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NO. 6
that will sit uncomfortably, no mat tor what,
it costs; it will do you moro harm than good
A truss that wont stay in its place under
all conditions you uet your body into should
he thrown away at once. It can never be
depended upon ami is sure to fail you at a
critical moment.
Wc sell a truss at $2.Ot) that we guaran?
tee under all conditions to positively retain
the most complicated form of rupture pain?
lessly. This truss is neither cluiiisey nor un?
comfortable about thc body, and weals well.
All our fitting is done by an expert and our
stock is most complete in every surgical re?
Wilson Bros., Druggists,
Next io Masonic Temple, STAUNTON, VIRGINIA ;
A very large line, prices from $175 upward.
The Putnam, 75 styles from which to select.
Edison and Victor Talking Machines
We carry the full line of Edison Records 35c each
Victor Records 35c each for 8 inch.
** " 60c each for io "
" " $1.00 each for 12 "
Orders by mail accompanied by cash re?
ceive prompt attention.
Price low and Terms very easy.
Everything in the Music line.
W. W. Putnam & Co.
103 Weat Main Street, Staunton. Virginia.
The Beverlv Book Co.,
begs to announce that on and after Friday. November 29,
we will have on display our annual gathering of holiday
goods, including
Books, Pictures, Leather Goods, Art
Goods, Brass And Japanese Goods,
and nianvother things that will interest Christmas shop?
pers. We will Le pleased to show you through our stock
and are confident that you will find many things of inter?
'Under ye tows* clock" - Staunton Va
is an unpleasant task for many. They see nothing
but hardships. Why?
Because they have not the ability NOW to com?
mand a salary sufficient to permit of putting some?
thing away for the evening ol life.
It is to-day that preparation for future comfort
? should be inaugurated.
Have you a future? Have you ambition? The
.business world is full of opportunities for the man
sho has the proper training. #
We will prepare you.
Moa! Valley Business College, Inc.
J. 8. Atkinson, Mgr.,
Harrisonburg, - - Virginia
The story of Mrs. Matilda Warwick, of Kokomo,
Ind., as told below, proves the curative properties of
that well-known female remedy, Wino of Cardui.
Mrs. Warwick says:
It Will Help You
"I Buffered from pains in my head, shoulders, p^j
limbs, side, stomach low down, dizziness, chills, ner?
vousness, fainting spells and other female troubles.
x was almost dead. ? Three doctors did not help me.
At last, I took Cardui, and with the lirst bottle ob?
tained relief. Now I am cured. ^ But for Cardui,
T would have been dead." Try Cardui.
Rheumatism j
Do von want to get rid
of it! ' If so, take Dr. Miles
Nervine modified as di?
rected in pamphlet around
bottle. In addition to the
direct curative properties
it has a soothing effect up?
on the nervous system by
which the rheumatic
pains are controlled, and
rest and sleep assured.
It has made many cures
of this painful disease,
Borne of them after years
of sn tiering. If it will
cure others why not you.
If your case is compli?
cated, write us for advice,
it costs you nothing and
may save you prolonged
4-I WU M crlpj>lp<l thr.t T could
scarcely walk. After having my Bhoe*
on for "n hour or two I could manage
to walk by .suftcrlner the pain. Then
I bogan to have pains all through
my system. My doctor told me 1 h?d
an acute attack of Inflammatory
rheumatism. 1 read about Dr. Miks'
Nervine, bought a bottle and I com?
menced to got hotter from the pta rt
pud for the past effc month:; have
scarcely any pain, and am able to
walk as well as ever."
P. O. Box u, Rockaway. N. J.
Your druggist sells Dr. Miles' Nerv?
ine, and we authorize him to return
price of first bottle (only) If it falls
to benefit you.
Miks Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind
of Firginirt students of fees and tuiiion
in either of the academic department
lowest charges in thc South. Next ces?
sion begins September 10. Send forest*
logue. University Summer School opens
July 18th.
S IT 07 lvr Charlottesville. Va.
? If Y<>u Nibo a?
