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Items of ft ter est io Home
Vol U s A bon 1 Th*1 r F r fend s
Aim! Acquaintances.
How About iii
Some of those to whom we have
been tending sample copies for n
month have said -''Just sen 1 it on ^
regler*1?lott lhere are several who1
have not said \?a nor mtv. To
these wc send sample copies Kn?
ottier week, willi the hope that thev
may say yea, hilt in titi.-, lime simula
we fail to get an expression, we
will take it *for granted and will
pince their names on our regular
mailing list. Bat, please aUow uh
to stale right here, that even after
this is done, should the ar?
rangement not be entirely satisfac?
tory, nnd for any reason yon might
suddenly cone I mle that you do not
want tu become a regular subscrib?
er to your county paper, you can
at once inform us of the fact and
your name will he stricken out. and
nobody will be I>*.;rt. This step
should be taken within a reasona?
ble time for. although ocr papers
^o direct from factor? to consumer.
\et the factory cost is no small
item, ami a fellow ought not to
want to get many for nothing;
however we do not look for any
trouble on this score, believing that
Highland people will treat their
county paper right
Is not this a square proposition?
Very truly,
W. H. Matheny, Pnh.
Mrs Lina Stephenson of Bolar
was up Tuesday.
Mr. Dave Mirier is able to go
about, since his recent illness.
Mr. S. W. ( rummett made a
flying trip to Frat klin this week, i
Mts B. A. Hansel and Miss Ella
Hiner of McDowell, were in town;
Tuesday shopping.
Dr. Charles B, Fox, who has:
been on ti visit to his parents ut
Keswick, returned Tuesday.
Hen. 0, P. Jones returned Satur-]
day evening from ii trip to the ?
University of \ a. from whence he
went to attend court at Marlinton. I
Mr. Eldridge Swecker of ("rah-j
bottom had the misfortune hw!!
week of having a large kiln of
lumber destroyed hy lire.
Dr. and Mrs. 0. .f. Campbell are:
visiting friends at Green Bank this
W. E. Wilson. Esq. left Sat ard-'
day for Mrs. li W.Wilson, who has j
been visiting relatives at Franklin,
returned home Monday.
Mr. C<. L. Enkle and wife and
littlechild of Bular, si
last Sat?
urday and Sunday in town.
Mrs Wm. Stricklerand daughter
Miss Catholinf of Ellenbofo, W.
Va. are the guests of Mr. C. W.
Trimble and family this week.
yr.J.Williams.former of thisplacj
but now watchman at the Home?
stead Hotel at Hot Springs, was up
recently tu see his Monterey friend .
Mr. Roy Wsggoner, a student of
the University nf Virginia, eutuc
home last Friday.
Mrs. A. C. Suddarth returned
home Thursday, last, accompanied
by her sisiter. Miss Minnie Wads?
worth of Clarksburg, VV. Ya.
Rev. Fat lier But sch. reel or of
St. Joseph Mission ut Norfolk, Va.
and Kev. father Van I n gel ge in
are now conducting a series of
meetings at their mission chapel on
Jackson riyer.
Slr. Emmett McClintic, of Wil?
liamsville spent i dav or two here
first ot' the week.
Mr. .Ino. E. Hot kin of McDowell
started this week on a visit to Nor?
mal, HI.
Mr. EL U. Heydenrick, of the
finn of Brereton & Heydenrick of
Staunton md Mr. C. li. Liglity,
their tuner are in the county tin
Mr. Chas Mangy, son of Michael
Mau/.y of Crabbottom married a
Miss Hevener ot Durbin, VV. Va.
latter part of last week.
Mr. fi. D. Carichoff of Covington
Ya., is here to assist Carie hoff &
Gillett, architects, iu erecting sev?
eral large buildings in the comity.
Mr. E. I). Carichoff is a bro!lier ol'
L. A. Carichoff Esq.
Mr. Wash Hay. of Arborvale,
came in last week from "Poca11
with Mr. C. C. Arbogast aud spent
several days in Monterey.
W". H. Matheney is at Virginia
Beech this week attending the an?
nal meeting of the Virginia Press
Through the kindness ??(' Mr. A.
W. Arbogast we are in receipt of a
very handsome souvenir edition of
the Chickasha Evening Telegram.
ti paper published at Mr. Arb ast's
home, Chickasha, Indian Ter.
