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Highland Ueckodek
Ilrief Items of Interest to llonie
Volks About Their Friends
Aud Ai i; ii a in ta nco.
Di N A Whitelaw of Hightown
was over Monday.
Mr Janies Cross who has fever,
continues to improve.
Mr H ll Terr} of the Uiver was
up Saturday on ousiness.
Mr Cornelius Wimer of Crabbot?
tom was over Wednesday.
Mrs J L Hiner is visiting rela?
tives near Lewisburg, W Va.
fir Josiah Crunimett of Back
Creek was in town Wednesday.
Mr J as II Blagg was a recent
and valuable caller at this office.
Mr W A Maliena* of the Bot?
tom was a town visitor Saturday.
A J Waybright cut f.is leg right
badly with an axe a few days ago.
Write or phone das. W. Liggett
care Shreckhise .: Bear for samples
of the newest things for Fall and
Winter gowns.
Charles Diggs has gone to Dur*
bin to work on Hr Tate Hiner1! saw?
Hr George Gutsliall took a lot of
cattle to Buckingham county this
Mr Orion Fleisher of Strait Creek
was doing some trading here Wed?
Mrs W M Trimble and Miss Ed?
na Slaven are visiting relatiyes at
Mr M F Wiley of Hendricks W
Va. visited his farm on the Kiyer
this week.
. Mr Jacob Heyener Jr and wife
of Crabbottom spent Monday in
Mr Will Hull and son of the
Hightiwu neighborhood was in
town Saturday.
Sept. 12th. and 13th, are the days
for the Fall and Winter opening at
Shreckhise & Bear's. Staunton Va,
Mr Uriah Hevener of Crabbot?
tom spent a short while in town
Attorneys L IL Stephenson and
E tl McClintic are attending Bath
county urcuit court.
Hiss Lucy Hiner of McDowell
visited her aunt, firs Amanda Ary
boga>t recently.
Mr Collingwood Dickson spent
Sunday in Monterey, the guest of
Mr W A Cunningham.
We regret Co announce the death
of Miss Maggie Ball, whose illness
we reported in last issue.
Our Fall and Winter stock is now
open and ready for your inspection.
?Shreckhise & B'.ar, Staunton, Va,
Mrs. Preston Clark of W Va. is
visiting her daughter, Mrs. P H
McNulty of Meadow Dale.
Mr Tim Shull7 of Staunton is
with his father Mr John Shultz at
Mill Hap, who is dangerously ill.
Mr Will Reverconib and Mrs J C
McGuffin of Warm Springs were
Stopping Jit Hotel Star Saturday.
Hr Adam Li_.lt uer and sister,
Hiss Ada of Valley Center were
visiting Monterey friends Wednes?
You are invited to visit us and
inspect our line of up-to-date Fall
and Winter goods.?Shreckhise &
Seventy three more of Mr. L H
Stephenson's herd of fine cattle
were shipped Moi.day byMr.S A
Mr Charles B Gibbs and family
of Bolar neighborhood were in
town Saturday doing some shop?
Write or phone us for samples
of Fall and Winter goods which
are now open.?Shreckhise & Bear.
Mrs. Cameron Oom and children
of Wann Springs are visiting High?
land relatives.
Lingering Summer Colds.
Don't let a cold run at this sea?
son. Summer colds are the hard?
est kind to cure and if neglected
may linger along for months. A
long siege like this will pull down
the strongest constitution. One
Minute Cough Cure will break up
the attack ut once. Safe. sure, acts
at once. Cures coughs, colds, croup,
bronchitis, all throat and lung
troubles. The children like it.
K. H. Trimble, M, D,
Mr C S iVay bright a former mer?
chant of Crabbottom, left Tuesday
for Portland, Oregon to seek a
borne, and will be absent two or
three months.
A Sad Disappointment.
