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Highland recorder. (Monterey, Highland County, Va.) 1877-1972, November 13, 1903, Image 3

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Hrief Items of Interest to Home
F?lki About Their Friends
And Acquaintances.
Mr Luther Hull was over Mon?
Mr John Sipe lias bought prop?
erly at Hostormnn.
Miss Georgie Lightner nf Valley
Center is visiting her sister, Mrs
Coe Beverage near Huutersville.
vi Mr U Anson Hird and family
visited relatives at Academy recent
Ask to see our lino of $2.5) cord-!
urov pants. J Lunsford & Sons,
Hon Charles P Jones, as rector, <
is attending a meeting of the Hoard
of Visitors of the University of Va
this week.
Messrs George Maiizy and Jos
Varner are.building a dwelling for
Mr Robert Heyener ut Hosterman, 1
AvA Va.
Miss Budie Stephenson is spend
ing awhile with her brother L Hi
Stephenson, E-ij. i
Do von need n i loas ? li' so
to us before buying. Weean suve ! \
you money.
Shreckhise & Pear.
Mr dee Page of litlle Back Creek
was up recent!}- doing some trad?
Messrs Harvey Waggy and G W
Lamb of the liver called
and extended their subscriptions.
Carpets, Art Squares, Uugs and
matting. Largest stock, lowest'
prices at
Shreckhise A Bear.
-^Irs \\ V W'iliiams nnd daughter!
of Hack Creek were in town doing
some shopping Mond.:..
The best Al 00 kid glove that!
can be made is sold by Shreckhisi
& Bear, phone or write them . ra
Mr and Mra C i k
son spent a shu;-* v. bile in t ?wn
Monday. Mr Dickson had the
misfortune of being chopped in the
shoulder with an rx y< Inch kipl
lum abed for a week.
For fine Dress Goods, silks and j
trimmings call on
Shreckhise & Bear.
Miss Nannie Sterrelt nf \lu'.\,
spent Monday night with Monterey '
How old is Ann? Sue is old
enough to take the Highland Ile
~-\Tr*rnrf'ft?jn't?' w. --r^rci-'c, L:;^..a\\
kinda and Mzes of people, n com?
pute line at J Lu nsf ord & Sous'.
Mrs .1 II Hidy of Cass returned
home Monday from spending a
couple weeks with her daughter,
Mrs Chas Alexander e.r. McDowell.
Mr Hidy came oyer for her.
Attorney Chas Curry of Staun?
ton was stricken suddenly with iip
pt-udieitis one day 1 ist, week, a sur?
gical operation being necessary.
'This was successfully accomplished
and Mr Curry is on thc mend.
Mr Stanley Newman of the Bot?
tom called to see us while in town
If you want to f?el real good
and comfortable for the winter 1* I
E 1> Whitelaw & Co. tit you \\\) in
a nice overcoat, a nice pair of boots
or shoes and a suit of besi under?
If your name appears on n print?
ed slip on your papi r you vi ill fin I
there tiie date to which your sub?
scription is paid, and if ono year ur
more behind the times kindly bend
ns an amount sufficient to make
you up to date, or one year in ad
>auce won't hurt anything.
Several davs ago Miss Edith
Wade and Mr J ames Chestnut
were united in marriage in Wash?
ington city. Since returning from
their trip Mrs Chestnut has beeu
quite ill with peritonitis.
Von can get a good hand-made
suit of furniture Iron T. H. & ll V
Slaven for $25 either cash osgood
produce, Buch as beef or pork.
Lawrence Ralston who bad been
lumbering at a camp on Cheat, was
attacked, some days ago. by a lum?
berman who tut him badly neat
the heart, making i xceedingly dan?
gerous wound-. His mother, Mis
Dolly Ralston of Mill Cap was t<
see him, returning last Saturday
She reports her som aa improving
and hopes he may soon he aide t<
be moved homo. We did nol lean*
any of the particulars of the dAii
Cul ty, only that young lia Is tot] wai
in no way to blame in bringing i!
about, and acted entirely on tin
Waiting for Yon --a pretty stocl
of notions and general merchan
dise, nice and new, at i Q .Simmon;
DoiTl let peddlers fake you inti
buying their trashy silver platei
ware. AU thal I sell is permanent
ly warranted. Il M Slayen,Jewele
Mr Ezra Beverage called Mon
dav and extended bis Bubscriptioi
to January 190i .
