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Highland recorder. (Monterey, Highland County, Va.) 1877-1972, September 07, 1900, Image 3

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Highland Reckod:
,gaa?a?a?aaaaasasa?asas?aass M
jBricf Items of Interest to H
Folks About Their Frieu
And Acquaintances.
Mr Orndorff says bis McKi
ibadges are slow sale.
Miss Sudie .Stephenson
?makes her home at. Staunto
visiting her brother L. H. Step
son Esq. Miss Mattie Camp be
.also a guest of Mr. Stephenson
Mr. S G Dever and wife of
i'Gap were in town recently.
Mr C 'J Burns of Valley Ce
,called last week and renewed
Mr and Mrs Coe Beverage,
.and Mrs Edward Beyerage and
R W Lightner spent Sunday \
friends in this neighborhood.
Miss Lucy Arbogast who I]
fthe summer here, left on Wed
day for Baltimore to prepare
<the fall season in millinery.
.Mr Arthur Noel of Green B
?returned this way from a trip
Visit the wonderful Root
Herb Doctor now.located at Moi
rey with Natures Remedy Co. C
aultation and advice free. He rt
your dispase without asking s
Wanted?At once, a good <
jenter, one experienced in sa>h i
door making preferred. Apply
>VV A Bussard, Monterey, Va.
Messrs H ll Pullin and A I
Davis of the east side were in to
Miss Ella Craig, having co
pleted her vacation, left on Mom
for her home at Charleston, i:
was accompanied as far as Stat
afotl by Mr and Mrs S B Sieg a
little daughter Frances.
A beautiful line of tablets a
box paper, ruled and unruled
Mr Tobe McClintic spent Sund
with Monterey friends.
Mr Otho Gum and daughter
Meadow Dale were over the first
.the week.
The children's service, hii all-d
meeting, held at Straight Cre
church Sunday was largely atter
ed and much enjoyed. Key. J
TiMery, we are told, preached
.excellent sermon on the occasi(
Off to school they go, the liig
land boys and girls. Those
.have heard of going this week ai
Frank Wilson and Miss May Slav
to Dunsmore's; C. S. McNulty
Washington and Lee; Miss Jaime
Stephenson to Mary Baldwin Sen
nary; Homer Stephenson tu Pa?
Academy. Miss Lizzie Brock to I
Dr Sagmore's Botanic Oil a litt
Doctor in the house, you shou
have a bottle.
We would suggest that the ne:
Sunday school convention be bel
under canvass, camp-meeting fasl
ion, in order that the large crowe
;that now attend them may be ai
commodated. A can yass to hoi
1,000 persons should be providec
Mrs. Davis Peterson is spendin
this week with her friend, Mis
Annie Walker, at Luray, Va.
On account of the S. S. Conver
tion Mr. W A Cunningham did dc
make a sale of his lot in Crabbol
tom, on the date advertised, bu
will sell the property publicly 01
Saturday, Sept. loth. Terms, on
third cash, balance in one and twi
Mr and Mrs P D Arbogast ar
visiting Monterey relatiyes.
B H Hansel Sup*, held his secom
?xamination here Wednesday.
Miss Sallie Stephenson returnei
from the Valley Wednesday.
Highland Lodge No. 110 wil
|eet Friday night.
golden eagle, which is a ran
?cimen of that noble bird, ns i
the hands of the taxidermist
be seen in Mr E H McClintic'*
!3 at this place. It was killer
ath county by his brother, and
lures seven feet from tip to tip
H H Jones cf Doe Hill h
[ga serious time with typhoid
He has several cases in his
te and it seems to make its
mee in that neighborhood
B Stevens, of Baltimore,
che W. F..M. S., will de
missionary addresses at
ill next Sunday at 3 p. m.
[ightown at 8 p. m. The
invited and they are as
,rare treat.
H P Barnes, P. C.
lore's Cream dentririce
tooth health?contains
rik?try it.
