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"Tyy-\i . nn? ?'ir?-*f_?fli_i_rrtts..i r m_?. m-j
I erm?, *>1.(JH a Year in Advance.
I??uf<1 ert-rv Friary cvcninclrv
finteie.d nt thi Monterey postonicc a?
tecoon class matter.
Monterey, Va, Friday, Ang 61, IDOL
A Duty of dchool Boards.
As Hie linn- is approaching when
School * b? ards Wi 1 agni ri arv.r.
>teachers tb tin* various school* oj
Our count}*. Bud enter into contract
' with them for another five nionl hs,
'there is one clihise usually i'i the
contracts willi teachers to whii li 1
' would I ike'to (::ill the attention of
our (?bool boartl'i. lt ia this: "It
'is -lrther agreed that the fir? ? hall
?'be intuit', or caused tn he mad- Hud
'the floor siiall regularly be swept,
1 Or caused to be swepl by th
As to fitts clause the majority of
the ttMcli'M's impose liii> task ap ni
their pupils,' especially the sweep?
ing and this ls one thing,] think.
to which the school officers tis well
as tin* parent?i should object.
; There ia nothing more harmful
and detrimental tu the health, hud
; especial)*? is this true af young giris
of delicate health, than to sweep a
floor, a ntl one especially aa dusty
tts the floor or a scho d room, and
' thustiil their lungs with dust which
'Sets them to coughing and of which
they cannot get rid until they are
again required to repeat the same
As ti teacher of long cxperieme
I have long ago adopted the plan
of hiring some one, nn elderly per?
son if I cnn secure their services
who resiles near the school build?
ing.to build Brea eat h morning half
au' hour before the school is
opened, that the school building
may be comfortable for all the
children, and that my work might
Le taken up and carried o i wit li?
on t being interrupted !.y the child
ren crowding about the stove.
I also have this person to sweep
the school room each evening after
school?have the sweeping done
each evening that we may not be
?bothered by sny dust in the morn?
' If there is no one living near the
school building that I can hire, 1
have always succeeded in hiring
one of the boys?nimarry a mg
healthy fellow who lives ne;ir
enough to attend to it promptly,
for which services, I p.iv, out of
my own pocket, 25 or 50 cents per
There are many faults laid at
our doors as teachers by the par?
ents, but as I occupy the positii n
of both teacher and parent 1 trust
1" can see clearly < n both sides, and
I must say that if a teacher should
require my daughter to sweep the
"school room once or twice each
week, I should protest, and would
even carry my case before the school
hoard, and if I could get no redress
there I should keep my child at
\ trust all the school board* of
our county will feel it their duty to
Incorporate in their contracts with
?teachers this nnd all succeeding
years, a clause prohibiting them
from imposing these tasks, espec?
ially the sweeping, upon their pu?
If the teachers don't care fo do
this work themselves let them hire
some one else to do it.
I hope the school children when
asked by their teachers to perform
these tasks, especially the sweeping
?will mark this article with a blue
pencil and ham! it to him to read.
A J5ill ol' Injunction Filed.
A bill of injunction by the Ches-1
apeak Western Railway Co. against!
Lil Stephenson, to rest raj u bim
from preventing the engineer corps
d{ said Company from making sui--!
?veys through his hind near Van?
derpool Gap, has been filed in tin*'
"Circuit Court Clerk's office, of
Highland count;-, by the I'ompai y's'
attorneys ll S Turk and U h li;
j dmitiistrator's .Sale.
On Aug. 20, al Ihe late residence
of Janies Wright dee'd. on Uullpas
tui-p, I will sell publicly all the
personalty of said decedent, consist?
ing of stoek. farming imple.nts, j
household and kitchen furniture,
binders _c.
t.d.s. J. Ed Arbogast, AdutV.
i -???
District Conference.
The undersigned, committee on
entertainment reguests that till
delegates aud alternates lo the
District Conference, which metis
at Monterey on the -!>t iustant,
who expect to be present, .send their
names in at once.
it W. P. Campbell, )
C. W. Trimble, [ Com.
ii* F. Slave i. \
? _?_*. _> upMpaj _____ __?_-? **_?ibii*hmm
Caldwell Si.os Compel
No, 7 Masonic Tem plo
ZM__r_.i__ Ot^z>___-U3
tajtaaJ ccurUo_s aib&n _ _I_
Com'rs Sale of Valuabio LanJ.
lu pursuance ol' a dei ree (d' tlie
Circuit Court id' Hightail 1 county
rendered tit !he May term 1901, in
the thy. cause of Wirt C. Ward v.?j
Harmon Snyder, I will as com r,
therein named, on
Thursday. Auoust 22, 1901.
