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"Il Sill Ilk Ml lift
In The Recorder (ot
good results.
Not a little spell
But advertise well.
vol. mm.
Leave your orders for
Cards, Bill Heads,Let-!
ter Heads, Envelopes,
Statements, Posters,
etc. at this office. All
work neatly done.
NO. 30
Heavy and Shelf
Building Material,
Rims, Tires and Spokes,
Thone 550
Corner Main and Central Avenue,
OXYDONOR causes the whole
body to drink freely of oxygen from
the air thtough the pores of theskin
and membranes, by the attraction it
begets in the body imparting the
strongest affinity for oxygen in the
Plenty of oxygen in the system,
with freely oxygenated blood, means
life with the most vigorous function?
ing of all the minor and vital organs.
Oxydonor has been fully tested in all diseases, and has brought
health and happiness to sufferers from Rheumatism (Inflammatory,
Muscular, Sciatic), Neuralgia, Catarrh, Hay Fever, Asthma, Bowel
Trouble, Indigestion, Liver, Kidney and Bladder Trouble, Nervous
Diseases, Typhoid, Malarial and all Fevers, Female Complaint, and
Diseases of Children.
Grateful Report?Rheumatism
Dr II Sandie & Co.. Dublin, Va., Oct. 18,1005
New Xork, N? Y.
Deni- Sirs?Several years ago I purchased one of your Oxydonors, and have used it
Wil li great benefit for rheumatism nd oilier diseases.
lt is far cheaper than medicine, more pleasant and more effective.
Yours very truly,
Write for boot, "Grateful Reports" containing illustrations, prices and reports
from many ?well-known people.
Avoid fraudulent imitations. The only genuine Oxydoncr has the name of
the originator and inventor?Dr IT Sandie?stamped in the metal,
(il Fifth Street, Detroit Mich. )
4?!J Fifth Ave, New York. - U. S. A.
<!7 Wabash Ave., chicago, 111.)
2278 St. catharine St., Montreal, canada.
Dr ll Sa nena & Co.
TP A "PTVTQ^10111 15 to 2ooo acres
_.f___ in sl11 parts of Virginia
j^^?""^^^ from $5oo?oo to $3o,o<
Write for our free illustrated ''Virginia Homes." which bri
f?r 11bes some of the property we have for sale.
Stearns and Tyree,
The Beal Estate Agents,
Staunton, Va.
Office 15 Echol
j ? na
:*??i$*?teVv-- '-'.bi-. *csD--'.
-"**-?&'' ii-itt--"*??:?'
Befcr* You Purchase Any Other Write
Ung* Sewfeg Machines are made to sell regard*
less cf vua..iy, but the *? New Home" is made
to v/^ar. Our guaranty r.'jver runs out
Vj make Sewing MtmMrm to suit all conditione
of tho trade. The **3frW Home** standsatthe
heart ct all IliylJ-jjrsMlofamily sawing machines
Mold by auttiorized dealer* only,
W Early-Risi
The famous Bttle pilM
Albert SM
and Printe
Staunton, Va.
Blind Headache
"About a year ago," writes Mrs. Mattie Allen, of
1*23 Broadway, Augusta, Ga., "I suffered with blind sick
headaches and backaches, and could get no relief until I tried
A Non-intoxicating Female Tonic
1 immediately commenced to improve, and now I feel
like a new Waffltn, and wish to recommend it to
all sick women,, for I know that it will cure
them as it did m6?"
Cardui is a pure, medicinal extract of
vegetable herbs, wJiicr> relieves female
pains, regulates fernie functions,
tones up female organs to a
We want ree te Trite
freely ind frankly, describ
Inf all your eymptoras. We
proper state of health. Try yV?U^,?ta?5B
your use and give yon free advice. Do not
hesitate, bot write us today, (I vlo| e complete
history of your troubles, and we will eend yoe
plain Instruction* what to do to itt well. A ll correa.
# pondence kept perfectly secret, emf rtpty r*nt yon la
deli, stiled envelope. Address Ladles' Advisory Dept,
it for your trouble.
Every druggist sells
it in $1.00 bottles.
?Monterey, Va"
By E. H. Moore.
The village that stands between the,
Whose hean ty reigns Rn promo,
Is lovely as the sparkling rills,
Yet feminine graces more lovelv
p.ee m.
The trees with foliage the streets
And Mie grass is green o'er the
While the maiden fair, with smiles
iMay be seen in her lovely gown.
