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Highland Recorder.
Terms, $1.00 a Year in Advance.
Issued ererv Fridav cvcninpbT
Entered at the Monterey postofhce ap
second class matter.
Monterey, Va., Friday, Tilly. 29,1904
Hotel Monterey (King of the
Already the promoter, builder
ami prospective proprietoro! Hotel
Monterey, S W Crummett, Esq.
has received letters from Washing?
ton anil Baltimore, Raking for rates
p-r familv, for the summer. Oar?
ing to disappointments Hint never
fail to put in an appearance when
building in the country. Mr Crmn
mett will not have his building
completed in lime to accommodate
summer hoarders and thus did he
reply to those who hate made ap?
Thia shows, however, that a word!
. j
About the Monterey lias been pass?
ed labotia the cities. and some, frith-1
out further ado, are set king to
make it th -ir summer home.
Hotel Monterey may be several
jump* ahead of ihe town in which
it is located, ttud the county may!
not he apace with it by several:
pac?'s, but Hotel Monterey with its
spacious verandas, wide halls nnd
airy, sunny rooms is not more than j
equal to the pure, exhilarating ?at?
mosphere iu which it is being
erected; it is not more than equal
to the pure, cool, clear water that j
trickels iu crystal drops from num
e ons moss covered springs; it. is:
not more than equal to the beauties j
that greet ihe eye from its every
widow, coming from wooded moun?
tain peak, grassy slope aud shady
Up in the Alleghanv peaks it
Stands, 3.000 feet above the sea
level, on the old historic Staunton
and Parkersburg turn pike, anion n
tain driveway not. equaled any?
where in the south, neither for
perfectness of road bed nor grand?
eur of scenery through which has
been cast its graceful windings.
Now, while this heated term is
with us, the inhabitants of the
towns in a section of our country
BO farther remoyed than the valley
of Virginia, sit out of nights with
fan in hand courting sleep until
the midnight hour, while we sleep
refreshingly under a pair of
A Richmond physician of prom?
inence emce said to us?"no place
in Virginia have I found the sum?
mer air so invigorating and re?
freshing and no place have I been
able to sleep as sweetly."
Hotel Monterey may be ahead of
its town, but those wonderful ad-j
vantages which nature has placed
, about it, and for which the city
people seek, it does not surpass,
and that is the reason Hotel Mont?
erey will grow into a summer
place ol prominence.
Resolutions '
Whereas, our Heavenly Father!
has seen fit in His all-wise provi?
dence to take fro'ii us our friend!
and brother Ho. h Parrish of the
Covington bar; aud
Whereas the sari tidings ol Mr. i
Parrish's death has reached us here!
in Highland during the July term;
of our Circuit, ('ourt; and
Whereas, in the death of this!
eminent lawyer the bar of Vir- j
ginia has lost u member whose j
strict observance ol the ethics of I
the profession is the tribute of every
lawyer whoever came in contact}
with hiin: whose conceptions of i
honor, truth an! integrity were!
above reproach, and whose record;
in thirty-live years of nctite prac?
tice has been untarnished bv one)
act ol discourtesy to a brother law-;
yer or dereliction of duty toa;
Therefore, in memory of him, j
we tiie undersigned committee,ap-1
pointed by his honor Geo K An?
derson, iu recognition of his stir?
ling merit asa lawyer; hi* honesty,
uprightness and courtesy ill the
practice of the law; his worth and
integrity as a niau, and the tender;
regard in which we hold him, i]o
present the following resolutions:
First, that we lament the death
of o\ir friend and brother.
Second, that the Clerk of the]
Highland Circuit Court send a copy
of these resolutions to the family
of the deceased, publish a copy in J
the Highland Recorder, preserve a]
copy in the Records ol the High?
land Circuit Court and mail a copv
to the Cleric ol the Supreme Court
of Appeal of Virginia for a similar
Charles ti Jones,
John \V Ste | henson,
Charles Curry.
KadQa. t%spepsia ?&?r?
