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"You ought to have been down at th*
louse the other overing when we played
that joke on Uncle Gottlieb. I invited
lim to come and eat a Welsh rabbit,
,ou know.''
"Well, we made it out of limburger
:heese." ?
"You must have had a lot of fun out
)l it."
"lt wasn't so awfully funny. Ile ate
t all and said it was thc be.t thing he
lad ever tasted."
Almost KHlcU Path*'.
"What's your impression of society?"
i.-ked the old-time friend.
"Well." answered Mr. Goldpurse, "I
couldn't like lo hive you mention it
o mother or the girls, hut my imprcs
lion is that society is a place where a
nan who has worked his way up in the
.vorld from nothing to a million ts likely
:o get sneered at because he can't play
Lost Hair
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ful, and the gray hairs beg2n to
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Want your moustache or beard a
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uckineham's Dye
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FFI.r. COIKSKS IN Clawfe*. Letters,
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ral wini .electric il Kiuriiicering. Arehilec.
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Junior or Senior Year of any ol tiie (JulietTHty
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Koomi to Kent, moderate Charge to ?Midents
over ceveritoen preparing for t.'ollejriate Courses.
A limited niiinlKT of Candidate. <")? the rVolesl
a.?tl<:il st.lte will lie ri-i-ci f.l ,-it ?;; i lal ra''-.
St. Kdnar.i'H 11 a ll, f -r boy. antler IS yeera, is
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I'VlliV HOV that niara Foot Hall
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A. 6.bPALD.
aaleby all de.tlviH mid
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International Lesson Comments For
August 24.
Subject: Report of thc Spies, Num. xiii.. 1-3
and xiii., 25 to xiv., 4 Golden Text, Psa.
xl., 4?Memory Verses, 30 33?Com'
meutnry on thc Day's Lesson.
Explanatory. "Everything was now
ready for taking possession ot Cana.in,
provided the people had the necessary
faith and courage. Accordingly Moses
commanded them in the name of Jehovah
(Dent. I: 20. 21) to gp up and take posse*
lion of the land. They only needed to
trust in Cod and go forward, and in less
than two veal's from leaving Egypt the
land would have been theirs. The Cod
who had delivered them with B mighty
hand, win had made a path through the
sea, who had rained bread from heaven,
and brought water from a rock, and spoken
from Sinai and entered into covenant
with them, and was leading them with
His visible presence?this God bade them
go up and take possession of the land ol
promise. They should have trusted and
2. "Send thou men." The people were
nfraid to go forward, and had asked
Moses to send spies to search out the land.
Dent. 1: 22. Although it would have been
better for them to have had faith in God
and to have at once entered upon their
promised possessions, yet in ovder to sat?
isfy the people the Lord ordered Mo-:es
to send the spic*. "Of every tribe?a
mai!." Moses selected twelve leading
men. "every one a prince" (R. V.). in or?
der that the best possible results might bc
realized. "The object of the expedition
was (1) to leam what were thc attrac?
tions of thc country, (2) to discover the
difficulties in the way of taking possession,
(3) to find out thc best way of reaching
thc country, (4j to learn what prepara?
tions it was necessary to make."
4-24. in verses 4-13 wc have the names
of the spies, in verses 17-20 Moses gives
them special directions. They were to
travel tlie whole length of the land to tiie
Lebanon mountain region, and lind out all
about the land and the people, and to
bring back some of the fruit of the land.
In verses 23 and 24 we have a description
of the fruit they brought back with them.
25. "Returned?after forty days." For?
ty days were sufficient for a journey of
250 miles and the return. The spies could
'(?-.i sis Sabbaths and travel 500 miles,
going at the rate of loss than fifteen miles
a day. li is not probable tint they went
in a body, but singly or by twos.
_<i. "Tu Kadeth. Kadesh means holy.
"Shewed them tho fruit." They had
brought back grapes, pomegranates and
tigs."" The bunch of grapes was very large.
V. 23.
27. "Roweth with milk and honey.'
This was a poetical description of a coun?
try rilli in pasturage and produce. Thui
far the reports of the spies agree. They
all commend thc richness and fruitfulness
of the soil.
28. "Nevertheless." The report was
given publicly and it was ari fully arranged
to begin with commendations, in order
that their subsequent slanders might re?
ceive credit. This would introduce tho
godless majority report; there is in it no
reference to Jehovah, lt is an infidel doc?
ument. "Children of Anak." "Long
necked, famous giant?, descendants from
Arba, founder of the city of Hebron. The
spies were terrified a< sight of them."