The houses seem painted new each
And the yards look clean and N
While the people vie, with each
o&er, they,
in nuiking their homes so com?
To church tho people on Sundays
And worship in their own quiet.
Ah, Monterey town, we love you
With your people we gladly stay.
Hotel Monterey, how grandly it
With the ??Commercial" close hy
its side.
How inviting thev look, as the
travellers land,
Weary and worn at evening-tide.
The comforts of these aro just as
And just as reasonable too,
As you will lind, if yon should
Trace this broad country through
Hut now we must bid you a kind
And from you must soon depart,
Yet we will often think of you,
And alwavs love you in our t
Academy, VV.Va.
To Cure a Cold in Ono Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets
All druggists refund the money if it fails
to cure. E W Grove's signature is on
each box. 25c.
Va. Polytechnic Institute
(.state Agricultural & Mechanical College)
At Klucklmrg, Virginia
about eastern Arkansas and north
Louisiana is the fact that cleared
lands rent for $5 per acre cash, and
can be bought for $7.50 to #15 per
acre. It costs from $0 to $10 an
acre to clear it. Other improve?
ments necessary are slight and in?
The soil is rich alluvial, or made.
It produces a bale of cotton per
acre, worth $45 to $00. This ac?
counts for, its high rental value.
Other crops, such as corn, small
grains, grasses, vegetable and fruit
thrive as well.
Alfalfa yields 4 to fl cuttings,
a ton io a cutting, and bring $10
to $10 per ton.
In other sections of these states,
and in Texas as well, the rolling or
hill land is especially adapted to
stock raising and fruit growing.
Land is verv cheap, $5 to $10 per
acre: improved farms $10, $15 $22
per acie.
The new White River country
(?flers manv opportunities for set?
tlers. High, rolling, fine water?
it is naturally adapted to stock and
fruit raising. Can be bought as
low as $3 per acre.
See this great country for your?
self and pick out a location. De?
scriptive literature, with maps, free
on request.
The Missouri Pacific Iron Mount?
ain System Lines sell reduced ratd
round ^rip tickets on first and third
Tuesdavs of each month to points
in tho West and Southwest, good
returning 21 days, with stop-overs.
For descriptive literature, maps,
time tables etc write to
A. A. Gallagher, D. P. A.,
(Cincinnati, O.
or_H. ^Townsend, G. P._& T\_A.
_ St Louis, Wo j ?,...
Historical Sketch.
A very large percentage of the
amities, who built pioneer homes
n what is now known in the region
om prised by Greenbrier, Hath,
lighland and Pocahontas counties,
nigrated from Rockbridge and Au
;usta counties, Va.
Pocahonts people, however, have
pecial reasons for being interested
ii the families that come from the
ieinity of the old Stone Church,
or 8 miles north of Staunton, Va.
lon. Jos. A. Waddell, of Staunton,
n his address, made at the celebra
ion of the 150th anniversary of
f Augusta Stone Church, October
Hs, 1899, mentioned many things
atisfactorily illustrating the histo
v of the family in question, as to
heir reasons for leaving Ireland
nd seeking homes in the Valley of
Mr Waddell, thinks that John
jewis, who figures il the first of
Scotch lrsb settlers. located in 1732
n Middle river(at first called Calli*
al's riyer) a few miles east of the
iresent crossing of the river by the
allev turnpike. With MrLewi*,or
erv soon afterwards, many persons
f the same race came into the
alley, fleeing from the province of
Jlster. in ireland, to free themselv*
rom the restrictions imposed by
he established church. Morever,
here is in doubt those people had
tin their minds to find homes for
hemseUen and their sons and
milliters, where there would be
nore room for enterprise along
frith more ample facilities for ac
uiring the means ot living.
These people being Presbyterians
nd firmly set in their ways,itcame
bout that in Ireland, no one of
heir persuasions was permitted to
each except of the lowest grade;
iot even were the ministers of their!
hoice permitted to officiate at their
iiarriage or oven to bury their
ead And what was a greater
rievanc.e sti'l with a great many
io doubt, was the fact that they
yere excluded from all public oflic
s, civil and military. It appears,
hat niter waifing for years hoping
or better times, thousands of the
nore energetic and self reliant of
hese determined, masterful people,
irepared to leave their natiye land,
nd set out for the backwoods of
america, as the great Virginia val
ey then was, preferring the (lang?
ra and privations thereof, to the
?ppressions of their native land,
They landed on the banks of the
talawan River in Pennsylvania, nt
>r near New Castle Here they F
ingered a while making sucji pre?
dictions as they could for path
hiding through the wilderness to
Virginia, west of the Blue Ridge
liountains. With astonishing ra
lidity the backwoods was settled.
