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Now BontMeUhe Blues:
When a cheerful, brave and light-hearted woman is sud?
denly plunged into that perfection of misery, the blues, it is
a sad picture.
It is usually this way:
She has been feeling out of sorts for somo time, experi?
encing severe headache and backache; sleeps very poorly
and is exceedingly nervous.
Sometimes she is nearly overcome by faintness, dizzi?
ness, and palpitation of the heart; then that bearing-down
feeling is dreadfully wearing.
Her husband says, "Now, don't get the blues ! You will
be all right after you have taken the doctors medicine."
But she does not get ail right She grows worse day by
day, until all at once she realizes that a distressing female
complaint is established.
Her doctor has made a mistake.
She loses faith ; hope vanishes ; then comes the morbid,
melancholy, everlasting blues. She should have been told
?just what the trouble was, but probably she withheld some
information from the doctor, who, therefore, is unable to
accurately locate her particular illness.
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pair in my bael-, head, and right side, was very
nervous, would cry for hours. Menses would appear
sometimes in two weeks, then again not for three
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Impressing the Jury.
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?t the label.
Blue with Red
Centre Pantl.
Dr. Talmage Says dod Regulates the Ant
Hill as Well as the Human
Thc Most of Solomon's Writngs Have Gone
Out of fllrtllft .
ICopyrlt-ht ML1
Washington, D. ('.-In this discourse
Dr. Talmage draws his illustrations from a
realm seldom utilized for morai nnd relig?
ious purpose*; text. Proverb* Xi, 6-8: "Go
to the ant, thou sluggard. Consider her
ways and be wise, which, hiving no guide,
overseer or ruler, piovideth her meat in
the summer and gathereth her food in the
The most of Solomon's writings have
perished. They have gone out of exist?
ence as thoroughly U ihe twenty books of
Pliny sud most of the i *oks of Aeschylus
and Euripides nnd Yarro and Quintilian.
Solomon's Song and Ecclesiastes and
Proverb*, preserved by inspiration, are a
pniall part of his voluminous productions,
lie was a great scientist. One verse in the
Bible suggests that he was a botanist, a
zoologist, an ornithlologist, an ichthyolo?
gist and knew nil about reptilia. I Kings
iv, 33, "He spake of treec. from thc cedar
tree that is in Lebanon even unto the
hyssop that springeth out of the wal); he
spake alco of bca-.ts and of fowl and of
creeping things and of fishes." Besides all
these scientific works he composed 3000
proverbs and 1005 songs.
Although Solomon lived long before the
microscope was constructed lie was also
an insectologist, and watched and de?
scribes the spider build its suspension
bridge of silk from tree to tree, calline it
the spider's web, ana he notices its skilful
foothold in climbing the smooth wall of
the throneroom in Jerusalem, saying,
"The spider taketh hold with her hands
and is in kings' palaces." But he is espe?
cially interested in the ant, and recom?
mends its habits as worthy of study and
imitation, saying, "Go to the ant, thou
sluggard, consider her ways and be wise,
which, having no guide, overseer or ruler,
provideth her meat in the summer and
gathereth her food in the harvest."
But it was not until about 300 y-^rr ego,
when Jan Swammerdam, the son cf an
apothecary at Am6terdr.n, Holland, began
tne study of tho U1,t under powerful lens,
that *v.. i'uil force of Solomon's injunction
'^ns understood. The great Dutch scien?
tist in his examination of the insect in my
text discovered as great display of the
wisdom of God in its anatomy as astrono?
mers discover in the heavens, and was so
absorbed and wrought upon by the won?
ders he discovered in the ant and other
insects that body and mind gave way, and
he expired at forty-three years of age, a
martyr of the great science of insectology.
No one but God could have fashioned
the insect spoken of in the text or given
it such genius of instinct?its wisdom Cot
harvesting at the right time, its wonders
of antennae, by which it gathers food, and
of mandibles, which, instead of the mo?
tion of the human jaw up and down in
mastication, move from side to side; its
nervous system, its enlarging doors in hot
weather for more sweep of breeze, its
mode of attack and defense, closing the
gate at night against bandit invaders; its
purification of the earth for human resi?
dence, its social life, its republican gov?
ernment with the consent of the gov?
erned, its natural fidelities, the habit of
these creatures of gathering now and then
under the dome ot the ant hillock seem?
ingly in consultation and then departing
to execute their different missions.
