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Hl<_m : w) Recorder.
Isstieil p-erv Krill av crftiinphv
W. M. ivr a THENT,
Enteied at the Mont et ctr portofflce m
second elliss mutter.
Monterey, V*., Friday, Nov. (S, 100".
Hi^h'anrl C.nttle To London Town
?E A Dudley's Grazing
Thus Honored
A coppin.: of a recent issue of
the K'corder which gave the
freight (,f M,.Ssr.< Wiley Terry and
Stephenson's two year old cat He
Bold to W P Cr i chen berger of Nen
Market, found its way to the live
stock com mission merchants,
Messrs Newton & Co., Jersey City.
N? J. In regard to it this firm
wrote us n letter complimenting
the cattle, but at thc same time
Uley claim for Highland better
things in the way of two year
olds, the herd mentioned being
that of Mr E A Dudley, shipped
hy Col D V Ruck niau and handled
by this firm.
The letter of Messrs Newton &
Co is as follows:
Jersey City, N. J.,
Oct. 28, 1903.
Editor Highland Recorder:
Enclosed find a clipping from
your paper that was sent to us.
Wi il say it speaks well for J ac te?
tons river cattle, but we want to
^ sav we sol.l 47 two year njfls for
*"Mt-B V tiuekuian a few days ago
that lie bought of one of your best
gratters, Mr E A Dudley, nf Crab?
bottom, that weighed here 1140,
end wore poid to J Shani burg &
Sons, the largest exporters iu the
U. S. and nut of the 47 they sent
42 to the London market, where
only fine quality of castle go. So
do not think Jacksons river is in
it with Mr Dudley.
Yours respectfully,
Newton & Co.
?Di5turbed the Congregation
The person who disturbed the
congregation last Sunday by con?
tinually coughing is requested to
call and get a bottle of Foley's
Honey and Tar as it cures coughs
and colds quickly and prevents
pneumonia and consumption. It
not only stops the cough but ht ala
and strengthens the lungs. Con?
tains no opiates. Sold by all dealers
Doe Hill Doings.
Nov. 2.--We are having very
wann weather now and the moun?
tains are on fire.
Mr W E Wilson's little girl Lois
lias measles.
Mr J M Blagg we are sorry is
not improving.
Mr Elbert Vint of Rockingham
is visiting friends and relatives at
this place.
Several of the Doe Hill men
vere at Staunton last week pur?
chasing flour.
Mr Ami Blagg and his daugh?
ter Nora are visiting Mr J M Blagg.
A large eagle was seen near Mr.
J W Blagg's Thursday.
The school at Doe Hill is getting
Qn nicely.
The road through town looks!
very much better since Mr Ashby!
Hammer bas fixed it.
Mr John E Wilson spent last
Saturday .ui_r]?t and Sunday in J
.Atn-Mrey. ' >^
Messrs Frank Blagg siiSd Charlie,
Caricoffe returned from "uglying
sheep to Buffalo G.ip yesterday,
It Will Wear Away
So many people del nee themselves!
prith these words when thev notice j
signs of kidney trouble, Instead,
the kidneys become more and more
affected until some fatal malady
such hs diabetes or bright's disease.!
develops. If you notice any sjgut
of kidney or bladder disease, take!
foley's Kidney Cure as it aili cure;
any case of kidney or bladder dis-!
ease Ul at is not, beyond the reach ;
of medicine. "I was troubled with
kidney complaint for two years,"
writes A ll Davis, of Mt. Sterling.
Ja., "out two bottles of Foley's;
Kid nev Cure effected a permanent
.cure." Sold by all druggists.
for children safe, sure. Ho n-pintm.
- -, 0?.. _ ___
Nati'hk Arrayed it\- Hem
Briohtkst Oahu finds a parallel
in every section of our store.
There's a bright, Crisp newness
about the stock, very pleasing to
prospective buyers. Our ii.creas?
ing patronage is proof that vou
are quick to see these tilings. Our
buyer*- liavs returned from a trip
< > the northern mark.-ts and livery
'liing that is new and up-to-d.-ite
I'or fall wear is now being shown.
\\ on't you come while every thing
its new and fresh?
Sii reck bise & Rear.