Ineffective liver medicine is a dis
tppointment, but you don't want tc
purge, strain and real, the glands
of the stomach and bowels. De?
witt's Little Earley Risers never
disapoint. They cleanse the system
of all poison aud putrid matter and
do it so gently that one enjoys t\n
pleasant effects. They ari' a' tonic
to the liver. Cure biliousness, tor?
pid liver and prevent feyer. K. H
Trimble, M. P.
Mr il D Folks of Crabbottom
was over Saturday and purchased a
nice cooking range from Arbogast
& Johnston.
Mrs Samuel Couch of West Va.
accompanied by her children, ia
spending the week with her sister,
Mrs V B Bishop.
Mr Benj Varner of Hight >wn
called to see us while in town \\ cd
nesday. He says it is too dry td
plow for wheat.
Hr E V Hook, one of the mail
men took a few days ott and made
a visit, to Albemarl county return?
ing to work Monday.
Mrs Sidney Wilson, of Radford.
Va. returned this way Tuesday
troni a visit to her sister, Mrs Har?
ry Moore of Dunmore, W Va,
Miss Nettie Johnston of Lewis
burg. W Va. is visiting her uncle
Mr John K Johnston at Vander?
My gallery will be closed from
the 1st to tbe20th of October, dur?
ing which time I will be in Frank?
lin. A. C. Suddarth.
Mr Wil, Gibson came in from
Horton Saturday and will remain
at home until after circuit court.
He and his sist-'r. .Miss Sallie Uibson
were in town Wednesday.
Hiss Nellie flcLaughlin whose
illness we mentioned, and who was
operated on at a Richmond hospi?
tal is doing nicely we understand.
Kev. U L Eutsler left Wednesday
for his home in Augusta county
where he will spend a couple of
weeks taking a' much needed rest.
Mr C S Peterson has shipped sev?
eral loads of cattle by way of Dur?
bin. Three loads are on the wav
this week, from the farms of Hun.
C'P Jones and E A Dudley Esq.
Mrs Charles P Jones is attending
an annual, dist, meeting of the
Womans Foreign Missionary So
cietv in session this week at Staun?
ton .
Mrs Randy williams and sister
Miss Hana Hillston of Oh.) arrived
here Wednesday to visit their j
mother Mrs nolly Ralsotn of Mill
WANTED by Monterey school Hoard.
a moral, competent teacher^for tbe
colored school in Monterey, High?
land County Va. for the school
term 1002-8, male prefered,
Staunton News insert one time.
Lost?About a month ago my led?
ger, a light brown past board bael:,
book aboui 15 by 7 inches and one
inch thick, containing accounts,
receipts &e. was through careless?
ness, or by mistake taken from niv
table in the sitting room of mv
home. Any one furnishing me
with any information in regard to
the oook will be rewarded.
Mrs. m. c. Trimble.
Tbe remainder of the fut cattle
of John Trimble and Dr I ll Trim?
ble and G W Hevener, 50 in num?
ber, were started for market Wed?
nesday by Hoover & Co. In value
thev represented something over
Rey. David Bush of Staunton,
presiding elder ol' Rock ingham dis?
trict, during the past week held
quarterly meetings on Crabbottom.
Monterey and McDowell circuits
and preached at Monterey Monday
Ant Ct:mm or parsonage or in?
stitution upper ted by voluntary
contribi th ri will be given a liberal
quanti.' nf the Longman & Marti?
nez Paints whenever you paint.
Notk:- This has been our custom
for twenty-seven years; anv build-1
ing not satisfactorily painted, wilM
be repainted at our expense; about)
one gallon of Linseed Oil to be ad-]
ded to every gallon of paint to'
make ready for use; it's mixed in j
two minutes, and cost of the paint
thereby made less in price than
any other. Vearly product over
one million gallons.
Longman & Martinez.
Sole Agent John J. Hiner, '
McDowell, Va.
Aug. 15-5t.
