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Highland Recorder.
Terms, $1.00 a Year in Advance. .
Issued crcrv Fridav evening l>v
EOITOK e&.17=: PyaHaWaCMl.
Entered at the Monterey postoffice as
second class matter.
Monterey, Ya., Friday, Inly. 8, 1904
The Pines
There's a sweet retreat in old IJi-k.li
As coo! ns a tangle of vines;
It is shadowed bv branches luxuriant
And is called by lovers "The
In daylight the sunbeams are soft?
When crossing the shadows be?
And bv night the moonlight is
mel lowell
Till it sometimes can scarcely be
In winter the feathery snowflake
And the starlight keen and clear;
They fall like a dream on that
Through the crisp December air.
The autumn has nooks there and
With walls all scarlet nnd gold.
Her incense arises to heaven
And in glorv descends on the
The springtime on violet carpet,
In velvet sandaled feet,
Rejoices in the fragrance of gar?
And revels in bird-songs sweet.
lint the snow nor the scarlet nor
With all their treasures rare,
Can never surpass .lune's beauty,
Nor the pines that grow tower?
ing there.
'Tis in June here that maidens as?
Beneath the soft summer sky.
Reflecting back the keen azure.
In the splendor and grace of the
And there bv the falling waters,
That ripple cool and clear,
Sing the song of life to your true?
Or whisper it in her ear.
Thes? hauuts, like Ihe bowers of
Were twined for the home of
the dove;
'Tis here that the youths and the
First leam the lisping* of love.
There's a sweet retreat in old High?
As cool as ?. tangle of vines;
It is shadowed by branches luxuri?
And is called by lovers ''The
H A Murrill.
Eastern Highland
Headwaters.?Mr John Arm?
strong accompanied by Miss Marv
Devericks spent several days with
Stuarts Draft relatives recently.
Mrs Diehl has been right sick
for some time, sorry to say she is
not better.
We have a thriving Sunday
School at Headwaters, very well at?
tended, yet there are others who
should come.
Mr Will Hevener, of Lone Foun?
tain, was in our vicinity recently, j
We think he has something on his ]
Miss Lilli? Kate Armstrong con?
templates a visit to Augusta friends
in the near future. Her sister, !i
Daisy is sick now.
Did Mr Wooddell get his "hair ;
grower?'1 We wish he would tell I]
us where he got it, as we are badly ! f
in need of such an article. j
Miss Delia Kincaid has returned i i
to Richmond, she is an attendant j
at the Va. Home for incurables. j t
The report is there will be two 11
new churches on the river south of \ i
here. Tiie people are working j"
very hard to get I hem. Del Hae
From Hine Grass Valley
Hull. Va.?8 W Sterrett left
Satnrd.iV tor his farm in Hock-'
bridge Iv the wav of Hut Spring**!
to superintend his having. His;
boya left Monday for the same
Mrs M (' Mauzy has relumed to
her home in Greenbrier lifter visit- I
mg relatives and friends for some
time. Site was accompanied bv
Miss Maud Kramer who will visit
friends, and relatives for some .
time. ,
The Hoard of Supervisors had!
there annual meeting at the conn-!
tv Farm last Monday lound every;
tiing in a flourishing condition.
Mr L ti Way bright the present ten?
ant is the tight man in the right
place. The unfortunates who are I I
under his care speak in highe>t I
terms of him . | g
The roads in lillie (jias-s are up' j
in tine condition, lome yo:i can ! j*
soon report the same from Monte-j fi
rey district. ; |
Hoys nie returning fri.in the; fe
cani|) waiting for a hot time about ;j
the Fourth. I
Mrs .lames McNulty has been I I
right sick for a few days. E
Edema ami Pile Cine
FREE. Knowing what it was to suf?
fer, I will give Free of ('lunge, to any
?afflicted a positive cure for Ettenia, Sall
Rheas*), Erysipelas, Piles and skin dis?
eases. Instantf-relief. Don't suffer long?
er. Write Y W WILLIAMS, 400 Man?
hattan Ave., New York. 3-11-1
Jonas Colaw Dead
Mr Jonas Colaw. a highly re?
spected citizen, and next to the
oldest in Crabbottom,died Wednes?
day morning, of organic heart dis?
ease, aged 88 or 4 vears.