20. "The Amalekit.es.'.' etc. These peo?
ple had already attacked the Israelites
once. Ex. 17: 8-lti. The Hittites were a
strong, warlike people. The Jebusites held
the region about Jerusalem. The Amor
ites were mountaineers.
30. "Caleb." The spy from the tribe of
Judah. He begins the minority report
with an unwavering trust in God. Joshua
also joined with him. 14: 6. 30. "Stilled
the people." A bitter wail of despair wai
going Up from the vast throng of peop'e.
31. ''We be not able." This had not
been asserted before. The ten spies are in?
creasing in their opposition.
32. "Evil report?eateth up." How un?
belief grows. At first it was only a sug?
gestion (vs. 2S. 2ft). then it became an as?
sertion (v. 31), then it assumed the form
of an "evil report.'' The spies cannot mean
that the land was barren and the inhabit?
ants dying of famine, for the fruit they
brought with them and their first report
would contradict this, but it has been
thought thal there was a pestilence in the
land at this time, and also that the spies
had learned that the people were constant?
ly engaged in wars to maintain their inde?
33. "Sons of Anak." Anak literally sig*
nified long necked. The sons of Anak
were a race of gianis in strength. It
seems to bc a fact that in primitive times
there were men of great stature.
1. "All the congregation." There were
a few noble exceptions, however. "Wepl
that night." These loud waitings, resound?
ing by night from tent to tent and from
tribe to tribe, spread the contagious de?
spondency through the whole camp. They
were surrounded by the dark and chilling
clouds of unbelief, and were occupied with
themselves and their difficulties instead
of with God and His resources. All this
grief was on account of imaginary troubles.
2, 3. "Better?to return." They mur?
mured against Moses and Aaron amT
wished to return to their former life of
servitude. "Their wish to return to the
groaning*, burdens, tasks anti insults of
the brick yards of Egypt, from which a
pitying Jehovah had led them forth was
indicative of n base ingratitude and a ser?
vility of spirit exceedingly offensive."
4. "Make a captain." They repudiated
Moses and Aaron and Jehovah. According'
to Nehemiah 9: 17 they actually appointed
a captain to lead them back to the task?
master's lash in Egypt. Moses and Aaron
then fell on their faces before the people
and Joshua and Caleb rent their clothes
as a sign of (heir great grief, and made a
I strong appeal to the congregation in fa-'
I vor of taking the land at once. Tint the
people like a frenzied mob tried to stone
them to death, and were prevented from.
so doing only by the glory of tiie Lord'
shining forth from the tabernacle. "The!
majesty of Jehovah flashed forth suddenly]
to strike tho people with tenor in their
rebellion, and lo deter them from their
wicked design." Cod now threatened the
nation with destruction, and they would
have perished but for the prayer ol' Moses.
The ten spies were smitten willi thc
plague and died. Every person over twen?
ty years of ase, except the two faithful
spies, was to die before the nation entered
Canaan. As a reward for their faithful?
ness Caleb and Joshua were permitted to
enter thc promised land. Caleb received
Hellion as his po.-session. the very place
he searched as a spy, where were the best
fruits and the strongest enemies. Joshua
had his name changed from Oshea to
Joshua, which signifies savior, and was
also honored by Wing chosen as Moses'
successor.to lead the people into Canaan.
Thus does Cod reward thc faithful and
Dunish the wicked.
Age Limit and Hair Dye.
For a long time there has beet,
close to complete cessation in the
in a n u fart ure of hair dye, but in the
past year or so a boom has developed
in that branch of industry. The gen?
eral establishment of an age limit
in the employment of men in com?
mercial and mechanical pursuits is
paid to be responsible lor this un
hzpected revival. An official of the
American Federation of Labor says
he knows for a fact of many men who
Ure using dyes to hide their gray
hairs and hosts of others who shave
constantly to look young enough to
be able to hold their positions. Sta?
tistics prove that it is every day be?
coming more difficult for a man past
the prime of life to secure employ?
ment. The skilled mechanic engi?
neer or employe who wants a job in
any service must have youth as well
as ability. If he doesn't possess ii be
must counterfeit, it. Presumably the
elderly man with a bald head must
wear a wig ir. order to cover his
General Trade Conditions.