A lis1; of new subscribers to the
Recorder, with those who have re?
newed or yaid in lull or in j; rt
during the past 8 weeks:
Roy Waggoner University of Va;
Preston Echard. Mat kwood Propst.
W W Botkin Monterey; Robt. L
Botkin, Churcliville: Lewis Sim?
mons Valley Center; Rev. C C Ar?
bogast Green Bank; J C Harold
Meadow Dale; Mrs. Mary L Sim?
mons Sugar Grove; Rev. Father
Payne (Mitton Forge; Mrs. M J
Illili Rock Cave W Va; C S Mc?
Nulty, Andrew Jones, Homer
Stephenson W k L University; Dr.
GC Rodgers Ar ber Hill; A S Will
Wynard, Neb; J E Vance McDow?
ell-J II Burns, C B Gibbs Bolar;
N W Arbogast Minier, III; J 0
iMathenv Ottobine; J C Bogga
Cass, VV Va; Esaw Rexrode, J ll
Partner, Arthur Colaw Crabbottom;
Mrs. W W Winston La Monte, Mo;
Hussel Jones R M College; Miss
j Mabel Jones R M W College; Boyd
Stephenson Hampden Sidney Col?
lege; Miss Janet Stephenson M B
Seminary; Prentiss Campbell B M
Academy; Swope H Will Liberty,
? O T; Chas. P Jon. s Jr Covington;
?las. Il Blagg Doe Hill: Mrs. Man
F Newbank:. Lexington, ill. per
I ll Blagg; Andrew Revercomh
Clover Creek: \)w F S Suddarth
Williamsville; Flora R Kirkpat?
rick Fay. O, Ter; Sidney Wilson
I Radford, Va.
A Sad Death.
Henderson, aged 22 years, son of
Hr. V. F. Haroun*, of Back Creek,
uied Sunday at Iluttonsville, W. Va.
The body was at once brought to
his home and interment took place
Tuesday morning, Rev. R. L. Euts?
ler officiating.
Henderson had been working at
a lumber camp in West Va. where
he contracted fever, and feeling ill?
ness coming upon him started for
home. He made his way as far as
Iluttonsville where he became vio?
lently sick and died in a short while.
The funeral service was unusual?
ly sad, and for the bereayei family
?md friends genuine sympathy is
?x pressed.
Berlin Crummett Hurt,
Berlin, youngest son of Mr. and
Mts. S, W. Crunnnett, while out
near town Sunday evening with
some of bia young friends, gather?
ing chestnuts, fell from a tree a
distance of some, twelve or fifteen
feet and was so badly hurt that he
liiid to bc assisted home by Ins com?
panions, and for more than i day
and night his condition was such
as lo give his parents much alarm.
He is yet very Bick, his swolen
and bruised face and neck and brok?
en teeth being evidence that lie re?
ceived ii shock from which he could
not recover in a short while. The
accident is serious indeed as it re?
sulted, but it is remarkable that he
jilin, through it with his life.
At the home of the bride, on
Strait Creek, Wednesday morning,
Rev. R. L. Eutsler officiating, Miss
Mary Beverage, daughter of James
C. Beverage Esq. and Mr. Cecil VV.
Ralston of Crab Run, were united
in marriage. Alter the ceremony
Mr. and Mrs. Ralston proceeded to
the home of the groom's parents
where they were heartily welcomed
by their numerous friends.
At the home of the bride, near
Vanderpoel,Tuesday morning, Rev.
H. T. lieirouimous officiating, Miss
Bruce Hull, daughter of Mr. Jacob
N. Hull, nnd Mr. A, G. Wine of
Spring Creek, Rockingham county,
were united in marriage. Amid
the well wishes and hearty congrat?
ulations of frieuds the happy pair
took their leave immediately for
tbe groom's home.
Rexrode against Armstrong.