Mr Colaw leaves eight children
viz: Mrs Sam'l Ruckman, Mrs K
Middleton, Mrs John Lockridge,
ind a single daughter. Messrs
Frnest, Martin, James and Arthur.
The oldest citizen in Crabbottom
ral ley is Mr Cyrus Colaw, who is
in his 90th year.
FOR SALK?A valuable mill
property, situated at Williamsville,
Bath countv, Va., familiarly known
is the "Weldon Place." Thh
property consists of several tracts
>f laud amounting in the aggre?
gate to 304 acres, 3 roods and 87
poles upon which is situated a fine
mill, three dwellings, store house
md out buildings, which wil! be
shown by J Iv P Loyiag residing
Dil said property.
For further particulars address
Mrs M D Loy ing,
7-S-4t Hot Springs, Va.
? ? ? -
Stockholders Meeting of H. & 5.
Telephone Co.
At the instance of Stockholders
owning over one-fourth of the
capital stock of the M. & S. Tele?
phone Co. a special meeting of said
company is called to me^t at the
ottice of J Ed Arbogast, tn the
town of Monterey, on Monday the
18th day of July, 1904, for the
purpose of arranging the construc?
tion of line between Monterey and
Stockholders requested to be
prereni in person or bj proxy.
By order of
2 E M Arbogast, Pres
Don't Delay
Let me furnish von monev on
easy terms to pav off that pressing
obligation, or build von a home.
Write for circular. Phone 48.
G C Spitzer. Harrisonburg, Va
Branch office. Covington, Va.
M D Miller, Mgr.
WANTED?Several persons of char
ICter and good reputation in each state
one in this county required) to represent
ind advertise old established wealthy
business house of solid financial sianding.
salary $81.00 weekly with expenses ad
litional, all payable in cash direct each
Wednesday from head offices. Hoi se
md carriage furnished when necessary,
deferences. Enclose self addressed en
'elope. Manufactures and Wholesalers,
Dept. 2, third tloor, 'SM Dearbo-n St.,
A Strong Heart
s assured by perfect digestion. In
ligestion swells the stomach and
puffs it up against the heart. This
causes shortness of breath, palpita?
tion of the heart and general weak?
ness. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure cures
indigestion, relieves the stomach,
takes the strain of the heart and
restores it toa full performance of
its function naturally. Kodo! in?
creases the strength by enabling
the stomach and digestive organs
;o digest, assimilate and appropri
ite to the blood and tissues all of
he food nutriment. Tones the
stomach and digestive organs. Sold
jyK.H. Trimble.
The "Faultless Brand" day and
light shirts, a line of negligees
vithout a peer in Highland countv.
[his you will state when you look
t over. J Lunsford & Sons.
Worst of All Experiences.
Can a ny tiling be worse than to feel
hat every minute will be your hist'* such
rai the experience of Mrs. S. A. Newson
)ecatur, Ala. "For three year," she
rrites, "I endured insufferable pain from
idigestion, stomach and bowel trouble,
leath seemed inevitable when doctors \
nd all remedies failed. At length I was .
ul need to try Electric Litters and thc '?
?suit was miraculous. I improved at J
ncc and now I'm completely recovered.', \
or Liver, Kinney, Stomach and Bowel i
roubles Electric Hitters is the only (
ledicne. Only 60c. It's guaranteed by
[. II Trimble, Druggist.
Arlie Ervin's
Livery Stable,
Monterey, Virginia*
Having purchased the en- i \
tire livcrv outfit of Tom | a
ll Slaven, I will continue [ e
the business at the old . j ?
stand. I v
nek, Surrey and Buggies at reaSr a
onable pric?s. I
Horses boarded.
My personal attention given, h.
? -' ? i . ... . t .:.--? . ! .- -i
:'.-...: .: ,i. ;
? i ii ... ul th is \>, :,!.?