Bradstreet's says: Midsummer quiet
has gone from distributive trade, and/
stimulated by really brilliant crop pros?
pects and good prices for farm pro?
ducts, fall business bas begun to ex?
pand. Buyers are arriving in large
numbers at all markets, and this week
promises to see demand further in?
creased. Manufacturing industry, which
has been more than usually active this
summer, continues well employed.
Failures arc lew and liabilities small;
prices arc steady. July railway earn?
ings returns show 7 per cent, gain over
last year. Bank clearings continue to
show gains over last year.
Advices from the boot and shoe trade
arc irregular. Business at thc West is
active and al Philadelphia the jobbing
trade is brisk and manufacturers are
busy on orders. At Boston shipments,
though larger than last Week, are still
far below those of last year, the de?
crease being fully 12 per cent. Leathei
and hides are very active, however, aad
skins of all kinds arc taken as fast as
Thc weight of imported iron 13 press?
ing on domestic sentiment, though no
perceptible effect is yet seen on prices
for pig iron, which is still in active re?
quest for next year's delivery.
Steel rails, plates, bars and sheets are
active at the West, but the edge of the
demand for plates and sheets appears to
have been taken off at Pittsburg. West?
ern rail mills arc all sold up for the first
half of 1903. Structural material is
active at Chicago and at Pittsburg,
where sales have been very large this
week. Shipbuilding interests have taken
40,000 tons of plates at Pittsburg.
Hardware, as predicted, has had no dull
season this year and business is as
active as ever.
Business failures for thc week ending
August 7 number 169, as against 168
last week and 185 in this week last year.
Wheat, including flour, exports for
thc week ending August 7 aggregate
4.244.363 bushels, against 3.888,534 last
week and 8,831,199 in this week last
year. Wheat exports since July 1 ag?
gregate 22,398,203 bushels, against 35,
032,237 last season. Corn exports ag?
gregate 50,611 bushels, against 28.405
last week and 990.714 last year. For the
fiscal year corn exports are 558,421
bushels, against 8.718,361 last season.
Flour?Spring clear, $3.10a3.30; belt
Patent, .14.50; choice Family, (8.75.
Wheat?New York No. 2. 74.'ic;
Philadelphia No 2, 72a72,V c; Baltimore
No 2, 69H0.
Corn ?New York No. 2, 65c'; Phila?
delphia No. 2. 68a68/fj Baltimore No. 2,
Oats?New York No. .. 63!_c; Phila?
delphia No. 2, 75c; Baltimore No 2.
Hay-No. 1 timothy, $19.00al9.60j
No. 2 timothy, $18.00a.8.50; No. 3 tim?
othy $17.00al7.50
Bruen Fruits and Vegetables.?Beets,
Native, per bunch lc Blackberries,
Eastern Shore, per quart, 4a5c Cab?
bage?Native per 100 ll.00al.50j
Wakefield, " per 100, $3.00a5.00.
Cantaloupes-Florida, per crate 50ca
$1.00. Cucumber*?Charleston, per bas?
ket 12a20c; do North Carolina, 12a20c
Eggplants, Nutive, per basket 55t60e
Huckelberries, per quart Ga7c. Let?
tuce, Native, per bushel box 30.i50e.
Onions, New, per basket B0a90o.
Peaches, Florida, per carrier $1.00al.25
Pineapples, Florida, per crate, fl.75a
2.50. String beans, por bushel, green,
30a35c; wax, 30a40c Tomatoes, Poto?
mac, per six-basket carrier, fancy, 30
a35c do, fair to good 20a25c
Potatoes, Norfolk, per bri, No 1,
|1 00al 25; do, seconds, 75ca$i 00; do,
culls, 50a60c; do, North Carolina, per
bri, Nol, $1 00al25.
Butter, Separator, 22a23c; Gathered
cream, 21h22c; prints,1-lb 25a26c; Bolls,
2-lb, 25a2G; Dairy pto. Md., Pa., Va.,
Eggs, Fresh-laid eggs, por dozen,
Cheese, Largo, 60-lb, lOkfclO^fOj me?
dium, 36-lb, lO'.falOitf; picnics, 22-lb
Live Poultry, Hons, 113aal2c; old
roosters, each 25n30e; spring chickens.