Miss Frances Boughton <!' .fen?
nings Louisana, v,us ia ;'
on Thursday <?{ taft ? .????? - he ;- a
rclatiii ot .ii\ joseph .' ne ..:.
visiting at her home n ?,-?? Mci ? \
Mrs. Claud lei oi
Ind. i ,i : . rela?
tives, l il'' \ t ii- ; ? > ...; ? , .
ili!i neighborhood. She and lu t
cousins, Messrs. E.W.Arin trong of
Wier snd How ant Armstrong ot
Doe Hill called to see us when in
town recently.
un Franklin for Mrs li Fl Hiner
md little son who have been visit
ng Mr and Mrs 3 B Siej at i i -
turnd home Monday.
Mr. Jared L. .Jones, County Su
ppriute.ndent, has post|?on??d the
"Normal thai was to open at Mc?
Dowell on the 7th until the lOth
if July.
We have learned with much r*?
j-ret that Benj. T. Hook,
Me Cowpasture, was uar' i illy pi r.
y/e.i on Sunday night last. No
???port' of his condition since has
?eached ns, and* we sincerely :
ic will recover.
Late dispatches an noonee thal
\ing Edward is critically ill and
hat the coronation has been post
tone] indefinitely. His trouble is
?erilyphlitis. a first cousin of ap
lendicitis, and au operation was
Sal-Ammoniac for sale at V. J?.
The Recorder extends congral
ations to Mr, Kussel .lune.-, for
laving won the Merry uiedal fur
>rofiv.iei;ey at Randolph Macon
Rev R L Kutsler will preach as
Follows. Sunday the 20th, Trimly
I p. m. Sunday 0, UehobeHi 11 a m.
Ikaulah 8;30 and Green Hill S
|l m.
Married, in the Big Valley, by
Kev. A. A. Miller, on the J9th.
[list., John. W. Buzzard and '-.;
Mm nm ?!. Carpenter.
Vv ant;-.1.)?To boy an old "Grand?
father's Clock" in running order.
Wainui preferred. Address J. L.,
care of "Recorder," stating price
wanted, condition of clock, etc.
"Two years ago 1 bought a cheap
factory Bureau, and it is going to
pieces. I thought your prices were
a little high, but I (iud it ia much
cheaper in tbe end. it j
furnish nie a nice oak dn
$14 to irH*. as you say ;. u n, go
ahead and make me one." ? ? you
want Ut know- the came of the
man w ho said this, call at our place
of business ^mi will tell yon.
T. n.e.' li. F. Slaven.
Information has been received
here, that llev.Joljii W. Canter de?
parted this life, on last Sat urday.at
hi> home near Covington, his death
being sudden and unexpected. His
remarhs were brought to Staunton
for interment. Rev Canter v.
favorably known in tris coun?
ty, especially in the Back I
section ?here he was highly es?
teemed for his noble Christian char*
itcter and sterling worth.
Al an election, held in Harney
Co. Oregon, early in this month,
Mr. Wm. C. livia, a farmer resi?
lient of tliis County, a son ol' Dr"
James il. Byrd, dee'd, as acanidate
for the County Judgeship of hi
county, was ri heated b\ the
majority of 04 votes. Mr. B> rd
while a resicb ut of his native conn*
iv wss known as Cal Byrd; in
Burris, the eonnty scat of the -
ty of his adopl iou and vicinity, he
is known as ".Taddy Byrd,"
congratulate hi.:; ii| on his deserv?
ed popularity, i nd i he patri in I
feature of hi*, character which si in?
gested his new name, and i hal he
is fairh i-,; the line of prom jtion ti
Those who have renewed sub?
scriptions to Recorder or subscrib
led during the last week: Charles
Swadlev, Hightown; (J. C.Swadlev
ArvadiuCol.; W. V. Neel, High
town; Geo. A. Bexrode, Hightown;
Mrs Will Wain [der, Peru. Ind.; S
C. Eagle, and Townsend Price, Dot
Hill; Otho Gum, and Mrs F V Sieg
Meadow Dale; 0. H. Gum. High
town; Lt C M Carroll, Staui
J I! Pruitt, Pinckney; A J Terry
Trimble; Jos ('rummott, Valley
Center; Mrs J M Eavy, Lilly'; Geo
S. Crummett, Palo Alto; Parn
Johnston-, Monterey; .Ino T Hiner
and Martin Armstrong, McDowell
Chas. Swadlev, Vauderpool; Jaree
L Jones Doe Hill.
- - - ?*>-? ?? ?.