\nd as the people had to come on
'oot, or horseback,they could bring
jut Jittle with them, except imple
nents of labor, and seed corn pro?
cured in the Older settlements in
i'ennsyl vania, Families located
hemselves according to their own
iweet will aud pleasure, not con
:erned about land titles, and after
reparing rude cabins, net to work
n clearing and fanning patches
!or ''raising something to live up
>n." For a year at least, the new?
comers must have subsisted on wild
peat, without broad or substitute
!or it.
Hy 1730. when Mr loverly took
>ut his patent for 118,000 acres
iron nd the sile of Staunton, the
:entntl part of the present county
if Auguste was quite numerously
jettied. But for 12 or 15 vears,
he homes were scarcely better fur?
bished than the wigwams, of the
ndians. Aa there were rio tables,
ihairs, knives and forks, glass or
?hiuawnrc, and the many things
low to be found in the humblest
mme*. The mention of '?cart?
wheels and tire'' in an inventory
lated 1770, is the first evidence of
i wheel vehicle in Augusta county.
Jut horses and cattle were plenti?
ful, and in nearly every cabin '"the
jig Bible" was to be found, and
ead morning and evening
The strange thing about it all.
mwever, is to the effect, that no
wencher.was along with these ?ar
y settlers. It looks as if the
jreachers of those times knew it IJ
would be of no use to try to preach <
o thc Scotch Irsh . without being! t
nvited to do so, Hence it was not, ]
inti! 1737, we hear that >*a suppli-|'
cation was made bef< re I he Presbv- j
ery of Donegal, in Pennsylvania
rom the people of Beverly Manor
ti tho back parts of Va." In lTc
tev Jas Anderson, sent by the
ynod of Philadelphia, preached the
rst regular sermon ever delivered
ii Augutta Co at the home of Jno.
lewis. It is believed that by this
imo, Mr Lewis had moved from
liddle river, to his final abode, two
liles east of Staunton on the New
lope road, and if so, here is where
ho sermon was preached.
The records show that ''Robert
)ock and Daniel Dennison from
ra, declared in the name of Shen
ndoah, their adhesion to the call
nrmerly presented to Mr Craig,and j
hereupon he was set apart for the
ork of the gospel ministry in'the
uth part of Beverly Manor."
lessrs Dock and Dennison had to
lake a journey of 800 miles and
ack, to perform their part in get?
ing Mr Cr.iig as the pastor of the
ioneer ancestors of so many Poca
ontas and Greenbrier people.
Circumstances indicate that Rev.
no Craig arrived about October 1,
740. Feb 20. 1741, he attended
'range county court and qualified
^cording to law to officiate as a
issenting minister. His residence
as on Lewis Creek, about four
liles northeast af Staunton. In
escribing his new home, he writes,
The place was a new settlement,
ithout a place of worship, or any
li arch order, a wilderness in the
roper sense and a few Christian
tttlers in it. with, numbers of the
eathens traveling among us, but
etierally civil, though some per?
ms were murdered by them about
mt time. They (the Indians)
larch about in small companies
?om 15 to 20, sometimes more or
ss. They must be supplied at
fery house they call at with yic
mls, or they become their own
ewards and cooks, and spare noth
ig they choose to eat and drink."
In his phenomenal address, Mr
/addell traces our pioneer ancestry
o further than to Ulster, in 1732.
have been looking at questions,
here did the Irsh,the Scotch and
ie English come from, and I am
liout settled in the conviction,that
ley are of lsraelitish origin,
W. T. P.
-In Pocahontas Times,
Try tl little KODOL FOR DYS
HPSIA after your meals.
See the effect 't will produce on
our general feeling by digesting
our feed and helping your stom
ch to get itself into shape. Many
omachs are overworked to the
oint where they refuse to go
jrther. Kodol digests your food
nd gives you stomach the rest it
eeds, while its reconstructive pro
erties get the stomach back into
forking order. Kodol relieves
atulence, sour stomach, pal pita
on of the heart, belching, ,&c.
old by K II Trimble,
When The Year Is At Noon."