.spell jt cough, coff,
[kaff, kough or katich,
^armless reniedv that
it is One Minnie
[Trimble & Lunsford.
n, is
ll is
Dr. J M Cunningham of Mar?
lston was successfully operated
upon on the 29th ult. at George?
town University Hospital, Wash?
ington, D. C., the operation being
made necessary on account of a
severe attack of quinsy, and was a
yery dangerous one. The Dr.'s
many friends here will be glad to
learn that he is now out of danger
and will soon be able to return to
his practice.
Dr Sagamore's Herbal Salve
quickly cures cuts, burns, bruises,
old and running sores, also a sure
corn cure.
Rev. W W Colley, the African
missionary will hold a meeting
Sept. 8th to 13th in Seyhert's grove,
one mile north of Hightown.
Mr Ellis Williams of Valley
Center made a business trip to
t>wn the first, of the week.
Several ministers from the Val?
ley pawed through town Tuesday
on their way to attend a meeting
i to
mitti | ?f Lexington Presbytery, at Bever?
ly, W. Va. On the same day the
following persons from Monterey
started for the same place to attend
the meeting: Rev John Ruff and
daughter Mi*s Libbie Ruff, Messrs
John Trimble, CT Fleisher, G VV
Hevener, Mrs I H Trimble and
daughter Mijss Maude Trimble and
Miss Ida Zirkle.
Mr and Mrs W B Wade of Arm
i strong,Bath county, passed through
town Tuesday on their way to
Back Creek to visit relatives.
The mill and company office and
about 10,000,000 feet ot lumber,
property of Otto creek Boom and
Lumber co., at Hambleton. W. Va.
11 was destroyed by fire on Sep. 1st.
. 'and 500 hands were thrown out of
j employment. Among them was
Mr. Ray Wilson who lias returned
Sam Dock's great Keystone
Shows and Monster Trained Animal
Exhibit will show here Thursday,
at 2
. ! Sep. 13. Two performances?t
a^ p. ra. and 8 p. m. Admission.
>ne : Adults 25 cents and children under
in- 10 years, 10 cents.
nd j Mr i n 1 Mrs W R Pallin of Mill
; G*p spnnt sometime in Monterey
nd | Monday.
at; Mrs Alvira Woods of Meadow
Dale spent a part of the week at
the booie of W P Campbell Esq.
Mr. Tom Hamilton was called to
Monterey Monday, his presence be?
ing necessary here in the taking of
depositions in his suit with the
estate of David Snyder, dee'd. The
taj I deposition of Mr W ll Williams
ck was taken.
'd-| Dr Sagamore's Vegatable Worm
lr. Wafers quickly removes all para
sites from the system, pleasant to
give the children.
It was just Mr Ordinary Every?
day Hugh Hannah of Augusta
county, who bought the Stribling
Springs property instead of Mr,
Mark Wonderful and Great Haunt1,
as reported by the Augusta County
Argus of last week, and for the
error we consider that the ordinary
Mr Hannah has a right to recover
damages from the Argus.
Wanego is not a trashy patent
Medicine bit a high class yegata
ble compound.
Mr. Editor:
Will you kindly say that on ac?
count of tile Church at Green Hill
being occupied by an M. E. Church
service, we can have no preach?
ing there on next Sunday.
J R Tillery,
Pastor M E Church, Sooth,
,sl Anyone suffering with a tape
J worm can have it removed free of
[cost. Call on the wonderful Dr
with Natures Remedy Co.
The emergency bags sent by a
church society to Kansas soldiers
in the Philippines contained among
the necessities a box of De Witt's
Witch Hazel Salve, the well known \\
cure for piles, injuries and skin
diseases. The ladies took care to
obtain the original DtWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve knowing that all the
counterfeits are worthless. Trimble
and Lunsford.
The Graduates of the University
College of Medicine of Richmond,
advertisement of which has been
running for several issues in this
5 [taper, have, again this year, made
the highest record before four State
Examining Boards.
A Woid to Mothers.