12al23tfc, young stags, 12nl2,l9C. Ducks
Hides, Heavy steers, association and
salters, late kill, 60-lbs and up, close se?
lection, I2i_ul2?_c; cows and light Bloors
Provisions and Hog Products.?Bulk
clear rib sides, I2.'_c; bulk shoulders,
lOJfcj bulk bellies, 13c; bulk ham butts,
10/ic; bacon clear rib Bides, 13c; bacon
shoulders, HKoj sugar-cured breasts,
ll&c; sugar-cured shoulders, Lljtfcj
3_gar-cured California hams, lMfej
bains contused or uncanvased, 12 lbs.
and over, 14'.c; refined lard tierces, bri*
and50 lb cans, gross, ll>.c; refined lard,
second-hand tubs, ll?.c; refined lard,
hulf-barrols and now tubs, ll?., c.
Live Stock.
Chicago, Cattle, Mostly 10al5c lower,
good to primo steers $8 00a8 90; medium
$4 75a7 75; stockers and foeders $2 50
a5 25; cows, $1 50a5 75; heifers $2 50*
(> 50j Texas-fed steers $3 25a5 50. Hogg,
Mixed and butchers $1} 75a7 85; good to
choice, heavy $7 40a7 7'); Sheep, sheen
and lambs slow to lower; good to choicn
whothers |850a400j Western sheep
$2 50a3 75.
East Liberty, Cattlo steady; choice
$7 50a7 80; p'rimo $7 00a7 85. Hogs,
prime heavy $7 80a7 85, mediums $tf 00;
heavy Yorkers$7 75a7 WI. Sheep steady,
Best wethers $4 15u4 30 culls and com?
mon $1 50a2 00; choice, lambs $5 25a5 (30.
There is a strike of bricklayers at
Kiel for an increase in wages and a re?
duction in working hours.
Differences between thc Carriage
Workers' Union and thc employers at
Albany. N. Y., have been seettled.
At Oakland, Cal., thc Southern Pa?
cific Company bas acceded to some of
the demands made by the machinists.
Bricklayers at Glasgow, Scotland,
have secured an advance of i-2d. an
hour, which they had to give up about
'?( year ago.
Returns of trade unions of thc engi?
neering and allied trades in Lancashire,
England, show a decrease in the nura
ber of unemployed.
The Cleveland (England) minc own
crs recently conceded an advance in
wages oi _? 1 _? per cent, for the re
niainder of the current year.
At Mt. Pleasant, Tenn., the demand
for labor has not nearly been filled and
several hundred laborers could gel
work there in thc mines at good wages.
A Utica (N. Y.) baker has been in?
dicted and fined under a New York
State law for permitting one of his em?
ployees to work more than 60 hours in
oin* week.
Latest*News Gleaned Prom AU Over
thc State.
Pensions granted.?Thomas Mason,
Barhamsvillc, $6: Janies Gra^e, National
Military Home, Elizabeth City, $6; Lo?
renzo D. Donaldson, Cherryvale, $8;
James Sturgis (dead), Craddockvijle,
$12; Leah Sturgis, Craddockvillc. $8;
Gilead Carter, National Soldiers' Home,
Elizabeth City. $12; Samuel J. Cooper.
Dickinson. $6; Willis E. Brown, Nor?
folk, $6; David C. Blake. Portsmouth.
$30.68; James Fendcrson. Eastville, $6;
James M. Wiggin. National Soldiers'
Home, Elizabeth City. $8: Cornelius
Parker, Magnolia. $8: Charles G. Tib
bets. Lynchburg. $12: Maria Jones. Pe?
tersburg, $8; Charlotte A. Michael, Dor?
cas. $8; John Z. Morriss. Maryville,
It is reported in Norfolk upon what is
considered good authority that George
Gould is negotiating for the purchase
of thc Bay Shore Terminal Company I
electric railway in that city. H. L.
Page, thc president of the company,
neither denies or affirms the report.
W. H. Robinson, general manager of
thc Chesapeake Transit Company,
whose lines extend from Norfolk to
Cape Henry, which road has also been
reported as being sought by the Gould
interests, denies that any negotiation
ior thc sale of that property are going
on. The transit company has splendid
deep water terminals at Cape Henry
and traverses a rich and fertile section
of Norfolk and Princess Anne counties.
It has been said that tbe Goulds desire
to secure this road in order that they
may enter Norfolk via Cape Charles
.nd Henry.
A dispatch received from Hon. A. A.
Phlcgar, the receiver of the Virginia
Iron. Coal and Coke Company, to Mr.
Bolling, superintendent of thc large fur?
nace located at Buena Vista, apprised
!iim of the sale of the furnace to the Al?
legheny Iron and Ore Company, sub?
ject to the confirmation by the court.