Headstone or Marker,
get ray pries. I will save you money. If
you need an Iron Fence, I furnish the
best for Hie money. Yours to serye,
H. F. Slavkh,
Monterey, Va
Agent, for The Clifton Forg?
Marble1 Works.
PROCURED AND DL/-tNDED. &cndm'*i?-l.
flrawiiu? or photo, for ox pert searon aud iroc report.
Free advice, how to obtain patent*, tnuie maxim,
copyright*, etc., (N ^Ll COUNTRIES.
Business direct vAlh Washington saves time,
money and often the patent.
Patent and Infringement Practice Exclusively.
Write or come to us at
0?3 Hlnth Street, epp. United States Patent
Contractor and Builder
Permanently Located
We are prepared to tlo all classes
of wood work, such a* building
L*?t iis have Your oiders for Doors
mid Sallies, we can save You nioneY.
We do nil kinds of shop work.
A oigr shop, inproved matliinen
Mild dry kiln, in fact evervtliii g
iIihI goes to make no up-to-date and
wMI equipped plant.
Dealer in in all kinds of Lumber.
Dressed Lumber a specialty.
All orders receive prompt alien
LB. BusMird,
Mouterev, Va.
The Monterey
Barbel' Shop.
Every Day of
The Week.
Hair rutting, shaving, sha:r.poo:ng
and mi ssaging.
Guarantee to pleas?.
('lias Dt'gg*, Barber,
Lumbeb anted?Black walnut
and sycamore lumber sawed strong
inch. Best Black walnut butt lop
tobe sawed 11-2 inch. Liberal]
prices paid.
W. W. Putnam A Co.j
Organ Manufacturers,
Staunton, Va.
Opulences In Sight.
"W<?i." demanded the man who iras
Laving his fortune told, "what da yon
-You sire married,'1 said the lady
who waa examining bis palm.
?'Yrs. But I knew (hal before I came
??You have always had <" Qgbl i ur
wcry absod?that to, yon bare pro.
pressed by hand work. Von have nerer
been favored inucli by I tu fa
'?Very true still. Unit isn't exactly
what I cams here lo Hud ont Ctffl'l
you tell me something about the fu?
ture:" ,
"Yes. You are going to live lon/.
Your lifo line ls voey strong. And here
I see something very important-somo
l liing that will encourage you. Your
salaiy Is going to be increased.''
'?(rood. That's the kind of nows 1
\ nat. You're Kure about it, are you':"
"Yes. You will get lt before long."
"And ls there anything to indicate
about how much lt ls to be Increased?"
"It Mill bo ranch larger than ii i-;
now. Let me seo. Ye3. It will be as
large as your wife tries to make her
friends think it is at present."
Ile could ask no moro. With a feel?
ing of courage in his in-east he banded
out -Si! aud went away lo tho triumph
that awaited him. ? 'Chicago Roeord
Managing Small Sailboats.
It is (piite a trick to lower a main- ]
sail property, In the first place, tho
hoops should be just large enough
-not so large, however, that the sail !
does not set close to the mast. Lower !
the throat first and follow it willi the i
peak. If the peak is dropped first, i
says a writer In Country Life In Amer?
ica, tho sail will not come down. It
goes without saying that tho sail must
bo shaken when you want to lower
lt To lower a centerboard when un
der way put the helm Up and keep the [
boat off. A small boat can he stop- i
pod by putting the helm up and down I
across the boat quickly. This ls use- j
fill In coming up to a dock or moor-'
lng. A boat eau bo got out of stays
by dropping her peak and then hoist?
ing lt when she ls uuder way. An?
other way is to put the holm down, '
slack tho main sheet and let her drift
back; then trim her quickly and she
will sall away. Always go to the lee
ride of n deck. When a boat ls towed
make sure that lt has a good painter, j
especially at night.
