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Highland Recokder
Brief Items of Interest!o Home
Folks About Their Friends
And Acquaintances.
Mr Grogg is giving the Fleisher
hotse a fresh coat of paint.
Mr. Jas. Chestnut, of Mill Gap,
is said to have double pneumonia.
Captain Janies limn gardner,- of
Staunton, is at Monterey on legal
Mr W W Wagner, who recently
sold out on Little Back Creek, las
moved to Cass.
Marriage license was issued Nov.
5th for Martin Hodge and Hannah
Florence Simmons.
Mr J M Hamilton has moved in?
to the EU Slaven house on Mr.
Willis "Gibson's lot at Trinity
Let us keep up tho handshake.
It indicates gold fellow-ship, and
is less liable to be miscoutrued af?
ter the election is over.
Mrs. J. W. Hevener, of High
town, spent soma time at the home
of ber sister. Mrs. C. M. Lunsford.
Mr. Adam Stephenson has been
appointed postmaster at Hightown.
Mr T M Deverick, of Headwa?
ters, one of the commissioners of
election, spent Wednesday ni^ht in
Mr and Mrs N H Cobb, who have
been on a two weeks' visit to High*
land relatives, returned to their
home at Gassaway W Va., Wedtes*
day m truing.
Having formed a partnersh'p
with A C Suddarth, he will have
ehargt of the gallery until Jan 1st.
See our spacial 30 davs advertise?
ment in this issue. G C Hevener
Circuit Court next Monday, the
11th. lu mentioning the time of
c?urt in our last issue, a wrong fig*
ure got in the date and made us
say the 12th, instead of the 11th,
Mrs. A. T. Carpenter, of Durbin,
W. Va, has been visiting relatives
and friends on Jackson's River for
a couple of weeks. On Tuesday
she wa3 in Monterey, where she
has many friends. ?
Uncle Billy Bowers, one of the
oldest, citizens of the Monterey val
ley. was able to cast his ballot o;
election u\w. In spite of his niue
tv years, he is jovial and compara
tively vigorous.
If you want something special ii
the way (it Photographs, you cai
get it at Suddarth & Hevener'"t
for the next 30 days. 50 styles o
mounts and folders to select fron:
See special offer elsewhere.
Mr. C. C. Arbogast, of Keyser
has been here silica latter part o
last week.
Messrs. Boyd Stephenson au
Richard Jones, who are attendin
college, spent Monday night t
their homes in Monterey.
A* telephone message from Dui
bin early in the week announce
the killing of Amos Cassell b
Howard Galford at Wandlass, i
the Greenbrier Valley, near Boye
The only cause assigned was drinl
and Galford has been lodged in tb
Marlinton jail.
Herefords For Sale?4 vea
lings and 3 calves, part of thei
registered. They will be sold i
auction on court day. Terms4?ac
known on day of sale,
Sullenberger Bros.
Rev. A. Q Flaherty, after
round of two or three months in r
v:val work, returned to Monten
last week. During his absence !
conducted revival services at Bolt
Star Chapel, Prospect, Burnsvil!
Totten Chapel and perhaps otb
points. He possesses remarkal
vigor aud energy for one of 1
ye.u*, and seems not to be weari
or jaded by his recent work
The parfcv of hunters that we
from Doe Hill last week to t
Shenandoah mountain succeeded
killing a bear. Mr. Russell Ea)
vat the luckV hunter.
Mrs I B Bussard is'visiting I
parents, Mr and Mrs Hull Kram
<m top of Alleghany.
The ladies of the Presbyteri
church will serve dinner in t
Crummett building on court d
and at night will serve relies
melita, for benefit <?f the n
Presbyterial* church. A cord
invitation to help in a good cai
is extended.
I have just received a fhipmi
of Graphophones and records. I
and see them when you come
court. Can sell you the best c
lader records for 25c. I] MJSIa
We received this week two v
fine ears of corn raised oiT .
David Lock ridge's farm, on
Some of the enterprising farm
and gardeneri are contesting for
ribbons on some of their prodi
this* year. Mr J L Hiner, of M
terev has exhibited a cabb
weighing j Si pounds, while
L >ftu* Pnllin,of McDowell,brou
one head weighing ll pounds, i
uno!her specimen willi, nine sn
heads on one stock?8 of them
size of man's fist.
DeWitt's Kidney and Bladder I
relieve backache, weak kidneys,
inflammation of the bladder.
i,y K U Tibbie.
The Board held a busy session
on the 2d inst, and transacted con*
siderable business Several claims
against the county for current ex?
penses, were allowed.
