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? OF?
Is Now Going on at Unprece?
dented Low Prices
25 Salem Avenue S. W.
Oar stock of Ladies' and
Children's Trimmed and Un
trimmt d Hats has been con?
ceded by the Ladies to be the
n:o.st styli.-h of any icithe city.
Highest of all in Leavening Pov/er.?Latest U. S. Gov't Report j
Local Bits.
News of People
and Events.
Happenings Briefly and Reliably
Put Before You.
Don't Forgot to KeRiHtor.
Tho voters of this city should not for?
got to have tboir names put on tho reg?
istration books beforo October 26.
Everybody who wiohos to vote muB.
register. Do not think for a moment
that It is all right because you have
registered prior to this year. The elec
toral board ordered a now registration
out and out. and all the old registration
books will bo dostroyod. So far only
hbout 1,500 votors have registered out of
about 1,000, and now only fifteen days
remain In wnich to hava your names
registered. You had better attend to
tbie duty to-day; to-morrow you may
forget it. In tho First ward you will
find tho registrar, O. D. Derr, at Rob?
erts' store, corner Commerce and Camp?
bell etroets, opposite tho courthouse;
Second ward, Lee 11. Simmons, regis?
trar, at 17 Campbell avo.; Third ward,
J. L Kelley, registrar, at 112 Common?
wealth ave.,after Q o'clock p. m., works
in the Norfolk and Western offices;
Fourth ward, Edward white, registrar,
at 108 South Jeiferson street; Fifth
ward, M. P. Scott, registrar, at Bohn'a
storo, Park street.
In the Police Court.
Jim Hall, colored, drunk and whip?
ping his wifo, 85. W. M. Ferguson,
white, charged with obtaining goods
under false pretenses?postponed until
Wednotday morning. Wm, Leftwich,
colored, lined 85 for fast driving, which
was paid. Robert Tignor, colored,
charged with stealing a cider barrel
from Catognl, assessed to tho amount
of 85 or twenty days in Jill. Lorenzo
McDowell Hunt and Ottoway Jamison,
charge with fighting. Dow was fined
8") and Ottoway dismissed Will Waugh,
drunk and disorderly, Qned S5, which
was paid. Total amount of tines as?
sessed in polled court for the four weeks
from September 18 to October 12, 1805,
852S 23; amount of cash collected on
same, S217.32. _
Tho mooting at; the First Baptist
Church last night was an excollont one.
A large audience was present. Western
it Galos, the ovangelist, gave an im?
pressive discourse, on the text, "As tho
Falb r hath sent me so send 1 you." it
was a most searching talk, full of spirit
uallty and now?r. Mr. and Mrs P. W.
Bush, tho sweet singing evangelists,
greatly assisted tn the music Tho
great mroting that Dr. Birron held last
week in Berwick, Pa. , was so hucc ?psful
that he could not judiciously leava it
Sunday, but ho is expected now on any
train. Tho muotingu conllnuo to nisjht
and every night this week.
The series of revival porvices at Grace
M E. Church will continue durirg tho
woek. The pastor, Rev. C D. Bulla,
preached an interesting sermon Sunday
to a large audienco on tho suhj cc
"Tekel; thou art woighed in tho bal?
ances and found wantlnc " Last night
hiSBubjecc was, "Tne Rich Younat Man,"
and tho pastor preached an able and
instructive sermon on tho text: "One
thing thou lackest." Tho subject for
to-night's discourse ia: "The Rich
Fool." Much interest is manifested in
the meetings, and many have signified
, their desires of being saved.
Pastora' Conference.
The pastors of tho city mot in regular
Mondav morning conference yesterday
at the Y. M. C. A hall. The meeting
was weil attonded. Tho subject, "Pul?
pit and Press," was taken up and Rev.
Dr Cimoball road a very interesting
paper on the subj -ct. after which a gen?
eral discussion ensued, but on finding
tho question so in.oresclng it was con?
tinued until tho n?xs mooting. Next
Monday will bo Uomlletic Day, at
which time Rsv. V/. F. Locke will pre?
sent a brief o! a aormon for friendly
Dentil of IVIra. Dyerle.
