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NO. 31
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Female Weakness1
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Robinson Croioe.
The second volume of" "Robinson
Crusoe," by Daniel De Foe, published os
Aug. 20, 1710, was the first story pub?
lished in England with illustrations.
The illustrations consisted of a map
of the world, in which the different
voyages of the hero of the tale were
delineated. The first volume of "Rob?
inson Crusoe" was published in April,
1710, and became popular at once. A
second edition was printed seventeen
days nfter the first, twenty-five days
later another followed, and a fourth
was published on Aug. 8 of the same
year. On Aug. 20 the second volume
was Issued under the title of "The
Further Adventures of Robinson Cru?
soe; being the second and last part of
his life and of the strange, surprising
account of his travels round three
parts of thc globe. Written by him?
self. To which is added a map of the
world, lu which is delineated the voy?
age of Robinson Crusoe."
A C urloalt) Itt Kitfui-ea.
The following remarkable contribu?
tion to the curiosities of figures con?
sists of two series of numbers, of
which no description is necessary, as
they speak for themselves. Perhaps
there is no special profit in them, but
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1 times 9 plus 2 equals ll.
12 times 9 plus 3 equals 111.
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1234567 times 9 plus 8 equals llllllll.
12345078 times 9 plus 9 equals 111111111.
1 times 8 plus 1 equals 9.
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123 times 8 plus 3 equals 987.
1234 times 8 plus 4 equals 9876.
12345 times 8 plus 5 equals 98765.
123456 times 8 plus 6 equals 987654.
1234567 limes 8 plus 7 equals 9876543.
12345678 times S plus 8 equals 96765432.
1234567S9 times 8 plus 9 equals 987654321.
White Animal* Can't Smell.
"Pure white animals," said 'a pet
stock dealer, "have no sense of smell.
Hence they are' continually eating
things that disagree with them, and in
eight cases out of ten poison them?
selves and die. Pure white pigs should
never be allowed to run loose in the
fields and woods. For, without the
protection of a sense of smell, such
pigs, when they get out, eat all sorts
of poisonous roots and berries and die
off rapidly. "In Africa the white rhi?
noceros poisons Itself by eating the
euphorbia, and pure white sheep are
difficult to rear because they are con?
tinually munching shrubs and grasses
that don't agree with them."
Butler'- Fla*.
Feb. 21, 1866, General Benjamin F.
Butler presented to congress the first
genuine American mig, made of Amer?
ican materials by American labor, ever
constructed in this country. "Tr^rior to
that time all American government
flags had been made of English bunt?
ing. Since then all our official flags
have been the product exclusively of
American material and labor. There
were twenty-six stars In the flag at
that time.
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble. -
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis?
courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
and cheerfulness soon
disappear when the kid?
neys are out of order
or diseased.
Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
that it is not uncommon
for a child to be born
afflicted with weak kid?
neys. If the child urin?
ates too often, if the
urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child
reaches an age when it should be able to
control the passage, it is yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the first
step should be towards the treatment of
these important organs. This unpleasant
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kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
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Women as well as men are made mis?
erable with kidney and bladder trouble,
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Lexington. Va.
60th year. State Military, Scientific and
Technical School. Thorough courses of
general and applied Chemistry and lu
Electrical and Civil Engineering. De?
gree of graduate In academic course, and
degrees of Bachelor of FcieLce in Tech?
nical Courses. All expenses, including
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Act'g Supt.
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stuart mcguire, m. o , Prcsident.
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A Short Trip to Europe?Naples.
We sailed* from Genoa about sun?
set, and as we left the view
of the receding city situated
on the semi-circular harbor with its
numerous lights and fort-crowned
hills presented a very pleasing
scene. The voyage from Genoa to
Naples was made mostly in the
ui^iit, and nothing of the Italian
coast along which we sailed for the
whole trip, could be seen. We
saw the lighthouse on the island af
Corsica, noted more particularly as
the birthplace of Napolean, and al?
so the island of Elba, on which he
spent n short time in exile.
The next morning about eight
o'clock, we sighted the smoking
frowning summit of Vesuvius, and
without being told we knew, for
those of us whose destination was
Naples, that our stay aboard the
Kaiser Wilhelem der Grosse was
a^out to end.
