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Highland Recorder,
Terms, $1.00 a Year in Advance.
Issued crerv Friday tveniticbr
Entered at the Monterey portofflce a?
second class muller.
Monterey, Va., Friday, Feb 88. 1904*
Virginia's Income Tax
\ For three years it has Loon n law :
|'t Virginia that all persona hav?
ing u yearly income nf *(>()?> or over ,
shall [my iv ono per cent nm lax Oil
inch amount or more in to the stale
If seems that the law has not
been generally observed, aa many
as n dozen or moro of the counties
of the stale, not having taken il
info account iii making their ass* ss
men ts, and Highland is one ol
those counties.
Comr, of Revenue, .J A White ;
law, who is now ii: the work of j
assessing for this fall's (axes, asl
the law had n"t been onsen ed |
heretofore, is undecided ns to theil
course he should persue. Me will
however arrive at a conclusion he- j
fore he can complete bis work of
Thirty or forty tax pavers in thf
coiiinv. probably, would he affected
sh .mid the Comr. decide to include
this item.
The Lillie Japs
On Ihe first page of this paper j
the new-; from tin* far east war i;i
given iii brief The lalesl is an nu
confirmed repirrt of ii land engage?
ment in which 2,500 Unssiant were!
killed. The lapaue.?e minister at:
Washington says he di es ni \
think an engagement on s?i large;
a scale (?? uld have taken place, and ;
"We have found that Russia is
so unexpectedly unprepared thal I
should not be surprised ii' the Jap?
anese i.md forces contented them?
selves with establishing a thorough
organization and advancing as the
construction of the railroad to?
wards the Yalu river progresses.
Hussia appears tn be '.ess prepared
than was China in 1805.
"I believe that only three trains
a day can be run through Man?
churia. Supposing these are equal?
ly divided between troops and sup?
plies as will be necessary, Russia
could not perceptibly strengthen
her land forces before April.1'
There are places in the bible
where we read of wars, where it is
? stated?"and the hand of the Lord
was against them."
A Plea For Robin Red-Breast
The state law provides that roll?
ins may be killed from Feb. lo. to
April 1st, but ir. vests thc boards
of supervisors of the various coun?
ties with the power to make the
killing of the hirds prohibitory al?
together, if they so desire
In a few days the robin red
. breast will he with us. After hav?
ing Spent tho winter in the South
he will return, and his lively song
will be among the first evidences
of a winter passed and a coming
Shall we greet the harmless, joy?
ous songster with a load of shot, or
shali we extend to him a glad, wei
come hand?
Our Hoard of Supervisors eau
say: Thou shalt not kill rollins on
Highland soil, and in behalf of the
hirds the Recorder makes the re?
quest that, this honorable body Iel
such an edict go forth at its nexl
Have You Indigestion?
If you have indigestion. Kodol
Dyspepsia (.'ure will cure von. lt
has cured thousands. It is curing
people every day -every hour. You
will continue to suffer until von do
try it. There is no other combina?
tion of digestants that digest and
rebuild ai the same time. Kodol
does both. Kodol cures, strength?
ens and rebuilds. Sold by K H
- ???? ? ?
When Mary Led the Hymn
I used to go to church, and sit,
Entrenced, tn hear ihe singing;
My soul upon the waves of it.
Seemed ever upward winging.
I did not hear the organ's peal,
The bass, or tenor slim:
The alto's voice was but a squeal,
When Mary led the liv mn.
Her pure soprano, high and clear.
Seemed like a song-hi rd trilling;
lt fell on hiv enraptured ear.
If J very heart, strings thrilling.
The world, and all its load of care,
Seemed far away and dim;
The pearly gates of heaven were
When Mary led the hymn.
But now, when Mary lifts her voice
To lead, I must dissemble,
The sound that made me once re?
Now sets me all a-tremble.
1 sometimes beg of her to cease;
She will not hear my pleading;
At such sad times 1 know no peace.
For I'm the "him" she's leading.'
Strait Creek Ne.is
Feb. S3?It is our painful duty
to an non nco the death of Mrs
Nancy Ilcveiier, wife of Samuel C
Hevener, which occurred at her]
home near Monterey, on Sunday
evening at 0 o'clock, after a linger?
ing and painful illness. Her body
was laid to rest in the old Strait
(/'reek graveyard today, with fath?
er, mother and four sisters.