A Runaway Bicycle
Terminated willi an ugly cut on the
leg of J B Omer, Franklin Grove, 111.
if developed a stubborn ulcer unyielding
to doctors and remedies (or four years.
Them Bucklen's Arnica Salyecured. lt's
?just as good for burna, scalds, skin Erup?
tions and (Mles. 25, at K ll Trimble,
.lrii'r >tore.
i?ddol Dyspepsia Cure
Oitiests what you eat*
Filipinos and Opium.
i '"We haye nothing more serious
. i lippi nes,1
smsa letter from Manila, "than
j tue opium quest ion. Under Spanish
! rule, ail Filipinos were forbidden to j
smoke opium. Tile privilege Af
selling it to the Chillest! vhs funned
ont. With our coming, this custom
and law lapsed with others that
w<*re Spanish. Literally, anybody
who pleased could then buv the
drug. As a result, tiie import is
H(5U,"00 pound, now to 120,000 five
yenia ugo. American soldiers as
weil as Filipinos have fallen vic?
tims to the habit. The Commission
prepared a bill on the Spanish lines,
licensing its sale to Chinese alone.
This was defeated largely bv the
same influences that killed the
iirniv canteen: The Government
should not traffic in opium anv
more than in drink. Now a com?
mittee of three, appointed by the
Com mission, are studying the ques?
tion in India as well as in China
Nine out of ten Chinese smoke
opium as moderately as the average
man smokes tobacco at home. Like
an American, when a Filipino gets
the habit he becomes a fiend. He
knows no more moderation than a
village drunkard. For the well-be?
ing of the natives as well as our
garrisons, opium ought not to be
within their reach."?Collier's
Week Iv.
Shenandoah Normal College?A
Highland Students Letter
As Highland is so well represent?
ed -at S N C. probably a few items
from here would be of interest to
our Highland readers. But first I
must give von a brief description
of our building, the management
of the school, etc. The balding is
most substantial and comfortable,
4 stories high, roofed with slate and
heated by stenmaplendedly arranged
to ajcomodate more than 100
Each department is in charge of
an efficient and experienced teacher
Messrs Carson. Kline, Dick, Cole?
man, have charge ol' Creek, Math?
ematics, Science. Literature, Taki
graphy. Bookkeeping; Penman?
ship; Stringed Instruments ami
Vocal Music. Mrs Carson and Mrs
Dick have charge respectively of
the Primary department and Histo?
ry; Miss Brown English Branches;
Miss McCue Latin; Miss Hale Piano
Miss Chew Typewriting and Mr
Mouagas Spanish. The equip?
ment is of the very best- Among
other thing we could mention are 5
pianos, <1 organs, 7 typewriters, 1
microscope and many other advan?
tages and conveniences.
This a level connrty well ndaptad
to farming and fruit growing bat
can't compare with Highland for
gJass and cattle. The Highlanders
are all happy and wei! satisfied, and
could you note their appearance, it
would be sufficient evidence oj the
ability of our cook.
A large number of our students;
chaperoned by Prof Kline took an
outing to Front Royal yesterday to
witness a game of foot-ba ll be?
tween Eastern College and Finer
son Institute. We enjoyed the
game very much, also the sights of
Front Royal ami [tiverton. We
have a very good foot hall team
here also a tennis court which af
fords us amusement and exercise
during our leisure hours.
Mr W F Jones is here taking les- j
sens at the piano and seems to be j
learning, With best wishes for
the Recorder and the Candidates.
Yours trulv.
A Student.
From West Virginia
Richwood,Oct 20-1 will try to
jit you a few items from this hus?
tling lit!le city in the woods,
only between two and three years
old and has a population of 2.500
or more. All who will work can
find pleiltv to do at good wages,
All the business enterprises are
backed up by plenty of money hence
there is no irag or drawback to
progress. There are four larga
industries. First the Cherry River
Boom and laimbpr Vp. which is an
immense affair making all Linds of
timber into uiateiiil for build-;
ing and manufacturing purposes,!
running on full time and employs]
iu the woods and in the mill over;
one thousand men* Then there is
? he wagon hub fsctorv which is al-j
BO a large affair. The clothes pin
factory which employs 73 girls be-'
sides a number of men. The steam j
tannery is also doing an immense1
business running on full time.