But Solomon would not commend all the
habits of the ant, for some of them are as
bad as some of the habits of the human
race. Some of these small creatures are
desperadoes and murderers. Now and
then they marshal themselves into hosts
and inarch in straight line and come upou
an encampment of their own race and de?
stroy its occupants, except the young,
whom they carry into captivity, and if the
army come back without any such cap?
tives they are not permitted to enter, but
are sent forth to make more successful con?
quest. Solomon gives no commendation
to such sanguinary behavior among insects
any more than he would have commended
sanguinary behavior among men.
But what are the habits which Solomon
would enjoin when he says, "consider her
ways and be-wise?" First of all, provi?
dence, forethought, anticipation of coming
necessities. I am sorry to say these quali?
ties are not characteristic of all the ants.
These creatures of God are divided into
granivorous nnd carnivorous. The latter
are not frugal, but the former are frugal.
While the air is warm and moving about
is not hindered by ice or snow-bank, they
import their cargoes ot ioou. j.ney urun
in their caravan of provision; they haul in
their long train of wheat or com or oats.
The farmers are not more busy in July
and August in reaping their harvest. They
stack them away, they pile them up. They
question when they have enough. They
aggregate a sufficient amount to last them
until the next warm season. When winter
opens they are ready.
Blow ye wintry blasts! Hang your icicles
from the tree branches! Imbed all the
highways, under snowdrifts! Enough for
all the denizens of the hills. Hunger shut
out, and plenty sits within. God, who
feedeth every living thing, has blessed the
ant hill.
In contrast with that insectile behavior
what do you think of that large number of
prosperous men and women who live up
to every dollar that they make, raising
their families in luxurious habits and at
death expecting some kind friend to give
their daughters employment as music
teachers or typewriters or Government
employes? Such parents have no right to
children. Every neighborhood has speci?
mens of such improvidence. The two
words that most strike me in the text are
"summer" and "winter." Some people
have no summer in their lives. From the
rocking cradle to the still grave it is relent?
less January. Invalid infancy followed by
some crippling accident or dimness of eye?
sight or dullness of hearing or privation or
disaster or unfortunate environment makes
life a perpetual winter. But in most lives
there is a period of summer, although it
may be a short summer, and that is the
time to provide for the future.
One of the best wavs of insuring the fu?
ture is to put aside all you can for charit?
able provision. You put a crumbling stone
in the foundation of your fortune if you
do not iii your plaj*FZregard the sufferings
that you may alMf/Hr. You will have the
pledge of the higrWeavens for your tein
fioral welfare when you help the helpless,
or the promise is "Blessed is he that con?
sidered the poor; the Lord will deliver
him in time ot trouble."
Then there is another way of providing
for the future. If you have $1000 a year
income, save $100; or $2000 a year, save
$500; or $3000, save $1000. Do you say
such economy is meanness? I say it is a
vaster meanness for you to make no pro?
vision for the future and compel your
friends or the world to take care of you
or yours in case of bereavement or calam?
There are women who at the first in?
crease of their husband's resources wreck
all on an extravagant wardrobe. There
are men who at thc prospect of larger
prosperity build houses they will never be
able to pay for. There are people with
$4000 a year income who have not one dol?
lar laid up for a rainy day. It is a ghastly
dishonesty practiced on the next genera?
tion. Such men deserve bankruptcy and
impoverishment. In almost every man's
life there comes a winter of cold misfor?
tune. Prepare for it while you may.
Whose thermometer has not sometimes
stood below zero? What ship has never
been caught in a storm? What regiment
at the front never got into a battle? Have
at least as much foresight as the insectile
Examine the pantries of the ant hills '.i
this -weather, and you will find that last
summer's supply is not yet exhausted. Ex?
amine them next July* and you will find
them being replenished. "Go to the ant,
thou sluggard. Consider her ways and be
wise, which, having no guide, overseer or
ruler, provideth her meat in the summer
and gathereth her food in the harvest."
This ia no argument for miserliness.
Avarice and penuriousness destroy a man
about as soon as any of the other vices.
We have heard of those who entered their
iron money vault for business purposes,
and the door accidentally tlnxt, and they
were suffocated, their corpse not discov?
ered until the next day. But every day
and all up and down r.he street*' of our
iiUe.s there are men. bely, mind and squl,
forever fast tn their own rooney vaults;
Accumulation cf bonds, mortgages and
Government securities and town Tots and
big farms just for the pleasure of accumu?
lation is despicable, but the nutting aside
of a surplus for your self defense when
your brain has halted, or your right hand
lias forgotten its cunning, or your old age
needs a manservant, or for the support of
others when you can no more be a bread?
winner for your household?that is right,
that is beautiful, that is Christian, that is
divinely approved. That show.* that you
have taken" Solomon's ant hill for an ob?
ject lesson. Going out of this world with?
out leaving a dollar for those who remain
behind, if you have done your best, you
have a right to put your head in calm con?
fidence on the pillow which Jeremiah
shook up in the forty-ninth chapter of his
uroDhecy. "Leav?*tluj fatherless children.