Mrs Hevener was a daughter of
Thomas Beverage, Of a lamil* of
nine girls and two boys, only three
She professed saving faith in
Christ when a girl and joined the
M E Church, and her life was such
that when its evening time drew
near, elie did not fear the bu in mons,
?mt expressed herself hs being
ready. Unreservedly had her lue
been given to the Alaster. Unsel?
fishly she wrought for those she
jove!, hearing the burden in the
heat ol'tiie day, and now as (lie
rest lillie has come, life's cares and
sorrows and sufferings have al!
be*U taken away and with joy uhf
has heard?"Well done, good" and
?'ail lii'i;! 5 er va nt."
A husband, two sons and three
daughters mourn for the wife and
moiler, mid neighbors and friend?
are brought to realize that the j
have lost a true friend and neigh?
bor. She wa? 5(5 vars of age.
The funeral service was conduct?
ed bi i.'.v Ii LEutsler.
S IV Winier was called to Pen?
dle iii Friday to see his mother
who is iii.
]] Gum and \\if" spent Sun lay
with Mr John Fleisher of the
Mr .lolm Moury of Illinoise
sp.-i>t ii pa; 1 of the week with hi
?:;: le I, Chilli.
Th*1 Seyher I Chapel congrega?
tion w;:< :'isiippoiiili d Sunday hi
Kev V* Eutslcr not being present
Two per ons -av they will keej
ihe ix I office at the Forks of Wa?
ler, so I don't -ce why we can not
hal e ii me.il np Strait Creek.
A VY Beverage and S W Winier
aro pre, aring For a saw set.
T .1 Bexrode is building a house
rnr his evaporator. Citizen.
A Laugh In Each Paragraph
.le.uie: "Come and sit in mv pew
this morning/1 Anna: "I can't
My hat isn't trimmed for that side
of the ch u rc ii,"
A little boc in Georgia, win
wrote to Santa ('Ians for a pony
was wise eu.ugh lo add: "Po-tcrit
If he is a mule, Pies ty his beliim
"Well, Johnnie, what are yoi
going to give your little brothel
for Christmas?" ''I dunno,
give him the measles last year."
?lim: "Say. if you'll notice,you'l
see that most of these lng Wal
Street men started on a farm.'
Sam: '"Yes, and that is where the;
learned to water stock.'"
"Madame," began the gent a
Mrs Short opened the door, ''hay
you a piano?'1 "Yes," she answer
ed. '?Well,'' he continued, "I an
introducing a new automatic at
tachment for pianos, and if \ ou"~
"Doti't want ir." interrupted Mr
S. Our piano has a sheriff's attach
ment, and I guess that will hold i
for a while."
Department of Agriculture
This department has issued bul
letin, number 17. annual report fo
PJ03. and for a cop} of it we ar
indebted t) G W Koiner. Com mis
sinner, Liichmond, Va, It is a vol
tune of nearly two hu mired page
and treats, scientifically and a
length, of liu various subjects witl
which 'virginia farmers are, 0
should bc, thoroughly acquainted
Stock raising, fruit growing, th
tilling of the soil, what you licet
to bring your ground to a higl
state of productiveness and man'
other vital points are discussed
Now to improve the chestnut or
chard hy grafting the Par ago I
chestnut on our native trei s, is i
suDJect trialed that should provi
interesting lu Highland people.
This book is free to far men
Send \ our name to (i \\ Koinei
<!om missioner m_ (f Agriculture
Liichmond, Va. mid he will suppl;
von with a copy.. The farmer win
goes about his work blindly cai
not ex peet satisfactory results
Our state has supplied this depart
ment so that its farmers may kee|
ithleast (d' t!ie times, and We Bhouh
| like to see the farmers td' High
land take advantage oj' it.
The farmer who expects to rea j
the largest reward from his effort)
From The Horton Woods
C'lmp Xii. li, Feb. S ? Weare nov.
stationed on top of the Al legally
about 3 miles from (lie Qreenbrier
We have plenty of snow and cold
wea! lier. We have about 35 mei
working in this camp. Some ol
them are from Highland. Our
foreman is from Monterey, .Mr
Clem Jordan. Mr .1 N Gardner i
Lobbv Hog. Mr .1 ones Chestnut
Mr Ashby Shultz, Y. M Dover am
George Piiilin are all working a!