The colonel had remonstrated vigor?
ously wiih Lucie Kph about tho old
darky's persistent excursions into the
state of inebriation. Uncle Kph,
though he promised faithfully to re?
frain from frequent dips into the How
lng bowl, failed to live up to tho colo?
nel's expectations. On numerous cc- '?
eastons the colonel saw Bpb under the
influence of liquor, but the darky when
taken tft task stoutly denied the ac?
cusation, affirming emphatically that
he' did not drink. One evening tha!
colonel met Uncle Eph in a condition j
which made it plainly evident that
the darky was "caught witta the goods
on." I
"Eph." began the colonel seriously, j
"I thought you told me that you hod j
given up drink':"
"Ah sho' did, Massa Kern'l; Ah tho':
did," replied Eph. "But lately Ah dun |
took up drinkhV an' gib up iyin'."? j
Harper's Weekly.
The Crab In the Oyster.
"Tho little crab found in thc oyster,"
said a dealer, "is not, as supposed
by two-thirds of the oyster eaters, j
the young of tho blue era!), but is a
distinct species, lt is a messmate of
and caterer to the wants of the oyster,
being, therefore, a benefit instead of a
detriment to the latter. In return fer
the oyster's kindness In protecting it
against Its enemies the little crab
catches aud crushes food which In it:
entire state could not be taken by tho!
oyster. A singular thing lo connection
with them is that all found Inside of
the oyster are females. The male of
the same variety has a hard shell."
A Story Fer Papa.
There is a moral in this little story
of child life.
"Mamma," asked little three-year-old
Trodd i>\ "are we going to deafen some
"Yes, dear; I hope so," w.'.s Ihe reply.
"I wish papa could go, too," contin?
ued the little fellow.
"Well, aud don't you think lie Willy
asked his mother.
"Oh. no," replied Freddie; "ho could
not leave ins business!"
Not cf That Nationality.
A gentleman was much annoyed by
having bis head pinched during the op
eratton bf hair cutting. Tho barber
apologized and explained that there
was an unusual bump there.
"Are you a phrenologist?" asked thc
patient. .
"Xo. sir." answered the barber. "I'm
a Swede."?London Olobe.
Nature is just toward men. it rec?
ompenses them for their sufferings; it
lenders them laborious, because to the
preateat toils lt attaches the greatest
"Your lawyer made some pretty se?
vere charges against the other fellow,
didn't he?"
"Y-e-e-s, but you ought to see how be
charged me!"
A Busy Time.
On a windy day It is quite trying t t
a woman to attempt to hold up her
skirt, bold cn her hat and hold ber
tongue all at once.--Philadelphia Rec?
All's to l)e feared where all's to be
If you need a pill take DeWitt's
Little Early Risers. Insist on them;.
gentle, easy, pleasant, little pills.
Sold by K. H. Trimble.
Belated Revenge.
"Once when I was a small Ind on my
father's farm in Ohio." said a judge,
li peddler gol me to belp him make
some repairs lo his wagon, I did so
wllhoul any thought of pay, but when
iii" vehicle waa mended as lie drove
off li" ti -ld mo the nest lime lie came
by on* bouse on lu: mind* bo would
bring me n glfl In lb shane of n copy
?>*' 'Boblnsou Crusoe,' :l book I lind
long i ovetod. Flow I waited for him
io rome a.';'.!:! and hot*' ;.." heart fell
v, ben he raf.'i o i ? bring ra? the vol?
ume! A ital i ??.' d ngol i h ? proml :ed,
bril never untile ??'? ? il bl i v. ord. Ve ?:??
passed, ami I ????.? f > rnr.nho d, i itt
t!ie rnoraory < f th.*.! cruel disappoint
mont never v.-.ul hi.1 fr : 1 my 1 d-,.d.
I waa mode a school trustee of ray
district, :\!.\ ono ilny n nan applied
fer n i o&i ; i aa rr ub< r. In hbo I
recognized the peddler who had blast?
ed ray youthful bones. Tlier was an*
ether candidate for ti:- Job, and nine
was tin i": ,??;,'!?? { '?,!,?. Nothing i!i life
ever gave om mord plearcre than In
voting against the ex-pcddler, who fer
his deception en a boy lost n u^d
place, lt was perhaps earrylng thc
spirit of revenge too far, but th< re are
not many win would have don.'1 other?
wise."?Baltimore American.