Mrs. Julia Dyerle, widow of Benja
min Dyerle, and an aunt of Hon. H.
S. Trout and Mrs. P. L. Terry, died
at her homo in the country, near Garst
Mill, at ti p. m. Saturday. The funeral
H?rvices were conducted at tho residence
Of Rev. C Armand Mtllor, of Salem,
and the remains were interred in the old
Sh*ffer family burying ground at 2
o'clock Sunday afternoon.
Kev M. A. Wllaou Here.
Rev M. A. Wilson, former pastor of
the East Roanoke Baptist Church, and
who for some time has been traveling
extensively, passed through the oity
yesterday en route from Arkansas to
Roncsverte, W. Va., where ho will visit
his daughter, Mrs. Frank Nlchol, for a
few days, when ho will return to Roan?
oke to see his old friends.
In the Hustings Court.
in the hustings court yesterday the
caso of A. II. Wooldridgo vs. the Roa?
noke Streut Railway Company was
called and postponed indefinitely. The
cases of Le&vy & Pro. va. tho American
Fire Insurance Company, and the samo
vs tho Western Insurance Company,
wore also similarly postponed.
Calvary Itantlat Churnli.
Rev. J E. Schoolfleld, tho lay evan?
gelist, begin a series of revivals at
Calvary Bap'ist Church on Sunday
morning. Services were held morning,
afternoon and night, all of which woro
t largoly attended. Rev. Van Palt, who I
'he First llaptlst Church.
UriM'ti Church Id", iv.il.
conducts the singing for the Schoolfiold
meetings, is hero and has organized a
choir. On Sunday night tbe church
was filled to oversowing acd a largo
ovorilow meeting was held In the old
Calvary Tabernacle, which was ad?
dressed by Rev. Mr. Gale, of North
Carolina. The services last night were
exceedingly interesting and tbe house
wsb well filled. Tbe subject cf Mr.
School field's address was the "Regenora
tlon of the Soul." Tho talk was full of
interest and no doubt his work will be
productive of mach good in Roanoke.
Ihe Railroad V. M. C. A. Meeting;.
Tho mooting of the Railroad Depart?
ment of tho Y. M. C. A. last Sunday af?
ternoon was largely attended and the
address of William Lunsford on "The
Red Light (Danger) Signal" was deeply
Interesting. Special noon meetings
wl'l bo held to-day and during tho week
at tho East and West End round houses
for mun only. Dr. Hroughton will
spoak at tbe Wost End to-day and Mr.
Schoolfield at tho Kant End.
Stroet Cars Stopped. ^"N,
Tho cylinder head of tho engino at
tho electric lisht plant blew off yester?
day about 0:30 a. m., which resulted in
all tho streot cars bolng slopped juat
whore they stood at tho tlmo ot tho
accident.* They did not run any aurlng
tho day, but woro started last night at 0
- y
Cotton Urethren Clinrcti.
Tho series of revival serviceR con?
ducted by Rev. S. L. Rice at the United
Brethren Church, during the past week,
have been postponed on account of tho
shops working until 10 o'clock every
Atlanta and the Hankers Association,
Hon. and Mrs. H. S. Trout left yes
ter for Atlanta to attend the exposition.
Mr. Trout will also attend the Ameri?
can Bankers Association which con*
vones in that city to day and will con?
tinue for three days.
Artillery Compsny Meeting.
There will be a business meeting of
the Roanoke Artillery Company at
Hotel Leo Wedno?day eveniug, Octobor
16, 1895, at 8 o'clock. A full attendance
Is doslred. S. S. Brooks, Captain Elect.
Another Graduate Placed.
Tho National Business College placed
I. L. Flory, of Now Market, Vs.,
anothor one of their graduates, with
the Roanoko Evoning World yo3torday
To-day is pay-day at tho RoanokTr
Machine Works, and over SIO.OOO will
bo disbursed to thu various employes of
the institution.
Marshall & YVoniloll Plann nt a Sacrifice.
