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Highland Recorder.
Terms, $1.00 a Year in Advance.
Issued CTerv Frldav eveningbT
W. K- Iv^EATKCElsrY,
Entered at the Monterey postofllce ap
second class matter.
Monterey, Va., Friday, Aprl 22, MM
Why Not Air Flood?
If there is any good reason for
takin? Mr Flood from the work
that is now well to his hand at
Washington, and placing a raw
man in his place, we haye not been
able to disco\er it. So far as wp
can see and judge he has faithfully
represented us, and luis never fail?
ed to stand for, advocate, support
and uphold true democratic princi
To select a man west of the
Ridge, and not from Highland,
could bring r.o direct benefits to
this county ovet the present ar?
rangement. Alli way, Mr Flood,
had he been one of our own coun
tymen, could not have responded
more heartily and promptly to de?
mands made upon him bj his con?
stituents from this part of his dis?
trict. Matters now on foot which
will he directly beneficial to the
people of Highiand, haye been in?
troduced by Mr Flood and are now
engaging his time and support, and
will continue to receive his co-op?
eration until they niaterliali/.e.
Taking it all in all, Mr Flood
has been exceedingly courteous to
the citizens of Highland and mind?
ful of their best interest, and we
believe the Recorder speaks the
sentiment of a large majority of
the democratic voters of the coun?
ty when it savs it believes that
Mr Flood should be sent back
down to Washington for another
Do You Want to Vote?
The following statement of the
requirements necessary in order to
exercise the voting privilege has
been furnished the Fredericksburg
Star bv Mr IJ G Chesley, Treasurer
of Stafford county and appears to
he in accordance with tne exisiting
law. These requirements apply to
Highland county as well as the rest
of the Old Dominion, and should
you wish to be a voter at the presi?
dential election, ye Highlanders,
heed these words:
Under the provisions of the new
Constitution voters are required to
pay their capitation tax six months
previous to an election. The re?
quirements for registration are as
1. Those who have registered as
soldiers or sailors in either the Con?
federate or Federal Army can vote
without the pre-payment of the
capitation tax.
2 Those who were 21 years of
age and over before February 1.
1003, and are not soldiers and sail?
ors, a;id haye registered, wil! pay
only one capitation tax?that is,
for the year 1903?before they can
3. Those who have under the
old Constitution been relieyed of
the payment of capitation tax by
reason of age and other infirmities
and haye registered, will under the
Constitution, be required to pay
the capitation tax for 1903 before
they can vote, unless they register?
ed under the soldier or sailor clause,
and if not assessed with capitation
tax for 1003 will apply to County
Clerk for a certificate showing
them to bs registered voters, which
certificate they present to the Coun?
ty Treasurer or his deputies, who
will give them a receipt for the
year 1003 and report them to judges
of election as qualified voters.
?4. Those who were 21 years ol'
age after February, 1003, and who
registered last fall and have not
been assessed for 1003, will be re?
quired to make application to the
County Clerk for a certificate show*
ir.g that they are registered voters,
which certificate they will present
to the County Treasurer or his
deputies, who will on payment by
them of $1.50 for 1004, give them
a receipt for that year, and who
will report them to judges of elec?
tion as qualified voters.
5. Those who beeame of age
after February 1, 1004, aud who
wish to register this year, in the
opinion of the Attorney-General
(although there is no law to cover
the case) should prepay their capi?
tation tax for the year 1005 before
they apply to be registered.
6. Finally, the payment of cap?
itation taxes as shown above must
positively be made on or before
Saturday, MaY 7, 1004, and is re?
quired by the new Constitution to
be paid in person.
Good forChildren
The pleasant to take and harm?
less One Minute Cough Cure giyes
immediate relief in all cases of
Cough, Croup and LaGrippe be?
cause it does not pass immediately
into the stomach, but takes effect
right at the seat cf the trouble.