A Skater's Dating.
Few feats of skating have over ex
celled tim exploit of one of Napoleon's
oflieer.-s performed shortly nf Pw the
tight nt Jena In 1808. The emperor dis?
patched an oflicer to Marshal Mcrtler
requiring him to seize certain Imper*
taut towna without delay. When the
oflicer arrived at the mouth of the
Elbe, where the river ls seven and one
half n?l!es wide, he was threatened
with serious loss of time. The river
was Just covered with ice; therefore to
row over was out of the question. He
could not cross by the nearest brid :e
without going twenty miles out of his
way on roads heavy with snow, and
he grudged the time that would thus
be wasted. So he resolved to skate
across the thin, freshly formed i e.
Had ho (ried walking lie would have
sunk at once, but by skimming along
on his skates at tho top of lils speed be
got over ibo liver both dry and un?
harmed. By this darin;;- ir dangerous
deed ho saved six boura, did what Na?
poleon bade him do aud won great
credit for his bold and clever oxpl-'it.
London Bakers In 1310.
In 1310 ve iiud ihe following Row
Mkeresses accused of selling halfpen?
ny loaves dob.lent in weight: Sana
poling. Christina Terrice. Oodiyova
Feting. Matilda do BpUngtone, Chris?
tina Prichct, Isabella Sperling, Alice
Pegges, Johanna de Countobrigge and
Isabella Pouvesto. One wonders why
the husbands were not summoned. In
a similar case in 131G, when Agnes
Toting's bread was seized, it was "ad?
judged that her bread should be for?
feited and ziveii to the prisoners in
Neugato because her husband did not
come to avow (own) the bread." Are
we to assume that in the absence of
the husbands the bread waa merely
forfeited without the infliction of a
CneV An Indication of tho importance
of tho breadmaklng business is also'
found i:i an enactment of the reign of
Henry III. to the effect that "every
cart of Bremble (Brombley-by-Bow) or
Slevetihethe (Stepney) that comes Into
the city with bread shall pay r<\ch
flay a halfpenny."?St. ?' tra s! flaw tte
A T.-;rc!y Ac' c* Justit*.
Marriages heiween I-^ti^Ii.-:'i actresses
and men of a high social position bo?
gan in the eighteenth century, if nf
earlier. There was Lavinia Fenton!
the Polly Peachuni of Gay's "Beggar's
Opera," wbo became Duchess of Bol?
ton; there was Miss Farren, who mar?
ried Lord Derby; also Mi ?; Cronton
became Lady Craven not long before
Lord Thurlow married Miss Bolton.
Earliest of the list. ^.iwn^U. comes the
Earl of Peterborough, wbo married
Anastasia Robinson, the singer, ard
kept tho mania ue secret until a few
days before bis deatli In St. .Tames'
palace, when be assembled bis relatives
and friend:-, and publicly acknowledged
the woman "to whom he owed tho
best and happiest hours of his lifo," a
tardy act of justice tba? caused the
lady to swoon away.
How Ledgers Got Their N;t.i?.
On tho authority of tho be. t lexi?
cographers "ledger" Is an adaptation
of a once common word, "lieger.'' sig?
nifying any large book suite*', better
for lyla;;- on a desk than for caArrytug
j about. Sometimes thia was npplled te
i a large juronnt book, eartutory. < r thc
1 like, frequently a great breviary for
use in church, as distinct from u "por
tus," or small one. carried by a "b ok
bosom priest.'' "Couoher'! ls ancthei
old synonym for "lieger." P.:e foregoer
of the nov,- general "i -d vcr."
Old Theory ConF.rnud.
Tommy, whoo rose v. <?? i nt of Je! ii
had been permitted to sro tho . w
baby In Its bath.
"Where's his oilier leg?'! '??? tl '
iring tlie Infant with strong . Isfavi r.
"It's doubled pp under i.;-".." cs
plained tho oar-..-.
"Yes:" bc snsrted. "Jos' HUe d<
blamed stork what brun? "tm!" Pwk
Saved Her Lifs.