Digests what you eat*
rr*. I
Circuit Court Proceedings
Julv term ?Andrew L Jones and
j 6 McNulty were duly licensed to
iractice law in the courts of tnis
'om rn on weal th.
Judgments to the amount of
<20()0.(only) were rendered against
arious parties.
J A Jones qualified as Admr. of
?heobe J Swadley deed, and the
ollowing appraisers were appoint
(1: C T Fleisher, 0 Wilson, E W
Armstrong, 0 A Stephenson and
lohn K Kramer.
J A Whitelaw Comr. reported no
violations of the revenue laws.
Mack and Homer Cullin were
>ach fined $20 for contempt in
ailing to appear as witnesses.
J K Kramer, overseer of poor
lound out to C E Kelley, Otis
'hestliut, three years of age.
In its search for meanness the
{rand jury found but two indict
UtDtfl iuid they were for petty
iff en ces.
In the unlawful detainer pro?
ceeding of J A Whitelaw vs J G
Hamilton the plaintiff recovered
lossession of the Hamilton farm
recently purchased by him.
In the slander case of Louisa
Rexrode vs A ll Armstrong the
jury found a verdict for the plain?
tiff, and assessed her damages at
&500. She sued for $3,000.
In the slander case of li H Pullin
vs Lydia Vf Pullin the plain titi re
covered ?55 damages, and each par?
ty pay their own costs.
Suitable' resolutions on the death
of K L Parish a member of the
Covington liar, were presented by
Charles ti Jones, John W Stephen?
son, and Charles Curry, and were
made a part of the tecord of this
As he said he hoped to do, so did
Judge Anderson make a clean
sweep of the law docket, nothing
remaining but one rule which was
brought to enlargement,
From West Va. Hills
llontun, W Va., ('amp fi? Our
camp had about closed down before
the 4th. We had seventy men
but now we1 have only 25.
Mr Pearl Nelson our cook is
thinking of paving Highland a
visit this summer. Pearl is a
nice young fellow and. we wish
him a pleasant trip when he goes.
C P Gillispie is still with us he is
one among the best cookees that
w;>s ever on this line. He is quite
a stayer having worked 135 days.
C H Jordan our captain spent
his 4th at the camp. If wc had a
few more men on this line like
Clem we would be better off, as he
holds op for the laboring class.
Mr John Cobb of camp 4 spent
his 4 th with us.
Mr Ashby Schultz is the greatest
of eccentric toe dancers and ap?
peared at Vanderpoel on the 5th
of July.
Mr Charles Fox of Crabbottom
paid us a pleasant visit during the
latter part of last month.
Mr Wilbert Armentrout is on
the sick list.
Mr Ewing Heyer has resigned
his job as loby hog at camp 6.
Mr C Ii Carpenter left here with
Cecil Grandfie'd enroute for Van?
derpoel Va. near which place he
lives." Mr Carpenter was avery
useful man around a camp and we
were sorry to see him take his de?
parture, but we hope he will re?
turn in the near future.
A new beginner.
Nothing has ever equalled it.
Nothing can ever surpass it.
Dr. King s
lew Disoovery
A Perfect For All Throat and
Cure: Lung Troubles.
Money back if it fails. Trial Bottles free.
Over-Work Weakens
Your Kidneys.
Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood.
All the blood in your body passes through
your kidneys once every three minutes.
np-aja, _ The kidneys are your
*^^idU .^CfDffri D'00c* purifiers, they fil?
ter out the waste or
impurities in the blood.
If they are sick or out
of order, they fail to do
their work.
Pains, aches and rheu?
matism come from ex?
cess of uric acid in the
blood, due to neglected
kidney trouble.
Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady
heart beats, and makes one feel as though
they had heart trouble, because the heart is
over-working in pumping thick, kidney
poisoned blood through veins and arteries.
It used to be considered that only urinary
troubles were to be traced to the kidneys,
but now modern science proves that nearly
all constitutional diseases have their begin?
ning in kidney trouble.