The best hu nell of lambs w
\i ye heard of anywhere in th
county were weighed up at Do
Hill Monday. Thirty-eight be
longing to Airs Hettie Ar rostron i
averaged a fraction over lOi
. r bas an tion need
; . I eting nt
i rei ii Hill next Monday night.
. and Mrs J bu vVnll&ci I
\ alley Ccuter were making a .
io Monterey friend* Tuesday.
Hey W S Trimble will preach
Sunday at Pisgah at ll a. m. and
Monterey '? :30 p. m.
Mr Harmon Samples nnd family
were over Tuesday doing some
trading at'the stores.
Mr Chas Slaven of Hull vhs oyer
this way 'i'm -.lay and called to See
liis friends.
Mr T L Flock of McDowell I
neighborhood made a business trip
to Monterey W ednesday.
Jost?between Monterey nnd
McDowell on last. Thursday, lady's
white sweater. Finder please make
inc wu al this office.
Mr Mike Matizv and wife rel urn-,
-d Wednesday to theft home in j
Plattsmouth, Neb, afti r ti pb u ?
Asit to i heir old home in ! . bl
om. Mr S S Way bright
hem this far on theil
Every thing to beautify th
lome can be found at
Shreckhise A Hear.
Lost?] ewe and o' lambs, ero;,
df of rig ;t ear an I split in sa
lader bit < ul of left, and brandi d
! F on right - id -. Strnj <\\ from
Jack Mt. lie ward of 50 cents per
lead. John ll Mackey.
?. ?nderpool, Vu.
V mr interests i !? ;
iffer v.hen \i u ship j1 ur pr<
0 the well V in ? ii e; tn mission j
louse, ii W U iv a & ; ?? . 321
Washington Si . A *w York Cit y.;
11 care of Air Ed C Kexr de. Foi
1 ur pouili y, eggs, cl etc.
esl prices obtainable and
returns, .
Air W M V-A iltv Hurl ?': to
aai ki I i his. week w il ii 1000 lan
tieadi \ by A oxen *-\ sighing A
I ear loads of cal
ne car b ad 1 f hogs.
kind: of pi odn ??* tak< n io
?,. hauy i for goods al E il White
lii V ';
. n ll irderl
iber anil h I" inn r I1 ighl tad-1
-r living al (bikini I. I I. write? us]
of the scarcity of hands for the
li11 s!.i rn in biasi cti m. He,
tl i price paid for husking \-.
from i wo to three cents per bm
Tee vie d ot ci ru : herc be placed ul
from GO to 1'-A bushels au a .
Mr Di ve; _1 so states that many
. 1 mer? I lob ? count v are selling'
out and ni')'.tug to Mississippi 1 .
i* ?-?; A. .* ..:?.?:'.. per.
Huts and ii ut cai now I
suili il, ' or I he 1 ssoi I in mt is 1 om-j
ii'1 'f at i Q Simmons' store,
1!;,;; S W Sterrett left Mond ,
iiglon to i to SI
bi .: ? - matters, i le win ac
pu 11 iod by Mr deorge Broclj v. ho j
- to Kock bridge with the view j
of making a selection of ii farm. j
Air L S Dickenson, representing
his Koah ike shoe louise, is vi>i!i:i'_r
the ni're!.aids of North Foil;, Cir
ntuuil ! j ul ,.
cu 111 ie c tc.
Furs nf every description, from
the smallest scarf to the handsom?
est coat rn* cape eau be found at
Shreckhise & blear.
