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Highland Keckodek
ftrief Items of Interest to Home
^olks About Their Friends*
And Acquaintances.
Mr I* H Hupman of the Cow pas?
ture was in town Tuesday.
Mr and Mrs Will Mullen** of
Crabbottom were in town Tuesday.
Mr and Mrs Wm P Rexrode are
visiting relatives ia Upshur countv
W. Va.
Mr Wiri Malcom who has a job
of lumbering at Arbovale is home
tor a few days. 4
Miss Lucy Crowley of McDowell
is visiting at the home of Hr L A
Miss Minerva McGlaughlin of
Valley Outer, is visiting Mrs R L
Rev R L Eutsler expects to be?
gin bis protracted meeting at High
town next Wednesday night, Sept.
Mr Clide lliner came in from
Durbin Tuesday to employ hands
to work on the mill in which he is
Messrs W A Campbell and Wil?
liam McCoy of Franklin are in
Mr W P Campbell of Stuart's
Draft is attending court here today
{Thursday). Mrs Campbell is with
I will preach at Hightown at, ll
tx. m. next Sunday and at New
Hampden at 4 p. m. W S Trimble
J will be here during circuit court
and request that all parties owing
?*? will please settle. W P Camp?
iJiss Eddie McClintic has return?
ed from Webster Springs and on
Saturday was taken to lier home
near Williamsville by her biother
E H McClintic Esq. 1
Aunt Sarah Matheny and daugh?
ter Miss Annie of Valley Center
nre visiting the Matheuys at Mon?
A license has been issued from
the clerk's office for the marriage
of Mr Wm S Winier and Miss Fan?
nie S Newlen both of Crabbottom.
Mr R F Gillett is at work on the
cemetery fence, and we can tell by
tbe way he goes about it that he
intends to turn over to the trustees
a good iob of work.
* Meesrs Ben Hiner of McDowell
and Andy Revercomb of Bullpas
tnre spent a short while in town
Tuesday. They said tbe boys are
busy making preparations for the
tournament of Oct. 8.
Tbe physician's bill alone for
treatment of Willis Haltennan who
dievd recently at the Iv D Hospital
at Staunton, was $251. Such ex?
orbitant charges are not likely to
be tbe means of that hospital
growing rapidly in favor in this
The Bath Couiitv Enterprise
charges candidates $3 50 for run?
ning announcements and they
must ''cough up" before they an?
nounce. Bro. Pa\ne don't want
those candidates who, for the sim?
ple reason of an insufficient num?
ber of yotes, do not make a change
el occupation, to be worrying over
his unpaid bill.
Fruit cans and fruit evaporators,
each or both can be had at C C Ar
bogast's tin -hop.
Rev R L Eutsler will preach on
Sunday, the 27th, at Monterey at
ll a.m. and at Strait Creek at 3
p. m.
McCuRDIB?Thia well known
thoroughbred, Perehtron Stallion
js at niY stable and will remain
there for the fall season,
J K Kramer, owner,
lm Hull, Va.
Mr Asa W Auldridge, a cook,
with an enviable record, in a West
Va. lumber camp and Miss Kate
Simmons, daughter of Mr Lewis
Simmons of Back ('reek were unit?
ed in marriage on Wednesday by
Rev R L Eutsler. Both contract?
ing parties are deaf mutes necessi?
tating an interpreter in the per?
formance of the ceremony.
The Dr J ll Cunningham will
case was set for hearing in the
Marlinton court this week. Mr Wr
A Cunningham and his attorney,
Hon. Chas. P. Jones are attending
the court.
JCBoggs, Esq. came in Tues?
day from Academy, where he is en?
gaged in business, to visit his
daughter, Mrs R B Campbell and
oth*r friends.
The sale of the lands of Mr and
Mrs T J Wiseman to be made by
S B Sieg, trustee, will take place at
Monterey on Thursday Oct. 22,
(county court day) instead of on
tho premire* as advertised.