Then the woods in the surround?
ing country are full of portable!
sawmills sawing lumber and hiv?
ing it hauled here for shipment.
There are some as good here as
you will timi anywhere. They are
here to make money though and
not for their health. No one
perhaps would select this as ah
pleasant place to live and enjoy i
life, though J am very well salish-1
?"? " . |1
The laboring men spend theirli
money freely ami not a few very j'
recklessly. |,
1 succeeded in getting a good
man interested in the harness bus?
iness for whom I am working.
This is the only shop in town or 1J
[his section and we are baying aj,
good trade. Instead (d' sewing by j
alight of hand as formerly I now if
operate a $250.00 Landii> Wax!1
liiiv;:.] machine and if a customer'j
is in a hurry I simply make his har- i
neso wfiilehe waits. Of il! the '<
places 1 know I would rather live
in Monterey.
If you see fit to publish j may '(
writi- again. G. F. C, <
Editor I'.irder: As we hav<
had one end presented bj Ri v Root
may I liol give the other end ant
then all take a rest,
I thought I had presented argn.
menta in my reply. I do not think
I used personalities. Rut Root ii;
flu; end has nothing else. To sa\
a man is '?discourteous" "on-GhrisI
like" and without understanding ii
the same as calling a fellow hard
names for Argument. However 1
shall just smile at that, and still
keep in tune,
This puts mo in mind of a big
house cat that got into an argu?
ment with a little rat-terrier over
Hie quality of his pie. When flu
argument waxed warm the big eat
took to a near hy apple tree. After
awhile he arched up his hack and
curled np his tail and from his
comfortable limb, spit down at the
terrier and with a look and scorn
of contempt said, "What you nre
after is so evident to my mind, and
your conduct is so discourteous and
unhrotherlv, and because of a iack
of understanding between us. 1
refuse to condescend to lower my
dignity to come down until thc
way is more clear."
Now Mr Root savs he cheerfully
leaves his conduct in the hands oi
the good people of the county,
That being so he can certainly
have no objections to my relating
the following facts.
I give them as facts and am pre?
pared to stand by them. He visit?
ed a home in this district, telling
the family that he was around lak?
ing the religions census. He wai
treated kindly and was told they
were Methodists. Instead of leav?
ing after getting what he cl.limed
to come for, Mr Root std to work
to prove Hie Methodists wrong,
Tried to persuade the lady of the
house (her husband being absent
ami. an officer in the Methodist
Church), to leave her church, ami
and wanted to leave his hook,
"Why I am a Baptist".?I ask, was
this called courteous and Christ
Now I wi?h to assure the good
brother that lam of a brotherly
disposition, good humored, and in
perfect tune so far as I am musi?
cal Iv qualified.
And I promise to lie down iud
remain quiet unless his excellency
decides to condescend to lay aside
his dignity and come down to eat
s une of my pie.
And 1 desire in conclusion to as?
sure Mr Root I am not .it all out ot
fix over this discussion, in perfect?
ly good hu rn or. and have enjoyed
the debate and hope our readers
have done the same.
I assure you that 1 am. and al?
ways Lope ttl be just what I claim.
So with good wishes for the Recor?
der ami many thinks to the Editor
I end the other end. Citizen
McDowell, Va
[ Now as the discussion has been
ended at both ends we take the
lil<erty to end it in the middle?
E.li tor. 1
Ten Thousand Churches
in the United States have used the
Longman k Martinez Pure Paints.
Every church wi!! be given a
liberal quantity wliepeyer they
Don't pay $] 50 a gallon for Lin?
seed oil (worth 00 emits) which
vou do when you buy thin paint in
a can with a paint label on it.
8 and 0 make ld, therefore when
you want fourteen gallons of paint,
hut only eight gallons of L & M..
ind mix six gallons of pure linseed
oil wit!) it.
Von need only four gallons of L.
& M. Pn|nt, and three gallons of
Dil mixed therewith to paint a
good giged hr-nse.
Houses painted with these paints
never grow shabby, even after 18
These celebrated paints are sold
by -I Lunsford & Sons. Monterey
J<>Hii J Hiner, McDowell.