/hen the air is aquiyer and all
earth atti ne,
/hen life is at flood surd the year
is at noon,
/hen the song-sparrow slings and
trills from the tree
\> the low, ry t li iii ic hum of the
hurrying bee.
/hen clouds like white argosies
float in the sky,
Then?it is July.
/hen the cat-bird forgets all his
love-songs of Spring
md the robin stands panting and
dragging her wing,
/hen from the wood-meadow calls
softly* Bob Whit?
md fire flies, like wil-o-wisps, glim?
mer at night,
/hen the meek-eyed cows wade in
the river breast high,
Then?it is July,
/hen the sweet breath of clover is
in the new hay,
Vhen the red cherries keep the
white promise of May,
Vhen the farmer hov whistles and
calls to his team
md the warm leaves stir softly
like one in a dream,
/hen nature seems drowsing while
Summer goes by,
Then?it is Julv.
-May Ellis' Nichols in National
Magazine for July.
It is always well to have a box
>f salve in the house. Sunburn,
uls, bruises, pil^s and boils yield
o DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve,
ihould keep a box on hand at all
inies to provide for emergencies.
ror years the standard,but follow
d by many imitators. He sure
ou get the genuine Dewitt Witch
laze! salve. Sold bv KHTrimble
U. Of Virginia.
July 13?In the recent gather?
ing of strength in its instructional
force, which force shows a moving]
of the total of the full professors
and subordinate teachers from 73
in 1905-0 to 90 already engaged for
1900-7, nothing better has been
lone by the TJ, of Va. than the se?
lection of Dr Thomas Walker Page
to be the professor in charge of the
newly arranged Chair of Political
Economy. Dr Page has had rare
'?pportunities for liberal and pro
?ound study in some of tho best in?
stitutions in America, England,
Prance and Germany. As a teach
>r of socialogical branches be won
listinction at the U. of Texas and
it the U of California, and as an
luthontative writer in tho maga
,ine he is widely known to the in
?estigators of our commercial and
ucial problems.
A tread | it is evident that the
tigh water mark of attendance at
he University, which was reached
ast session, will be exceeded in the
essiori of 1900-7. Before leaving
br vacation a larger number of
tudents than usual engaged their
ooms for another year, a fact
vhich points to the return of a
nuch larger percentage of "old
nen" than the average in recent
'ears. The Bursar's correspond
lenee thus far is peculiar for the
rery active inquiry of new men
'or dormitories. These inquiries
onie from all sections of tin
ountry, and in nearly every cns
bf writer seeks, not merely infor?
mation, but to engage the room
iefinitelv, By yirtue of a recent
act of the Legislature, residents of
Zirginia pay only $10 per session
or tuition aud fees in either of the
academic Dpartments of the Uui
ersity. This should be the means
>f increasing very materially the
lumber of Va students.
Does evil still, your whole life
Does woe betide
Your thoughts abide on sui?
You need a pill!
'"low for prose and facts?DeWitts
little Early Risers arc the most
deasant and reliable pills known
oday. They never gripe. Sold
>y K H Trimble,
The address delivered to theWest
(Ta bankers at Elkins a few days
,go by Senator Elkins has aroused
ittle comment throughout the
ountry. His yiews went to the
lepths of a problem which has
nrown increasingly acute with the
miassing of great wealth in a short
imp. This paragraph furnishes a
ext for considerable approval:
In the march of time man's life
lere is brief and in the sky of eter
lity only as a flash of lightning,
f the rich could only understand
?jhat they think they own is bor
'owed for a day, sometimes a short
lay, that very soon others will con
rol their ?weftttb, they would sure?
ly be willing to pant with some of
?heir riches to help the helpless
md build up the cause of human.*
;y. There is enough wealth now
IO prevent poverty, but we 'nave
lot learned to distribute it. We
inderi ta nd the way's of accumul
;ion, but not of distribution*
The spiritual side was given spec
al attention by Mr Elkins. He
?eferred to a thought anent the
essons to be learned from the oc?
cultism of the east which had been
i theme for previous reference from
the senator. On this he said:
In the past we had too much
io do with ([material and too
little with spiritual tilings. Tsere
ire lessons yee to be learned from
che Orient. To advance higher, as
man will, he must become less ma
;erial and more spiritual, cultivate
;he soul. It is all that abides.
??What know we greater than
She soul?"
The strongest force in all the
world is the soul.
There is more in the world than
mere money-getting, as the senator
*ays. The man who gains money
ind who knows how best to use it
for bia own and the happiness of
others has solyed the problem.