It draws out the inflammation,
heals and soothes and cures perma?
nently by enabling the lungs to
contribute pure life-giving and
life-sustaining oxygen to the blood
and tissues. One Minute Cough
Cure is pleasant to take and it is j
good alike for young and oldT Sold
by K H Trimble.
From Blue Grass Valley
Crabbottom. April 18?Uncle
George Hiner and Dr Crickenber
ger have taken !heir cattle to the
J no Bodkin has moved back lo
the Gum farm on the Run.
Oom plaint has been made that
Lena Helmic is in need of help and
should be looked after by the over?
seer of the poor in Monterey Dis?
Several loads of apples were ship?
ped from the Bottom last week.
The sick are getting well,' while
the well are getting sick
Our reads are in worse condition
thar, for many years. Who is to
blame? We will tell a patient
public when we get all our evidence
in form. Look out lax payers, our
fun will begin when we would
charge collusion, mismanagement,
and a useless expenditure of our
money, and prove the same in
Mr and Mrs Jacob Hevener of
Staunton were visiting at their old
home last week.
Rev H A Murrell received an
an usual compliment from a sere?
nading party who appreciated his
return, by music of the old time
bells, still this wasn't half the joy
that tilled the parson's soul in the
last feast night when 'Old Motlier
Stork11 and Dr Hexrode presented
his charming wife with a 14 pound
girl baby which we presume caus?
ed the parson to cut all kinds of
capers, hut made his happiness
complete. The mother and baby
are doing nicely.
You can talk of western cyclone.
and northern blizzards but Frank's
Hun experienced the real thing last
Saturday morning, when it first
blew our proposed telephone off the
back of the public road and cut all
out side communications. Then it
blew down hay stacks and blew up
hay fences and just swept things
before it, while rails fell like big
flakes of snow in a March storm.
And it blew the setting goosi from
her nest to the four corners of thc
The G W Hedrick Carriage Co.
This thoroughly reliable firm, so
favorably known throughout
Highland will have a nice line of
new and second hand buggies here
on Tuesday, April 20th, and par?
ties wishing to buy will do well
to call and see their representatives.
Hrs Crummettat V B Bishop&Co
On Monday last, April 12, I re?
sumed the dress making and milli?
nery business at V B Bishop & Co's
I am fortunate in having Miss
Anna Leib a competant and accom?
plished milliner to trim the hats
and Miss Maude Abbott to attend
to the dress making, I am in I
position to serve all of my old cus?
tomers to advantage as I now have
a large stock of all the finest and
newest goods to he had in tin
northern markets where I haye
been buying for the last 10 days.
Thanking my friends for past
patronage and soliciting a continu?
ance at my new place of business.
I am, Respectfully,
Mrs S W Crummett.
Public Sale of Valuable Crabbot?
tom Farm
Having decided togo west, I will
on Tuesday the 31, day of May
1001, sell at public Auction at my
residence 4 miles north of the Crab?
bottom Mills, my valuable grazing
farm consisting of 150 acres, 25
acres of fine meadow (said to be the
best in the county). Farm is well
watered, seven never failing springs
and streams running through en?
tire length of farm. Upon the
land is one good old orchard, one
fine young orchard of improved
fruits beginning to bear, also large
garden with small fruit such as
pears, peaches, apricots, plums,
raspberries and currents, large
comfortable house of 8 rooms with
hall, standing about 30 yards from
public road, dairv in yard, yard is
shaded with balmgilead, locust and
fir pine, good barn and other neces?
sary out buildings, farm is located
on an eminence commanding a fine
view of the Crabbottom valley and
mountain scenery of a distance of
20 miles. Perfect good title can
be made. Terms easy and made
fully known on day of sale, for
further information call on or ad?
dress, J B Hidy,
Swecker auct. Crabbottom, Va
Pnblic Sale of Valuable Moun?
tain Land
As agent for Tazwell Fitzwater,
I will on Saturday. May 7, 1904,
on the premises sell at public auc?
tion, all of said Fitzwater lands ly?
ing on the Allegheny mountains
consisting of two tracts containing
about 372 acres aud known as the
Palmer and Jordan lands, one half
of these lands are in fine sod and
will summer 75 head of one year
old cattle, and the other is heavily
covered with valuable timber.