1 wm preserve them alive, ana let tny
widows trust in Me."
But if, having the means, through mort?
gages or houses or life insurance for pro?
viding for helpless widowhood and or?
phanage, you make no provision foi* post
mortem need, how dare you go up and
take a palace in heaven and let your wife
and children go to the poorhouse or into a
struggle for bread that makes life a horror
and sometimes ends in suicide?
But my subject readies higher than tem?
poralities?foresight for the soul, provision
for eternal experiences, preparation for the
far beyond. Ant hills, speak out and teach
us a larger and mightier lesson of prepar?
ing food for the more important part cf
us! Lo you realize that a man may be a
millionaire or a multi-millionaire for time
and a bankrupt for eternity, a prince for
a few years and a pauper forever? The
ant would not be satisfied with gathering
enough food for half a winter or quarter
of a winter. But how many of us seem
content, though not having prepared for
the ten-millionth part of what will be our
Furthermore, go to the ant and con?
sider that it does not decline work because
it is insignificant. The fragment of seed it
hauls into its habitation may be so small
that the unaided eye cannot see it, but thc
insectile work goes on?the carpenter ant
at work above ground^ the rnas.o.-* sj/i iU
work under ground.. ?So'-iie of these creat?
ures mix f-h* 'e-wes of the fir and the cat
ki**-*. ?a the pine for the roof or wall of
their tiny abode, and others go out as
hunters looking for focd, while others in
domestic duties 6tay at home. Twenty
specks of the food they are moving toward
their granary, put upon a balance, would
hardly make the scales quiver. A!l of the
work is on a small scale. There is no usc
in our refusing a mission because it is in?
significant. Anything that God in His
providence puts before us to do is impor?
The needle has its office as certainly as
the telescope and the spade as a parlia?
mentarian scroll. You know what became
of the man in the parable of thc talents,
who buried the one talent instead of put?
ting it to practical and accumulative use.
His apology was of no avail.
When during the plague in London, at
the rick of his life and under the protest
of his friends, Rev. Thomas Vincent spent
his time preaching the gospel to the suf?
ferers and 68,506 people perished, seven
fatalities in the house where he lived, did
it just happen so that he came mrough un?
hurt? ^ In Fulton street prayer meeting.
New York, a young man rose and said: I
haye been an infidel fourteen years. I had
the prayers of a pious mother, but 1
spumed them. I have not seen her for
fifteen years. 1 suppose she has given me
up as lost. I don t know where to find
her, but I would like to tell her what the
Lord has done for me in aiuwer to her
earnest prayers." Did it just happen ao
that his mother was present and cried cut,
' vyh, my son, my son?" You know of the
glorious Christian work in Japan, but do
you know how it began? A New Testa?
ment was dropped from au English ship
in the harbor of Tokyo. Thc little book
came into the hands of a prominent Jap?
anese, who read it and was brought to
God, and immediately began to commend
Christ to thc people. Did all that merely
happen so? Tell that to those who do not
believe ethere is a God, but do not tell it
to at least a hundred of us who have had
in our own lives providential rescues ns
eu si ly proved as that we have ever lived
at all.
But wc live in times where there are so
many clashingg. There seems almost uni?
versal unrest. Large fortunes swallow up
small fortunes. Civilized nations trying to
gobble up barbaric nations. Upheaval of
creeds, and people who once believed
everything now believing nothing. The
old book that Moses began and St. John
ended bombarded from scientific observa?
tories and college class-rooms. Amid all
this disturbance and uncertainty that
which many good people need is not a
stimulus, out a seaauve, aim in my icu _
find it?divine observation and guidance
of minutest affairs. And nothing is to
God large or small, planet or ant hill, the
God who easily made the worlds employ?
ing His infinity in the wondrous construc?
tion of a spider's foot.
Before we leave this subject let us thank
God for those who were willing to endure
the fatigues and self sacrifices necessary
to make revelation of the natural world,
60 re-enforcing the Scriptures. If the mi?
croscope could speak, what a story it could
tell of hardship and poverty and suffering
and perseverance on the part of those who
employed it for important discovery. It
would tell of the blinded eyes of M.