If you are sick you can make no mistake
by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy is
soon realized. It stands the highest for its
wonderful cures of the most distressing cases
and is sold on its merits
by all druggists in fifty
cent and one-dollar siz-_
es. You may have a"
sample bottle by mail
free, also pamphlet telling you how to find
out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
Mention this paper when writing Dr. Kllir*,**!
& Co., Binghamton, N. Y.
Home of Swainp-Itoot.
"Play Ball
Being slightly in touch with
bast? ball circles here we have found
out enough to know that consider?
able interest is being aroused and
that it is likely a league known as
The Mountain League, composed
of Monterey, McDowell and Frank?
lin, will be formed, and that dur?
ing tho fall a series of three or
more games wil! be played to de?
cide which of the three shall take
and hold the honors from this sea
sou until the next.
Now, this is all right talk, and
if carried out you will find will
prove a means of much innocent
and healthful sport and profitable
ard pleasant intercourse among
the three towns, or so many more
as may come into the league, and
between the two gr?at mountain
counties of Highland aud Pendle?
ton. If A Meghan v atmosphere
and nothing to drink but pure wa?
ter, don't turn out hardy ball play?
ers, you need not look for more
favorable conditons and surround?
The Recorder's pet at present,
and feir years past, is a stock ex?
hibit for Highland, and we now
have an idea that Highland and
Pendleton could with great profit
unite in this and take in the ball
business as a pleasing side issue.
Now, what do you think about
Come, shake off the dust of the
decades from your drooping forms,
shut up shop for a spell and get
Starting Evidence.
Fresh testimony in great quantity is
ceinstantly coming in, declaring Dr.
King's New IMKpvery foi Consrmotion,
Coughs nnd Colds fo he unequaled. * A
recent expression from T. J. .McFailand,
Bentoryille, Va., serves as example. He
writes: "I had Bronchitis for three
years and doctored all the time without
being benefitled. Then 1 began taking
Dr. King'9 New Discovery, and a few
bottles whody cured me." Equally ef?
fective in curing Lung and Throat troub?
les, Consumption, Pneumonia and Grip.
Guaranteed by K. II- Trimble, T>-.iggi3t.
Trial bottles free, regular size 50c, and
The Board of Supervisors
Joseph A Hiner, Supt. has been
ordered to move the toll gate from
Oliver Gum's to Mrs Frank Gum's.
The following persons were com?
pensated for sheep killed by dogs;
.las L Gum $2.50 for one sheep;
L W Sheffer $7 for 3 sheep; J ll
Fox $2 for one sheep; A J Kever?
comh 11.50 for one sheep; Elbridge
Hinkle $7.50 tor three sheep; Satul.
Stone $2 for one sheep and P H
McNulty $5 for two sheep. Total
number of sheep killed during
year ll, and amount allowed $25.
Executor's Sale
of Valuable Real Estate?As execu?
tor of John M Hook, deed., acting under
the provisions of the will of th*; decedent
and pursuant to a decree of the Circuit
Court of Highland county, entered in the
Chancery cause of John M Hook's Exe?
cutor vs. John M Hook's Heirs, etc, at
the July terni, 1904, I shall, in front of
the court house of Highland county, on
at 1 o'clock p, m., offer for sale publicly,
that certain tract ol land, lying about ti
miles southwest of McDowell, in said
county, and known as the part of the
"Moyen farm" now in possession of T
K Hook. This tract contains 57*98 acres,
more oi less, and is well adapted to both
grazing and farming.
TEUMS Enough cash in hand to pay
costs and expenses of sale, and the resi?
due in three equal annual payments, with
interest from elate, the purchaser execut?
ing bonds with approved personal securi?
ty for the deferred payments, and the
title being retained as ultimate security.
John M Colaw, Exor.
7-21 04
Weak Hearts
are caused by indigestion. If you
eat a little too much, or if you are
subject to attacks of indigestion,
the stomach expands?swells, and
pulls up against the heart. This
crowds the heart and shortens the
breath., Kapui heart, beats and
heart disease is the final result.