Camp ti. They are all from High
land. Mr Sam Deyer is filing a1
Camp 4, now. Ile has tiled for ;
years at camp ft. We noticed when
Highland han a big lumber job
We are glad t ? see Highland com?
ing to th,, front. May she sijl
improye. Stranger
? il?m nm SS?BS?????SS?
Ci j*\ 3HUX\&,k ^lAK
far children: &afet sure. Ko opiate*
Em. mt. Mitch :l
Died, on Saturday Ihe l:'th. Mr.
Kmanuel Mitchel!, ag.-d 70 vears
md 20 dava. H? leave a wife and
two children, one son, George
Mitchell, aoil one d itiuhter. Miss
lane, and IO gran 1 . hildren to
mn irn ! heir loss,
Ile "..a- a qniVt itu C nsive mau,
always reiidy to oblige and help
! others in sickness and trouble
Ile will he greatly mt?d in the
; neighborhood.
His remains vere laid to rest in
lue old Armstrong huryingground
)-i Ihe farm nov.- owned by Air.
lilli C. Bot kin, followed hy many
friends and neighbors.
We can only hop.' that our hiss
will iij his eternal gi in,
"Sadly we sing ami with tremulous
As we stand bv the mystical
1 i Hie valley, and by the dark river
of death,
And yet 'tis no more than a
dream." A Friend
Answers to Last Week's Puzzles,
(1) "One man had 7 sheep, the
other 5."
(2) "Big Sandy."
Correct answer sent in by L A
Orndorff. Monterey. E A Wade.
Vitllev Center; Miss Margie Bry?
ant, .McDowell and Miss Lola Sites.
: I ead wal ci'.-.
Mes Sites suggests this one:
"A mau had S1U0 with which he
hotight 100 animals. For cows he
l?aid ;siO, (or hogs fifty cents and
for sleep $3. How many of ead;
did he buy?
Expression ol Thanks
. Doe li,il. Va., Feb. 23,04.
Editor High laud Recorder:
We wish to extend through the
'olumus of your [inner our sincere
thanks to our kind friends for their
thoughti'ul assistance and sweet
un pa thy .shown us in our recent
>icknes8 and ead bereavement.
Nancy B.agg and niece.
Jacksons Ki vcr Items
Pinckuey, Feb. 2o?The .sick in
? me vicinity are improving.
Mr John Whistleman, died at
"ight o'clock last Saturday night.
ufter an illness of some weeks from
Re? Josiah Beverage, preached a
very interesting sermon at Siag
Chapel last Sunday.
Mr P K Kramar and family are
visiting friends down on the river.
Messrs Bernie Crowie? and Lien ie
Ervine of McDowell visited their
many friends here this week.
Bey II T Dironimus will preach
!iis farewell sermon at Wesle\
Chapel March 6th at ssven o'clock.
A Cure For E:zema
My baby had Eczema sd bad that
its head was a solid mass of scabs,
and its hair all came out. I tried
many remedies but none seemed to
do anv permanent good until I
used DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve.
The eczema is cured, the BC*bs arp
gone and the little one's scalp is
perfectly clean and healthy, and
its hair is growing beautifully
again. 1 cannot give too much
praise to DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salze.?Frank Farmer, Bluff City.
Ky. In having Witch Hazel Salve
look out for counterfeits. DeWitt's
; is the original and the only one
containing pure Witch Hazel. The
name E C De Witt & Oo. ison even
box. Sold by K H Trimble.
Bolar Spring*, Bath, County Va.
This new Hotel is now ready for guests
?open the year aronui!,
Lane rooms, well ventilated well fur
Situated near Bolar Springs.?-'Phone
ia outee
Firstcbiss Board at reasonable rates.
I also keep a Feed and Llfsry Stable.
Horses boan led by the day or mouth.
liv request will meet jfuests at Hot
Springs, Bath Co , Va. (nearest R R Sta?
tion) or other points. Charges reasons?
ble. Notify me by phone or letter.
bolar, Bath county, Vs.
222 Sooth Peoria St.,
Chicago, III., Oct. 7, 1902.
Eight months ago I was so ill
that I was compelled to lio or sit
down nearly all the time. My
stomach was so weak and upset
that I could keep nothing on it
and I vomited frequently. I
could not urinate without great
pam and I coiiL'hed eo much that
my throat and limps wore raw
and sore. The doctors pro?
nounced it Bright's disease and
others said it was consumption,
ft mattered little to me what
they called it and i had no de?
sire to live. A sister visited mo
from Pt. Louis and asked me if
I had ever tried Wine of Cardui.