Before you buy yon should see
th" line of billies1 cloaks and wraps
at E Li Whitelaw & Co.'s Genu
I ind) stylish garments,
1 Q Simmons, merchant. Cia' -
I bottom, has ret ur tiwi from north*
\ cm markets, and Las now to ; bice
before lils pi ie < t the be.-t
I mos! I
1 ver bri .<:y>^ tri Crabboll 1
A look al ' ? will prove the
stat c-meut.
Ladies1 sin.es for fall and v inter
I wear, a most pleasing assortment,
'at E Ii Whitelaw & Co's.
1 have been very careful in mv
select ions of ladies1 dress goo : -
and have now a line that is strictly
up t ' d ?'?? in everY respect. This
Iii!" i show w itli pleas ure to i he
j ladies 'of Crabbottom. i Q Simmons
The |i'-i/." winner in the cabbage
contest ha* been produced by Mr.
j James II Hevener aud it grew iii
I Crabbottom ? ii. Orfe bea 1 prop?
erly trimmed, for interment weigh
led, by the scales, thirty-three
] pounds. Mr Hevener says his crop
I of 1'A) heads will av er agi 80 pounds.
If anyboclNJias anv sweller headed
! cabbage I haiti hat thev will please
' hold up (heir Rands until the*, an
I count I.
Mr Ed Rexrode, a Highland boy
j is still with the established New
1 ork commission house, 1- W Itowi
-. Co . 829 Washington SI . Nev
. k City. For four- yeal - Mi
.;? >de bas served i bese people
j and he is in a position to hand!
1 tge the pt od nee < I High
, merchants. fte in em ber this
firm when you ship your poultry
eggs, chestn nts etc.
Its No Joke?1 again announci
that I have placi d my bonds am
accounts in the hands of ll W
wen for colle I ion. That I an
is th it von call 011 bin
and make settlement at once, is n
. joke. Uv complying further cost
I trouble w ill be averted.
1 2t ' Jas 0 Hiner
Mr Peter KraVner will go thi
? week to the Levels of Pocahonta
where he has a job of logging fo
Dr McClintic of Academy, i!" hu
the contract for logging '??'? a re
and for sometime has been ruiinin
uone team, ile will now haye tw
' at work.
Ln'awlul Shipment of Ciamej
Ugh land
A di; - ton to the '!
no les Di's pu ti h st.
that in I
ii game \
f? ?.,.
i u discovered au ei
crate which came from a Highland
merchant for shipment to N**wjl
York.wbichhad a layer or so of eggsh
.?ii top, the remainder (d' the S]
being taken up with 20 partridges, A
3 pheasants and one wild turkey, i
Thecrate was brought under sus
I ii i ni of the warden because it was
bf lighter weight than a crate of
egg . and for the additional reason
that the name of thc shipper did I (
not appear on it.
The game was confiscated hy tin'
A.iver Wedding CckbrnieJ Last '
! I
Friday at Millbrook
id '<U^> A Porter, i I '
. !':A county, celebrat ;d I lie . j
? : .';ii anniversary ei' their
marriage ?hw?t Friday evening al
Jdieir beautiful eountry home ni ar
Millbrook, thi county. Over hall I,
a hundred friends .iud relatives 1
from A . a;,;1. Highland conn- i.
ties, un 1 other plac ;s al tended thc j ?
I liostess was the ..
rei;;-i' nt A Va lal tuber of j ?
haudsomi | n u conimemora- j,
Sta nu-11
ton Daih j ^
'1 i. >c pi : eui ut ;'?? r ii n of .
r and Mrs Pori er. from am
. .. . ns Highland fri
were Mi ? phill
Si L'pli 'tn .i and M is * Mary Jones,
lr Home! ? son.
fulls to .-how
propel . ? . i rn ??. li I ??? I i he i
ry in the c i . -. ' i ??
tc-f ! .?'?;? Ue ol
a ;?'. Dj sj- -j ?;.',. Jau
ioc, tu Iv ll re.
ED "j
... I -? . ,./. .? i , o
? .'