Kodol Dypepsia Cure digests what
[?OU eat, takes the strain off the
heart, cures indigestion, dyspepsia,
s mr stomach, and contributes nour?
ishment, strength and health to
every organ of the body. Sold by
K ti Trimble.
ThU Handtr.LH) Hcibruiaivy Outfit, st.in.nr! M |Dcd ir.a- j
lerial, ?<I1 ? * maltal ll-* I,.ttl/ l.i? of charce. lt < - Btifta
vf I Cntanrhamum Ceoler^ac? i iixii In.) *.:th r, li. Mies
. tech Ki la.), I dainty Ci V..\n. I An.); ?i fr udor suit. 1
Bookmark, I liuttetmaii |' . a liir,, s yuluma Len.es lad
! Conventional Pulgul fut shirt-waist t.nnmtnlation.
'<y/>a NEW IOKA
"Womals Ka^azine
iv wftfemri ei.-c;.lion, tiie finest ."0-cent i'lni'ai^a^Hisr.c.!. I
lt J*-in a..:: or-Sy cn all matters pciuittltijf torin*) .v ' I
coolatai the lase.! sod mort practical sijle* to he tau : !
a:i?Ijrre In the magazine world. If yoi. n-bhlndress*rclj
'"' WiWcT.v.e ex; *;.;;, the NT.'.v Ikka Wcm.-.n;-.; v.v v. ?
ziNKWap. :,i:h? r.r es?i;,\ r.achiuua r.nti.1 jj if,,',,
Hon's ino,!<,rs. ls treat-, MM of al I ?ubjrctt I :.it ilr.t
arOBafnda ti:rtr rome life. Send youl nime t.?r v itii U
cents.an I ?s v ill enter your sill's riutuii for erne ie r v ?
n.iii eito t!ie Eaobfoidoy Outfit shinui aUive.
lie .liff ti> mHUtm tlib paper Hhea jun write.
WEff IDEA PUBLISHING CO., 63? Broadway, V^-^cr:
K H. Trimble
ask the readers of tiiis paper who
are suffering with indigestion or
dyspepsia to call on them at once
nnd get a bottle of Kodoj Dyspepsia
Cure. If von knew the vickie of
this remedy as we know it, von
would not suffer another day. Ko
dol Dyspepsia Cure is a thorough
digestant and tissue-building tonic
as well, lt is endorsed personally
by hundreds of people whom it has
cared of indigestion.' dvspepsia.
palpitation of the heart and stom?
ach troubles generality. Kodol
Dvspepsia ("ure digests what you
ear., [t is pleasant, palatable and
strengthening. Sold by K. ll.
WANTED?Several persons e.f char
actor anel good reputation in each state
(one in this county re<[uireri) to represent
and advertise ol.! established wealthy
business house of solid financial Blending.
Salary $21.00 weekly with expenses ad
ditional, all payable in eash direct each
Weelneselay from head offices. Hoi se
and carriage furnished when necessary.
References. Enclose self addressed en
velopc Manufactures sad Wholesalers,
Dept. 2, third floor, 3!J4 Dearborn St..
Driven to Desperation.
laying at an out of the way place, re?
mote from civilization, a family is often
(Iiivon to desperation incase of accident,
resulting in Burns, Cuts, Wounds, Ul?
cers, etc. Lay in a supply of Ihicklen's
Arnica Salve, it's thc best on earth
2)c, at E. ll. Tumble's, Dru? Store.
Notice to T/FAciiKks-The School
Hoard of Blue Grass district will
meet at Gum school house on the
18th day of August, 1904, all
teachers who expect to teach in
Hlue Grass district to send their ap?
plications to clerk of Hoard on or
before said date.
II II Slaven. Clk.
July 5, 1004.