In the matter of a private road
from J A Chestnut's place to the
public road, exception was taken
by Mrs Nancy J Chestnut to the
report of viewers filed at a former
meeting, and further action is de?
ferred until the 23d of Noy.,' 1907,
when a special meeting of the
Board will be held.
C T Shumate, Comr.of Road for
Blue Grass District, was directed to
cap a certain piece of bad road iu
the mill lane near N B Woods'.
Geo T Graham made application
for a private load from his home
out to the public road and the
Board, appointed the following
yiewers to locate the same, viz.: A
H Jones, E J Maloy, W H Vance,
Gilbert Siron and C S Peterson.
The Board recommended for ap?
pointment of Henry A Slaven as
County Surveyor, and L B Way
bright as Superintendent of the
Poor for the county,
One third of the county's capita?
tion tax, viz: $500.56, has been re?
turned from the State Treasurer
to this county, and the same as
provided by law is directed by the
Board to be applied to free school
Court week will be an excellent
lime to pay up your subscription.
Remember all printing material U
very high, and by calling and pay?
ing up it wilt save us the expense
of sending out statements, besides
the extra amount of work, Dou't
neglect jour home paper.
Photographs in the very latest
styles at Suddarth & Hevsner's.
We now have on hand a line of
card mounts and linen foldeis that
would be a credit to auy citv gal
lery. We have them ju 50 differ
ent styles, you can't help being
pleased, besides we are going to
give free of charge with every full
dozen cabinets, for the next 30
days, a beautiful folder worth $1
and smaller sizes etc. Remember
this will be for 30 davs only.
Suddarth & Hevener.
Bear Hunt
IluntetS^af eastern Highland eiir
joyed an exciting bear hunt last
week, and we had hoped to receive
a full account from some of our
correspondents over there.
Mr Ron Wilson, a member of the
carpenter'force on Mr E B Jones'
residence now nearing completion,
was one who participated in the
chase. There were about 12 men
and boys and as many dogs, and
two bears were rotrted.' Shenan?
doah mountain has long been one
of bruin's favorite haunts, and he
prey8 upon the sheep and lambs
during tbe range season. This
gives the hunter a dual purpose in
hunting him down, for the sport is
fine aud the revenge sweet when
many fat lambs are missing at th(
fall round-up.
It happened that Ron got first
chance at bear No. 1, and, although
small of stature and young in
years, he is an adept with a gun
but had never stood face to faci
with such large game. He stout!]
maintains that he was not scared
much?but is unable ta accoun
for the fact that both barrels of hi
shot gun were discharged at once
as the sequal showed. Conmen
of his aim, he rushed in to see i
any finish were needed, but foun
bruin?nit! He had mowed ot
something less than a bed-tick ful
of twigs and leaves just oyer th
sheep eater's back, and he was gc
mg, Ron says, using the fast fee
and doing no back-peddling. H
had evidently concluded that
Highland boy who could fire tw
guns at once and send the content
of both within scorching distant
of the spinal column, was not t
be given a second chance, so 1
ambled awav aa only a scared be:
knows how to amble.
Another bear was routed lat*
and was killed dy Mr Russ Eagl
of Doe Hill, after a good deal <
sport and excitement participate
in by both men and dogs.
A Significant Prayer.
flMny the Jv>r4 pulp" you to mal
Buckler's Arnica Salve |<nq\rn
all," writes J G Sen kins, nf Chap
Hill, N C. it quickly took t
pain ont of ii felon for me ai
cured it in a wonderfully she
time." Best on earth for sor*
burns and wounds 25c. at K
Trmble's drug *tore.
New And Renewal Subaciptio
Since Our Ltrtt Issue *
New?N ll Cobb, 9aw?away, \
Va., Reece Armstrong, Vanderpo
Renewal* ^-J no 8 Hickltn, M
Dowell, J W Arbogast, J as
Eagle, Monterey lt F D No,
Floyd Simmons, Piuckiiey, M
Bertie Pe,ck, Columbus, Ohio, C
Campbell, Gilroy, Cal, Alfred Ar
strong, Doe Hill, A R Whitino
Mt Solon, Va.
Last Tuesday was election day
md wa9 one of mare than usual
nterest here because it was the
ime for electing county officers.
The day, in point of weather
conditions, was ali that could have
been desired, leaviug no excuse for
my to absent themselves from the
mils, and making it pleasant for
.he busy men who work all day in
:he open air.
We publish elsewhere tho official
returns, and they show a fairly
ijood vote of the county. The
county officers elected included the
entire list except clerk and com?
missioner. The contest in which
most interest was manifested was
that between Messrs Jones and!
Col aw for Commonwealth's Attor
ney, the race being a remarkably
close one and calculaj/d to excite
interest as the returns;came in.