A suit for slander, lately insti?
tuted in the Circuit Court, and will
lil.clv be heard itt this tenn, ii large
number of witnesses having been
summoned, is that of Mrs. Louisa
Rexrode against Abel H. Arm?
strong. J. M. Colaw, Esq, is st
torney for Mrs. Rexrode and Hon.
Charles P. Jones is representing
the interests of Mr. Armstrong.
An indictment for forgery stand).
against Mr. Armstrong in the coun?
ty court of Highland, it having
been presented by the grand jury
at the last M ireh term,since which
time he hits not been u resident of
the county or state, his probable
place of abode being at some point
in West Virginia.
Mrs. Rexrode is the wife of Am?
brose Rexrode, and resides near
Palo Alto.
Final Registration for Stone?
'lin Registrars of Stonewall dis?
trict will sit Oct. 14, 1902 to com?
plete the registration. (Notice fail?
ed to designate place?Ed.)
( H.T. Bradshaw,
Registrars - W, R. Siron,
/ J. O. Armstrong.
Beware of The Knife.
No profession has advanced mort
rapidly of late than Surgery, but il
j should not be used except when
I absolutely necessary. In eas.is ol
: piles for example, it is seldom need?
ed. DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salvt
j cures quickly sud permanently
Unequalled for cuts, burns, bruises
i wounds, sl<iu diseases- Accept m
counterfeits. "1 was so trouble*
with bleeding piles that I lost mud
blood and strength," says J. C
Phillips, Paris, III, HDeWittt
i Witch Hazel Salve cured me in i
I short time." Soothes a md heals
K. li. Trimble, M.D,
Grinding on Thursday.
The rionterey A.illing Company
has decided to do grinding ol
Thursday of each week and its lon j
there sifter a^ is necessary to grim
the supply that has come in. Th
wheat crop is very light and till
i- done to curtail expenses in tb
freq nen I slat ting of t he mill.
Farmer's Favorite Drill.
The Bickford and Huffman, Fal
mer'H Favorite dii:l ia undoubted!
the best on i he marki t, Parti,
linn!- ing of pnrehiish g can prc
cure same from me the count
agent, W. A. Cunningham.
Jones-Hansel V,\.::'...;.
Dor. Hill, Sfpt. 17, Uta!,?The
prettiest wedding ever witnessed
in our town, was celebrated in the
Methodist church this morning.
The contracting parties were
Rev. Ernest Hansel aud Miss Eliz?
abeth Jones.
The church was beautifully and
tastefully decorated for the occa?
sion, with autumn leaves, vines and
potted plants.
Promptly at (J o'clock, the bridal
party, proceeded by the ushers, Mr.
Pendleton Hoggs of Franklin, \Y.
Va. and Mr. Benjamin Hiner of j
McDowell, Va. entered the church
to the strains of "Mendelsohn's
Wedding March", beautifully ren?
dered by Miss Grace Berlin of
Bridgewater, Va. a cousin of the
bride. Mr. Bpggsentered by the
I right aisle, followed by the groom
Lind best man, Rev. J. McClure.
Mr. Hiner entered by the left aisle,
followed by the maid of honor,
Miss Grace Jones, sister of the bride,
and the bride, leaning on the arm
of her father, who led her to the
alter sud gave her away.
The bride looked lovely in a mode
tailor-made, traveling dress, with
gloves and hat to match, and cur?
ried a boo;net of brides roses. The
maid of honor wore a blue tailor
made suit with hat to match, and
carried boquet of pink carnations.
The bride and groom stood un?
der fi horse-shoe of clematis, which
wiis suspended from an arch of au?
tumn leaves, while the beautiful
and impressive ceremony was per?
formed by Rev. M. P." WV.kle of
the Methodist church, assisted by
Revs. Ralston and Johnston of the
Presbyterian church.
The party left the church imme?
diately itftei the ceremony, receiv?
ed congratulations of their many
friends after entering the hack.
which wiis in waiting at the en?
trance, and left amid showers of
rice and old shoes, for Staunton,
Va. where they Si iii spend the
night, and Hie following dav and
then take Hie train for Alpena, \Y.
