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Highland recorder. (Monterey, Highland County, Va.) 1877-1972, August 12, 1904, Image 2

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On The side.
We High landers as a rule i
lind and true, but in order that
tile may be a rule it must have (
Exception No. 1 ?We have
'pw a very few, ?vho have be
raiding tiie Recorder for years ai
li^ve not put op the price theref(
As thev are short on said price,
are they short all ilie wav round.
However, when we view it as v
should ive are persuaded that the
jean nothing personal. It is sin
\jmmm\JDl^mng ibmtt-ihatwy,
iception No. 2?There are
lew a very few, who will hav
nthing unless they can get cheap
jr if ever IO little, than any on
Ilse. The golden eagle jnst mast
le coming their way or thev be
jonie as ono with a torpid liver.
As though th?y had when bailie;
Tallowed a golden magnet and a*
ie; grew so did, it all the while in
[easing in its drawing capacity
itil its learning for more of
kind even exceeds the yearning
a full grown tape worm
r a fifty cent beefsteak, and
|th iii ever increasing absorption
that for which it yearns, refuses
?e satisfied.
Well as ure mentioned in excep
No. 2 climb to the top over
^bodies of little suckers, who
when they were babies to
golden magnet to swallow.
pieviou.lv stated there are
a very very few of this class,
fe they are au expensive lux
?pecialy for a small com mu ti
Recorder feels that its con?
ni toward the support of
ot classes has been liberal
i f
eWitt Is the Name
jon goto buy Witch Haz
fook for the name De Witt
box. The pure, unadul
[VUf'li- Hfizel is used in
-Witt's. Witch Hazel
is the best salve in
stilts, burns, bruises,
{md piles. The pop
iWitt'i Witch Hazel
its many cures, has
yjwus worthless coun
jplaced on th? market.
>ears the name E C
Chicago. Sold by
Bitten Bv A Copperhead
On nwt Thursday while ft
Woods was at work in the
near his home, in the Vanch
neighborhood be was bitten
copper head on the finger. *
ly after the occurrence, aft*
Woods bad made his way hoi
'became deathly sick and the
and arm quickly swelled lojui
porportions. Until their ph*i
Dr Jv ll Trimble could rene I
tho f am il v administered st in
bm. thia did not appear to
the suffering of the patient.
For two ctr three (I?r9 wi
(hat could ho done, Ihe s"
and suffering eoa tin ne. "I- "ll
Mr Woods ii much ?et,e
thought be to out of dan %er
From Oar 8 fetor VJU**
McDowell Aug 10th \i.r
McNulty lina gone to see tiu
we don't mean the worlds fair.
Miss Maime Qtiidor has retui
ii home after quite a protracted
lin Marlinton.
Mr Charlie Bradshaw came
from 111. Sunday to visit
parent* Mr and Mrs .1 D Bradsh
Mr [J E Bryn nt ard son Fri
ha\e gone to Durbin.
Men W ll Siron and lins;
Evick went to Stauuton Monda
Misses Marv and Ella II in
iper.t several days with Capt I
uer on the Thorn. ^J
Rev A Q Flaherty preach
fprtte an interesting seimon in t
Methodist church Sunday. WI)
talking to the writer Mr Flaher
related a little story of old ram
meeting days which is worth bea
ing-He said while he was holdii
a camp meeting in Highland that
gentleman came to him infill
that some one had stolen a co;
from his wagon and asked Mr F.
he could not help hin find his coi
in some way. Slr F. told him 1
thought he could, which he did i
the following mau tier. He got ti
before the congregation and sai
i thai a coat had been stolen and th
J man who had stolen it had beenaet
br th ree persons, and if he did nu
! return the coat in 24 hours act io
would be taken. The next morninj
the coat was in the owners wagon
One of Hie preachers asked Mr I
vho the three parlies were, wlu
aw the man, lie said The Father
The Son and The Holy Ghost
A Sweet Breath
is a never failing sign a healthy
stomach. When the breath is bad
the stomach is out of order. There
is no remedy in Ihe world equal to
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure for curing
indigestion, dyspepsia and all
stomach disorders. Mrs Marv S.
Crick, of White Plaina, Ky, writes:
'?J have been a dyspeptic for years;
tried all kinds of remedies hut con?
tinued to grow worse. liv the
use of Kodol I began to improve at
once, and after fakinga few bottles
am fully restored in weight, health
and strength mid can eat whatever
I like." Kodol digests what you
eat and makes the stomach sweet.