To sail into the harbor of Naples,
generally conceded to be Hie ino.st
beautiful in the world, with its
pict' resque tat rounding*, iriti
worth the price of the trip. \ shall
not undertake its description. Ge?
noa is located on a circuUr harbor
and thc city is somewhat amphi
th?atric.tl in form, but its harbor
aud its surroundings were far out*
dissed by the Neapolitan pano
rama that met our view as we ap?
proached. On our right Capri,
Castellnmare, Sorrento, Herculane?
um, Pompeii, smoking Vesuvius:
in our front the terraced city of
Naples, called by the Italians Na
poli; while around from right to
left, as a background in the dis?
tance, swept the Appennines, along
whose base the flowers bloom per?
ennially-white her summits reach
the realms of snow.
Our vessel did not go up to the
wharf, but we disembarked on a
smaller vessel, by which we were
transported to the landing. On
this smaller boat were many men
who were soliciting employment as
guides. I turned down their ap?
plications uot knowing whether I
was right or not. I had selected
the hotel at which I was to stop
and I determined to go ns far as I
could Hhs time without help, to
see what I should encounter.
On landing I caw numbers of
hotel porters, aud I soon located
the one for the hotel which I had
selected and hirned over to him my
baggage. We were then required
to go through the custom house
for ui inspection of baggage,which
however, did no amount to much
and caused no delay. The only
questions asked you being whether
you had any spirits or tobacco in
your baggage, which being answ?
ered in the negative, a white chalk
mark was made on your grips, and
you were allowed to proceed. To?
bacco there isa government mo?
nopoly. I was put into a 'bus aud
reached my hotel, the Victoria,
without trouble. Most of the ho?
tels are situated on the street
which runs all the way around the
bay and command fine views of the
harbor from the front windows.
All Hip principal hotels of Italy,
as well as other ports of Europe,
have ch rks and dining room wait?
ers who can speak English as well
as other languages. So you Bud
no difficulty in making your wants
known. My first meal at au Ital?
ian hotel was what we call dinner,
called by them lunch. I felt a lit?
tle queered when I picked up the
bill of fare, and of coin se could
not read a word of it. The waiter
soon explained to me that it was
served in courses, and that being
the case, it was all brought to you
and you could eat it or not, as you
This of course solved all difficul?
ty ulong that line. It may be of
interest to know that European
hotels serve for breakfast, cold
bread, butter and tea or coffee only.
Lunch is more elaborate, while
diuner, from 0 to 8, is the princi?
pal meal. The Italians are wine
drinkers and no water is served on |
the tulle, but it can be gotten on
req a est.
Naples is a city of nearly COO,
OOO, and it is the largest city of
Italy. There is nothing in this
city particularly worthy of interest.
As a resort for tourists, its sur?
roundings including Vesuvius,
Pom-eft, Herculaneum, Sorrento,
etc., are more attractive. It has
no marks or buildings indicative of j
a first class business city. It:
churches are unattractive, its mu?
seums contains but little of inter
est but relics from Pompeii. Na?
ture, it would appear, basso lavish,
ed her gifts on this favored spot,
that the energy and strength of
powerful people and nations have
invariably succumbed to its effemi?
nating and alluring influence. Tl e
Greeks, Oceans, Homans, Goths,
Byzantines. Normans, Germans
and Spaniards have in succession
been masters of the place, yet it
has hardly attained unv reputation
for anything except what it owes
to nature itself, unless it be the
graft and dishonesty of the trading
population. It is the noisest city
in the world. The shrill cries of
the hawker and the ceaseless im?
portunities of cabdrivers, gni!e?,
ftreet venders, beggars, of which
there are Hio?suud?, lbs crick of
whips on poor in* {lending donkeys
hitched to loads far in excess of
their strength, mixed with the cur?
sings of the drivers, rather causes
you to lose respect for a city gov?
ernment that tolerates such con?
duct. On one occasion, my guide
took occasion to ask a driver why
he wai beating his donkey so, Ne
replied with a great deal of s-cun
by asking him what good it would
do for him to beat the carl.
The old streets of Hie city are
narrow and it is an easy matter for
the occupant of the upper room to
carry on conversation with anyone
at a window opposite. Their
clothes lines are stretched from oue
window to another, and the lines
run over wheels so they can be run
out and pulled back. It seemed
that every dav must have beeuwash
day.forthey were always there. The
people of Southern Italy show
their iuferinrtv to that of Northern
Italy very marked.
The great tourist people, Thos.
Cook & Son. relider to all travelers
great service and their efforts have
11 a great degree made foreign
travel much easier.
