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Prices V/ i II Come Down When Every
one Puts Shoulder to Wheel and
Increases Volume of Produc
"Past history has proved quite con
Dlusively that you can no more legis
late the cost of living up and down
than you can stop the tide by build*
ng a sea wall." says Roger W. ? i\i
son, national expert In finance. "The
basio economic lav.- of supply and de
mand si v.- vs hat; and always will de
termine pricea," he declres, "in spite
Df articlficial re3tr:c:ions which may
seem tonaterfere temporarily."
"When demand exs-octl > f supply,
( prices are bound to rise. With three
hungry men with one loaf of bread,
lut one thing can happen. When sup
ply excotds demand the reverse is
true. Three loaves of bread to ono
man br.'tijr rr'ces tn.nM.Tf, down.
"The real cause for the present high
level prices is apparent when you
realize that th^ United States is ex
porting at present twice the foodstuffs
'?'at it ' xt rtrd a year ago, and three
! j four times the amount exported in
aormal yccrs. We are feeding Europe,
whtrt'k more we must continue to feed
Europe until it gets back on its own
feet again.
"Their crop of 1919 will help some,
out we must wait until the harvest of
1920 before they are wholly independ
ent of this country. If the general
public can be educated to an appre
ciation of the situation as it Is, and
:an be made to see that the well-be
ing of f.ve:y one of us^ depends upon
svery man producing as ne has never
produced before, supply can be in
creased to meet and exceed this un
precedented demand and we shall
weather the storm with everybody
ahead. ? * * ?
"Under the circumstances, it is
more of n religious quest'on than an
economic cne. Maximum production
on the part of every individual must
be made a moral issue. * * * * De
Preased demand means depression,
nd employment and hard times for
verybody. Increased production will
leet the situation and solve th? prob
<But that can only be accomplish-'
ed by every man putting his shoulder
y to the wheel, and producing as he,
never produced before. * * * * When j
the majority of the people were made!
to feel that slaverv was wrong, it was j
abolished. When the majority of fcjie
people w>?r<5 made to feel that drink- 1
ing was wrong and were ashamed to j
be seen going- into a' sa<oon, we got
"In the same way, when the people
begin to loci: down on the man who is
not a producer, or who curtails his
production, we shall strike at the tap ,
root of the cost of living problems. !
We must go on a 'producing cam- :
The only road to independence ?
thrlftiness and economy.
The power a man puts into saving
measures the power of the man in
everything he undertv.kes.
There are 1,440 mi:?&-i.w> in every
day. If you fcse fl;Te ci ihem to buy.
War Savings Stamps, you still have
1,435 left for other things.
A quarter saved a day means $91.25 ,
In a year, or more than $100 if put in
War Savings Stamps.
Rain won't make crops grow unless
seed is in the gnund. Interest can't
make War Savings fjtamps^grcw un
less. your mor-jy is in them. Put your
money in W. S. S.
Patronize Our
A ?Ivertisers
They are all
boosters and
de : erve your
b'. Iness.
Thrift Campaign Goes On Wherever
Old Glory Waves ? Cheering News
Comes From Faraway Con
| ' stantinople.
Along with the men of the Nary,
the War Savings Stamp is following
the flag round the world. In the Me
diterranean squadron, the' government
savings securities are as much a part
of the battleships and cruisers that
are aiding in straightening out the
tangled affairs of Asia Minor as the
ammunition hoists.
For American thrift has not stop
ped at home. The savings campaign
organized by the Savings Division of
the Treasury Department is being car
ried out by both officers and men
through War Savings Societies, Thrift
Stamps, War Savings Skimps and
j Treasury Savings Certificates.
A letter just received by the Sav
ings Division from Captain David P.
Boyd, commanding U. S. S. Olympla
at Constantinople brings the infor
mation that the thrift campaign on
that vessel has been placed In charge
i of Lieutenant H. K. Koebig. Captain
Boyd gave assurance of the co-opera
| tion of himself and his men in the
work. ' . ?
War Savings Stamps are as in
evitable as death and taxes, and
they benefit the dead as well as the
Recently John Kirkiras died in
Dayton, Ohio. lie left no relatives
and two who sought to give him a
proper burial were confronted with
difficulty in financing the funeral.
Kirkiras had died leaving no ready
cash, and the solicitous friends
were afraid that public charity
would have to be charged with the
burial expanses.
They discovered, however, that
b3fore he died the man had in
vested in about $100 of War Sav
ing Stamps. A trip to the Dayton
postoffice and the observance of
the necessary formalities enabled
them to pay the undertaker's bill.