Soli by DrK II Trimble.
en i
-<" Red Polled Cattle
For Sale
A44f*ssNl U-~,/ohnsiC>>& son,
8-5-3m Loudon. Tenn.
Eczema and Pile Cure
FREF. Knowing what it was to suf?
fer, I will give Free of ('barge, to any
afflicted a positive cure for Eczema, Salt
Rheum, Erysipelas, Piles a:.' skin dis?
eases. Instant relief. Don't suffer long?
er. Write FW WILLIAMS, 400 Man?
hattan Ave., New York. 3-11-1
Write to us fop prices
for anything in the
Jewelry Line. Or
derstilled tiie same
cl a y received. We
also do repairing1
and engraving.
No. 3, East Main St.
lillboro Springs College for
Voung Ladies
Term begins Sept. 27, 1904. Splendid
Ivantages for the education of girls and
Niof women, Primary, Preparatory,
itenaedlata, and Collegiate Depart
ents leading to degrees, "in music New
igland conseryatdry methods, moder
e roles.
P"or further information address
J. Graham Davidson,
Business Magr.
Milborough Springs, Va.
j sum
V Ra
day, j
way (
der at
at Mc
in Cn
erty o
lier fr
and th
years I
the pu
ty and
mate f
, J
the dale
I. ( ^^-_ Eastern Highland
. Robt/1 lend waters. Aug. 8-Robt McCray
j J; departed this lifo Banda? morning
w , July 31st 1904. at his home at
erPooiy Headwaters in the 77 year of his
"V "Inge. Early in life he was united
short-/ io marriage with Miss Mary
>r Mr
ne he)
Hodge, and to this union there were
bom nine children, four of which
j preceeded bini to the tomb. .
hand geverot years ago united with
inauillthe United Hrethern chljrcb and
siciau JeontiiMied in tiie same until
(MlllLMKU ri. .... .
,1 Some years ago. when Ins sou Wm.
he also
? waa killed by
ll,,a,,r" J received severe shock from
check |||fl ncV(.r f?||y recovered. lilli?
I one of the children. Mrs George
tl. all! UeCny wm wi* him when deal.t
i -l/mme ReislwWJtJn I'ennsylva
fes*!?iawhen notified of bi. father.
tnOW [illness, lie at once , started tor his
r a?d bedside, but sad Li say did no
Leach home until nf ter the bunni
lind taken place Monday eve.
re Mr McCray will bc greatly mint?
ed not onlv bv: the immediate
E S family but by the community as
. ffJrLve|]/ \
He was eyer readv to lend ? help?
ed ing band lo any one in distress he
rh was a competent nurse and willing
vis to do all in his power to alleviate
Hie suffering of all who desired Ins
,elp. The funeral was conducted
)V Kev A Q Flaherty.
is tx
the I '?
head.ii ?'
A Perfect Painless Pill
\e one that will cleanse the sys
set the liver to action, remove
?? clear the complexion, cure
and leave a good taste in
The famous little pills
ch work pleasantly and
, DeWitt's Little Ear
"i Moore of Lafayette
other pills } have
sicken, while De
Misers are sim
the mo ,u "?
for doin, T s?
effectually " ?n
ly Risers. Bat
Fpd. says. ''.4/]
Bled gripe and .
Vtitt'i Little Earl;
pljv perfect.'' Sole
Trimble, druggist.
The "Faultless Bnfl
night shirts, a line <>:?
without a peer in Nighl.v
This you will slate when
it over. ,1 Lunsford k 8oA
i by Dr K H
id" dav and
' negligee?
nd county
you look
Puts An End to lt Alf
A grevious wail oftimes comes a
suit <jf unbearable pain from over I.
organs. Dizziness, backache, liver t
plain! and constipation, but thanks
Dr King's New Life Pills they pul an en
lo it ill. They are gentle but thorough.
Try them. Only 25c Guaranteed by
K H Trimble drug store.
State Female Normal School
/ FARM 1'ILLE, Va.
The State offers free tuition for worthy
yoting women who wish to prepare them?
selves for teachers.
S Liheral Courses in Language, Litera?
ture, Science and Manual Arts.
Strong professional Course with Nor?
mal Training.
Extensive improvements embodying
the best features of
are to bc ready for the next session.
The Faculty lias been strengthened by
the appointment of seyeral graduates
from leading American Universities.
Session begins Sept. 7th. Catalogues
sent on application. J L Jarman, Pres.