A iiKAUTiKur. Marshall & Wendell up?
right piano, fancy figured walnut, good
as new, fully warrant-id, at a Bacrifice.
Easy payments Bobbin Music Co.
Now [9 THE time to secure bargains
in wall papor at the E. H. Stesvart Fur?
niture Company.
Alaclilue Tom-ToitiH 1 .ill to Arouse Demo3
orntH Last Nicht.
Machine Democracy of tbe First and
Second wards mot lost night in tho
hustings court room for tho purpose of
organl/.irg ward clubs.
Tho meeting was ctiled for 8 o'clock,
but it was long after 8:30 Jwhen enough
members had arrived to successfully
operate tho affair. When the meeting
was called to order there was only
nineteen present, representing a vot?
ing population in tbe two wards of
probably 1,200 Some three or four
Btragglers fell in line a fow moments
A First wa d club was organized, and
it required nearly all the First ward
voters present for officers.
When it came to organize tho Sccand
ward there woro only three or four
Second ward voters in the meeting A
club, however, was organized ?Ith ab-/1
Bent Democrats as officers. J
Although the meeting bad been
largely advertised, and Mayor Jones, J.
P. Ycnge and James P Woods booked
for campaign speeches, it proved a com?
plete fizzle in tbe way of numbers and
the arousing of onthuBiasm. An ad?
dress was mado by James P. Woods in
eulogy of the Domccratic Cindidates
A similar attempt was made in the
Fourth ward on Satutday night, but it
did net materialize.
For. tho largest assortment and iow
prices on parlor and chamber furniture
go to Lho E. U. Stewart Furniture Com?
Ik you wish to get the best quality of
coal and wood buy it from W. K. An?
drews ?fc Co., 210 Salem avenue.
fob the best work?the Swiss Steam
Laundry 333 Salem avenue west.
'Phone 372.
Bt'Y your Brush Mountain coal from
W. K. Andrews & Co., 219 Salem ave?
nue. They will sell It to you cheap.>r
than li has ever been sold in the city.
You are cordially invited to attend
the fall opening of French pattern hats
and bonnots Wednesday end Thursday,
October 9 and 10. Mus H. M. Mom &
Co., 130 Salem avenue a. w.
Persons desiring first-class Instruc?
tions in all branches of art can apply to
Miss Tillle Lunsford, 603 Salem avenue.
Specimens of work at Erb & Stone's
and Massie's Pharmacy
Do Yon Speculate'.'
"GUIDE to Successful Speculation"
mailed free. Wheat, Provision, Cotton
and Steck Speculation on limited mar?
gin thoroughly explained. Correspond?
ence solicited. Wauskn, Ford <fc Co.,
Liberty Building, Now York.
quick money to loan on roal estate.
Lonar time and ca87 payments. Call at
once. T. W. Spindle & Co., 104 Jcffor
son street.
Tho Salesmen Recount Tltolr Amusing
purleuccs Wit Ii Various Customers.
Ouo morning, when by mistake wo
had arrived at tho store ten minutes be
foro tho arrival of the boss with tho
keys, the men wore amusing themselves
relating their experience with various
"Why is it." asked tho Tool Man,
"that so many people get 'twisted' with
corkscrews and screwdrivers?''
"Nature of tho tool," suggested tho
Cutlery Man.
"Whatever the reason," continued tho
Tool Man, "I havo observed tho almost
universal confusion of a screwdriver
and eorkscrow; It is an everyday occur?
rence with ladies as well us men, only
a lady asks for a eorkscrow and a man
for :? Ecrewilrivor and then look at you
so Bcrpriscd."