Va. their future home.
The presents were numerous and
valuable, such as silverware, cut
glass and china. The handsomest
present was a beautiful Ivers <V
Pond piano, the gift of the groom.
Tiie groom is'a rising young
minister of the Presbyterian church.
The bride is the lovely, and accom?
plished daughter of Dr. H. ll.
Jones of this place. Both are well
known in this county and the best
wishes of a host of friends .attend
xVmong those in attendance from
other places were Mr. E, L. Berlin
and family of Bridgewater, Va.,
Mrs. D V Ruck mail and daughter
Miss Sara, Miss Cora Whitmore an i
Mr*. Dr. Burton, of Augusta, Mrs.
Harry Moore and "Miss Florence
Austin of Pocahontas, Mr. B Hiner
and family, Mr Wilt Bogga and
family, Mrs Ike Buggs and sou
Pendleton and Mrs I Johnston and
daughter of Pendleton, Dr A C
Jones and Chas P Jones Jr of Cov?
ington, Miss E\ra Hough of Miss?
issippi, Mrs Sidney Wihson, East
Radford, Va.
Mr Jones Holt and family return?
ed home last week, accompanied bv
Miss Bertie Hoover.
Mr II Whiting left for his home
in Cincinnatti yesterday.
Messers Ed Taylor and Austin
YYboddell took advantage of the
excursion this week to see the
beauties of our Nation's Capitol.
Misses Grace Jones and Mary
Eagle leave next week for Powha?
tan College, Charlestown, VV Va.|
where they will attend school the!
coming session. They will stop off |
at Shenandoah city to attend the:
marriage of a former schoolmate,.
Miss Maude Wood to Mr Alfred]
Mr Hal Jones will leave next
week for Randolph Macon Acade?
my, Front Royal, Va.
Mr and Mrs William Hiner, Mrs
L M Pope and Mrs Harmon Hiner
are on the sick Hst.
Miss Rose Blagg whose illness
was reported a few weeks -ago is
improving. Occasional.
List of Petit Jurors.
The following persons have been
summoned as petit jurors for the
September term of the Circuit
Court which convenes Monday, the
S. B. Rexrode, J. I). Simmons.
S. W. Sterrett, h. B. Byrd, G. 0.
Fleisher, G. F. Sirde, G. Anson
Bird, CT. Fleisher, E. A. Dudley,
C. i1. Burns, D. W. Carpenter and
H. i). Folks,
Fortune Favors a Texan.
"Hayingdistressing pains in bead, bac_
and stomach, and being without appe?
tite, ! began to u^c Dr, King's Nev. Lift
; Pills." writes ff. P. Whitelead, ot Ken
. nedale, Tex. "ami soon Mi like a new
man." Infallible ia stomach .ml live
troubles. Only 50c at iv. il. Trimble's
drug store, ..
Executor's Sale of Personal
As i xecutor of Jno. M. Hook.
lee'd, I will, on Saturday. Octo
ierIIth, 1902, at hi: lute residence,
it McDowell, Va., proceed to sell
?y public auction the following
tersona! proper.3: Two head ol'
lorse . 5 tows, 0 two-year-old cat?
ie, 5 yearlings, 5 calves, 6 stacks
il hay, about 75 shocks of corn, 1
oowing machine. 1 buggy rake, 2
iragons, 1 buggy, harness, 1 cider
nil! and many other urtich s too
.eidous to mention.
TERMS: A credit of six months
will be given on ul! sums of $5.00
ind over, purchaser to give bond
with approved security.