(couti! v court da>) offer fir Bale at
publiti auction, i:i front ol' the
court house ot' said county, a traci
? ?;' laud containing 2215 acres, si!
nate on the West Side ti Back
Creek, i'i Highland county, near
the 1 ase of Middle mountain, ad
j. ining the lauds of Jacob V\
Heyener, M. Harvy Hull and otb*
ers. This is valuable I't'-r the tim?
ber thereon.
Terms:- Enough cash itt hand
tu pay lite costs of thi-- suit ate'
tiie costs of sale and for lite residue
the purchaser will be required ti
give bonds with good security pay?
able in .-ix and twelve mouth;,
ing interest from day of sile ant
Ihe legal title to be retained as ul
ti ni ate security.
L. ll. Stephenson, OoinY.
I, .1. C. Matheny, clerk of Cir?
cuit court oi Highland county, d<
hereby certify that L. II. Stephen
non Com'r luis executed Hie bout
repuired by the above decree.
H. J. C. Matheny, clerk.
-?- , BJ ?- _____
A Very Sad Oczurrcn.
On Tuesday near the noon hom
the citizens of Due 11:11 and com?
munity were greatly shocked l>\
one of the sadest events that eyei
happened in that neighborhood
It was the discovery of the dead
I body of Hezekiah _ Wilson, a pron
j incut and substantial resident ol
that section, iu a pasture field not
< far from los home, which is locat
I ed about one and a half miles from
j the village.
Monday morning, soon aftei
I breakfast, Mr \\ ilson started out
from his limn", carrying his ^un
| remarking to a member of his t'am
j i'v that he was going to kill a hawk
Night come and Mr Wilson had
! not returned, but his family was
j not alarmed, thinking he had goni
I to a neighbor's to spend the night,
j but on Tuesday morning when lu
j ditl ind, return, the family became
I alarmed and a search was immedi?
ately instituted, in which many ol
tlie neighbors took parti About
noon, as above stated, the object ol
Cue search waa discovered and a?
many feared, the worst bad lmp
j pened, for a gust ly sight, one (hat
the searchers will long remember
| they were called to witness,?the
lifeless body of Mr Wilson lying
face downward on die ground, with
?ti bullet hole through his betid.
Circumstances scowed that thc
tte! had occurred not long after Mi
| Wilson left his home the day before.
j Blood stains-showed that when the
gun, which was a.small rifle, witti
discharged, that Mr Wilson was
leaning against a rail fence willi
I the muzzle of the gun in his mouth.
Thc course of tbe bullet was back?
ward and slight!*, downward, leav?
ing the betid near the base of the
skull and not touching the brain.
His hat was found on tbe fence
where be btul placed it. Death did
not result Instantly as it was shown
that be had moved several times,
and tbe body was found six oreight
steps from ti.e fen< e.
The jury summoned by acting*
ct roner S C Kaglc decided tbat Mr
Wilson's death was duo to an aol
of in's own hands.
Mr Wilson's tige was 56 years
aud 10 months. Until fourorfiye
years Hgo be lead jin active and use?
ful life, but tit that lime he com?
menced leading ti retired life, not
mingling with bis neighbors, and
seemed to have a great burden on
Ins mind. Many of bis actions
showed that his mind was slightly
lie leaves a wife and six children
foe.r of whom ure in the West. A
singh; daughter, Virginia, is tit
home, and a married daughter, Mri
?John Hiner, lives in tbe neighbor"
It is sad indeed, ;,iwV those bereft
have the sympathy fof the entire
??^?R*irap_?__*j__??b.*___? (m
Bank Statement.
f^ E-PORT of iii- condition of tl e
. **' Lyni liiiur-* Ti'u-t nnd lavingsBank,
al i.viv Mm;;. in the Commonwealth
of \ ii'inifi, al the eh)?! of !m-ii"--.
July !~>th, 1901, marie lo thc Aiulltor
of Public Recounts of Ihe Common?
wealth ol' ytrplnln i
Loans and dlKConnts.$911,1?! >4
Oilier stocks, ti inda and mo_
pn-rcs. ! J.0.1II M
n rrom National Banks. 19,7*- :>>! ;
Due from State Banks and hank
era . Lyft'! 51;
Ranking House. U5Q0 00j
Fin nit ni"! and Fixture'. i,-11 :*.."