. such as complaint - mid war-,!
rants of arre A execul ion , war
is.itts, scalp certiti iicknowb
? dgt meats Lo deeds cit;., are ke| t
iu readiness at the Ueeorder office.
[. -'' l be blai I s ral ber mau u rite
them out nnd j on save time, money
VVe can prii letter hi adi
your envi lopes, youi cards, bu iness
and visiting, and do all such woi k ,
if you bu- ? ? w anti- ;? uown.. I
As to ii idea is to Iel ;
Bun iye 11 ? ,- in ?.*.'
other chain ? al \ ou,
It is no doubt due Mr N ll Woods,
who eutered the contest in the rc
; i mit . lection for the office of Comr.
: nf Itevenue and in the rel urns was
j report* d aa I hough be had remain ?
! ed in the fight until the finish, that
j we state i ii A on Friday before the
' election he publiciv di i
purpose of w ithdrawing from the
race, and at the time of the elec
i lion was not a candidate. In re
1 p >i ting the iel urns we limply gave
\ the vole of th* county a-* found by
! the commissioners of eic :ti m.
L/Mr Addison Crunimett the broom
| mau from eastern Highland
I brought u load of broom8 to Mont?
erey I bis week. He makes n .
broom and is finding i- ad | sale E ir
I now have all mv KKM catn?
ips nt Jewelry, VVatehes eic.
sud Ree I beni.
j ll M Slaven, Jeweler.
j llev Iv L Eutsler will preach Sun?
day, the 15th, at Hightown ll a.
in. Trinity ?! p. m. Monterey 7:80
i ' i
: | . IU.
r)Mrs Isabella Johnston who Bpent
. ral (leek* w itil Mr and M rs L
IA Orndorff returned to lur home
j al Franklin en Mondaj.
[ Gran! Jurors for Nov. Term Coun?
ty Court
C ii Slaven, J W Bird, J ?7.
Nicholas, !> 0 Bird, Isaac \> Situ
( mons, ll F Slaven, VV A Beverage,
i W M Trimble, duo S Ervine, Geo.
dil Lockridge, S J Blagg, VV T
J Hamilton.
Court will convene on Thursday
the 19tl .
Pants Of AH Kinds
AtC W Tri.n'ole's von will Hud
a most complete lin ? of dress pants,
best styles aud quality; also,work?
ing pants in corduroy, kersey,
deans etc. right values at righi
prices, in this extensive line I am
red the trade will ii" i ti teri
and 1 would be pleased to haye \ on
'; ioik through ii.
Ven truly,
C'W Trimble.
A Sciei i ?covory ?
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure does for
tin- stomach that which i! is unable
i to do for itself, even v. hen bu?
.lit iv disordered or over-loaded.
; Kodol Dvspepsia Cure supplies the
natural juices of digestion and
j the work of the stomach, relaxing
-: tip- nen<HI' tension, while the in
med ai ; e'es of thal ory in ere
r j allowed ** aud heal. Kodol
Dy?pe| digests w hat \ on
s eat aud enables the stomach and
gi digestive organs to-transf?rm all
ol food into, rich blood. Sold by K
'jj Trimble.
fir Dudley on Ca
Mr F A Dudley mad,'
iuess trip to town Tuesday. Wei
im if i; d*i.l i
ro ,d 1.. have bis two
?, :.[??.: face cattle tal trip to
,ondon Town, they being uo doubt
be only Highland I wo's so hon
ired. I'-'- reply .bat he had
ieen working for years lo get his
I and thal he had
,:;. le up iiis mind Ihej were good,
nd hi knew hy placing pucIi nu
he market they would do the I ilk'
ug ami no words from him
e needed. Mr Dudley spoke em
ourugingly of the stock bu im .?