When you have a bunch of boodle
in the bank just up the pike, you'll
stand for Yankee Doodle, law and or
der and the like. Then no creed ol
devastation, such as Russian outlaws
shriek, will rcceive your confirmation
? you'll denounce it like a streak.
When a man is broke and busted, with
no package laid away, he is evermore
<*.S?gustod with the laws we all obey.
He would s&e our courts all leveled,
and ihe judges on th<s rack, and the
plutocrats bedeviled till they gave up
all their stack. He would see all things
upended, justice he would render
mute; then his chances would be
splendid to iccumulpte some loot. 1
have^seen some agitators stirring up
the people's souls, and they all wore
cast-off gaiters and their pants were
full of holes. And they said their
chains were clanking as they damned
the plutocrat; if they'd only do some
banking they would soon get over
that. I have heard the spielers thrift
less putting up their weary song; I
have heard the weak and shiftless say
iqg everything is wrong.| But thr.
man who saves his money thinks the
Russian c feed absurd, and be thinks
it beustl.* funny that so many yawps
are hearo.
Polk Miller's
Liver Pills
The Good Old Fashioned Kind
that have been doing Good Work
for 50 years without change of
formula. More popular than ever.
Great in Malaria, Sick headaches.
Constipation and Biliousness.'
At all druggists. Manufactured hy
Polk Miller Drug Co., 1 S\
Inc., Richmond, Va. 1UC?
Plant in Thick Stands to Produce
Shaded Condition.
With Underbrush About Trunks of
Trees Injury by Insects Is Less-*
" ? \ Protection Is Needed for .
? Very Short Period.
(Prepared by -the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
Plantations of the locust tree can be
successfully protected from the borer
and grown profitably on a commercial
scale If the trees are planted in thick
stands or mixed with other trees, so
as to produce a densely shaded con
dition during the first ten to fifteen
years. Investigations of the United
States department of agriculture
showed that more' trees were de
stroyed by borers in tracts which had
been pruneW occasionally or closely
grazed, or in which fire had killed out
i the underbrush, thus destroying the'
natural shade produced by weeds and
shrubbery. S S
The denser the underbrush about
the trunks of the trees, the less the
damage done by borers. Trees grow
ing from two to three feet apart were
seldom injured, while nearby isolated
trees were riddled by borers.
All trees and all parts of the tree
are not subject in the same degree to
attack by the borer. . Rough bark pro
vides crevices in which the borers de
posit their eggs. Young trees, less
than one and one-half to two inches
at the base, are not attacked unless
the bark is rough. On younger trees
the borers are found at the base and
?'near rough crotches. Trees with
trunks more than five or six inches in
diameter rarely ..contain Jhe insects.
On such trees the larger branches
frequently are infested; but such in
jury is seldom common enough to do
much harm. Protection from borers
is necessary for only a comparatively
short period during the tree's growth.
Under good growing conditions this
time should not exceed ten years.
The locust is widely planted for
ornamental and shade purposes. It
is highly desirable because it grows
readily in a variety of soils and situ
ations. It grows rapidly and forms a
shapely crown when planted in the
open. But it is frequently attacked
by borers. This is because shade
trees are planted singly and in the
open, thus furnishing favorable condi
tions for attack
Young borers can be killed readily
by the use of an arsenical spray.
Spraying will be necessary only every
two or three years unless badly in
fested tr?es nearby are not treated.
As a rule, spraying will not be need
ed after trees reach six inches in
diameter. Trees of that size are usual
ly Immune from attack, but should be
Locusts make such desirable shade
trees that they should not be neglect
ed and allowed to become injured or
destroyed by borers. The increasing
value of black or yellow locust for
many purposes makes it a profitable
tree to grow commercially and em
phasizes the imporfance of protecting
it from /.he borer.
Illustrations Show How Supports Can
?e Constructed to Hold Plants
in Position.
It is usually necessary to attach a
vertical extension to a large number
of stakes in the tomato patch at cer
tain stages of growth.
The extensions" are first prepared
by driving wire nails into them, so
trrat tne pon^ or tne nfliifi a^ Clish
with the surnj.;^ of the opposite side,
as In Fig. 1. ^
Each piece is then fittefKJnto posi
tion and herd by an ordinary iron
Helping the Tomato Plants to Get Up
in the World by Means of Length*
ened Supports.
clamp, as in Fig. 2. Holding the edge
of a flatiron against the bottom stakf
will steady the support. while the RftUs
are driven through and clinched.