Miss Dessie Jordon, who has
been visiting at the home of G J
Hiner for several weeks met with
ap accident a few days ago in which
she bridie one of her writs aud
sprained the other one. Dr.
K H Trimble rendered tbe neces?
sary surgical treatment, and Miss
Jordon's father. Dr. George M.
Jordon of frost, was over on Mon?
day to see bis daughter, accompani?
ed by bis daughter, Miss Clara who
will remain with her sister during
lier indisposition. i
Mrs Garnet Muilenax and Miss
Gertrude Hull were in towu shop'
>ing Tuesda-y.
Work on Mr Jonas Betener'i
I welling, near Hightown. is in pro?
gress. Mr Harrison Bowers is
wilding the foundation and Mr.
lohu Hevener ha* the. contract for
he carpenter work.
Mr Henderson Lockridge and
vife spent a day in town recently.
Rev Josiah Beverage will'preach
he funeral of Willis Haltermaii on
tanda?. Sept. 27th. ll a. m. at
'or ks of Water.
Mr C C Hansel is with us again,
Jerking for Bishop & Co.
Mrs S W Crunimett is spending
he week in Baltimore, making the
urchase of her fall goods, She is
ccompanied by her son Dick.
Miss Mabel Jones returned this
?eek to the Lychburg College.
Misses Josephine and Janet
tephenson are spending the week
t Staunton.
Mrs Paris Johnston has been ex
remely ill with fever at her home
t Cass. We are glad to learn that
lie ts now improving.
"How are your potatoes turning
ut. little boy ?" "Not tnrn'n out
t all, have to dig Vin out."
Mrs 0 E Sui len berber is expect
d home this week from Baltimore
rhere she has been at Johns' Hop
ins Hospital, and making a visit
o her two sons Carl and Lynn who
re living in that city.
Mr John Ralston who was at
onie sick has returned to the limi?
er camp.
Twenty-five Herefords sold last
reek by George Smith to S. A.
tarter, proved to be a fine lot,
reigning, on an average, 1406}
?ou nds.
Mr Lafayette Simmons who is
ngaged in business at Durbin is
lome for a few days.
Miss Catharine Adams has re
urned to her home at Norfolk ac
oinpanied by her sister. Miss Sallie
t*ho is taking a abort vacation.
The dog tax business is slow at
he present writing.
Miss Sallie Wilson will be one
if the teachers in the public school
it Marlinton.
A contract baa been made with
4r. W H Hiner for the painting of
he school house and he is now at
vork making a pleasing change in
he appearance of the building,
issisted by Mr Tom Sipe. Mr Hiner
s to be commended for the cut of
M2 he has made on the job. his bid
jeing that much less.than the reg
ilar price per yard charged by
Mr Toni Wagner is borne fro tr.
West Va. for a week. The largest
'.om a toe we have seen this season
ie brought us from his home gard?
en, near Monterey. It weighs 2
ioui:ds and 2 ounces.
MrsG W Hevener and children
?eturned this week to their home
it Leesburg, Va.
Mrs Ella Fleisher's well, at her
mme here seems to have attracted
iiuch attention during the sum?
ner, especially among the visitors
n town. It is a mineral water
md may prove to be valuable. On
Hr 0. Wilson's farm not far from
his well are two or three mineral
iprings, one of which contains
nagnesia aud other mineral sub
tan ces.
On the occasion nf a burial re
:ently at the Lightner grave yard,
'ear Valley Center, we were pres
nt and saw Maj. Charles Wade
tending reverently bv several
graves, arranged as though they
vere of one family. Upon exami?
nation we found that the graves
:ontained Maj. Wade's loyec ones.)
md after enquiry found that all]
he members of his family, his wif<
md all bis children were buried
here. So far as we can recall, no
ither case, where a parent liyes to
iee his or her life companion and
ill their children buried, bas ever
:ome to our knowledge.