?'Cr when thoy wont a 'lid lifter,'
said tho Stove Man, "niuo people out of
ten ask for a 'stovo lifter.' "
"Did you ever notice," remarked the
Cutlery Man, "how a man or a woman
express themselves when at a loss for a
'What's in a name anyway?" inter?
rupted tho Tool Man. "The woman who
asked for 'clear' tacks got what she
wanted as quickly as though she had ask?
ed for 'tinned' tucks. Such requests give
opportunities for mental gymnastics,
and thus relieve the lethargic tenden?
cies incident to continuous routine
v Without apparently obscrviug tho in
Verruptiou tho Cutlery Man continued:
\ "The other day a lady camo rustling
into the store. She was one e>r those
nervous, bustling little women, and slio
wanted a pair of 'twinckcrs.' Noticing
/ayblank look, she.-aid, 'Youknow, like
'this,' mnlcing a motion with her thumb
and forefinger that tit once suggested
'tweezers.' When a man wants an ott
ticloho can't name, hogots out a pencil,
tears the buck from An envelope and pro?
ceeds to give an 'idea.' "
"A lady gave mo sin idea," again re?
marked the Stove Man, "on selling gas
stoves. While showing them to her she
asked somoquestion to which I confessed
ignorance. To my surprise she said:
'Well, you may send me this one. I
asked Mr. -(naming a competitor)
that question, and he told me so much I
did not know what to believe, but I do
believe you."?Hardware.
Slitting null n.s a General.
'Do yon know." said an army offi?
cer, "that if Sitting Bull, tho old Sioux
chief, had been a white man, ho would
have been called a great general? In
fact, ho was a great natural soldier?a
Eort of red Napoleon.
"Sitting Bull was not a real chief;
that is, he wasn't a war chief. Ho was
a medicine man, what the. Indians call
a medicine chief. But ho had great nat?
ural capacity as a commander. His sur
. prise and cutting oil' of Caster would
Vhave been called a great achievement if
ut white general had in some war per?
formed the feat. It is significant of In?
dian character that Sitting Bull would
never toll tho story of tho fight at all;
wouldn't say a word about it, although
I suppose the question was put to him
a thousand times by all sorts of people."
?Washington Post.
His Satisfactory Explanation.
"Johnny, Willie, says you threw him
clown and jumped on him with both
I "Well, mn, I was just playin.''
|V "What sort of play do yon call that?"
??Football. "?Chicago Record.
A Datigcrons Practice.
' A.?Is dyeing the hair ns dangerous as
the doctors would make it appear?
j B.?Certainly, you may lake my word
for it. tinly last spring an uncle of mine
dyed his hair, and in three weeks ho was
gnnrrlud to n widow with four children.?
Fliegende. Blatter.
La Grippe, for Golds, Coughs,
Hi BUTE & pectoral
"T\v?. y. ars ngo, I had the grippe,
and it loft me with n cough which gave
in?! uo rest night or day. My family
physician prescribed for on , ehiitiging
ihn medicine as t>fr? -11 as lio found tho
things i bail tukou were not helping
me, but. in spite of Ids nttondnnoo, T g"t
no better. Finnlly, my husband,?rend?
ing 0110 day of ;i gentleman who had
had the grippe and w;is cured by taking
Avar's Cherry Pectoral,?procured, for
mo.a bottle of this medicine, and before
I had taken halt of it. I was eared. 1
have used tho Poctornl for my children
and in my family, whenever \vo havo
needed it, ami have found it a specific
for colds, coughs, ami lung troubles."?
Emily Wood, North St., Elkton, Md.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
Highest Honors at World's Fair.
Cleanse the System with flyer's Sarsaparille.
Are Moving Out in a Rush.
/"> DC* A TP Swaths Inive been cut in the ranks this week; but in a
V^LlCrV 1 well disciplined house like ours tlie breach is quickly
closed by the incoming of new stutls
NEW things to-day in Cloaks.
NEW things to-day in Dress Stuffs.
Properly Selected Stuffs and Correct Prices
Continue to Make Our House the Objective Point
of All Shoppers.
Some Specials To-day. i
At 5Pc cneh. $1 the suit. Men's Extra '
Quality UcaUn I'nc crwe.r. In pretty ?ray i
shades. The best value In Rounobo. You've
always seen It bctorc at >; a garment.
At 25e, Ladles* Finn (?uallty Flrecctl ]
Vcst!? ?ml l'auts? stlk taped, pearl buttons 1
and tho best value nil around In this market
At 50c eacb.LadlCS' 60 per CODI Wool .le:-oy
Ribbed Underwear, pants and vests, in white
nnd gray. Last ) r:ir same goods were "5c.