This device will help in getting
every top stick "plumb," ? James M
Kane,\in Popular Science Monthly.
Always in Order in Ridding Fowl* of
Insects ? Kerosene Will Extermi
nate Mites.
(Prepared by the United StAteP ?CPA!*"
jflejit of Agriculture.)
The free use of an effective lice pow
der is always in order. A dust bath
is very essential in ridding the "fowls
of lice. Whitewashing is effective
against vermin. Use kerosene on the
roosts and in the cracks to exterminate
mites. " ,
' ' - *
Faith In Possibilities of Organization
Is Essential ? Must Be Expressed
In Deeds.
(Prepared by the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
While popular faith among farmers
in co-operation as a means of Improv
ing marketing methods has b.eeft
strong In recent years and has brought
about the formation of a large number
of associations, the term co-operatloo
has been employed in such a way that
many people have come to believe thai
a co-operatfve organization offers a
solution for almost all difficulties en,-,
countered Ip the marketing of farm
products. A great deal may be aecom-.
plished through organized effort when
it is properly applied and correctly
employed, but too much emphasis, say
marketing specialists of the >Dnited
States department of agriculture, can
not be placed on the fact that co-oper
ation Is not automatic and is not a
solution for all ^marketing ills. Faith
in the possibilities of co-operation is
essential to its success, but this faith
must be expressed in deeds as well as
Prices of Land Seldom Based on Ca
pacity of Soil to Yield Crops
Improvement Urged..
Few people realize the value of an
acre of rich soil. In fact, prices of
land seldom are based entirely on fer
tility or the capacity of the land to
yield crops. The value generally is es
timated by the roads, distance from
market, schools, churches and the
character of the people and the roads,
schools, churches, etc. It should be
the privilege of farmers to improve
thejsoil and conserve its fertility for
much depends upon its capacity to
field crops.
Commisioner Sale of \
Valuable/Real Estate
? By virtue of decree t)f the Circuit
Court of Highland county rendered
on the 31st day July, 1919, the un
dersigned commissioners appointed
by the court for the purpose, will
proceed on
MONDAY, THE 10TH NOV., 1919,
at ten o'clock a. m., in front of the
court house of Highland county in
the village of Monterey, to seil at
public auction, the tract of land be
longing to Jacob T. Botkin, contain
ing 140 acres, more or less, together
with improvements and appurtances,
lying on the Bull Pasture mountain
adjoining the land of Christian Sim
mons' estate, Abel H. Armstrong and
others. The said sale being in gross
and not by the acre.
The lan<* in question is the same of
which the late John Botkin died, seiz
I ed and possessed, and which was ac
quired by him in 3 tracts, described
in the deeds as containing 50 acres,
44 acres, and 46 acres respectively;
and which lands were devised to said
Jacob T, Botkin by the last will and
Testament to said John Botkin, duly
of recprd in the clerk's office of Ifigh
land county.
The estate sold is the interest of
J. T. Botkin in said land, namely, the
fee-simple, subject^ only to certain
rights for her life-time held by Effie
Jane Botkin therein, given by said
Will," as the same having^ been fully
defined and declared in the decree of
the Circuit Court of Highland coun
ty, rendered in the causc of J. T. Bot
kin vs. Effie Jane Botkin on the 29th
day of August, 1917.
TERMS OF SALE ? One fourth
cash in hand on the day of sale, and
i the residue in 3 equal annual instal
lments, bearing interest from the day
of sale, said deferred Instalments, be
ing evidenced by the three bonds of
the purchaser, with approved person
al security, bearing date on the day
of sale, and payable respectively at
one, two, and three years after date,
with interest from date, and waiving
the Homestead Exemption, the title
to be retained as ultimate security.
Andrew L. Jones
Edwin B. Jones
Rudolph Bumgardner,
In the Clerk's Office of the Circuit
Court of Highland County:
This is to certify that bond has
been given in the case of H. H. Jones
vs. J. T. Botkin etc. by Rudolph Bum
gardner, attorney, as required by the
decree in said cause rendered on the
31st day of July, 1919.
Given under my hand this 3rd day
of October, 1919.
W. H. Matheny, Clerk
Jamea Watson Savs. " I'll Never For
eret When Father's Hoes aot Cholera
"One morning he found 20 hogs
dead and several sick. He called in
the Vet. who after dissecting a rat
caught on the premises,, decided tht;
the rodents had conveyed the germ:
Since then I am never Without RA1
SNAP. It's the surest, quickest rc
destroyer I know." Three sizes 25(
50o, $100. Sold and guaranteed by I
W. Nicholas, Crabbottom; Highlanc
Merc. Co., Monterey; Mc Nulty Bros
McDowell. ?