J. fid. Colaw, Executor.
Mr. Andrew Revercomh of ("lover
Drei k was up recently. Ile ia still
urfferiug from sn injury of two
broken rios. occaQioned by ii fall
From ;t horse six weeks ngo. Mr
Revercomb speaks discouragingly
nf the drought in his section. He
mys he has been feeding his stock
for three weeks and other .armers
ure doing likewise, and that the
Bullpasture valley, viewed from
the mountain top, has the appear
mee of a plowed field, it is so brown
iud bare.
Prof. VV J Maloy who has been
conducting slummer school st Lee,
Fla. has returned to Madison, Fla.
lo resume work a.^ principal of the
school there.
The following is a list of letters
uncalled for in the post-office itt
Monterey, Va. which will be sent
io the ; lead Letter offi e if still on
hand ul the expiral iou of 80 days:
Mrs. Jennie Kelma. Mrs. diaries
nevener, ni is Marv Davis, John m.
Napp, k. i). Walter Lee Payne, (2)
iud VV. L. Payne.
Sept. .!, 1902. Jl. M. Slayen, Post?
gyj M_L*yja_y_
A large assortment of fruit
and ornamental trees are
now growing ;it Wengers
. ie and are promis?
ing to be very line U>v the
fall season.
Bend yo ir orders direct
to. the nursery save lt ilf
ami "t belter attention.
Catal -; free.
i (.'. I). Wenger,
g-rx:_g^-?-a!-UMBn_.. i ii ? 11 m i ?? ?_?
Thousands Have Kidney Trouble
and Don't Know it.
How To rind Out.
Fill a bottle or common glass with your
water and let it stand Uventy-four hours; a
f~, _s sediment or set
"*" ->?5 tiing indicates an
,-tj unhealthy condi
neys; if it stains
your linen it is
evidence of kid?
ney trouble; tco
frequent desire to
pass it or pain in
the back ts also
convincing proof that the kidneys and blad?
der are out of cider.
What to Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
of:cn expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Ro.:, the great kidney remedy fulfills every
wish in curing rheumatism, pain in the
back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part
of ihe urinary passage. It corrects inability
to hold water and scalding pain in passing
lt, or bad effects following use of liquor,
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity cf being compelled to go often
during the day, and to get up many time3
during the night. The mild and the extra?
ordinary effect cf Swamp-Root is soon
reaii.cd. lt stands the highest for its won?
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
If you need a medicine you should have the
best. Sold by druggists in 50c. and$l. sizes.
You may have a sample bottle of this
wonderful discovery ftfTrxm
and a book that tells<f\7 ' ;? "^
more about it, both senij I
absolutely free by mail, ^""-^^i.
address Dr. Kilmer & norn, or swamp-Root
Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing men?
tion reading this generous offer in this paper.
goes straight to the
seat of the pain,
; no matter whether
it comes from
Used Externally
by rubbing only.
Equally good for
35 eta. per bottle.
m H. W*. ttnKlilyMi
To Cure A Cold In One Day
1 ,'..? Laxative Drome Quinine Tablets
I All ili'i' :i-i refund the money if it fail
tocure. E. ff. Grove's signature oneacJ
box. 25c.
A Parson's Noble lei.
ny wa ; to know," write
R( v. C .T ? lV ll *?? V '?"
id and reliable medici r.
tera- They ( t
me 0| |a | and liver troul .os lb.
; for num
,., irSi ? nuiue all-around ci r
m.-. e ??*?" !:?"
iric tiii ' ! M o! al! :
rful work ii. I- r, Chin
and Stomach tro n't Ia;l to tr
them. Only 50 cts. Satisfaction i
guaranteed by K. II. Trimble
I believe
I can save you sonic
9 $ ??? if you
Will buy your shoes
from nie. I know I
can dress your feet
in elegance and
comfort unsurpassed, if you let me. Try me
will you? Trunks, Suit Cases, Bags and
A. Lee Knowles Shoe Ca
21 W, Mainstreet - Staunton, Va,
Massanutten Academy,
(A Chartered Institution under the Management of a Board of Trustees.'-)
One of the Leading Preparatory Schools in Virginia
Some of the features that have made the school a successs are;
A personal interest in eacb student.
