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Personal Briefs oi People at Nome
and Abroad
Ihe residents on South Spruce!
Street are organizing for a sewer
>\vstem, and with every promise of
Dr. W M. Revereomb ? nd at?
torney O. B. Harvey, of Clifton.
Forge, were registered at Hotel.
Monterey Wednesday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Hale returned from |
a two-weeks' visit to their Valley
home late Inst week, and are now!
housekeeping in the Methodist par-1
New stock of Colunmbia 'phone
Batteries. Special price on lame i
lots. Monterey Water. Lt. &
Plumbing Co.
Scientist may argue that the per-I
sistent and continued use of buck
wheat-cakes conduce to insanity, j
but there are those who believe
they are worth it.
Mr. Carl Sullenberger, of Fort
Hunt coast artillery, came homo
last week on account of the illness
of his mother, Mrs. 0. E Sullen?
Messrs. Olin Evick. Byron Bev?
erage and Bob Jones, three of our
local Nimrods, succeeded in bagging
A wildcat last Monda}. They
tracked him to his hiding-quarters
on the mountain West of town.
There is no fountain pen that
equals the Ideal Waterman, and
my stock is always complete, liv?
ery pen warranted. For sale by
H. M. Slaven, Jeweler.
Miss McAllister, a trained nurse
of Staunton, has leen called to at?
tend Mrs. Ella Fleisher, whose long
illness has frequently been referred
to in our columns.
Man is dust,
Dust settles;
Are you a man?
This is not original.
But some of my accounts are.
Chas. B. Fox, M. D.
Apropos of the inevitable wind
4 storms of March, we remind the
modest citizens that numerous
little fire-hydrants stand along the
streets without their hose on.
.Air. Mathias Turnor, a very wor?
thy and respected citizen of Jack?
son's River, has been examined by
a board of lunacy and now awaits
admission to the Western State
Hospital. He is 74 years old.
Last week we told you about our
groceries. Now we want to say that
if you will just walk in our store
you will soe bargains anywhere you
look. L. A. Carichoff & Co.
The street leading North from
Main to Mr. Bishop's residence is
being improved very much. A new
side-walk and bridge- both in bet?
ter shape?and a fill near the creek
are the features that go to make up
the improvement.
1 have Giaphophones and Rec?
ords on hand at all times. Can get
you the 10-inch, double disc rec?
ords for boc., equal to two that
formerly sold for 60c. each. Write
?.or call for list. H. M. Slaven.
Staunton had a fire Tuesday af?
ternoon, partially destroying stock
of S. D. Timberlake and damaging
the building. The loss is estimat?
ed at $19,500 on stock and $1,000
on building, partly covered by in?
A private totter from our former
townsman, Mr. John Trimble, re?
quests us to send the Recorder to
him at Sarasota, Fla. Ile reports
himself as in good health, but hav?
ing a quiet, lonely time, as there
are but lew visitors there this win?
ter. He found cold, frosty weath?
er on his arrival, but a record of
;80 degrees on the 2nd.
It would be hard to determine
-whk'h is the greater bluffer,G. Hog
or L Hicks.
(This little three-line squib wa?
put in type early in the week, wher
the days were bright and balmy,
Since then not less than two "storn
centers" and an equal number o:
?''reactionary periods" have corm
.-our way, and, at this time, are do
mg .all sorts of stunts, turn about
Under -such circumstances we fee
constrained to offer an apology bot!
to Hicks and Hog.)
Mr. W. A. Cunningham has show]
'commendable enterprise and publi
spirit by announcing that he wi'
lay off a portion of his meadow
land North of town and put on th
market in the shape of town lots
The land referred to is beautifull
located, comparatively level an
within easy reach of town. N
one thing has so effectually retan
ed the growth of the town as tl
difficulty of getting homes, an
Mr. Cunningham is to becommem
ed. It is especially gratifying i
this time, there beingso little avai
able space on the two princip
streets. We predict that this
destined to become a popular qua
ter, and while thc suburb is litt
more than prospective as yet,
has already been christened ''Bu
Town," suggested by the promo
pr's time-honored sobriquet.
Our Second quarterly meet ii
come* 00 on the 4th Sunday, 27
28th of February. I will chan
my appointments at Asburry ai
Thorny Bottom from the 3rd
the 4th Sun lay of this mont}] W
preach at Green Hill, the 3rd Su
<Iap, at ll o'clock, and at Fa:rvie
OH same date, at 3 p. m.