ING and PRESSING any kind of
goods. Work guaranteed. . .Leave
.our orders with me.
CHAS. DIGGS. Barber,
Monterey, Va.
Agent for Woodward's Cleaning
~>yeing and Pressing EstaMinhment.
cutting loose joy'us
remarks every time you flush your
smokespot with Prince Albert ? it hits
you so fair and square. It's a scuttle full of jimmy
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cuts out bite and parch. Try it for what ails your tongue!
Toppy red bags, tidy red tins, handsome pound and half pound tin
humidors ? and? that deoer, practical pound crystal glass humidor with
sponge moistener top that keeps the tobacco in sach perfect condition.
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Winston-Salem, N C
l?ll by
?.J. Reynold!
Tobacco Co.
;? . .. V-w ? ' "*? w ? y ? ?'*' i"
Criticism and
It is the plain, public duty of every
citizen to criticize proposed govern
ment measures believed to be harmful.
- )
Swift & Company is in a better pos
ition perhaps, than others, to under
stand the meat packing business in all
its relations to public and private inter
ests, even though the others may have
been gi/ing the subject a great deal of
sincere attention.
Swift & Company is convinced that
interference with its legitimate business
function by governmental agencies,
however well intentioned, would be an
injury to every man, woman and
child who wants meat to eat, as well
as to the men who raise Ihe meat and
to those who dress and distribute it.
Maximum service that cannot
monopolize because of keen competi
tion and lack of control over sources '
of supply is furnished at a minimum
of profit ? a fraction of a cent per
pound from all sources. r ^
Therefore Swift & Company is
taking every legitimate step of citizen
ship to prevent such interference.
These advertisements are intended
to help you, and to help Congress
decide what is best to be done. Mis
takes are costly and apt to be harmful
in these trying times.
Let us send you a Swift "Dollar."
AddFess Swift & Company,
Union Stock Yards, Chicago, 111.
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
Our High Prices and Supreme Grad
ing Means More Money to You.
The season starts off with a rush.
COONS AND SKUNKS are in demand
We have an outlet for hundreds of
thousands and can pay you the high.l
est prices ever known. Ship your
furs to the HOUSE OP KL0TZ at *
once. Our pricts are high; our as
sortment liberal.
Phone 638 - Staunton, Va.
Parkersburg, West Va. ? "I was suf
fering from weakness and nervou^pess.
I had the trouble common to my age.
I used Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescrip
tion for this trouble and was surprised
that it helped me so much. I was glad
I took it, I have been so much better
ever since." -*Mrs. Ella Dulaney,
605 Green St., Parkersburg, W. Va.
Parkersburg, West Va.? "I read the
symptoms of female trouble in Dr.
Pierce's little book. It described my
case and I made up my mind to try
the 'Healing Suppositories.' They
were recommended to me by a lady
whom they had helped. I had inflam- j
mation and congestion and was an- 1
noyed and suffered from it until I
found these 'Suppositories.' I use
them every third day and the effects
are very satisfactory. I have used two
boxes and am now using the third.
You may use my indorsement in any
way that will help other women." ?
Miss Alice Lewis, 209^ Market St.,
Parkersburg, W. Va.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is
a true friend to women in times of
trial and at times of pain when the
organs are not performing their func
tions. For headache, backache, hot
flashes, catarrhal condition, bearing
down sensation, mental depression,
dizzinoss, fainting spell 5, lassitude and
exhaustion, women should . never fail
to take this tried and true woman's
Prepared from nature's roots and
herbs, it contains no alcohol or nar- 1
cotic, nor any harmful ingredient.
In either tablet or liquid form. Write
Dr. Pierce, Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y.,
to-day. Get book on women's disease
sent jret.
Doctor Pieicfc's Pleasant Pellets regu
late and invigorate stomach, liver and
bowels. Sugar-coated and easy to take
as candy. Put up in sealed vials ? a
perfect vest-pocket remedy.
The price of all monumental work
was increased July 21st 10 per cent.
For a limited time we will sell at
our old prices.. .At present we have
in stock 15 carloads of Marble and
Granite Monuments and are in bet
ter shape to serve our patrons than
ever before.
..See our local representative * Miv
H. F. SLAVEN for prices, etc... He.
will be glad to take your order.
J. F. McNultv, *
Monterey, va.
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