:: Highland. He c >u uders that
ll kinds of sloe!; have greafrto jin*
royed in the last ten yearsi/^One
oint he made to -show an improve^
. caitle is that the av< rag*
teer ol today when ready foi
; trk< t will weigh from
red to one hui
ion I han u steer 'A his 11 ai - did
iv? nty years ago. Hi utes
hit advani e to better breeding and
i ire c ireful wfuteriug. Mr Dud
'\- thinks there i;' a marked im
lent iu thi of bogs
nd sheep, and that
ml there I! >
ave already realized that the most
ron???> in in the highest bri d
bat can he had. Th
Iiiuka is bound to I
eneral, and
y -; i aking of il as u v. I ole v ill
rom no a* cm .
uI id . .: -,;i. ;
1 he :
Who can w ri ?? I lie
Buy a Pan 1 ? I fonntai .
f ii M Slavi n, M uti rev.
be greate? t. number of tim ?
i.ia! card ? If l" gpt
haudsome, . n. [f
'ol' are ? econd bi il
i ii.
1 c.: : are nil !
I .'?[
Cai in by 1
I : may be tl r. It is
ll a ii; .!.
? ??-??- -n
limber Land Changes Hands x
?Mr Cb trie: W
io! tom has purcha.s id om tho
icres of timber
ik Knob.
lull, aud ?... .'.
having I
Irawn by
he irangier of !he ?:. ~^\
Thi is heavily ti
ind tan be reached by I
A mi I li ? Horton railroad in 10 i r
1*2 miles, it is Mr Way bright'* in-j
en tion, if he d ?es not sell the
topi riy t .. the lumber iii
his way, having it sawed by p :"? -
iblo mills ou the gr
A Good Nanto
From ] ersonal experience I tesl i- j
i\ that DeWitt's Little Earlv li
ire unequalled as a liver pill. The}
?ire rightly named because ll
give strength and energy aud do
their work with ease.?WT Easton
Boerne,Tex. Thousati ls of people
are using these tiny little pills in i
preference to all others, because
i hey are ph nt and ? :
'! bet cure biliousness, torpid - IA t.
ti o', etc. 'I li -. do not pur jj
*.-. ai ? ... but i ;- ni . ,
cn. Sold I . able.
Wc Are Aldous
thal you become a ? r foi
the recorder, and. to show our anx?
iety in the matter we propose, il
you subscribe now, to d .
subscription Jan. 1st, ll
i:<>)\:\ \"i.;r name now and gi t i he
advantage of Ax free weeks. '.
?is an ritfer for ii iw sui ers,
General mn '? ? v-; '
. I will, for 30 dn. I rom this
?ila!e. sell (diaries u M:Cli il
!; of genera! merolia rn'i . ,
sisting ol' dry goods,
hardware, boots, shoes &c, rn I
Ax COST, : o:: i _i u Parti s hav.
ing open accounts v.(th the
wi!' call during this time and
them adjusted E II McClintic,
Od 22. 03 Tin-tee.
"i .????- ti
trouble. 1 tried all eorl
none of which ri lit vt-d mc. ()|
I of yam- Klectiic U
determined lo try that. After laki
few doses I fell relii
aftei was entin ly i
h en o i ick da; i o
: i nt ism
alir.i-1, livei and kidney troubles am
i:.t ..-?, of lorena Onlj
at K H Trimble,
L/luvnwUiliu u
Having recently purchased Hu
ly owne! by dames 0 Hiner, I au
now conductlil - ..
ask for a rIi ie pal
ronage. J havs *' ??
skilled woi' n .. ,
personal atti ul; ii I o I. ? bm ...????
Satisfaction iu work M reasonabl
pries guaranteed. h$speetfully,
Ed o Beverage.
A f RE e inside
ead ., j cf
n K ai
i ? different games.
'-'? ''? A ? *E, iho; rietor
. VA.
; id
i kc trav
.. public. Patronage
of A I pi nplc solic
* . t ]
: Li 5 C
. :
Cure. I only
1 . ... .cf La
icart in a j
not li tor the
en so that ]
5 1
. ?
tn nerv
I had I
Co., .
l lld ex-1
. territory,
inti ii . ?.
Sept ll, 121
. . . iPLE,
lite Co.