These tracts will be sold aslNyhole
and not in tracts, unless agreec^ to
on day of sale.
Terms?A small sum cash, and
the balance upon a credit of onl
two three and four years the pun
chaser to give bonds with good per?
sonal security bearing interest from
day of sale and a lien retained upon
the land as further security.
E D Swecker, A gt.
Eczema and Pile Cure
FREE. Knowing what it was to suf?
fer, 1 will give Free of Charge, to any
afflicted a positive cure for Eczema, Salt
Rheum, Erysipelas, Piles and skin dis
eases. Instant relief. Don't suffer long?
er. Write F W WILLIAMS, 400 Man?
hattan Ave., New York. 3-11-1
Don't Lay lt to The Board
As lhere seems to be some mis?
apprehension a9 to the increase of
the salaries of county officers by
the Board of Supervisors as stated
in a former issue of this paper, it is
possibly due to our Board to add
by way of explanation thal the Act
of the Legislature, under which the
increase was allowed provides that
the salaries of the Commonwealth's
attorney, sheriff and clerk, shall be,
in mo case, less than $300.00 and
in counties containing 10,000 in?
habitants and less, not more than
$400.00 each. The Board could
have allowed ?400 each but chose
the smaller amount.
Presumably the increase of du?
ties and responsibilities of these
officers, under the present constitu?
tion, is one reason for the amend?
ment of the statute.
In the notice we gave of the al?
lowance to these officers we clearh
stated that it was the minimum
amount fixed by the statute and
not bv the Board. For some folks
vou haye to write, read, spell, parse,
phrase and paraphrase before you
can get them to understand what
vou are driving at. If you want
to scrap anybody about this matter
wait till the legislature meets again
and go down, but don't lay it to
the Boiird of Superyisors. The
Board has troubles of its own.
Notice to Creditors
To the creditors of Mrs Mary
Clendenne'n, d<sc'd aud all others
At the request of her Exor. notice
is hereby given that I have fixed
upon Friday the 20th day of May,
1004, ni the time, and my office in
Monterey, Va., as the place for tak?
ing proof of debts and demands
against the estate of said Mary
Glenden nen, dee'd, at which time
and place you are required to ap?
pear and prove your claims.
Given under my hand as one of
the Com'rs of the Circuit Court of
Highland countv. this 10th day of
April, 1004. 0 Wilson
From Back Creek Valley
Valley Center, April 10-The
letter from Mill Gap two weeks
ago was yery creditable for a girl
of twelve. We hope the young
people will take more interest in
their county paper than the older
ones haye done. The editor can't
make the paper what he wishes it
to be, nor what the people expect
it to be, if some one don't give him
the news from different points in
the county.
Mr J C Williams has brought
his cattle to his farm hdre to graze.
Grass is short in most places here
people are still feeding.
Mr E L Matheny attended the
burial of Mrs Bias Cleek Friday.
Aunt Tilda Bird is visiting her
daughter, Mrs Augusta Lightner.
Aunt Tilda's eve-sight is still very
bad and she is considerably crippled
up from the fall she got alnut two
years ago. but enjoys good health
for one of her age.
Messrs Ernest Doyle and Emmet
Gwin have returned home from
Kev Frank Richardson preached
his farewell sermon at Zion Hill
Aunt Margaret Burnes (Mr C C
Bnrnes's mother) ba* been suffer?
ing very much from rheumatism.
Trustee's Sale
? OF?
As Trustee under a cen tain deed
of assignment, of date March 31st,
1004, and recorded in the Countv
Clerk's office of Highland County,
Va., che same having been execut?
ed by Geo. C. Fifer to me, I here?
by offer for sale privately that cer?
tain stock of general merchandise,
with fixtures, etc., now in the store
room latelv occupied bv the said
Geo. C. Fifer in McDowell, High?
land County, Va.