(airrenl exp?*ji??! tietl laxospahl 161 03
(hooka and oilier cash itt ms .. 1)03 88
?"perle, nickels and cents .. .. fl.307 06
I'aper Currcaey..... 31,305 00
Total .|1,000,012 31
C'apllnl ??ockpald in.$150.00000
Kiirnliw lund . 25.000 00
[Tndivide 1 oroflta . 10,3
Indi*, i Inal di posits snbjecl io
ol felt. 200.2?9 0:
Demand cctftificate*of dcpoi (' 573,973 03
C. t Red chec-ka. 4*09
Cashier's el eek outstanding... 1,204 13
Due lo National Banka. 19,0
Due io State Hanks and
Bonke-s. 1"?'''-''
Total.$1,009,912 21
State nf Virginia, t'iiyof Lynchburg, ss:
1. I) /. Payne, ?Je-Tetary and Treasur?
er of thc ni ore named bank, do solemnly
EwearlhaJ the a}?<>ve statemei t i-; true to
.the beal of my knowledge and belief
Secretary ann Tren urer
Sul-crilw il and --worn io before me thi
Silk day of Jnlv. 1601.
G_-NVll_ !?: R. LKWlS.Jr ,
iry Public.
Corvee! ?At! (? t.
.INO. 1) [jAN'-IOR-K, )
R. VV. CRRNSM v\V, Directors.
R. T. WATTS, \
- ni
ir_t_;_i52_i ?
Hi A reaHy heel'hy woman has lit- fi
lila pain or disoomlort ai thr. _
? menstrual period.
'.od at thc g
Ko woman
, needs to have any. Wine of
__dul will quickly relieve those
[smarting menstrual pains andi
fe tha -ragging head, hack and-SI
Pride aches caused by falling of|
tho womb and irrc?^_or menses.
i;S'4'_[vrj ?
-. -J _ _ to _ _a **_*.-_,_ _
J has brought permanent rcllaf to n
S 1,000,000 women who suffered 0
?) every month. It makes the men?
strual organs strong and healthy. j|
It is the provision made by Na
turo to give women relief from'
'tho tor-ril? u nohof and pallia which
blight go many homes.
(rmmarwooD. La., Oct. _, l_0.
I hart boen very si?k for some time. ;*
H I waa taken with a Borcre pain iu _y ?3
? tide and could not**- any relief until 3
fcj I tried a bottle of Wino ol Cardui. Po- U
' f0/3 ?_**d';,:cri *tH cf ? * WliS relif
I reel lt jay duty to say t_a*i you have a
?wonderlui uicd?ii-.c.
Mks. rt. A. Yoo.vr.
N Tor advice andlltv??Mire, ?rWr(?__ vlnggymn.
r?'?_ ^ ?ho !-? ?dies' AdvT*?irT>6i-ftT__1'*Tae
? C TtMMBOoga __l-_te Co., Cl??mooga. Tenn.
School Notice.
To the teachers nod patrons oX
Blue Gross School district-.
Take notice that Blue Grass
School board will meet at Sutton
School house, Va., on the 31st day
of August L901 for the purpose of
appointing teachers for the various
schools iu said district for the term
10ol and 1002, on or before which
time all applications accompanied
by the applicant- certificate mus!.
bc filed with the clerk ol' this hoard.
Ordered that this notice be pub
I lislied for three consecutive week i
jin the Highland Recorder.
II. II. Slaven,
elk. of Board.
Aug. 5, 1901. 8t
School Notice.
To the teachers and patrons of
Stonewall School district and all
persons concerned:
Take notice that Stonewall
School hoard will meet at McDow?
ell, Va ? on the 17ih day of Aug?
ust 1001. for the.purpose of ap?
pointing teachers for tbe various
! schools in said district for the term
1901 and 190'- On or before which
j tine all application-; accompanied
hythe applicant's certificate must
', be filed with the clerk of this hoard.
1 Notice is further given that the
said hoard will meet at McDowell.
; Va., on the 31st day of Angust 1901
j for the purpose of articling with all
teachers who have heen assigned to
; teach in said district.
The hoard earnestly ask the aid
and support of all patrons of schools
in the district, in procuring teach?
ers and the advancement of better
Behool facilities.