Bigga?Hear about Mis. Utewadd?
i'old her husband she would kill her
relf If he didn't buy her a new hat.
JIgga?What did Tltewadd dol Bigga
?Got estimates on funerals, found hs
could save |2 by buying the hat and
saved her life.?Baltimore American.
Stags Paint.
Painting the face on the stage ls a
barbarous custom come down to US
from the age of oil lamps and candles.
With gas and electric light and opera
glasses for the remote seats lo tho
bouse lt ls not needed.?LonoVmMaak. j
"I was introduced to your wife to?
day, aud she glared at me."
"I can't account for that."
"I can. I s'pose I'm your scapegoat
you old fraud/*?Kansas City Journal.
Clarence E. Edwards Touring thc
Eastern Countries.
LY LETTERS, Which Will Ap. !
pear in The Recorder.
Noumea, New Caledonia, Au?
gust 2'.\: -The prison camp at Bott
rail, and the terrible home of the
condemned at Ile Xou. where the'
guillotine ends the lives of those
who have merited death according
to the French code, are the centers!
ol' the great blot among the South,
Sea Islands. To describe the ter j
rora of this penal colony would re- ,
quire the pen of a Milton, and to
picture them could be done only by;
such a man as Dore. Such awful i
despair, such terrible brutality,';
.-uch abject misery cannot bo found;
elsewhere in all the world. One'
forgets that these mon have com-,
mitted crimes as he looks upon the| <
punishment. It ia fl veritable hell
on earth to which they have been
condemned, where every trivial in?
fraction of the rules brings such
brutal punishment as would not be
meted out in civilized lands to the
most hardened and desperate crim
ininal for the worst of crimes.
Accompanied by an officer and
by one of the native guards, ono of
the most savage looking individu?
als-! have ever seen, I went into
the prison at Bourail to soo the life
men who have been sent here to
pass their rcmainning days shut off
from all that makes life worth liv?
ing. The native was armed with
a heavy, knotted club, and the ex?
pression of savage glee which shone
on his face as he followed the of?
ficer, showed that he was delighted
with his position. Taking advan?
tage of my desire to know more
about these prisoners thc officer
had the life-men drawn up in line
and he questioned them regarding
their primes. The first was there
for shooting his mistress, t\\p sec?
ond for robbery with violence, and
SO it went on down the line, but one
seemed to be a hardened criminal
and his response was "for willful
murder." Ho looked as if he
would like to commit the crime
again on the person of the officer
As we passed along we came
suddenly upon a convict sitting un?
der a shelter, reading a book. The
native pounced upon him and toro
the book from him. lt was a New
Testament, but reading was an in?
fraction of the rules and he \v:,s im?
mediately dragged forth and search?
ed, and then thrust into a solitary
cell, with heavy chains fastened to
his ankles. Here he would have to
remain for several days without
bread or water. These solitary
cells were shown me, nearly all of
them having an inmate. Each had
committed some Blight infraction
of the rules. One was th.ere be?
cause in his loneliness he had dared
to secrete a fledgling sparrow in his
bosom and was trying to rear it to
comfort him.
It is at Ile Non, however, where
the most desperate criminals are
housed and here is the guillotine
ready to finish the work of the sen?
tence which is part confinement and
then death. These convicts do not
know when the time of execution
comes, but on the*/atal day they are
aroused at 2 o'clock in the morning
and told that it is time Iq die.
They are given a special breakfast,
with champagne if they desire it,
and th.cn a good cigar and they are
sent on their way to the other
world happier than they have been
since their incarceration.
Surrounded by 'nigh, concrete
Soldier Balks Death Plot.
It seemed to J. A. Stone, a civil
war veteran, of Kemp, Tex., that
[a plot existed between a desperate
lung trouble and the grave to cause
his death. ''I contracted a stub?
born cold," he writes, "that de?
vi loped a cough that stuck to me.
in spite of all remedies, for years.
My weight ran down to 130 pounds.