I told her I had not and she
bought a bottle. I believe that
i{ .saved my life. I believe many
women could save much Buffer?
ing if they but knew of ita valttS.
Don't you want freedom from
pain? Take Wino of Cardui
and make one supreme effort to
be well. You do not need to bc
a weak, helpless sufferer. You
can have a woman's health and
do a woman's work in life. Why
not secure a bottle of Wine of
Cardui from your druggist to?
9 Sate of Valuable Cir.iz- j
I'ili m in Highland Co. Va. !
Bj virtue of a Dodd of 'I mst dated ; '?
prillflth 1*00 by Joli &, Hamilton and ; ?
i ???? und mlier% to the kndersiened Trus- I '"
'(? and upon notice fr irn l, Il Stephen- ' j
>n, I will on ! 1
n the premises proceed to sell al public j \
action to the highes! bidder that yal
le farm situated tbs U!g \ allev. '!: i
ind County Virginia ou which John ('.
[amiltoo now re hies sad consists i I the j :
dlnwing adjoining tracts of land, 203 j
fros, 72 acres aad 0 roods and ?4 pi li ?-. '.
l'' sores nnd I8acre?j Said landsadjoin
ie lands of J M Armstrong, L M McClung j
ira nettie McClintic ano others. Thia
i one <;f thc raosl il- irable grazing I
nins In Highland (bounty, and is an an
Bnal oppertunity to invest in such lands
i said county.
Tania's:?Cash, or on such terms as may
e announced on day of Sulc by agree
lent of panics in interest,
tale will commence at 12 o'clock sharp. '
John \V. Stephenson. I
Hotter Than GoTtf
"I was troubled for several years with
bronte indigestion and nervous debility,''
niles P .1 (.reen, of Lancaster, M. H.
No remedy helped me until 1 began us- '
ug Electric Bitters, which did me more
ood than all the medicines 1 ever used.
'hey ha\e also kept my wife in excellent
leallh for years. She says Electric Bit'
ers are just splendid for female troubles;
hat they are a grand tonic and invigora
or for weak, run down women. No
ither medicine can take its place in our
amily." Dry them. Only 60c Satis
ttCtionguaranteed by K ll 'trimble.
'ublic Sale of Valuable Grazing
Farm In Highland.
T will offer for sab; privately the farm
now reeide upon, lying in Big Valley
>f Jacksons Rf raj, in Highland County.
I his farm consists of about 450 acres,'
aost of lt in grass sod, and will si this ,
Imegraze 78 two year old cattle, besides
:ultim,r 10 or 18 bay stacks.
If not sold privately before Thursday,
he 8rd day of March 1904, the same v. il.
ie sold at, public auction. This is one of
he moat desirable grazing farms in High.
and ( ounty, and v. ill bc sold in twOpsr*
or together to tult purchasers. The
lalo is to be on the premises.
Tekms:?A small sam in cash say
'ome |800, tn |50Q. and the balance upon
i credit of one, two, three and fonr year i,
lie purchaser to give bonds \s it li good;
jersooa] securely, bearing Interist from j
lay of sale, and a trust dee 1 will bc
taken upon the land to secure thc pur
:ha-e money.
John G. Hamilton.
Nearly Forfeits His Lifo
A runaway almost ending fatally,start
id a horrible ulcer on the leg of J ll >;r
ucr, Franklin Groyc, III. For four years
it delied all doctors and all remedies.
But liucklen's Arnica Salve had no trou?
ble to cure him. Equally good for Barns,
Bruises, SI in Eruptions and Piles. 25c
st K ll Trimble dru? store.
?uro* Golds; Pravents Pnoumcnla
May Be Weall. One
Person in Four Has
a We gil Heart.
One of the surest signs of a weak
heart la shortness of breath after exercise.
Tour heart ls not able to pump tho
blood fast enough to your lungs.
Soma of thc other fymj?oms of Heart
Trouble are: Faina Ir. the Bide, Back
and Shoulder; Feinting or Weak Spells;
Dry Cough; Swelling of Feet and Ankles;
Cold Feot or Randa
No ons can elford to allow a weak
heart to go without medicine, because
weak heart means poor circulation, and
poor circulation rn Wins weak lungs.
Btomach, liver, kidneys, etc.