Board of Sn pen ir.ors
tiie Board heida special meeting
| (m Thursday the 10th inst, to con
| shier tho matter of making i
I change ia the Bullpasture rive:
| roar: through the Sitlington plan
i tution, near McDowell, aud il re
suited in the commissioners Join
I T. Byrd and others being requests
I to make certain amendments ti
their report already made and
. kain and lix thc hue! dann
i To protect the interests of ! he in
faiit heirs of B ll. Hansel.dee'd it
the matter E. ll. McClintic i ap
point their guardian.
This object of this change is t<
take the road away from the riyei
lil being apparent that high wate
will desi roy tiny work thal
j i.,> put "n the presi ut location, i
is ci rt. inly a chang i that ?
be made.
.... ?
? I : - !
: .
" ? '' . . ??
al wa;
Ila/--! Salve. Cures skin dis
? all kinds of wounds. Acct |
, counterfeits. K. II. Trimble.
iont< i '.' ha*
assumed I m'giblc shape, nu
i real cause For rejoicing.
. .1 i meeting oj I;' school
adopt wit it ;
nv, il was d c *
:nown iu the^'West1'
1. on Friday morning, tin
pian, am
contrite* wu i awarded to \V. A, Bus
lard, all the papers bring "signed
? ? lied and deliven >."
A ? fal -i we h ive bei n ?
learn- withou ?? ?. ? ion -
ion i I < he board i i highh
omi li !, and i i irded as i bi
ling lo iiavi ' ?
fact, tiie sentimei I i I lie
has b en so fully t xpressed as t<
leave no doubt of their approval
and hea.'ty co-operation.
Thc phil: adapted was prepared
at the suggestion of tho board, bj
ii first-class architect, with thc
view to answering the needs of tin
Moiji.erey school--its present a
well as its future needs, auder ordi?
nary ( oiiditu ns ?and is a ti
feet, w ith .-c. "ii ; i in ?. - uitabU
hatl-w ? ? ! i- neat, st
a public building Appearance, well
lighted and vent I nd, iu
before, just ywdi a hoi
iu the judgment of the a rc hi tee I
and all oth ts who have careful!)
examined il, will be com utensil ruti
with our rn eur. The i ost, whet
completed, is estimated at.aboul
i udor i he present arraiig
nient. about 1,800 will be ex
pended between new and fall, thal
amoi nt being to comnleti
iii' exterior of th g, am
tiie three Iii si -floor i; ot - -, de: ign
ed foi . chool purposes The agree
nu nt calls for the < ompletion o
the work in Lime for the openin
of the school this
Ii our aspii ? realized
howeyer- and many ol us do aspin
to gt at and good things for oui
children?we (mould regtird thi
? p, remeni
beriug th it many other. plans ar
;. t to bi I ia< ? .:??;? . CCU ted, ninci
hard w ork, lib
crulity and co-opi rafe;;;, if we sue
. a. first-clas
preparatory b :hool. Whether it 1*
dubbed a public school, high school
? .?!?,:;. ?; - hool, or a judicious com
ld work to" nwik
! it the pride of tiie town and coun
' ty. We say '*of the eon:
I cause it aol bo ui d ni
i riyal oi anj < I liei ichc
; should he, and could bo, one su
: in every valley?but a spirit of em
now, would Uot li
one,.er and nccessari
per ha] -. i d< sired results are t
[ fo!h.,w soon.
The next essential feature, pi I
! haps, is the finding of a
l man to take charge, tfuitabl
I man! Think what that implies, an
; you at iee a task in that d
yet In of R0i
i c<?ss depends upon it. Such me
. are n< I ree, but tin \ ? ?? gei
j erally emj thev are in coi
? stunt d< niand? and, if we hope t
in lu oin ? nine the di
ties o ':. ip I ol the Moo tere
";\e hi'm a gaai
? i ?? ipe mu
l tcrs iu such ti
j ,i *surance that we w ii; ;
us no longei Gnd fa ii lt wit
: the w irk aire: The sil
, is perhaps I he best one ayailabh
J and it eau be made the pp ttie>
j place in town. Clean nfl the p
| mailling brush, remove the loo*
''?tone, plow off the high places, ii
! up the hov ones, lay oil and gravi
some walks, plant suitable shad
and ornamental tree:-', enclose i!
j who'.' plot with a neat fence iii:
I extend the plank walk, and we wi
. stake the Iteeorder's re
I on the statement that you have
i trong winning card in I he "shufiU
! for tho righi ian.
How ar ii be done
an find out from I he peop
who hay*' good schools with firs
; cltiss teachers iu charge.