Rapid advancement by mean of small classes.
Thorough and exact instruction by capable college bred teachers.
Comfortable surroundings iu the most beautiful and healthful part of the Shen?
andoah Valiey.
Boarding department conducted on entirely new plan. Each student lceeiyee
individual meals served in the same manner and as neatly as in the modern hotel.
Patronized by many of the leading business and professional men of the Valley
counties and other sections of Virginia and West Virginia.
Reasonable terms; co extra; completely furnished rooms.
For catalogue and other information, address
J. Hitor Garrison, A, B., President.
The Highland High School,
:_?i<3-_3:TO'w-_sr "V-a..
REV. W. W. CARSON, A. B., Principal.
A Classical School for Boys and Girls. Next session begins SEPTFMBIR
1ST, 1002. Prepare* students for college or seminary. Careful attention giyen
to the moral and spiritual, as well as the mental traning of each pupil. The Bible
is in daily use in the school and constitutes apart of the course of study, which
includes also, Latin, Creek, French, German, Literature, Music, Science, Art.
Mathematics, Stenography, ind Typewriting, as well as the usual Public School
brunches. Earnest effort is made to lay a solid and broad foundation for tbe
?vork of life. The climate and location can not be surpassed. The social sur?
roundings are all thal could be desired by parents who send their children to
school to learn only the best things. The faculty is composed of experienced and
competent instructors. The course of study is thorough. The discipline ls kind,
but positive. The advantages offered are as good as tbe be6t, and the costs as low
ns the lowest. Total expenses range from $125 to $200, including books, board.
fees, tuition etc. For catalogue or further information address,
REV. W. VV. CARSON, Principal.
Estabished 187*2 Incorporated 1884.
Begins Its 31st. Session Sept. 2, 1902,
No school of the kind can boast of a better record than '?DunFmore." Its rates
for tuition and hoard are less than other Business Colleges and the standard of
teaching higher. Its students hold irood positions in nearly every state and country.
Twelve rooms for Behool purposes with an Auditorium 60x110 feet in size.
210 Students em oiled past session. i\To guarantee as to position necessary al
this school. There is a place waiting for a full graduate.
Bend for Catalogue. rn
Any painter who knows his business will tell you that MASURY'8
PAINTS have a world-wide ruputation for excellence. There are
cheaper paints, of course, but such paints are necessarily inferior, being
made of cheaper material, which will not cover as well?not last as
long: Some people say, "A gallon of paint is a gallon of paint." True!
But Masury's Paints cover 300 sq. ft. per. gallon?two good heavy
coats?and last all the way from six to sixteen years, while the cheap
paints cover from one-third to one half less surface and fade away and
begin to chalk, or crock, off in a year or two.
Not all high-priced paints are good. Many are badly adulterated
with benzine, which you can detect by its odor, or with water, which
our agents can tell you how to detect. Others contain chalk, whiting
or other worthless or harmful adulterants and cheapeners. Such paints
ought to be cheap, if they are not.
Masury's Paints are guaranteed abolutely Pure Linseed Oil Paint*,
and are warranted to outlast, not only all other paints, but Pure Whit*
Lead as well. Sold under guarantee by druggists.
Willson Bro?.,
Wholesale and Retail Druggists,
Staunton. Va
Putnam's Music Store
Largest Size, Cabinet Grand, in Handsome Mahogany, Walnut
or Oak Cases. Ivory Keys, Bushed Tuning Pins. Hand Carved
Panels, Patent Noiseless Pedal action, and the wonderful Man?
dolin attachment which gives delightful imitations of different
stringed instruments.
$10 Down and $5 per month; or
$180 CASH.
Inducing Handsome Stool and Scarf to match piano.
W. W. PUTNAM & Co.. We8t KSW

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