The C. & 0. railroad has a large
'orce at work on the extension of
heir line between Durbin and
rrave'ers Repose, and capenters are
it work on the depot at Bartpw.
rile extension is to be completed
n three months. This will make a
shorter haul for Highland freights.
Natthe Abbvyid in Her
Brightest Garb finds a parallel
n every section of our store,
rhere's a bright, crisp newness
ibout the stock, very pleasing to
prospective buyers. Our iucreas
ng patronage is proof that von
ire quick to see these things. Our
boy era have returned from a trip
li the northern markets and every?
thing that ia new and up-to-date
for fall wear is now being shown.
Won't you como while every thing
s new aud fresh ?
y Shreckhise & Bear.
Mrs Marv Jane Wise, in her 80th
fear, died at the home of her son
u-law. Mr C H Hood, in Culpeper
munty, on the Oth inst. To many
)f the older people of the county
VI rs Wise was well known. She
>vas a first cousin of Mrs Mary Mc
Jlintic of Jacksons riycr.
What Is Life?
In thp last analysis nobody knows, hut
,vc do know that it is under strict law.
\huse that law even slightly, pain result*.
Irregular Hying means derangement of
he organs, resulting In constipation,
headache or liver trouble. Dr King's
New Life 1M113 cpaickly re-adjusts this.1
It's gentle, yet thorough. Only 25e at j
l\ II Trimble's ('.rug store. '
Monterey High School a Coins
The school at Monterey opened
DD Monday under quite favorable
circumstances. It was a bright
sunshiny morning, and teachers as
well as pupils bad taken on a good
supply of both, before beginning
the day and Appealed to be very
happy and eager to begin the work
of another session. Brighness and
mnshine are very necessary in a
?school, and we would suggest thai
is the second story of the building
s not now in use that a surplus
Prom the many pretty dins we hope
:o have before all the leaves fall.
je stored away and issued out in
nstailmeuts during the bleak,
cheerless winter months.
In Prof. Stout's room, as a starter
lhere were 20 pupils, in Miss Bird's
'oom, the intermediate grade 15
md in Miss Clara Gibson's depart
nent, the primary grade 21.
From the county we found in
ittendancc, Misses Pattie and Mol
ie Mauzy of Crabbottom. Misses
jena and Bessie Seybert, and Frank
Wagner of Strait Creek and Miss
Hollie Kramer of Crabbottom.
The total of 50 on the first day
viii likely be doubled before the
>eginning of October. It should
ie, at least,
Parents should remember that
hey do their children an irrepara
)le injury when they keep them
rom school. The school age is
hort, the actual time spent at
chool quite short, and every day a
ihild is kept from school he is
(heated or cheating himself out of
i certain portion of bis valuable
:apital with which he is to com
nence his life work. Remember
his, and do not keep your children
it home for a trivial matter. Thbib
?nts ot the county contemplating
sending their children heie for this
session should lose no time in bay
ng them enter. We think we can
safely predict that the most success
mi term that Monterey has known
n many years will be the one now
ust entered Upon. Board in pri?
mate families can be secured at a
?easonable price.
No Circuit Court Jlonday
For some reason Judge Letcber
{.viii not be able to be here on next
Monday to open his fall term of
he Highland circuit court, and at
his time it is uncertain as to when
ie will come, but probably Tues
iay or Wednesday.
Jacob K Varner Adjudged Insane
Mr Jacob K Varner, mho with
iis family lives near Monterey, was
in last Saturday adjudged a lunatic
ind on Tuesday, by Sheriff Arbo
<a.?t, assisted by Henry A. Slaven
taken to the Western State
Hospital at Staunton for treatment.
As is always the case tinier such
:ircu instances, and especially so in
Mr Varner's case, because of his
laving to leave his wife and chil
Iren.some of whom are quite young,
t was a pitiable sight to witness
iis departure for the hospital and
ie and his family have the sincere
sympathy oft he entire community.