John M Jones. Doe Hill
Disastrous Wrecks
Cariessness is responsible for many tx
railway wreck and lite same causes arc
making human wrecks of sufferers from
throat and Inns troubles. But since the
idvent of Dr King's New Discovery for
Consumption toughs mid colds, eyenthe
worst cases can lie cured, and uopele-w
resignation is no longer nocessa-y. .Mrs
horns ('rasg of Dorchester, Man., is one
pf many whose life wis saved by Dr.
Kins' a New Discovery. This great reg*
Jdy is guaranteed for all throat UHrfTutm
HseasesbyK ll Trimble, druggist Price
K>C, and ft] (m. Trial bottles free.
ney, Va. Oct. bili, 1008.
'1;; John M Colaw, Exor. of John M
Hook, dec'd and the said John M Hook's
You an: hereby notified that I have fix
)d upon Monda] (be '-i->d day of Noyein-,
ter. 1903 al my said office, to takj$>r$fttle
md adjust the following socoUBwP*^'* ?
First ai. account ujf the transaet'jdiiR
)f the plaintiff aa exwutoj* oT'jbini M
[look, ticed.
Second. An account of the debts
?gains! said estate.
Third An account of personal assets
ulonging therein, and whether the gnuie.
o>' bequeathed by said will or pass out
ide of ihe same.
Pouria An account, as far as ia ny be
nab: al this initial si ale of the proceed
iigs, of the distribution of the funds
?urning into the hands of the said plain
ill', among the parlies entitled thereto.
Fifth ile shall ascertain and report
>y taking proper testimony, whether all
d' the Moyen land was sold to Oeorge W
look at the sale made by the said Kxor.
>n Nov loth 1902, and if not what part
hereof was not sold,with its location and
?abie, aud to this end the said commisr
?ioner may employ a surveyor, if hp deem
he same necessary, to determine the
ame; which accounts are reqaitpd to bc
liken by the decree of the circuit court
>f Highland COUnlV catered on the 1st
lay of October 1008 in the chancery suit
herein pending between John M Hook's
?xor. Puff and John Vt Hook's heirs
lefts al which time and plane you are
puuired to attend.
Given nuder my hand as one of the
?omis of said court on the date aforesaid,
i o Wilson, Comr.
A Ketuarkable ruse
One ol Mu* most remarkable cases
of a cold, deep-seated on the lungs,
j causing pneumonia, is that of Mrs
; Gertrude E fenner. Marion. Ind.
who was entirely cured I", the ?|-''
; of One Minute Cough Cure, S1*
says; -The coughing and straining
so weakened me that I ran down in
weight from 118 to 02 pounds. I
tried a number of remedies to m>
avail until 1 used One Minute
Cough Cure. Four bottles of thia
wonderful remedy cured me entire?
ly of the cough, strengthened my
lungs and restore me to mv n*>rniul
weight, health and strength." Sold
by K II Trimble.
on?i ?np-??-rn ? ,i i ii ? ??? i ?? ?aKmatu.wammvm??~??a*.
Ont of Town Headers
I Haye a Great Many Customers
From Oct of Town.
I find on my record books the
names of people living in Rock
hridge, Rockingham, Alleghany,
Bath, Highland, Albemarle, Pen?
dleton, and many from a distance,
lt is only necessary to come to my
office once to have your eyes fitted.
By taking the measurements and
keeping a record of it, 1 can heep
you supplied with glasses. If I
haye them in stock von can take
them with you. If they have lo be
made to order, I will have them
mailed to you direct from the fac?
tory, #o there will be no lost time.
If you break or lose your glasses,
au order to me receives prompt
Scientific Optician,
Staunton, Va.
Albert Shultz
and Printer,
Staunton, Va.
if you have never called cn
the Clothier, when in Staunton,
MiesiD a
A Goon Tni.va
11 A*flim rr ? +
Poplar Prices.
The people of Highland
are invited tn our stor*>
to inspect our goods,
Men's, Boys' and Chil?
dren's Clothing
Harry M. Lewis,
The Clothier,
' Masonic Temple, - Staunton, Va,
taky Tc ni,ie.
Monterey, Highland Co., Va.
Mapa ead Blue Prlnu aspeclaltr. All
:i thia line solicited.