In Northern va
30 European and American Professors
and Lecturers, Collegiate, Academic,
Preparatory, Teachers, Business, Music,
Art Embroidery Elocution. Koted for
healthfulness No hazing. No entrance
examination, Undenominational, Stu?
dents from 17 States. Large attendance,
Library, Laboratory, Gymnasium, Baths.
Rates more reasonable than any other
n'gh grade school in the State. For free
llustrated catalogue and other informa
ion, address
J S Gruyer, A B, A.M.. Pres.
Front Royal, va.
FOR SA LE-A valuable mill
Wpertj, situated at Williamsville,
lath county, > ar, familiarly known
i the "Weldon Place.''' This
roperty consists of several tracts
- land amounting in the aggre
ite to 304 acres, 3 roods and 37
t]es upon which is situated a fine
ill, three dwellings, store house
id mit buildings, which will be
own by J K F Loving residing
said property.
For further particulars address
Mrs M I) Loving,
I 4t Hot Springs, Va.
End of Bitter Fight
Two physicians had a long and stub
n fight with an abcess on my right
sr" writes J F Hughes of Pont, G;i.
d gaye me ap. Everybody thought
time had cor.c. As a last resort I
ri Dr Kind's New Discovery for Con
ption. The benefit I received was
iing and 1 was on my feet in a few
x. Now I've entirely regained my
th." It conqueis all coughs, colds
throat and lung troubles. Gmran
by Dr K ll Trimble's drug store.
e.50c, and (1.00. Trial bottle free.
s a r(
mr's 8ale of House
and Lot in Crab?
rsuant to a decree in the Circuit
t of Highland county, Va. in the
?ery cause of .Ino A Whitelaw ys U
ckman and others, I will on Satur
\ugust 20, 1904 offei for sale by
)f public auction lo the highest bid
, 10 a, m. in front of the court house
interey. that lnuse and lot situated
ibbotlom in said county, the prop
f U V Ruckman and acquired by
om Ephriam Wimer.
ms?Cash in hand on day of sale
ent to pay costs of suit and sale
e balance falling due in 1, 2, and 3
rom date of sale, bearing interest
rom, evidenced by Ihe bonds of
rchaser with good personal securi
the title to be retained as ulti
ecurity. E II McClintic, Comr.
C Matheny do certify that the
equired in this eause has been ex
according to the requirments of
ree J C Matheny, Clk
It Is
Dr. Mlle
tingles to t
some ache
The rome
Dr. Hiles
They act
an's ncrvou
cure the pal
pains, and i
as if a gem
them away,
to tiie head
all cured bj
Cured wit:
out unnatur;
or other inti
Dr. Miles'
women, and
cause they a
all their sufi
"For years
ache, at timi
I could not
Goin? to cl
brought on tl
numerous rei
I tried Dr. J
they have cur
toms of sick
ward off the
and nervous,
Price, 25c a
Pain Pills, th
for Pain. Ali
Specialist will
you what is w
Free. DR.
Commissioner's Sale
Pursuant to a decree of the cir?
cuit court of Augusta county, in
tile chancery cause of Keller, I).H.,
efl als, vs. Keller, John D., et als,
n(iw pending in said court, Ilia un?
dersigned Special Coln ra. will. wi
Monday, august 22, ion.
Yat or about the hour of 12 o'clock
M, proceed to sell nt public auction
in front of the court house ill
Staunton, that certain tract of land
of which the late Eliza Keller, died.
M'ized and possessed, situated about
five miles west of the city of Stalin -
ton, adjoining the lands of D. Bay?
lor Cook, .John VV Cook and others,
and containing about 157 acres.
This farm is in a good state of
cultivation, and has upon it a good
dwelling house, barn and other
necessary outbuildings.
Terms of Sale?Cash in hand on
the day of sale sufficient to cover
the cost of suit und sale, and the
residue upon a credit of one, two
and tluee yours, for which the
purchaser must execute his three
bonds in equal amounts, bearing
date on the day of sale, with inter?
est from date, with good personal
security; and tiie title to the land
to be retained as ultimate security.
The growing crops upon the
land will be reserved.
S D Timberlakc, Jr.
Harry H Bleaee,
I, Harry Burnett,. Clerk of said
court, do certify that S D Timber
lake, Jr.. Jias executed the bond re?
quired hy decree of sale in the
chancery can?e of Keller, DB,ol
als, vs.'Keller, John D? ct als.,
now pending in said court.
Giyen under my hand this 15th
dav of June, 1904.
Marry Burnett, Clerk.