We trust that Mr Varner's im?
paired state of mind may prove to
je only temporary and that under
-.lie skillful treatment administered
it the hospital he will soon be re?
stored to health, and returned to
iis family.
lt seems, from what can be gath?
ered from his conversation, that
Mr Varner's mind became unsettled
rn tbe question of sancititication.
1'he ministers of the county who
told solely to it, and preach it ex?
clusively, have, Mr Varner so states,
irodueed in his mind an uncertain?
ly as to bis standing with, regard
o tbe question, telling bim at one
ime that he was ''sanctified" and
it another time he was not.
Sending Statements
We nie sending out statements
[not duns), and the only thing in
;lie world we mean by it is that you
ire due us a certain amount and we
iced it sorely in our business
Should we find after settling up
)ur debts, we have a surplus on
ninds we will forthwith reduce the
[arin* for there is a positiye rule in
this office against the accumulation
:>f any surplus whatsoever. Please
be prompt and hearty in your re?
A Monterey Family Happy
By Wednesday night's mail Mr
r J Jones received papers fi om the
pension department at Washing?
ton, reinstating him on the U. S.
pension roll. He is informed that
lie will receive $1044 in one lump,
which amount covers the time
since his name was dropped from
the roll, and from this date will
continue to receive ?12 per month
Eight years ago his name was drop?
ped because be had served In tm
Confederate anny the first part oj
tbe war. Legislation since thal
time has made his claim a good ont
and now he is again a full pledgee
pensioner, a fact that has causer
general rejoicing.
Will Cure Consumption
A A Berren, of Finch, Ark.
writes, u Foley's Honey and Tar h
the best preparation for coughs
colds and lung trouble. I knov
that it has cured consumption ir
the first stages." It stops tin
cough, soothes and heals the in
flamed membranes in the throa
aud lungs and prevents Beriou
lung trouble. It is guaranteed fo
all throat and lung diseases. Re
fuse substitutes. Sold by K. Il
Trimble, druggist.
Dr. La Fonzo,
mm is mic Dims.
Twenty years practical experience in
medicine, deToting his entire time to the
treatment of Chronic Diseases, has given
him a skill and certainty of results that
can be obtained in no other way. To all
who may read
advertisement he would say, no matter what
your disease or condition, or of how long
standing, no matter by whom treated or
have been employed, if yon aro a suffern
from any king-standing, obarore, compli?
cated or chronic diseases, nnd have doctored
in vain until all hop? is gone,
riiould loso no time in conyalting or>e who
thoroughly widcrstands thia class of ail?
ments, and who acknowledges no rival or
peer in his specialties. Each ouse wil bo
carefully and scientifically diagnosed by hid
own method, which is entirely different
from all other physicians.
Dr. La Fonzo's system is an advanced
science, and all sick people who have a de?
sire to know their exact condition and
whether tuey can be cured or not, may sum
and consult with him. He will give each
patient a thorough examination and advice
how to get well. His remedies sro specially
prepared for the special treatment he pur?
sues, and are the result of many years
special study and research. Being Hygi?
enic, Sanative and Restorative in their
action, they are specially adapted to meet
the special requirements indicated in
Chronic Diseases. The Doctor dots not. ask
for than simple cases that any old lady or
intelligent nurse can treat, but solicits cores
that require special skill, special experience,
special treatment. Sufferers from any
Chronic Diseases are invited to call. A care?
ful diagnosis will he made and a frank,
Cindid opinion giveu.
Dr. La Fonzo
Has arrived at MONTEREY, Va.,
and is located at the HOTEL
where he will remain until
Consultation Free
A beautiful home wedding Wed?
nesday morning a! the home of
the bride's mother, Mrs Agnes
Somers, on Bul lpns tu re.
The contracting parties were Mr
Andrew W Revercomb. of the
Clover ?*eek neighborhood, and
Miss Lena Somers the youngest
daughter of Mis Agnes Somers.
The ceremony was performed bv
Rev M V Weikle.