Only 82 Years Old
"I am only 82 years old and don't ex?
pect even when I get to be real old to feel
ili.it way as long as I can get Electric
Hitlers, savsE ll Branson of Dublin, Ga.
Surely there's nothing else keeps the old
as young and the weak as strong as this
grand tonic medicine Dyspepsia, tor?
pid liver inflamed kidneys or chronic
constipation are unknown after taking
Electric Hitters a reasonable t me. Guar
uuterd by K ll Trimble: 50.
10?? KttfiNC
Success in Both Lines Where the
Work ls Carried on Together.
Bees and horticulture go so well to?
other that many are adopting these
wo avocations upon one and the samo
xounds. It is a settled fact that wlth
iut the insects^to fertilize the dowers
ral little fruit can be produced, and
without the flowers the bees would
>rove a miserable failure. Bees and
oultry seem to get along together
lieely, the bees and young and old
hicks drinking out of the sam*
ishes. Ducks do not always evince
he same good sense and often at
empt to make a meal off the bees as
hey emerge or attempt to enter the
ive. This is generally sure and sud?
on death to the clucks and it would
? better to keep them separate.
Jhlckens seem to know better than
o attempt to eat bees either going tn
r out of the hive or when getting
tatar at thu drinking fountains.
Ventilated Barrel.
It ls well known -that the ordinary
?arrej is not adapted for the shtp
nent of perishable produce for long
listances. There being no means of
entilation the produce rots in a 6hort
ime and therefore becomes unlit ror
ale. A novel ventilated barrel that
s designed particularly for the ship
ung of spinach, kale and other gar
len produce, an illustration of which
s shown here. The barrel ls light,
Provides Pienty of Ver.tilatloo.
trong and durable, the ventilated
penings being so arranged that they
/ill not become clogged and closed
iy the contents of the barrel. The
tody of the barrel is composed of
he two sets of veneer staves, one set
eing arranged within the other. The
uter staves, which are spaced apart
lightly, have straight parallel ?dgcs,
nd when the staves are bowed to
orm the bilge of the barrel a taper
rig intervening space is formed. The
mter staves have vertical ventilating
lots, or openings at the center, these
lots being located between the mld
lle hoops of the barrels. The Inner
taves cover the intervening spaces
etween the outer staves, making a
tarrel of great strength. The inner
taves are also spaced apart, the
paces being located opposite to tho
entilating openings of the outer
taves. These spaces between Ute
tuner staves are covered beyond the
entilating openings, forming Inner
'crtical ducts, which communicate
vith and extend upward and do'.vjj
vard to permit air to pass into thol
larrel, whereby the contents are thor
mghly ventilated. Tfie veiullaiMig"
ipenings being offset from the staves,
he conteats of the barrel will j not
:over or close the openings. Hoopa
ire secured to the inner and outer
ratfaces of the barrel to ensure rigid
ty, the bottom being of the usual
:onstructiou. A piece of coarse fab
'ic serves as a top.
Necessity of Pure Stock.
The necessity of purely-mated
jueens for breeding cannot be too em?
phatically urged. The so-called "hy
jrlds," or mismated queens, produce
r'oung queens of so much variability
n every character that it is very un?
wise to use them, says E. F. Phillips
n the Journal of Agriculture. There
s one phase of queen breedjng which
vould doubtless prove useful, but
vhich has not yet been tried to any
ixtent. The first crosses of various
?aces have proven very useful; as,j
dr example, the cross between Cy
irians and Carniolans, but no breeder
o the writer's knowledge has ever un
lertaken to fix the type. That this
rould be done seems very probable,
?easoning from what we know of
irosses in other animals, and by care?
ful selection of prolific queens whose
workers showed all the characteris?
es of the first cross, those crosses
vould doubtless prove valuable as
jreeders. Under no other circum
itances. however, should mismated
meens be used.
Four Cardinal Feature.
Good schools, good roads, good
'arms and good morals are the cardl
lal features which make a farming
?ommunlty an ideal place of abode.
[n mo3t cases these are present, the
)ne most common exception ls good
roads, but some day we shall have
;hese added to make the list cony
' ?:-.-????-?-?
A Guaranteed dire For Piles
Itching, blind, bleeding, protruding
Piles. Druggist arc authorized to ro?
tund your money if Pa/o Ointment fails
o cure in (ito 14 days. Wc.

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