They pull together. The yena
men don't stand back am! wait fi
their fathers to take the lead. Tl
ladies help, as they do in even
| laudable undertaking ?in elim
I there is a "long pull, a strong pu
Uno n pull altogether,'1 ami - tl
j thing is ::,:; on plished.
j. -t us follow up the moveinei
| now inaugurated, levise pb u
j means to hither tile good work ai
join hand in ham] iu carrying ot
i sm ii plans and iu executing ! I
work. X.' it, substantial and a
j t ractive Behool property I i
i a live inti rest in the cause of ed
? and wil in sec uri t
i thc righi ? Ital lier.
) lt is sa;: thal last year a
: came to I I
isition uf beacher, put tin ti
j the night, asking the lauuloi
i where our school hou was. I
j was fold that we had none, "bi
j -. rented two or il ree i
I when the time came."' Hood id n
1 make known his business or nan
but I fl morning
know bl
': ate ti
! thc* ri.. I
llf : IW it, ill! '
1 -rn ??: : ?
i i
? ?
rn Lo the children, and i
; j fleet credit upou us us parents a
di cit izens.
i-jhland w.,.r,,..:.; ?? tjie
jOlh innt., .lodge Lymau Chalkley
ig, and Waa in session but
put ol J,
j Jones, Adm r of Jonas Wilfong,
i was examined and confirmed;
?: ??.. ttlemeiii of C. C. Hansel
,,',- of B. H. Hansel-, dee'd
Tho Highland county Hoar.! of
ulth is directed, as suggested by
:the grand jury of the March term,
? meei at thc county poor farm
ni July 1st to examine into the
tai v condition of the bu
Kev. U. T. Heironimns
granted ft license to sell religions
j hooks.
Ilk J. Maloy,gentleman foreman,!
J. X. Nicholas, S. Newman, J. M. I
| Armstrong, Jos. A. Hiner, Geo. (). j
Fleisher, VV. T. Hamilton, Geo. E.
l.,r,S. A. Porter, fl. F. Slaven!
. W. W. Trimble and Geo. H. Lock?
ridge composed tho gland jury and
; found ihe following indictments, I
; all being for misdemeanor:
I Cym mon weal th va. .ioho R. Bot
kin and Will Curter. 'Same rs.
John Baker; Same. vs. frank Car?
penter and Elizabeth Carpenter;]
Same vs, Arthur Parrish: Same vs. :
! James l'ar ri gan, Jr.
The cases ot the Commonwealth |
I against L. A. Orndortf and J. A.
Whitelaw, in the matter of selling'
[tobacco to minors, appealed from1
; tire J . 5'. court., wen I mm d ur- j
til next term.
An Offer From Carnegie.
j !?' Ii Telford president of Lewis-'
burg Female Seminary Lewisbuig
|W. Va. recieved from Andrew Car-j
i negie in Scotland ,i Iel: i 'ring \
I 11 gi
; this condition that the instill ?
! rai 0. A movi nicntwill bc
: ii; on foot to raise the necessary
j amount'.
.Goods to Close Qutat V B Bishop's
5 kegs of fish, at 3c per ponnd. I
j 1,000 pounds of first-class rice at j
Ale'. A small lot of ladies*, sn in mer
i dhiri Waists from U)c up. 2*5 i
.med hats, (!.
. adiiu. light wo_oli n dre ? goods aud
, j 50 pairs shoot) lave just been placed '?
. i on the cost table.
,: riease look at your Machinery,:
and see what you will need in re
,: pairs and then let me have ;?? i ur ;
; order, that 1 may have the goi <? i
.' in stock when yon need them, i;
J shall be glad t<- furnish repairs tor |
.the Deering, Woud, McCormick,
h Champion, Eureka, ami Btu
.'mowers. Deering, Wood, New
J York Champion, and Cods rakes.
.! V. B. Bishop. . :
Church Announcement,
. i The First Quarterly Meeting nf
? i the Crabbottom Charge M K
-Church South will be held ul Kev
-, Church Saturday and I .1 anc
? ! I ? by Rev. ]; :\. i i
i P E on Saturd .?,
terly C inference will int -
?| mediately after preaching. There
, | will he preaching ou Su
t. morning also, 11 o'clock, iii' r
? which the sacrament of tiie Lord's
?I Supper will bi administered.. AU
cordially invited. Ail mem
! , hers, especially all members of the
> [quarterly conference are expected
8 tu he present. W M Compton, \\'\
Religious Notice
Tie first riv conference
1! for Monterey circuit will bi
i al Monterey .lune 28th and
sj The business session of thi quar
e j terly conference will be held Sal>
? urdny the 28th aM P M, Itev. Da?
vid Bush, P. E. will be with us and
j. will preach Saturday night at 8 I*.
o j M. and on Sunday morning nt ll.
after which the sacrament, of the
Lora's Supper will be administered.