Jolin S nicklin & Sons
Undertakers and
Fun eua l Directors,
Coffins furnished on short notice,
aud delivered bv hearse to any
"I find Thedford'a Black-Draught
odd medicine for liver disease.
ired roy .'on after he had spent
?rith doctors, It is all the med
IN, Parkersburg, W. Va.
'ir liver does not act reg
x to your druggist and
>ackage of Thedford's
:i/!ii. and take a dose
This great family
ea the constipated
p thc torpid liver
?ealthy secretion
If yo.
darly g<
ecure a j>
ledicine fre
owe! s, stirs u
id causes a k
! bile.
Thedford's Bl,
ill cleanse the bv
iritiea and strengt.
BJ. A torpid li>
'aa, biliousness, ck
ver and all manner
ss and contagion. We,
ys result in Bright's &
nch claims as many vu
consumption. A 25n
:kage of Thedford's Bia*
aught should always be kel
the house.
l'lLh?'?d.t'^hodfo^d,8 Muk?
urti t for liver and kidney com
lead! IH C0FFMAN, Mer
Ack - Draught
vwels of im
hen the kid?
er invites
ills and
of sick
ik kid
'i pease
EaHy misers
) famous Eittle pills.
aaanaanj a
Women Who
1 Most Relief
tm Little Irri
ating Pains
ind Aches.
af Anti-Pain Pills are for
A bott
j free to ei
who is su
j skin disef
of eezenii
fover sore
ease or so
tu re.
$50 row
/ case of ec,
I cured wi tl
5 heal any s
and make
to ['ore fli ;-i
I discovered
and kindre
atna dtscov
are cured ii
rou iiavki
in.iile by o
always i,'iy<
neut cure.
delicate nervous organism
ho least Jarring influence, and
or pain is the result.
;dy is at hand?
' Anti-Pain Pills.
mest marvellously on worn
s organism, and relieve and
ins to which sho is a martyr.
3, neuralgiac pains, monthly
ill kinds of pains disappear,
Lie hand had lightly soothed
Dizziness, Rush of Blood
I, Toothache, Backache aro
' theso "Little Comforters."
hout danger of disagreeable
] cured quickly; cured -with?
al action on liver, stomach,
}rnal organs.
Anti-Pain Pills please tho j ui^ aimil inn
the children take them be- | o-erill di SCI SI
re easy to take and soothe * . j |^
eringa. I
I had spell3 of pick head
?s suffering untold agonies,
endure any excitement,
nirch, and even visiting,
icse terrible spells. I tried
nodies without relief until
lilies' Anti-Pain Pills, and
od mo. When I feel symp
Ec-zine E
tiscnti'j son
an vf li int;?
dandruff, f;
hands and i
head* on fa
smooth. T
in<? aoau inti
ISoycl <
799 Rai
headache I take a pflf and I _
nhen I am tired ~
attack. _
wvinv0"1,03 me."?MRS.
I KIN SON, Blairstown, Ia.
box. Xever sold in bulk
kago0ofU.SDf0r-^e Trial
e "
Mil?~ _?^*_,., _^^_
- i
A Ca
Willi hi-iiil
"?ri ia , ? ?!???-?
In vacation?Tn the Clerk's office
of the Circuit Court of Highland
county, July 7th, 1104.
John M Colaw Ex'or of John 5!
Hook, dee'd.
Dorothy Hook, willow arni ol hors.
In Chancery-"Upon Answer and j
Cross Bill nf T li Hook.
The object of this proceeding i-i j
lo determine, the right of said T L
Hook, lo a certain piece of land j
formerly owned by John M Hook !
and for several yi?ari in Ihe posses
sion of T L ll<>.dc. .
And it appearing hv affidavit
filed that John \l Hook. Rebecca B |
Cobb. A.I Hook, Mary E Hook!
and Geo W Hook, are not resident*
nf this state, it is ordered that I hov
appear here within fifteen days !
after due publication hereof and J
do what is necessary to protect ;
their interdata,
E il McClintic, for resp.
J C Mathenv Clk.
Hotel Exchange
Mb VV A Sipe, Proprietor
fl.06 per day $1.00
The best of attention paid
to thaccmrort of the trav?
eling public. Patronage
of Highland people solic?
Old Watches
Made New
Special cases made to order.
English cases changed to
American movements.
Hunting cases changed to open
face, key wind lo stem wind.
Old cases repaired and renewed.