S An. hors foi ...
li kinnie, - ,,..:;,;?,;, ,, , Uar), J Autumn Leaves am
I Conventional Dcsl^iufoi lilrt-w : munentaiicn.
pp^ ill?
jftS&p" i.i^rW'] jgK j Gi
Zfte N E W S Is |B A
Wotnustt's Mzigacii-av
'itl: ates eptl 'n,t!ie?n*stM.ce?tm?gs?ine| ul n^.r<
I ority . n sll matters ?. rtai:: :. ,? ?. '-,
' <? latest nu! most ira.ti..il tr)lea |
? hei In the ma^-a lue world. If you ulalu
rateexpenie,theXiw IdbaWomanm Maoa
Kit! e D ? c. Itv. Eai !i issue
IMO) f all sui. ? f ?? : ,,. ? '?,.', {
ellfc. Scad) ur name to-day v.itiS
?:;?":??'??*? '-ill enter ymir siih rtptlon fcroneyear.ai
?... j.s.. ,:.,-1........ j?ry< ;;.t hown above.
Bs vurc ta mc-iil.m (*fc guy* "hen jun nrlte.
JW IDEA PUBLISHING CO.. 636 Bramby, gfrnTor*
Progress!ye People.
Slireckhise and Bear,the populi
Staunton merchants seem detei
mined at all limes to keep ahead (
their competitors House furnisl
ings form one of their most in
portal)t departments, aud the ms
in this line has been so great th
Spring that it has been necessar
for them to purchase and place i
their building at great expens
machinery which matches and seu
carpets to fit any room, aud do<
the work in a thoroughly up I
date manner. This is a wonder!i
convenience to their customers, fi
now, all that you haye to do is sen
a diagram of your rooms to th
firm and your carpet comes to yo
matched aud made ready to hi
onyour floor, and the best part (
it. is that they do this work free (
cost to you. During the last wee
over two hundred yards of carpi
was sent out bv this Hrm to tl
best people in Highland Co. The
prices for the best goods are alwa^
the lowest, which is fully proven 1j
the immense trade they have hui
up through this section.
Farms For Sale
In Pocahontas Co., W. Va., o
THE ti. & 0. R. ll. AND IN THF
Great Lumheimxg District
of West Va.
1. doo acres \ miles from It. Il
hue grass or truck land, tvv
dwellings, orchard and is we
watered. Price {$3000.00.
2. 182 acres by railroad, 62 acn
in good state cultivation, tun
dwellings stables etc., 2 o:
chards, 100 acres in good tin
ber, 4 never failing springs,
mile of school. Price $2000.01
3. 200 acres hy good town, IC
acres good Farm land, ti
iicres in good timber, no built
ing, timber will more than pa
for land. Price *270".0O.
4. 80 acres, 3 miles from Marin
ton, 70 acres improved in lng
state of cultivation, tine frui
very rich lime stone- lam
dwelling, barn etc., well WI
tered. Price $2200.00.
05 acres all improved, good
room dwelling, good stahl
and all necessary out building
| mile of postoffice, ston
school and two churches, fm
orchard of good improved frui'
[Vice $2700.00.
6. 3 acres in good town. 10 root
dwelling and out building
large orchard, fine for truck
ing. can be more land had rea
Bonable, close by. Price $1900.
7. 57 acres rich lime stone lain:
25 acres improved $105. wortl
of fine fruit trees coming ii
bearing, \ acre in straw berrie
of which was 183 gal picken
last season^and sold at 50c pe
gal. 3000 new plants just se
out last season, good 7 roon
house and out building, 5 nev
er failing springs. All unde
fence, good sugar orchard, \
miles from Marlintoii. Pric>
si 250.00.
8. 178 acres ? in farm and graz
ing land, ? in timber estimat
ed at 300.000 feet, 21 miles o
Marlintoii fine blue grass o
farm land, good buildings
well watered, plenty of fruit
will all make good grazing
land when timber is removed
Price 840C0.00.
We will be glad to give any in
formation of any of the Farm;
listed here, we haye a number oi
ather Farms not on this list whicl
we wil! be pleased to show you by
calling on us in the First National
Bank Building, Marlintoii, W Va
Black & Baird.
Manager Wanted:?Trust?
worthy lady or gentleman to man
ige business in this county and ad?
orning territory for well and fa
'orahly known house of solid fi
lancial standing. (20.00 straight
:ash salary and expenses paid each
donday bv check direct from head*
inarters. Expense money advai c
d. Position permanent. Address
.Tanager, 810 Como Block. Chicago
Fora Hundred Years.