Maxaoeu Wanted:?Trust?
worthy lady or gentleman to man?
age business in this county and ad?
joining territory for well and fa?
vorably known house of solid fi
nanciaj standing. $20.00 straight
Cash salary and expenses paid each
Monday bv check direct from head?
quarters. Expense money advarc
ed. Position permanent. Address
Manager, 810 Como Block, Chicago
"I don't think we oould keep
house without Thedford's Black
Draught. We have used lt in the
family for over two years with the
bett of results. I have not had m
doctor in the house for that length
of time. It is a doctor in itself and
always ready to mftke a person well
and happy."?JAMKS HALL, Jack?
sonville, 111._
Because this great medicine
relieves stomach pains, frees the
constipated bowels and invigor?
ates tne torpid liver and weak?
ened kidneys
No Doctor
is necessary in the home where
Thedford's Black-Draught is
kept. Families living in the
country, miles from any physi?
cian, have been kept in health
for years with this medicine as
their only doctor. Thedford's
Black - Draught cures bilious?
ness, dyspepsia, colds, chills and
fever, bad blcod, headaches,
diarrhoea, constipation, colic
and almost every other ailment
because tho stomach, bowels
liver and kidneys so nearly con?
trol the health.
1W ?arty Risers
The famous little pills.
asg^ar- Trrr.rawnrfi9Praiiw
Will Not Help Your
Disease, but Will
WeaKen Your
Folks who think it Ls better to bear
pain than soothe lt?are wrong.
Old-fashioned doctors used to say lt
was better, became they had nothing
with which to ease pain but dangerous,
heart-paralyzing drugs,
But now, that a safe remedy has
been found, Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills,
lt is wrong to suffer, for nothing can be
gained but weakened nerves.
A safe rule to remember is: When
In pain, take an Arfd-Pain Pill.
Thia will soothe your quivering nerves.
Dr. Miles' Antl-Paln PUI3 relieve pain
by restoring the natural secretions, fn
which they differ from opium and sim?
ilar narcotic drugs, which relieve pain
by checking tho action of the glands.
They are sure and harmless, and arc
the latest medical treatment for the
cure of Headache, Neuralgia, Backache,
Rheumatism, Dizziness, Toothache,
Stomachache, Menstrual (Monthly)
Pains. Also nerve irritations like Sea?
sickness, Car-Sickness, Sleeplessness,
Indigestion, etc.
Pleasant to tako, quick In results.
?'I have used Dr. Miles' Antl-Paln
Pills for sick, nervous headache, and
have received the best rcsult3. I hear?
tily recommend their cumtlva proper?
ties, for thev ;ire auccersTul."?-KEV.
RAY A. WATB03, D. D., Iowa City, Ia.
Sold by druggists, at 25c. Money back
if first box does not help. Never sold
in bulk.
T)*PPl? Writs to us for Free Trial
JC RHiJli package of Dr. Miles' Anti
Pain Pills, tho New Scientific Remedy
for Pain. Also Symptom Blank. Our
Specialist will diagnose your case, teell
you what ls wron?, end hov/ to right it,
In vacation?In the Clerk's office
of Hie Circuit Court ol' Highland
countv, Julv 71 ll, 1004
Joli ll ll Colaw Ex\>r of .John M
Hook, dee'd.
Dorothy Hook, widow and oilier*.
In Chancery?Upon Answer and
Cross Bill of TL Hook.
The uliject of this proceeding is
lo determine, thc right ol said 'I L
Hook, lo a certain piece of land
former.* owned bj John M Hook
and for several years in the posses?
sion of T L Hook.
And it appealing bv affidavit
filed that John ll Hook. Rebecca E
Cobb, A .1 Hook, Mary B Honk
and Ceo \V Hook, ure not residents
of this state, it is ordered that they
appear here within fifteen days
after due publication hereof and
do what is necessary to protect
their interests.
E ll McClintic, for resp.
J C Mathenv Clk.
Hotel Exchange
Mk W A Si pk, Proprietor
$1,00 per day #1,00
THU best nf attention paid
to tho comfort of the trav?
eling public. Patronage
of Highland people solic?
Old Watches
Made New
Special cases made to order. '
English cases changed to fit
American movements.
Hunting cases changed to open
face, key wind to stem wind.
Old cases repaired and renewed.
Melting old gold cases and mak?
ing over into new (using the same
Monograms, family crests, coats
ot arms, fraternity emblems, en?
graved or enamelled on watch
Low prices, good work, prompt
Scientific Optician,
Staunton, Va.
