern Educational Equipment,
to be ready for next session. Thc
ulty has been strengthened by the ap
ntment of several graduates from
ling America Universities. Session
ins September 19th, 1900.
Dr. Fennel's KiDNE
| Bf. Fi
For all Kidney, Bladder and Urinary
Troubles, Lanie Back.Ui-art Pla?ae,8km
Disease, Rheumatism, Bed Wetting, ctr.
Unfailing in Female Weakness,
|By dealers. Mc.size by mail McKredonia.N V
digests what you eat.
artificially digests the food and aids
ure in strengthening and recon
ctingthe exhausted digestive or
}. It is the latest discovered digest
and tonic. No other preparation
approach it in efficiency. It in
tly relieves and permanently cures
pepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
silence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
therresults of imperfect digestion
ipared by E. C. Dewitt A Co.. Cjicc jo?
li hie and Lunsford.
! N
j tree
sim**. i isa jm~?ma*k
7J, A, Bussard,
ind Mtier,
-Monterey, Va.
Dressed Liiinixr of nil kinds.
lard and Mifi, woods, ior sals at
r.!.--oi:u!ii<> price*,
Also gftftjj Ml Doors of ajl
Jteel Roofing1
A Specialty*
If von luivpanv I'l&n'iilg to do
t >inv lim" I solicit (lie work, and
uaruutee aaiisfaction. tt'
wonderful improvement in Friction Faed* KA
ig-Ha.-k. Back motton o! Carriage J times aa faa*
i any other In the market. Friction dat* h Feed.
tindag all the feed gearing to stand still while baekfc
g; erPRt Baring in power and wear. Cata
-Mie and prices free. Atao Kprlna narrang
ultlyators, fora Planters, Kttellers, ttn.
'rntion thu paprr.
JSflCU cfc DROSlGOLDt DXfraV, Yatla* FaO
Viii be found over L S Dick*
enson & Co.'s Store.
In my shop on Wednesdays, Sat*
Hays and all public days. Gi va
is a trial. Tltaka far patt farort
Jun. 21, Cino.
??v ?ri . KBajq^aKfwper^5fl
? ' ? - '*? K?fl t v?.. r'*.1
.Tavcals, anij Trade-Marks oniain*d and all Pat
>nt basifies*conducted tor TJonzRATE Fies.
;,id we cr.asecure paten: tn leo time tuan thua.J
etr.ote bom Washington.
Scr.U model, drawing of photo., tt'ttlt descrip
ion. AVe advice, it patentahle or net, fros ?f
fctfg*. Our foi not due ti'.i patent U accur'A,
A pamphlet, " I'1"*'0 Obtain Patents,' with.
o?t ot sxiio In the U. S. aud fsreiga cviintriesj
ent free. Addrssjftj
Opp. Patent Office, Washington. D. <$.
and Seeds.
Still leading. None gives more
tisfactsry results. Hat been test
in this section Tor twenty years.
>t!er Mian ot hen of much lusher "'
:id Phosphate (South Carolina
nt; Uro ii ml Kaw Moue Meal,
ssolved A ii ima I Bone,
nmoniftted Phosphates,
lillie &c, fcc.
gSTlYices to suit the times.
oice Western Clover,
io do Timothy,
Jo do Orchard Grass,
lo ^ do Rad Top,
ney Kentucky Blue Grass.
Jail to see us.
aker & Brown.
Staunton, Va.
rn rn best painters,,
ere aro loud materials.
dIE two combined on a pood surface
? make a good job of painting.
To look ai a painter yum can't tell
wbetlior lie is honest 01 not. To
look at painting materiala ymi
can't tell whether they are good
or not.
ye, aller all, it is the work of tho
painter thal luis stood tho ten that
proves his honesty and aMlity, and
it is the job that has been in tie
weather that proves the quality of
the materials used.
I am in the painting business and
have been for several years, amt
my work throuffhout the county ia
an index to my ability as a work?
man. Addi eta rn* for estimates on
Monterey, Va,
. H. Slaven &So:
1 grades ol' Burial Outfit
ered on short notice,
oe stock of chairs v'n:ing
e.-', Bed Rooni Suits aa
op mide work 03 bud ai
r, Corue and icc ok

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