Mothers of children affected with
croup or a severe cold need not
hesitate to administer Chamber?
lain's Cough Remedy. It contains
no opiate nor narcotic in any form
and may be given as confidently to
the babe as to au adult. The great
success that has attended its use in
the treatment of colds and croup
has WOO for it the approval and
praise it has received throughout
the United States and in many j
foreign lands. For sale bv J. A.j^h
Whitelaw. Monterey. H. Pl Colaw his
Crabbottom. J. M. Jones, Doe |sec
Hill. S.C, Slaven Meadow Dale
rel i
The personnel of the Nature's
Remedy Co., now exhibiting at
Monterey, is: M E Staunton, M. I).
Ph. D., j H Rohan, J T crowley,
Dan Regan, chief Split Moon and
Miss Kate. The young Miss Kare
will be delighted to meet any of
the sociably inclined young men
of the town. \ ant
? rawbottom ^ews.
Some ot our farmers have eora
menced cutting up corn and prepar
ing the soil for a large wheat crop
Mr, Leonard Hammer has los
eight hard of cattle on the Ell
mountain reeenly, from 9ome cause
or other.
We understand through our pas?
tor that the moveni' nt to build n
Union Church in Crabbottom which
we spoke of some time ago has been
reconsidered by said pastor and
dropped, at lest for the present.
Miss Ethel Dear of Parson, W.
Va., is visiting friends and rel; t:\es
here. Wish her a pleasant time
with us.
Mr Roy Waggoner and his sister
Mabel, has gone to Grant to spend
a week or so with friends.
Miss Emma McNiel is visitjng
her sister Mrs Jacob Hevener of
this place.
Mr Elza Fit/water and family
of Ohio are here visiting friends
and relatives.
Miss Annie B.Calhonn of Chc'es
ville while here attending the
Sunday school convention, took
sick and was seriously ill for a few
days. She is thought to be bette*
Dr Bucher is spending a few
days with his daughter, Mrs E J
Jones of New Hampden.
Mr Harrison Teeter and family
expect to move to the far west in
a few days.
The Sunday School Convention
was surely a great success. It has
come and gone, but our people feel
real sad to separate so soon from
those dear friends, whose presence
we richly enjoyed.
The good preaching, and fine ad?
dresses were greatly to be appreciat?
ed, and every christian and Sunday
school worker wiil remember the
convention was for their special
bf nefit. We were specially favor?
ed with the presence of able clergy?
men from a distance, and extend
our many thanks to them. We
had the largest crowd ever gather?
ed in our little valley at one time.
The report of the secretary will
give a faint idea of what was go?
ing on during the convention.
Several of our country boys will
leave for school next week. Hope
thev will have a pleasant and prof?
itable term this year.
Mr. John Hevener has his force
of hands working on the new ten?
ant house at poor farm this week.
Large sun spotn, astronomers say.
caused the extreme heat this sum?
mer, and doctors declare nearly all
the prostrations were induced bv
disorders of the stomach. Good
health follows good digestion.
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests what
you eat. If you have indigestion
jr dyspepsia it will quickly relieve
ind permanently cure you. Trim?
ble and Lunsford.
The Wi.ird Plow has proved to
ae the best for this country. You
?an get them at J A Whitelaw's.
R & G Corsets for sale f.t V I
Bishop's from 50 to $1.25.
The progressive nations of the
vorld are the great food consutu?
ng nations. Good food well di
rested giyes strength. If von can
lot digest all you eat, you need
Codol Dyspepsia Cure. It digests
rbat you eat. You need not dirt
ourself. It contains all of the
igestants combined wi*h the best
nowt! tonics and reconstructive-.
t will even digest all classes of
oods in a bottle. No other prepa?
rion will do this. It instantly
elieves and quickly cures all
tomaeh troubles. Trimble and
Our saies in shoes, for ladies,
;entlemen and children, has been j ;
nprecedented this season. We J J
new the trade demanded and ': \
?ould appreciate late styles and J
igh grades in foot ware. We now | '
firry a stock of this kind and our j
ustoniers appreciate it as is shown !