J. L. Dotson. P.
onm riowoA,
Mr H. B, Woo.], thc Recordi
main stay from yeal year, 1
gone on a vacation to I
companied by Messrs. H. b. Lang,
. ? aunton, and A. V. Huyler, of
.Now York. They have ;
few-weeks' hunt in tv
An outing in the land of flowei
this season of I
enjoyable to a Highlander. Surely
all his friends will wish him a pleas?
ant stay and "good shooting "
TheStaunton Daily News nf Sun?
day gives tho following additional
particulars as to the Southern trip;
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Lang, and
daughter, Miss Irma, with two bird ('.v
dogs, left yesterday for Florida to
Ije gone several weeks. They were jj
to join Mr. A. V..Huyler, of N
York, and a number of his ?. ? ts '.
at Richmond aud go on with them l"
to Florida where they will form d "
house party on Mr. Huyler's large ai
plantation near Tampa. They will cu
be able there to hunt and fish to ..
their hearts'content. Mr. H. li. ,
Wood, of Monterey, Uas also of
Mr. Lang's party.
Messrs. Henry and Gideon Pro; |,
of Seldom Soon, brought a load of
apples to town Saturday, and they
left the Recorder man fcelinj
mighty good; not only because of a "
basketful of fine fruit, but also be- ''
cause it is pleasant to be remem- lo
herod by those who possess the good..l!'
things of life. This fruit, by-the- U1
way, was well-preserved, smoothej c
and perfectly matured.
These gentlemen also report a
fine output of sugar for a dato so
early in the season: Two hundred
pounds, and several gallons of syr?
-?? a ???
The fact that the mail routes go?
ing out from Monterey have been
re-advertised, is taken as evidence
that the Government regards thc
bids as excessive. We understand
that both Messrs. Cross and Hiner
?vere bidders for the routes of which
they now have charge, and patrons I \\
generally would be glad to hear of i
them getting the contracts for the jy
coming four years. Both have .,
'given good service. We are in- j
'formed that, while Mr. Cress' bid
was in excess of former years, he
(had in mind the purpose and itn -
[portance of re-stocking and re?
equipping the route. The cutting
out of liquor-hauling, while gener?
ally approved, doubtless has some
bearing, too, on the question of fu?
ture service, |f(
Mr. John Trimble who left herc
about the last of January to join
his daughter and others in Rich?
mond and go on to Florida seemed
to have providentially changed his
plans, for instead of going on to
their destination, Mr. Trimble be?
ing tired, they decided to stop ov?
er in Jacksonville for a night.
When the train they would have
been on was about twenty miles
beyond Jacksonsville it was in a
fearful wreck. The engine, tender
and baggage car eseaped, but the
coach and sleepers were all thrown
off the track and badly broken up.
and about half of the passengers
hurt, though only one was killed.
-Staunton Daily News.
On Wednesday, Bernie Alexan?
der Crowley, of Strathmore, and
Miss Agnes Webb, of Portersville,
were united in marriage. Rev. C. S.
Reed, of the Presbyterian church,
performing the ceremony. Thc
newly married couple will make
their home in Strathmore wheue
Mr. Crowley is in the employ of
the Balfour-Guthrie company. -
Portersville (Cal.) Recorder.
Mr. Crowley is a native of the
McDowell community, and left the
county only a couple of years ago.
His Highland friends wish him well.
Martin V. Botkin and Miss Lillie
E. Rexrode, of tho Palo Alto com?
munity, were married at the Pres?
byterian manse, Monterey, on the
10th day of February, Rev. W. S.
Trimble officiating.
Star routes from Staunton to
rtonterey, from Warm Springs to
Monterey and from Monterey to
Bartow, W. Va, are open for bids
until Fob. 23, 1909. Length of
contract is from July 1,1909 to
June 30, 1913. Blank bonds and
mformtion can be had by calling on
or addressing this office.
H. M. Slaven, Postmaster,
Monterey, Va,
This is just the time of year when
you are most likely to have kidney
or bladder trouble, with rheuma?
tism and rheumatic pains caused
by weak kidneys. Delays arc dan?
gerous. Get DeWitt's T\idnoy and
Bladder Pills, and be sui\you get
what you ask for. They aro the
best pills made for backache, weak
back, urinary disorders, inflamma?
tion of the bladder, etc. They arc
antiseptic sud act promptly.
sell and recommend them. K. ti,
Trimble. \
iat is
ntcd .
ere the i
19 .