In two of the magisterial dis?
tricts?Monterey and bluegrass?
there weie three candidates for
Supervisor, and iii, 'Stonewall there
were two. The contest!.a each dis?
trict was warm and spirited, but,
throughout the county, so far as
we have learned, the dapassed with?
out disorder and unpleasantness.
Taken as a whole, Highland had
good men in the field, and, while
there is bound to be some disap?
pointments, as citizens we may
congratulate ourselves that compe?
tent, safe and honorable gentle?
men have been placed at the tiwi tn
and will do all they can to promote
the interests and welfare of all the
af ?"
Hs. J Com.Atty | Tra
New Hampden 29 64 90
Hightown 32 26 52
Ruckman's 18 87 44
Monterey 88 70 161
Jackson's River BS ll 43
Bethlehem 56 46 101
Pu llins 8. H. 47 17 54
Stuart's Mill 12 6 20
146 186 15 25
36 18-24
o e to
tr a a
3 2: 3
m O CB
80 12 14
14 83 ll
0 5 52
89 60
88 21
81 25
76* 95
87 7
56 49
80 89
S 18
Totals 810 277 465 313 809 545 530154 15 49 94 51 77 119 81
Other officers elected in the sev?
eral districts were as follows:
Stonewall:?Justices of Peace?
A H Jones, P V Hupman, Wm.
Vint. Overseer of Poor, J Robert
Monterey:?0 Wilson, R 3
Ralston and J H Samples, Justices.
Joseph Jones, overseer of .poor.
Bluegrass?E D Swecker, N B
Woods and D 0 Bird, Justices. S S
Wade, Constable, Lee J Wimer.
Oyerseer of Poor.
Is due in a large measure to abuse
of the bowels, by employing dras?
tic purgatives. To avoid all dan?
ger, use Dr. King's New Life Pills,
the safe, gentle cleansers and in?
vestigators. Guaranteed to oure
headache, biliousness, malaria and
jaundice, at K H Trimble's drug
store. 25c,
The following is a list of jurors
summoned for the November term
of court:.
Jacob W Hevener, Luther C Hull,
R M Hildebrand, Robt S Winier,
Wm E Fleisher, Wm Gwin, J C.
Beverage, fleury A Slaven, H F
Bradshaw, A L Rexrode, H H
Michael, L B Byrd.
Jas A Michael, C W Ralston, C.
S Peterson, J Albert BJand, H B
Wood, C S Waybright,8iron Wood
dell, Juo $ Wilson, Holmes Steph
enson, L H Shumate Curtis Fox,
Jos Chestnut,, J Lee Wimer, Arch
Graham, Jno M Corbett, WL Chew
P P Hupman, E J Beverage.
A meeting of the Directors ol
the Highland Mutual Telephom
Company will be held on theirs
da? of circuit eottrt. As there wil
be some important business befor*
the meeting a full attendance i
desired. I H Trimble, Pres.
year old, i three year old, and
four year old, will drive single
Also have a thoroughbred bu]
calf for sale. Apply to
Uriah Hevener,
Monterey, Va. RFD No
Cured of Bright's Disease
Mr. Robert 0. Burke, Elmira^
Y., writes: M$efore J started to us
Foley's Kidney Cure \ had to gf
from 12 to 20 times a night, and
was all bloated up with dropsy ah
my eyesight was so impaired
could scarcely see one of my fara
ly across the room. I had give
up hope of living, when a irien
recommended Foley's Kidney Cur
One 50c bottle worked wondVi
and before I had taken the tljir
bottle the dropsy had gone, aa we
as all other syraptons of Bright
disease." K. H. Trimble.
FOR SALE:?Farm, orelia!
and general merchandise combine
63 acres, Albemarle Co, Va., mo;
desired section of the State, 1
acres Wine Sap Apples, pay lr.
well. Modern Dwelling, 9 room
hot and cold water, beautiful law
Good barn, room for 15 head i
ytock. Two good tenant housi
ice house, dairy, etc Wheelwrig
shop on. property renting for #
per annum. Splendid store buil
ing 48x5,0 ft., tVp, stories, doing
cash business of 110,000 per an nu
New High School building heit
erected within 400 yds. of Dwe
ing. For health, profit and pie;
ure this property is ideal. ? m
to station, piticp 112,800? VV
sell store ana stock of goods j
Send for free oatalogue of (am
H W Hll-LEARY & Co.,
Charlottesville, Va.
-?. ??-- ...?