If, therefore, you suspect heart trouble,
begin taking Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure.
The Hear! Cure will do you good, as it la
a splendid tonic for the blood and r.crve3,
and win revitalize your entire system.
Finally, remember, Pr. Miles' Now
Heart Cure ls sold under a guarantee
that th* first bottle will do you good.
If It doean't?your money back.
"I waa afflicted with heart trouble for
Shre<? years. I would bo apparently all
Sight, and without a moment's warning
would fill aa though shot. The attacks
were freqaent, and a terrible dread pon
eeaaed sae, aa I sever knew when or
whi?re, moe Tinder what conditions I
would he attacked, sad whethsr I would
survive ghera, i consulted and wa.)
treated hy eons* ef the most emin, nt
fihysiciama of th* stat*. Not finding re
lex frooa this sourc*, I begaa takir.g
De. Milos' New Heart Cure, and b-?;rm
to tmarova at one*. I used ten hottles,
which entirely cured me, a3 I have not
had aa attack for flv* years."?AIP.3.
wnisf Writ* te us for Free Trial
MJkJSJm Paciasr* of Dr. Milos' Anti
Pojln Pirhe th* Now Scientific Remedy
fos Fri ia. Also Sytnatoia Blank. 0;.r
arpaclalist will diagnose your case, teU
you what la wrons, and hon ta ri.<jht lt,
BaWHry9 VSSt Seka
Pet* PUm* sWnui %??>?
E ea|
Mi ; . i . : . ,
i rites, " '?':;
'i nptii :; nu i :. '
ne. I was gi vt-n
if a fi ? ? .
)iscov< ry for I
o try i;.
tow on
o Dr :;'
laved n
lilted! for ?>'''.
E> il Trin : le, ri
ll. Trial hottlea
There nre main
s;-;:-^!. who ii''.-! ?:'.. 'SC'S ' ? IO
wearing them,
when i lie i ? ?? ? lit to
careful attentioi
The muscles are i it f Hy
ed; gra lual cl ? ave
place In th ? ? ' :; irk is
close .ind confln ten?
dency i i defect! ?? \ Ish . ll i
ed betti r st this lime I
Wearing glasses con r lif?
majr be avoided, it the child seems to
have difficulty in sec::: icter
upon th;; blackboard, of ii he holds ni
book too close or too far away, tin
B defect. If il si '
bim to study; ;i' bc hat ri al
deal; ii" be is drow y i r Halli
eyes are inflamed or irritate!
glasses. The loom r :he
trillion tli'- better it will bc for bil
through life. : it it.
fl. L. IA
Scientific Optician,
, bon. Yit
Hotel Exe
Jiu VV A i ipr, Proprietor
! ["Al ITON", v\.
$1.00 p
11 i!ip coi:; trav
iic. P .
of Hi mi ] ? ic
' i flTY!
... v. ,
?n la
ti..ck, Surrey n id ? ttl re; ?
on ;
H .
My persona! ution iv< ri.
Write to i yces
lOl'ailJ il IltlK
Jewelry Liii< ,
derslille . .
also clo i' a
andeiigravii ;
JEWELEH & Ol . \1\,
No. 3, Eabi Mah; .
T, IL &H. 1 N,
?AND -
s unnsu ju .
Will give special attention to the Un?
dertaking branch of our business. \ I
grades of Burial '? 'ui'iii.-. beap
cst Collin to the finest Casket. With for
ty years' experience, we claim to bavi
good Judgment in ihe selection of trim?
mings and finishing outfits Orders can
he sent bv telephone from any sectiou ol
this and adjoining counties'
is preferred by many over the cheap,
trashy factory work. Weare ti ill in the
business, aad, If you w ?
work, come and Bee ns.
We are grateful to our friends for pa il
patronage, and wc will do uur best tc
please and to give satisfaction.
Very respectfully,
T.K &H. F. Si .VE:
.,. ... A. ?
po;-: lin.!.. VA.
il Di
. . ml caskets
,1 Orders by tele j
.... ri promptly ni
? ;?,.. UitZ
. r.
and Printer,
Staunton, Va.
S 'Ul
......... _ ,
j :
ill Stan ii t>\
lol . ?, .
\ Good 1 ?
.. ...
- - !?