. ?
the ?' iii/.. .
isit at 4.; |
The Report
ttie Dai-;. I
ll, was recei
e Bo
? -
d VViifo
on tl con of .
at section of
>"! the S. & P. roi
un,. ? .
e nev: r< guli r av ? i
?ar SGOt), i ;
iplicable to tl
The Shperinti
n & Parkersl
ulty, Esq.,
?i' for and i
the dale of Mn rn
,e keeping iii i
ider con lil
i those un
.. j
u'hood. but vu ive a
ems whichm ? ;? be ol ?
uno of the i
Mr. Sp oj
Ben detained a
' measels, hi
Mr. Glen. Ca
tipil at Monterey H.
rday and S ? il his 1
111 Ga}).
irginia, is visi
. \l. Williams
Miss Annie Lu pt
[cadow Dale, i i arnon
lore attending
Mr. Geo. W'
mnity, is a patient at tho Jol
lorkins bi
Mr. W. P. Campl
?w day:- ago to tn<
rother. Mr. J. K. ( ampi I,
I critically ill i
lg ton, Va.
er I
i Bath, when
he home of Mr.
Mrs. II. A. Wade is on
Miss Sallie Bi d, wi
ho Pine Grove School
rday and Sund ? f '.
Mr. H. A. Wa
kW set. He
, fine house in the neai
Miss Flo
ending th; \
lunday al her hom .
Thc Angel of De
mme of Mr. and Mrs.
-, January 28, arid ??
oul of their little b
tWay liome, forever
?ares of carffi, and wh< i
?f Sharon ?
The jewel so i I,
"rom the mother's br< .?
But tho sa-1.
['ll soe my babe ii;
Mew And Renewal Subsections
Sine: Our Last
NEW-MissE. M. Puffin
Renewals?W. E. WU
Hill; Wm. Hevener, M
R. F. D. No. 1; G. i
Williamsville; Ml ,
Poverty; Carl Sullen!
li n , \a.; Mrs. V. t. Bi
Si. Petersburg, Fla*
ikee, for which 1 Will
est) ossible
ord<: r 13
make it cspi
von if you will come ?
and rem
- ?
.. .
gists '
All pei
head of Jl '
as ""' I
walking or ri
e. Iv
who .
2ta. ' O'*. A. Ste.; =!h
?P^Lf . >-T" ?
! eel
. |
.1 nev
Vi' bur
in t
? been ii
... Ri .?
. ? lin, (to?
il] im
?? n ire
'? !?: i i
i *A i i t
in now
rn ap'
.av. ns:
r!l li:
id sup
, t und
ir Adan
h cl for ' 3n
for bot!
til bid,:
. ' . . \
o. p. Cl
call a). I
ac lialf-p;
for s mine
ling B
the h
? anized w'
re warranted r
? ii in t
? I rou'
k F<
? in
it -
'I i L't :
ply drop.m
? . ?
?> .. them i<> 3
I and guai
. - soring.
$10.00, and
in Righi
'?-?.? kim
II size be
t rons.
.. liv for former
your tu
'. ilise.
h town.
"? ?? r - --- ?.?;--?^?-?r",?-.- -7-..
Does the
It* nor, something must be
wron* with its food. If the
mother's mill, doesn't nourish
it, she needs Scott's Emulsion.
It supplies the elements oi fal
required tor the baby, ff baby
is not nourished by its artificial
food, then it requires
Half a teaspoonful three or
four times a day in its bottle
will have the desired effect. It
seems to have a magical effect
upon babies and children. A
fifty-cent bottle will prove the
truth of our statements.
Send this advertisement, together with name
01 paper in which it appears, your address and
four cents to cover postage, and we will send
you a "Complete Handy Atlas of the World.'
SCOTT & BOWNE, 409 Pearl St, New York
Wor & ' bte Property In
1 n y
: I will nell prh .: ily tlie tal In town of 1
r-oulainii ? 011 whirl)
ed a dwelling, and all uta
? to ? ?. comfortable
I and occupied by :
?n, Monterey,j
" H. R. RUPP,
i. 'XlnztO , Pa
The Most
The 1 get in properly fitted j
?re than pays for J
V weeks.