This stock of goods and fixtures
can be bought in bulk, and it af?
fords a splendid opportunity for
any one desiring tc enter into mer?
chandise business in Highland
Until said stock of goods and
fixtures are sold in bulk. the. said
goods will be sold by retail in the
same store room where they are
now located, at McDowell; and the
public is invited to come and pur?
chase, as the goods will be sold for
cost over the counter.
Mr Geo. C. Fifer will be in per?
sonal charge as mv agent for the
present. And all sales of said
goods or fixtures, whether in bulk
or by retail, will be strictly for
cash. II. M. LEWIS,
4 2, '04. Trustee of Geo. C. Fifer
A Cure for Headache
Any man, woman or child suffer?
ing from headache, biliousness or a
dull, drowsy feeling should take
one or two"of DeWitt's Little Ear?
ly Risers night and morning.
These famous little pills are famous
because they are a tonic as well as
a pill. While they cleanse the sys?
tem they strengthen and rebuild it
by their tonic effect upon the liver
and bowels. Sold by K H Trimble.
On the 29th day of April, 1904, I will,
at my residence at Doe Hill, Va., proceed
to sell: my house and lot and machine
shop some capenter's tools, 1 set of
blacksmith's tools, I spiing wagon, 1
buckboard, i set of buggy harness, 1 bri?
dle, 1 saddle, 1 hog, a lot of fine walnut
lumber, 1 bbl of vinegar, 1 grist mill,
some nice furniture, 1 corn crusher 'and
grinder, all my household and kitchen
furniture, and many other articles too
tedious to mention.
Terms made known on day of sale.
Geo M Kiracofe,
Doe Hill, Va
April 19,1904
Bobbed the (J rave
A startling incident, is narrated by
John Oliver of Philadlphia, as follows:
"I was in an awful condition. Mv skin
was almost yellow, eyes sunken, tongue
coated, pain continually in back and
sides, no appetite, growing weaker dav
by day. Three physicisns had given me
up. Then I was advised lo use Electric
Hitters; to my great joy, the lirtt bottle
made a decided improvement. 1 continu?
ed their usc for three necks, and nm
now a well man I know they robbed the
grave of another victim" No one should
Ml to try them. Only BO cents, guaiiui
Bed, at K II Trimble, Drug Store.
In Vacation ?In the Clerk's
office of Highland Circuit Court,
Mar.h, 80th, 1004.
V. ti. Bishop & others Plfls.
against In Chancery
Mary A Slavton and Albert Slayton
The object of this suit, is to at?
tach Mil interest of Mary A Slayton
and Albert Slayton. in 180 acres of
land, lying on Jackson's river, in
Highland county, to satisfy a claim
against them in fayor of the plain?
tiffs, of $50.28 with interest thereon
from Jenner? 1st, 1004, and the
costs of this suit.
Ahd it appearing by affidavit
tiled, that said Mary A. and Albert
Slayton are non-residents of the
state of Virginia; it is ordered
that tliey do appear here, within
fifteen days after due publication
hereof and do what is necessary to
protect their interests.
Charles ti Jones & Son, p. q.
J C Matheny, Clerk.
-? ???
In Vacation?In Highland Cir?
cuit Court Clerk's office, March 25,
L M McCIung Plaintiff
against In chancery
J S McNulty and others Defts.
The object of this suit ia to en?
force two judgments against the
real estate of J S McNulty, which
have been pai I bv L M McCIung,
as one of his sureties, on his bond
as Administrator of James M Sieg,
dee'd, and to subject land sold by
said McNulty to John L Obaugh
and wife to the lien of said judo
men ts as an asset of the estate of
said James M Sieg, dee'd.
And it appearing by affidavit
filed that the defendants, John L.