For a hundred years or more
rVitch Hazel has been recognized
s a superior remedy, hut it remain
d for E. C. DeWitt & Co., of Chica?
go, to discover dow to combine the
irtues of Witch Hazel with other
ntisepties, in the form of a salve.
)eWitt's Witch Hazel Salve is the
est salve in the world for sores,
lits, burns, bruises and piles. The
igh standing of this salye has
iven rise lo counterfeits, and the
ublic is advised to look for the
ame ?TJeWitt" on the packrge,
nd accept no other, Sold by K.
I. Trimble,
? * ? -
Starting Evidence.
Fresh testimony in great quantity is
instantly coming in, declaring Dr.
jug's Mew Discovery foi Consumption,
nighs 'ind Collis lo be unequaled. A
cent expression from T. J. McFarland,
mtorville, Va., serves as example. Ile
lites: "I had Bronchitis tor three
ars and doctored all the time without
ing benet!tied. Then l began taking
r. King's New Discovery, and a few
tiles whody cured me."' Equally ef
?tive in curing Lung and Throat troub
i, Consumption, Pneumonia and drip
larantecd bv K. ID Trimble, Druggist.
ial bot th's free, regular size 50c, and
--? rt fi! i if ii ?? ? H r'
i i : .1 a .: - -V J | | ,' M *j fa fa Jw V> ik?
\ u th V. fi 3 fl J M ? 'Jr. IC H MOND,
WI D1G. fi E ? 0 E fj T j S T R Y?P H A li iVi A C Y
? Modern Laboratories in charge of specialists.
Quiz System. Superior Clinics.
. Bedside teaching in our own Hospital.
or detailed information, write THE PROCTOR.
Coin rs' Hale of Land
Pursuant to a decree of the Cir?
cuit Court of Highland county,
pronounced at its April term, DJU4,
in the cause of L M IfcCiung vs.
?I S McNulty fte., we will as conns,
therein named for the purpose of?
fer for sale in front of the court
house of said county, by public
auction on Saturday the 9th day of
July, 1004. the life estate of the
said J S McNulty in the following
real estate in said county, viz.: !
tracts known as the "Upper moun?
tain'' place, containing 228-112-126
and 200 acres respectively, aggra?
vating ()?)8 aerts, lying on the Bull
Pasture mountain; the house and
lot in McDowell in which the said
McNulty now resides containing
about 2J acres; and the tract above
McDowell known as the Peterson
and McNulty land, containing
about 00 acres.
Terms?Ten per cent cash on
day of sale; 28$ per cent, in I
months; 88$ percent, in 10 months,
and tVS}, percent in 28 mouths from
the day of sale, all to bear interest
from that day, t he purchaser to exe?
cute bond, with good and approved
personal security for the deferred
payments-anl the legal title to be
retained as ultimate security.
B II Hiner.
E B Jones, Spl Comrs.
I, J C Matheny clerk of High?
land Circuit Court, do certify that
the bond required by the above
mentioned decree has been duly
executed. I C Matheny, Clerk
K. H. Trimble
a-ks the readers of tin's paper to test
thc' value of Kodol Dyspepsia (Jure.
Th086 persons who have used it and
who have been cured by it, do not
hesitate to recommend it to their
friends. Kodol digests what you
eat, cures indigestion, dyspepsia and
all stomach troubles. Increases
strength bv enabling the stomach
and digestive organs to contribute
to the blood all of the nutriment
contained iu the food. Kodol Dys?
pepsia Cure is pleasant and palata?
Driven to Desperation.
laying at an out of the way place, re?
mote from civilization, a family is often
driven to desperation in case of accident,
resulting in Burns, Cuts, Wounds, Ul?
cers, etc. Lay in a supply of Bucklen's
Arnica Salve. It's the best on earth.
23c, at K. H. Tumble's, Dru? Store.
E1 ??" f. ' ILW? *eyen**ntet-eryyimnmiB
542 1-2 Congress St.
Pobtlani), Wains, Oct. 17,1902.