At Wc, Ladles'73 per cut. Wool Jersey
Ribbed underwear, pants and vests, gray
mid while.
At St, Ladles' .lertey Ribbed Pants and
Vests, In while, gray and scarlet. This un?
derwear has the celebrated "Oxford Cut" at
the arinholcs, and is the nicest thing u lady
can have. Sco them.
At $1, Gentlemen's All Woo) Natural Gray
SblrU and Drawer*, line sott wool, extra
heavy quality. A special. See it.
At SI and $2 the snit. Ladies' Union Bolts.
At $t. Children's and Misses'TJcion Stilts.
At ifc'o 75c. every phase of Misses* *nd
Children's ^Underwear, In white, gray and
We cITer tho mcs t complete lines of Under?
wear In the city. See our lints before yon
Extra large all Linen lluck Towels at 18,Sc
At 10c each, (.nrgc Bleachet Towel?.
At 6c, ID i dozen Cotton Towel*.
At 85e, tho best thing yon ever saw in large
Damask Towels ut the price
Finer grade of 11 sck Towels at 86 rind 5Cr
Special values in Napkins at si. Si 3s to
I'JSti the dar.su. New ttock of 250 dov.cn now
See or.r llr.es of TaMe Linens from 35c to
$1 the yd. '1 he verv best values hero possi?
ble to offer ft! the different prices.
Wool Eiderdown for ladles' home wrappers,
at sac.
Fancy Eiderdown, for ?ea Jackets nnd
children's cloaks, 5>.ic to SSe tho yd.
i Striped and Figured Plann It for ladles'
j wrappers and tea jackets, at 40c and PCc,
I Open to-morrow ?ii new line of Outing
i Flannels for ladies' home dresses ar.d wrap?
pers at 18.XC the yd. The newest thing out in
this way.
See our Lad Its' Black ltonole Jackets at $8.
This is a special number with us nr.! Is a
Ladles'Ca'es from $5 to s:l5. Everything
pepular iu this line to be seen here.
Fancy Goods.
Large 11 1 Wool niatikcts at ?2; 10 I Wool
Blankets at f8 36, $2.75 and <:i 60.
At $4 25. Special values iu line quality nil
wool lilankcts extra sizes.
At ?5, the prettiest wool Blanket you ever
saw at the once.
At SisT.S,, $1 nnd $3, All Wool Gray and
Scarlet Blankets.
Bed Contorts from 75c to .?3 50 each. Crib
BlankMs and Countirpiiucs in full range of
Sec our Special Canton Flannels at t! atid Ec
a yd.
white Wool Flannels in unapproachable
values at 15c to title the yd.
The new A rt Denlras in a i colors. Plain,
S8c llguted, S6c.
The new Japanese Draperies In the many
colorings and gold printed effects, two qunll
tles at &c and 95c. These are the genuine
Japanesa articles
Over i0u new styles of Stamped Linens in
the late Umpire. Drift nnd Flower designs
I Few Tin Cushions, Slipper Soles, Cushion
I Covers. Bureau Scarfs, Fringes, Yarns, Em
! broidery Silke, etc.
another lot of Rugs.
I The Special Hug at 09c,
I Tho Mxl Rug at tl ,09.
i ho 0x9 Bug at *ti 50.
i These arc genuine Japanese hand made
Hugs. This Is the lust of tliein Icr the season.
See the in.
Another lot of those pretty Screens. Japan?
ese! folding Screens, 70 Inches high, at fTb'.l;
regular vaine.SU.
Hosts of other new linee now ready. See
of Charge
Trimme (1
of Charge.
''W&WBWVSPWmJWfl*** mm
Who yon arc or what your ox perl
enco in baying?you can nlwa'ys
rely upon our representations be?
ing ex?ct nnd tt> iho poiut. In
et?itl il'mnUaal is the Idle of every
clerk who overslept ibis ru e. Our
tiooils ore d'Oico enough to sell on
their own merits?our prices tire
wonderful enough to need no ex?
aggerated pmi.-e. From first to
lust we etuily your welfare?look
nfler your inturosts?und open your
e\es tu tl\9 enormous
Money-Saving to be Made Here.