The price was stated, though not att
:horitatively. to be $275,000. Thc new
purchasers will assume charge of the
plant as soon as thc sale is confirmed.
Ores for consumption by thc furnace!
will bc supplied from the mines known
as the Oriskany. in Allegheny, and thc1
Vesuvius, in Rockbridge counties. 1
A young man named Murray Steele;
of Washington. D. C.. while visiting
friends in Buena Vista, Rockbridge
county, during his sleep walked off a
16-foot porch and fell to the ground.)
He escaped with a sprained wrist and ar
lew bruises of no consequence.
Behind the announcement of the mar?
riage o( Mr. Elmer Logan and Miss
Lola Farmer, at Charleston, W. Va., lie-'
1 romance of interest and of unusual
circumstances. Thc couple live at Ber?
ry ville, and the bride's father objected
strongly to thc match. When thc daugh?
ter got as far as Winchester on an
elopement early in July her father caus?
ed her arrest for being incorrigible and
swore out a warrant for young Logan
for abducting the daughter. For a
month Logan remained in biding in the
woods near Berryville while officers
searched for bim. He was frequently
chased and often shot at. but alway, es?
caped his pursuers. Recently the ofti
cera gave up thc chase, and at the tir>t
opportunity Logan communicated with
Miss Farmer and they went to Charles?
town, where Rev. J. H. Wolff married
A small boy named :.toore concealed
himself in D. R. Beale & Co.'s dry
goods store. Roanoke, and stole $160.
He had recently been discharged from
thc store. When confronted by a de?
tective he confessed to the theft and re?
turned the entire amount of money, to?
gether with a pistol he had stolen.
Revenue officers captured 175 gallons
of moonshine whisky from Floyd and
Franklin counties, 'lhere were 35 five
gallon casks, all of which were full. It
was taken from a number of saloons in
thc city, and thc propprictors say they
will test thc legality of thc revenue offi?
cers in confiscating it.
Thc Virginia penitentiary has been
placed under quarantine by Dr. C. V.
Carrington, surgeon at that place. This
was done as a precautionary measure
against thc possible introduction of
smallpox into that institution and its
spread into thc city.
A petition in bankruptcy was filed at
Lynchburg by Oscar L. West, of Gravel
Hill. Buckingham county, with Liabili?
ties of $4719.42. Thc creditors arc of
Baltimore. Richmond, Lynchburg and
other places.
Several thousand people attended thc
annual reunion of Ricc-Ncff Camp,
Confederate veterans, at Forestville,
Shenandoah county. Speaking by prom
ine'nt veterans was preceded by a basket
At Covington. Walter White, colored,
was killed by the accidental discharge
of a gun which his sister-in-law wa
carelessly handling.
Mr. Thomas Jenkins, an cx-Confcd
erate soldier and well-known citizen of
the Belmont, neighborhood, in Spottsyl
vania county, is dead, aged 63 years.
Kobct W. Smith, thc 15-year-old son
of Mayor G. W. Smith, of Lynchburg,
died of typhoid fever at thc home of his
grandfather, ex-Senator R. E. Withers,
in Wythevillc.
Miss Mary Anne Lawson died at thc
home of Mr. William Jordan, in Caro?
line county, after a long illness, aged
70 years.
(Mic Williams, the gypsy aecuscd of
running off with 16-ycar-old Fannie
Smith, with whom he was captured at
Emporia, after six days' cha<e. failed to
appear in court at Norfolk and his $1500
bail bond was declared forfeited. Local
bondsmen are secured by cash, most of
which is in gold, representing gypsy
hoardings collected from several States.
Williams was indicted by the grand
iiuy. No further effort will bc made to
arrest him.
East Radford has adopted a curfew
ordinance, and it will be vigorously en?
During the pa^t two weeks a large
number of rattlesnakes have been killed
in the mountains in Shenandoah county.
Thc largest to be reported was killed by
I".. I.. Drummond, of Strasburg, it meas?
uring 4 1-2 feet and had 15 rattles.
While kindling a fire at her home in
Charles City county, Miss Maud Bulli
lant. a io year-old girl, was burned to,
death. She used a can of oil. which ex?
ploded. Her mother came to her as?
sistance and was so badly burned that
her death is expected.
Thc light for another charter for
Rosslyn, the village near Alexandria, i*
io be made before the next Legislature.
A movement is already on loot to have,
this measure pressed upon the atten?
tion of thc Assembly when it comes
back in tbe fall.