I consider Wine of Cardui superior
to any doctor's medicine I ever used
and I know whereof I speak. I suf?
fered for nine months with suppressed
menstruation which completely pros?
trated me. Pains would shoot through
my back and sides and I would have
blinding headaches. My limbs would
swell up and I would feel so weak I
could not stand up. I naturally felt
discouraged for I seemed to be beyond
the help of physicians, but Wine of
Cardui came as a God-send to me. I
felt a change for the better within a
week. After nineteen days treatment
I menstruated without suffering the
agonies I usually did and soon became
regular and without pain. Wine of
Cardui is simply wonderful and I wish
that all suffering women knew of its
good qualities.
Treasurer, Portland Economio Loaguo
Periodical headaches tell of fe?
male weakness. Wine of Cardui
cures permanently nineteen out of
every twenty cases of irregular
menses, hearing down pains or
any female weakness. If you are
discouraged and doctors haye
failed, that ia the be*t reason in
the world you should try Wine of
Cardui now. Remember that
headaches mean female weakness.
Secure a $1.00 bottle of Wine of
.Cardui today.
Nerve Fi
If You Waste/four
Nerve Enorgy^fter
Awhile YouWiH
Suffer Fo/t.
You cm WBSto nerve tl hy excess,
over-work, worry, anxiel/tc
You ci^ii weaken yoursoT n?t eating?
proper food or securing Relent rest to
renew the nerve energy^1 use up
The proper treatment addition to
good phosphate foothill as wholo
meal bread, prepared r<?als, etc., is
Dr. Miles' Re?torativ*?ervin*i
This is as truly aain and nerve
food as any food yoij '*d cat, and be?
sides, furnishes titree and tone of its
own, which goes to weakened nerve
system, and sr'ts lt *'?ht<*.
Dr. Miler Restore Nervine is a re?
freshing, revitali2iii,nic food-medicine
for the hrain and p* 1L reconstructs
worn-out nerve t;c- an<i f""!3 your
languid urain wit)"? hfe and vigor.
Dr. Miles' Nery has made so many
marvelous cure.*, people so sick the
doctors thoughi'ey ^'cre Incurable,
that ic is MlaW* standard medicine
in many thous* ot American homes.
The first bolts guaranteed to help
you, or druggfc-turns your money.
"The cxtrejneat, close confinement
and intense ?r---:l strain incident" to
(;,e hanking; inc-sa, Las caused ni"
to suffer wffl--rve.usne.-s and insom?
nia. It glvfc pleasure to say that
I have ti sad-. Miles' Nervlr.o with
very sntisflv results in the treat?
ment of thfefi'erlions. I am now ou
ray fifth hot and cat and sleep well,
in fact hftolmost forgotten that T
possess J#r"?Ki T-. DALBY, Aegt
pushier, flt Bank, Texareana, Ark.
"CDTi1 Tal7,te to us for Free* Tr!*]
? AffW/kafl ot Pr. Miles' Antl
Paln Paffcie New Scientific Remedy
for rata. Iso Symptom Blank. Our
Speeiallit/il diagnose your case, tell 1
vou WaHi'wromr. and how to right it.
co la?
the !
I Trim
j of Lb
I for s:
and !
mid t
fal lin
date (
an till
I. .1
the al
In frication?In the Clerk's offic
i>f the Circuit Court, ol* Hightail
county, July 7th, 1904.
John M Rolaw Ex'or of John A
Hook, dee'd.
Dorothy Hook, widow and others
In Chancery?Upon Answer r.nJ
Cross Bill of TL Hook.
The object of tliis proceeding w
to determine, the right of said 'I'I
Hook, to a certain piece of Anni
formerly owned hy John M |')fk
mid for several years in the pases
sion of T L Hook. /
And it appearing by ROTUyit
filed that John R Hook. RebstCA E
Cobb, A J Hook, Mary E Hook
and Geo W Hook, are not. resl'-ni
of this state, it is ordered thu they
appear hero within lifted dava
after due publication herod' and
do what is necessary to /roted
their interests.
E II McClintic, for resp.