Sale of Val liable Land
on Cowpasture River.
I will sell privately my two
farms lying on Cowpasture river,
in Highland county, Va., the first
known as the Hamilton Grwin
home place, which consists of four
tracts, to-wit: 212, 55, 33 and ll
Secondly, the farm known a3 the
Rachel Hwin land consisting of
3 tracts, to wit: 70 acres, 2 roods and
12 poles; 73 acres and 28 acres.
These two farms adjoin each
other, and are valuable for grazing
or farming.
I will sell them either separately
or together, as may suit purchasers.
Upon the Hamilton Gwin farm
is a good dwelling and out houses.
Terms?These lands will be sold
upon a credit of one, two and three
years, purchasers to execute bonds
with approved personal security,
bearing interest from dav of sale,
title to be retained as ultimate
security. Possession will be given
lt once.
Parties desiring to look at these
lands apply to S M NIEL,
McDowell, Va.
Arrest It-$50 Reward
A bottle of Ec-zine will le sent
free to everv reader of this paper
who is suffering with any kind of
skin disease or eruptions, any form
of eczema, blind or bleeding piles,
scrofula, itch, tetter, barbers itch,
ringworm, boils, blood poison,
fever sores or any other germ dis?
ease or sores of any name or na?
$50 reward will be paid for any
case of eczema that is not promptly
cured with Ec-zine. Ec-zine will
heal any sore or cure the worst skill
and make it look like velyet. Here?
tofore there has been no specific
discovered that would cure eczema
and kindred diseases until Ec-zine
was discovered nnd now Lhouasanda
are cured daily. Never mind what j
you havetrikd; forget the failures
made hy other remedies and send
for PRU sample of Ec-zine, which
always Rives relief aud a perma?
nent cure.
Ec-zine Skin Soap is the best an?
tiseptic soap made. It will cleanse
anything?will destroy microbes of
dandruff, falling hair, sore head,
hands nnd feet, pimples and black?
heads on face and make Hie skin
smooth. The onlv antiseptic shav?
ing soap made, guaranteed to cure
germ diseases?$50 if it don't. 25
cents a cake. Write today to
d Chemical Co.,
790 Rand-McNally Bldg.,
Chicago, III.
i cv J^ViJoneb, Chaplain.
.TRjareo. 6t? t>,
1?0O *
Undertaker Funeral Di?
A full line of coffins and caskets
il ways on hand. Orders by telc
ihone or otherwise promptly at?
tended to.
Albert Shultz
and Printer,
Staunton, Va.
Wall Paper !
In new and handsome
A Largs* Stock to Select Flom
Send for samples,
Picture Frames,
Made to order
Trading Stamps
R. S. Bell's
ll East Main St.,
Opposito Opera House,
Staunton, Va.
Phone 707.
ir WV "
OUGHSand 60c & $1.00
(OLDS Free Trial.
Bareet and Quickest Cure for ai
University of Virginia
Capstone of the Public School Sys?
tem of the State.
In the Academic Department
Letters, Science, Law Medicine,
Session Begins 16th September.
For Catalogue address J. M. Pa ge
;*er, Chairman, Charlottesville, Va
Bolar Springs, Bath, County Va.
This new Hotel is now ready for guests
?open the year around,
Large rooms, well ventilated well fur
Situated near Bolar Springs.?'Phone
in office.
First-class Board at reasonable rates.
[ also keep a Feed and Livery Stable.
Horses boarded hy the day or mouth.
By request will meet guests at Hot
Springs, Bath Co., Va. (nearest K It Sta?
tion) or other points. Charges reasona
ale. Notify me by phone or letter.
Bolar, Bath county, Vs.
51eep onr Haril Bed no Longer
when you can have the genuhie
Arwlock,Foldiiig Bed
brought right to your door and placed
ju your bed, for only $8.50 per set.
It lUaSOt) of best steel spring coils and
s so arranged that the heral can be rais?
ed or lowered. Useful in sickness, a
lousehold comfort.