John Kennett, a well-known mineral?
ogist of Floyd county, was badly in
itired by being kicked by a vicious
horse. His nose is broken, two ribs
broken over thc heart and he was in?
jured internally.
The Powhatan Lime Company, at
St!asburg Junction, Shenandoah county,
will be ready lo begin operations within1
the na*, io davs or two wicks.
Saving tiie Pennie*.
She was a nice little girl who had just
joined one of thc downtown clubs, thc
dues of which were one cent, payable
weekly. One day she came to thc club
with tears in her eyes. The directress,
? kindly young lady vastly interested in
Sociological problems, kindly patted thc
child's head.
"What's thc matter. Maggie?" she
Maggie gulped, and then looked up
with doglike faith. "My ma says she
ain't a-goin' to lemme come here any?
more. We can't afford to pay a penny a
"Poesn't your father work?" isked
thc directress, kindly. "Why, I thought
he was getting a good salary and had
joi.ied thc union."
"Ves'm." sobbed Maggie, "he was.
Bin he don't work now-?lie strike.-."
1 or Min I ii li i m.
Tile late Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes
was much amused by the enthusiastic
manner of a young druggist who was
trying to persuade Dr. Holmes to buy
certain medical instruments.
"You arc a splendid orator." said Dr.
Holmes, smiling.
"Sw." replied tlie young druggist, "I
im working for the interest nf the firm."
Dr Holmes' smile broadened, and.
placing his hands upon thc shoulders of
thc young man, said:
"I beg your pardon, but it strikes nie
that you arc working tor thc interest of
the infirm, my yoting friend."
Otherwise l'nrha?i(;e<l.
"Right here where this farm is," said
the old settler in Northern Indiana,
"there used to be a lake. I caught
wagon loads of tish in it many a time,
when I was young."
"Aud now I sec it's a corn field." said
thc tourist.
"Yes, sir. and it raises a hundred
bushels o' corn to thc acre."
"I see," observed ihe traveler, "when
thc lake dried up it changed a fish liar
into a corn crop liar."
"Yes," said Jenkins, "my mother is
quite ill."
"Ah!" exclaimed thc polite French?
man. "I feel mooch zc sympathee. and
what ee> ze mattress?"
"The mattress? Oh, you mean what
is the matter?"
"Ah! but ess eel not of ze female gen
dairc zat wc speak?"
Not Ne.MiMiiry.
Mr. Skinner?You'll have to wait
awhile for your wages this week. I
can't pay you today.
Clerk?See herc, now, that won't do.
sir; I've got to live, you know.
Mr. Skinner?Nonsense! What put
that idea into your head?
I pl low Foe 11 ii K
"You're an astronomer, are you?"
"Shake! I'm a theatrical manager. I
wonder if you have as bard a time find?
ing new stars as I have."
Merrill'* Koot Towner.
An absolute miro for all foot troubles.
OuaraatfM to stop all odor and exoiMtva
[jarsplfation-. Brings red. burning, smarting,
tired aud tender feet to a perfectly normal
condition. A superior toilet article for ladies.
Thi-t powder does away with the use of dress
Shields. Druggists, or sent direct in hand?
some sprinkle top tin package for 25c.
Kutti! F. Merbu.i., Maker, Woodstock, Vt.
The monkey wrench gets it< name from
its inventor. Thomas Monkey, of Borden
town. N. I.
Auk Your Dealer For Allen's Foot-Ka.w,
A powder. It rests the feet. Cures Corns,
Bunions, Swollen, Sore, Hot, Callous,Aching.
Sweating Feet and Ingrowing Nails. Allen's
Fcot-F.ase mHkesnewortlghtshoe_nasy. At
all Druggists and Shoe stores, 25 cents. Ac?
cept no substitute. Sample malled Fhek.
Address Allen S. Olmsted. Leltoy, N. Y.
Crematories for the destruction of the
Imdies of animals which have died from in?
fectious disease* are lo lie erected at sev?
eral centres in Silesia.
" T)k\h Mrs. Pinkham: ? Mothers
Heed not dread childbearing after they
know the value of Lydia E. Pink?
ham's Vegetable Compound.
While I loved children I dreaded the
ordeal, for it left me weak and.sick
p. \ i~..:-.."
for months after, and at the time I
thought death was a welcome relief;
but before my last child was born a
good neighbor advised F.,ydin E.Pink
liam's Vegetable Compound, and
I used that, together frith your Pills
and Sanative Wash for four months
before the child's birth;?it brought
me wonderful relief. I hardly had an
ache or pain, and when the child waa
ten days old I left my bed ,'trong in
health. Everysprinffandfall Inowtake
abottleof Lydia ElPinkhn_-_'.lVeg?
etable Compound and rind it keeps
me in continual excellent health.'' ?