They have offices in every city of
Europe, in fact, of the world, and
their employees eau speak many
languages, and there is no question
that they will not take pleasure in
answering. To their offices, near?
ly all tourists have their mail sent,
they will forward it for you, they
will receive your baggage or ex?
press and ship it any where you wish,
store it for you, change your mon?
ey, furnish you guides, sell you
railroad tickets, hotel tickets; they
have daily carriage trips with
guides furnished around the cities,
automobile trips; they maintain in
many of their offices reading rooms
with American newspapers, and
writing rooms. Any information
as to trains, schedules, sailings of
vessels, rates, etc., can ulwa)s be
obtained at their office.
You possibly do not know that
European li. Us do not have
schedules or time tab'es as our's
have, and if you see one you can?
not tell anything about it. The
employees of Thos. Cook & Son
meet all trains, and are easily lo
Mted by their u ti forms.
To persons abroad for the first
time, their services are almost in?
dispensable, for with them there is
nothing of graft, excess charge or
dishonesty. 'They are English
people, with their principal office
iu London.
I cannot say that I found any?
thing very cheap in Naples except
wines and oranges hut I am lo
<ome extent inclined to think I had
not entirely caught on to how to
leal with the grafters. When they
iiriced an article to me at, sav$4 00
[ possibly offer them $2 00 and they
ivould take it when I ought to have
>ffered them 75c. They will often
wi you ten times what thej wi 1
-eally sell it for. That is their
Histom and if you were to offer
hem one tenth of what they ask
?d they would take no offense but
ivould swear violently thev would
tot take and likely afterward do
io. You do not have the nerve to
lit them low enough.
You see very few good horses.
I'hese are hitched to carriages.
The cabs have geuerully small
torses but they make them go.
You see no wagons for draft pur
loses, na four wheel conveyances,
ill carts with great heavy wheels,
ind little burros hitched to them,
^uite primative indeid. While
speakiig of wagons, I
night describe what y< u may call al
milk wagon if you wish. Goals are
utilized toa great extent in Italy
for their milk as well as their flesh.
Instead of delivering the milk as
we do in a wagon in our cities and
towns, the herdsman who has
the goats in charge during the day
brings them in. drives them around
from house to house where his
trade is, stops the herd and the
landlady brings out the vessel, gen*
emily a bottle, and the driver milks
the goat, returns the vessel and
drives on his herd. Occassionally
when his customer lives on the first
second or third floor, he drives the
goat up the steps and the milking
is then done at the door sf the cus?
tomer. 'Herds of cows are driven
around the same way but I did not
see auy of them climb any stair.
I had expected to include in this
article reference to Mt Vesuvius,
Herculaneum and Pompeii but
space requires that they appear in
the next.
To my friends of Highland, 1
am agent for the Hinton Marble
Works. Any one needing work of
this kind it will be to your interest
to hold your orders until you see
our designs and get our prices, they
are as low as you will Hud at anv
first class marble works.
Yours truly,
Hightown, Va. WE Sunder.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications, as they con
not reach the diseased portion of
the ear. There is only one way to
cure deafness, and that ii by con?
stitutional remedies. Deafness i9
caused by au inflamed condition of
mucous lining of the Eustachian
Tube. When this tube is inflamed
you have a rumbling sound or im?
perfect hearing, and when it en?
tirely closed, deafness is the result,
aud unless the inflammation can be
taken out and the tube restored to
ita normal condition, hearing will
be destroyed forever; nine cases
out of ten,are caused by catarrh,
which is nothing but an inflamed
condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give $100 for any case
of deaf ins- feaused by catarrh)
that om nut be cured by Hall's Ca?
tarrh Cure. Send for circulars
free. F. J. Cheney a Co .Toledo,0.
Sold bv druggists. 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con?
The prospects for the 4th annu?
al meeting of the Virginia State
Farmers' Institute at Roanoke on
on August 13, 14 and lo are ex?
ceedingly bright. The requests
for information with reference to
the special excursion to Iv.?r aud
Jamestown indicate that this part
of the program is proving very at?
tractive. It is hoped that many
ladies will be present, and the of?
ficers are particularly anxious to
see the young men take a greater
interest in educational gatherings
of this kind, for in the nature of
events, they must soon assume the
direction of farm affairs in Virgin?
ia, and it is important that they be
as well prepared for their future
life work as possible, and how eau
this be accomplished to better ad?
vantage than through attending
such gatherings as the State Farm?
ers' Institute?
So many inquiries have been re?
ceived asking for special informa?
tion iu regard to the excursion to
Jamestown that it seems proper to
refer all those interested to M. F.
Bragg, Excursion Agent, N & W.
liv., Roanoke, Va., who will be
pleased to answer these enquiries,
and can do it to better advantage
than the Secretary as he is famil?
iar with all the detail of the pro?
posed trip.