Strauss, of the Hubers and of scores of
those who, after inspecting the minute ob?
jects of God's creation, staggered out from
their cabinets with vision destroyed. This
hour in many a professor's study the work
of putting eyesight on the altar of science
is going on. And what greater loss can
one suffer than the loss of eyesight unless
it be loss of reason? While the* telescope
is reaching further up and the microscope
is reaching further down, both are ex?
claiming: "There is a God, and He is in?
finitely wise and infinitely good! Worship
Him and worship Him forever!"
And now I bethink myself of the fact
that we are close to a season of the year
which will allow us to bc more out of
doors and to confront the lessons of the
natural world, and there arc voices that
seem to say, "Go to the ant; go to the
bird; go to the flowers; go to the fields;
go to the waters." Listen to the cantatas
that drop from the gallery of the tree tops.
Notice in the path where you walk the les?
sons of industry and divine guidance.
Make natural religion a commentary on
revealed religion. Put the glow of sun?
rise and sunset into your spiritual expe?
riences. Let every star speak of the morn?
ing star of the Redeemer and every aro?
matic bloom make you think of Him who
'is the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the
'Valley, and every overhanging cliff remind
you of tbe rock of ages, and every morning
suggest the "day spring from on high,
which giveth light to those who arc in
darkness," and even the little hillock built
bv the roadside or in the fields remind you
>ot the wisdom of imitating in temporal
'and spiritual things the insectile for\
'thought, "which, having no guide, over?
seer or ruler, provideth her meat in the
jsummer and gathereth her food in the har?
newsy'cleanings. .
Porto Rico has 953,243 people.
Gunin has a population of 8501.
Vesuvius ls In active eruption.
Florida will continue to lease its con
victs to tho highest bidders.
The Kansas City (Mo.) Council has
abolished the dog-catcher.
A decree secularizing religious insti?
tutions has been promulgated in Por?
Cincinnati autoinobilists are agitat?
ing the construction of a boulevard
from laat oity to Cleveland, Ohio.
There will b? between 50,000 and
100,000 additional acres of land de?
voted to rice culture in tbe South this
| The census returns for Glasgow.
J Scotland, show a total population of
7G0.?'}29, an increase in the decade of
The census of Canada, now being
! taken, is expected to show a popula?
tion of 0,000,000, an increase of 1,107,
? OOO in ten years.
Delaware will be/the only State un?
represented in tbe/United States S.n
ate when thc l'ifilv-.seveuih Countess
meet* in DecemLoj.
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Appl trade mark ? :. TRACE |
every bottle. " 4
_r\_^_f\ *tm i*m t,_-._*m_4r tam um t_*m - *? ___m. __*mn.
'NewRivai," "Leader/9and "Repeater" [
Insist upon having them, take no others and you will get the best shelis that money can buy.
*>' /'y'V'f T' W< f lyiyifiyiyiyiyiyniififiyififnifiyiyiyifi ?'??fif'f'f
$3 & $3.50 SHOES ra
The re-,1 worth of my p.i.no and fri.*-0 shoes compared with
other makes ls g4.no to WM. My fUM ('Ht Edge Line cannot be
C'iualle<l at any price. Best In tho world for men.
I make and nell moro mn', linc aim. ?. Goodyear
?\Velt f lliind-*i**wed I'nicMn). i lin ii tiny ol her nmniifac*
t uri-1- in the world. I will pay SI,OOO to any one who can
prove that my -u;i.eiiivnt la not true.
isigi.iiit Vt*. J., nongra*.
Tait** no a?ib*tHnte! Insist on having W. I,. Douglas shoes
with naii.e and price stamped on bottom. Your dealer should
keep them ; I ir've one dealer exclusive sale In each town. If
he does not ke<p them and will not Ret them for yow, order
direct frrrn tartary, endo'iug price and 2V. extra for carriaie.
Over l,0na.iX-fi satisfied wearers. Ne-v '-""?iiii- <atal"ir free,
tautCnior f*-*!^. ? h ?-'...i^iT. W I. flOUGLA**, Proriton, Mass.