Ordered that this notice be pub-1
limed for three consecutive weeks
in the Highland Recorder.
J. L. Shumate,
Clerk of Hoard.
July 27, 19Cl.-8t.
Htibscribe For The
Recorder Today,
-.__?*_*?a?ra. ? .-?
Dr. Bull's Con/rh Syrup will eura i
Cough or Cold p-t once, i
Croup,WhOofl-itt-Cough ard Moasic
Couch without fell. I rutee
it. i/cctorg prescribe i ;.i
tin, Hoarseness, Qi
and Conmimptfon. : sick,
sure results. Price, 2 3 c' othe
dealer's subett-tte 5 lt i^ nd
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Dr. BalTa PH_ ctire C lv_
sYoabice. *>o _ Us, jo ? ? it?
>_??.?icg?<i-?oi. .ni sr. iv.<_^.-____y?_<_____r_
_3TJTI-_D_:i*ia LOTS
ITCO-J _________ AT
Bolar Springs, Balla Co,, Va.
Many parties have desired to buy
hnilding tote at th: corporate*] and
popular summer resort and haye
uniformly ho"?i denied a lot at utiy
price or hove been asked a price
uiireason,t?uy high. We have there?
fore decide;] In lay nut into rp tarter
;iere lots, a tra* t ol I'I acres aud
will sell these lots at reasonable
prices on eas\ terms.
This property Iii - wilhin ubi il
500 yards of the c ! ?brnti-d Hoi ?;
Spring and about 30 miles Morth
? 111 I ol' i!'>! Ill fl V' :i. Ul Sj I ill *S III
Bath Co., Va,and are the only lois
Lhat are new ami probably will be
on sal" for v. nr*j to c ?me at any
Illina like a reasonable price, ?.??ir]
from present indie itiosi i are sine
I) i.icrense rapidly in vain ?.
These 1 -is are desirable lo par
! ies v. ho may wish lo en cl t\
Boarding house, Livery Stable, ot
Store, and i ly to p irtins
wool 1 like to build n a tmni< r cot?
tage, aud spend a few w el ?
summer at this delightful place,
taking tneir meals at a b
house or boarding I beni se! \ _.
Parlies desiring to purchase ! its
can have farther and full informa?
tion by calling on or writing to I),
N.Bus-irdand.J H. Hums Bolar
Bath Co. Va., w ho have b e:i au?
thorized to bi ll and transfer any ol
thia property.
Very Respectfully,
_ Mrs. Lillie li. Bl ickwei _,
Staunton, Va.
8M Ktj Potato PLANTS
Large oild kim all or?
ders solicited.
J. B. Lackey,
Fish arid Oyster dealer,
No. I 8. Augustti
Staunton, Va.
Phone 107.
G_0 E. Sp_WA_._
Will be found ever L ? Dick?
enson & Co.'s Store.
In my shop on Wednesdays, Sat'
imlays nnd all public days. Gh?
in* a trial. Thaks for past favors
Jan. 21, 6mo
$000 TEABIY.
Men and women of good address
to represent us, some to travel ap?
pointing agents, .others for local
work looking lifter our intel
$900 salary puarauteed
extra commission..*] and exp
rapid advancement, old estal I
io.'.ire. (jrand chance for earnest
niau or woman to secure pl
permanent position, liberal in<
and future. New. brilliant lines
Write at once.
Sapporo Pri
!23 Church St., New Haven,' onn.
To Cure A Cold In Cns Day
Take Laxative Bit_ac Quinine Tsblets.
All d?u*g__ refund Lae money if it fali?
to cure. E. W. Qro\ ure na each
bor. 2oc.
a?r n. _______ ^m.;_ii__ai_M_^K-/___c_
Notice to Tcacliers and Patrons.
A meeting ol' the Monterey Dis?
trict school board will be held ii;
the office i?f tim clerk of the I
I in Monterey, Va on Saturday the
81*1 dav of August 1901 for the
purpose of appointing and eontrai t
I mg with teachers to teach Hie
'schools io this di&trict for five
! months during thi- ? ? bola itie year.
1 Applicants will be required to file
'their applications, with their cer?
tificates nod the wrilteu petitions
of the patrons, rn t less than five
days before said meeting, aith the
clerk of tlie hoard.
As (Many itohools as si itabh ni ii
acceptable Teachers can be f<
lor will beopened on Monday Se] f.
Wi'!, 1001.