It is hardly necessary to say that
the program as published will be
carried out. Every person thereon
has signified his intention of being
present, and should anyone be pre?
vented from attending, the Execu?
tive will promptly secure the ser?
vices of some othei expert to take
his place. All subjects will be dis?
cussed with reference to their ap?
plicability to Virginia conditions,
and it may not be improper to refer
to the large amount of data which
have been obtained at the Experi?
ment Station with reference to
general crop growing and animal
nutrition which will be presented
in summarized form by various
members of the staff.
It will be noticed that agricultu?
ral education has been given spec
ial consideration on the program.
The endeavor being made to pro?
vide better means of education for
the farmer's boy aud girl in the
rural schools aud the high schools,
and also by widening the scope of
the agricultural college and in.
creasing the efficiency of farmers'
institutes, is certainly a movement
in the right direction; and the In?
stitute has it within its power to
materially further these important
interests. The cost of visiting
Roanoke will be but slight as the
railroads in the state have made
special rates, and every effort will
be made on the part of the citizens
)f Roanoke to provide the dele?
gates with satisfactory accommo
lations at a moderate cost. The
mrpose of the Institute is to im
>rove agricultural conditions in
Virginia. There are no salaried
tfficeis iu connection with the !n
titute, and the organization is sup
lorted chiefly through member
hip fees. The future of the In
titute depends on the individual.
y of its membership.
The headquarters of the execu
lve committee will be at Hotel
toanoke. A large number of
nembership fees have already been
eceived, and those intending to
oin the Institute would confer a
;reat favor on the Secretary by
ending their fees in advance of
he meeting which would simplify
natters in arranging for the James
own trip.
Andrew M. Soul e.
Jlacksburg, Va.,
August 0,1907.
Ten Years In Bed.
For 10 years I was confined to
?ed with disease of the kidneys,"
orites lt. A. Gray, J. P.. Oakville,
nd. "It was so severe that I
ould not move part of the time. I
onsulted the very best medical
kill available, but could get no re*
ef until Foley's Kidney Cure was
^commended to me. I cannot say
30 much in praise of it. X. H.
omrs Sale of Valuable
Real Property in Crabbottom
Pursuant to a decree iu the chan*
sry cause of Chas P Jones vs Mrs
lllen Winier &c, rendered by the
ircuit court of Highland county
n Dec 10 1902, we will on Friday
ie 30th day of August 1907, offer
ft sale by public auction, in front
f the court house iu said county
jose certain lots of land in Crab
otton, at lower town, which con
it ii ted the dower of the widow of
liles Harold dec'd, (the dower
itate having ended) consisting of
4 of an acre; on which is located
ie residence and other buildings,
id 2 79 acres adjoining.
This is excellent land, and pre
?nts ? fine opportunity to acquire
home tr a business location, or
Terms:?Costs of sale cash in
md on day of sale, and the resi?
le in three equal annual instal*
ents, with interest from day of
ile, the purchaser giving bonds
ith approved security for the de?
wed instalments, and the title re?
lined as ultimate security.
L H Stephenson
Edwin B Jones. Comr's
The bond required by the above
entioued decree has been duly
J C Matheny, clerk.
Dewitt's Carbolized Witch Haz*
Salve penetrates the pores and ?
eals quickly Sold by X irTnti^
In Vacation?In the Clerk's of
ce of Highland Circuit Court, Ju
30, 1907. ?
harles P. Jones, Adm'r of Martin
Dever, dec'd
amuel G. Dever and others
In Chancery
The object of this suit is to have
icertained, the proper heirs and
istributeesof Martin Dever dec'd,
id to have his estate settled un
*r the control and protection of
ie court.
And it appearing from affidavit
ed that Walter Gwin, Signora
Warwick, John Andrew Moore, I.
rice Moore, Harry S. Gum. Paul^
. Gum, the unknown heirs of
ever, Dennis Dever, Alice Bi
;tt,the unknown heTrs of Georf
antz dec'd, the unknown heir
innie Fultz dec'd, and Hug.}
ever are all nonresidents of thc
ate of Virginia, it is ordered that^
iey do appear here wiihin fifteei
lys after due publication herec
id do what :s necessary to
:ct their interests.
J. C. Matheny, ClJ
has. P. Jones & con p.q.
Kodol for Indigestion
jpsia is a preparation^,
:ids and contains trfe gf
mud in a healthy ste
gests what you eat [ .Sol

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