Miss Somers is known to a wide
circle of friends throughout the
county and is much loved and ad?
mired. Mr Revercomb, who ts a
prosperous farmer and for several
years has been deputy treasurer of
of the county, is one of the leading
young men of Highland.
This happy young couple will
start upon life's voyage with the
best wishes of a host of friends.
To District Candidates
Candidates for district offices will
be charged the nominal sum of
one dollar for announcing their
candidacy in these columns.
The Pleasure of Eating
Persons suffering from indiges?
tion, dyspepsia or other stomach
trouble will Hud that Kodol Dys?
pepsia Cure digests what you eat
and makes tbe stomach sweet. This
remedy is a never failing cure for
indigestion and dyspepsia and all
complaints affecting the glands or
membranes of the stomach or di?
gestive tract. When you take Ko
dol Dyspepsia Cure everything you
eat tastes good, and every bit of
the nutriment that your food con?
tains is assimilated and appropriat?
ed bv the blood and tissues. Sold
bv K H Trimble.
Farmers' Favorite
Keep it in mind that 1 still am
agent in Highland for the true and
tried Farmers' Favorite Drill, made
bv Bickford & Huffman. It is the
drill, tbe only drill. Let me fur?
nish you one. W A Cunningham,
Monterey, Va.
Buck len's Arnica Salve
Ha9 world-wide fame for marvellous
cures, lt surpasses any other salve, lo?
tion, ointment or halm for cuts, corns,
Burns, boils, sores, felons, ulcers, tetters,
sait rheum, fever sores, chapped hands.
?kin eruptions; infallible for piles. Cure
guaranteed. Only 25c at K H Trimble,
Grasp of Grip Pros?
trated Me.
Dp. Miles' Nervine
Built Up My
Shattered Nerves and
Gave Me an Appetite.
Of th* millions of people, who today $uffcr
from nervous or heart weakness, a large per?
centage trace the cause directly to deadly
LaGrippc. lt ls ? germ disease, and make?
a di'ect attack upon the nerves, putting an
extra 6tradn upon them at tbe time their vital?
ity is at the lowest ebb. If LaGrippc has
left fan w th a shattered nervous system, wilh
loss of appetite, lack of energy, Insomnia,
frequent headaches and morbid tendencies,
you should strengthen the weakened nerves
with Dr. Miles' Nervine, a will undo all
that grip has done, bring back appetite, rest
and restore the nerves to their normal activity.
"I want to write this testimonial for the
benefit of those who liave suffered from that
dreaded disease?LuGripne. I suffered sev?
eral weeke with it, and nothing I tried seemed
to benefit me in any way, shape or form (I
suffered almost death) and fina'ly my
daughter recx.rarpe_ded Dr. Miles' Nervine
to me and I can truthfully say from the first
day I felt better than rn weeks. It gave mc
relief, built up my shattered nerves and gave
me a splendid appetite. I cannot speak too
highly of it and want to say, each and every
one who has suffered from LaGrinpe will
find instant relief by getting a bottle of Dr.
Miles' Nervine. Insist on having it and take
no other, lt is simply splendid. Hoping
this will benefit some poor sufferer I remain,
?Mtl GEORGI h. Hall, Jackson, Tenn.
All druggists sdi and guarantee first bot?
tle Dr. Miles' Remedies. Send for free book
on Nervous and Heart Diseases. Address
Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Iud,
To Cure A Cold In One Day
Take Laxative Tl rome Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if it fails
to cure. E. W.Grove's signature oneach
box. 25e.
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
There is a disease) prevailing in this
country most dangerous because so decep?
tive. Many sudden
deaths are caused by
it ? heart disease,
pneumonia. hea?i
failure or apoplexy
are often the result
of kidney disease. If
kidney trouble is al?
lowed to advance the
blood will attack the
vital organs or the
kidneys themselves brqak down and waste
away cell by cell.
Bladder troubles most always result from
a derangement of the kidneys and a cure is
obtained quickest by a proper treatment of
the kidneys. If you are feeling badly you
can make no mistake by taking Dr. Kilmer's
By/MipmRoot, the great kidney, liver and
bladder remedy.