Mrs. .1. II. Haskivs. 1:.'4S Indiana Ave.,
Chicago, ll!. ? $5000 forfeit ifahoie testimo?
nial is not genuine.
Cn re and en refill counsel is
what tfie expectant and would-be
mother needs, and this counsel
the can secure without cost by
writing io Mrs. Pinkham at
Lynn, Mass.
W. H. Griffin, Ja-kson, Michigan, writes.
"Suffered with Catarrh for fifteen years.
Hall's Cstarrh Cure eared me." Sold by
Druggists. lo*\
A nan saay pocket his pride, but a
woman hasn't any pockets.
FITS permanently cured.No fits or nervous?
ness after first clay s use of Dr. Kline's Great
NerveRestorer.$2trial bottle and treatisefree
Dr. H.H. Ki.iyg, Ltd.. 931 Areh8t?Phila., Pa.
The photographer who doesn't wish to
be a flat failure >mist flatter.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup for children
teething, soften the gums, reduces Inflamma?
tion, allays pain,cures wind collo. 25o. a bottle
When a fool is the victim of hereditary
influences he il a.chip of the old blockhead, j |
Pi.o's Cure ls the best medicine we overused
for all affections of throat and lungs.?Wm.
C. Endslet, Vnnbur.n, Ind., Feb. 10, 1900.
Some people would rather lose their char?
acters tnan their monev.
Hrs. J. H. Haskins, of Chicago,
Ul., President Chicago Arcade
Club, Addresses Comforting
Words to Women Regarding
Cured by Pe-ri-n of Catarrh of the Stomach
After Doctors Failed.
Hon, J, D, Botkin, Congressman
from Kansas, Writes an Interesting
Captain 0. Bertoletto, ot the Italian
Barque "Lincellee," in a recent letter from
the chief office of the Italian Barque Lin?
celles. Pensacola. Kia., writes:
"I hare suffered for ne vera I years
with chronic catarrh of thc stomach.
The doctors prescribed for me icilh
out my receiving thc least benefit.
Through one of your pam ph I ctn I be?
gan the use of Peruna, and two bot?
tles have entirely cured mr. I rec?
ommend I'crunit to all m ?/ friends,"
?O. Kcrlolctto.
In catarrh of the stomach, m well as ca?
tarrh of any par! of the body. Peruna is
tiie remedy. As has been often Mid if Pe?
runa will cure catarrh of one part it will
cure catarrh of any other part ni the body
Catarrh ia catarrh wherever located,]
and thc remedy that "ill cure it anywhere;
will cure it everywhere.
rs the oldest and only business college in Va. own.
ing its building?a grand new one. No vacations.
Ladies & gentlemen. Bookkeeping,Shorthand,
typewriting, Penmanship, Telegraphy, &c.
" Leading business college south of the Potomac
river/? Phila. Sienflgiaphn. Address,
G IC, Smithdeal. President. Richmond. Va.
*???? oiled clothing;
A reputation extending over j
^^ aixty-aix yews and our j
guarantee are back, of
?very garment bearing the
There we many imitations.
De sure of the name
TOWER on the buttons.
53 & $3-^2 SHOES Sen
IV. . 0 ci ila* s 10 ri rr? the $tai darri of the world.
Vi. Ii. Moeia* HaSS ami >a\i\ more mtn'% Qui
p.ir IV .-ll Kan I Sim\i. 1 TrcifM shot* In tho Hist
ll months ot |!!i>. H1-111 ??] other manufacturer.
M fl flflfl MMniHwillsepeMteaaieaewis
0 I UiJUU nt" iHnprefs lid-" stalesaeal.
ka \\.mm I2.SSU ttMtm
B?i' tmaarltH nwt American leathers, Heul"t
'ntent Cal'. ?nvmt, B->* Calf. Calf. Vici Kid. Cmnna
)olt, fla'. Kantara. Pa4 Color Kyeleln n*r?|.
'aiifinn I The acnulna hive W. ... DOUGLAS'
"lu" "' ? n-inif nnd prica ftamp*rl on bottom.
Skeet >?i mad, ?.v, extra. Pin: t'atahgfree.
H N r
The following letter from (Jongres.iuarj
Botkin speaks for itself:
Wasbikotos, D. (J.