All the members of Quarterly Con?
ference ar^ requested to be present.
A Heal Friend.
,;; ;,I suffered from dyspepsia and
m indigestion for fifteen years,11 says
J W. T. Sturdeyant of Merry Oaks.
J X C- "After i had tried many doc
..: tors and medii ines to no avail one
.' nf my friends persuaded me to try
?,\ Ko lol. it gave immediate relief.
'iii an eal al moid anything ! want
w '.ia" my digi sti?m i / ?od. i
;/' cheerful!* recoinuien I Kodi 1 '
r i lyon t try i<? cure st un ac li tr i ible
??ni:. That only furth ?r
..- the system. ^ on need
whdesome, strengthening foo*:.
Kodol euables von lo assimilate
what you eat by digi sting il w Uh
oi:1 the stomach1* ant. K H Trim
-.;?"'?'? - '
?' - h
? ? ?
I .: , ;.i.. mists,
-" 1 .. -j' -- - .1. N? .
; >??.'???- '"
iLjifai iii-?tess*.**.mmra*m-xm&*vm-**wta*mwanm
Some Reasons \\
Why You Should Insist on Having
:?? ? ther.
1 ? ather s6ft
: . ire I
EC*' pa.otit .
A heavy bodied oil.
. Si 2* -S. -a v*
An excellent preservative.
Reduces cost of you*1 harness
1 ams the lei thei ; its
Efficiency is increased.
Seem .. ice.
Stitches kepi from breaking.
IL sold in all
Mnoufactari <\ ty
i ; rom pai ?
BUY the:
? S ?? Ktkjf fi: _ ?
Do imf In. tleec'Ived by thoso who ad
verl. .. 0.00 ;;' wing Machine l>r
'. i 00. Xiii iklnd of ai i at hine can
be bough! from os oi any of our,
dealei - 00 to 'S.00.
WK MAKE A VA nt mr.
Tl ic Peed determines tho strength or
weakness of Sewing Machines, Tho
Doable Feed '^unbilled with other
etrong p ?lnl lunsi '<. ve ??oiue
tiic best B< win'* Machine tobuy.
U/ritflfn-'OiDOIII ADO B'-P^n* "?o _*
I I . \ IJ - - .. J .
vv ni.i QUftl ??:.; ii., j: .,<<; i?opui'oh__?
? '20.
0/os.NCE, ?<.*-.r,.
[ll. Atlante, 3a,
lan l'mncls >>,C'..J
?iA'.S BV
JUJU _Ji U !._: ii ii-- i
TD A "D n~"
Will be found over L S Dick-1
eiison & Co.'s Store.
SHAVE, i;Vi;i fT, SHAM
fu my shop on Wednesdays, Sat*
.- n n I I : I j iubli days. Give
me a trial. Tl'.aks for past favors, j
Jua. 21, (imo
Sites Company,
No. 7 Masonic Temple
staunton, virginia.
Z_^E__ii_ 0^en_E_-es
POT TtfTT-.l 'Ul 5
...j_.?_ _?_?u?)
;; di B
S I have removi il from Stann
??? (.(in, Va, to Mnrlinton, NV.
Va. I svii! be much nearer a
ny readers of this
pani r. I soltct a continuauce
nf your patronage in ray
new lioiiie where 1 w ill be
even belter prepared than
before to serve you.
Frank Diehl,
Jeweler and Optician,
Marlinton, VV. Va.
WANTED!- Reliable man for Mani
' a !',:?'?. ch ? ? ? wlsli to
ir this vicinity He >od opening
Kindly give iroi i
(nw when
: tui: t. nouma ? le nousf
< 'incinn iti, l il
i Illustrated ?;?-.
To Cu ra A Cold In One Day
? Bronu? Quinine 'i ablets
! All drugj-ists refund the money if il i':ii!
ire K W, ? Iro ure oncael
Sold by All Newsdealers
I s
?, yon
I ll I IVE
. .wtnlllaead
? PEPPER, Publisher,
?f':r,tr, x ..; ^. t Bte., Philadelphia, Pa,
etamm:1 mt .watigmLJimmmwm*r-***:?*** ??*?