Send your order to
dOUX ti. HISB,
H8Gm Hightown, Va.
For Good Work
call or write to
Frank Grim,
of Staunton, Va
lealer in Marble,
Granite and STATUARY
'hone 499 Marquis old stand
established j848.
kV li Hiner, Agent, Monterev. Xv.
Ws K??f Salve
For Piles* Burns* Sores*
Headstone or Marker,
get mv prices. I will save you money. If
von need sn Iron Pence, 1 furnish the
best for the money. Yoxirt t<> serye,
II. F. Si.av-n,
M oi.Ut ey, \'a.
Agent, for The Clifton Forge
Marble Works.
Are due to indigestion. Ninety-nine of every
one hundred people who have heart trouble
can remember when it was simple indiges?
tion. It is a scientific fad that all cases of
heart disease, r.ct orgaric, are not only
traceable to, but are the direct result of indi?
gestion. All food taken into the stomach
which fails of perfect digestion ferments and
svellsthe stomach, puffing it npa^nsMh*
heart. This interferes with the action of
the heart, and in the course of time that
delicate but vital organ becomes diseased.
Mr. D. Kauble, of Nevcda. 0 , says: 1 hsd stomach
t.-cuble and was In a bad stat* as I had heart troubla
v.-ith it. I took Kodoi Dyspepsia Cure for about four
months and it cured me,
Kodo! Digests What You Eat
and relieves the stomach of all nervous
strain and the heart cf al! pressure.
Bottles or.'y. $1.00 Size holding 2'i times ihe trial
size, v/Hc'n sells fer 50c,
Prepared by E. 0. DeWITT &CQ., CHICAGO.
K. H. Trimble.
... r -. ?. .--:c:.-.? i
John 8 Hicklin&8011N
LTM?r.:;TAKi:i;.> and
Funeral Directors,
Colline furnished on short notice,
and delivered bv hearse to any
Phone ring- ly
m__m_rqrxtamr? ?-?- i*n...-ena?-x&-'- ? 'sar-:-iYf?-C.e'?,
Don't Delay.
Let nie furnish von inonev on
easy terms to pay off that pressing
obligation, or build you a home.
Write for circular. Phone 4:}.
G C Spitzer. Harrisonburg, Vu
Branch office. Covington, Va.
U 1) Miller, Mgr.
Arlie Ervin's
Livery Stable,
Monterey, Virginia.
Having purchased the en?
tire liverv outfit of Tom
H Slaven, I will continue
the business at the old
Hack, Surrey and Buggies at rea*
onahle prices.
Horses hoarded.
My personal attention given.
(SE MEhlftlliE richmond,
l Modem Laboratories in charge of specialists.
I Qti'tz System. Superior Clinics.
I Bedside teaching in our own Hospital.
For detailed information, write THE PROCTOR.
D. N. Blizzard & Hon
Fine coffins a specialty.
Furniture will be made upon re?
Give us a Call.
practical Laid Bmnpriob and no
Mocrcrej-. BlfUlsnd Co., Va
Maps and Blue Pr;iit? a specialty. Al
work in this line solicited.
T. II. &I1. f slave:
Will give special attention to the Un
| dertaklng branch of our ovalness. All
grades of Barfs! Outfits, from the cheap
| est Coffin IO the finest Casket. With for
j ty years' experience, we claim to have
| good judgment In the selection of trim?
mings and finishing outfits. Orders cat
be sent by telephone from any section of
this and Adjoining counties
is preferred by many over the cheap,
trashy factory work. Weare still in the
business, and, if you want shop-made
work, come and see us.
We are grateful to our friends for past
patronage, and we will do uar best to
please and to give satisfaction.
Verv respectfully,
T. H. ft H. F. SLAVEN
GEO E. Swart
Will be found over L S Dick-,
enson & Co.'s Store.
lu my shop on Weiltiesttar*; S;>t
iir.hu>. and ali public daws. Give
aw a trial. Thanks for past hitor
J'ui 21, Gui*

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