Melting old gold cases and mak?
ing over into new (using the same
Monograms, family crests, coals
of arms, fraternity emblems, en?
graved or enamelled on watch
Low prices, good work, prompt
Scientific Optician,
Staunton, Va.
Sale of ValuableLaiid
on Cowpa store Uiver.
I will sell privately my two '
farms lying oil Cowpaature river, !
in Highland county, Va., the first
known as the Hamilton Gwin
home place, which consists of four j
tracts, to-wit: 212, 55, 33 and ll ;
Secondly, the farm known as'the
Rachel (iarin land consisting of
8 tracts, tovrit: 70 acres, 2 roods and \
12 poles; 73 acres and 28 acres.
These two farms adjoin each j
other, and are valuable for grazing j
or farming.
I will sell them either separately
or together, as may suit purchasers.
Upon the Hamilton Gwin farm
is a good dwelling and out houses.
Terms?Tltese lands will be sold
upon a credit, of one, two and three
years, purchasers to execute bonds
with approved personal security,
bearing interest from dav of sale,
rtle to be retained as ultimate
?tirity. Possession will be given
rties desiring to look ar, these
applv to S M NIEL,
McDowell, Va.
le o.
'erv 4
ise or e.
i. blind
itch, tet\
, boils,
s or any ol
res of any
It-$50 Keward
l Ec-zine will he sent
?ender of this paper
r with any kind of
"UptioilB, any form
or bleeding piles,
er, barbers itch,
blood poison,
her germ dis
nanie or na
'<rd will be pa
terna that is not
i .Ec-zine. Ec
We or cure the \ f?
it look like veli ;ev
?o has been r
that would ci
d diseases imf
lied and now
laily. Never
"hied; forget
ther remedy
MPH of Kc,
>s relief tn
I.. *J
the fi
al rt ni
id for any
prompt. y
/.inc will
1 skin
li. ITere
i ir*
?kin Soap fa
P made. I
will deetro
?liing hai
fcet, pimp! ,
Be and nj N
hoonly.,4n ,
?*i gnnf4lt,.
w-|? if j
? Writ* /
"1-McNi j
iicago, [
t i
,e \)e^t i se !
HW c\eun i
?ore \*?
-e t\ie ?*|fl
o-aav to
cal Co.,
rd of T
/ i ? ,,> re'
, itUvi^.
? for ?*1
I Mitton* u
' ? .W?Mi* -.? 1
73* SS
*?*> .
Aids to
A Christian T iii hool ??r Girls
WOTTO: Thorouoh tastructtai Under Pcsiliv.: I laftoetccs a* Lowest Possible Cost
Hie Aim At Blackstone- is to make of the girls sent there healthy,
helpful, happy women.
Modern brick buller.Z arith electric lights, water
on every floor, bert mctl heating and sanitation,
campus of 25 acres; f&? '. 1% trained in the best
schools, all Hving In tho building with the girls; unusual
advantages in music ; BIG f ".: - iepartlMMt for the
?rai?liK|3 Qi teachers\ cheerful, wholesome christian
(1) A COCltl.:''" S3 ? ??? '? ? - rdinary growth from 29 to 256
boarders in teu years), cv:: ? rhee taken every year, total
Proofs of enrollment last session 8! I. (2) Hundreds ol young ladies
SllCCeSS and their parents are CH'. t. ll 512 S tit W sf HCSSes* ( 3)
Students enter classes cf the Randolph-Macon Woman's
College on our certificate r.HI'.C^t C7i?;*i2?&tlOD.
Por Catalogue and Application Blan::, address
JAMES CANNON, tr., A. M., Principal,
Executor's Halo
iv Vat<uablr Re*l Estate?Aa cxecn
.or of John M Hook, deed., acting under
.he provisions of the will of tin decedent ,
rad pursuant to a decree of the Circuit
.'or.vt of Highland couuty,entered in the
chancery cause of John M Hook's Exe
va tor vg. John M Hook's Heirs, etc., uti
he July term, 1004, 1 shall, in front of j
he court house of Highland county, on j
xt 1 o'clock p.m., offer for sale publicly,
Lhat certain tract of land, lying about 'i{
miles southwest of McDowell, In said
county, and known ac the par! of the
"Meyers farm" now in possession of T
Iv Hook. 'I his traci contains 57.08 acres,
more 01 less, and is well adapted io both
grazing and fanning.