rom our sales in this line. J. A. I
Vhitelaw. j j
Bickford and Huffman Drill. ,
The only drill sold in the county
Karate it is suited to our lauds in
'ery particular. When you sow
ith a Bickford and Huffman you
e sure of a crop. Don't run any
sk by sowing broadcast. If you j
anta drill call on W. A.Cun-j
ngham, Agent. 2t. i
As usully treated a sprain will|
sable the injured person for three
four weeks, but ifChnmberlain's
tin Balm is freely applied a coin
tfte cure may be effected in a
ry few days. Pain Balm also cures
eumatism. cuts.bruises and burns,
ir sale by J A Whitelaw,Monterey;
E. Colaw, Crabbottom; ,1.
Jones, Doe Hill: S. C. Slaven,
batlow Dale.
Endured Death's Agonies. t'.
)uly a roaring fire enabled J AI Gar- g>
Ison, of San Antonia, Tex., to lie ? '?
vn when attacked hy Asthma, from
leta he suffered for years. He writes ni.
misery was often" so great that it 4t!
med he endured the agonies of death; n
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
lption wholly cured him. This m\rvc
s medicine is the only known cure
Asthma as weil as Consumption,
ighs and ('olds, and all throat, chest
I lung troubles. Price 50c and $1.00. ,
iran teed. Trial bottles free at S J
son's drug store,
--.-,- a
>Witt's Little Early lasers are vic
?nipt, palatable, pleasant, power-)
. purifying little pills. Trimble!
1 Lunsford. i n
Sell our Shoes
Squarely on
their Meri,
8*3T'Tliey fit well, they wear wei
you will do well to buy them,
because I will help you
to save your money,
in foot apparel.
the shoe iMi^asr
21 Wa Mainstreet - Staunton, Va
Ths Dunsmors Business College,
Institute of Shorthand and Typewriting",
Staunton, Va.
IJegins its 29th Session, Sept. 4th, 1900.
Do you want to prepare yourself thoroughly to meet the emergen?
cies of the times? Do you want to learn the following practical and
useful branches? Hook-keeping, Commercial Arithmetic, Commercial
Law, Banking, Wholesale and Retail Mercantile Business, Joint Stock
and Corporation Business, Penmanship, Stenography, Typewriting and
Commercial Paper. Do von wanta good paying position? If so, ar?
range to enroll yourself at the Dunsmore Business College. Sept. 4th,
ISO Students enrolled session just closed. For further particular, cata?
logue and circulars address, J. G. DUNSMORE, President. 2m
West Central Academy.
A safe and substantial school for both sexes; separate buildings.
Convenient To Highland People.
A Faculty of Experience. Scholarship and Culture from U. of Va.,
VV. and Lee [J., Peabody Conservatory of Baltimore, etc.
Endorsed by Colleges and Universities.
Literary, Music, and Commercial Studies; Parental care; good ac?
commodations; scholarship given.
Expenses, $100 to $105.
Write to I. S. WAMPLER, Principal,
Mt. Clinton, Rockingham Co., Va.
Rockingham Military Institute,
Boys Prepared for Rdanced Classes in Callege,
Careful attention given to intellectual and moral culture, health
and discipline.
The developement of the boy into a useful citizen and Christian
gentleman is the aim of the Institution.
Five competent instructors. The Principal has had 18 years' expe?
rience: the matron ll years.
for board, furnished room, fuel, light, washing, uniform and tuition
Opens September 12th, 1900. For further information address
Capt. F. A. BYERLY, Prin,
Mt. Crawford, Va.
Founded 1870.
Chartered 1877.
A Thorough, Practical School for Both Sexes.
Dayton, Rockingham Co., Virginia.
DEPARTMENTS:?Literary, Commercial, Music, Art.
LITERARY COURSES:-English. Scientific, Classic.