Dr. .S. B. Hartman, (omnibus, ().:
My Hear Doctor lt pres me pleaseri
to cert if j to tbe excellent curative quali?
ties ot your med _
ieines Perunai
uni Uanalin. I *
hive leen af-J
dieted more or*
!es- foi- a quart et 4
of .1 century hit ii *
catarrh ol the I
stomach ami i on J
?tipation. A resi *
detiee in Wsab 4
nilton has i
creased these trou-J
Ken. .\ lew ho! J '^
ties of your nmd ? ^g?%
ieine have given* ^v*??
BK almost com* ^^
nlete relief, and*
I am sure that a
continuation ^t then will effect a perma?
nent euri". Peruna is surely a wonderful
remedy for catarrhal affection*.? J. D.
This is a ease of catarrh of the stomach
which had run for twenty rive year*, ac?
cording to his statement, arid I'eruna has
af once come to his relief, promptly accom?
plishing for him more benefit than he had
peen able lo find in all other remedies dur
ins; a quarier ct a century.
It stands to reason thal a man of wealth
md influence, like a j oncrc-snnn of the
_roat United Stale*, ha- left no ordinary
means untried and no stone unturned to
(ind a cure.
If such cures aa these do not vuily the
claim nm only thar dyspepsia is due to ca?
tarrh 01' the itomach, hui also that I'eruna
will cure catarrh of the stomach, it is im?
possible to imagine how any evidence
could do ^0.
If you do noi derive prompt and satis?
factory results from the tue of Peruna,
write at once to Dr. Hartman, living a
full -t a lenient of your ease and he will he
pleaded to give you his \ linallie advice
Address l>r. Hartman. President of Tho
Hartman Sanitarium. Columbus, Ohio.
I KeneruHy bad a headache every
day. I thought I would try glasses,
inn still I had Hie headache. Ono
day my niece naked mo why I did
tint try Itipnns Tubules. I have
been laking them since last Septem?
ber and am gaining in health. I
only weighed 110 pounds aud now
I weigh 140. I take four Tubules
every day of my life?one in the
morning, two at noon, and one every
night before I go to bed.
At druggists.
The Five-Cent packet is enough for an
ordinary occasion. The family bottle,
60 cents, contains a supply for a year.
??^i_fei_fci_S.i_fc^^^^i-fe $?
th re?
lics b
I. ?l
l-CHOLS' Piedmont Iron and
Alum H *ter is the residue left
after reducing oue hundred and
sixty times tho wator as it cornea
from our Minernl Hprmgs,
RheumaUam. Indigestion, Fomnl*
TrovUle and all Ch ronlo DUeasea
or rnfltiey rrtuieled. Co.-ts you only
? nts p rday. Sold in Wo. and pl bot*
all merchants aud druggists. If thoy
t supply you, write io
i:< IIOLS <?>., Lynchburg, Va,
Mi:\V I'KNsioN l.vws. \ il .in., j:. IMS pan.
mihis certain survivor* au I their vii >wa ?>: tba in.
lim Wiir-ii.iiiu.M7 to ISM. Wa will psi ff ??> tor
wary good Contract Claim under tbU ?.?;. Ad ot
Inly" 1. 19 . petwlous certain -...ii..,-, ho had prior
onlederate xervure, oleo who ma ?>? charged witta
Ieee rt toa. Ku Denalon un i.-- .vrtvloa (rs*. Voe
ilniik-i andlull inftrrurti ms .1 td ?-- tim iv. |{. Willi
fusion Agency, Will* linlliii;. :n. Indialla Avs
ft'aahtngton, D. H. i'wenty yearn practical!! Wash*
ngton. L'opiefol tho law*Neut toriesnts.
6% \J fi O I qnwfe raliai nad eur's ?tot
rora I
MSM Ri.-k of t?-tini"ii * ? rn.: I O clnya'tr?,itir?nt
free. Dr H H. GHEtK'a .OH.. U?s 8, At inti, Ga
CUTICURA OINTMENT for preserving;, purifying and beauti
fvin? the skin, scalp, hair, and hands, for irritations of the skin, heat
ra.hes, tan, sunburn, bites and stings of insects, lameness and soreness
incidental to outdoor sports, for sanative, antiseptic cleansing, and for
all the purposes of the toilet, bath, and nursery.
k^-Mu'jh thal all should know about the skin, scaly, aud hair ia told In
the circular with Cuticura Soap.

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