'IE lt.MS Enough cash In band to pay fl ' ''??:?' pnci s. I trill save you moner. If
costs and expenses of sale, and the real- j J'00 O' ' ftu *ron fence, I furnish tho
Headstone or Marker,
lue in three equal annual payments, with
interest from date, the purchaser execut?
ing bonds with approved personal securi?
ty for the deferred payments, and the
title being retained as ultimate security.
John M Colaw, Exor.
r.oi oi
au Iron
besi ii,: thc mi i ev
Ar ?;.!. for The
M;iri>!.> Work g.
Yours to seryc,
Il F. Sl.AVHN,
Monterey, Va.
Clifton Forge
I kill?
Imp CURB thi
SW [email protected]@?irf
: ?.wiliilTg-BBgwy
d Quickest Cure for ail
and LUNG TR0U3
University of Virgin la
Capstone of the Public School Sys?
tem of the State.
In the Academic Department
Letters, Science. Law IIewcine,
Session Begins 15th September.
For Catalogue address J. M. Pa ge
ger, Chairman, Charlottesville, Va
World's Fair
Chesapeake & Ohio Ry
World':-. Pair Becnic Route
St Louis Excursion Fares from Dur?
bin, Vf. Vu
KpecUI Ccecb Bxcursii na?Tickets
good only in day coaches ou designated
trains and dates to be announced in ad?
vance. $111.00
15*Day Tickets?Sold daily, good to
return within IS days, including date of
sale. $21.50
GO Day Tickets ?Sold dally, god to
telara within BO days, including date of
sale, hut not later than Der 15. V-*'< 00
Season Tickets?Fold dally, good to
?urn until Dec IS, Inclusive. 18120.
ri- ->ie? and lull Information apply
For ?-. ' kct agent or address
S.3,Ffe.. .S#?a*i
Sleep ona- Hard Bcd noLonger
when you ran have the genuine
Ar.miockfFolding Bed
Spring N
iUKht right io your door and placed
7our bed, for only |8.60peraet.
has 53 of bes! steel spring coils and
irransed thai the head can he rate
lowered. Useful in rickuets, a
old comfort.
\o .
useh vour order to
milltown, Va.
v ^ood Work
1 or write to
Maiquis old rftan1
1 oi?,ne 499 (,
Are due to indigestion. Ninety-nine of every
one hundred people who have heart trouble
can remember when it was simple indiges?
tion. It is a scientific fact that all cases of
heart disease, not organic; are not only
traceable to, but are the direct result of Indi?
gestion. All food taken into the stomach,
which falls cf perfect digestion ferments and
swells the stomach, puffing it up against tha
heart. Th's interferes with the 'action of
the heart, and in the course of time that
delicate but vital organ becomes diseased.
Mr. D. Kauble.'of Nevada, 0 , says: I had stomach
trouble and was in a bad stat* as I had heart troubl*
with it. 1 tock Kodol Dyspepsia Cure for about four
months and it cured me,
Kodol Digests What You Eat
and relieves the stomach of all nervous
strain and the heart of all pressure.
Bottie3 only. $1.00 Size tuldin? 24 times the trial
si;-:, ?j.'hich seils f;r 50c,
Prepared by E. 0. DcWITT &CO., CHIOAGO.
K. ii. Triml ie.
?mmmmmW.\WXl\TWtaawjrW\. 'Tl _T*.Y*fJTT TT?U I ll WU I ll ? !? I lill
Arlie Ervin's
Livery Stable,
Monterey, Virginia.
Having purchased Hie en?
tire liverv ct:; iii. of Toni
H Slaven, I will continue
the bushiest) at tbe old.
Uack, Surrey and Buggtee af rea-*.
onabie prices;
Elorscs board
My personal attention ^ivc??.
T. H. &H.F SI']AVEN!
Will give Bpei lal attention to thc Un?
dertaking branch of our iciness. All
(Trades ut' i urinl Outfits-, from the cheap?
est t'oftln lo ii.- I;:: -i I'nskot. With for?
ty years' experience, wc claim to have
good Judgment lr tbe selection of trim
mine! ami finis! v Orders can
he sc ;n liv i ? lection of
this . lag pour.tii
(a piefei: i rer thc cheap,
trashy facti rv Weare still in ihe
business, and, it you want .-hop-made
work, coiu?- and see us.
Wc are grateful to our friends, lor past
patrop we viii do wur best to
please and to give satisfaction.
Vi iv respectfully,
Will be found over L S Dick
enson & Co.'s Store.
In my shop on Wednesdays, J
ordays and all public days,
nu a trial. Thanks for pp.st ^
PjuAC-ncAL Lai
work in this line soli"*

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