Then I began tn use Dr. King's
Xew Discovery, which restored my
health completely. I now weigh
178 pounds." For severe Colds,
obstinate Toughs, Hemorrhages,
Asthma, and to prevent Pneumon?
ia it's unrivaled. 50c. and $1.00.
Trial bottle free. Guaranteed hy
K. H. Trimble.
SI.00 gets the recorder for ONE
whole year.
walls, with broken glass strewn on
the top to prevent any possible
clambering over, these convicts
spend their days at hard labor un?
der the tropical sun, and their
nights at the mercy of millions of
mosquitoes which infest the place.
Absolutely without hope of release,
and no possible chance of escape,
ono wonders why they do not take
their own lives in order to end their
misery, but the records of the prison
show very few suicides, liven un?
der these most desperate conditions
these men cling to life, and in near?
ly every instance where they are
condemned to die they show abject
fear in the presence of the guillo?
A few desperate men have effect?
ed their escape from the prison, but
their fate was even worse than if
they had remained inside. They
could not get away from the island,
and the savage native trailers run
them down, and after beating them
with their heavy clubs, return
them to the prison where the death
sentence was carried out, for the
penalty for trying to got away is
the loss of the head.
The horrors of this island have
made me heart-sick, and I -hall
leave tomorrow for more pleasant
places, and hope to forget what I
wish I had never seen.
Clarence I". Edwords.
The Secret of Long Life.
A French scientist has discovered
nne secret of long life. His meth?
od deals with the blood. But long
ago millions of Americans hail
proved Electric Bitters prolongs life
and makes it worth living, lt pur?
ifies, enriches and vitalizes the
blood, rebuilds wasted nerve cells,
imparts life and tone to the entire
system. It's a godsend to weak,
?ick and debilitated people. "Kid?
ney trouble had blighted my life
for months," writes W. M. Sher?
man, of bushing. He., "but Elec?
tric Bitters cured me entirely."
Onlv i)oc. nt K. H. Trimble's.
Teacher will please not fail to
make reports promptly al the close
of each calendar month according
to forms furnished. The report for
the county is due, and is expected,
at the Department of Public In?
struction in Richmond by the 10th
of each month for the preceding
month. Please report fully, too.
under every head every month.
Otherwise it will be necessary to
return reports for correction.
Jared L. Jones.
Division Supt.
-?e ?
Washington Oxer: Owe Up
to three doctors: was kept in bed
for five weeks. Blood poison from
a spider's bite caused large, deep
sores to cover his leg. The doctors
failed, then "Bucklen's Arnica Salve
completely cured me." writes John
Washinton. of Bosquevill, Tex.
For eczema, boils, burns and piles
it's supreme. 25e. at K. H. Trim?
Read and consider for a minute""
and see if yon are not disobliging
yourself of a life time comfort
when you fail to secure for yourself
a set of the Armlock Folding Bed
Spring which contain 63 first-class
springs to the set, made of the best
spring steel wire, galvanized with
copper Springs are warranted not
to break or swag down in the
middle, which is the great trouble
of hundreds of woven wire springs.
The Arm-Lock Folding Bed Spring
has now proved to be the best sat?
isfaction for the past sixteen years.
and where they are in use they
need no advertising but speak for
themselves. Xow don't keep put?
ting this off but simply drop me a
card when you want your springs
and I will deliver them to your
house, fit on your bed and guaran?
tee a good first-class spring.
One set for .S3.50
Two sets for $6.75
Three sets for $10.00, and will
deliver same any wherein Highland
or Pocahontas county.
Can fit any size or any kind of
bed. Less than a full size bed is
less in price according to size.
I wish to thank my patrons and
the public generally for former bus?
iness and kindly solicit your future
ordors. Address all orders to
John P. Ilise,
Hightown. Va.
There is not any better Salve
than DeWitt's Carbolized Witch
Hazel Salve. We hereby warn the
public that we are not responsible
for any injurious effects caused
from worthless or poisonous imita?
tions of our DeWitt's i'arbolized
Witch Hazel Salve, the original. It
is good for anything when a salve
is needed, but it is especially good
for piles. Be sure you get DeWitt's.
Sold bv K. H. Trimble

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