Tom. II. Slaven's
Livery Stable,
Monterey, Virginia.
Hack, Surrey and Buggies at reas.
unable prices.
Horses boarded.
My personal attention given.
Watches, Ladies and
Gentlemen, j
The finest assortment of rings,
including Diamonds. Opals, Rubie*,
Emeralds and ali other stones to be
had, can be found at our store.
Write to us for prices, before you
make your purchase.
id. Xj. switzer
jeweler & opticcan,
No. 3, East Main St.
W. E. WILSON & (X)
Undertaker Funeral Di?
A full line of coffins and caskefs
ttlwttve on hand. Orders by tele?
phone or otherwise promptly at?
tended to.
(iii versity ot Virginia
rr IS Tlili
Capstone of the Public School Sys?
tem of the State.
In tiie Academic Department
Letters, Science. Law Medicine,
Session lJe</i>!- 15th September,
For Catalogue address {' li, Hair in?
ger, Chairman. Charlottesville, Va
Will give special attention to the Un- |
dertaking branch of our business. All j
grade's ol' Burial tun tits, from tbe cheap- \
est Coffin io tbe finest Casket. With for?
ty years' experience, we claim io have
good judgment in the selection of trim?
mings and finishing outfits. Orders can j
he sent hy telephone from any section of
this and adjoining counties*
is preferred by many ever tbe cheap;
trashy factory work. Weare still in the j
business, and, if you want ibop-made .
work, come and see us.
We are grateful to our friends for past i
patronage, ami we will do ./ar best to J
pl-ja-re and to give satisfaction.
Very respectfully,
Will be found over L S Dick?
enson & Co.'s Store.
Iii my shop on Wednesdays, Sat?
urdays and all public days. (jive
mt a trial. Thanks for past favors
Jan. '41, (Jojo
ri top
| lt's net sentiment?that m-jikei the most Euccc9_rulf_hotJ shoot
i WinchesterFactory Loaded Shelis. It's the fl&
t'-**F*_>. salts they give. It's, their entire reliability, even*
???__. of -pattern and wiif* nu shooting. Winchester f-^j^fe
: " Leader" shells, kad-su witfc smokeless powder. lr* *3
tc the best shell, on tim market. Winchester ^SKjfl
black powder lo..cl on ths mmket on account ci tv ' .
. ir *f.b coring and reloadim-; qi'-tlties. Try either of K-lfc S;M
|T^;j these brands and you'll he well pleased, 'i hey ar
{?feiii.THE GHELLS THE CMA^P^S SKOCn\i '.'/ .
? Sj^ijs^xfc^satt.-g.'-;*: -_&'-.'?aljM^iJi':_t__1.. ..*
?Before buying a?
Headstone or Marker,
pet my prices. I will save yon money. If
yoe, need an Iron Peuce, I furnish the
best for the money. Yours to nerve,
II. F. Sl.AV'N,
Mot. lc rey. Va
Aufnt. for The Clifton Forge
Marble Works.
Private Sale
-OP? I
Crabhottoin Farm
I vt iii i.ilVi-fm-Sill -* priviilelv mv farm
in Cmbhottom, *,'.', milw north of
the town, coi.turning 80* 1-4 ncr***,
nearly nil improver! hind, on which
is Intuited good, brick il wei 11 uk -uni
neccssiirv out building*, orchards
etc. Well watered by a stream
and 3 ueverfailing springs.
A Uti ress
Taswell Filzwnter,
Crabbottom, Va. i
I Nothing has ever equalled it.
Nothing can ever surpass it.
8W Pisoover^
For f^KBSHKS0" ??
A Perfect For All Throat r.nd
Cure : Lung Troubles.
ney back if it fails. Trial Bottles free.
A. Lek Wi mer,
Crahhottt-m. Va.
Work done at. reasonable prices
and guaranteed. Have appointed
the following agents:
II. M. slaven. Monterey, Va.; J. II
Curry (Jreen Bank, W. Va ; A. A. >l_i
tin, franklin, W. Va.