It corrects Inability to hold urine and scald?
ing pain in passing it, and overcomes that
unpleasant necessity of being compelled to
go often daring the day, and to get up many
times during the night. The mild and the
extraordinary effect of Swamp-Root is soon
realized. It stands the highest for its won?
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
Swamp-Root is pleasant to take and sold
by all druggists fa fifty~eent and one-dollar
sized bottles. You may
have a sample bottle of
this wonderful new dis?
covery and a book that
tells all about it, both
sent free by mail. Address Dr. Kilmer & Co.
Binghamton, N. Y. When writing mention
reading this generous 6ffer hi this paper.
Don't make any mistake, hui remem
bet the name, Swamp-Hoot, Dr. Kilmer'*
Swamp-Root, and the address, Bingham
on, N. Y , ow eveiy hotlly.
nv>-i? ot fliramp-Uoot.
_^_W ' trr< imuviii im muir----r -?'--1--*~--*?tm __ffl
The Timberlake Shoe Co.
21 W. Main 81. Staunton, V;i_
Every well dressed lady )Ugbt to have a pair of QUEEN QUALITY
shoes, they are the most satisfactory on the market today.
Send us your orders and we will be glad ia
iill them. VVe keep every .thing Lu
the shoe and boot lino, tin
.trunks, bags, suit
.cases and um?
Successors to The A. Lee Knowles Shoe Co.
Putnam Organs.
Buy From the Factory.
Over Fifty Different Styles
From Which to Select*
'The Organ Factory at Staunton is one of
the largest in the world. Present capacity
20 organs per day, 0,000 organs a year, or a
complete organ every 30 minutes.
Why send away for Organs when you can
buy'BETTER ONES from your home fac?
tory and save the agent's profits.
JtfST'Seud for catalogue and prices?or send
yout name?and our Factory Salesmau will
call on vou.
H. W. PUTNAM & Co.. ?- B_gt
In addition to our liue of
High Grade Bone Fertilizers,
Hay, Grain, Seeds and Feed
Of all kinds we also carry a full line of
Binders, Mowers, Rakes, Tedders,
Harrows and Cultivators.
We also carry a full line of buggies and Wagons of the highest grades. The
iVeber Wagon is king of all.
We sell the latest improved Manure Spreader made. We represented the J. I
.'ase Threshing Machine Co. and can jriye you a first-class outfit. Buy a Black
fawk Com Planter. It has no equal drops just what you want every time. When
he weather gets warm you will want a Refrigerator. Call on us; wo have the beet
mc made?not cheap, hut good.
We buy Cow Peas bv the car load. Prices are right.
Black & Bowman,
E\ 0. Box 532, Phone 548 - - 15 Middlebrook ave., Staunton
Are YOU thinking of purchasing a Piano?
If so, why not investigate the merits of the
We have placed instruments of this splendid make in the homes of
Messr- W. H. Matheny, VV. H. Stephenson, and J. A. Jones, of High?
land County, and refer you to either as to their good qualities. We
have also placed eight in the Lewisburg Female Institute at Lewuourg,
W. Va. Write us for prices, or call.
Brereton & Heydenreich,
Kooma 15-10-18 Crowie Building* - - - Staunton, V
Buy Paint WithReputatioa
Paints that are made with Pure Linseed Oil only.
Linseed Oil is the life-giving, preservative ele?
ment in Paints.
Many mixed paints are made with adulterated
Oil, Water, Benzine aud Soap Mixtures.
Avoid them, they are low priced, but have no
durability. They waste your cost of labor.
Jno. .W Mausry & Son's
House Paints
have a reputation of FIFTY YEARS.
They are pure linseed oil paints. In using them,
no experiment is made. You haye success and
great durability assured before you start.
Color cards and prices for the asking.
Willson Bros.,
Wholesale and Retail Druggists,
Staunton, Vs

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