Tins ls Worth Hemembbping
As no one is immune, everv p
son should remember that Foll
ICfdney Cure will cure any case
kidney or bladder trouble that
not bevond the reach of medici
K. H. Trimble.
Take DeWitt's Little Early
sers Pills. Sold by K H Trimble
from mcdowell
McDowell. Va., Nor. 5.?We are
pleased to see Continued pretty
weather, and hope it will lust
throughout this month at least.
Our farmers are getting along
nicely with their fall work, not?
withstanding the scarcity of la?
Corn is selling at 80c out of the
field delivered, that means it will
be a dollar by Xmas.
The new schoolhouse is about
completed at last. Mr. Hammer,
the contractor, has had many ob?
structions in his path, first the de?
lay of the board in selecting a site,
then he and hi? family had fever,
and last scarcity of labor.
He was a month behind in hav?
ing it completed. School is to
commence Mondav; we have not
secured a principal yet, as the man
we had engaged backed out at the
last minute.
Dr. W. R. Siron is kept busy al?
most day and night. Yesterday he
was called to Pendleton to see a
fever case.
Rey W C Young will commence
a protracted meeting at Headwaters
next week.
Mr. Young has secured the adop?
tion of the envelope system of giv?
ing throughout his whoji field of
labor. Nov. 3rd the congregation
began this plan of systematic giv?
Mr and Mrs Adam Lohr, of Ohio,
are visiting Mrs. Lohr's parents,
Mr and Mrs W H Vance.
Olie and Louie Ervine are home
off a visit.
Lou Shumate and wife returned
yesterday from their bridal tour to
Jamestown and friends ip Augus?
ta. *
L B Byrd has been in our sec
tiou. Last week he went to Staun?
ton for his samples.
John Botkin has moved into the
Wm. Ervine house near the top of
the mountain.
W H Vapce has his barn nearly
completed; it is the largest (n this
H F Alexander is expected borne
in a few days from the Philippine
inlands, where he has held a gov?
ernment position for several jeare.
Letters received lately by Chas G
Alexandre from his old friend, H.
L Wallace, express a desire to meet
all of Charles' friend next June on
his annual-visit and in order to
meet them he has planned for
Chas to inyite them all this winter
to a social gathering pp that occas?
ion. He has planned picnics, mu?
sic, singing, game?, etc. He will
have everything good to eat sent
direct from New York. Charles'
friends mav look for an invitation
most any lima. Pat.
PtfEVMojriA Follows A Cold
but never follows the use of Fol
ev's Honey and Tar. It stops tbe
cough, heals and strengthens the
lungs aud prevents pneumonia. K
ll Trimble.
The old account boojcs of Paul
Brown and E C Beverage, and the
partnership account books of tho
late firm of Paul Brown and E C.
Beverage, are in the hands of 0
Wilson for settlement and collec?
tion and all unsettled accounts in
said book m/ist be settled bj pay?
ment or bond by the 15th of No?
vember next, or legal proceedings
will be resorted to for the sett le?
nient and patment of same.
Persons owing accounts in-said
bpojjs, and hayjng offsets against
same, will present and get credit.
Nwv 3th, Beverage & Browi^.
If you take DeWitt's* Kidney and
Bladder pills you will get prompt
relief from backache, weak kidneys
and inflammation of the bladder and
urinary trouble?. A week's treat
ment for 25c. Sold by K. H Trim?
ble. __^_
Kennedy'sLajatiye Cough Svrnr
is a safe, sure and piompt remedy
for cough* and colds and ia goo<
for every member of the f am il j
Fold by K uTriroble,
Cure Your
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untidy. And mostly, because
it almost invariably leads to
baldness. Cure it, and save
your hair. Get more, too, at
the same time. All easily done
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formation pf dandruff!
Docs'not change the color of the hair.
formula with each bottle
Show lt to your
Aak him about lt,
than do aa ha aaya
The new Ayer's Hair Vigor will certainly
do this work, because, first of all, it de?
stroys the germs which are the original
cause of dandruff. Having given this aid,
nature completes the cure. The scalp is
restored to a perfectly healthy condition.
?Jtade by th* 3.0. Ayer Co., Lowell, Haaa.-'
Preaching Appointments
1st Sunday?Hightown, ll a m?
Green Hill 3 p. m,Rehoboth 7:30 p
2nd Sunday?Straight Creek, ll
aro.. Monterey, 7:30 pm.
3rd Sunday?Rehoboth, ll a m.,
Green Hill, 3 p. m , Hightown, 8 p.
Uh Sunday?Monterey, ll a. m.,
iuity, 3 p.m.
A. A. Walker.
[ will preach at the following
ices on Highland circuit M. E.
urch as follows:
1st Sunday, Union Chapel ll a.
and Crabbottom at 3:30 p. ra.