Special course for teachers. Musicial advantages uuexeelled in the
ninth. Write for catalogue, and terms.
E. U. Hoexshf.l, Principal.
Prof. J. H. Ri ebush, Muscial Director.
Cut this ad. out and tend to us. State whether you wish drop head or up.
right, and we will send you our high-grade Akron Sewing Machine
by freight, C. O. D., subject to examination. Examine it at your nearest
freight or express office, and if found exactly aa represented here, equal to
Dther machines costing from I*o to foo,pay the (
other machines costing from 140 to foo, pay the agent oar
average 75 cts. for each 500 miles, less or greater distances in proportion.
Sive it 4 months' trial In your own home, and if it is not satisfactory,
return lt at our expense, and we will refund your money. This machine ls
?qua! to any standard high-grade sewing machine made, and any machine
told for less money must be made of inferior material. We manufacture la
targe quantities and sell only at a small advance of factory cost, which enables
:o offer you a strictly high-grade machine at a ridiculously low price.
DEM/AQE flt IMITATfiQ? Unknown concerns are continually offer.
OLIIMnC Ul lilli IHI UnOlkg'nfatlorraachtaesundervarious names
sith various inducements. Write to the Akron Saving! Bank or the Second
(rational Bank of Akron, Ohio, and they will tell you of our reliability.
10DEE'HED ?Ajfe^J^S?"5:
Jjlne, with the defects of none. Made right la our factory, by tho most skilled workmen and from the beat material mat
money can buy.
FiRflP flFxLf Pl DIL CT or?eTfn-<l?we?B<'? Top (your choice). Quar
UflUT ULOft UHDUlLI ter-sawed oak, plano polished. One Illustration
shows Box Top machine open ready fer use, the other our Drop Head machine
with the head dropped from sight, to be used as a center-fable or desk. Tho
upright or Box Top machine has six fancy drawers and one drawer for tools.
needles, etc. Drawers are latest tooo skeleton frame, carved, paneled, embossed
and decorated cabinet finish, fine nickeled drawer pulls, rests on four casters,
adjustable treadle, genuine Smyth Iron stand. The Drop Head has four fancy
drawers and one drawer for tools. Each machine has the finest high-arm
head, positive four-motion feed, self-threading vibrating shuttle, automatic bob?
bin winder, adjustable bearings, patent tension liberator, Improved loose wheel, Improved
adjustable pressure-foot. Improved shuttle carrier, patent areas guard, patent needle bar,
head ls handsomely decorated and ornamented and beautifully nickel trimmed. We
guarantee this machine to be the lightest running, most durable and nearest noiseless
machine made. Every attachment ls furnished free, together with a complete Instruc?
tion book, telling you how to do any kind of plain or fancy work. We issue a written,
binding guarantee with every machine. It will coat "ron nothing to see and exam?
ine this machine, compare lt with others selling for from $40 to {So, and If satisfactory,
pay the agent (16.95 ?nd charges. Send for circulars and full descriptions of sawing
machlaes and bicycles, manufactured by us. Order today. Address all orders to ?
The Akron Sawing Machine and Bicycle Co. aro tatUble.)-EdJtaf,
Preaching Appointments.
pt. 9th. Rehrboth ll a. m.
" Trinity 4 p. rn.
" Monterey 8p ra,
Rev J R Tillery.
Preaching in Monterey every 1st
libiitli at ll a.m., and at Pisgah
J.30 p.m;Pisgah every 3rd Sunday
ll a.m.,Monterey 7 30 p,m.;Crab
ttoni every 2nd Sabbath at ll a.
, Hightown 3.30 p.m.; Hightown
l Sabbath, Ila, m., Crabbottom
^.m. J no. Ruff.
Jud Sunday?Thornybottom ll
m., A>i?nry 3 p. m.
Jrd Sunday?Union Chapel ll a. i
and Green Hill 7.30 p. m.
tth Sunday?Wesley Chapel ll
m. and 3 p, nt. Communion Ser
e. H P Barnes, P. C.