J C Mutiny Clk.
a slue nil's
There are atwood ni/y people
who lind that hy d ra wife the eye
lids almost shut, their JRon is im?
proved. Whenever thf want to
see objects sharply, /lev are to
partially close the lids/ There was
never a case of this kil Unit could
not be benefited withjlasses. In
nearly everv case, thopqiiinting1'
can he entirely overjme. It is
Always doe to the eyepeingout of
focus. Drawing dt'n thc lids
shuts off the 'binni light and
makes vision clearer.! A correctly
fitted lens will throj-all the rays
to a perfect focus jd make the
object clear and di met. With
the glasses on. the Miler the lids
ire opened, the betfr the wearer
sees. Thev pince t) eye in a nor?
mal condition mid /noveall strain
ind effort. Corf fly adjusted
lenses is my speen/}'
H. 1.1"-NG,
Scientf* Optician,
/taunton. Va.
Hotel Jxchange
Mk VV A S:k. Proprietor
STAV.rox. VA.
$1,00 if day ?1,00
The bea*" attention paid
to theflifort of the trav?
eling rhlic. Patronage
of H if html people solic?
Phi 7ate Sale.
j w j) flier for sale privately my I
arm s;ated four miles Southeast I
if Mfrere.V- ^ has upon lt a I1
rood A-ellin^ house, barn and a
arie/0^ fru't *nd a good sugar
ixme It contains 190 acres.
^additional information see or
ddrfs, J W Beverage,
kloin-ey, Va.
'.iis thoroughbred, imported Perch
l will make the season in the county
ut as last year, at my stable and at
his horse is weil known in the coun
and I only consider it necessary to
the attention ot breeders to the fact
his colts meet with ready sale at
:y prices, and that the demand was
2r greater for draught horses than
. Address or phone me at Hull, Va.
J K Kramer
le of ValuabfcLand
Cowpasture River,
will sell privately my two
ns lying on Cowpasture river,
lighland countv, Va., the first
wu as the Hamilton Gwiu
ie place, which consists of four
ts, to* wit: 212, 55, 33 and ll
SCOndiy, the farm known as the
bel (iwin land consist ing of
icts, towit: 70 acres, 2 roods aud
oles; 73 acres and 28 acres,
hese two farms adjoin each
r, and are valuable for grazing
will sell them either separately
igether, as may suit purchasers.
pon Ihe Hamilton (ruin farm
?ood dwelling and out houses,
srms? These lands will bo sold
i a credit of one, two and three
i, purchasers to execute bonds
approved personal security,
ng interest from dav of sale,
to he retained aa ultimate
?ity. Possession will be given
rt ie* desiring to look al; these \
i apply to S M NIEL,
McDowell, Va.
r. Sale of Lois at Bolar
Springs Va
suant lo ;; decree pf Ihe circuit
of Highland county rendered at
nil Term thereof 11)04 in the chan
cause therein penftina of C W
le m Lillie ll Blackwell, I will on
6, 1904, Friday, at 1 p. av in front
court house of said county, offer
ehy way of public auction lots 1
of Block 7 and all of Mock j:} c.?
by the plat aad surrey of same
or Lillie It Blackwell.
ns, cash in hand on dav of sale
int to pay costs of suit 'and sale
e residue in three equal payments
due in six, twelve and eighteen
s from dale of sale, evidenced by
of the purchaser with good per
security and bearing interest from
' sale and the title to he retained
Date security for the deferred pay
K II McClintic, Comr.
C. .Matheny, Clerk of (ho Circuit
)!' laid county do certify that the
-quired by the commissioner by
ive decree has been duly executed, i
J C Matheny, elk. '
Undertaker Funeral Di?
A full line of collins and caskets
always on hand. Orders by tele?
phone or otherwise promptly at?
tended tOa
Albert Shultz
and Printer,
Staunton, Va.
Wall Paper !
In new and handsome
A Large Slock to Select From
Send for samples,
Picture Frames,
Made to order
Trading; Stamps Ia
1 p
R. S. Bell's
ll East Main St.,
Opposite Opera House,
Staunton, Va.
Phone 707. ' m
Nothing has ever equalled it.
Nothing can ever surpass it.
[oru;:.#SuuJ ?#ti.M
A Perfect For All Throat and
Cure: Lung Troubles.
Money back if it fails. Trial Bottles free.