2d Sunday, Wesley Chapel ll a.
and Vanderpool at 3:30 p. m.
3rd Sunday, Asbury Chapel ll a.
and Thorny Bottom at 3:30 p.m
Uh Sunday. Green Hill at ll a.
aud Fairview at 3:30 p. m.
J A Brumbaugh, Pastor
Preaching services are held each
)nth as follows:
The 1st Sabbath, Monterey, ll
m. and Pisgah at 3 p. m.
2nd Sabbath, New Hampden at
a. m. "
3rd Sabbath, Pisgah, ll a. m.,
onterev, 8 p.m."
4th Sabbath, Hightown, ll a m.
bw Hampden, 7:30 p. m.
W. S. Trimble
uni lill laiiiaini?mialiiiaiaMWiaiia?ian
Correct English
How To Use lt."
monthly maoaxine devoted to
the use of english.
1sephine turck baker. editor.
Partial Contents
nurse in grammam.
ow to increase ono's vocabulary.
he Art of Conversation.
hall and will; should aud would:
how to use them.
'renunciations. (Century Diction?
lorrect English in the home.
lorrect English in the school.
Vhat to say and what not to say.
!ourse in letter writing and punct
^wenty daily drills.
business English for the business
Jompound words: how to write
them. **
Itudies in English Literature.
Correct English. Evansville, Il
imo TRADE-MARKS promptly obtained io
?Sj oouatrlee, or no tee. We obtain PATENTS
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expense, and help you to success.
Bend model photo or sketch, (or FR BR report
on patentability- W yew*' practice." SUR?
PASSING rVtrKRENCCS. For free Guido
Book on Profitable Patent* write to
B03-B0B Seventh Street,
kill? cough
and CURB ths LUNGS
Dr. King's
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lo A I1X
Bottle F
FOR C8Sft?*?8 ,HShA,??S
i i ?PW i ?'
At the Mill
Patent Flour, good as Melrose $6
Straight Family Four ? 6
Nice Qrgham Flour
Car load of nice sweet corn
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Pay $1.30 a bushel for whe
Monterey Milling Co
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wet weather and cold weather makes foot protection
necessary?better buy good shoes than
Our Storm Proof Shoes
have water proof viserliaed soles. Always keep your
pocket book heavy and your feet dry by buying your
shoes from us. v
Armstrong Shoe Co.
27 W, Main St.
Staunton, Va
let us serve you,
The Bank of Highland,
J. R. GILLIAM.ns J. A. JONES, cashier
Walnut, Sycamore, Pop?
lar and Lynn wanted
$55 per M. for old growth walnut, sawed strong inch, 6, 8, io,
12,14 and 16 feet lengths, eaged and straight, 3 inches
wide and up.
$30 per M. for young walnut, sawed strong inch, 6,8, io, 12,
14 and 16 feet lengths, edged and straight, 3 inches wide
and up,
$37 ptr M^for extra good old growth butt logs, sawed strong
1 1-2 and 2 inches, 6, 8, ten, twelve, fourteen and sixteen
feet lengths, edged and straight.
$15 per M. for all walnut lumber of 4 feet lengths. All walnut
to be measured on the black side.
$18 per M. for log run Poplar and Lynn Millculls out, sawed <
one inch and of even lengths 8 feet and up.
$12.50 for Poplar and Lynn Millculls, sawed one inch and of
even lengths 8 feet and up.
$16 per M. for log run Sycamore with Millculls out, to be saw?
ed strong inch, and the best logs 11-2 inches.
The lumber to be delivered at our factory.
Organ mfgs.,
Beverly Book Co*,
We carry the largest and best assorted stock
in thisjjSection of the state and cannot only fill
your wants In every respect, but can save you
__ money.
We buy old books and can sell you second?
hand book*. The kind that you need. We have
a nke present for every child buying their books
from us.
??Under ye town clock"
Staunton Va
Shenandoah Collegiate Institute,
offers the following excellent courses cf study. A four years' classical
course; a three yeara^Engllsh course; a three years' elocution course; a two
years' commercial course; a four years' art course.
School of Music.
offers the following courses: piano, organ, voice culture; theory and compo?
sition, musical history and pedagogy, violin, guitar, banjo, harp, piano tun?
ing, orchestra. ?
Thirty-second annual session opens on the 17th of September, 1907
Large faculty, splendid buildings newly equipped.
234 students from 15 states last session.
Rates from $160 to $200 a session.
New Illustrated catalogue free. Address
E. U. HOEN8HEL, Principal,
or J. H. BUIBUSH, Musical Director.
_ [AND
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_ t
in the

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