WeaK i
ire due to indigestion. Ninety-nine of evetf
ne hundred people who have heart trouble
an remember when it was simple indigo*"
on. It is a scientific fact that all cases of
eart disease, not organic, are not only
?aceable to, but are the direct result of Indi*
estion. All food taken into the stomach
'hich fails of perfect digestion ferments and
wells the stomach, puffing it up against the
eart. This Interferes with the action of
ie heirt, and in the course of time that
el;cate but vital organ becomes diseased*
Mr. D. Kauble, of Nevada, C. says: 1 had stomach
oubl3 and was in a bad state as I had heart troubid
itn it. 1 took Kodol Dyspepsia Cure (or about four
tenths and it cured me.
Kodol Digests What You Eat
nd relieves the stomach of all nervous
train and the heart of all pressure.
-ottlesonly. ?1.00 Size holding 2'4 times the bid
size, which sells for 50c.
'repared by E. 0. DeWITT * 00., OMIOAOOb
K. ll. Trimble.
and all Skin Diseases cured by
a il ii a?!
fhe most healing salve in the world.
The Doctor Said "Stick To lt."
Geo. L. Heard, of High Tower, Qa., writeat
Eczema broke out on my baby covering his
ntire body. Under treatrr.i-nt of our family
hysician lie got worse as he could not sleep
or the burning and itching. We used a box of
1ANNEX SALVE on him and by the time it
vas ^on- he was well. The doctor seeing it waa
url Og lii:n acid: Stick to it for it la doing him
nore good than anything I have done for him.' ??
5UARAKTEED. Pr.co 23 Cent*
?old hy all druggist in Monterey
_J_h a m mBMmmmmmmBmBBBi
If youri; men only knew the pleasure and benefit
derived fmtn au ont-of-dior life tbey would provide
tfcjBM(l~M witli a reliable FIREARM and enjoy a
grand SSett, We make a large and varied line of
\.a,.g,r.j ta pf ice front.
$2.50 to $150.00
Sold by all dealers. Onr catalog ahoald bo in
tho hands of every ono interested iu SHOOT?
ING,. Send lat a copy.
J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co.,
J. X. Buzzard Ck 8011
Fine coffins a specialty.
Furniture will be made upon re
nest. . .
Oive us a Call.
This is the fate of sufferers from Kidney trouble, as the disease is so insiduous that often people have
serious Kidney trouble without knowing the real cause of their illness, as diseased kidneys allow the
impurities to stay in the system and attack the other
.organs. This accounts for the many different
symptoms of Kidney Disease.
You begin to feel better at once when taking
as it stimulates the heart, increases the circulation
and invigorates the whole system. It strengthens the
urinary organs and gives you new life and vigor.
TWO SUES 5?c asid $1.09
Chicano Business Wan Cured
Foley & Co., Chicago, Gentlemen;?About a year ago my health began
to fail, I lost flesh and never felt well. The doctor thought I had stomach
and liver trouble, but I became convinced that my kidneys were the cause
of my ill'heaitl! and commenced taking FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE. It in
creased my appetite and made me feel stronger, and the annoying symptoms
disappeared. I am now sound and well.?J. K.Horn, 1354 DiverseyBlvd.,
Chicago. June ll, 1902. Cuped ?.. w|fc
E. C. Watkins, sexton of the Methodist Church, Springfield, Pa., writes;
" My wife has been very bad with kidney trouble and tried several doctors
without benefit, After taking one bottle of FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE was
much better, and was completely cured after taking four bottles."
One Bottle Cured Him
A. H. Davis, Mt. Sterling, Ia., writes: "I was troubled with kidney
complaint for about two years, but a one-dollar bottle of FOLEY'S KIDNEY
CURE effected a permanent cure.'"1
Druggists cf Monterey
We peed at onoc ? few more teachers
both experienced and Inexperienced.
We liave more tails this year than eyer
before. Schools ind oollejei supplied
W?th teachers free of cost. Address willi
stamp, American Teachers' Associa?
tion. J. L. Giuliani, LL D. Mgr. Mem?
phis, Tenn
W '"?' -^?MA *. Oy\M 111 l\tff> Fi/HV Cures Grip
1 IJ ? \^?>M #21 Wilt} &9Uy in Two Days.
?_?4_-_ /*
OMO ?.5;i,ri*dliie Tablets.
Seven Mellion boxes sold in past *2 months. TfelS Signature,
on every
<?r(Ftrt^r box. 25c.

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