The people i .' I lighlaud
are invited to our ?'? r ?
to inspect our
V: ? . I Chil
ll iV.,
ii ry M. ~:;s,
The ' lol
Masonic Temple, - Stai uti u, Va.
has ever equalled it. 0
thing cnn ever surpass it. '
' '?" ? ?? R
, vj
?.j fcfass
*??"? Kc a I'm j
j A Perfect For Ali Throat and I
: Ci Lung Troubles.
klfKfaJIs. Trial Bottles free. I
Uii'. ' gin ia
Capstone of i Iip [j School Sys?
tem ui lim :
In ihe Academic I cut
Le.< I KliS, : IE C .. L ?. ? PK [NB,
S< - September.
For ?: '? : ninene i !' I?. Burrin*
?er, ' arlottesville, Vu
tIlO E. S^etaet
- -..
Will be L f~ Dick?
enson & Co.'s Score.
SHA'. E, HA] : >0,
Iii my shop . Sat
uHays and :?: i ; ubMi rh vs. Givi
nu a trial, i or past favors
Jj i :. I ?
1 ? '.--il
? i.clo;*.; inls mg a?
Headstone or Mark* r,
get my prices. I aili nave you mo ey Ii'
you need an Iron Fence, I furnish ihe
for Hie money. Yours to b rye,
ll. P. Slav .??.
Monterev, Va.
Agent, for The Clifton forge
Marble Work-.
. W ^
Are due to Indigestion. Ninety-nine of every
>na hundred people who have heart trouble
:an remember when it was simple Indiges?
tion. It is a scientific fact that ail cases of
aeart disease, not organic, are not only
tra -cable to. but arc the direct result of ir.di
-33tion. All food taken Into the stomach
rhlch fails of perfect digestion ferments and
vella the stomach, puffing it up against ths
.-sari. This interferes v/ith the action of
be heart, and in the course of time that
'2 but vital organ becomes diseased.
Mr. D. Kuib'c, o' Nevada, 0., says: I hr.d stomach
rouble and v.as In a bid state ss 1 had heart trouble
?.?Uh it. 1 took Kodol Dyspepsia Curs for about four
nonths and lt cured me.
Kodol Digests What You Eat
ind relieves the stomach cf all nervous
strain and the heart of all pressure.
Bottles only. $1.00 Size holding 2l< times the trial
size, which sells for 5Cc.
Prapared-by E. O. DtWITT &. CO., CHICAGO.
Laid ' : a '
Pneumonia follows La Grippe
but never follows the use of
0 end Tar
It stops tho Cough and heals the lungs.
Prevents Pneumonia and Consumption.
Mn. G. VACHKB, of r>7 Osgood St., Chicago,
wriiori: MMy wifo had la grippe and it left kel
rit'.i u v- ? <v:i 'ur lunga wkiek
(Toutr'a Hovel a::~? l'.vu car jd cu ruy io .-.ly."
Sold l?v ii in &] "rey
XA^tXA.. m.' . . ~- * - ?
. . SOUS
Funeral Dir.ki tors,
.LiJU) VA,
CoGin ;I ni lisln <1 o ; ??'? ort ti ??,
mid delivered bv I itny
Phone ring- Jy
Fer Good '' ' ;rk
cull ' r n rite t<>
Frank Grim.
aunton, \ a.
Dealer i rble,
. Granite and STATUARY
Phone 41 ! :::- old stand
, . ...... ,C<!
I) I
iD. X. B zzarri & Son
Fine coffin* a P] petali v.
Furn it uri.' will bc* made upi n re?
Give us a ('iii!.
! Eit;n..i5Cfi.-i:
' 11 EWtl V A Cf ; VfTt
Mi bland Co., Va
Mai - ' a specialty. Al
work in this line i sd.
D? sot tafc? chances cn it wearing av/ay or experiment with some unknown preparation
whick wiil ?air kalf cure it at best, and leave the bronchial tubes and lungs weakened and
susceptible to attack ksm tbe germs of Consumption.
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not only stops the coujh but heals and strengthens the lungs and pre?
vents serious results from a cold.
It Saved Mia Lifo After the Doctor CaSd L^o 13s d Cons! :-.?<;.?
W. R. Davis, Vissalia, California, writes:?"There is no doubt but what FOLEY'S HONE\
AND TAR saved my life. I had an awful cough on my lungs ; nd the doctor told me I had
consumption. I commenced taking FOLEY'S HONEY AND TAR and found relief from
the first and three bottles cured me completely.
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D*'u*?t?tetH of Monterey

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