\ of nerve force is of'
more value than the saving of \
im of monev. I
roi ri large per cent of tho
if the human body
amine free of charge.
? va
' j Unimproved Washington
City Kcal Estate
FOB sall: -
iverpart e iab for good
pecially good
>ff Yours very truly,
G. c. Spktzbb,
v Harrisonburg^ Va,
A,t the Mill
d as Melrose I7 00
ton - o5-o?
bushel for wheat.
tiling Co.
Richmond, Vaj
McNTilty & Arboga&t
Nuliy & Mlinzy
9ted to me wi
ii. iit(trey, V;
Very Serious
Ic ii a very serious matter to ask
0 ?
fer one medicine and have the
wrong one given you. For this
Nason we urge you In buying
to bc cartful to get the genuine?
Liver Medicine
oputationof this old, reHa
[etas, for constipation, ta?
ll and liver trouble, is firm
.lobed. It does not imitate
other medicines, lt is better than
a others, or it would not be the fa
1 vorita liver powder, with a larger
' sala than bli others combined.
I of!
Cu lousnessi Sick
r Stom?
ach, Torpid Liver and
Ch rp. nctipation.
Pleasant io ta&e
Va. ; dd by aV
Can handle your business after a fashion,
when limes are good and monty ea .
When times are hard and money
tight you feel the need of :i
business connection with a
Big, Strong and Reliable Bank
Do your banking business and make your credit good with the strongest
Bank in this section of Virginia.
Monterey, Va.,
(Under Government Supervision)
yen SALE
For reason which seem good to me, I have decided to Close Out
certain lines of goods we have on hand to make ready for a spring
stock. And we mean exactly what we say, that we will really close out
these lines at PRIME COST with simply enough profit added to cover
freight expenses ?
From Now Until March 15,1909.
We will continue to offer thc following lines, at strictly cost prices
as mentioned above, vis.: 4 Bradley chilled plows. A full line of
heavy storm robes, bcd blankets, bed comforts, Pool's all-wool Lum?
berman Shirts. A full line of fleece lined underwear for men, women
and children. A beautiful line of fancy rugs. Boys' and men's sweat?
ers, and flannel overshirts. Men's and boys' overcoats and a nice line
of raincoats. 15 different patterns of Dress Goods, besides a number of
other things which will probably appear in this place from time to time.
We will positively sell the aboved nam
e,d goods at cost as stated
And we also quote you the following prices on Staple Goods until
March 15, 1909, namely.
Standard Cal. peaches 251b box$2.50 Winnerblendcoffee - Ile
Fresh Lake Herring per lb - 4Ac Sugar per lb - 6c
" " " :-?0 lb kit $1.75 3 lbs canned tomatoes - Ile
3 lb sweet potatoes - Ile Home dried peaches 6clb
10 to 50 Cal. prunes 25lb boxes $2.50 Best oat meal - lOclb
Fancy California pears 251b box 2.75 Aladdin oil - 18c
New process flour per bbl $6.00 Allen Sun cured Tobacco 30c
Valley Extra flour per bbl 5.50 Lump borax - Ile
6 inch stove pipe - 12ic Good Serinac Gloves 65c
G inch elbows - - 10c Clark's thread - 5c
All calicoes per yd - 6c Loose Soda - - 4c
Towers'"fish brand" slickers $2.65 Horse Shoes per lb - 5c
Shields " " " 2.25
And all other stock at corresponding prices.
Will offer our entire stock of clothing on
a 10 per cent, basis.
You have never seen any thing like the sweeping reduction we are posi?
tively going to make from now until March 15, but remember
every sale will be either cash or produce. Be sure
to come at once and bring your produce for
which we will pay you highest possi?
ble prices. We will keep you posted
each week as to prices on produce in
these columns. Don't forget that this special Sale
will only last until March 15th, the real bargain season.
Very truly
(Purchasers please mention you saw the above prices in Recorder)
McDowell, Va, Jan. 6,1909
Ooods Cheap!
We have decided to offer
From now 'till April 1st, 1909
Come and give us a look and do not
miss the chance to get a suit Cheap.
cIRulty Bros.
McDowell, Virginia.
Purchaser mention ad in Recorder when going to buy
0?^ fl ikl Fl Cleanses the system
ftl : thoroughly and clears
BBBBl Wm sallow complexions of
laxative fruit Syrup pi7t;:^^
druggists?Monterey. Swadley Bros..Vander ^oo). Va

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