As many of the remaining
schools as suitable and acceptable
teachers ian 1"* found for will he
open Monday Peby. IO, l_K)2.
Itv order of hoard.
St, C 0. Wilson, ell
TfVm _ f \i a mari'*.
-*. U Lil. .Cl i__ JLd V -: ...1 D
JU*-. _ ?_/_. V . .,- ||_|J_V'
Monterey, Virginia
! Lu k, Surrey and Bnggi*': nt reas- ?
unable price :.
Florae i bi mrdi I.
-? My personal ntl mlion given.
V\ \ rmD- Ai live men of j
lo del ? I
(I manufacturing wholesale
;9(?0 a ye_
any city.
?e. Minni,
. risird IV.- iihcrn bv
; . ft_0.
Stops the Cough ti
ti. il
? !,;i--- ;; : i.ino Tahk'l
i old in one tiny. !
L .jct '.
1 lari
i Having lea ted ! he Cunningham
il uti 1 \''v ?p 'i ?'. we are now ginny
it n complete ri rici ating, and on
May 1 -t. il" w il! h? re-opened ks Hi '
Tl:e public w ill rind rxcellenf ne
rommodations- Neat, ?eau rooms,
New Knruishings thro ighout? >
!.' 'st of Kare - com teo is Ireal meiit.
: ion 'riven to Ihe
We res] ? a-A: a share of
the p itrolln \
i Wa a >i.i v isl* Reverco-B.
'? -
IN entering upon the dat
nf the new year sve desire
to thank the public for
parronr.ge e: tende 1
to u-i in I . i to
: i
purpose to si rve tbe ii
tai . nuh
seryice is ntv del. We
L.t. e t nut rac ted to In ?
our Hearse re-'
have laid in a complete
stock of Undertakers1
i, and, familii r as
,? e are v. ith the i ants
We , ! Sill i 1
? :' ]'? ?
[sh. Our Burial
Outfit*! are all of our own
tin::, and we make no
extra charge for Hearse
service. We are arrang?
ing to be in direct tele?
phone connection soon.
Very Truly Yours,
T. H. Slaven & Sons.
A. Lee Winier
Watchmaker & Jeweler
Crabbottom, Va.
Repairing done at reasonable
prii o and guaranteed. I have ap?
ed il. M. Slaven as agent for
me at Monterey, Va.
Fine line of Pic?
ture frames &c.
at Sttt!<ltti: t?_'s
JfADI (KR, Al I- SIZES, Pl : .
thi: lom es_. Call and see sam
when in town.
A . C. 8trDD-\RTH.
Parties fosiny Friends.
May Bxpeci W. II. MARPLE who rep?
resents tlie
tri*_PIUIIIO MqPiI fl n?l/
jii.iim Ml 1)11! dill
Gnu'to Co,
To i all upon them.
Ile is prepared to furnish ll
Work at moderate prii him j
before bu vi n sr.
W. A. Bussard,
and Builder,
-Monterey, Va.
Dressed Lamber of all* kinds, j
hard and soft wood-, for sale al ,
nable prices.
Also Sash and Doors of
j-cl Roofing
A Specialty.
if von have any Planing to do
? al ;mv lime I solicit the work.
; guarantee satisfaction. tl.
lr Cnt-ting,
li a viii)
Hu put Ii;.;
You. ? : ,.
. i BIM
' ' . ' . ? [) .??
That ! have n it I from mj
taMixhi cl rule, i
pease my cu omi rs, I think, will ..?
proven on your Brst visit lo my new
Iftyou give me your razor to pul in or
der, I jual an tee thal it .hall ....
J. P. UwiN,- Barber
Monterey, Va.
- 3? _____-^-*-> -T '^ ?/_?.-?
, _______?>-:
a* f
**V v
/ / ? :
retty Hew Wall Papers. I
EA t '.ti iinji a ? s. ?t ?
Send for ill nsf rated catalog u-v of some
isive. handsomedeKignB.
Albei'l Slmltz,
?? j t. ? _ ?> -? _ r_ _ a_?_____
Next Rational Valley Bank I
Staunloii va* P
?...-, - - &J0_4
_* ? _ *? T* v * j^ __.
Lewisburg Female institut
The Leading Female Seminary in V/est Virginia
Full Cnllegiate and Academe '.'?mrs?'- Superior Ad veritas ea in __u|
and Art, Lighted l>3 . Coiivenieu
\ Cliri-ftiuu' ii- >l.