Fresh from the factory? Cakes
1 crackers at Orndorff's.
Almost every body has some old
gold or silver articles that are worn
out or discaded and if you'll bring
it to us we will exchange what you
hdve for new aud desirable goods or
pay you cash for it.
Hring it to us any way and if you
are uot satisfied with the ofiVr you
will not be out anything and we
will only be out the few minutes it
takes to test it, which we wil1
gladly douate.
Switzer & (jrubert,
Jewelers and Opticians.
Phone 343.
No. 3 E. Main St., Staunton, Va. .
Style 20
Manufactured in Staunton, Va.
Write for catalogue and prices.
Walnut Lumber taken in exchangee
Staunton, Va.
jr* J
Staunton, Va. ?f
DEJL0_iE^S I2ST___??^ &$
? High Grade Furniture *
^-?w^^T LOW PEICE3.
Licensed Embalmer in charge.
''What Constitutes
the Best Paint."
The life and durability of any paint is Pure Lead, Pure
Linseed Oil and | ure colors properly blended and finely
ground together. ''Wilson Bros. Gloss White Lead" man?
ufactured for us by Jno, \V. Masury & Son is the purest
Lead on the market today.
It will cover one-third more surface than any other brand,
stand longer, gloss up prettier and will not crack or chalk
Willson Bros.,
Wholesale and Retail Druggist,
Staunton, Va.
Fine Dress Goods, Carpets
House Furnishings.
THE most UP-TO-DATE house in the valley. A first
class Dress Making Establishment, for the convenience of
our customers, on second floor. All mail or phone orders
receive prompt attention.
Phone No. 30 - Staunton, Va.
Hie Leading* Female Seminary In West
Collegiate, Academic and Preparatory Department*. Classical, Scien?
tific, Music and Art. Best of Fare Hot and Cold Baths.
Rooms Carpeted. Gives a Thorough Christian
Education. Skilled Specialists in Piano,
Voice, Organ, Violin. Mandolin,
Guitar, and Banjo.
ley. E. 0. 8nerrant, I). I)., of Kentueky.
"'A tjood Female School is a public Messing, ami among many nollie in?
stitutions I do not know a belter one than lue one presided over by Kev. J{.
L. Telford at Lewisburg, W. Va. lt is Christian, biblical, thorooaa and at?
tractive?mnkiu? not only finished scholars, but lovely Christian characters.
It is good enough to educate my own daughter, and 1 lake pleasure in recom?
mending it to my friends."
)r. J. M. Poy nts, of Richmond, Ky.
"Rarely indeed does one have thc opportunity of placing their daughters
in so good an institution of learning as the one presided over bv Kev ll. h.
Tolfnrri ar I ouMut,,,-., A?.,..,o,r I. k-.- I-1 -.
,,w... cv iMiinumr. .ivtijvuiy, ii, jjuo men yudu UHUUgll TOf mC. illy
daughter has been cared for as if she had beena DteaJfa of the family."
J. J. Kefaols. Esq., of West Virginia.
"I have be?n a patron of the Lewisburg Female Institute for the la>t six
years, and 1 believe that under the present management it is the very best
Female School in the two Firgiuias. If I had a dozen daughters I would
want them all educated there." ?
Rev. M. L. Lacy. I). D., pf West Virginia.
"I honestly believe it is the very best school of which I have any
Improvements?Seventeen Thousand Dollars expended dariog the
last six years in additions and improvements.
Send for Illustrated Catalogue.
REV. R. L. TELFORD, President, Lewisburg, W. Va.
Xottoway County, - - Blackstone, Va.
Hiiil' gnuie institution for hoys. Excellent equipment and tutus*
lion. Faculty of rive strong educators. Patronage from eleven States
i-:d Cuba last year. Enrollment 80. For 50 page illustrated catalogue
Col. E. B. Fishburne. Pl). 15., A. M? Principal.
Kev. T. P. EPES, D. D., Pastor.

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