*50. 00 B*-blat'<, willi thr d.r.-U ot ann.. For years w
lat aul aud rtli.ro itu. *<:,
? ratio* ?o. JBSI.. ka* m.
will (tad too thll S>w, Ia.
prui?u, 111(1* Cr? >, Ml..-'i
ira, Vroullr.d, Flta-Draarr, Otk f ?..lr.?i. go-year rii.M?t--d PordJrk II
K-wlnj Il.rl.in* br frrlrht C. O. P., SUIJECf TO tXAMIIIATI.H. ?? ?
can examine it at your freight depot, abd If found perfectly ?atls
fa.*tory,.*xttUy ?* ropresentnl, sarona ? atrklar** rog (?? kay rb.whtrv
*: (20.00 tot IO.OO, 1 UK MOST WuMlEKH I BlUCllV EVI.1 IO AUD Ol,
(:*t the freight agent our SPECIAL OFFER ''RIC*' 612.85 and freight
charges. l'8K THK MK MIN:: THUrK aovrilS uTTOl KOW* HOBK and we will
keith:*- yoi;a money any day yoi- abb sot hatisfied.
I* r.-rallj laprond, toabla?*
bnt t. ?iu. .. of I&O.00 **a
p have staked our reputa*
tion on our SUROICK SEWI**-) MACHINF; we'now offer lt for the flrat time for
only $12,83. fae Burdlck II ls b-iiit ea honor from rery best materials.
Hos pcsitlvB four motion feed, self threading vi
bratlnr? shuttle,antommie bobbin winder, adjust?
able bearings, patent tension liberator. Improve*.
loose wheel and shuttle carrier, adjustable, pres
^"jer foot, patcntdress guard, beautiful nickel trimming", newest
style handsomely carved beautifully flnlahed ?olld oak Die.
drawerdrop bead cabinet. V?K Y LIUIIT JU NNING, arsrly noii-!.-..
AT <ilO QK we furnish the |UR0!CI H pompleto with 1 cloth guiue, 1
i III iM'.iOv q-illter. 8 screwdrivers, 8 bobbins, 1 parkaeoof :iecdles,oil
" can ard lox ruction Bork whlcb makes ererytiling to (ile in that even a child
can operate the machine. For IS erat. "Ira, orlis.co. wc- furnish In addition
to above a complete set of HIQHEST ORADI FOOT ATTACHH'IITS packed in metal
box, including 1 ruffler, 1 shirring plate, l tucker, 1 underbr?:der, 1 binder, I short
foot and set of hemmers, different widths up to S of an inch. In ordering-, say T
If yon want these extra foot attachment* at lt. cent* additional.
irM. ic jli-? jon .a lil**
1 vou git ""?*
OUt FREE SENINQ'MACniHE CATAlOflUE. We are the largest rowing machine dealer* in U? world and coaraniy
ptx^ra^iffrfeS'K AdU"*" SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., CHICAGO,* IU.
i ;:
From Monday to Saturday?at every
turn in the kitchen work?a Wickless
Blue Flame Oil Stove will save labor
time and expense?and keep the cook
comfortable. No bulky fuel to prepare
or carry, no waiting for thc fire to come
up or die down; a fraction of the expense
of the ordinary stove. A
OH Stove
will boil, bake, broil or fry better than a
coal stove. It is safe and cleanly?can
not become greasy, can not emit any
odor. Made in several sizes, from one
burner to five. If your dealer does not
have them, write to nearest agency of
"Geed Thing For AI! Folks At Home."
(Written to the Music of thc "Suwanee River.")
Where'er you go throughout this nation
North, south, east, west
There'* people drinking LION COFFEE?
Brand that is surely best.
All the world loves LION COFFEE,
W'heresce'er you roam,
Old and you.-ig admire its who'.esome flavor
Good thing fdr a'.l folks at homet
Just try a package cf LION COFFEE
and you will understand thc reason of its
LION COFFEE is now used ia mil?
lions of homes.
LION COFFEE hs- not any glazing,
Nor any coat. '
Cut it has.got a strength amazing
And it will health promote.
All the world loves LION COFFEE,
Wheresoe'er you roam, ?*??
Sweet and fragrant is its fine aroma
Good thing for ali l'oiks at home!
LION COFFEE is in one-pound package,
Sold in the bcaa,
Lion head is seen on ev'ry wrapper
Premium List is inside seen.
Ail the world loves LION COFFEE,
Wheresoe'er you 10am,
And the presents that are given with it
Good things for every horne!
Ia every package of LION COFFEE you will find a fully illustrated and descriptive list.' No housekeeper, in
fact, no woman, man, boy or girl will fail to lind in the list some article which will contribute to their happiness,
comfort and convenience, and which they may have by simply cutting out a certain number of Lion Heads from
li*.o wrappers of our one pound sealed packages (which is the only form in which this excellent coffee is sold).
woo? jon s:*rcc co.. toledo, ohio.
?Hiri'i irmi. I ii ' h a ??

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