French Felt llui , latest fhcpef, worth Q0n
$1 16 and Sl.KI. at.. 3??
Black ?stlich lips, three In a bunch, ^Qg
BlaUt .lef.fd inutile.
i Oar lire i* simply superb. All
Uotwutc the new patterns and eoloilngt
VGiVgIo I we !ir'' offering ut prlr-.-s tlmt
' ns'.cnish close buyers.
51) (lo/.-ui Natural Black Ulrds worth
96c eai h. at.
Millinery Surprises
Continue here dally. All Cist's late and ;
daliry In shapes and elzea, we have?not only
the best an<l lorllcM of American inaniifae
tore. Including the elegant prodoctlons of our
own workrooms, bnt the mast marvelous evi?
dences of Parisian skill arc als. artistically
displayed. This grand exhibit received many
words of praise, since tlis opening began, ard
It has set our Millinery Department to bloom?
ing with a beauty far beyond that of any
for ncr season.
Special Offerings.
(Irnnlno Flno Cut Jet Aigrettes, your
choice. Ju
Black and Colored Coqne rcntt.ers.12 |Qn
Pc, plain or jetted at-. I ?1 b
Trilby Yacht Uats, with baud, for.. ... 69c
Large Parrots, black or colors, at. /iQn
worth fiOc, ?+?U
Fifty dozen hnnchrs now Fatl Hoses.' /Qn
worth 7.'c and !)Sc. 4j|i
nS^!^2vr25o and 49c
Children's Foil lints. I rimmed with QQ?
fancy ribbons and quills, at. ??u
I his is Cloak Weather.
a Cape or Jacket you mu-t have, nnd yonr
Itterests are tu st served by haying from us.
You know m hm vou are getting hero; you're
surr th.it [hr materials are choice In quality;
you're sure that the styles are new and fa>h
lonabic; yon'ie sure or a |ierfcci Ott ng gar?
ment, and more, too, you're eurt that the
prices arc right or.c p'lce shows plainly on
every urttch -and thai price Is Hilt out a
siegte exception the LOWKST IN KOaNuKS.
Striking Values in Jackets.
Boveral (tiles of Ladles' Choice Bough
( loth Jackets, all sizes, only #5.
Lames excellent Beaver Jackets, latest
effect, silk lined, only S5.'5
Ladles' Fancy Weft Black Imported Diag?
onal Jackets, only f S.
Extra llluck Kersey Coats, two-bntton
Kreters, one half satin lined, Melon Sleeves,
Kino quality Black Beaver coats. thre?
biitton jtecfer, Melon sleeves, rluple back,
*?> 50.
Fine A"trakhin and Cheviot Uox Coats
stylishly faced with satin with the popnlur
Melon sb-eves. Wonderful birvalu at ffi.98.
Ladles' Wide-Wa'e Uiagoual Coats, half
lined with satin rhadamcs, ripple back, man?
dolin sleeves, at t~. CO, worth $l0.
Plush Capei,.
Nobby Silk-Lined liu?h Cipes, foil sweep,
trimmed with Marten Kur, S7..'>0.
ItichLustreSilkliinhCa .es. satin lined,
full 11 1 Inches sweep, real Martea trimmed,
*S 75.
Uratul linsh Capes, trimmed with finest
BU?k Thibet Fur, equal to many at fl5, SH
Cloth Capes.
Even greater variety. New designs in
??sweep" and "Flare" will be found Id largest
variety of U indes. B-.avers, A-<trbkhaus,
CoTer'-i. Cheviots. Ketsoys. Broadcloth. Cla y
Diagonals ami Fancy Cloths, trimmed to
suit the fabric- a /.en styles, S5 to (16.
Prompt and Careful Attention Given to Mail Orders.
M.lndorsky.l ??I A IQ ROYAI j108010"1
Manao-or. \ liHLHlO H? I t\lm } Avenue.

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