University of Virginia
IT IS Til Iv
"iipstone of the Public School Sys?
tem ot' the State.
In the Academic Department
?BTTBB8, Science. Lvw Medicine,
Session Begins 15th September,
'or Catalogue address .J. ll. Pa ge
er, Chairman, Charlottesville, Va
Bolar Springs, Bati, County Va.
This new Hotel is now ready for guests
?open the year around, I
Large rooms, well ventilated well fur
Situated near Bolar Spring .? 'Phone fiiu
Pirst-class Board at reasonable rules. m^~
aho keep a Peed and Liver; Stal-le- j M i
ones boarded by the day or mooth. ' Il
By request will meei guests at [Jot ' Phj
(rings, Bath Co , Va. I nearest R !! Sta- I
)ii) or other points. Charges reason
B. Notify me by phone or letter.
geo c mss\\-, A1
Bolar, Bath county, Vu. wor
eep on a- Hard Bed no Longer.
when von can have the (eau'ne
.rinlock,Folding Bed pjj
aught riirht to your door and placed j \v
id, for only $8.50 per set. rjerti
Lt lias'):' of best steel spring coils and grad
jo arranged that Ihe head can be rais- esl (
or lowered, useful in sickness, a : ty v<
asehold comfort. : good
send vour order to j xainn
JOHN P. 1IISE. be sc
.8 Om Hightown, Va, j llli*:
_ KA
! is p
I trash
'or Good Work Rs
cull or write to i L.^
ol' Staunton, Va
tier In Marble,
Granite and STATUARY
me 409 Marquis old stand
M Miner. Agent, Monterey, Va.
ieWitt's 829 Salve
For Piles, Burne. Sores.
int a
Headstone or Marker,
ret my prices. I \\ill save you money. If
,0:1 need an Iron Pence, I furnish the
>est for the money. Yours to serye,
II. P. Slaven,
Monterey, Va.
A (rent, for The Clifton Forge
U;,rble Works.
For quick relief from Biliousness,
Sick Headache, Torpid Liver, Jaun?
dice, Dizziness, and all troubles aris?
ing from an inactive or sluggish liver,
DeV/ltt's Little Early Risers are un?
They act promptly and never gripe.
They are so dainty that i t is a pleasure
to take them. One to two act as a
mild laxative; two or four act as a
pleasant and effective cathartic. They
are purely vegetable and absolutely
harmless. They tonic the liver.
E. C. DoV/itt & Co., Cliice.'
K. II. Trimble.
lohn 8 I sick lin & Sons
Pu nek al Dire* tors.
Coffins furnished on short notice,
id delivered by hearse to any
Phone ring- ly
?2eS gggggl gaga :tL?rZ2Z*VLA7BJFXi!ln7K^
$?5,GOG. 00
ir loan on easy terms; or to be
id in holding homes on easy
ont hi y nr yearly payments.
IV rite for circular.
Home office ti ti Spitzer, Phone
, Harrisonburg Va.
Branch office, li D Miller,
Covington, Ya.
/rite to us for prices
for anything in the
Jewelry IJ nc. Or
dersfilled the same
day received. We
also do
and engraving.
No. 3, Easi Maim St.
X. Buzzard & Son
'ine coffins a specialty.
11 rn it tire will be made upon re?
Hive us a Call.
ctical Lams rr-.T7s.You and ko
Monterey, Rlg/hlsnd Co., Va
ups and IJlue Print! a specialty. Al
i in this line solicited.
ill give special attention to tiie Un?
king hraneh of our business. All
?> of Burial <Hi'tiis. from the cheap*
orrin to tiie lines! Casket. With for
ars' experience, we claim to have
judgment in tiie selection of trim
Band finishing outfits. Orders can
ut by telephone from any section of
nd adjoining counties-"
e fer red by many ever tbe cheap.
* factory work. Weaie still in the
sss, and, if you want shop-made
, come and see US.
are grateful to our friend., tor pasl
aage, and wo will do ...ir beet to
! and to give satisfaction.
Very respectfully,
be found over L S Dick?
inson & Co.'s Store.
m\ shop on Wednesdays, Sat*
s and all public days. Qiva
trial. Thanks for past favors
Jan. 21, Cine

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