Obaugh and Malinda E Obaugh,
are non-residents of the state of
Virginia; it is ordered that they ap?
pear, here, within fifteen days af?
ter due publication hereof and do
what is necessary to protect their
interests. Teste:
J C Matheny, Clerk.
B H Hiner, p. q.
222 South Peoria St.,
CnicAOO, III., Oct. 7, 1902.
Eight months ago I was so ill
that I was compelled to lie or sit
down nearly all the time. My
stomach was so weak and upset
that I could keep nothing on it
and I vomited frequently. I
could not urinate without great
pain and I couched so much that
my throat ana lungs were raw
and sore. The doctors pro?
nounced it Bright'8 disease and
others said it was consumption.
It mattered little to me what
they called it and I had no de?
sire to live. A sister visited mo
from St. Louia and asked me if
I had ever tried Wine of Cardui.
I told her I had not and she
bought a bottle. I believe that
it saved my life. I believe many
women could save much suffer?
ing if they but knew of Us value.
Don't you want freedom from
pain? Take Wine of Cardui
and make one supreme effort to
be well. You do not need to be
a weak, helpless sufferer. You
can have a woman's health and
clo a woman's work in life. Why
not secure a bottle of Wine of
Cardui from your druggist to?
Waktkp:?Special representative In
this county and adjoining territories, to
represent and sdyeitiM un old estahlish
cd business house of solid (inaticial stairl
ing, Salary $'21 weekly, with Expenses
advanced each Monday by check direct
from headquarters. I loise and buggy
furnished when necessary; position pet'
manent. Address Blew Bros. & Co.
Monon Bldg,Chicago, ill. :' 4 Ht
In School
There are many children in
school, who new, glasses but not
wearing them. There is no time in life
when the eyes ought to receive such
careful attention ss through school years.
The muscles are not fully develop
ed; gradual changes are taking
place in the eye-hall, ami the work Ia
close and confining. If there is a ten?
dency to defective vision, it can be check?
ed better at this time than any other.
Wearing glasses constantly in after life
may be avoided. If the child seems to
hare difficulty In seeing thc characters
upon the blackboard, or if he holds bia
book too close or too far away, there is
a defect. If il seems to he an effort for
him to study; if he has a headache a great
deal; if he is drowsy ( r listless; if his
eyes are Inflamed or irritated, he needs
glasses. The sooner Ihe eyes have at?
tention the better it will be for bim all
through life. See me about it.
Scientific Optician,
Staunton, Va.
Hotel Exchange
Mr W A Sire, Proprietor
?1,00 per clay ?1.00
The best of attention paid
to shoeoafort of the trav?
eling public. Patronage
of Highland people solic?
Tom. H. Slaven's
Livery Stable,
Monterey, Virginia
back, Surrey and Buggies at reas?
onable prices.
Horses boarded.
My personal attention given.
Write to us for prices
for anything in the
Jewelry Line. Or
dersfilled the same
cl ay received. We
also clo repairing
and engraving*.
No. 3, East Main St.
1 ^aTMall
for children; safej cure*. Do Opiate*
Will give special attention to the Un?
dertaking branch of our business. All
grades of Burial Outfits, from the cheap?
est Coffin to the finest Casket. With for?
ty years' experience, we claim to have
good judgment in the selection of trim?
mings and finhhimr outfits. Orders can
be sent by telephone from any section of
this and adjoining counties
is preferred by many over the cheap,
trashy factory work. Weare still in the
business, and, if you want shop-made
work, come and see us.
We are grateful to our friends for past
patronage, and we will do our best to
please and to give satisfaction.
Very respectfully,
W . 1. AMI M IS A O
Undertaker Funeral Di?
A full line of coffins and caskets
always on hand. Orders by tele?
phone or otherwise promptly at?
tended to.
Albert Shultz
and Printer,
Staunton, Va.'
Wall Paper !
In new and handsome
A Laboi StocIv to Selkct Ki.om
.Send for samples.