\ a
? of the |-. t and i oilcil
conti im ic ? of sa
A , ietor,
DO .
. KQserabk
reads the news
. y, liver
A and bladder ren
[t is .
; . ?
yeara ct
rch by
- rcc
omm itifyouha\
; just tl
in soi
?ct Swamp-1
?ot, Dr Ivil
1 Bwatnp-'iool, and tl e add rc ?-, Bil
'..,, :?;.' v on eveiy !i >i
-.i v?" ?imiiM !>!??? ? nttmitiK*Lamaum9&*jmwatis*swmmm*r*smiasTpisafam's^ij
Jimberlake Shoe Co,
VV. Main St, Staunton, Vtu
very well dressed lady >ugiit to itara a pair of QUEEN QUALITY
shoes, they are the most satisfactory on tiie market today,
Semi us your orders and we will be glad to
til! them. We keep every thing in
the shoe and boot line,also
trunks, bags, suit %
* case* and um?
Tie Tiieffle Sloe Co.
???? - "vs to The A. Lee Knowles Shoe Co.
In the past eight years we
have made and sold nearly
20,000 Organs
We manufacture them our
selyes at our own factory at
Staunton, Va. and can afford to
sell them at lower prices than
any one else can possibly offer?
$27 Upwards
???:-. T^Mse:
. w "IA;.*?**
Pianos $165.00 Upwards
Six Standard makes from which to seleet
lng iii the music line
7. PUTNAM & Co.. "'- ??_?.,
In addition to our line of
?h. Grade Bene Fertilizers,
Hay, Grain, Seeds and Feed
Of all hinds we also carry a full line ol
Binders, Mowers, Rakes, Tedders*
Harrows and Cultivators.
We also cany n full line of buggies and Wagons of the highest grades. The
iVeber W agon is king of all.
We sell the latest Improved Manure Spreader made. We represented tiie J. t
Machine Co. and can eiye you a first-class outfit. Buy a Black
nter. It hos no equal drops just what you want every time. When
he weal lui- gets warm you will want a Refrigerator. Call on us- wc have the heat
me made?net cheap, but good.
We buy Cow Peas bv the car load. Prices ure right.
Black &; Bowman.
P. 0. Box 532, Phone 648 - - 15 Middlebrook ave., Staunton
Acrv often we hear people say, l*No use to try to sell a Piano or
Organ to }.ir. So and So, he is too sting? to buy a jews-harp." Are
fOU in this class? Perhaps you are, and perhaps you will say that
to not care a straw what other people raaf say about you. You
ure wi ou DO care, but will not admit tbe fact. We ask togUL,
; care for your family? Von may answer, it is none of our busi?
ness, but vc*, are wrong again. It ia our business, to sell musical in?
struments it is also our business to draw YOU out "of your shell" if pos
sible, and it is OUR business to sell a Piano or an organ, and save you
from AA 00 lo -. ? I in the price. These things over and if the "slice
fits YOU, ii-v-'A in a two cent stamp and write us for catalogues, and
it use a post al, as any one can read that, and you wau,t
. ter to yourself aa much as possible.) We ahull *be
ed tc hear from you and answer any and all questions.
Brereton & Heydenreieh,
Itooms 15-10-18 Crowie Buildiug, - - - Staunton. V
- ^^* ---arri r.-mr
stint WithReputatioH
Paints that are made with Pure Linseed Oil only.
Lin-Mvd Oil is the life-giving, preservative elp
nient iu Paints.
Manv mixed paints are made with adulterated
Oil, Water, Benzine and Soap Mixtures.
Avoid them, they are low priced, but liave no
durability. They waste ymir cost of labor.
/ Siausry & Son's
House Paints
Lav,- r reputation of FIFTY YEARS. #
They an-, pure linseed oil paints. In using them,
no experiment is made. You haye success and
great durability assured before you start.
Color cards and prices for the Baking.
Willson Bros,,
Wholesale and Retail Druggists,
8taunton* V^

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