. Sell our Shoes H^Z^
' Squarely on 3
their Merit M ?" i
9??They fit well, thej wear well
"a. , W ^
you will do well to buy them, /! ..
?;, ''<* */
because I will help you >Z'Z~Z.y
ii) sav your money,
in foot apparel.
21 W. Mainstreet - Staunton, Va.
of keeping the beat selected and clenneal stock of Dry Goods
in Staunton. No goods are curried over from one season to
another, and in oider to Keep up this good name we must close
out tliis sensonV goods before another arrives, and tbe only
way to do this is "put the knife iu prices." I'll is we have done
on all summer fabrics. Our groat Juna clearance tale is now
on, and all hot weather goods are going at. prices that will
move them rapidly. We would be glad to have you among the
vast throng of busy shoppers which are found euell day nt our
store. Wont you attend this gteat sale?
Phone No, :>(>
Staunton, Va*,
For the Illustrated History ot Methodism. Tia* atory of its origin and progress
from Un foundation by John wesley to the present day.
By Itav. Jamks W. Jan, j;. I)., Uhv. Naphtali Li; ocock, D. 1>- and Paor. James
Main DixoW, M- A
Splendidly illustrated by over One thousand Portrait and Views of persons
and places identified with tbe rise and di velopmenl of Metho lism. A new and up
to-ilate History illuatinted with tlic profuseness ind perfection of modern art.
Prices ho low as to place it within the reach of every or the -ix million Methodist
communicants in America, Eyery Methodist will want it. A unique feature of this
History, and one found in no other work, i:. the Charl of Methodism, showing every
move neat, every branch and every division of tho .Methodist Church from Hoi) to
the present year, with a complete census of ministers and membership of each
branch, and aggregate Methodist membership of the world?a panorama of Method
ism. a rate opportunity for canvassers. Exclusive territory riven. Write for
sample illustrations, description and liberal terras to agents. Address
The Met ho list Magazine Publishing Co.. St. Louis, Mo.
Lawn Swines and Settees, Hammock
Chairs, Camp Chairs and Stools,
Ironing Tables, Wash Benches, Etc
Agents easily make
$5 to $10 Per Day.
Will furnish samples at re?
duced prices to those desiring
agency. Exclusive territory
given. Address,
Clearfield Wooden-Ware Co.j
tmmm*imm I >J**?C- *m*L:JJ.r.*M*J*am-am
Anv painter who knows hts business will tell yon that MASURV3
PAINTS have a world-wide imputation for excellence. There are
cheaper paints, of course, bat snell paints are necessarily inferior, being
made of cheaper material, which will not cover as well ?not last as
long: Some people say, k,A gallon of paint is a gallon of paint.'1 True!
But Masury's Paints cover 300 sq. ft per. gallon?two good heavy
coats?and last all the way from sjx to sixteen years, while the cheap
paints cover from one-third t i one half less surface and fade away and
begin to chalk, or crock, off ia a year or two.
Not all high-priced paints are good. Many are badly adulterated
with benzine, which you can detect by its odor, or with waler, which
our agents can tell you how to detect. Others contain chalk, whiting
or other worth,les.--, or harmful adulterants and cheapeners. Such paints
ought to be cheap, if they are not.
Masury's Paints are guaranteed abolutely Pure Linseed Oil Paint*,
aud are warranted to outlast, not only all other paints, but Pure White
Lead as well. Sold under guarantee by druggists.
Willson Bros.,
Wholesale and Retail Druggists,
Staunton, Va
...... r- SBSESStBB tn-.,:r:i!.---y--J'"-?e.%-?...,M^-a*ai? .?:? a* itmmmm^mwm*ii,,m*\m**^mrmirjL*mm*cmmi*cjmm*ijammm^j.
Putnam's Music Store
New High Top ParJor Organs with Plate Glass
Mirror from $25.00 Upwards.
I JL OrOOJD iPi^isro
Largest size cali md, Grand, warranted for 10 yearn
! ?250.00
An Excellent Piano
; j urgi *l Btzeeabiuet grand,with mandolin attachment,mahogany casejor
and the ramon.
? t f.i>.e eal ; ?
figured mah gai j fi".
I ' S245.00
nu ii U)iy pa) r
- .- ? " ? n i deliv rj to
i ><> ir b< ino \ V ?? L;o . io give
ii i you, and we
W* W, Putnam & Co.,
staunton ;va.

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