Picture Frames,
Made to order
Trading' Stamps
R. H. Bell's
ll Etsi Main St.,
Opposite Opera House,
Staunton, Va.
Phone 707.
Nothing has ever equalled it.
Nothing can ever surpass it.
For rSBSSSPS!*" Vm
A Perfect For Ali Throat ?.nd
Cure: Lung Troubles.
Money back if it fails. Trial Bottles free.
University of Virginia
Capstone of the Public School Sys?
tem of the State.
lu the Academic Departuient
Letters, Science. Law Medicine,
Session Begins loth September.
For Catalogue address P B. Barrin?
ger, Chairman, Charlottesville, Va
Will be found over L S Dick?
enson & Co.'s Store.
In my shop on Wednesdays, Sat?
urdays and all public days. Give
mfa a trial. Thanks for past favors
Jan. 21, Gmo
?Before buying s?
Headstone or Marker,
pet my prices. I aili save you money. If
you need an Iron renee, I furnish the
best for ibe money. Yours to serve.*
M 01. te rey. Va.
Agent, for The Clifton Forge
Marble Works.
Are due to indigestion. Ninety-nIne*of every
one hundred people v/ho have heart trouble
:an remember when it was simple indiges?
tion. It is a scientific fact that all cases of
leart disease, not organic, are not only
traceable to, but are the direct result of ind!
jestion. All food taken Into the stomach
which fails of perfect digestion ferments and
.wells the stomach, puffing it up against tha
neart. This Interferes with the action of
the heart, and in the course of time that
ieiicate but vital organ becomes diseased.
Mr. D. Kauble, of Nevada, O., says: I had stomach
trouble and was in a bad state as I had heart troutjla
with lt. I toole Kcdol Dyspepsia Cure for about four
moths and it cured mo.
Kodol Digests What You Eat
lEfJ relieves the stomach of all nervous
sirran and the heart of all pressure.
Belles only. $1.00 Size holdlnt 2% times the trial
size, which sells for 50c.
0s%9sgai by I. O. 0?WITT& 00., OHIOAQa
K. H. Trimble.
Pneumonia follows La Qrlppe
but novar follows the use of
and Tar
It stops the Cough and heals the lunga.
Prevents Pneumonia and Consumption.
Mr. G. Vachks, of 157 Osgood St., Chicago,
writes: "My wife had la grippe and it left her
with a rory bad cough on her lungs which
Polk's Hon'Ei knit Tab curad coinpUtulj."
SokUby all druggist in Monterey
r* r . . T? .
" ?
".Tenn i.Vi". .'^r''?. ... J
John 8 nicklin ft8011s
Undertaker.-.- and
Funeral Directors,
Coffins furnished on short notice,
aud delivered bf hearse t;? any
Phone ring- ly
For Good Work
call or write to
Frank Grim,
of Staunton, Va
Dealer in Marble,
Granite and STATUARY
Phone 499 Marquis old stand
D. x. Buzzard & Son
Fine coffins a special tv.
Furniture will be made upon re?
Give ns a Call.
Practical Laud Sfstsyou and no?
ta 3T PCF3MC.
Mon!ep?j: Bi*uland Co., Va
Maps and IMue Prats a specialty. Al
work in this line solicited.
Do not take chances on it wearing away or experiment with some unknown preparation
which will only half cure it at best, and leave the bronchial tubes and lungs weakened and
susceptible to attack from the germs of Consumption.
not only stops the cough but heals and strengthens the lungs and pre?
vents serious results from a cold.
lt Saved His Life After the Doctor Said He Had Consumption.
W. R. Davis, Vissalia, California, writes:?"There is no doubt but what FOLEY'S HONEY
AND TAR saved my life. I had an awful cough on my lungs and the doctor told me I had
consumption. I commenced taking FOLEY'S HONEY AND TAR and found relief from
the first and three bottles cured me completely.
THREE SIZES, 25c, 50o and $1.00
Druggists of Monterey

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