I _.? V I i l-lUii j
im Gccr^c B, Jones, Esq., Chicago. Ill:
.. [ll., lune 3rd, LWH.
?; '\ many-gi "der to ph ' lighter unde)l
? li-.oiully . instruction that is j/iv^
t!ie Lewisbn i- fn*dit.ut<. After two years'trial [amnion
i ever cou vim d thal in selecting this ai hool for her 1 made a v.-i'i
choice, t have personally invw rind have an intimate ncqattitifl
ivith main of the h girls in the Middle andmon?Mn
i know of no ii lion timi i- so free from rdmm, that is m
llmrfiugh in its work, ann v hh ? ? < ?? ? ry influenc* environing the pupil A
? \ Nor do i knew of any iii-f itutr*.ii giving thi
nd employing the same high grade of teacher*
school has my cordial and uuqualifiel
uti ni. I ?? tpc'cl to continue my daughter lhere until ber eda*
in ploted.
Hrcm Rev. M. L. Lacy, D D of West virginia:
"I honestly believe it i.*$ the yery best school ot' which I Lave any
n Rev S. B. Aldercn D.E. Portsmouth, Ohio:
a part of mj vacation last bm in mer (1000) at the Lewkr&j
e Institute a? a boarder in l>r Telford's Family, who were eu
ingers to me. 1 was bo pleased with lin* Curial hui atmosphere of L
School and the healthful surroundings that 1 decided to place ii_
dauglitt-r there. 1 have been perfectly satisfied and so has*be. Tl?
President is gifted in the munagemeut of young ladies. The genial.
il of hiv family makes ii home for the students, t eau cheerfully
i i I'.:- .chool to parents as an luiinirah'n* | lace for tUeir duugh
From J. J Echols, Esq., of West va:
"1 have been a patron of the Lowishurg Female Institute for the last
pars, aud 1 believe that under the present management it ia tba
verv best Female School in the two Virgiuix ?
From Kev. E.G. Gucrrant, D. D ,of Kentucky:
"A good Female School is a public blessing, and among many nobb
institutions I do not know a better one than the one presided over by
Dr _ L Telford at Lewisburg, VV Va. , It is a Christian. Biblical, thor
laud attractive?making nol only fi ni med scholars, hut lovely
Christian characters, ii is good enough to edu.ute my own daughters
and 1 take pleasure in ? ding it to my friends."
?1 for illustrated catalogue
E. L. TELFORD, President,
Le*A_bunr, W.YaJ
_____8_i w ii iii_iiiir__f.? _JL-rsy_T____r__r?.-??_.__:_?g.
A Ni)
Damion, Uockinoham C >U-TY, Vjhginia,
v as organized and incorporated under the laws of Virginia a quarter of
e< ntury ago, ivm\ _ince that time it has steadily increased until today
it stands the leading preparatory and collegiate institution iu the Val?
ley of \ irgicia.
nistains h Preparitoi jr, a four year's Classical, a thr;-o year's Scien
c, a two years Normal for Teachers, and a Complete Commercial
Course. Her Musical Advantages are Superior. Expenses from ?100
? | er uar. Address
E. U. IToenshel, Principal. ? \
J. M. Ltuebusb, Musical Director.
C 0--_____^_30O___BT
Sly Lino,
Batty Flues,
Von will find me ready to give
vou i stimates, and do al! wi rk
Stoves and Ban .
. s on hand. Get my prices
befoi ? you buy.
Plumbing i ial \
'" _, ? I
ni med and placed.
ills erected &c. ??
Work Guaranteed.
CC. \' BOOAST, 'i'lN \
Mi uti r \. Vii.
Attokkky at Law,
i':.. ? in?? iii tl-.t courts ol Highland ard
i'.n ii nunnie i Va .anti I'tiahootai county
vv Vu
en ky a. slaven,
Pkactical Land Sckvkyor,
Meadow Dale, rf
Work Guaranteed, accurate and co
rn t A ll work in this line solicited.
I20.no Thtekindofaii__C?c___f<
ealets from $15.00to $13.oo.
b l_,i ^wlugMa__iue'-o_Uv
Write forCIRCULARS s^t^-d
wo M-iufaci ure?l, rt_ _",S?|5*_*__Jf_!
IU REY E0_ jw!_ JU---Wa
ORANG*:, ma,. ' ---'
?juiuon^.x v.,<!li(,,:,,1;;i.,AtlJ11^
ron _*>.c fiv

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